FIN-FL70141 FILTER-Lube(Baldwin B7179, Fleetguard LF3783, Mann W1140/11)

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  • Part Number FIN-FL70141
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    PartNo: FIN-FL70141
    Stock Level: 8
    Lead Time: If stock level above is less than you require then lead time for this FIN prefix product is usually 2-5 days.
    Description: FILTER-Lube(Spin On)
    Category: Filters-Lube > SpinOn > M24x1.5
    Details: Lube Spin-on. Anti-Drainback Valve 20 PSID By-Pass Valve. Also G401 I-Gasket. Gasket: G401. Contains: Anti-Drainback Valve, 20 PSID By-Pass Valve. Gasket: G401. Contains: Anti-Drainback Valve, 20 PSID By-Pass Valve..
    Updated: 25/11/2020

    Height: 144mm
    OD/WidthMax: 108mm
    OD/WidthMin: 108mm
    Thread: M24x1.5
    ByPassValvePSI: 20
    AntiDrainValve: Yes

    Agco 6219784M1, 836647133, Alco SP1341, SP-1341, Baldwin B7179, Bosch 0451104012, Case IHC 162000070700, 162000070744, Donaldson P502433, Fil ZP3056, Filtron OP698/3, OP6983, Fleetguard LF3783, Fleetrite LFR83783, Hengst H40W02, Hifi Hirschi Jura SO11001, Inline Filters FINFL70141, FIN-FL70141, FL70141, JCB 02/950201, 02950201, M Filter MH3368, Mahle Knecht OC335, Mann 6760459260, W1140/11, W114011, Massey Ferguson V836662580, McCormick 008366258000, Napa 7580, New Holland 162000070762, 47335745, 84287923, Sakura C7955, C-7955, Schnell 1019005, 1-019-005, SF Schupp SP5152, Sisu 836662580, Steyr 1620.00.07.0744, 162000081001, 620.00.070.744, 62000070744, 620-00-070-744, Sure SFO0744, TRP 1534606, Valtra Valmet 20147133, 5078842, 836640990, 836662111, 836679586, V20147133, V836647133, V836662111, V836679586, Vapormatic VPD5097, VPD5152, Wix 557580, 57580

    Agco 8745; 8765(Valmet eng). 8775(Cummins eng). 8775; 8785(Valmet eng). 8785(Cummins eng). 8795(Valmet eng). 9345; 9365(Sisu 66CTA eng). 9435. 9635 Hesston. 9735(Valmet eng). 9735; 9745(Valmet eng). 9745(Valmet eng). DT180A(7.4L eng). DT180A(Sisu 6 Cyl eng). DT200A(Sisu 6 Cyl eng). DT200A(Sisu 7.4L eng). LT75A(4.4L eng). LT85A(Sisu 4.4L eng). LT90A(Sisu 4.4L eng). LT95A(Sisu 4.4L eng). RT100A; RT120A(Sisu 6.6L eng). RT100A; RT120A(Sisu 6.6L eng). RT110A; RT120A(Sisu 6.6L eng). RT110A; RT120A(Sisu 6.6L eng). RT140A; RT155A(Sisu 6.6L CTA eng). RT140A; RT155A(Sisu 6.6L CTA eng). RT140A; RT155A(Sisu 6.6L CTA eng). RT140A; RT155A(Sisu 6.6L CTA eng). RT165A(74CTA 7.4L eng). RT165A(Sisu 74CTA 7.4L eng). RT165A(Sisu 74CTA 7.4L eng). RT180A(74CTA 