FBW-BW5137 FILTER-Water(Baldwin BW5137, Alco SP-1102, Fleetguard WF2051)

Price(Ex Vat): £8.17

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  • Part Number FBW-BW5137
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    Part No: FBW-BW5137
    Description: FILTER-Water(Spin On)
    Category: Filters-Water, SpinOn, 11-16.16UN
    Coolant Spin-on with BTE Formula. Maintenance filter for systems with 1-10 gallons capacity. Can be used with CFB5000 base. 2 Units BTE. Also G381-A I-Gasket
    Updated: 15/01/2020

    Height: 112mm
    OD/Width Max: 94mm
    OD/Width Min: 94mm
    Thread: 11/16-16 UN

    AC Delco WF111, Alco SP1102, SP-1102, Allis Chalmers 4029089, 4029089-2, 681546, Asahi AMC KO1541, KO1580, Atlas Copco 97101788, 9710-1788, Baldwin BW5134, BW5135, BW5136, BW5137, Bobcat Melroe 900010, Bomag 31701010, 31701051, Case IHC 1329039C1, 1801090-C1, 423870-C1, 427713-C1, 441365-C1, 441365-C2, 462816-C1, 462816-C2, 690171-C1, 993445-C1, A151931, Caterpillar 1112369, 111-2369, 111-2370, 3I1302, 7E6014, Champion WF202, Clark 949097, 949418, 960044, 960978, Coles 8753934, 8757435, 8767435, Coopers Fiaam AZW002, CSM6500, FT4858, Crosland 7701, Cummins 209606, 259453, 299084, CW1010, CW2010, Donaldson CFP554744, P554744, Euclid 4054555, Faun Frisch 4786765, Fiat 1930549, 70697135, 74029120, 74393505, 74681776, 74734562, 76106535, Fleetguard WF2010, WF2023, WF2050, WF2051, WF2051A, WF2059, WF2067, WF2088, Fleetrite WFR82010, WFR82023, WFR82050, WFR82051, WFR82059, WFR82067, WFR82088, Ford 1602113, 749F-8A469-AAA, 819F8A469AA, 819F-8A469-AA, D2HZ8A424A, D2HZ-8A424-A, D5HZ8A424A, D5HZ-8A424-A, E7HZ8A424B, E7HZ-8A424-B, E7HZ8A424C, E7HZ-8A424-C, E8HN8A424AA, E8HN-8A424-AA, SFD28031, SFD28-031, Fram PR3304, Harnischfeger 221046Z37, Hengst H13WF12, Ingersoll Rand 35362268, 58194747, 91780510, In-Line Filters FBWBW5136, FBW-BW5136, FBWBW5137, FBW-BW5137, FINFW90029, FIN-FW90029, FW90029, John Deere AR87113, AR87114, Kenworth K251C271, K-251C271, K251C342, K-251C342, KW2010, KW-2010, KW2051, KW-2051, Komatsu 6004111010, 600-411-1010, 6004111020, 600-411-1020, 6004111190, 600-411-1190, 6004111191, 600-411-1191, 6004111320, 600-411-1320, 6004111571, 600-411-1571, 6710618112, 6710-61-8112, CUWF2010, Kralinator C12, C16, C22, C24, W273, W320, W373, W453, W473, Leyland Daf BL 13692, CU3314581, Liebherr 5602719, 7361501, Locker Airmaze AMW2051, Luberfiner LFW4740, LFW4744, PW2901, Massey Ferguson 1055916M1, 1055916-M1, Motorcraft FW18, FW19, FW2, Napa 2752, 4022, 4071, 4071MP, Nissan 2191595000, 21915-95000, Orenstein and Koppel 765638, Permatic FH306V, Poclain V1350570, V13505-70, V1350579, V13505-79, Purolator Facet PER283C, PER286C, PW2010, PW283, W54450, Renault 5000808721, 5001004324, Savara 92900117, Sisu 1696300311, Sogefi Pro FT4859/SGP, FT4859SGP, Tecnocar RA148, Vauxhall GM 23507545, 25011792, 6438919, 6439692, 6439766, 6493692, 681955, 681956, Volvo 200973329, 20097332-9, 366822, 79250031, 8390135, Wabco PB0447, VJ7034, VS7382, White 20-0973329, 207015003, 27073723, 2-7073723, 27074037, 2-7074037, 27074039, 2-7074039, 27077520, 2-7077520, 7074037, 70-74037, Wix 24026

