FIN-FW90037 Filter-Water(Equivalent: BW5071, WF2071, WA940/1)

Price(Ex Vat): £12.58

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  • Part Number FIN-FW90037
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    PartNo: FIN-FW90037 (Also available as Brand Specific: FFG-WF2071)
    Our Stock Level: 3
    Stock at Manufacturer(UK) 3-7 day lead: 27
    Stock at Manufacturer(EU) 7-14 day lead: 1502
    More Stock: Any further stock usually 2-10 weeks
    Description: Filter-Water(Spin On)
    Details: Coolant Spin-on with BTA PLUS Formula. Maintenance filter for systems with 7-16 gallons capacity. Can be used with CFB5000 base. 4 Units BTA PLUS. Also G381-A I-Gasket. Gasket: G381-A. Contains: BTA PLUS. Gasket: G381-A. Contains: BTA PLUS..
    Updated: 23/09/2021

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    Height: 111mm
    OD/WidthMax: 94mm
    OD/WidthMin: 94mm
    Thread: 11/16-16 UN

    AC Delco TF816, WF100, WF113, WF3C, WF4, Allis Chalmers 4029084, 4681776, 70681546, 74393504, Ammann 49500500006, 4-9500500006, AP Lockheed AP3538, AP3538A, AP3539, LK3539, Aveling Barford SW603117, Baldwin BW5071, BW5171, Bomag 31701003, Case IHC 1207605H1, 1207605-H1, 1261387-H1, 1329309C1, 1649136C1, 1649136-C1, 1801090C1, 1815591C1, 1822627C1, 1822627-C1, 1822672C1, 1822672-C1, 1822672C2, 1822672-C2, 419572C1, 423870C1, 427713C1, 427717C1, 462816C1, 462816C2, 690171C1, 993445C1, A77544, A-77544, J100304, Case 84605017, Caterpillar 1112370, 2266565, 226-6565, 3I1288, 9N3368, 9N3717, 9N3718, 9N3719, Clark 963798, Coopers Fiaam CSM6503, FT4859, Z240, Crosland 9342, Cummins 209604, 299080, 299880, 3100304, 3305367, 3314581, 3314851, 3315116, 3315789, 4058965, CW1012, Demag 692338, Donaldson CFP554071, P172935, P552071, P554071, Dynapac 212535, ERF 1355399, C3305367, C3305370, C3315789, Fiat 1907694, 40290892, 4029099, 4029120, 4059979, 4393505, 4734562, 4735872, 74029089, 74029126, 74039504, 74059979, 74089126, 74373504, 74398504, Fil ZP545AS, Filtration Control FCL7196, FCL7269, FCL7451, First Line FWF950, Fleetguard WF1010, WF1011, WF2071, Fleetrite NW400, WFR81010, WFR81011, WFR82051A, WFR82071, Foden Y02729203, Y03724611, Ford 3954809, 6192247, 749F8A469AAA, 88MF8A469DA, 9672301, 9843662, E5NN6714BA, E5NN8A424AA, E5NN-8A424-AA, V25881, Fram 401423, PR3908, Freightliner ABP/N10GWF2051, ABP/N10G-WF2051, ABP/N10GWF2071, ABP/N10G-WF2071, ABPN10GWF2051, ABPN10GWF2071, Greyfriars 51MW, 54MW, Grove 9414101017, Harnischfeger 1046Z620, Hengst H30WF, Hitachi 4127340, 76192222, L76192222, Hough 1207605H2, Ingersoll Rand 35312396, 35375914, 35607605, Inline FFRPR3908, FFR-PR3908, FINFW90037, FIN-FW90037, FW90037, Iveco 955849, JCB 2/912211, 2912211, John Deere AR89380, AR89381, RE42052, Komatsu 1240893H1, 1240893-H1, 1261387H1, 6742013960, 6742-01-3960, CU3305367, CU3315116, CUWF2051, CUWF2059, CUWF2071, Kralinator C8, W330, W331, Leyland Daf BL 1289132, 9P910505, C3315116, CU299080, Liebherr 7367045, IN7361501, Linkbelt 3A10522, 3A15995, Luberfiner 62055530610, LFW4071, Mahle Knecht WFC1, WFC13, WFC2, Mann 6550259300, WA923/3, WA9233, WA940/1, WA9401, WA9406, WA9562, Motorcraft FW2A, FW2AFP, FW2B, New Holland 75286640, 861362, 86990977, 8900124977, 89672301, Nissan 2999080, Onan 1303536, 130-3536, 1303537, 130-3537, Orenstein and Koppel 104403, 1413607, 1439204, Parker PW2010, Purolator Facet 6693833, PW330, PW4452, PW453, W17557, W54452, WF1, Renault 5000663025, Rolls Royce OE46264, Ryco HDZ265W, Sakura 5705, 5705, 5709, 5709, WC5705, WC5709, Savara SW001, Scania 661302, Seddon Atkinson 210903S1, SF Schupp SW1617, Sisu 15696300451, 1696300451, Sofima S8410AR, Sogefi Pro FT5725/SGP, FT5725SGP, Tecfil PSA299, Tecnocar RA481, Terex 15264311, 15267311, TRP 1501081, 1535350, UFI 29.002.00, 29.005.00, 2900100, 2900200, 2900500, Universal UCPWF2071, Vapormatic CPD6033, VPD6033, Vauxhall GM 15524421, 15572850, 25012893, 6438920, Volvo 3130940, 3131751, 4099799, 40997991, 45674, 991215116, Wako WC105, Wix 24020, 24022, 24023, 24030, 24071, 24071MP, 524071, Woodgate WGW2051, WGW2071, WGW2071R, Zettelmeyer 2288213

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Axial Flow | 5088-2008/01(205kW 279hp eng). Cargostar | 5370(Cummins eng). CE(DTA360 eng). CM1455A-1979/01. Conco | 7070. CX330; CX330LR(6TAA-8304 eng). DT360; DTA360. DT466; DT466C; DTA466; DTA466C; DTI466; DVT466. DT466E. DuraStar | (DT530 eng). H8DB(IHC DT466 eng). Hydro | 100(D436 eng). Hydro | 186(D436 eng). Hydro | 70(D312 eng). Hydro | 84. Hydro | 86(D310 eng). Hydro | 86(D312 eng). I530E. Magnum | 225-2006/01(C6TAA-8304 165kW 224hp eng). Magnum | 250-2006/01(6TAA-8304 185kW 252hp eng). Magnum | 280-2006/01(6TAA-8304; 6TAA-9004 205kW 279hp eng). Magnum | 310-2006/01(6TAA-9004 227kW 309hp eng). Magnum | 335-2007/01(6TAA-9004 246kW 335hp eng). Magnum | 7110; 7120; 7130; 7140(Cummins 6CT; 6CTA 8.3L eng). Magnum | MX180-2000/01(C6T-8.3 132kW 180hp eng). Magnum | MX200-2000/01(C6TAA-8.3 150kW 205hp eng). Magnum | MX220-2000/01(6TA-830 165kW 225hp eng). Magnum | MX240-2000/01(6TA-830 181kW 247hp eng). Magnum | MX270-2000/01(6TA-830 205kW 280hp eng). Maxxum | 5120(Cummins 4TA390 eng). 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Coles Hydra Husky | 18/22TSC; 20/25TSC; 23/25TSC; 150T MkII(Cummins 504; 555 V8 eng). Hydra Husky | 36/240TSC(Cummins 555 V8 eng). Hydra Truck | 12T; 14T(Cummins 504; 555 V8 eng). Hydra Truck | 13/17T; 16/18T; 18-22; 20/22T(Cummins 504; 555 V8 eng). Hydra Truck | 25/30T; 30/30T; 30/35T(Cummins NH220; NHF240 eng). Hydra Truck | 40-45T; 54/60T(Cummins NH220; NTC335 eng). Compair Holman 550-170S; 600-100S; 650-170S; 750-100S(Cummins LT10C-255; LTA10C-290 eng). 550HE; 550HS; 600E; 600S; 600HE; 650HE; 650HS; 700HE; 750HE; 750S; 900E. 550HE; 600E; 600S(Cummins LT10; N885 eng). 650HE; 650HS; 700HE; 750E; 750S; 900E(Cummins LTA10 eng). R370(Cummins NH220 eng). R370(Cummins NH220 eng). RO45-170; RO45-170S; RO60-100; RO60-100S; RO60-100SS; RO60-170; RO60-170S;-100; RO75-100S; RO90-100S(Cummins N855C-200; N855C-220; N855C-280 eng). WR600; WR630. Consolidated Diesel 365RO2. 6-830; 6C8.3; 6C8.3; 6CT8.3; 6CTA8.3; 6T-830; 6TA830. Cummins 150. 155. 