7.4L eng). RT180A(Sisu 74CTA 7.4L eng). Case IHC CS105 PRO Tier 3 77kW 105hp(4.4-L Sisu eng). CS110; 110 A 81kW 110hp(420.80 eng). CS120; CS120A 88kW 120hp(620.84 eng). CS130; CS130A 96kW 131hp(620.82 eng). CS150 107kW 146hp(WD 620.83 eng). CS150; CS150A 112kW 152hp(620.83 eng). CS78; CS78A 57kW 78hp(420.81 eng). CS80 PRO 60kW 82hp. CS85 PRO Tier 3 63kW 86hp(Sisus eng). CS86; CS86A 63kW 86hp(420.82 eng). CS90 PRO 66kW 89hp. CS94. CS94; CS94A 69kW 94hp(420.83 eng). CS95 PRO Tier 3 68kW 93hp. CVX1135 101kW 137hp. CVX1145 108kW 147hp. CVX1155. CVX1155 115kW 156hp. CVX1170 126kW 171hp. CVX1190 141kW 192hp. CVX120; CVX120A 85kW 116hp(620.87 eng). CVX130; CVX130A 92kW 125hp(620.88 eng). CVX140 104kW 141hp. CVX150 111kW 150hp. CVX150; CVX150A 107kW 146hp(620.89 eng). CVX160 118kW 160hp. CVX170; CVX170A 121kW 165hp(620.90 eng). CVX175 129kW 175hp. CVX195 144kW 196hp(SISU 6.6 L eng). Caterpillar MT635(SISU C8.4L eng). MT645(SISU C8.4L eng). Challenger MT555D AutoPower VI(Sisu 66 AWI 6.6L eng). MT555D TechStar CVT(Sisu 66 AWI 6.6L eng). MT565(Sisu 8.4L eng). MT565D AutoPower VI(Sisu 66 AWI 6.6L eng). MT565D TechStar CVT(Sisu 66 AWI 6.6L eng). MT575D AutoPower VI; MT585D AutoPower VI(Sisu 74 AWI 7.4L eng). MT575D TechStar CVT; MT585D TechStar CVT(Sisu 66 AWI 6.6L; 74 AWI 7.4L eng). MT585B; MT595B(Sisu eng). MT585B; MT595B(Sisu eng). MT635; MT645(Sisu 7.4L eng). MT635B; MT645B(Sisu eng). SP115C. SP185C. WR9740; WR9760(Agco 4.9L CTA eng). WR9770(Agco 6.6L CTA eng). WT360N; WT375N(Sisu 320D; 320DSR Turbo 3.3L eng). WT380; WT390(Sisu 320DSR Turbo 3.3L; 420DSR Turbo 4.4L eng). WT450B. WT460; WT460B. WT470; WT470B. WT480; WT480B; WT490B. WT540(620DS Brazil eng). WT540B; WT540HI(620DS Turbo 6.6L Brazil eng). WT560(620DS Brazil eng). WT560B; WT560HI(620DS Turbo 6.6L Brazil eng). WT590(620DS Brazil eng). WT590B; WT590HI(620DS Brazil eng). WT595B; WT599B(620DSRA Brazil eng). Fendt 5220E. 5255L(Sisu 7.4L eng). 5270C(Sisu 7.4L eng). 5275C(Sisu 74CTA 7.4L eng). 6270 L(Sisu 74CTA 7.4L eng). 6275 L. Massey Ferguson 22. 23. 25. 26. 30. 30. 32. 32(Valmet eng). 3670. 3670 113kW 154hp(Valmet eng). 3670 125kW 170hp(Valmet 620DS eng). 3690. 3690 125kW 170hp(Valmet eng). 5470. 5470 92kW 125hp(SisuDiesel 44CWA-4V eng). 5470 92kW 125hp(SisuDiesel 44DTA eng). 5470 Tier 3(1106D-E66TA eng). 5470(44 CWA eng). 5470(44DTA eng). 5470(Sisu 44 DTA eng). 5470SA(Sisu 44 DTA eng). 5475SA(Sisu 44 DTA eng). 5480 99kW 135hp(SisuDiesel 49CWA-4V eng). 