FBW-P40 FILTER-Lube(Alco MD-017A, Baldwin P40, Fleetguard LF574)

Price(Ex Vat): £4.16

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  • Part Number FBW-P40
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    Part No: FBW-P40
    Description: FILTER-Lube(Cartridge Round)
    Category: Filters-Lube, Cartridge, Round
    Full-Flow Lube Element with Bail Handle. Also G105 F-Gasket. Also G115-A, G402 O-Gasket. Also [2] Attached Grommet
    Updated: 15/01/2020

    Height: 113mm
    OD/Width Max: 95mm
    OD/Width Min: 94mm
    ID/Depth Max: 14mm
    ID/Depth Min: 13mm

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25; 30; 35; 36 Diesel 44kW 60hp(MB-OM 615.915 Engine) From 06/70 To 02/73, F20-F 45 F 40 KA Diesel 44kW 60hp(MB-OM 615.912 Engine) From 03/71 To 02/74, F20-F 45 F 40; 45 B Diesel 63kW 85hp(MB-OM 615.912 Engine) From 03/71 To 02/74, Hercules G298; G298H; GO298, G339H; GO339, IXB3, QXD, ZXAER Military, Hobart G200(Willy CJ2A2A Engine), G257; G258; G259; G260; G261(Willys Engine), PGC350(Willys Engine), Hoes 8000(DC OM 615 Engine), Huber Warco 10-14 Ton(Continental F226 Engine), 4B, 8-12 Ton(Continental F226 Engine), B; OB, M500(Continental F162 Engine), M52(Continental F162 Engine), R6810(Continental F226 Engine), R8810(Continental F226 Engine), T812; T1014(Continental F226 Engine), Hyster C500A(Continental F255 Engine), H100; H120, H100B; H120B, H100C; H120C(Gas Engine), H20A; S20A; H25A; S25A; H30A; S30A(Continental Engine), H20E(Continental Engine), H40F(Continental G193 Engine), H60; H60C; S60; H70; H70C; S70; S70B; VT75; H80; H80C; S80; S80B(Gas Engine), HC50; HE50(Continental Gas Engine), KB; 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MF303 Workbull, MF304(Gas Engine), MF304; MF304 Workbull, MF3165, MF333, MF3330(Diesel Engine), MF34, MF35(Perkins Gas Engine), MF356(Gas Engine), MF356, MF39; MF40(Continental Engine), MF406, MF406, MF406, MF406, MF470(Gas Engine), MF50, MF50(Continental Engine), MF60, MF65(Gas/LP Engine), MF65(Continental Engine), MF85; MF88(Continental E223, E242 Engine), Pitbull(Gas and Diesel Engine), Super 90, TO30, TO35(Continental Gas Engine), Mercedes 200D W110-112 1971cc Diesel 40kW 55hp From 08/65 To 12/67, 200D W115 1971cc Diesel 40kW 55hp(OM 615.913 Engine) From 01/68 To 01/77, 220D(2.0L Engine) From 1968, 220D(2.2L Engine) From 1969, 220D(2.2L Engine) From 1972, 220D(2.2L Engine) From 1973, 220D W115 2172cc Diesel 44kW 60hp(OM 615.912 Engine) From 01/68 To 01/77, 240D(2.4L Engine) From 1974, 240D(2.4L Engine) From 1975, 240D(2.4L Engine) From 1976, 240D 3.0 W115 2971cc Diesel 59kW 80hp(OM 617.910 Engine) From 08/74 To 11/76, 240D W115 2376cc Diesel 48kW 65hp(OM 616.916 Engine) From 08/73 To 01/77, 300D(3.0L Engine) From 1975, 300D(3.0L Engine) From 1976, L 406 DG 309 44kW 60hp(OM 615.910 Engine) From 01/68 To 12/74, L 406D 309 44kW 60hp(OM 615 Engine) From 01/72 To 12/80, O 309D, O 319D, OM 615, OM 616, OM 617, OM615, OM615, Transporter L 206 DG 1988cc Diesel 44kW 60hp(OM 615 Engine) From 03/73 To 07/77, Transporter L 206;D 1988cc Diesel 40kW 55hp(OM 615 Engine) From 01/71 To 02/73, Transporter L 306 DG 1988cc Diesel 44kW 60hp(OM 615 Engine) From 03/73 To 07/77, Transporter L 306;D 1988cc Diesel 40kW 55hp(OM 615 Engine) From 01/71 To 02/73, Transporter L 406 DG 309 2172cc Diesel 44kW 60hp(OM 615.910 Engine) From 01/68 To 12/74, Transporter L 406D 309 2197cc Diesel 44kW 60hp(OM 615 Engine) From 01/72 To 12/80, Minneapolis Moline BF; BFG, Jet Star 3, SP168, V, MWM