FIN-FL70769 Filter-Lube(Equivalent: B238, LF682, W1140, 51714)

Price(Ex Vat): £8.11

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  • Part Number FIN-FL70769
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    Part No: Inline FL70769 (Also available as Brand Specific: FBW-BT267, FFG-LF682, FMH-W1140)
    Our Stock Level: 16
    More Stock: Any further stock usually 2-10 weeks
    Details: Gasket: G381-A. Contains: AD, HBP. Gasket: G381-A. Contains: AD, HBP..
    Updated: 26/09/2021

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    Height: 148mm
    OD/WidthMax: 108mm
    OD/WidthMin: 108mm
    Thread: 3/4-16 UN
    ByPassValvePSI: 20
    AntiDrainValve: Yes

    AC Delco PF14, X4128E, Agco 74027979V, Alco SP855, SP-855, Allis Chalmers 04513411, 0451341-1, 2089590, 4027979, 40279796, 4027979-6, 4513411, 45134111, 4513411-1, AP Lockheed AP3148A, LK-3148, LK3148A, LK-3148A, Baldwin B238, Bosch 0451203152, 451-104-003, 451203090, 451-203-090, 9-450-732-018, Case IHC 1931165, 925229C1, 925229-C1, 925229-C91, Caterpillar 3I1273, Clark 9100151, 910015-1, 9311037, CF267, Coopers Fiaam AZL126, LSF5004, Z34, Crosland 655, Delphi Lucas CAV G358, G358, Deutz AG Fahr KHD 2.4419.340.0/10, 24419340010, Donaldson LFP553411, P553411, Faun Frisch 1470819, 4134473, Fiat Allis 1930742, Fiat 2089505, 4602186, 704625547, 70620000, Fil ZP513, ZP513A, ZP513B, Filtration Control FCL7175, Fleetguard LF3449, LF3474, LF3489, LF682, Fleetrite LFR83449, LFR83474, LFR83489, LFR8682, Ford A740X-6714-BA, A800X-6714-RA, D2NN6714A, D2NN-6714-A, D5NN6714A, D5NN-6714-A, D9NN6714A, D9NN6714CA, D9NN6714LA, Fram PH3534, PH41, PH4467, Gardner 2012840, 26A43, Greyfriars 9036S, Guiot GH2826, Hengst H208W01, H97W15, Huerlimann 0.4415.530.01, Inline FFRPH3534, FFR-PH3534, FFRPH4467, FFR-PH4467, FINFL70769, FIN-FL70769, FL70769, Kralinator L112, L40, L40A, Kubota 15451-32430, 1654399170, 16543-99170, 7000014652, 70000-14652, 70000-57500, Lamborghini 0.0411.553.0/01, 00411553001, Luberfiner LFP3411, LFP3411F, PH3411, M MH373, Mann 6760459106, W924, Mopar L48, Motorcraft EFL093, EFL154, Napa 1714, New Holland 19091021, 1909102-1, 98432642, Orenstein and Koppel 1448985, Perkins 26540214, 2654350, Permatic FH133V, Purolator Facet 6673074, R22, Renault 500044487, 5021107385, Ryco Z64, Sakura C7001, C-7001, C7009, C-7009, Same 041.1556.0, 0411553001, 0411556001, 2.4419.340.0, 244193400, 41.1553.0, 41.1553.0/01, 41.1556.0, 4115530, 411553001, 4115560, Savara 2711/110, 2711110,,,,, 92801217, 92807211, 92807217, 92818617, 92825017, SO012, SF Schupp SP4366, Sofima S0108R, Sogefi Pro FT4813/SGP, FT4813SGP, Soparis CB352, Sure SFO0682, Tecneco OL169, OL86, Tecnocar OP356, R169, R74, Teho OK124, OK46, TRP 1534515, UFI 22.031.00, 2203100, 23.108.00, 23.108.01, 23.108.02, 2310800, 25.415.00, 2541500, Valeo 586059, Vapormatic VPD5046, VPD5055, Vauxhall GM 25011619, 5579920, 5579970, Volvo 795660, White 400000401, 40-0000401, Wix 51714, Woodgate WGL3505, WGL682

