FIN-FL70530 Filter-Lube(Equivalent: SP-931, B281, LF3315, 551087)

Price(Ex Vat): £5.32

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  • Part Number FIN-FL70530
  • Manufactured by: Inline

    Part No: Inline FL70530 (Also available as Brand Specific: FBW-B281, FFG-LF3315, FMH-W940-37)
    Our Stock Level: 10
    Stock at Manufacturer(UK) 3-7 day lead: 37
    More Stock: Any further stock usually 2-10 weeks
    Details: Seal OD: 71mm, Seal ID: 62mm. Full-Flow Lube Spin-on. Anti-Drainback Valve 20 PSID By-Pass Valve. Also G381-A I-Gasket. Gasket: G381-A. Contains: Anti-Drainback Valve, 20 PSID By-Pass Valve. Gasket: G381-A. Contains: Anti-Drainback Valve, 20 PSID By-Pass Valve..
    Updated: 02/05/2022

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    Height: 136mm
    OD/WidthMax: 96mm
    OD/WidthMin: 94mm
    Thread: M22 x 1.5
    ByPassValvePSI: 20
    AntiDrainValve: Yes
    Micron: Unspecified

    AC Delco PF2156, X4140E, X89, Alco SP931, SP-931, Antonio Carraro 41020, AP Lockheed AP1163, AP3543, AP3545, AP84304A, LK1163, LK-1163, LK3543, Baldwin B281, Bosch 0451203235, P32351, P3235-1, Caterpillar 3I1604, Coopers Fiaam AZL129, AZL134, FT4662, FT4662A, FT4703, LSF5092, Z1146, Z146, Z506, Crosland 9313, 9338, Donaldson P502072, P550166, P553315, P779199, Fil ZP549, Filtration Control FCL7180, FCL7285, Filtron OP647/4, OP6474, Fleetguard LF3315, LF3473, Fleetrite LFR83315, LFR83473, Foden Y03732901, Ford 1582035, 1582036, 1582037, 1582038, 1782038, 507407, 783F6L625AA3A, 783F-6L625-AA3A, 783F6L625AAA, 783F-6L625-AAA, 785F6714AA1A, 785F-6714-AA1A, 785F6714AA2A, 785F-6714-AA2A, 785F6714AA3A, 785F-6714-AA3A, 78F6714AA1B, 78SF6714AA3A, 78SF-6714-AA3A, Fram PH2975, PH3616, PH4510, Giesse CLH429, Greyfriars 962S, Grove 8784404, Hengst H17W23, Inline FFRPH2975, FFR-PH2975, FINFL70530, FIN-FL70530, FL70530, JAT 2411, JCB 32/600117, 32/60017, 32600117, 3260017, Kalmar 102448, PEK102448, Komatsu 1245424H1, 1245424-H1, 20M6031230, 20M-603-1230, Kralinator 133, L133, L133S, Lancer Boss 8627334, Leyland Daf BL ABU8783, Linde Lansing E012207046, Lister Petter 32811500, 328-11500, Luberfiner LFP2267, LFP8507, M MH389, Mahle Knecht AW117, OC88, Manitou 106928, 549798, Mann 6750459296, W940/37, W94037, Maserati ML66523, Motorcraft AFL252, EFL252, FL796, Nanni Diesel 901201142, Napa 1592, New Holland 81582038, Onan 1220550, 122-0550, 1220582, 122-0582, Orenstein and Koppel 103880, 1407098, Purflux 6121748440, LS813, Purolator Facet L30238, L37229, PER238, Renault 6005019766, Ryco Z141, Sakura C1902, C-1902, Same 2.4419.100.0, 2.4419.100.2, 244191000, 244191002, Savara SO629, SF Schupp SP 4363, SP4363, Slanzi 