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FBW-BF596 FILTER-Fuel(Spin On)-Baldwin BF596 £11.70

FBW-BF596 FILTER-Fuel(Spin On)-Baldwin BF596

SPECIFICATIONS: FILTER-Fuel(Spin On). Fuel Spin-on. Integral Post Seal. Also G498-A I-Gasket. FILTER-Fuel(Spin On). DIMENSIONS: Height: 285mm OD/Width Max: 118mm OD/Width Min: 118mm Thread: 1 1/4-12 UN EQUIVALENTS: AC Delco TP917, AP Lockheed AP3615, LK3615, Atlas Copco 2914617200, Baldwin BF596, Case IHC 1214921H1, 1214921-H1, 3563465C1, 3563465-C1, Caterpillar 2266557, 226-6557, 3I0754, 3I1155, 4176402, 9Y4404, Clark 961419, 961657, MD0961657, Coopers Fiaam GUD AZF426, Z237, Cummins 299202, ..... Click Here for Full Specifications
FBW-PF935 FILTER-Fuel(Cartridge)-Baldwin PF935 £3.70

FBW-PF935 FILTER-Fuel(Cartridge)-Baldwin PF935

SPECIFICATIONS: FILTER-Fuel(Cartridge). Primary Fuel Element. Also G323, ES1030 O-Gasket. FILTER-Fuel(Cartridge). Primary fuel filter, Some secondary FBW-PF7655. DIMENSIONS: Height: 76mm OD/Width Max: 57mm OD/Width Min: 57mm ID/Depth Max: 10mm ID/Depth Min: 10mm EQUIVALENTS: AC Delco TP833, Aveling Barford ABP3001578, Baldwin PF935, Case IHC 12336, Caterpillar 1S8452, 1S8453, 3I1260, 5M7650, 5M7663, 8C7230, 8H4335, 8H4681, 8H6250, 8H7204, 8T5626, 9M2341, 9M2342, Donaldson FFP552341, P552341, ..... Click Here for Full Specifications
FBW-PF963 FILTER-Fuel(Cartridge)-Baldwin PF963 £8.85

FBW-PF963 FILTER-Fuel(Cartridge)-Baldwin PF963

SPECIFICATIONS: FILTER-Fuel(Cartridge). Fuel Element. Also G421 F-Gasket. Also [2] Attached Grommet. FILTER-Fuel(Cartridge). DIMENSIONS: Height: 143mm OD/Width Max: 87mm OD/Width Min: 87mm ID/Depth Max: 15mm ID/Depth Min: 15mm EQUIVALENTS: Asahi AMC KF1542, KF1553, KF1555, Baldwin PF963, Fleetguard FF225, Fleetrite FFR8225, In-Line Filters FBWPF963, FBW-PF963, FF30137, FINFF30137, FIN-FF30137, Komatsu 6003118211, 600-311-8211, 6110-70-6202, 6110-73-6130, 6110736810, 6110-73-6810, 6127716090, ..... Click Here for Full Specifications
FFR-P1103 FILTER-Fuel(Spin On)-Baldwin BF957-D £4.59

FFR-P1103 FILTER-Fuel(Spin On)-Baldwin BF957-D

SPECIFICATIONS: FILTER-Fuel(Spin On). Fuel Spin-on with Drain. CAUTION: Furnished D-Ring must be installed on post for seal. Can be used with FB1311 base. Also G381-A I-Gasket. Also ES24-D Included O Ring. FILTER-Fuel(Spin On). For long version use FBW-BF7546. DIMENSIONS: Height: 138mm OD/Width Max: 96mm OD/Width Min: 94mm Thread: 1-14 UN EQUIVALENTS: AC Delco TP630, Alco SP875, Allis Chalmers 7069763-3, AP Lockheed AP81302, APF81301A, LK81302, Atlas Copco 97101776, 9710-1776, Aveling Barford ..... Click Here for Full Specifications
FFR-P1104 FILTER-Fuel(Spin On)-Baldwin BF970 £4.17

FFR-P1104 FILTER-Fuel(Spin On)-Baldwin BF970

SPECIFICATIONS: FILTER-Fuel(Spin On). Fuel Spin-on. Do NOT use on Cummins engines. Integral Post Seal. Also G381-A I-Gasket. FILTER-Fuel(Spin On). Media-3 micron nominal(Beta 2). For narrow can version use FIN-FF30334. DIMENSIONS: Height: 181mm OD/Width Max: 94mm OD/Width Min: 94mm Thread: 1-14 UN EQUIVALENTS: AC Delco TP877, Agco 303498387, 30-3498387, AP Lockheed LK81300, Atlas Copco 9709000100, 9709-0001-00, 970900100, 97100377, 9710-0377, Baldwin BF7525, BF970, BF973, BF983, Bosch ..... Click Here for Full Specifications
FFR-P3376 FILTER-Fuel(Spin On)-Baldwin BF584 £13.29

FFR-P3376 FILTER-Fuel(Spin On)-Baldwin BF584

SPECIFICATIONS: FILTER-Fuel(Spin On). Fuel Spin-on. Integral Post Seal. Also G381-A I-Gasket. FILTER-Fuel(Spin On). DIMENSIONS: Height: 265mm OD/Width Max: 108mm OD/Width Min: 108mm Thread: 1-14 UN EQUIVALENTS: AC Delco TP920, Aveling Barford ABP3001577, Baldwin BF584, Case IHC 012334, 1663806C1, Caterpillar 1R0712, 2W2134, 4N5823, 8T7453, Champion HF511, Coopers Fiaam GUD FSM4000, FT4939, Z245, Crosland 9337, Donaldson FFP170823, FFP555823, P169092, P555823, P779413, Fleetguard FF211, ..... Click Here for Full Specifications

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