AKD10Z, Myers 6125-5ET(Wisconsin THD Engine), 6325-5EO(Wisconsin THD Engine), A36(Willys Engine), A42(G3400 Engine), TT29(Willys Engine), New Holland 166(Wisconsin THD Engine), 271; 272(Wisconsin THD Engine), 273(Wisconsin THD Engine), 283; 286(Wisconsin V461D Engine), 66; S66; 68; S68; S69(Wisconsin THD Engine), 800; 818(Continental FA224 Engine), Oliver 1250, 1250, 25; 33; 35(Continental F226 Engine), 40(Continental F226 Engine), 44; Super 44, 440, Onan 10CW; 10HC; 10HQ; 10KW, 3DSL; 3KW; 3MDSP, 5CW, 5DRP, 5MDRP; 5MGD, CCK; CCKA, DRN, Orenstein and Koppel A16; V16 35kW 48hp(DB OM 616 Engine), A20; V20 35kW 48hp(DB OM 616 Engine), A25; V25 35kW 48hp(DB OM 616 Engine), Pettibone Mulliken 400G; 400GT(Continental F162 Engine), 500G; 500GT(Continental F162 Engine), A440-25 Banty; 460 Banty(Waukesha FC98 Engine), G40; G40K(Willys 4 Cyl Engine), GA40; YM40(Continental F162 Engine), YM20(Continental F162 Engine), YW20 Speedlift; YW40 Speedlift, Porsche 356 1.1L From 1948, 356 1.1L From 1949, 356 1.1L From 1950, 356 1.3L From 1951, 356 1.3L From 1952, 356 1.3L From 1953, 356 1.3L From 1954, 356 1.5L From 1950, 356 1.5L From 1951, 356 1.5L From 1952, 356 1.5L From 1953, 356 1.5L From 1954, 356 1.5L From 1955, 356A 1.5L From 1956, 356A 1.5L From 1957, 356A 1.5L From 1958, 356A 1.5L From 1959, 356A 1.6L From 1956, 356A 1.6L From 1958, 356A 1.6L From 1959, 356B 1.6L From 1960, 356B 1.6L From 1961, 356B 1.6L From 1962, 356B 1.6L From 1963, 356C 1.6L From 1964, 356C 1.6L From 1965, 912 1.6L From 1965, 912 1.6L From 1966, 912 1.6L From 1967, 912 1.6L From 1968, 912 1.6L From 1969, Carrera(2.0L Engine) From 1962, Carrera(2.0L Engine) From 1963, Carrera(2.0L Engine) From 1964, Carrera 1.6L From 1958, Carrera 1.6L From 1959, Quickway 150A(Continental M330 Engine), 85A; 105A; 105AC; 125A(Continental F226 Engine), Scania L75; L76; LB76; LBS76; LS76, Schopf F46(DB OM615 Engine), Scripps 30, 60 4 Cyl, Seat 131 2.0D Diesel 40kW 55hp(Mercedes OM 615.964 Engine), 132 132D Diesel(Motor OM 615.961/969 Engine), Silent Hoist Liftruck; Kranecar; Kari-Gos, Standard D29; D129, Steinbock DFG1.6DR; DFG1.6F(DB OM615/616 Engine), DFG2.5DR; DFG2.5F(DB OM615/616 Engine), DFG2DR; DFG2F(DB OM615/616 Engine), DFG3RA; DFG3.2DR(DB OM615/616 Engine), Still DFG3(DB OM615 Engine), R1822; R1825(DB OM615 Engine), Tennant 88; 90, 91, Industrial, Thermoking SRL, SRL, UL, UL, Topeka M374; M378; 1062; 1063, Toro 5(Continental Engine), Twin Coach Pony Express, Volvo T15 Krabat, Waukesha ZAH, White L10(Continental F226 Engine), Wisconsin MTHD, THD, VH4D; VH4DG-LPG, Witte A; AD; ADT; ADTEA; ADTED; ARDC; ADTS; B, BD; BDRABA; BDRS; BDTBD; BDTC; BDTS; C, CDRBA; CDRBD; CDTBA; CDTBD; CDTS; CTTC; LD; LDRBA; LDRL; LDRS; LDTBA; LDTBD; LDTS, Worthington 105(Continental F226 Engine), 125(Continental F226, G193 Engine), 160(Continental M330 Engine), 210(Continental M330 Engine), 60(Continental Y91 Engine), 75(Continental F124, F226 Engine), 85 Rotary(Continental FA162 Engine), Yale and Towne 104(Hercules GO260 Engine), G51C, GC; GLC; GTC 35-60BC

    We only supply quality Filter and Automotive Product Brands sourced from reputable UK Manufacturers, Distributors and Importers, we do NOT supply own branded product of unknown origin. For their unparalleled Product Range, Quality, Competitive Pricing, Technical Information, Service and Availability our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Alco, Donaldson, Parker, Racor, MP Filtri & SF Filter.

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