FIN-FL70813 FILTER-Lube(Mann W714/2, Fram PH5365)

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  • Part Number FIN-FL70813
  • Manufactured by: Mann

    PartNo: FIN-FL70813 * * * * * We also offer these Brand Specific versions: FMH-W714-2 * * * * *
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    Description: FILTER-Lube(Spin On)
    Category: Filters-Lube > SpinOn > 3-4.16UN
    Updated: 22/07/2021

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    Height: 82mm
    OD/WidthMax: 96mm
    OD/WidthMin: 96mm
    Thread: 3/4-16 UN
    ByPassValvePSI: Yes
    AntiDrainValve: Yes

    AC Delco X4047E, X4179E, Alco SP910, SP-910, SP-927, AP Lockheed LK-1140, Bosch 0451103094, 0451103186, 0451103187, 045110318730N, 0451103187-30N, 0451103284, 045110328444N, 0451103284-44N, 0451103349, 0451104526, 1451103187, F026408726, P3349, Champion C101/606, C101606, C135/606, C135606, C235/606, C235606, COF100101S, COF100235S, Coopers Fiaam FT5226, Z1123, Z859, Delphi Lucas CAV EDL180, FX0145, FX0146, Fiat 71736162, 7724167, Fil ZP523B, ZP542, ZP557C, Filtron OP566, OP566/1, OP566/2, OP5661, OP5662, OP578, Ford 5011997, Fram PH5365, PH5822, GIF GL294, GL350, GL615, GKN MOF66X, MOF89X, Halfords HOF218, HOF262, Hengst H10W13, Inline FFRPH5365, FFR-PH5365, FINFL70813, FIN-FL70813, FL70813, Lada 2105101200501, M MH324, MH3316, Magneti Marelli 71760126, Mann 6742259910, W714/2, W7142, Motaquip VFL389, Powertrain PMFL166, Purolator Facet L27820, Renault 7701415054, Ryco Z421, Savara 9.28.329.17, 9.28.329.67, 9.28.337.17, 9.28.337.67, 9.28.337.83, 9.28.338.17, 92832967, 92833767, 92833783, 928579, SO068, SO329, SO338, SF Schupp SP4394, Sofima S2210R, S3431R, S7000R, Tecneco OL17, OL41AD, OL41ADM, Tecnocar R165, R17, R343, Teho 4138, 4332, OK138, TJ FB5478, UFI 23.268.00, 23.447.00, 2326700, 2326800, Unipart GFE315, Valeo 586053, Volkswagen 0003963373, SE028030288A, XE028030288A, Wix WL7121, WL7122