407025, 40-70-25, Sofima S4300R, Sogefi Pro FT2466, FT2466/SGP, FT2466SGP, Soparis CV512, Sure SFO0252, TCM 2265782081, 22657-82081, 3918206, Tecneco OL34, OL34/1, Tecnocar R34, TJ FB5436, TRP 1534516, UFI 23.109.00, 23.113.00, 23.158.00, 23.180.00, 2310900, 2311300, 2315800, 2318000, Valeo 586113, Vapormatic CPD5083, Vauxhall GM 25177013, 93156291, VME 1115016, 41150030, 41150030A, 4115030, Wix 51087, 51592, 551087, Woodgate WGL3315, WGL3473

    Agrifull 345C; 345SS; C345C; C345CS; C355C; C355CS(Motori VM 101SV eng). 360(Motori VM 1053SU eng). 475(Motori VM 1054SU eng). 485(Motori VM 1054SU eng). 495(Motori VM 1054SUT eng). 80.60; 80.60DT; 80.65(Motori VM 1053SU eng). 80-60; 80-60DT; 80-65(Motori VM 1053SUT eng). 80-75; 80-75DT; 80-85; 80-850T(Motori VM 1050NS; 1050SU eng). 80-95; 80-95DT; 80-105; 80-105DT(Turbo eng). C335; C335SS(Motori VM 1053SV eng). Derby 60(Motori VM 1053SU eng). Griso 70; 70DT; 75(Motori VM 104 eng). Griso 75(Motori VM 1054SU eng). Jolly; Sprint Vigneto DT 345(Unspecified eng). Pinto 1115(Motori VM 1054SU eng). Rodeo 95(Motori VM 1054SU eng). Tornado, Rodeo 80; 80DT; 90; 90DT; 95; 105(Motori VM 1054SU Turbo eng). Vigneto; Jolly 235; 345(Unspecified eng). Albaret TA10; TC12(Ford 2711E eng). VA10DP; VA10DT; VA10DV; VA10SP; VA10ST(Ford 2711E eng). Antonio Carraro 48.2; 48.4(Motori VM eng). 58.2; 58.4(Motori VM eng). Supertigre 7000(Motori VM 1053SU eng). Tigrone 7000(Motori VM 1053SU eng). Tropical 7000(Motori VM 1053SU eng). Atlas Copco UT85(Ford 2502E eng). Aveling Barford 120D(Ford 2715E eng). AM90M; AM105M(Ford 2714 eng). CD010(Ford 2714E eng). DC011; DC012; DC013; DC014; DC015(Ford 2722 eng). DC011; DC012; DC013; DC014; DC015(Ford 2722 eng). DCO11; DCO12; DCO13; DCO14; DCO15(Ford 2722E eng). RD05; RD07(Ford 2712E eng). RD05; RD07(Ford 2713E eng). VXCO11S(Ford 2714E eng). Avia Ashok D Line 100 116(D421.85 85kW 116hp eng). D Line 100 136(D422.100 100kW 136hp eng). D Line 60 116(D421.85 85kW 116hp eng). D Line 60 136(D422.100 100kW 136hp eng). D Line 65 116(D421.85 85kW 116hp eng). D Line 65 136(D422.100 100kW 136hp eng). D Line 70 116(D421.85 85kW 116hp eng). D Line 70 136(D422.100 100kW 136hp eng). D Line 75 116(D421.85 85kW 116hp eng). D Line 75 136(D422.100 100kW 136hp eng). D Line 90 116(D421.85 85kW 116hp eng). D Line 90 136(D422.100 100kW 136hp eng). Barber Greene BG250; BG255(Ford 2726T eng). PS70(Ford 2704; 2711; 2714E eng). SA144(Ford 2714E eng). SA35(Ford 2711E eng). SA41(Ford 2711E eng). SB30; SB35; SB41(Ford 2701E eng). SB50; SB110; SB140; SB170(Ford 2704; 2711; 2714E eng). Benati Ben 120CS(Motori VM eng). Ben 90CS; 90RS(Motori VM 1053SU eng). Benford TT4000(Ford 2722 eng). TT5000F(Ford 