    Agrifull 100; 100DT-1985/01(Fiat 8065.06 eng). 110; 110DT-1985/01(Fiat 8065.05 eng). 90; 90DT-1985/01(Fiat 8055.05 70kW 95hp eng). Allis Chalmers 180; 185. 190; 190XT; 190XT MkIII(D2900 eng). 190; 190XT; 190XT MkIII-MkIII(D2800; G2500; G2800 eng). 190; 190XT; 190XT MkIII-United Air Cleaner. 210; 220. 2800; 649. 3400; 3500 670T. 4-33I; 4-33T. 500; 600. 5050(Perkins 3.158 eng). 6060; 6080(433T eng). 615. 616; 622-1961/01. 650; 652; 653; 655. 653; 655. 707. 760XTB. 801; 802. 918(2800 eng). ACC100; ACC120(Allis Chalmers 262 eng). ACC60; ACC70; ACC80(Allis Chalmers 262 eng). ACC60; ACC70; ACC80(Allis Chalmers 262 eng). D17D-1961/01(D262 eng). D19D(D262T eng). D21D(3400; 3500 eng). D262; D262T-1961/01. DD-1961/01(D230; D262 eng). DES30; DES35-1961/01(D262 eng). DES45; DES60; DES90; DES100(2800; 2900; 3500 eng). FD60-24; FPD60-24; FSD60-24; FD70-24; FPD70-24; FSD70-24; FD80-24; FPD80-24; FSD80-24; FD100-24; FD120-24-1961/01(D262 eng). HD16DP. M-65(D262 eng). TL545; TL545H(AC2900 eng). TL545; TL545H(ACG2800 eng). TL645(AC3500 eng). TP103. Bantam C350; CR350; T350(Allis Chalmers D262 eng). Benati 3.20(Fiat 8061 eng). Ben | 12; 12S(Fiat 8065 eng). Benfra 315B-1991/01(Aifo 804I eng). 515B-1991/01(Aifo 806I eng). 8CB(Fiat 8060 eng). Braud 604; 605(Fiat 8065 eng). 701(Aifo; Fiat eng). Case IHC JX100U-2002/01(71kW 97hp eng). JX55-2002/01(Fiat 8035.06 43kW 58hp eng). JX65(48kW 65hp eng). JX70U-2002/01(51kW 69hp eng). JX75-2002/01(55kW 75hp eng). JX80U-2002/01(59kW 80hp eng). JX85(63kW 85hp eng). JX90U-2002/01(66kW 89hp eng). JX95(69kW 94hp eng). Cleveland D710(Allis Chalmers 649 eng). D720(Allis Chalmers 670T eng). Deutz AG Fahr KHD Agroclimber | 105-2007/01(Lamborghini 1000.4W 75kW 102hp eng). Agroclimber | F100-M-N-2007/01(Lamborghini 1000.4WT 70kW 95hp eng). Agroclimber | F90-M-N-C-2007/01(Lamborghini 1000.4WT 64kW 87hp eng). Agrolux | 87. Agrolux | 87LP. Agrolux | 97. Agrolux | 97LP. Agroplus | 87-2006/01(1000.4WT 64kW 87hp E2 eng). Agroplus | 95-New. Agroplus | F100. Agroplus | F90. Agrotrac | 100(1000.4WT 71kW 96hp eng). Agrotrac | 110-2004/01(Lamborghini 1000.6W 74kW 101hp eng). Agrotrac | 125(Lamborghini 1000.6WT 92kW 125hp eng). Agrotrac | 130(Lamborghini 1000.6WT 93kW 126hp eng). Agrotrac | 150(Lamborghini 1000.6WTI 115kW 157hp eng). Agrotrac | 610-COM3. Agrotrac | 620-COM3. Ebro L35S; L35SF-1985/01(Perkins 4.236 62kW 84hp eng). L45; L45F-1982/01(Perkins 4.236 43kW 59hp eng). L80 -1987/01(Perkins 6.354.3 103kW 140hp eng). Eicher 2090A-1990/01(Same 1000.4W 65kW 88hp eng). 