FIN-FW90035 Filter-Water(Equivalent: SP-1104, BW5073, WF2073)

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  • Part Number FIN-FW90035
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    PartNo: FIN-FW90035 (Also available as Brand Specific: FBW-BW5073, FFG-WF2073)
    Our Stock Level: 2
    More Stock: Any further stock usually 2-10 weeks
    Description: Filter-Water(Spin On)
    Details: Coolant Spin-on with BTA PLUS Formula. Maintenance filter for systems with 22-32 gallons capacity. Can be used with CFB5000 base. 8 Units BTA PLUS. Also G381-A I-Gasket. Gasket: G381-A. Contains: BTA PLUS. Gasket: G381-A. Contains: BTA PLUS..
    Updated: 23/09/2021

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    Height: 136mm
    OD/WidthMax: 94mm
    OD/WidthMin: 94mm
    Thread: 11/16-16 UN

    AC Delco WF114, Agco 1076751M1, 303438430, 30-3438430, Alco SP1104, SP-1104, Atlas Copco 1310032246, Aveling Barford SW603106, Baldwin BW5073, BW5173, Bomag 31701000, Case IHC 1669443C1, 1801089C1, 1815589C1, 670139C1, 690124C1, 690139C1, A77543, Caterpillar 2266567, 226-6567, 3I1290, 9Y4532, Champion 34654, Clark 961028, Coles 8765674, 8768674, Compair Holman C160121045, Coopers Fiaam CSM6504, FT5459, Crosland 4047701, 7702, Cummins 209605, 299082, 299086, 3100306, 3300900, 3305368, 3305369, 3315115, 3316462, 3316874, 4058964, Demag 692336, Donaldson CFP554073, P172931, P172932, P172933, P552060, P552073, P554073, Doosan Daewoo 9912-15115, Dynapac 211037, ERF 1355395, 2011084, Fiat 4393504, 4739628, 71901776, 75208896, Filtration Control FCL7198, FCL7266, FCL7272, FCL7324, FCL7337, FCL7406, FCL7452, First Line FWF951, Fleetguard AF2081, WF1012, WF2012, WF2053A, WF2073, Fleetrite AFR82081, WFR81012, WFR82012, WFR82053A, WFR82073, Ford 1651563, 1651653, 88MF8A469AA, 9N-6123, E7HZ8A424A, E7HZ-8A424-A, F3HZ8A424D, F3HZ-8A424-D, V104040, Fram G3370, PER3911, PR3392, PR3910, Greyfriars 53MW, Grove 9414100889, Hengst H26WF, Hitachi 19305494, 4294577, 42945771, Hough 1207606H2, 1261388H1, Hyundai 11E170310, Ingersoll Rand 36868156, 51355329, 57479081, Inline FFRPR3910, FFR-PR3910, FINFW90035, FIN-FW90035, FW90035, John Deere PMWF2073, Kassbohrer 8312062080, 831-206-2080, 83120620800, 831-206-2080-0, Kobelco YN50VU0001D6, YN50VU001D8, Komatsu 1261388-H1, 1267388H1, 6742013490, 6742-01-3490, 6742013980, 6742-01-3980, CUFF2016, CUWF2012, CUWF2016, CUWF2060, CUWF2072, CUWF2073, Kralinator W472, Leyland Daf BL C3305369, C3315115, CU3305370, NF258, Liebherr 7367052, 736705203, 7381493, Linkbelt 3A11553, 3A15895, Luberfiner LFW4073, Mann WA923, WA923/5, WA9235, WA940, WA956, WA956/1, WA9561, Mitsubishi ME065322, Motorcraft FW17, FW9A, FW9AFP, FW9B, Moxy 251012, New Holland 83957719, 83971969, 83987767, Nissan 2191599003, 21915-99003, 21915990032, 21915-990032, FL915-99003, Onan 1303539, 130-3539, Orenstein and Koppel 104404, 104409, 1431673, 8477192, Parker PW2016, Purolator Facet PW4454, W54454, W57558, Renault 5000678054, 5001823228, Sakura 5707, 5707, 5711, 5711, WC5707, WC5711, Samsung F315115, Scania 378396, Seddon Atkinson 212296S1, SF Schupp SW1613, Sisu 1696300351, 1696300461, Sure SFC2073, Tecfil PSA273, Tecnocar RA149, UD FL91599003, UFI 29.001.00, 29.003.00, 2900300, Vapormatic VDP6077, Vauxhall GM 25012895, Volvo 129670204, 4099601, 40996019, 991215115, E4099601, M12968028, Wako LF26K, Wix 24073, 24073MP, 42081, 524073, Woodgate WGW2073, WGW2073R, WGW2099, Zettelmeyer 2287162