2722 eng). TT5000F(Ford 2722 eng). Blaw Knox BK65(Ford 2712E eng). BK65(Ford 2712E eng). BK90(Ford 2715E eng). BK90; BD95; BD96(Ford 2715E eng). BK95(Ford 2715E eng). BK96(Ford 2715E eng). Bristol Pneumatic 144F2(Ford 2712E eng). ATS160PD2; ATS160PD4(Ford 2712E eng). Clayton 84CM(Unspecified eng). Compair Holman CR250; CR250S; CV250; CV250S; CR275; CR275S; CR275SS(Ford 2713E eng). Consolidated Pneumatic 125RG-2(Ford 590; 592; 2701E eng). 125RO-1(Ford 2711E eng). 125RO-2(Ford 220 eng). 140RO-1(Ford 2711E eng). 140SS(Ford 2711E eng). 160RG2(Ford 590; 592; 2701E eng). 160RO2(Ford 2711E eng). 185SS(Ford 2711E eng). 250SS(Ford 2702E eng). 250SS(Ford 2714E eng). 260RO2(Ford 2702E eng). 260RO2(Ford 2704E eng). 260RO2(Ford 2714E eng). CP140S(Ford 2711E eng). Cummins 3A1.7(Unspecified eng). 4A2.3(Unspecified eng). Dresser S3-5B; S4-6B(Unspecified eng). DWS Pit(Unspecified eng). Ford 2701E; 2702E; 2711E; 2712E(Diesel eng). 2703E; 2704E; 2713E; 2714E; 2715E(Diesel eng). 2720E(Diesel eng). 2720E; 2722E; 2723E; 2725E; 2725T; 2725TE; 2726T; 2726TM Diesel(Unspecified eng). 2722E(Diesel eng). 2723E(Diesel eng). 2725E; 2725ET; 2725T(Diesel eng). 2726T; 2726TM(Diesel eng). 2728E; 2728TIM(Diesel eng). AO309; AO409; AO509; AO609; AA0709(Ford 3.5L eng). Cargo 0608(5AA; 254CID 59kW 80hp eng). Cargo 0608; 0708; 0808(Ford Dorset 4.2L eng). Cargo 0708(5AA; 254CID 59kW 80hp eng). Cargo 0711; 0811; 0911; 1011; 1111; 1211; 1311; 1411; 1711(Ford Dorset 6.0L eng). Cargo 0712(7AA-380CID 89kW 120hp eng). Cargo 0712; 0812; 0912; 1012; 1112; 1312; 1512; 1712; 1912(Ford Dorset 6.2L eng). Cargo 0808; 0808K(5AA; 254CID 59kW 80hp eng). Cargo 0812; 0812K(7AA-380CID 89kW 120hp eng). Cargo 0814(Dorman 6CA-363CID 106kW 144hp eng). Cargo 0912(7AA-380CID 89kW 121hp eng). Cargo 0914(Dorman 6CA-363CID 106kW 145hp eng). Cargo 0914; 1114; 1314; 1514; 1614; 2014; 2114(Ford Dorset 6.0L Turbo eng). Cargo 1012(7AA-380CID 89kW 121hp eng). Cargo 1014(Dorman 6CA-363CID 106kW 144hp eng). Cargo 1112(7AA-380CID 89kW 121hp eng). Cargo 1114(Dorman 6CA-363CID 103kW 140hp eng). Cargo 1212; K(7AA-380CID 89kW 121hp eng). Cargo 1214; 1214K(Dorman 6CA-363CID 106kW 144hp eng). Cargo 1312; 1312K(7AA-380CID 89kW 121hp eng). Cargo 1314; 1314K(Dorman 6CA-363CID 106kW 144hp eng). Cargo 1412; 1412K(7AA-380CID 89kW 121hp eng). Cargo 1512; 1512K(7AA-380CID 89kW 121hp eng). Cargo 1514; 1514K(Dorman 6CA-363CID 106kW 144hp eng). Cargo 1712(7AA-380CID 89kW 121hp eng). Cargo 1912(7AA-380CID 89kW 121hp eng). Cargo 2014(Dorman 6CA-363CID 106kW 144hp eng). Cargo 2114(Dorman 6CA-363CID 106kW 144hp eng). D0507; D0607; D0610; D0707; D0710; D0807; D0810; D0907; D0910(Ford 255; 265; 365 cu in