2100A-1990/01(Same 1000.4W 76kW 103hp eng). Fiat 130 2.9 2866cc 103kW 140hp-1969/01. 130 2.9 2866cc 117kW 160hp-1970/01. 130 3.2 B 3220cc Petrol 121kW 165hp-1971/01. Fiat Allis 1000-1972/01(Fiat 74kW 100hp eng). 1000S-1976/01(8065 81kW 110hp eng). 100-90-74kW 100hp-1984/01(8065.06 eng). 110-90-1986/01(8065.05 81kW 110hp eng). 11180; 1180DT-1979/01(8065.04 85kW 115hp eng). 115-90-1984/01(8065.05 85kW 115hp eng). 1280; 1280DT-1979/01(8065.24 90kW 123hp eng). 1380; 1380DT-1979/01(8065 99kW 135hp eng). 1F120DT-1985/01(8065.05 eng). 250-1968/01(8025; 8205 18kW 25hp eng). 255(8025; 8205 eng). 300-1971/01(8205; 8025 23kW 31hp eng). 350C(8025; 8205 eng). 355C; 355F(8025; 8205 eng). 880-5-1980/01(8055.04 65kW 88hp eng). 88-93-1988/01(8045.05; 8045.06 eng). 88-94-1993/01(8045.05; 8045.06 63kW 85hp eng). 900-1969/01(Fiat 66kW 90hp eng). 90-90-1984/01(8055.05 66kW 90hp eng). 95-55-1984/01(8055.05 eng). 955C-1981/01(8055.04 eng). 980-1979/01(8065.02 72kW 98hp eng). F100-1990/01(Fiat 74kW 100hp eng). F100DT-1990/01(8065.05; 8065.06 eng). F110-1993/01(Fiat 81kW 110hp eng). F110DT(8065.05 eng). F115-1993/01(Fiat 85kW 115hp eng). F120-1990/01(Fiat 88kW 120hp eng). FD7; FD7LP(8065 60kW 82hp eng). FE16(8065 60kW 82hp eng). FE18HD; FE18LC(8065 67kW 91hp eng). FE18R(8065 80kW 109hp eng). FG10-1981/01(8065T eng). FL7(8065 60kW 82hp eng). FL7B(8065 63kW 86hp eng). FR100-1991/01(8065 eng). FR10B(8065 85kW 116hp eng). L65-1990/01(8045.06 eng). L75-1990/01(8045.05 eng). L85-1990/01(8045.25 eng). L95-1990/01(8045.25 eng). Hercules D1500. D1700. D2000. D2300. G1500. G1700. G2000. G2300. Hitachi FB100. Huerlimann Elite | 6115-XB-1997/01(1000.6W 85kW 115hp eng). Elite | 6135-XB-1997/01(1000.6W 99kW 135hp eng). H100XF-COM3. H-1200-SX DTA-2000/01(1000.6WT 88kW 120hp eng). H-1350-2000/01(1000.6WT 99kW 135hp eng). H-1500-SX DTA-2000/01(1000.6WTi 110kW 150hp eng). H-1600-SX DTA-2000/01(1000.6WTi 118kW 160hp eng). H-1600-SX DTA-2000/01(1000.6WTi 132kW 180hp eng). H-2000-SX DTA-2000/01(1000.6WTi 143kW 193hp eng). H305XE-1993/01(1000.3A 37kW 50hp eng). H306XE-1993/01(1000.3A 44kW 60hp eng). H307XE-1993/01(1000.3AT 51kW 70hp eng). H362; H372-1989/01(Perkins H1000.3AT eng). H365F-XE. H372(Turbo eng). H375F-XE. H4105DT-1989/01(Perkins H1000.4WT 76kW 103hp Turbo eng). H468; H468.4-1986/01(Perkins H1000.4W 51kW 70hp eng). H481XF-COM3. H486(Turbo eng). H488-1985/01(Perkins H1000.4WT 65kW 88hp Turbo eng). H490(70kW 95hp Turbo eng). H491XF-COM3. H496-1985/01(70kW 95hp Turbo eng). H5105. H5110-1979/01(85kW 115hp eng). H6125. H6130-1982/01(96kW 130hp eng). H6135-1989/01(1000.6WT 97kW 132hp Turbo