210. 210. 230. 240. 6C8.3; 6CT8.3; 6CTA8.3 Command. 6C8.3; 6CT8.3; 6CTA8.3C. C160; C175; CS180; CT190. Construction | QSK60(E4 eng). Formula | PT270. ISC. ISC07. ISC8.3-2010/01. ISC8.3-2010/01. ISL. ISL07. ISL9-2010/01. ISLG. ISM. ISM07. JN100; JN130. KT1150C; KTA1150C; KT19C; KTA19C. KT1150G; KT1150GC; KT1150GS; KTA1150G; KTA1150GC; KTA1150GS; KT1150L; KTA1150L; KT1150P450; KTA1150P525; KTA1150P600. KT1150M; KTA1150M. KT1150M; KTA1150M; KT19M; KTA19M. KT450; KTA525; KTA600. KT450; KTC450; KTA525; KTA600. KTA19. KTA19M; KT19M. KTA525-Formula. L10; LT10; LTA10; LTAA10. L10; LT10A. L10-250; LT10-250; LTA10-250; LTAA10-250. L10-260; L10-280; L10-310; L10-330. L10-290; LT10-290; LTA10-290; LTAA10-290. LTA240; LTA270; LTA290. M11. M11G2. M11-Plus. N14. N14. N14. N14. N14+. N855; NT855; NTA855. N855; NT855; NTA855; NTC855. N855C; NT855C; NTA855C. N855M; NT855M. N855M; NT855M; NTA855M. NH180; NH195; NH200; NH205; NH220; NH230; NH250; NHK250. NH180; NH205; NHK205; NH220; NH230; NH250; NHK250. NH230; NH250. NH230; NHC250. NH250; NHC250. NHH250. NHH250. NHHTC290; NHHTC290 Formula; NTC290; NTCC290; NTCC290 Formula; NTC290R. NHHTC290; NHHTCC290; NTC290; NTCC290. NHHTC335. NHHTC335; NT335; NTC335. NT280; NTC280. NT310; NT330D. NT310; NT330D. NT380; NTA380. NT495. NTA400. NTA400. NTC230; NTC230S. NTC230; NTC230S Formula. NTC240; Formula 240; PT240. NTC240; PT240. NTC250; NTC250S. NTC250; NTC250S; Formula 250. NTC250; NTC270; NTC350. NTC250; NTC270; NTC350. NTC250; NTK252H; NTK270; PT270; NTC290; NTC300; NTK310; NTK335; NTC350;NTC355; NTC400. NTC270CT. NTC270CT; PT270. NTC300; Formula 300. NTC300; NTC315. NTC315; NTC365; NTC444 Big Cam. NTC335; NTC350. NTC350; Formula 350. NTC400. NTC400; NTCC400. NTCC350; NTCC350 Formula; NTE350. NTCC350; NTCC350 Formula; NTE350. NTCC400. NTE370. NTE370. NTF250. NTF250. NTF365. NTF365. NTTC475. Plus | C(Gas eng). QSK60-Construction(E2 eng). V250; VT350; VTA450. V378. V378. V378C; VT378C. V378F1; V378F2-Fire Pump. V378P. V504. V504. V504C; VT504C. V504C210; V504P210. V504F1; V504F2. V504M. V504-M. V555. V555; VT225 Small. V555; VT555. V555M; VT555M. V555-M; VT555-M. V6-140; V6-150; V8-185; V8-210 Small. V6-150; V8-210. V6-150; V8-210 Small. V903; VT350; VT903. V903; VT903; V903C; VT903C. V903C; VT903C. V903M; VT903M. V903M; VT903M; VTA903M. VF390M. VT155. VT210. VT225. VT225. VT225; VT240. VT240. VT350. VT350-Fire Truck. VTB903. Demag CC4000(Cummins KTA600; VT903 eng). CC4000; TC4000. H51(Cummins VT903 eng). H51(Cummins VT903 eng). H55(Cummins LTA10C eng). H65(Cummins NT855C eng). H71; H85(Cummins NT855C eng). H85; H95(Cummins KTA19; KTA1150 eng). HC500. HC500(Cummins KTA1150 eng). TC4000(Cummins KTA600; VT903 eng). Doosan Daewoo 500(Cummins QSM11 eng). Dresser 200(Dresser D505T eng). 250E(Cummins LTA10C eng). 530; 530C(Dresser D505T eng). 540(Dresser D505T eng). 555(Cummins NTA855 eng). 568(Cummins KTA19C eng). 570. 570C(Cummins VTA28C eng). 580(Cummins KT38 eng). 850-Later Model. 870-Later Model. TD12B(Cummins D505N eng). TD12B(Dresser D505N eng). TD-15C(Dresser D505T eng). TD15C; TD15CLGP(IHC DT466 eng). TD15E(Cummins D505N eng). TD15E(Dresser D505T eng). TD15ELGP; TD15ELGP Direct Drive. TD20G. TD-20G(Cummins LTA10C eng). ERF 14.47-2000/01(Cummins N475 eng). 14.52-2000/01(Cummins N525 eng). 40C2;42(Cummins eng). 8.28-2000/01(Cummins C280 eng). 8.30-2000/01(Cummins C300 eng). ALAC303; ALAC304; ALBC284; ALBC303; ALBC304(Cummins NH220 eng). ALAC320; ALAC340; ALAG320; ALBC241; ALBC242; ALBC482; AMCC340; AMCC380; AMCC452; AMCC482; AMGC340; AMGC452; AMGC482; ANGC380; ANGC420(Cummins NH220; NH250; NHC250; NHC310; NHK220; NTC290; NTC310; NTC335 eng). B25C2(Cummins L10-250 eng). B25C2; B25C3; B31C4; B35C2; B38C2(Cummins NHC250; NH220; NHK250 eng). B32C4(Cummins 555 V8 eng). B36C2(Cummins 504 V8 eng). B38C2; B40C2(Cummins NTE290 eng). B40C2(Cummins NTE240 eng). B40C2; B42C2; B57C2(Cummins NTC240; NT250; NTCE290; NTCE350; NTE350 eng). C25C3; C36C2(Cummins LT10-250 eng). C31C4(Cummins L10-250; LT10-250 eng). C31C4(Cummins NHC250 eng). C31C4; C40C2(Cummins NTC250 Turbo eng). C32C2; C35C2; C36C2; C38C2; C40C2(Cummins NHC250; NT240; NT250; NTE290 eng). C32C2; C35C2; C36C2; C38C2; C40C2(Cummins NHC250; NT240; NT250; NTE290 eng). C32C4(Cummins V504; V555 eng). C36C2(Cummins L10-250 eng). C36C2(Cummins NT240; V504 eng). C60C3(Cummins NTE305T eng). CP28-250; CP32-250; CP38-250(Cummins LT10-250 eng). CP32-290; CP38-290(Cummins LTA10-290 eng). CP38-320(Cummins NTE320 eng). CP38-350(Cummins NTE350 eng). E(Cummins 6CTAA Turbo eng). E(Cummins LTAA10-325 Turbo eng). E(Cummins NTAA-410; NTAA-465 eng). E(Cummins NTE320 Turbo eng). E(Cummins NTE350T eng). E10.25-1986/01(Cummins L10 eng). E10.25R; E10.25ST; E10.25TT(Cummins L10-250 Turbo eng). E10.27; E10.27ST(Cummins LTA10-275 Turbo eng). E10.27-1988/01(Cummins LTA10 eng). E10.29; E10.29DT; E10.29R; E10.29ST; E10.29TT(Cummins LT10-290; LTA10-290 Turbo eng). E10.29-1986/01(Cummins LT10; LTA10 eng). E10.32-1988/01(Cummins LTAA10 eng). E14.36-1986/01(Cummins NTE eng). E14.40-1986/01(Cummins NTE eng). E14.41-1986/01(Cummins NTAA eng). E14.46-1986/01(Cummins NTAA eng). E8.21; ES8.21(Cummins 6CT Turbo eng). E8.21; ES8.21-1988/01(Cummins 6CT; 6CTAA eng). EC10.30RD4; EC10.30TP4-1993/01(Cummins LTA10-300 eng). EC10.30ST(Cummins LTA10-300 Turbo eng). EC10.30ST-1993/01(Cummins L300 eng). EC10.32-1993/01(Cummins LTAA10-325 eng). EC10.32MT; EC10.32RT; EC10.32ST; EC10.32TT; EC10.35MT; EC10.35RT; EC10.35ST; EC10.35TT(Cummins LTAA10-325; LTAA10-350 Turbo eng). EC10.35-1993/01(Cummins LTAA10-350 eng). EC11(M11 Celect Plus eng). EC14(Cummins N14 eng). EC14.34-1993/01(NTAA-340; NTAA-380; NTAA-400 eng). EC14.34MT; EC14.34RT; EC14.34ST; EC14.34TT; EC14.38DT; EC14.38MT; EC14.38RT; EC14.38ST; EC14.38TT; EC14.41DT; EC14.41MT; EC14.41RT; EC14.41ST; EC14.41TT(Cummins NTAA-340; NTAA-380; NTAA-400 Turbo eng). EC14.38-1993/01(NTAA-340; NTAA-380; NTAA-400 eng). EC14.41-1993/01(NTAA-340; NTAA-380; NTAA-400 eng). EC14.50-1993/01(Cummins N500E eng). EC14.50DT; EC14.50MT; EC14.50RT; EC14.50ST; EC14.50TT(Cummins N500E Turbo eng). EC8.24-1993/01(Cummins 6CTAA Turbo eng). EC8.27-1993/01(Cummins 6CTAA Turbo eng). ECS8.28 -2000/01(Cummins C280 205kW 280hp eng). ECS8.30 -2000/01(Cummins C300 220kW 300hp eng). ECX14.47 -2000/01(Cummins N475 348kW 475hp eng). ECX14.52 -2000/01(Cummins N525 385kW 525hp eng). Olympic | EC14. Euclid 301TD(GM eng). R100(Detroit Diesel 12V-149 eng). R130(Detroit Diesel 12V-149TIB eng). R130M(Cummins KTTA38C eng). R170; R-190(Detroit Diesel 16V-149TIB eng). R25FD(Cummins N855 eng). R25TD(Cummins NRTO6; NT335 eng). R50(Cummins KTA1150 eng). R50; R85(Detroit Diesel 12V-92TA eng). R85LD; R85ND(Cummins VTA28C; VTA1710C eng). Faun Frisch F3500(Cummins NT855 eng). F3500; F3500F. F5000(Cummins KT1150 eng). HZ34.30; HZ36.40; HZ46.40(Cummins eng). K30; K40. K35; K40. K40.5(Cummins KT19C eng). KF30; KF400. Fiat Allis 100C; 150C; 200C(Allis Chalmers 11000 eng). 