eng). D0610(365 CID 76kW 104hp eng). D0710; D0810(365 CID 76kW 104hp eng). D0910(365 CID 76kW 104hp eng). D1010(365 CID 76kW 104hp eng). D1010; D1110; D1210; D1211; D1314; D1414(Ford 365 cu in eng). D1110; 1210(365 CID 76kW 104hp eng). D1111(380 CID 85kW 116hp eng). D1210; D1211; D1311; D1314; D1411(Ford 380 cu in eng). D1211(380 CID 85kW 116hp eng). D1311; D1314; D1411; D1414(Ford 360 cu in eng). D1311; D1411(380 CID 85kW 116hp eng). D1414; D1614 (Dorset T360 106kW 144hp eng). D200; D300; D400; D500; D550(Ford 240 cu in; 265 cu in eng). D200; D300; D400; D500; D550(Ford 330; 365 cu in eng). D600; D700; D750(Ford 330; 365 cu in eng). D750(365 CID eng). D750; D800; D900(Ford 380 cu in eng). D750; D800; D900(Ford 380 cu in Turbo eng). D800(356 CID eng). DA1007(Ford 255 cu in eng). DA1610; DA1710; DA2014; DA2114(Ford 365 cu in eng). DT1310; DT2014; DT2214(Ford 365 cu in eng). DT1400; DT1500(Ford 360 cu in eng). DT1711; DA1911(Ford 380 cu in eng). N0708(255CID 56kW 76hp eng). N0708; N0808(Ford Dorset eng). N0710; N0810; N0812; N0910(Ford Dorset eng). N0808(255CID 56kW 76hp eng). N0812(380 CID 85kW 116hp eng). N0814 (Dorset T360 106kW 144hp eng). N0814; N1114; N1414; NA1814(Ford Dorset Turbo eng). N0912(Ford Dorset 380CID 85kW 116hp eng). N0914(Dorset T360 78kW 106hp eng). N1114 (Dorset T360 106kW 144hp eng). N1414 (Dorset T360 106kW 144hp eng). NA1814 (Dorset T360 106kW 144hp eng). NA2214(Dorset T360 78kW 106hp eng). R(Ford 330; 360; 365; 380 cu in eng). R(Ford 360; 365 cu in Turbo eng). R1011; R1111(365CID Diesel eng). R1014; R1114(Dorset Turbo eng). R192; R226(365CID Diesel eng). Goldoni C45L; C45M; C45N; C45S(Motori VM 3105SUN eng). Hydrovane 125DS(Ford 2722E eng). 152DS(Ford 2722E eng). 152GT; 180GT; 280D(Ford 2704E; 2711E eng). 180DS(Ford 2722E eng). HV7(Ford 2722E eng). HV7F(Unspecified eng). Portable 130 cfm; 180 cfm GT(Ford 2701E eng). Hymac 580BT(Ford 2703; 2713E eng). 580BT; 580C; 590(Ford 2703; 2713E eng). 580C; 580D(Ford eng). 590C(Ford 2713; 2715E eng). 590C(Ford 2713E; 2715E eng). 590C(Ford eng). 595(Ford 2715E eng). 595; 596(Ford 2715E eng). 595; 596(Ford eng). 596(Ford 2715E eng). 610C(Ford 2703E; 2713E eng). Ingersoll Rand DRAF125; DRAF125S; DRAF140; DRP140; DRP140S; DRAF150; DR150S; DRF175; DRF175S(Ford 2711E eng). DRAF250; DRF250; DRF250S; DR250(Ford 2704E; 2714E eng). Iveco Cargo 0608; 0708; 0808(Ford Dorset 4.2L eng). Cargo 0711; 0811; 0911; 1011; 1111; 1211; 1311; 1411; 1711(Ford Dorset 6.0L eng). Cargo 0712; 0812; 0912; 1012; 1112; 1312; 1512; 1712; 1912(Ford Dorset 6.2L eng). Cargo 0914; 1114; 1314; 1514; 1614; 2014; 2114(Ford Dorset 6.0L Turbo eng). JCB 2CX; 3CX; 4CX; 5CX(Unspecified eng). 