    Ag Chem 1004 Ag-Gator(Cummins V378 Engine), 1004 Ag-Gator(Cummins V504 Engine), 1253 Terra-Gator(Cummins V555 Engine), 1603 Terra-Gator(Cummins V555, VT555 Engine), 1664 Terra-Gator(Cummins VT555 Engine), 2004 Ag-Gator(Cummins V378 Engine), 2004 Ag-Gator(Cummins V504 Engine), Agco 2505(Cummins VT903 Engine), 3004 Go Gator(Cummins V555 Engine), 3004 Go Gator(Cummins V903C Engine), 4500(Cummins VT555C Engine), 4800; 4840(Cummins V903, VT903 Engine), 4880; 4900(Cummins VT903 Engine), 8425 Agcostar(Detroit Deisel 60 Engine), Allis Chalmers 11B, 161(Cummins Engine), 21000; 25000 in DES200; DES220; DES250; DES275, 21C(21000 Mk II Engine), 545B; TL545B(2900 Mk II Engine), 605B(2900 Mk II Engine), 7010, 7020, 7040, 7045, 7050, 7060, 7080, 714B; 715B, 7580, 7GB(3500 Engine), 8030; 8050, 8070, F3(Allis Chalmers 4-33I Engine), FD14E, FD20(Fiat 8215 Engine), FD30, FD30B(Cummins Engine), FD50(Cummins VT1710 Engine), FE20, FE28, FL20, FR10(Fiat 8065 Engine), FR12, FR15, FR15B, FR20, FR20B, FR30(Cummins NTA855C Engine), FR35(Cummins Engine), L(D2900 Diesel Engine), L(D3500 Diesel Engine), L2(D2900, 6-49 Diesel Engine), L2(D3500, 6-70 Diesel Engine), M, M2(D3500, 6-70 Diesel Engine), M2; MH2(6-49T, 2900 Engine), MH; MH2(6-70T, 3500 Engine), N5; N6, TL14C, Atlas Copco MT2000(Detroit Diesel 50 Engine), ROC L8, ST8C(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), Bobcat Melroe M870(Cummins NT855 Engine), Bomag BW210(Allis Chalmers 2900 Mk II Diesel Engine), K301(Cummins NT855C Engine), Case IHC 1400, 1420(IHC D358 Engine), 1440(D436 Engine), 1460(DT436 Engine), 1468(DV550B Engine), 1470; 1480(IHC Engine), 1754S(IHC DT360, DTA360 Engine), 1854S, 1954S; 1955S(DT466, DTA466, DTI466 Engine), 2050 Fleetstar, 2070 Fleetstar, 2275S, 2275S, 2275S; 2375S(GMC Diesel Engine), 2524S; 2624S; 2654S; 2674S(IHC V800 Engine), 2554S; 2654S(IHC DT466, DTI466 Engine), 2574S; 2575S; 2674S(Caterpillar 3406 Engine), 2574S; 2575S; 2674S(GMC Diesel Engine), 4070 Transtar II, 4070 Transtar II, 412; 412B(IHC Engine), 4270 Transtar; 4370 Transtar, 4270 Transtar; 4370 Transtar, 431; 431B; 433; 433B; 442; 442B; 444; 444B(DVT800 Engine), 431; 431B; 433; 433B; 442; 442B; 444; 444B(IHC DT466 Engine), 4386(DTI466 Engine), 4970 Transtar II(Caterpillar 3406 Engine), 5070 Paystar(IHC V800 Engine), 5900i PayStar(Caterpillar C13 Engine), 685XL(D239 Engine), 700; 900(Nissan NE6, NE6T Engine), 8600 TranStar(Caterpillar C10, C11, C12, C13 Engine), 