    Alfa Romeo 145 1.4 IE 1351cc Petrol 66kW 90hp-1994/01(AR33501 eng). 145 1.6 IE 1596cc Petrol 76kW 103hp-1994/01(AR33201 eng). 145 1.7 IE 16V 1712cc Petrol 95kW 129hp-1994/01(AR33401 eng). 146 1.4 IE 1351cc Petrol 66kW 90hp-1994/01(AR33501 eng). 146 1.6 IE 1596cc Petrol 76kW 103hp-1994/01(AR33201 eng). 146 1.7 IE 16V 1712cc Petrol 95kW 129hp-1994/01(AR33401 eng). 164 3.0 24V K1 2959cc Petrol 155kW 211hp-1992/01(AR66301 eng). 164 3.0 24V Q4 K1M;K1C 2959cc Petrol 170kW 231hp-1994/01(AR64307 eng). 164 3.0 24V QV H1 2959cc Petrol 171kW 233hp-1992/01(AR64304 eng). 33 1.4 IE A3A;A3B 1351cc Petrol 65kW 88hp-1991/01(AR30755 eng). 33 1.7 16V A1B 1712cc Petrol 101kW 137hp-1990/01. 33 1.7 16V A1C/B1G 1712cc Petrol 95kW 129hp-1990/01(AR30747 eng). Fiat 900 0.9 T/E 903cc Petrol 26kW 35hp-1978/01(100GF000 eng). Cinquecento (170/270) 0.9 899cc Petrol 30kW 41hp-1991/01. Cinquecento (170/270) 0.9 IES 899cc Petrol 29kW 40hp-1991/01(170A1.046 eng). Cinquecento (PL; RO) 900 899cc Petrol 29kW 40hp-1997/01. Croma (154) 2.5 V6 2492cc Petrol 117kW 159hp-1993/01(834G.000 eng). Fiorino (127/146/147) 0.9 127 896cc Petrol 33kW 45hp-1977/01(100 GL.000 eng). Panda I (141A) 0.6 652cc Petrol 22kW 30hp-1982/01(141A.000 eng). Panda I (141A) 0.8 34 837cc Petrol 25kW 34hp-1981/01. Panda I (141A) 0.9 45 896cc Petrol 33kW 45hp-1982/01(100 GL3.000 eng). Panda I (141A) 0.9 4x4 952cc Petrol 35kW 48hp-1983/01(A112 B1.054 eng). Panda I (141A) 0.9 Kat. 899cc Petrol 29kW 40hp-1992/01(1170A1.046 eng). Ritmo (138A) 1.0 60 1049cc Petrol 44kW 60hp-1979/01(127A6.000 eng). Seicento (187) 0.9 899cc Petrol 29kW 40hp-1998/01(1170A1.046 eng). Seicento 900; S; SX 899cc 38bhp. Uno (146/158/246) 0.9 45 ES 896cc Petrol 33kW 45hp-1983/01(146A.100 eng). Uno (PL) 40 (0.9) 899cc Petrol 29kW 40hp-2000/01(1170A1.046 eng). Lada Niva Cossack 4x4 Hussar 1690cc Single Point Injection 4 Cyl OHC 79bhp. Samara 1100;1300;1500cc(Petrol eng). Samara 425 1300cc 65bhp. Lancia A 112 0.9 903cc Petrol 32kW 44hp-1969/01. A 112 0.9 903cc Petrol 33kW 45hp-1976/01. A 112 0.9 E 903cc Petrol 34kW 47hp-1973/01. A 112 0.9 E;Elite;LX 965cc Petrol 35kW 48hp-1977/01(A112 B 1.000 eng). A 112 0.9 Junior 896cc Petrol 29kW 40hp-1981/01(A112B2.000 eng). A 112 0.9 Junior 903cc Petrol 31kW 42hp-1975/01(A112A5.000; A112B2.000 eng). A 112 1.0 Abarth 1036cc Petrol 51kW 69hp-1978/01(A112A2.000 eng). A 112 1.0 Abarth 1036cc Petrol 51kW 70hp-1974/01(A112 A 2.000 eng). A 112 1.0 Abarth 982cc Petrol 43kW 58hp-1971/01(A112 A 1.000 eng). A 112 1.0 LX 952cc Petrol 35kW 48hp-1984/01(A112B1.000 eng). Beta 1400 828AB2 1438cc Petrol 66kW 90hp-1973/01(828A2.000 eng). Beta 1800 828AB1 1756cc Petrol 81kW 110hp-1973/01(828A1.000 eng). Dedra 1.8 1756cc Petrol 74kW 101hp-1994/01(835A2.046 eng). Dedra 1.8 IE LE 1756cc Petrol 66kW 90hp-1993/01(835C5.000 eng). Delta I (831) 2.0 HF 4WD 831 ABO 1995cc Petrol 122kW 166hp-1986/01(831B5.000 eng). Delta I (831) 2.0 HF Integrale 16V 831 ABO 1995cc Petrol 144kW 196hp-1989/01(831D5.000 eng). Delta I (831) 2.0 HF Integrale 831 ABO 1981cc Petrol 133kW 181hp-1987/01(831C5.000 eng). Delta I (831) 2.0 HF Integrale 831 ABO 1995cc Petrol 130kW 177hp-1989/01(831C5.046 eng). Delta II (836) 2.0 HF Integrale 16V 836 1995cc Petrol 155kW 211hp-1993/01(831E5.000 eng). Delta II (836) 2.0 HPE 836 1995cc Petrol 142kW 193hp-1996/01(175A4.000 eng). Monte Carlo 2.0 1995cc Petrol 88kW 120hp-1980/01(134AS.000 eng). Seat 127 0.9 Petrol 31kW 43hp-1983/01. 127 1.0 Petrol 38kW 52hp-1983/01. 133 0.8 837cc Petrol 25kW 34hp-1974/01(DG eng). Fura 0.9 896cc Petrol 29kW 39hp-1982/01(100 GL7000; 09NCA eng). Fura 0.9 903cc Petrol 31kW 43hp-1982/01(HB90 eng). Fura 0.9 903cc Petrol 33kW 45hp-1982/01. Ibiza I 0.9 903cc Petrol 29kW 39hp-1990/01(146A.000 eng). Ibiza I 0.9 903cc Petrol 32kW 44hp-1989/01(146A.000 eng). Marbella 0.8 843cc Petrol 25kW 34hp-1987/01(08NCA eng). Marbella 0.9 896cc Petrol 29kW 39hp-1987/01(09NCA eng). Marbella 0.9 899cc Petrol 32kW 44hp-1997/01. Marbella 0.9 903cc Petrol 29kW 39hp-1987/01(09NCB eng). Marbella 0.9 KAT 899cc Petrol 30kW 41hp-1996/01(08NCB eng). Panda 0.9 141A 903cc Petrol 31kW 42hp-1980/01. Panda 0.9 40 Petrol 31kW 42hp-1983/01. Panda 0.9 45 Petrol 33kW 45hp-1983/01. Terra 0.9 903cc Petrol 29kW 39hp-1987/01. Terra 0.9 903cc Petrol 29kW 40hp-1987/01(09NCA eng). Terra 0.9 KAT 903cc Petrol 29kW 40hp-1990/01(09NCB eng). Trans 0.9 903cc Petrol 31kW 42hp-1983/01. Zastava Yugo / Yugo Florida 0.9 903cc Petrol 33kW 45hp-1980/01

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