12GB(Allis Chalmers 11000 eng). 16B(Allis Chalmers 16000 eng). 21B; 21C(Allis Chalmers 21000 eng). 260B; 261B; 262B; 263B(61381 eng). 262B; 363B(685T eng). 645B(Allis Chalmers 3500 Mk II eng). 745B; 745HB; 745C(Allis Chalmers 11000 Mk II eng). 945; 945B(Allis Chalmers 25000 Mk II eng). AD14C; AD14CTA Agricultural; FL14C(8205.05 eng). AD20; BD20. FD20; FL20(8215.22 6cyl Turbo eng). FD30(8285T V8 eng). FD40(Cummins KTA1150C eng). FE20; FE28. FG170(Cummins 6CT 8.3L eng). FG75; FG85; FG95(8365 eng). FH200W-3-1995/01(8065T 92kW 125hp eng). FP60. FR10; FR12(8065DT eng). FR15(8365T eng). FR20. W170-1997/01(Cummins 6CT 8.3L 125kW 170hp eng). W190-1997/01(Cummins 6CT 8.3L 143kW 195hp eng). W230-1997/01(Cummins 6CT 8.3L 166kW 226hp eng). Foden 06(Cummins NHC200; NHC220; NHC250; NHK250; NTC290; NTK335 eng). 08. 04(Cummins NHC200; NHC220; NHC250; NHK250; NTC290; NTK335 eng). 04A031C2208; 04A032C2508; 04A045C2508; 06A075C2708; 06A100C3308(Cummins NHC; NHK; NTC; NTK eng). 08R030C2208(Cummins NHK220 eng). 3000. 4AC-6/32; 4AC-6/34; 4AC/45; 4ADC-6/24; 4DC-6/26; 4DC-6/30; 6C-6/28; 6DC-6/39(Cummins eng). 6A/44; 6AC/44; 6AC/75; 6AC-6/75; 6AC-6/100A; 6AC-6/110A; 6DC-6/39(Cummins NT270; NT310 eng). 6DC-6/39A; 6DL-6/28; 6DL-6/39(Cummins NK855 eng). A108. AC29. Alpha | 2000; 3000; 4000-A3-4T-1998/01(Cummins M11 eng). Alpha | 2000; 3000; 4000-A3-4T-1998/01(Cummins N14 eng). Alpha | 2000; 3000; 4000-A3-4T-2002/01(Cummins ISM; ISME eng). Alpha | 2000; 3000; 4000-A3-6M; A3-6R; A3-6R.T-1998/01(Cummins M11 eng). Alpha | 2000; 3000; 4000-A3-6M; A3-6R; A3-6R.T-1998/01(Cummins N14 eng). Alpha | 2000; 3000; 4000-A3-6M; A3-6R; A3-6R.T-2002/01(Cummins ISM; ISME eng). Alpha | 2000; 3000; 4000-A3-6T; A3-6T.T-2002/01(Cummins ISM; ISME eng). Alpha | 2000; 3000; 4000-A3-8R; A3-8R.M; A3-8R.T-1998/01(Cummins M11 eng). Alpha | 2000; 3000; 4000-A3-8R; A3-8R.M; A3-8R.T-1998/01(Cummins N14 eng). Alpha | 2000; 3000; 4000-A3-8R; A3-8R.M; A3-8R.T-2002/01(Cummins ISM; ISME eng). Alpha | 2000; 3000; 4000-A4-4T-2002/01(Cummins ISM; ISME eng). Alpha | 2000; 3000; 4000-A4-6T; A4-6T.T-2002/01(Cummins ISM; ISME eng). Alpha | 3000(Cummins ISM E3 eng). Alpha | 3000-A3-4R.T; A3-6R.T 6x4(Cummins ISM-340; ISM-380 eng). Alpha | 3000-A3-6M; A3-6TT(Cummins ISM E3 eng). Alpha | 3000-A3-6T.T 6x4(Cummins ISM-340; ISM-405 eng). Alpha | 3000-A3-8R.T 8x4(Cummins ISM-340; ISM-380 eng). FC17; FC20; FC20A; FC27; FC27A; FC35(Cummins C250; C310; C420; NT855 eng). FC17; FC20; FC20A; FC27; FC27A; FC35(Cummins C250; C310; C420; NT855 eng). FC17; FC20; FC20A; FC27; FC27A; FC35A(Cummins N855C-250 eng). FC17; FC20; FC20A; FC27; FC27A; FC35A(Cummins N855C-250 eng). FF33; FF40. Fleetmaster | AC24/38(Cummins 240 Turbo eng). Fleetmaster | AC24/38(Cummins 240 Turbo eng). Fleetmaster | AC29/38; AC29/40(Cummins NTE290 eng). Fleetmaster | AC29/38; AC29/40(Cummins NTE290 eng). Haulmaster | RC21/25(Cummins VT504 eng). Haulmaster | RC24/30(Cummins 240; NTE290 Turbo eng). Haulmaster | RC24/30(Cummins 240; NTE290 Turbo eng). Lowline | 22RB(Cummins NHK250B eng). RC. RC. S104; S106; S108. S104; S106; S108. S104; S106; S108. S104; S106; S108 (Cummins 6CT 8.3L 211hp eng). S104; S106; S108 (Cummins 6CTAA 8.3L 265hp eng). S104; S106; S108 (Cummins E320-14 320hp eng). S104; S106; S108(Caterpillar 3306; 3306ATAAC eng). S104; S106; S108(Caterpillar 3306B; 3306BATAAC eng). S104; S106; S108(Caterpillar 3406B; 3406BATAAC eng). S104; S106; S108(Cummins E350; E400 eng). S104; S106; S108(Cummins LT10-250 eng). S104; S106; S108(Cummins LT10-250 eng). S104; S106; S108(Cummins LTA10-250 eng). S104; S106; S108(Cummins LTA10-275 eng). S104; S106; S108(Cummins LTAA10-325 eng). S104; S106; S108(Cummins LTAA10-327 eng). S104; S106; S108(Cummins NT250; NTE290 eng). S104; S106; S108(Cummins NTAA-410; NTAA-465 eng). S104; S106; S108(Cummins NTE320 eng). S104; S106; S108(Cummins NTE350; V555; VT504 eng). S104; S106; S108(Cummins NTE365 eng). S104; S106; S108(Cummins Super E320TD eng). S104; S106; S108(Cummins Super E320TD eng). S104R; S106T; S108T(Cummins LTA10-250 eng). S104R; S106T; S108T(Cummins Super E320 eng). SC24. Universal | -38 Ton(Cummins NTC335 eng). Universal | -38 Ton(Cummins NTC335 eng). Universal | A108/1(Cummins LT10-250 eng). Universal | AC25/38; AC29/38 Tractor(Cummins NHC250; NTC290 eng). Universal | HH10(Cummins NT310; NT380 eng). Unknown Model | -6 Wheel(Cummins NT380 eng). Ford 3424; 3427; 4227; 4231; 4234(Cummins NH250; NTC290; NTC335 eng). 7810. 8530. 8630(401T eng). 8700. 8730. 8830. 9880(Cummins N14 eng). C8000; CT8000; L8000; LN8000; LNT8000; LT8000; LTS8000. Cargo | 1117; 1217; 1317; 1417; 1517; 1617; 1717; 2417; 2517; 2817(Cummins 504 V8 eng). Cargo | 1624; 1724; 2424; 2824; 3224; 3424; 3824(Cummins L10-250; L10-290 eng). Cargo | 1628; 1728; 3828(Cummins LTA10-290 eng). Cargo | 1721; 2421(Cummins 6CT 8.3L eng). CL9000(Cummins eng). CL9000; CLT9000; L9000; LA9000; LL9000; LLN9000; LNT9000; LS9000; LT9000; LTA9000; LTL9000; LTS9000; W9000; WT9000(Cummins eng). CL9000; CLT9000; L9000; LA9000; LL9000; LN9000; LNT9000; LS9000; LT9000; LTA9000; LTL9000; LTS9000; WT9000(Caterpillar 3406 eng). F650(6.0L V8 Turbo eng). F650(Cummins ISB 6.7L eng). F750(6.0L V8 Turbo eng). F750(Cummins ISB 6.7L eng). F800(Cummins 6B 5.9L eng). F800; FT900(Ford FD1460 8.3L eng). FW20(Cummins V555; VT555 eng). FW30(Cummins V903; VT903 eng). FW30(Cummins V903; VT903 eng). FW40(Cummins V903 eng). FW40(Cummins V903 eng). FW60(Cummins VT903 eng). FW60(Cummins VT903 eng). H3424; HA3424(Cummins Super 252 eng). L8000; LN8000; LNT8000; LT8000; LTS8000; W8000. L9000(Cummins L10 eng). LA9000(Cummins N14 eng). LN9000; LT9000; LTS9000(Cummins L10 eng). LS9000(Cummins L10 eng). LT8000(Cummins ISC eng). LTA9000(Cummins L10 eng). LTS9000(Cummins N14 eng). TW15-1986/01(401T eng). TW25-1986/01(401T eng). TW35-1986/01(401Ti eng). TW5-1986/01. Freightliner 108SD(Cummins ISC eng). 