5480 Tier 3(44CWA-4V; 49CWA-4V eng). 5480(Sisu 49CWA eng). 6350(SisuDiesel eng). 6460 Tier 3 85kW 115hp(SiSu Diesel 44CWA-4V eng). 6460 Tier 3 85kW 115hp(SiSu Diesel 44CWA-4V eng). 6460T3 Tier 3(44CWA-4V eng). 6465(Sisu 66CTA 6.6L eng). 6470. 6470 Tier 3 92kW 125hp(Sisu Diesel 44CWA-4V eng). 6470T3 Tier 3(44CWA-4V eng). 6475 Dyna-6 99kW 135hp(1106D-E66TA eng). 6475; 6480(Sisu 66CTA 6.6L eng). 6480 Dyna-6 107kW 145hp(1106D-E66TA eng). 6480(Sisu eng). 6485. 6485 113kW 154hp(SiSu Diesel 66.ETA eng). 6485 Tier 3 118kW 160hp(SiSu Siesel 66CTA-4V eng). 6485(66ETA eng). 6485; 6490; 6495(Sisu 6.6L eng). 6485; 6490; 6495(Sisu 66 CTA Diesel eng). 6485T3 Tier 3(66CTA-4V eng). 6490 125kW 170hp(SiSu Diesel 66.ETA eng). 6490 Dyna-6 125kW 170hp(SiSu Diesel 66.CTA eng). 6490 Tier 3 125kW 170hp(SiSu Diesel 66CTA-4V eng). 6490(66ETA eng). 6490T3 Tier 3(66CTA-4V eng). 6495 137kW 185hp(SiSu Diesel 66.ETA eng). 6495 Dyna-6 137kW 185hp(SiSu Diesel 66.CTA eng). 6495 Tier 3 136kW 185hp(SiSu Diesel 66CTA-4V eng). 6495(66ETA eng). 6495T3 Tier 3(66CTA-4V eng). 6497 136kW 185hp(SiSu Diesel 66.ETA eng). 6497 Dyna-6 147kW 200hp(SiSu Diesel 74.CTA eng). 6497 Tier 3 147kW 200hp(SiSu Diesel 74CTA-4V eng). 6497(66ETA eng). 6497; 6499(Sisu 66 ETA; 74 ETA eng). 6497; 6499(Sisu 7.4L Diesel eng). 6497T3 Tier 3(74CTA-4V eng). 6499 137kW 186hp(SiSu Diesel 66.ETA eng). 6499 Dyna-6 158kW 215hp(SiSu Diesel 74.CTA eng). 6499 Tier 3 158kW 215hp(SiSu Diesel 74CTA-4V eng). 6499(66ETA eng). 6499(Sisu 74 CTA eng). 6614 Gear Type Dyna-VT 103kW 140hp(AGCO POWER 4-cylB eng). 7247S Activa 202kW 275hp(SISU 74CTA-4V eng). 7247S Activa 202kW 275hp(SISU 74CTA-4V eng). 7247S Activa 202kW 275hp(SISU 74CTA-4V eng). 7247S Activa 202kW 275hp(SISU 74CTA-4V eng). 7480 Dyna-VT 110kW 150hp(Sisu eng). 7485 120kW 163hp(Sisu 66.ETA eng). 7485 Dyna-VT 121kW 165hp(Sisu Diesel 66.CTA eng). 7485; 7490; 7495(Sisu 6.6L eng). 7485; 7490; 7495(Sisu 66CTA Diesel eng). 7490 132kW 179hp(Sisu 66.ETA eng). 7490 Dyna-VT 129kW 175hp(Sisu Diesel 66.CTA eng). 7495 143kW 194hp(Sisu 66.ETA eng). 7495 Dyna-VT 140kW 190hp(Sisu Diesel 66.CTA eng). 7497 Dyna-VT Tier 3 151kW 205hp(Sisu eng). 7497; 7499(Sisu 74CTA Diesel eng). 7499 Tier 3 162kW 220hp(Sisu eng). 7614; 7615; 7616; 7618(Agco 66 CTA 6.6L Dyna 4; Dyna 6 eng). 7615 Dyna-6 110kW 150hp(AGCO Power Engine eng). 7615; 7616; 7618(Agco 66 CTA 6.6L Dyna VT; Dyna Step eng). 7618 Dyna-VT 121kW 165hp(AGCO POWER 66AWI eng). 7619 Dyna VT 125kW 170hp(AGCO POWER™ 66 CTA eng). 