FBW-BW5139 FILTER-Water(Brand Specific-Baldwin BW5139)

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  • Part Number FBW-BW5139
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    PartNo: FBW-BW5139
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    Description: FILTER-Water(Brand Specific-Baldwin BW5139)
    Category: Filters-Water > BrandSpecific > Baldwin
    Details: Baldwin - Spin-on Coolant Filters with BTE Formula - BW5139
    The objective of diesel engine coolant filters, also known as water filters, is to remove contaminants from the engine cooling system and add chemicals to the coolant itself to replenish important protectants that may be lost over time.
    Length (mm): 135.7
    Length (inch): 5 11/32
    Micron Rating: 20 Nominal; 45 Absolute
    Outside Diameter (inch): 3 11/16
    Outside Diameter (mm): 93.7
    Fits: N/A
    Thread: 11/16-16
    Product Type: Coolant Spin-on with BTE Formula
    Application: Engine Coolant Filter
    Brand: Baldwin
    Contains: 8 Units BTE
    Flow Rate: N/A
    Includes: G381-A I Gskt
    Length: 5 11/32 inch, 135.7 mm
    Materials of Construction: Adding Later
    Micron Rating: 50 µm
    Mounting Type: N/A
    Notes: Maintenance filter for systems with 31-40 gallons capacity.
    Can be used with CFB5000 base, or CFB8784 dual base.
    Outside Diameter: 3 11/16 inch, 93.7 mm
    Series or Model Replaced: Komatsu 600-411-1040
    Thread Size: 11/16-16
    Weight: 0.6010094 kg, 1.325 lb

    Updated: 18/05/2021

    To view manufacturer's Technical Data on this Baldwin BW5139 product click here: BALDWIN BW5139

    To search for manufacturer's Technical Data on any Baldwin product click here: BALDWIN TECHNICAL

    Height: 136mm
    OD/WidthMax: 94mm
    OD/WidthMin: 94mm
    Thread: 11/16-16 UN

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M6125A; M6125QA; M6125QT; M6125T . NL6108A; NL6108T . NL6125A; NL6125T . Peterbilt 365 (Caterpillar C13 eng). 377 (Caterpillar C10 eng). Scania 113 (360 eng). 144 (530 eng). BR112; BR116; CR112; K112; N112A . G112; P112; R112 . G113; P113; R113; T113 . G143; P143; R143 . G82; P82 . G92; P92; T92; R92 . G93; P93; R93; T93 . K82 . K92 . N112DR; CR145 . P144 (DSC14 eng). PR113 . PR114 . PR124 . PR143 . PR93 . PR94 . R124 (DSC12 eng). R142; T142 . T112 . T124 (DSC12 eng). T143 . T144 (DSC14 eng). T82 . Sterling Acterra (Caterpillar C7 eng). Acterra (Caterpillar C7 eng). A-Line A9500 (Caterpillar C15 eng). L7500; LT7500 (Caterpillar 3126B eng). Sullair H1300Q; 1600 (Caterpillar 3406 eng). Vermeer TG7000 (Caterpillar 3412 eng). VME L320 (Cummins KTA19C eng). Wabco Haulpak 75C (Cummins eng). Haulpak 85C (Cummins KT2300C eng). White 4-270 (Caterpillar 3306 eng)

    This is a Baldwin Brand Specific product so you will receive a genuine Baldwin branded filter NOT an alternative. The only reason we prefix Baldwin Part Numbers with FBW- is to separate them out within our catalogue and internal database systems.
    If our Stock Level shown above is Zero then this is a Special Order item, once ordered it cannot be cancelled or returned.

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