    Agco 1903(Cummins LTA10A eng). 2505(Cummins L10 eng). 8360(Cummins N14 eng). Agcostar | 8425(Cummins N14 eng). Aveling Barford RXD25; RXD125(Cummins LT10 eng). Bedford MTL33-27-8x6 Multidrive(Cummins 6CTAA 8.3L eng). TL17-27-4x2 Truck(Cummins 6CTAA 8.3L 6cyl eng). TL24-27-6x4 Tipper(Cummins 6CTAA 8.3L eng). TL33-27-8x6(Cummins 6CTAA 8.3L eng). Bucyrus Erie 350H(Cummins eng). Case IHC 1150E(6T-590 eng). 1150E(Case 6-830 eng). 1155E(6T-590 eng). 1754S(IHC DT360; DTA360 eng). 2350G(Cummins 6C 8.3L eng). 250E(Cummins L10 eng). 2574S; 2575S; 2674S; 2675S(Cummins M11 eng). 3600(DTA360 eng). 3800(DT466E eng). 3800(DTA360 eng). 4700(DT360; DTA360 eng). 4800(DT466E eng). 4800(DTA360 eng). 4900(DT466; DT466E; DTA466 eng). 7100(DT466; DTA466 eng). 8100; 8200; 8300(Cummins L10 eng). 865(Cummins eng). 9670(Cummins KTA525; KTA600 eng). CE(DTA360 eng). FE(DT360 eng). H400C. H8DB(IHC DT466 eng). S1900(DT466 eng). Caterpillar 980G. Challenger | 75B-4CJ1. Challenger | 75C-4KK1. 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Cummins KT1150C450; KTA1150C525; KTA1150C600. KT1150G; KT1150GC; KT1150GS; KTA1150G; KTA1150GC; KTA1150GS; KT1150L; KTA1150L; KT1150P450; KTA1150P525; KTA1150P600. KT2300; KTA2300; KTA2300GC; KTA2300GS; KT2300L; KTA2300L; KT2300P; KTA2300P. KT2300C; KTA2300C; KT38C; KTA38C. KT2300G; KTA2300G. KT2300M; KTA2300M. KT2300M; KTA2300M; KT38M; KTA38M. KT38M; KTA38M. KT450; KTA450; KTC450. KT450; KTC450 Formula. KT50M; KTA50M. KTA3067C; KTA50C. KTA3067M. KTA3067M; KTA50M. KTA525. KTA600. KTA600. KTTA38. N855; NT855; NTA855; NTC855. NTA370. NTA370. NTA420. NTA420. NTA420C. NTE290. NTE290. Plus | C(Gas eng). V12-500GC; V12-500GS. V1710C500. VT12-635GC; VT12-635GS. VT12-635GC; VT12-635GS. VT12-800GC; VT12-800; VTA12-800GC; VTA12-800GS. VT1710; VTA1710M. VT1710C; VTA1710C; VT28C; VTA28C. VT1710C525; VT1710C635; VTA1710C700. VT1710F-Fire Pump. VT1710G; VT1710GS; VT1710GC; VTA1710G; VTA1710GS; VTA1710GC. VT1710M; VTA1710M; VT28M; VTA28M. VTA1710. VTA1710C800. VTA1710L1; VTA1710L2. VTA1710P700; VTA1710P800. VTA28M; VT28M. Demag CC8000. H121(Cummins VTA1710 eng). H121(Cummins VTA1710 eng). H185; H185S(Cummins KTA38; KTA2300 eng). H241(Cummins KTA3067 eng). H241; H285(Cummins KTA3067 eng). Dresser 250E(Cummins LTA10C eng). Steel Mill Special | 250E. TD25G(Cummins KT19; KT1150C eng). TD25G(Cummins KT19C eng). TD-40(Cummins KTA19C eng). TD40B(Cummins KTA19C eng). TD40B(Cummins KTA19C eng). ERF E10(Cummins 325 eng). Euclid B100; B110(Cummins VT1710C eng). B100; B110(Cummins VT1710C eng). CH100(Cummins VTA1710C eng). CH100(Cummins VTA1710C eng). CH120(Cummins VT1710 eng). CH120(Cummins VT1710 eng). CH150(Cummins KTA2300C eng). CH150(Cummins KTA2300C eng). HDR100(Cummins KTA2300C eng). HDR100(Cummins KTA2300C eng). R100(Cummins KTA38C; KTA2300C eng). R130(Cummins KTTA38C eng). R170(Cummins KTA3067C eng). R170(Cummins KTA50C; KTA3067C eng). R190(Cummins KTTA50C eng). R40; R45FFD; R45LD(Cummins VT1710 eng). R50LD; R50ND(Cummins VTA28C; VTA1710C eng). R75(Cummins