3CX(JCB 444 68kW 92hp eng). 435S (Cummins QSB-6 164kW 223hp eng). 4CX(JCB 444 74kW 100hp eng). 6; 6C; 6D; 7; 7C; 805(Ford 590E; 2711E eng). 6C; 6D(Ford 590E; 2711E eng). 7; 7B; 7C(Ford 590E; 2711E eng). 805(Ford 2711E eng). 805(Unspecified eng). 805B; 806B; 807B(Ford 2715E eng). 926-2 RTFL(Unspecified eng). 940-2 RTFL(Unspecified eng). Agri 527-58(JCB 74kW 101hp eng). Agri 535-95(JCB 81kW 110hp eng). Agri Plus 560-80(108kW 147hp eng). Eco 225(JCB TC55 55kW 75hp eng). JS160LC; JS160LCTAB; JS160NLC; JS160NLCTA 9822; 0365(72kW 98hp eng). JS160W; JS160WTAB 9822; 0405(Unspecified eng). JS220LC; JS220LR; JS220ST2 9822; 0480(Dieselmax eng). JS220LC; JS220SCCH 9822; 0350(Dieselmax eng). Loadall 526 S(JCB 444 eng). Loadall 526-55(444 eng). Loadall 527-55(JCB 444 63kW 86hp eng). Loadall 528S(JCB 444 eng). Loadall 531-70(JCB 444 eng). Loadall 533-105(JCB 444 eng). Loadall 535-125(JCB 444 62kW 84hp eng). Loadall 535-140(JCB 444 75kW 102hp eng). Loadall 535-95(JCB 444 eng). Loadall 536-60(JCB 444 eng). Loadall 540-140(JCB 444 eng). Loadall 540-170(JCB 444 eng). Loadall 541-70(JCB 444 eng). Loadall 550-140(JCB 444 eng). Loadall 550-170(JCB 444 eng). TM320S (JCB EcoMax 101kW 137hp eng). Kassbohrer Pisten Bully 150D(Motori VM HR694T eng). Pisten Bully 160(Motori VM HR694T eng). Pisten Bully 170(Unspecified eng). Komatsu PC05; PC05-1(3D72-1;-2C eng). PC05-5(3D84-1 eng). Lister Petter LPW4(Unspecified eng). LPW4; LPWS4(Unspecified eng). LPWG4(Unspecified eng). LPWT4(Unspecified eng). Manitou MC100(Ford 2714E eng). MC80(Ford 2714E eng). MC80; MC90; MC100(Ford 2714E eng). MC90(Ford 2714E eng). SLT415B(Unspecified eng). TMT315; TMT320SIFL; TMT320SI(Unspecified eng). TMT315-3SIFL; TMT320-3SI; TMT320-3SIFL(Unspecified eng). TMT320-3; TMT320-3FL(Unspecified eng). TMT320FL(Unspecified eng). TMT320FL; TMT30FLHT; TMT322; TMT325(Unspecified eng). Marshall 120D(Ford 2715E eng). TM120(Ford 2725E eng). Maserati Bora 4.7 4719cc Petrol 228kW 310hp(107-47 eng). Bora 5.0 4930cc Petrol 235kW 320hp(Unspecified eng). Bora(4.9L eng). Bora(4.9L eng). Bora(4.9L eng). Bora(4.9L eng). Bora(4.9L eng). Bora(4.9L eng). Bora(4.9L eng). Bora(4.9L eng). Indy 4.2 4136cc Petrol 191kW 260hp(Unspecified eng). Indy 4.7 4710cc Petrol 213kW 290hp(Unspecified eng). Indy 4.9 4930cc Petrol 235kW 320hp(Unspecified eng). Khamsin 4.9 4930cc Petrol 235kW 320hp(115.49 eng). Merak 2.0 1999cc Petrol 125kW 170hp(114.62.20 eng). Matbro Bray 40(Unspecified eng). PS4000; PS4500; PS5000; PS6000; PS7000; PS7500; RS4000; RS4500(Ford eng). PS4000; RS4000C(Ford 2722 eng). PS4000C(Ford 2722 eng). PS5000; RS5000C(Ford 2723 eng). PS5000C(Ford 2723 eng). PS9000(Ford 2704ET eng). PS9000(Unspecified eng). PS9000; RS9000(Ford 2704ET eng). Teleram C(Ford 2722E eng). Telestar 2522; 2524(Ford 2722E eng). Telestar(Ford 2722 eng). Telestar(Ford 2722 eng). Motori VM 103SU; 104SU(Unspecified eng). 