7619; 7620; 7622; 7624(Agco 66 CTA 6.6L Dyna 6 eng). 7619; 7620; 7622; 7624(Agco 66 CTA 6.6L Dyna VT; Dyna Step eng). 7620. 7620 Dyna-VT 136kW 185hp(AGCO POWER™ 66 CTA eng). 7622 Dyna-VT 147kW 200hp(AGCO POWER™ 66 CTA eng). 7624 Dyna-VT 165kW 225hp(AGCO POWER™ 74 CTA eng). 8140(Valmet 634DS eng). 8140(Valmet eng). 8140; 8150(Valmet 620DS eng). 8160(Valmet eng). 8240 125kW 170hp(620 DS eng). 8245 118kW 160hp(Valmet eng). 8245(Valmet eng). 8250 136kW 185hp(634 TCC eng). 8250; 8250 Xtra(Valmet 634 7.4L eng). 8260 154kW 210hp(634 TCC eng). 8260 155kW 211hp(SiSu Diesel 634 DSBAE eng). 8260 155kW 211hp(SiSu Diesel 634 DSBAE eng). 8260 Xtra 155kW 211hp(SiSu Diesel 634 DSBAE eng). 8260(Valmet 634 7.4L eng). 8260(Valmet 634DSBIE eng). 8270 192kW 261hp(SiSu Diesel 645 DSBAE eng). 8270 Xtra 177kW 261hp(SiSu Diesel 645 DSBAE eng). 8280 212kW 261hp(SiSu Diesel 645 DSBAE eng). 8280 Xtra 265kW 261hp(SiSu Diesel 645 DSBAE eng). 8450 Tier 2 173kW 235hp(SiSu Diesel 74ETA eng). 8450 Tier 3 158kW 215hp(SiSu Diesel 74CTA eng). 8450 Tier 3 173kW 235hp(SiSu Diesel 74CTA-4V eng). 8450; 8460(Sisu 7.4L eng). 8450; 8460(Sisu 74 CTA 7.4L eng). 8460 Tier 2 173kW 235hp(SiSu Diesel 74ETA eng). 8460 Tier 3 173kW 235hp(SiSu Diesel 74CTA-4V eng). 8470 Tier 3 191kW 260hp(SiSu Diesel 84CTA-4V eng). 8470; 8480(Sisu 84 CTA 8.4L eng). 8480 Tier 3 213kW 290hp(SiSu Diesel 84CTA-4V eng). 88140 118kW 161hp(Valmet 620DS eng). 88150 132kW 180hp(Valmet 620DS eng). 88150(Valmet 634DS eng). 88160 147kW 200hp(Valmet 634DS eng). 88160(Valmet 620DS eng). 9430; 9435(Sisu 44 CTA eng). 9635(Sisu 66 CTA eng). MF30; MF32; MF32RS(Valmet eng). MF3670. MF3680(Valmet 7.4L eng). MF3690(Perkins eng). MF7250; MF7252(Sisu eng). MF7254; MF7256; MF7272. MF8240; MF8240 XTRA(Valmet 620 6.6L eng). WR9735; WR9740; WR9760(Agco 4.9L CTA eng). WR9770(Agco 6.6L CTA eng). WRWR 9735 101kW 137hp(AGCO Power 49 CTA eng). WRWR 9740 101kW 137hp(AGCO Power 49 CTA eng). WRWR 9760 138kW 188hp(AGCO Power 49 CTA eng). WRWR 9770 162kW 220hp(AGCO Power 66 CTA eng). New Holland TVT135 101kW 137hp(CNH 6600 eng). TVT145 108kW 147hp(CNH 6600 eng). TVT155 115kW 156hp(CNH 6600 eng). TVT170 126kW 171hp(CNH 6600 eng). TVT190 141kW 192hp(CNH 6600 eng). TVT195 144kW 196hp(CR eng). Ponsse S15 EH. S15 PE Custom(Perkins eng). S15 VL420(Valmet eng). Steyr 9078A; 9078M 57kW 78hp(420.81 eng). 9080A; 9080M; 9080MF 60kW 82hp. 9080MT 60kW 82hp. 9086A; 9086M 63kW 86hp(420.82 eng). 