114SD(Cummins ISC 8.3L eng). 114SD(Cummins ISL 9.0L eng). Argosy | (Cummins ISM eng). Business Class | M2(Caterpillar C13 eng). Business Class | M2(Cummins ISB eng). Business Class | M2(Cummins ISC eng). Business Class | M2-NG(Cummins ISLG eng). Cascadia | (Detroit Diesel 60 eng). CC132(Caterpillar C15 eng). CC132(Detroit Diesel 60 eng). Century Class | CST120(Cummins N14 eng). Century Class | S; T(Cummins ISM eng). Century Class | S; T(Cummins N14 eng). Coronado | (Caterpillar C15; C16 eng). Coronado | (Detroit Diesel 60 eng). FL112(Cummins ISM eng). FL112(Cummins ISM eng). FL112; FLD112(Cummins M11 eng). FL50; FL60; FL70; FL80(Cummins ISC eng). FL70(Cummins C8.3 eng). FL70(Cummins ISC eng). FL80(Cummins C8.3 eng). FL80(Cummins ISC eng). FLC(Cummins M11 eng). FLC112(Cummins M11 eng). FLC112-64SD(Cummins NTC315 eng). FLD(Cummins ISL eng). FLD(Cummins ISM eng). FLD(Cummins M11 eng). FLD120SD(Cummins N14 eng). Furukawa 365(Cummins eng). FWD CB66; CB86; CB108. CB66; CB86; FD86; CB108(Cummins NTC230; NTC250 eng). Galion 850. Gottwald HMK140. Gradall Hydro-Scopic | 888(Cummins V8 eng). Grimmer Schmidt 190(Cummins V378 eng). 380(Cummins V378 eng). 450; 750(Cummins V903C eng). Grove 2535(Cummins V555C eng). RT500(Cummins V378 eng). RT58A; RT58B; RT58C; RT58D(Cummins V378 eng). RT60S(Cummins 265 V8 eng). RT625; RT630(Cummins V504 eng). RT630S; RT640S(Cummins 504 V8 eng). RT65S(Cummins V555 eng). RT740; RT755(Cummins V555C eng). RT865(Cummins N855 eng). RT865(Cummins N855C eng). RT980(Cummins NT855C-250 eng). TD500(Cummins VT225 eng). TM1150(Cummins NTC350 eng). TM1400(Cummins V555C eng). TM200C(Cummins V378 eng). TM750E(Cummins 504 V8 eng). TM750E(Cummins LTA10 eng). TM875(Cummins NTC350; NTCC350 eng). TM875(Cummins V555C eng). TM9150(Cummins 6CTA 8.3L eng). TMS185; TMS200; TMS250(Cummins VT225 eng). TMS300; TMS300B(Cummins NTCC240 eng). TMS45; TMS50T(Cummins NHC240 eng). TMS475(Cummins NTCC240 eng). TMS500(Cummins VT225 eng). TMS760(Cummins 300 eng). TMS865(Cummins NTC290; NTCC300 eng). Unknown Model | -50 Ton(Cummins eng). Halla HA380(Cummins LTA10C eng). HA380E-MkII(Cummins M11C eng). HE360LCH(Cummins LTA10C eng). HE360LCH-MkII(Cummins M11C eng). Hancock 192(Cummins V504C eng). Harnischfeger 6250TC(Cummins NT380 eng). 700; 1200(Cummins KT1150; KTA1150 eng). 9125A-TC(Cummins V903 Upper Frame eng). T250M(Cummins 210 V8 eng). W250M(Cummins V504 eng). Heathfield DE50. H25. Hitachi D180(Cummins 6CT 8.3L eng). D180(Cummins 6CT 8.3L eng). EH5000-AC-3(Cummins QSK60 E2 eng). EX1800; EX1800-2(Cummins KTA19 x2 eng). EX3600-6-2008/01(Cummins QSK60 E2 eng). EX700BE(Cummins N425 eng). FH220(8365.SI.11.ALL.010 eng). FH220-3. FH240. FH270-3(Cummins 6CT 8.3L eng). FH300(8365.SI.11.ALL.011 eng). FR160-2(Fiat eng). MA100U(Hino DS50 eng). UH801(Cummins KT1150 eng). W170(Cummins 6CT 8.3L eng). W190; W190LB(Cummins 6CT 8.3L eng). W230(Cummins 6CTAA 8.3L eng). Hough 560(Cummins eng). 570(Cummins eng). Hydroax 711; 721; 721E(Cummins 6CT 8.3L eng). Hymac 1290(Cummins eng). 1290(Cummins eng). 1290(Cummins NH220B; NH221B1 eng). 400(Cummins eng). 400(Cummins eng). 400(Cummins NH205; NH220 eng). 400(Cummins NTC290 eng). 400(Cummins NTC335 eng). 880C; 1050(Cummins eng). 880C; 1050; 1051; 1150(Cummins V504C eng). 880C; 888(Cummins eng). LW30(Cummins eng). LW30(Cummins NT335 eng). Hyster C225A; C250A; C340A; C340D; C350A; C350B; C350D; C530A; C550A; C610A; C615A; C615B; C620B; C625A; C625B; C627B(Detroit Diesel 3-53; 4-53 eng). Hyundai HL770(Cummins M11C eng). Robex | 320LC-3(Cummins M11 eng). Robex | 360-3; 360LC-3(Cummins LTA10C 247hp eng). Robex | 420LC(Komatsu S6D125 eng). Robex | 450LC-3(Cummins M11 eng). Ingersoll Rand 825; HP825WCU(Cummins L10 eng). D1750(Detroit Diesel 12V-71 eng). D1750(Detroit Diesel 12V-71 eng). D750(Cummins V903 eng). DRF365; DRC480; DRCH480; DRC600(Cummins NH220; NHC481 eng). DXL1050(Cummins V903 eng). DXL1100H; DXL1200; DXL1200S; DXL1400; DXL1400S; DXL1750; SXL1750(Detroit Diesel 12V-71; 12V-71N eng). DXL250S(Detroit Diesel 16V-71TV eng). DXL750CA(Caterpillar 3306T eng). DXL90(Cummins V903 eng). DXL900P(Cummins eng). HP1000WCU; SP1000(Cummins N14 eng). HP525SCU; HP525WCU; XP600SCU; XP600WCU; P700SCU; P700WCU(Cummins V504 eng). HP825WCU; XP900WCU(Cummins LTA10 eng). Lion | -MkIII(Caterpillar 3208 eng). P1600WCU(Cummins N14 eng). P450SCA(Caterpillar 3208 eng). P450SUC; P450WCU(Cummins V378 eng). P700; P700S; XP600; XP600S(Cummins eng). P700; P700S; XP600; XP600S(Cummins eng). T4-VHP1050(Caterpillar J3412 eng). VHP750WCAT(Caterpillar C9 eng). XP1400(Cummins N14 eng). Iveco 1117C; 1217C; 1317C; 1417C; 1517C; 1617C; 1717C; 2417C(Cummins 504 8260cc V8 Diesel eng). 120.14; 140.14; 150.14. 130.20; 130NC20; 140.20; 150.20; 150NC.20; 159.20; 159NC.20; 170.20; 190.20; 190PAC.20(8220.02 eng). 150.17; 159.17(8360.05 eng). 150; 159-NC17(8060.03 eng). 150; 159-NC17(8360.03 eng). 150-NC20(8220.02 eng). 159.17(8365.05 eng). 160.26; 170NC; 170.26; 180NC; 190NC; 260.26; 260PAC26; 330.26(Fiat 8210 eng). 160NC; 160NCU; 160NT; 170F26; 170N; 170NC26; 170NT26; 170NC33; 170NT33; 170NT33E; 170NC35; 170NT35; 180N; 180NC; 180NT; 180NTS; 190F; 190F26; 190F35; 190NC; 0NC33; 190NT26; 190NT33; 190PAC26. 1624C; 1724C(Cummins LT10-250 10013cc 6cyl Turbo eng). 1628C; 1728C(Cummins LTA10-290 10013cc 6cyl Turbo Aftercooled eng). 165.24(Iveco 8220.22 9572cc 240hp 6cyl Turbo eng). 170.20. 170.26; 170.30; 170.33; 70.35; 190.26; 190.30; 190.33; 190.35; 220.35; 330.26. 170.33; 190.33; 170NC33; 190NC33(8280.01 eng). 170.35; 190.35; 220.35; 240.35(8280.02 eng). 170; 180N; 180NC; 180NT; 180NT; 180S; 190NC(8210.02 eng). 170F35; 170F35T; 170NC35; 190F35; 190F35T; 220F35; 240F35; 260F35; 260PAC26(8280.02 eng). 