1053SU(Unspecified eng). 1054SU; 1056SU; 1154DAN; 1156DAN(Unspecified eng). 106SU(Unspecified eng). 114(Unspecified eng). 116DAN; 153DAN; 154DAN; 156DAN(Unspecified eng). 2105SUN(Unspecified eng). 3105SUN; 4105SUN; 6105SUN(Unspecified eng). 395(Unspecified eng). 953SU; 954SU; 956SU(Unspecified eng). T1054SU 4cyl Turbo; T1056SU 6cyl Turbo; T1154DAN/S; T1156DAN/S(Unspecified eng). NCK H14C(Ford 2704ET eng). H14C(Ford 2704ET eng). New Holland 1400(Ford 380 eng). 1520(Ford 2712E 17kW 23hp eng). 1525(Ford 2713E eng). 1525(Ford 2715E eng). 1530(Ford 2713E eng). 1530(Ford 2715E eng). 1540(Ford 2715E eng). 1540AL(Ford 2704ET eng). 1545(Ford 2715E eng). 1550(Ford eng). 1770(Ford 2704E eng). 8050(Ford 2715E eng). 8050(Ford 2723E; 2725E eng). 8055(Ford 2723E eng). 8060(Ford 2715E eng). 8060(Ford 2723E; 2725E eng). 8070(Ford 2704ET eng). 8070(Ford 2715E eng). 8070(Ford 2723E; 2725E eng). 8080(Ford 2715E eng). 8080(Ford 2723E; 2725E eng). 84CM(Unspecified eng). 985(Ford eng). 995(Ford 363 eng). L600(Onan L423 eng). LB620(Onan L423 eng). TR70(Ford 363TD eng). TR75(Ford 2704ET eng). TR75(Ford eng). Onan L317D(Unspecified eng). L423D; L423D-I(Unspecified eng). L423D-M(Unspecified eng). L423D-P(Unspecified eng). L634; L634D(Unspecified eng). L634D-I; L634D-P(Unspecified eng). L634T; L634T-A; L634T-I(Unspecified eng). MDL4(Unspecified eng). Orenstein and Koppel A25; A30; A41; A50; V26; V80(Ford 2712E eng). A25; V25(Ford 2711; 2712E eng). A30; V30(Ford 2711; 2712E eng). A35; V35(Ford 2711; 2712E eng). A40; V40(Ford 2711; 2712E eng). A50(Ford 2712E eng). Priestman Bogmaster VC(Ford 2713E eng). Bogmaster VC(Ford 2725E eng). Bogmaster(Ford 2713E eng). VC15; VC15 Bogmaster(Ford 2725E eng). Prinoth T MkII(Motori VM eng). T2S(Motori VM eng). Renault 545.4; 571.4; 651.4(Carraro 285; 315 eng). R321.4; R351.4; R451.4; R481.4; R545.4; R571.4; R581.4; R651.4(Carraro 285; 315 eng). Ruston 150RH(Ford 2712 eng). 150RH(Ford 2712E eng). 190-4(Ford 2715E eng). 190-4(Ford 2715E eng). 220RH(Ford 2715E eng). 220RH(Ford 2715E eng). Sabb F4.254 2712E(Unspecified eng). F4.415 2712E(Unspecified eng). F6.380 2715E(Marine eng). F6.595 2726T(Marine eng). F6.595T; F6.595Ti(2728TIM Marine eng). F6.622 2725E(Marine eng). Sabre Lehman(Ford 2722 eng). Sama 451-4(Carraro 284 eng). Same Centauro 60(Unspecified eng). Centauro 65(Unspecified eng). Sanderson SB50; SB55TC; SB504; Plantman 365; 550; Teleporter 227; 2277; 247; Ford Skid Unit(Unspecified eng). SB70; SB704 Teleporter; 227S; 