9090A; 9090M; 9090MF 65kW 88hp. 9090MT 66kW 89hp. 9094A; 9094M 68kW 94hp(420.83 eng). 9100A; 9100M; 9100MF 71kW 97hp. 9100MT 72kW 98hp. 9105A 80kW 109hp(420.80 eng). 9115. 9115A 88kW 120hp(620.84 eng). 9125A 96kW 131hp(620.82 eng). 9145A 110kW 150hp(620.83 eng). 9155A. 9170A. 9190(WD 634.80 eng). CVT120. CVT120A 88kW 120hp(620.87 eng). CVT130. CVT130A 96kW 130hp(620.88 eng). CVT150. CVT150A 110kW 150hp(620.89 eng). CVT170. CVT170A 125kW 170hp(620.90 eng). CVT6135; CVT6135F; CVT6135K 101kW 137hp. CVT6140 104kW 141hp. CVT6145; CVT6145F; CVT6145K 108kW 147hp. CVT6150 111kW 150hp. CVT6155; CVT6155F; CVT6155K 115kW 156hp. CVT6160 118kW 160hp. CVT6170; CVT6170F; CVT6170K 126kW 171hp. CVT6175 129kW 175hp. CVT6190; CVT6190F; CVT6190K 141kW 192hp. CVT6195 144kW 196hp. Valtra Valmet 600 Brazil. 6300; 6400; 6600(Sisu 420 eng). 6400. 6750. 6750Hi(Sisu 4 Cyl eng). 6800 85kW 115hp(Valmet eng). 6800 Mezzo 85kW 115hp(420 DSI eng). 6800(Sisu 420DSI; 420DWI eng). 6800; 6850Hi(Sisu 420DSI; 420DWRIE eng). 6800E Mezzo 85kW 115hp(420 DSI eng). 6850 88kW 120hp(Valmet eng). 6850Hi(Sisu 4 Cyl eng). 6900. 6900 Mega(620 DRE eng). 700 Brazil. 8000 55kW 75hp(Valmet eng). 8000 Mega(620 D eng). 8000(Sisu 620D eng). 8000(Sisu 620D eng). 8000LS Mega(620 D eng). 8050 81kW 110hp(Valmet eng). 8050 Mega 81kW 110hp(620 DS eng). 8050(Sisu 620DSR eng). 8050; 8050Hi; 8150Hi(Sisu 620DS; 620DSRE eng). 8050E Mega 81kW 110hp(620 DS eng). 8050Hi(Sisu 6 Cyl eng). 8050LS Mega 81kW 110hp(620 DS eng). 8100 88kW 120hp(Valmet eng). 8100 Mega(620 D eng). 8100(Sisu 620D eng). 8100(Sisu 620D eng). 8100E Mega(620 D eng). 8100LS Mega(620 D eng). 8150 92kW 125hp(Valmet eng). 8150 Mega 92kW 125hp(620 DS eng). 8150(Sisu 620DS eng). 8150(Sisu 620DSR eng). 8150E Mega 92kW 125hp(620 D eng). 8150Hi(Sisu 6 Cyl eng). 8150LS Mega 92kW 125hp(620 D eng). 8200. 8200 Mega(634 D eng). 8200E Mega(634 D eng). 8350. 8350 99kW 135hp(Valmet eng). 8350Hi(Sisu 6 Cyl eng). 8350Hi; 8450; 8450Hi; 8550; 8550Hi(Sisu 620; 634 eng). 8350HT. 840(Sisu-Diesel eng). 8400 103kW 140hp(Valmet eng). 8400 Mega 103kW 140hp(620 DS eng). 8400 Mega(620 DSIE eng). 8400(Sisu 620DS eng). 8400(Valmet eng). 8400; 8450(Sisu 620DS eng). 8400E Mega(620 DSIE eng). 8450 103kW 140hp(Valmet eng). 8450 Mega 103kW 140hp(620 DW; DWR eng). 8450E Mega 103kW 140hp(620 DW; DWR eng). 8450Hi(Sisu 6 Cyl eng). 8550 118kW 160hp(Valmet eng). 8550 Mega 118kW 160hp(634 DS; DSR eng). 8550(Sisu 634DSR eng). 8550E Mega 118kW 160hp(634 DS; DSR eng). 8550Hi(Sisu 6 Cyl eng). 