170-F38T; F38TP(8280.22 Turbo eng). 1721C; 2421C(Cummins 6CT 8.3L eng). 175.24(8060.25 eng). 175.24(Iveco 8460.21; 8460.21A 9500cc 240hp 6cyl Turbo eng). 180.24(8220.22 Turbo eng). 180.26. 190.20-N. 190.24(8460.41 eng). 190.26; 240.26; 190.30; 240.30(Fiat 8200; 8210 eng). 190.26N; 190PAC26; 260.26H; 260.26HT; 260.26HW; 260PC26; 260PT26; 260.26N; NW; 260PAC26; 330.26N; 330PAC26(8210.0.731 eng). 190.30; 190.32; 240.32GV. 190.32; 220.32; 260.32. 190.35; 190L.35(8280.02 eng). 190.35H; 190.35HT; 190.35HW; 190PC 35; 190PT35; 260.35H; 260.35HT; 260.35HW; 260PC35-6x4; 260PT35-6x4; 6x6; 330.35H; 330.35HT; 330.35HW; 330PT35-6x4; 330PC35-6x4; 330PC35-6x6. 190.38; 190.38P; 190.38PT; 190.38PT; 220.38; 220.38PT; 220.38T; 240.38P; 240.38T(Iveco 8280.22 eng). 190-NC35(Fiat 8280 eng). 190PAC20; 190.20N. 190PC30; 190.30N; 190PT30; 190.30HT. 190-U20T. 220.35. 2517C; 2817C(Cummins 504 8260cc V8 Diesel eng). 2521C; 2921C(Cummins 6CT 8.3L eng). 260.35H; 260.35HT; 260PC35; 260PT35. 2824C; 3224C; 3424C; 3824C(Cummins LT10-250 10013cc 6cyl eng). 320.45-WTM(8282.22 eng). 330.26H; 330.26HT; 330.26NNT; 330PC26-4x4; 330PT26-6x4(8210.02 eng). 330-F35(8280.02 eng). 330PC35; 330.35H; 330PT35; 330.35HT. 370. 370S.10.24 Turbo; 370.12.24 Turbo; 370.35(8460.21 eng). 370-S.12.24. 370-S.12.25(8210.22 eng). 370S.12.35; Inbus MkI 330; Monocar 101SB(8280.02 V8 eng). 3828C(Cummins LTA10-290 10013cc 6cyl Turbo Aftercooled eng). 470.10.20; 470.12.20; 570.10.20; 570.12.20; 670.12.20; Inbus U201UL; U210FT(8220.12 eng). 671.12.24 240hp Inbus i240; i240 2P; Monocar 110L(8230.32 Turbo eng). 8210.22(Turbo eng). 8210.42(Turbo eng). 8220.22(Turbo eng). 8280.22(Turbo eng). 8280.22S(Turbo eng). 8280; 8281; 8281Si; G8281SRi.03. 8280-SRi. 8360; 8361. 8460.21(Turbo eng). AP160. AP160.24; AP160.26; AP160.12.26(8210.02 eng). BM201; BM201M(Fiat 8360 eng). BM21FE(Fiat 8211 eng). BM25F; BM25M(Fiat 8280 eng). BM303TM; BM503(Fiat 8280 eng). BM304F; BM305; BM305FT(Fiat 8280.02 8V eng). BM309; BM309F(Fiat 8280.02 8V eng). BM44D12R(Fiat 8360.05 eng). Cargo | 1117; 1217; 1317; 1417; 1517; 1617; 1717; 2417; 2517; 2817(Cummins 504 V8 eng). Cargo | 1624; 1724; 2424; 2824; 3224; 3424; 3824(Cummins L10-250; L10-290 eng). Cargo | 1628; 1728; 3828(Cummins LTA10-290 eng). Cargo | 1721; 2421(Cummins 6CT 8.3L eng). Effeuno | (Turbo eng). EuroRider Beuleas | . EuroStar | 190; 240; 260; 400; 440-190E52; 240E52; 260E52; 400E52; 440E52-1992/01(8280TCA eng). EuroStar | 190; 240; 260; 400; 440-E38(8460 eng). EuroStar | 190; 240; 260; 400-E42(8210 eng). EuroStar | 190-E52-1992/01(8280.42S.TCA 378kW 514hp eng). EuroStar | 240-E52-1992/01(8280.42S.TCA 378kW 514hp eng). EuroStar | 260-E52-1992/01(8280.42S.TCA 378kW 514hp eng). EuroStar | 440-E52-1992/01(8280.42S.350 378kW 514hp eng). EuroTech | 180E34; 190E34(8460TCA eng). EuroTech | 180E52; 260E52; 400E52-1992/01(8280 eng). EuroTech | 190E30; 260E30; 260E34; 400E34; 440E34(8460TCA eng). H120.17H; H120.17HW. H240.32-PGV 6x2(8460.41 eng). OM150.17(8360.05 eng). OM150N; OM150.20; OM160; OM160T; OM160U; OM170.26; OM170T33; OM170T33/E; OM170.35; OM170.35T; OM180;80T; OM180TS; OM190.26; OM190.35(OM eng). OM160.26(8210.02 eng). OM170.20; OM170T.26; OM190.20; OM190.26; OM190T26; Fiat OM170F26; OM170NC26; OM190PAC20. OM170.33; OM170.33T; OM170.35; OM190.33; OM190.35; OM220.35; OM240.35; OM260.35; OM330.26R; OM330.35; OM330.35T Fiat OM190NC33; OM260PAC2. OM190T; OM260; OM260T(Unic-V85S4 eng). OM40; OM40.35; Fiat OM40NC; OM40NC35; OM50NC; OM55NC. Turbocity Green | UR490. Turbocity-S; Turbocity-U | . Turbostar | 190.42(8280.22 Turbo eng). Turbostar | 190.48; 240.48; 260.48(8280.42S Turbo eng). Turbostar | 330.42(8280.22 Turbo eng). Turbotech | 190.24(8460.41 eng). Turbotech | 190.26; 240.26(8460.21 eng). Turbotech | 190.32; 220.32; 260.32. Turbotech GV | 190.32; 240.32. U Effeuno | (Turbo eng). U-Effeuno | 471.10.20; 471.12.20; 571.10.20; 571.12.20(8220.12 Turbo eng). JCB 456HT; 456ZX(Cummins 6CTC 8.3L E2 eng). Fastrac | 8250(Cummins QSB-8.3 eng). John Deere 6810; 6910(Cummins N14 eng). Kalmar 80-2300(Cummins KT1150C eng). Kamaz 6520 -2003/01(Cummins ISLE-350.30 257kW 350hp eng). Kawasaki 115Z-MkV(Cummins QSK19 eng). 80Z-MkII(Cummins 6CT 8.3L eng). 80Z-MkIII(Cummins 6CT 8.3L eng). 80Z-MkIV; MkIV-2(Cummins 6C; 6CT 8.3L eng). 80Z-MkV(Cummins 6CTAA 8.3L eng). 85Z-MkII(Cummins LT10C eng). 85Z-MkIV(Cummins eng). 90Z-MkIII(Cummins LTA10C eng). 90Z-MkIV; MkIV-2(Cummins M11 eng). 90Z-MkV; MkV-2. KLD110Z-MkII(Cummins KT1150 eng). KSS110Z-MkII(Cummins KT1150 eng). KSS70BC(Cummins V504 eng). KSS70C(Cummins V504 eng). KSS70D; KSS80Z MkII(Cummins V504 eng). KSS95Z-MkII(Cummins NT855 eng). Kenworth Brute; Hustler | (Cummins eng). C500(Caterpillar C11 eng). C500(Caterpillar C13 eng). C500(Caterpillar C15 eng). C500(Cummins eng). C500(Cummins ISM eng). T2000(Caterpillar C12 eng). T2000(Caterpillar C13 eng). T2000(Caterpillar C15 eng). T2000(Cummins ISL eng). T2000(Cummins ISM eng). T2000(Cummins M11 eng). T2000(Cummins N14 eng). T300(Cummins 8.3L eng). T300(Cummins ISB eng). T300(Cummins ISC eng). T300(Cummins ISM eng). T600(Caterpillar C13 eng). T600(Cummins N14 eng). T600(Detroit Diesel 60 eng). T600A; T600(Caterpillar 3406E eng). T660(Cummins ISL eng). T660(Cummins ISM eng). T800(Caterpillar C10; C12 eng). T800(Caterpillar C15 eng). T800(Cummins ISL eng). T800(Cummins ISM eng). T800(Cummins L10 eng). T800(Cummins M11 eng). T800(Cummins N14 eng). T800B(Cummins ISL eng). T800B(Cummins ISM eng). W900(Cummins ISL eng). W900(Cummins ISM eng). W900(Cummins N14 eng). W900B(Caterpillar C15 eng). W900B(Cummins 10 eng). W900L(Caterpillar 3406E eng). W900L(Caterpillar C16 eng). W900S(Cummins ISM eng). Knudson 250; 310; 335(Cummins N855C; NT855C eng). Kobelco WLK45(Cummins LT10 eng). Komatsu D41E; D41P-3-1989/01(Komatsu 6D105-1 71kW 97hp eng). D455A-1(Cummins VTA1710 eng). D455A-1(Cummins VTA1710 eng). GD37-6H; GD40-2; GD40HT-2(NH220C1 eng). GD500R-5. GD600R-1; GD600R-2; GD650R-1; GD650R-2(Cummins NH220 eng). GD605A-1; GD605A-2; GD605R-1; GD605R-2; GD655A-1; GD655R-1; GD655R-2(Cummins NH220 eng). GD650-1; GD650A-2(S6D114 eng). GD705A-3A; GD705R-1A(Cummins NTO6C1 