8600 TranStar(Cummins ISM Engine), 886(Deutz Diesel Engine), 9200(Detroit 60 Engine), 9200i(Caterpillar C10, C12, C15 Engine), 9200i(Cummins ISX Engine), 9200i, 9370, 9400, 9400i(Caterpillar C12, C13, C15 Engine), 9400i(Cummins ISM Engine), 9400i(Cummins ISX Engine), 9900i(Caterpillar C12, C13 Engine), 9900i(Caterpillar C15 Engine), 9900i(Cummins ISM Engine), 9900i(Cummins ISX Engine), 9900iX(Caterpillar C15, C16 Engine), 9900iX(Cummins ISX Engine), E200(DT414, DT466 Engine), S1900(DT466 Engine), TranStar(Caterpillar C11 Engine), TranStar(Caterpillar C13 Engine), V800, Caterpillar 16G(3406 Engine), 245(3406 Engine), 3408, 578(3406 Engine), 773D(3412E Engine), 773D(3412E Engine), 775D(3412E Engine), 824C(3406 Engine), 824C, 824G, 825C(3406 Engine), 825G(3406 Engine), 826C(3406 Engine), 826G(3406 Engine), 980C(3406 Engine), 980F; 980F Mk II(3406 Engine), 980G(3406, 3406C Engine), Challenger 65; Challenger 65B, Challenger 75(3176 Engine), Challenger 75C; Challenger 75D(3176 Engine), Challenger 85C(3176 Engine), D350E(3406 Engine), D35HP(3406B Engine), D400(3406B Engine), D400D(3406 Engine), D400E(3406E Engine), D40D(3406 Engine), D44B(3408 Engine), D550B(3408 Engine), D8N(3406 Engine), PR1000(3208 Engine), PR1000(3412 Engine), PR1000C(3208 Engine), PR450(3408 Engine), PR450C(3408 Engine), PR750B(3412 Engine), RM350B(3406C Engine), SS250B(3406C Engine), Clark 45B(Cummins Engine), 666(Cummins Engine), Doosan Daewoo 70, 80, 90, 90, 90, 90, 9005; 9006, D9KO42; DPKO64, D9KO42; DPKO64; D9LO42, D9KO42; DPKO64; D9LO42, D9KO42; DPKO64; D9LO42, J9CO42; J9CO64, J9CO42; J9CO64, N9EO42; N9EO64, N9FO42; N9FO64, Dresser 175C(Dresser DT466,B Engine), 530, 550(DVT800 Engine), Driltech D40K II(Caterpillar 3408 Engine), Fiat Allis 11B, 14B, 14C(Iveco Engine) From Serial No 052919, 21C, 41B, 545B, 605B, 645B(3500 Mk II Engine), 645B(3500 Mk II Engine), 645B, 645B, 645B, 65B, 745C, 945B, FD14E, FD20, FD30B(Fiat/Iveco Engine), FD50, FE20; FE28, FG75; FG85; FG95(Fiat Engine), FH220(Fiat Engine), FH300; FH300LC(Fiat Engine), FL14B, FL14C(Iveco Engine), FL20, FR10, FR10; FR12, FR15, FR160, FR160.2, FR20; FR20B, FR220(Iveco Engine), FR220-2(Iveco Engine), FR30, FR35, FR35, Foden 4000, 4000, Ford 476, 700; 800; 900(7.8L Engine), C8000; CF8000; L8000; LN8000; LS8000; LT8000; LNT8000; LTS8000, F800(FD1060 5.9L Engine), F800(Ford 7.0L Engine), L8000(7.8L Diesel Engine), L9000; LN9000; LA9000; LLA9000; LNT9000; LS9000; LTS9000; LTLA9000(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), LN7000(Ford 6.6L Engine), Freightliner Business Class M2(Caterpillar C7 Engine), CL112(Caterpillar C13 Engine), Columbia(Caterpillar C13 Engine), Columbia(Caterpillar C13 Engine), FL70(Caterpillar Engine), FLD(Mercedes MBE4000 Engine), Grove RT58C(Detroit Diesel 4-71 Engine), Hesston 