8750 140kW 190hp(Valmet eng). 8750 Mega(634 DS SIGMA eng). 8750(Sisu 634DS eng). 8750(Sisu 634DS; 634DSR eng). 8750E Mega(634 DS SIGMA eng). 8800(Sisu 620DS eng). 8800(Sisu 634DS eng). 8850 147kW 200hp(Valmet eng). 8850 Mega(634 DS eng). 8850(Sisu 634DS eng). 8950 147kW 200hp(Valmet eng). 8950Hi(Sisu 6 Cyl eng). 8950Hi(Sisu 634DSBE eng). 900 Brazil. ANA95N(44 DT eng). C100. C100(44 DT eng). C100(Sisu 44DT eng). C110(44 DTA eng). C110(Sisu 44DTA eng). C120(44 EWA eng). C120; C120E(Sisu 44EWA eng). C120E(44 EWA eng). C130(44 EWA eng). C130(Sisu 44EWA eng). C150(44 EWA eng). C150(Sisu 44EWA eng). C90(44 DT eng). C90(Sisu 44DT eng). Hitech 6750Hi(420 DWRIE eng). Hitech 6850Hi(420 DWRIE eng). Hitech 8050Hi(620 DSRE eng). Hitech 8150Hi 92kW 126hp(620 DSRE eng). Hitech 8350Hi 99kW 135hp(620 DSRIE eng). Hitech 8450Hi 108kW 120hp(620 DWRE eng). Hitech 8550Hi 108kW 134hp(634 DSRE eng). Hitech 8950Hi 147kW 200hp(634 DSBIE SIGMA eng). M120(44 EWA eng). M120; M120E(44EWA eng). M120E(44 EWA eng). M130(44 EWA eng). M130; XM130(44EWA eng). M150(44 EWA eng). M150; XM150(44EWA eng). N101C(44 CTA eng). N101C; N101H(Sisu 44CWA eng). N101H 89kW 121hp(44 CTA eng). N111C(44 DTA eng). N111C; N111H; N111EH(Sisu 44CWA eng). N111EH. N111EH 98kW 133hp(44 EWA eng). N111ELS 94kW 128hp(44 CWA eng). N111H. N121. N121A 93kW 126hp(44CWA eng). N121H 93kW 126hp(44 CWA eng). N121H; N121LS(Sisu 44CWA eng). N121LS 93kW 126hp(44 CWA eng). N122D 106kW 144hp(44 CWA eng). N122D; N122V(Sisu 44CWA eng). N122V 106kW 144hp(44 CWA eng). N141 112kW 152hp(49 CWA eng). N141A 104kW 142hp(49 CWA eng). N141H 112kW 152hp(49 CWA eng). N141H; N141LS(Sisu 49CWA eng). N141LS 104kW 142hp(49 CWA eng). N142D 118kW 160hp(49 CWA-4V eng). N142D; N142V(Sisu 49CWA-4V eng). N142V 118kW 160hp(49 CWA-4V eng). N154. N91C(SISU 44DT eng). N91C; N91H(Sisu 44DT eng). N91H 74kW 101hp(44 DT eng). T120 88kW 120hp(620 DSRE eng). T120(Sisu 66ETA eng). T120C 88kW 120hp(620 DSRE eng). T120CH. T120H 88kW 120hp(620 DSRE eng). T121 98kW 133hp(66 CTA-4V eng). T121C 88kW 120hp(66 CTA-4V eng). T121C; T121H(Sisu 66 CTA-4V eng). T121H 88kW 120hp(66 CTA-4V eng). T130. T130 98kW 133hp(620 DSRE eng). T130(Sisu 66ETA eng). T130C. T130C(SISU 66ET eng). T130CH. T130H. T131(66 CTA-4V eng). T131C(66 CTA-4V eng). T131C; T131H(Sisu 66 CTA-4V eng). T131H(66 CTA-4V eng). T132D(66 CTA-4V eng). T132V(66 CTA-4V eng). T133 HiTech(Agco/Sisu 66 AWI eng). T140 104kW 144hp(620 DSRAE eng). T140(Sisu 66ETA eng). T140C(66 CTA-4V