VTA1710C eng). R85(Cummins eng). Faun Frisch K55.8; K85.8(Cummins VT1710; VTA1710 eng). K55; K85. Fiat Allis FE20; FE28. FG75; FG85; FG95. Foden S104; S106; S108(Cummins LT10-250 eng). Ford CL9000(Cummins eng). F800; FT900(Ford FD1460 8.3L eng). FD1460. LN7000(Ford 6.6L eng). LN8000(Cummins 6C 8.3L eng). LN9000; LT9000; LTS9000(Cummins L10 eng). LS9000(Cummins L10 eng). Freightliner Columbia | (Detroit Diesel 60 eng). FLD112(Caterpillar 3176 eng). FWD L60(Cummins eng). Grove RT60S(Cummins V504C eng). TM1400(Cummins KT450 eng). TMS300LP(Cummins eng). Hitachi EX3500; EX3500-2; EX3500-3(Cummins eng). Hymac 400(Cummins eng). Hyundai R320LC-7(Cummins 6C 8.3L eng). R360LC-7(Cummins QSC-8.3 eng). Robex | 280LC(Cummins 6CT 8.3L eng). Ingersoll Rand ECM370(Cummins eng). Iveco Eurofire | 150-E27. EuroTech | 240E38; 400E38; 440E38(8460TCA eng). EuroTrakker | 340-E34; E34(8460.41K eng). John Deere 1050C(Liebherr D9406 eng). 755C(Liebherr D926T eng). 755C(Liebherr D926T eng). 950C(Liebherr D926TI eng). Joy D600QP(Cummins V8 eng). Kawasaki 95Z-MkII(Cummins NTA855 eng). KSS80C(Cummins NH220 eng). KSS80CT; KSS85Z MkII C(Cummins NTO6 eng). Kobelco SK400LC(Cummins M11 eng). Komatsu 230. D120A-18; D125A-18(Cummins NRTO6C1 eng). D155S-MkI(S6D155 eng). D50A; D50P; D50PL; D50S-16(4D130 eng). D50F-16(S4D130 eng). D53A; D53P; D53S-16(4D130-1; SL4D130-1 eng). D53A-15(S4D120 eng). D53S-16(4D130 eng). D55S; D55S-3. D60F-7; D60F-7A(Cummins NT106; NTC743 eng). D85C-12. D95S-1(S4D155 eng). GD500R-1; GD500R-2(S6D105; S4D130 eng). GD675-3; GD675-3EO(SA12114E-3 eng). HD200-2(Cummins NTE743C eng). HD460-1(Cummins VT1710 eng). PC240-3; PC240LC-3; PC240NLC-3. PW210-1(6D105 eng). W120-2; W120-3(SA6110 eng). WA380DZ-3(S6D114E eng). WA420-3CS(SA12114 eng). WS16S-1; WS16S-2; WS23S-1(Cummins NTA855 eng). WS16S-2(Cummins NTO6 eng). Liebherr A932Li. A934 Litronic; R934. L541-2022. L551-0926(D906 eng). L554. L554. L564. L574; L580. Litronic | A944; R944; R944V(D926TE eng). Litronic | A944B; R944B. Litronic | A954; R954. Litronic | A954B(D926TIE eng). LR611; LR611LH; LR611M-1701(D924T eng). LR621B; LR621C(Liebherr eng). LR622; LR622M-2030(D924T eng). LR632(D926T eng). LTM1070/4.1(6cyl Turbo eng). LTM1080/1; LTM1090/2(D9406T eng). LTM1100/2(D924T eng). LTM1100/2(D9408T eng). LTM1500(D926T eng). LTM1500(D9408TI eng). PR712; PR712B-3000(D924T eng). PR722; PR722B-3000(D924T eng). PR732; PR732B-3000-3040(D916T eng). PR742; PR742B-3000(D926T eng). PR752. R932 Li. R942Li. R952(Cummins L10 eng). R954B-Litronic(D926TIE eng). R964. R964B; R964Li(D9406 eng). R974B(D9408 eng). Linkbelt LS918(Cummins eng). Lorain MC790(Cummins eng). Mack GU433(Cummins ISL eng). MH602; MH603(Cummins KT450; KTA525 eng). Manitowoc Dragline | 6400(Cummins KTA3067C eng). Massey Ferguson 8780(Cummins 6CT 8.3L eng). Moxy 522B. New Holland DC180. EC270. LW160(Cummins 8.3L eng). TX30-1987/01. TX32-1987/01. TX34. TX34-1987/01. Nissan 1100(FD35T eng). 1800; UD1800-1989/01(FE6; FE6T eng). 1800; UD1800-1992/01(FE6TA eng). 