6650; 6655(Perkins 6 Cyl Engine), Hitachi FH220; FH220-3(Iveco Engine), FH240-3(Iveco Engine), FH330-3(Iveco Engine), FH330-3, FR160(Iveco Engine), FR160-2(Iveco Engine), FR220(Iveco Engine), FR220-2(Iveco Engine), Hough 530, 550(IHC DVT800 Engine), H65C(IHC DT414 Engine), Hymac 370; 370C(Leyland Engine), Isuzu CXH18(6RB1TRC Engine) From 1991 To 1995, CXH370(6RB1TRC Engine) From 1991 To 1995, Iveco 130NC(8220.02 Engine), 130NC(OM CP3 Engine), 150NC; 150NR; 150NT(8220.02 Engine), 180E38(8210TCA Engine), 180E42(8210TCA Engine), 180E43(8210TCA Engine), 190.26, 190.35, 190.38, 190.48, 190E42(8210.42L TCA Engine) From 1992, 190E42(8210TCA Engine) From 1992, 190F(8280.02 Engine), 190NC35(8280.02 Engine), 190PAC26, 240.48, 240F(8210.02 Engine), 260.26(8210.02 Engine), 260.48, 260F(8280 Engine), 260PAC(8210.02 Engine), 260PAC(8280 Engine), 330.26, 330E, 370.35, 8220, 8220, 8220, 8260, 8280, 8282, 8630, 8640, M63S, John Deere 404A; 404T, 404D, 4560, 466A; 466D; 466T, 4760, 4960, 531A; 531T, 531D, 619A, 6404A; 6404T, 6404D, 6466A; 6466D; 6466T, 6531A; 6531T, 6531D, 6619A, Kato HD1100; HD1100G(Cummins Engine), HD1200G; HD1220SE; HD1220SE -2(Mitsubishi 6D22C Engine), HD1500G(Cummins Engine), HD1800G(Cummins Engine), Kenworth C500(Caterpillar 3406, 3406C Engine), C500(Caterpillar C11 Engine), C500(Caterpillar C13 Engine), C500(Caterpillar C15 Engine), C500(Cummins ISM Engine), C500(Cummins ISX Engine), C500(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), C500(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), K100; K100E(Caterpillar 3406, 3408 Engine), K104(Caterpillar C12 Engine), S2(Cummins V-903 Engine), T300(Caterpillar C7 Engine), T300(Cummins ISC Engine), T401 Prime Mover(Caterpillar C12 Engine), T600(Caterpillar C12 Engine), T600(Cummins ISX Engine), T600(Cummins M11 Engine), T600A; T600(Caterpillar 3406E Engine), T800(Caterpillar 3406B Engine), T800(Caterpillar C10, C12 Engine), T800(Caterpillar C15 Engine), T800(Cummins ISX Engine), T800(Detroit Diesel 60 12.7L Engine), T800B(Cummins ISL Engine), T800B(Cummins ISX Engine), W900(Caterpillar 3406, 3408 Engine), W900(Caterpillar C15 Engine), W900(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), W900L(Caterpillar C13 Engine), Komatsu BR200J-1; BR200R-1; BR200S-1(S6D95L Engine), BR300J-1(SA6D95L Engine), BR300S-1(SAA6D108E Engine), BR300S-1(SAA6D108E Engine), BR310JG-1(SA6D95L Engine), BR380JG-1EO(SAA6D107E-1 Engine), D275AX-5; D275AX-5SL(SDA6D140E Engine), D275AX-5EO(SAA6D140E-5 Engine), D40-3(6D105 Engine), D57S-1B(S6D108 Engine), D60A-6; D60E-6; D60P-6; D60PL-6; D65A-6; D65E-6; D65P-6; D65PL-6(NH220C1 Engine), D60A-7; D60E-7; D60P-7; D60PL-7(NH220C1 Engine), D60S-6; D65S-6(NH220C1 Engine), D60S-7; D65S-7(NH220C1 Engine), D61EX-15EO(SAA6D107E-1 Engine), D65A-7; D65E-7; D65P-7; D65PL-7(NH220C1 