eng). GD705R-1; GD705R-2; GD705R-1A; GD705R1(Cummins NH220C1 eng). GD825A-4. GS360-1. GS360-1. HD1200-1; HD1200M-1(Cummins KTA2300 eng). HD1200M-1(Cummins KTA2300 eng). HD1200M-1(Cummins KTA2300 eng). HD1200M-1(SA12V170-1 eng). HD1600M-1(Cummins KTA3067 eng). HD1600M-1(Cummins KTA3067 eng). HD320-2(Cummins NTA855 eng). HD325-2; HD325-3(Cummins KT1150 eng). HD325-3(Cummins KT1150 eng). HD325-3(Cummins KT1150 eng). HD460-1(Cummins VT1710 eng). HD680-2(Cummins VTA1710 eng). HD780-1(Cummins VTA1710 eng). HD785-1(Cummins KT2300; KTA2300 eng). HD785-1(Cummins KT2300; KTA2300 eng). JH65CV(Cummins V504 eng). LW160-1. LW200L-1. LW250L-1. PC300-6; PC300LC-6(SAA6D108 eng). PC300HD-6; PC300HD-6LE; PC300HD-6 MH; PC300LC-6; PC300LL-6(SA12114E-1 eng). PC400LC-7 (SAA6D125E-3 243kW 330hp eng). PC650-1(Cummins KT1150 eng). S4D155. S6D155. UD12; UD12W. W180-1(Cummins NT855 eng). W90-1(Cummins V504 eng). WA300-1. WA320-1. WA320-1(Cummins 6CT 8.3L eng). WA320-3(S6D114E eng). WA420-1(Cummins eng). WA420-3(SAA6D114E-1 eng). WS16S-1(NTA855B eng). WS16S-2(NTA855 eng). WS23-1. Krupp 306; 360; 361; 363; 380; 381; 690; 760; 806; 816; 960; 963; 980; 1060; 1063; 1080(Cummins eng). Lancer Boss 25CH; 48CH(Cummins NH250B eng). Lannen UM352; UM352C; UM352L; UM353C; UM353CC; UM355(Leyland 4.98 eng). UM8CC(Leyland 4.98 eng). Leroi Q1300D(Cummins eng). Leyland Daf BL 80(Cummins LT10-250 eng). 85CF-XF250M; XE250C; XF280M; XE280C; XF315M; XE315C-1998/01(12.6L eng). 95.380XF(XF280M; XF315M; XF355M; VF390M eng). 95.430XF(XF280M; XF315M; XF355M; VF390M eng). 95.480XF(XF280M; XF315M; XF355M; VF390M eng). 95.530XF(XF280M; XF315M; XF355M; VF390M eng). 95.530XF-1997/01(VF390M 390kW 530hp eng). 995.500 -1994/01(Cummins N500E 373kW 507hp eng). Belde | 220CB; 220SB-1997/01(Cummins C220-20 162kW 220hp eng). Belde | 260CB; 260SLF-1997/01(Cummins ISCE-260-30 191kW 256hp eng). City | (Cummins L10-180 eng). City | (Rolls Royce 180L eng). Comet | 12.12-Export-1968/01(6.98NV 86kW 115hp eng). Constructor 8 | (Cummins L10-250; LT10-250 eng). F95.530XF-1997/01(Cummins VF390M eng). F95XF(530 eng). Fatih | 280-1986/01(Cummins ISC-260 194kW 264hp eng). Freighter | (Leyland 6-98NV; 6-98TV eng). Lynx | (Cummins L10 eng). Metrobus; Metroliner | (Cummins L10-180; L10-250; L10-290 eng). Olympian | (Cummins L10 eng). Professional | PRO827-1997/01(Cummins 6C-260 8.3L 193kW 263hp eng). Professional | PRO832-1997/01(Cummins 6C-300 8.3L 221kW 300hp eng). Roadliner | (Cummins 200 V6 eng). Roadrunner | 6.10; 6.12; 8.10; 8.12; 10.12(Leyland 6.98DV; 6.98NV eng). Roadtrain | (Cummins LT10-250; LTA10-290 eng). Roadtrain | (Cummins NT240; NT250; NT290; NTE290 eng). Roadtrain | (Cummins NTE320; NTE 350; NTE400-20 eng). Roadtrain | T45-1986/01(Cummins L10; L10NT; L10NTE eng). Liebherr A900CLi; R900CLi. A900CLi; R900CLi-2003/01(Liebherr D924TIEA2 88kW 120hp eng). A900ZW-729; 730; 931. A902Li. A902Li; R902Li(Liebherr D904T 81kW 110hp eng). A902Li; R902Li(Liebherr D924TIE 99kW 135hp eng). A904. A904(D924TE eng). A904; R904(Liebherr D924TE 99kW 135hp eng). A904C; R904C. A904CLi; R904CLi(D924TIE 99kW 135hp eng). A904Li; R904Li-1998/01(Liebherr D924TE 85kW 116hp eng). A912Li. A912Li; R912Li-1984/01(Liebherr D904T; D924TE 95kW 129hp eng). A914; R914; R914Li(D924 eng). A914; R914-1998/01. A922Li. A922Li; R922Li -1984/01(Liebherr D904TIE 100kW 136hp eng). A924; R924. A924; R924(D924 eng). A924Li; R924Li -1998/01(Liebherr D924TE 112kW 153hp eng). L531. L531-210; 279. L538(D924 eng). L538-432. L544. L544-442; 444T; 443; 445T(Liebherr D924T 121kW 165hp eng). Litronic | A914(D924TE eng). PR751(Cummins KT1150 eng). PR751(Cummins KT1150 eng). PR751; PR751LH-Motor; PR751LH-Motor-50degC(Cummins KT19C; KT1150C 243kW 331hp eng). R902Li. R904; R904Li(D924 eng). R912Li. R914-Litronic(D924TE eng). R922Li. R962(Cummins NTT855C eng). R962; R981; R972; R981; R982; R991(Cummins NTA855C eng). R972HD(Cummins NTT855C eng). R974(Cummins eng). R974Li. R974-Litronic(Cummins NTA855 eng). R982HD; R982LC(Cummins NTT855C eng). R984B. R984B; R984C(Cummins QSK19 eng). R984Li(Cummins KTA19C eng). R991(Cummins NTA855C eng). Lister Petter ARMD600(Cummins NH220 eng). Lorain LRT40U(Cummins eng). Mack CL(Caterpillar 3406C eng). CL713(Caterpillar 3406 eng). CV513(Cummins ISL eng). DM800; F800(Cummins eng). F700; FL700; FS700; R700; RD700; RL700; RS700; RWL700; RWS700; WL700; WS700(Cummins eng). MH602; RW602; MH603; RW603(Cummins Formula 300; 350; 400; NTC300; NTC350; NTC400 eng). MRU613(Cummins ISLG eng). MS200; MS300(Renault eng). RL600; RS600(Cummins V903 eng). Super-Liner | (Cummins eng). Terrapro | (Cummins ISLG eng). Massey Ferguson 595. Matbro Bray 588; 588AWS. Morbark 22RXL(Cummins eng). NCK 1405; 1405B; 1405C; 1495B(Cummins NT855 eng). C34; C34B; C305A; C305B. New Holland 1078; 1079(Ford 666H eng). 1085(Ford eng). 1089; 1095(7.5L eng). 1150(Cummins KTA1150 eng). 1156(Cummins KTA1150 eng). 1900(Caterpillar 3306 eng). 1915(Caterpillar 3306B eng). 2100(Caterpillar 3406 eng). 2115(Caterpillar 3406 eng). 655D. 655D. 6810. 7635(Iveco eng). 7810. 8210. 9184(Cummins eng). 9484(Cummins eng). 950(Cummins VT903 eng). 955(Cummins NTA855 eng). 956(Cummins NTA855 eng). 9684; 9884(Cummins N14 eng). 975(Cummins NTA855 eng). 9820(Cummins L10 eng). 9860; 9880(Cummins NTA855 eng). AD250. CR9040; CR9060(Cummins 6TAA-9904 9.0L eng). D180(Cummins 6CT 8.3L eng). L95. RG170. RG170.B(Cummins 6CT 8.3L eng). RG200(Cummins 6CT 8.3L eng). T8010; T8020; T8030; T8040(8.3L E3 eng). T8050(9.0L eng). TG210; TG230(Cummins 8.3L eng). TG215; TG245(8.3L Turbo eng). TG255(Cummins 8.3L eng). TG275(8.3L Turbo eng). TG285; TG305(Cummins 8.3L eng). TJ275(Cummins 8.3L eng). TJ325(Cummins 9.0L eng). TJ375; TJ375HD(Cummins QSX15 eng). TL90. TL90GT. TR86(Caterpillar 3208 eng). TR86(Ford 678HT eng). TR87(7.5L eng). TR87(Ford 678HT eng). TR88(7.5L eng). TR89(7.5L eng). TR96(Ford 678HT eng). TR97(7.5L eng). TR97(Ford 678HT eng). TR98(7.5L eng). TR99(7.5L eng). TW25. TW35. TX34. Orenstein and Koppel G130(Cummins V504 eng). G350(Cummins NTA855C eng). L40(Cummins NTA855 eng). L45C(Cummins M11C-250 eng). MC200S; MC300S; MHB201-N; MHC401. RH130C(Cummins V8 eng). RH300(Cummins KT1150C x2 eng). RH75; RH75C-750; RH120C-1000(Cummins NTA885C x2 eng). SH250; SH400(Cummins NTA855 eng). Oshkosh B2038; B2044; B2055; B2058; B2065; P2323; P2327; B2338; F2338; B2344; F2344; P2344; B2355; F2355; B2358; B2365; F2365(Cummins NTC230; NTC250; NTC290; PT270 eng). B2038; B2044; B2338(Cummins V555 eng). P2527; P2530; P4546(Cummins NTC300; NTC350 eng). S(Cummins L10 eng). Parker Plant Rock | (Cummins NH220; NT350 eng). Peterbilt 282; 288; 289; 349H; 351; 352H; 353; 358; 359; 362; 383(Cummins eng). 