2000; UD2000(FE6T eng). 2000; UD2000(FE6TA eng). 2300; UD2300(FE6T eng). 2300; UD2300(FE6TA eng). 2600; UD2600(FE6T eng). 2600; UD2600(FE6TA eng). 2800; UD2800(FE6; FE6T eng). 2800; UD2800(FE6TA eng). 3000; UD3000(NE6; NE6T eng). 3000HD; UD3000HD(NE6TA eng). 3000SD; UD3000SD(FE6TA eng). 3300; UD3300(FE6TA eng). 3300; UD3300(NE6 eng). 550T. 600T(NE6TA eng). CLA(FE6; FE6T eng). CMA(FE6; FE6T eng). CMA83; CLA83. CPB(NE6; NE6T eng). CPB12; CPC12; CPC12BT(NE6; NE6T eng). CPC(NE6; NE6T eng). CPCBT(NE6; NE6T eng). Peterbilt 320(Cummins 6CT 8.3L eng). 320(Cummins L10 eng). 385(Cummins L10 eng). Raygo CHD30; CD1200(VTA1710C eng). Renault D3464-300(BS36; BSS36 Turbo eng). D3784-300(BS36 Turbo eng). D3784-300(Turbo eng). Samsung SE280(Cummins 6CTC 8.3L eng). SL180-2(Cummins 6CT 8.3L eng). Unitrig Lectra Haul | M120-17(Cummins VTA1710C eng). Lectra Haul | M85; M100; M120-15(Cummins VTA1710C eng). Lectra Haul | Mark 36(Cummins KTA3067C eng). Versatile 1156(Cummins KTA1150 eng). 835(Cummins NT855C eng). 836(Cummins NT855 eng). 846(Cummins LT10A eng). 850-MkI(Cummins NT855 eng). 850-MkII(Cummins NT855 eng). 855(Cummins NT855 eng). 856(Cummins NT855 eng). 875(Cummins NT855 eng). 876(Cummins LT10A eng). 895(Cummins NTA855C eng). 900-MkI(Cummins V903 eng). 900-MkII(Cummins V903 eng). 955; 975(Cummins NTA855 eng). 956; 976(Cummins NTA855A eng). Volvo EC240(Cummins 6C 8.3L eng). EC290; EC290NLC(Cummins 8.3L eng). G720; G720VHP; G726VHP(Cummins 6C 8.3L eng). G730; G730VHP; G736VHP(Cummins 6C 8.3L eng). G740; G740VHP(Cummins M11 eng). G780; G780VHP(Cummins M11 eng). Wabco 100(Cummins KTA2300 eng). 1200(Cummins V1710C eng). 120C; 120CM; 150CW(Cummins KTA2300 eng). 120C-Electric(Cummins KTA2300 eng). 170C(Cummins KTA3067C eng). 50; 60(Cummins V1710C; VT1710C eng). 75B; 85C(Cummins VTA1710 eng). Haulpak | 35C(Cummins KT1150C eng). Haulpak | 60; 75B; 85C(Cummins VT1710C; VTA1710C eng). L700. Off Highway | 120CT(Cummins VTA1710C eng). White 170(Cummins 8.3L eng). Yale and Towne 7000; 7500C(Cummins KT1150C eng)

    These are Inline Filters own Part Numbers and carry the bulk of our Catalogue information which includes Cross Reference, Vehicle Applications, Size and Specifications data. They will always be a Quality Brand although not Brand Specific which enables us to offer the best Price and Stock Availability.

    As these are our fastest moving items the Manufacturer, Picture and exact Size may vary then we can second source if necessary to complete orders quickly. Be assured we only supply quality Filter Brands from globally recognised Filter Manufacturers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. Our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Alco, SF Schupp, MP Filtri, Solberg and Vokes.

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    Application, Cross Reference and Size data is provided as a guide only, for full compatibility ensure all our specifications match your requirements.
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