Engine), D65EX-15E0; D65PX-15E0(SAA6D114E-3 Engine), D65WX-15E, D75S-2(NH220 Engine), D80A-12; D80E-12; D85A-12; D85E-12; D85P-12(NH220C1 Engine), D80P-12(NTO6C1 Engine), D85A-12; D85E-12(NH220C1 Engine), D95S-1(S4D155-4 Engine), GD305A-1A(6D95L Engine), GD313A-1(6D95L Engine), GD31RC-3A(4D130-1 Engine), GD37-6H(NH220 Engine), GD40-2(NH220C1 Engine), GD461A-1(S6D95L Engine), GD510R-2(S6D95L Engine), GD511A-1; GD511R-1; GD513A-1; GD513R-1(S6D95L Engine), GD521A-1; GD521R-1; GD523A-1; GD523R-1(S6D105-1 Engine), GD525A-1(S6D105-1 Engine), GD555-3; GD555-3C(SA6D102E, SAA6D102E Engine), GD611A-1; GD611R-1; GD613R-1(S6D105-1 Engine), GD613A-1; GD623A-1, GD621A-1; GD621R-1; GD623R-1(S6D105-1 Engine), GD655-3(S6D114E Engine), GD655-3EO(SAA6D114E-3 Engine), GD661A-1(S6D95L-1 Engine), GD663A-1(6D125-1 Engine), JV100-1, LW160-1, LW200L-1, LW250L-1, PC100-3; PC120-3(6D95L-1A,-1B Engine), PC120-6(S4D102E Engine), PC120LC-6(SAA4D102E-2 Engine), PC130-6(S4D102E Engine), PC150-3; PC150LC-3(S6D95L-1C Engine), PC160LC-8(SAA4D107E-1D Engine), PC200-3; PC200LC-3(S6D105 Engine), PC200-5; PC200LC-5(S6D95L Engine), PC200-7; PC200-7B; PC200LC-7; PC200LC-7B; PC200LL-7(SAA6D102E Engine), PC200-8; PC200LC-8(SAA6D107E Engine), PC200LC-6(S6D95L Engine), PC210-6; PC210LC-6(S6D95L Engine), PC210-8; PC210LC-8(SAA6D107E Engine), PC220-3(S6D105-1 Engine), PC220-5; PC220LC-5(SA6D95L Engine), PC220-6;PC220LC-6(SA6D95L-1J Engine), PC220-8; PC220LC-8(SAA6D107E Engine), PC228US-3; PC228USLC-3(SAA6D102E Engine), PC228USLC-3EO(SAA6D107E-1 Engine), PC230-6; PC230LC-6(SA6D95L-1J Engine), PC240-3(S6D105-1 Engine), PC270-8; PC270LC-8(SAA6D107E Engine), PC270LC-6; PC270LC-6LE; PC270LC-6 MH(SA6D102E Engine), PC300-5; PC300LC-5; PC300HD-5(SA6D108 Engine), PC300-7; PC300HD-7; PC300HD-7L; PC300HD-7MH; PC300LC-7; PC300LC-7L; PC300LL-7L(SAA6D114E Engine), PC300HD-7EO; PC300LC-7EO; PC300LL-7EO, PC300HD-8; PC300LC-8(SAA6D114E-3 Engine), PC340LC-7K; PC340NLC-7K(SAA6D114E-2A Engine), PC350-7; PC350LC-7(SAA6D114E-2A Engine), PC360-3, PC360-7(SAA6D114E Engine), PC400-7; PC400LC-7(SAA6D140E Engine), PC400LC-8(SAA6D125E Engine), PC600LC-6(SA6D140E-3B Engine), PW150-1(6D95L Engine), PW210-1(Komatsu S6D105 Engine), WA100-1; WA120-1(6D95L Engine), WA120-3(6D95L Engine), WA120-CS3(6D95L Engine), WA150-1(S6D95L Engine), WA150-5; WA150L-5(SAA4D102E-2 Engine), WA150-6(SAA4D95LE-5 Engine), WA180-1(S6D95L Engine), WA200-1(6D105-1 Engine), WA200-5; WA200L-5(SAA6D102E Engine), WA200-5L; WA200PT-5L(SAA6D102E-2 Engine), WA200-6(SAA4D107E Engine), WA250-1(S6D105 Engine), WA250-3(S6D95L Engine), WA250-6(SAA6D107E Engine), WA300-1(S6D105 Engine), WA320-1(S6D105 Engine), WA320-6(SAA6D107E Engine), WA380-1(SA6D110 Engine), WA380-3(S6D108-1 Engine), WA380-5(SAA6D114E-2 Engine), WA400-1(SA6D110 