227TS; 247TS Teleporter 2; PFC48 Ford Skid Unit(Unspecified eng). Scania 114(Unspecified eng). Slanzi DAV3600TB(Unspecified eng). DS3000; DS4000(Unspecified eng). DS4000TB(Unspecified eng). DVA2700(Unspecified eng). DVA2700(Unspecified eng). DVA3000(Unspecified eng). DVA3600(Unspecified eng). DVA3600(Unspecified eng). DVA3600(Unspecified eng). Thwaites Alldrive 3.5 Ton(Ford 2711E eng). Alldrive 3.5 Ton; 5 Ton Giant(Ford 2711E eng). Alldrive 8 Ton(Ford 2711E eng). Alldrive 9000(Ford 2722 eng). Alldrive 9000(Ford 2722 eng). Alldrive Giant 5 Ton(Ford 2711E eng). Alldrive Giant 5 Ton(Ford 2722 eng). Alldrive Giant(Ford 2722 eng). Galaxy 6 Ton(Ford 2722 eng). Ursus RAS100(Motori VM 1054 eng). RAS120(Motori VM T1056 eng). RAS55DT(Motori VM 1053 eng). RAS80(Motori VM 1054 eng). Venieri C453; C553; R453DM(Unspecified eng). C503; C553(Motori VM 1053 eng). C604L; C604N(Motori VM 104SU eng). VF5.73(Motori VM 104 eng). VM Motori 1054(Unspecified eng). 1056SU(Unspecified eng). 1154DAN(Unspecified eng). 1156DAN; T1156DAN(Unspecified eng). 2105SUN(Unspecified eng). 2105SUN(Unspecified eng). 3105SUN(Unspecified eng). 3105TSUN(Unspecified eng). 4105SUN(Unspecified eng). 4105TSUN(Unspecified eng). 6105 SUN(Unspecified eng). 6105T; 6105TI-SUN(Unspecified eng). VME 103SU(Unspecified eng). 104SU; 104SUI; 106SU(Unspecified eng). 1053SU(Unspecified eng). 1054SU; T1054SU; 1056SU; T1056SU(Unspecified eng). 114DAN(Unspecified eng). 854SU(Unspecified eng). 953SU(Unspecified eng). 954SU; 954SUI(Unspecified eng). 956SU(Unspecified eng). Yale and Towne 6000(Ford 2701E eng). 6000(Ford 2701E eng)

    These are Inline Filters own Part Numbers and carry the bulk of our Catalogue information which includes Cross Reference, Vehicle Applications, Size and Specifications data. They will always be a Quality Brand although not Brand Specific which enables us to offer the best Price and Stock Availability.

    As these are our fastest moving items the Manufacturer, Picture and exact Size may vary then we can second source if necessary to complete orders quickly. Be assured we only supply quality Filter Brands from globally recognised Filter Manufacturers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. Our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Alco, SF Schupp, MP Filtri, Solberg and Vokes.

    To visit Websites of the Filter Manufacturer's we use click here MANUFACTURER'S WEBSITES

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    Application, Cross Reference and Size data is provided as a guide only, for full compatibility ensure all our specifications match your requirements.
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