310(Cummins NTC240 eng). 320(Caterpillar 3126B eng). 320(Caterpillar C13 eng). 320(Cummins 6CT 8.3L eng). 320(Cummins ISC eng). 320(Cummins ISL eng). 320(Cummins ISM eng). 320HE(Cummins ISM Hybrid eng). 330(Cummins 6CT 8.3L eng). 330(Cummins ISC eng). 335(Cummins ISC eng). 335(Cummins ISM eng). 340(Caterpillar C7 eng). 340(Paccar-PX8 eng). 357(Caterpillar 3306 eng). 357(Caterpillar C10; C12 eng). 357(Caterpillar C11; C13 eng). 357(Caterpillar C9 eng). 357(Cummins 6CT 8.3L eng). 357(Cummins ISC eng). 357(Cummins ISL eng). 357(Cummins ISM eng). 357(Cummins M11 eng). 357; 359(Caterpillar 3406E eng). 362; 372; 375; 377(Caterpillar 3406E eng). 362; 372; 377; 379(Detroit Diesel 60 eng). 365(Cummins ISL eng). 372(Caterpillar C15 eng). 377(Caterpillar C12 eng). 378(Caterpillar 3406 eng). 378(Caterpillar C10; C12 eng). 378(Caterpillar C15; C16 eng). 378(Cummins ISM eng). 378(Cummins M11 eng). 378(Detroit Diesel 60 eng). 379(Caterpillar C16 eng). 379(Cummins N14-Plus eng). 379; 379X(Caterpillar C10; C12 eng). 379; 379X(Caterpillar C15 eng). 379; 379X(Cummins ISC eng). 379; 379X(Cummins ISL eng). 379; 379X(Cummins ISM eng). 379; 387(Caterpillar 3406E eng). 382(Cummins ISL eng). 385(Caterpillar C10 eng). 385(Caterpillar C11 eng). 385(Caterpillar C12 eng). 385(Caterpillar C15 eng). 385(Cummins ISL eng). 385(Cummins ISM eng). 385(Cummins M11 eng). 386(Caterpillar C15 eng). 387(Caterpillar C12 eng). 387(Caterpillar C13 eng). 387(Caterpillar C15 eng). 387(Cummins ISM eng). 388(Caterpillar C15 eng). Poclain 1000CA; 1000CK; 1000CL(Cummins KT1150C-450 eng). 350CK(Cummins NT855C-335 eng). 600; 600CK; 600CL(Cummins NT855C-310 eng). Raygo Auto Packer | APR45(Cummins V504C eng). CHD17; CHD24; CD500; CD800; CHE70(Cummins NT855C eng). L70; L80A; L120; L480; L490-Lumberjacks(NT855C eng). LH500(Cummins V903C eng). LHR45(Cummins NT855C-335 eng). MHE80(Cummins NT855C eng). NCH35; PC80(Cummins V504C eng). PC90(Cummins NH855C eng). Ram; Ram-Pak | 30(Cummins V504C eng). Ram; Ram-Pak | 30(Cummins V504C-210 eng). SW80; STRAD80(Cummins NT855C eng). Renault Magnum | G340ti.32D(Renault MIDR-06.20.45-E3 9800cc 338hp 6cyl Turbo eng). Ruston 20RBH(Cummins V6; V8 eng). 38RB(Cummins NT855 eng). 45RBC(Cummins V555-230 eng). 61RB(Cummins NT855 eng). 71RB(Cummins NT855 eng). Samsung 210(6cyl eng). 280(0917 eng). SD250(Cummins LT10 eng). SE280LC; SE280LC-2(Cummins CT 8.3L eng). SE280LC2(Cummins 6CTC 8.3L eng). SE350LC; SE350LC-2(Cummins LTA10C eng). SE450LC-2(Cummins LTA10C eng). SL180; SL180-2(Cummins 6CT 8.3L eng). Sanderson 623SC. Saxby Tracma TD25000(Cummins VT903C-350 eng). Scania SAMLT(DS Turbo eng). Seddon Atkinson 1735C(14L eng). 300(Cummins L10 eng). 301. 301(Cummins L10-250 eng). 301-R24C26(Cummins 6CTAA 265hp eng). 301-R24C26(Cummins 6CTAA 265hp 6cyl eng). 301-R24L22(Cummins LT10-220 10013cc 6cyl 211hp eng). 301-R24L25; R30L25(Cummins LT10-250 10013cc 6cyl 241hp eng). 301-T17L25(Cummins LT10-250 241hp 6cyl eng). 301-T17L29; T22L29; T24L29(Cummins LTA10-290 6cyl eng). 301-T24L29(Cummins LTA10-290 eng). 311-R24L22(Cummins LT10-220 211hp 6cyl eng). 311-R24L25(Cummins LT10-250 241hp 6cyl eng). 311-R30L25(Cummins LT10-250 241hp eng). 311-R30L29(Cummins LTA10-290 287hp eng). 311-T17L25(Cummins LT10-250 241hp 6cyl eng). 311-T17L29(Cummins LTA10-290 278hp 6cyl eng). 311-T22L29(LTA10.290 eng). 311-T24L29(LTA10.290 eng). 34-4(Cummins NH220 eng). 401-T17C25(Cummins NTC250 eng). 401-T17C29(Cummins NTE290 eng). 401-T17C32(Cummins NTE320 eng). 401-T17L25(Cummins LT10-250 eng). 401-T17L29(Cummins LTA10-290 eng). 401-T22C32(Cummins Super NTE320 eng). 411-T17C32(Cummins Super E320 eng). 411-T17L25(Cummins LT10-250 eng). 411-T17L29(Cummins LTA10-290 eng). Strato | 17.30L(Cummins LTAA10-300 eng). Strato | 17.32C; TC17.32C; 17.35C; 22.32C; TC22.32C(Cummins Super E320 eng). Strato | 17.33L; TC17.33L; 22.33L; TC22.33L(Cummins LTAA10-325 eng). Strato | 17.37C; TC17.37C(Cummins Super E365 eng). Strato | 17.38C; TC17.38(Cummins NTAA-380 eng). Strato | 17.40C(Cummins Super E400 eng). Strato | 17.41C; TC17.41C(Cummins NTAA-410 eng). Strato | 17.47C(Cummins NTAA-465 eng). Strato | 22.37C; TC22.37C(Cummins Super E365 eng). Strato | 22.38C; TC22.38C(Cummins NTAA-380 eng). Strato | 22.40C(Cummins Super E400 eng). Strato | 22.41C; TC22.41C(Cummins NTAA-410 eng). Strato | 22.47C(Cummins NTAA-465 eng). Strato | 365. Strato | 380. Strato | TC17.28L(Cummins LTA10-275 eng). T38-4x4(Cummins NTC335 eng). Ag Chem Go-Gator | 2004(Cummins 504 eng). Terra-Gator | 004(Cummins 504 eng). Agco Go Gator | 3004-Big A 4500(Cummins 555 eng). Go Gator | 3004-Big A 4500(Cummins V903 eng). Alexander Dennis Javelin | (Cummins 6CT; 6CTA 8.3L eng). Javelin | (Cummins 6CT; 6CTA 8.3L eng). RF; SF(Cummins 6CT; 6CTA eng). RF; SF(Cummins 6CT; 6CTA eng). RS; SS(Cummins 6CT; 6CTA eng). RS; SS-Fire Engine(Cummins 6CT; 6CTA eng). Allis Chalmers 10000. 11000 685T. 15000. 16000. 17000-6138LT. 19000. 21000; 21000 MkII 6138T; 25000 6138I. 260; 260E-8001(Allis Chalmers 21000 Mk II Mk II eng). 260B; 261B(Allis Chalmers 25000 Mk II eng). 41(Cummins V12 eng). 41B(Cummins VT1710C eng). 4W-220. 545; 545H(2900 eng). 61000; 65000. 8040. DES200; DES220; DES250; DES275(21000; 25000 eng). TL645B(3500 Mk II eng). TL945; TL945B(25000 Mk II eng). American Hoist 8450; 8460(Cummins NTC350; NTF365 eng). R211; R212; R213(Cummins V504C eng). Atlas Copco PR365; PR600(Cummins NHC4; NH220 eng). XA430; XT570(Cummins NT855 eng). Sisu E11-405 -1996/01(Cummins M11 297kW 405hp eng). E14-1996/01(Cummins N14 eng). SM220 -1982/01(Cummins NTE290 216kW 295hp eng). SM280 -1982/01(Cummins NTE370 276kW 376hp eng). SM300 -1982/01(Cummins NTE400 298kW 406hp eng). SM320 -1982/01(Cummins NTE400 297kW 405hp eng). SM320 -1982/01(Cummins NTE430 318kW 434hp eng). SR260 -1981/01(Cummins NTE350 257kW 350hp eng). SR300 -1982/01(Cummins NTE400 298kW 406hp eng). SR320 -1982/01(Cummins NTE400 297kW 405hp eng). SR320 -1982/01(Cummins NTE430 319kW 435hp eng). SRH450-CKS-1990/01(Cummins KTA19C 329kW 448hp eng). Steiger 9310; 9330(Cummins 6CTA 8.3L eng). 