Engine), WA400-5; WA400-5L; WA400-5WH(SAA6D114E Engine), WA420-1(SA6D110 Engine), WA420-3(SA6D108 Engine), WA430, WA430-6(SAA6D114E-3 Engine), WS16-2(NTO6C1 Engine), WS23S-1(KT1150 Engine), Mack Cruise-Liner(Caterpillar 3406 Engine), RL700; RS700; RWL700; RSW700; WL700; WS700(Caterpillar 3406 Engine), RW702; RW703(Caterpillar 3406 Engine), Super-Liner(Caterpillar 3406 Engine), Massey Ferguson MF4800; MF4840(Cummins VT903 Engine), MF4880; MF4900(Cummins VT903 Engine), New Holland 1118(Ford 360 Diesel Engine), TX68(7.5L Engine), TX68(Fiat Engine), Peterbilt 289; 352H(Caterpillar 3408 Engine), 335(Caterpillar C7 Engine), 357(Caterpillar 3406TA Engine), 377(Caterpillar C10 Engine), 378(Caterpillar C15, C16 Engine), 379; 379X(Caterpillar C11, C13 Engine), 385(Caterpillar C13 Engine), 386(Caterpillar C13 Engine), 386(Caterpillar C15 Engine), Prevost H3 From 1996 To 2006, X3-45, XL From 1989 To 2000, XL From 1989 To 2000, XL(Detroit 50 Engine) From 1989 To 2000, XL(Detroit 60 Engine) From 1989 To 2000, XL II From 1999 To 2003, XL II(Detroit 60 Engine) From 1999 To 2003, Steiger CA280(Caterpillar 3406 Engine), CA325(Caterpillar 3406 Engine), CA360(Caterpillar 3406 Engine), CM225 Bearcat(Caterpillar 3306 Engine), CM250 Cougar IV(Caterpillar 3306 Engine), CM280 Cougar; CS280 Cougar(Caterpillar 3406 Engine), CM325 Panther IV(Caterpillar 3406 Engine), CM360 Panther IV(Caterpillar 3406 Engine), CP1325 Panther(Caterpillar 3406 Engine), CP1360 Panther; CP1400 Panther(Caterpillar 3406 Engine), CR1225(Caterpillar 3306 Engine), CR1280(Caterpillar 3306 Engine), CS325 Panther(Caterpillar 3406 Engine), CS360 Panther IV(Caterpillar 3406 Engine), CU280(Cummins NT855 Engine), CU325(Cummins NT855 Engine), CU360(Cummins NT855 Engine), KP1325(Cummins NT855 Engine), KP1360; KP1400(Cummins NT855 Engine), PT225 Bearcat III(Caterpillar 3306 Engine), PT250(Caterpillar 3306 Engine), PT270 Cougar III(Caterpillar 3306 Engine), PTA280 Cougar III(Caterpillar 3306 Engine), PTA325 Panther III(Caterpillar 3406 Engine), ST250 Cougar III(Caterpillar 3306 Engine), ST270 Cougar III(Caterpillar 3306 Engine), ST280(Caterpillar 3406 Engine), ST310 Panther II(Cummins NT855 Engine), ST320 Tiger(Cummins VT903 Turbo Engine), ST320 Tiger(Cummins VT903 Turbo Engine), ST325 Panther III(Caterpillar 3406 Engine), ST450 Tiger III(Caterpillar 3408 Engine), ST470 Tiger III(Cummins KTA1150 Engine), Sterling A-Line(Caterpillar C15 Engine), L7500; LT7500(Caterpillar 3126B Engine), L-Line(Mercedes MBE900 Engine), L-Line 7500(Mercedes MBE900 Engine), Terex TA27(Cummins Engine), Wabco 85D(Cummins KT2300C Engine), Western Star 4964; 4964FX; 4964EX; 4964SX(Caterpillar 3406E Engine), 4964EX; 4964F; 4964SX(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine)

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