eng). T140E. T140EC(SISU 66ETA eng). T140ECH. T150. T150(SISU 66ETA eng). T150C. T150CH. T151. T151EH(66 CTA-4V eng). T151EH; T151ELS(Sisu 66 CTA-4V eng). T151ELS(66 CTA-4V eng). T152D(66 CTA-4V eng). T152V(66 CTA-4V eng). T153 Direct; T153 Versu(Agco/Sisu 66 AWI eng). T153 HiTech(Agco/Sisu 66 AWI eng). T160. T160 116kW 158hp(620 DSRAE eng). T160(Sisu 66ETA eng). T160C(SISU 66ETA eng). T160CH. T161(66 CTA-4V eng). T161C(66 CTA-4V eng). T161C; T161H; T161LS(Sisu 66 CTA-4V eng). T161H(66 CTA-4V eng). T161LS(66 CTA-4V eng). T162D(66 CTA-4V eng). T162V(66 CTA-4V eng). T163E Direct(Agco/Sisu 74 AWI eng). T163E Versu(Agco/Sisu 74 AWI eng). T170 125kW 170hp(634 DSRAE eng). T170(Sisu 74ETA eng). T170C. T170C(SISU 66CTA eng). T170CH. T171. T171(74 CTA-4V eng). T171C(74 CTA-4V eng). T171C; T171H; T171LS(Sisu 74 CTA-4V eng). T171H(74 CTA-4V eng). T171LS(66 CTA-4J eng). T172D(66 CTA-4V eng). T172V(66 CTA-4V eng). T173 HiTech(Agco/Sisu 74 AWI eng). T180 128kW 174hp(74 ETA eng). T180; T190(Sisu 74ETA eng). T182D(74 CTA-4V eng). T182V(74 CTA-4V eng). T183 Direct; T183 Versu(Agco/Sisu 74 AWI eng). T190 139kW 189hp(74 ETA eng). T191(74 CTA-4V eng). T191H(74 CTA-4V eng). T191H; T191LS(Sisu 74 CTA-4V eng). T191LS(74 CTA-4V eng). T193 HiTech(Agco/Sisu 74 AWI eng). T202(74 CTA-4V eng). T202D(74 CTA-4V eng). T202V(74 CTA-4V eng). T203 Direct; T213 Versu(Agco/Sisu 74 AWI eng). X100 Knicklenker 74kW 101hp. X110 Knicklenker 81kW 110hp. X120 Knicklenker 88kW 120hp. XM130 Knicklenker(44 EWA eng). XM150 Knicklenker(44 EWA eng)

    These are Inline Filters own Part Numbers and carry the bulk of our Catalogue information which includes Cross Reference, Vehicle Applications, Size and Specifications data. They are not Brand Specific which enables us to offer the best Price and Stock Availability. As these are our fastest moving items the Manufacturer, Size and Picture may vary so we can second source if necessary to complete orders quickly.

    Be assured we only supply quality Filter Brands from globally recognised Filter Manufacturers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. Our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Alco, SF Schupp, MP Filtri, Solberg and Vokes.

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    Application, Cross Reference and Size data is provided as a guide only, for full compatibility ensure all our specifications match your requirements.
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