9350(Cummins LTA-10 eng). 9370; 9380(Cummins NTA855A eng). Bearcat | KM225-MkIV(Cummins L10 eng). Bearcat | ST220(Cummins NT855 eng). Bearcat MkIII | (Cummins eng). Bearcat; Cougar | 1000(Cummins eng). CA; CU Industrial(Caterpillar eng). CA; CU Industrial(Cummins eng). Cougar | KM280-MkIV(Cummins NT855 eng). Cougar | KR1225(Cummins LT10A eng). Cougar | KR1280(Cummins LT10A eng). Cougar | PTA280-MkIII(Cummins NT855 eng). Cougar | ST251-MkIII(Cummins NT855 eng). Cougar MkIII | (Cummins eng). KS325 Panther IV(Cummins NTA855A eng). Lion; Panther | 1000(Caterpillar 3406 eng). Lion; Panther | 1000(Cummins KTA855C eng). Panther | 1000(Cummins eng). Panther | KM325-MkIV(Cummins eng). Panther | KM360-MkIV(Cummins eng). Panther | KS360-MkIV(Cummins NTA855A eng). Panther | -MkII(Cummins eng). Panther | -MkIII(Cummins eng). Panther | -MkIII(Cummins V903 eng). Panther | PT350-MkIII(Cummins VT903C eng). Panther | PTA296; PTA297-MkIII(Cummins VT903 eng). Panther | PTA310-MkIII(Cummins NTA855C eng). Panther | SM325-MkIV(Komatsu SA12125 eng). Panther | ST310-MkIII(Cummins NT855 eng). Panther | ST320-MkIII(Cummins VT903 eng). Panther | ST350-MkIII(Cummins VT903 eng). PTA251(Cummins 855 eng). Puma | 1000(Cummins 8.3L eng). ST280(Cummins NT855 eng). Tiger | KP525-MkIV(Cummins KTA1150 eng). Tiger | -MkI; MkII(Cummins VT903 Turbo eng). Tiger | -MkIII(Cummins KT1150 eng). Tiger | ST450-MkIII(Cummins eng). Sterling Acterra | (Cummins ISC eng). Acterra | 7500(Cummins ISC eng). A-Line | (Caterpillar C13 eng). A-Line | A9500(Caterpillar C13 eng). L7500; LT7500(Cummins ISC eng). L-Line | 8500(Caterpillar C7 eng). LT9500(Cummins ISM eng). M8500(Caterpillar 3126B eng). Terex 33-09B(Cummins eng). Timberjack 450(Cummins V378 eng). 550(Cummins V555 eng). Tryco Junior T Four; Super Floater | (Cummins V504C eng). Van Hool 760 Alizee; 815 Alizee; 815 Acron(Daf DKT1160 eng). A120(Daf DKL1160 eng). A120; A120P Intercity(MAN D2566MUH eng). A300L(Cummins LT10-275 eng). A300L(MAN D2866OH eng). A500(MAN D2866OH eng). Acron | TG821; TG822(MAN D2866LF06 eng). Acron; Alicron; Alizee | T815(MAN D2866TOH eng). AG300(MAN D2866 eng). AG700(MAN D2866 eng). Alizee | T812(MAN D2866OH eng). Altano-Royal | TD816(MAN D2866LXOH eng). AP1137(Iveco 8460.21 eng). Astromega | TD824(MAN D2866LXOH eng). Eos | 90; 100; 200(MAN D2866 eng). Midi | AU138(Renault 798 eng). Versatile 1150(Cummins eng). 2360(Cummins N14 eng). 300(Cummins eng). 305; 340(Cummins QSM11 eng). 375; 400(Cummins QSM11 eng). 500(Cummins eng). 555(Cummins VT555C eng). 700(Cummins V555 eng). 750(Cummins 220hp 6cyl eng). 800. 825(Cummins N855 eng). 835(Cummins NT855C eng). 836(Cummins NT855 eng). 846(Cummins LT10A eng). 850-MkI(Cummins NT855 eng). 850-MkII(Cummins NT855 eng). 855(Cummins NT855 eng). 856(Cummins NT855 eng). 875(Cummins NT855 eng). 876(Cummins LT10A eng). 895(Cummins NTA855C eng). 900-MkI(Cummins V903 eng). 900-MkII(Cummins V903 eng). 905(Cummins VT903 eng). 9184(Cummins 505A eng). 9280(Cummins L10 eng). 9282(Cummins 505A eng). 935(Cummins VT903 eng). 936(Cummins NTA855A eng). 9384(Cummins 660A eng). 945(Cummins NT855 eng). 946(Cummins NTA855A eng). 9480(Cummins NTA855 eng). 9482(Cummins M11 eng). 9484(Cummins 660A eng). 950(Cummins VT903 eng). 955; 975(Cummins NTA855 eng). 956; 976(Cummins NTA855A eng). 9680(Cummins NTA855 eng). 9682; 9684(Cummins N14 eng). 9820(Cummins L10 eng). 9840; 9860(Cummins NTA855 eng). 9880(Cummins NTA855 eng). 9882; 9884(Cummins N14 eng). Volvo 435(Cummins KT1150 eng). 435(Cummins KT1150 eng). 440(Cummins NT855 eng). 440(Cummins NT855 eng). 540(Cummins KT1150 eng). 540(Cummins KT1150 eng). B58. B58. EC460B. G60; G66(Cummins 4B 3.9L eng). G720; G720VHP; G726VHP(Cummins 6C 8.3L eng). G730; G730VHP; G736VHP(Cummins 6C 8.3L eng). G740; G740VHP(Cummins M11 eng). G780; G780VHP(Cummins M11 eng). G80; G86(Cummins 4B 3.9L eng). VNL64T(Cummins N14 eng). Wabco 101G(Cummins eng). 444(Cummins N855 eng). 444(Cummins N855C eng). 500B; 555(Cummins N855C; NT855C eng). 555(Cummins N855C eng). 777B(Cummins N855C eng). Haulpak | 35C(Cummins NTA855C eng). Warner Swasey 8425. White 185(Cummins 8.3L eng). Road Boss 2; Road 2; Western Star | (Caterpillar 3406 eng). Western Star | (Cummins 6CTA 8.3L eng). Wiates | (Caterpillar 3406B eng). Woods and Copeland 320; 450; 450C(Cummins KD1150C eng). Yale and Towne 2000(Cummins V504C eng). 2000C(Cummins V555 eng). 3000; 3000C(Cummins V903C eng). 4000(Cummins NT855 eng). 404(Cummins NH250; NT855C eng). 5500; 5500C(Cummins NT855C eng). 6000(Cummins NT855C eng)

    These are Inline Filters own Part Numbers and carry the bulk of our Catalogue information which includes Cross Reference, Vehicle Applications, Size and Specifications data. They will always be a Quality Brand although not Brand Specific which enables us to offer the best Price and Stock Availability.

    As these are our fastest moving items the Manufacturer, Picture and exact Size may vary then we can second source if necessary to complete orders quickly. Be assured we only supply quality Filter Brands from globally recognised Filter Manufacturers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. Our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Alco, SF Schupp, MP Filtri, Solberg and Vokes.

    To visit Websites of the Filter Manufacturer's we use click here MANUFACTURER'S WEBSITES

    To view Catalogues of the Filter Manufacturer's we use click here MANUFACTURER'S CATALOGUES

    Application, Cross Reference and Size data is provided as a guide only, for full compatibility ensure all our specifications match your requirements.
    We sell on a Business to Business Model with highly competitive Trade Pricing.
    All orders must be placed via the Website.

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