eng). H6136-1985/01(Hurlimann 1106-13 96kW 130hp eng). H6155. H6165-DT(1000.6WTi 120kW 164hp eng). H6190 (1000.6WTiR 139kW 190hp eng). H658-XA-1999/01(1000.4AT 61kW 83hp eng). H908-XT DT(1000.4WT3 63kW 86hp eng). H909-XT DTA(1000.4WT2 70kW 95hp eng). H90XF-COM3. H910.4-XT DTA(1000.4WT1 76kW 104hp eng). H911-XT DTA(1000.6WT 81kW 110hp eng). H913-XT DTA(1000.6WT 97kW 132hp eng). Master | H6165-1993/01(Perkins H1000.6WTI eng). Master | H6190-1992/01(136kW 190hp eng). Master | HP. Prestige Tradition | 95(1000.4WT 70kW 95hp E2 eng). X709. XA-658-2000/01(1000.4WT4 61kW 83hp eng). XA-86; XA-86 Tradition(1000.4WT6E 61kW 83hp eng). XB-85. XB-85T; XB-85TB(1000.4WT 63kW 85hp E2 eng). XB-95. XB-95T; XB-95TB(1000.4WT 67kW 91hp E2 eng). XF100-COM3. XF100-COM3. XF100-COM3. XF90-COM3. XF90-COM3. XF90-COM3. XS100. XS90. XT110-2005/01(TCD-2012-L04; 1000.4-WTI1 75kW 102hp eng). XT115. XT130. XT140-COM3. XT160-COM3. XT85-2005/01(Perkins 1000.4WT9 63kW 85hp eng). XT908-1997/01(Perkins 1000.4WT3 63kW 85hp eng). XT909-1997/01(Perkins 1000.4WT2 70kW 95hp eng). XT910.4-1997/01(Perkins 1000.4WT1 76kW 103hp eng). XT911. XT913. XT95-2005/01(1000.4WT8 67kW 91hp eng). Iveco 100.13Z-1980/01(8060.04.660 96kW 130hp eng). 100-EC-1972/01(8060.02 90kW 122hp eng). 100-F; F13-1978/01(8060.04 71kW 96hp eng). 100-N-1973/01(Fiat 8060.02 90kW 122hp eng). 100-NC-1972/01(8060.02 90kW 122hp eng). 110-NC; NR-1972/01(8060.02.000 90kW 122hp eng). 110-NC; NT13-1978/01(8060.04.000 99kW 135hp eng). 110-NC; PC-1972/01(8060.02 90kW 122hp eng). 110-NC-1978/01(OM8360.04.200 107kW 145hp eng). 110-NC-1978/01(OM8360.04.300 107kW 145hp eng). 110-NT-1972/01(8060.02.000 90kW 122hp eng). 110-P; R; T-1973/01(Fiat 8060.02 90kW 122hp eng). 50NC-1972/01(8040.02 60kW 82hp eng). 55.13Z-1980/01(8060.04.658 99kW 135hp eng). 65.14-Z-1983/01(8060.04.620; 8060.04.621 99kW 135hp eng). 75.14-PMZ-1983/01(8060.04.070 99kW 135hp eng). 79.13-Z-1983/01(8060.04.060; 8060.04.660 71kW 96hp eng). 79.14-Z-1983/01(8060.04.660 102kW 139hp eng). 79-F13-1979/01(8060.04.660 96kW 131hp eng). 8031-M06-1985/01. 8041-M08; M09-1980/01. 8051-1976/01. 8060; 8060i; 8065; 8065i. 8060-1976/01. 8061-1979/01. 8061-M12; M14-1980/01. 8065-1978/01. 8065-M12-1980/01. 80-F13-1978/01(8060.04 71kW 96hp eng). 80-NC; NT-1972/01(8060.02 90kW 122hp eng). 90-F13-1978/01(8060.04.055 71kW 96hp eng). 90-NC-1972/01(8060.02 90kW 122hp eng). 90-NC-1972/01(8060.02 90kW 122hp eng). A70-14 -1988/01(8060.05.246 101kW 138hp eng). A79-14 -1988/01(8060.05.285 101kW 138hp eng). M115-14 -1983/01(8060.04.630 100kW 139hp eng). M95-14 -1983/01(8060.04.669 102kW 139hp eng). MK110-14-1983/01(8060.04.639; 8060.04.675 99kW 135hp eng). MK135-14 -1983/01(8060.04.630 102kW 139hp eng). MK135-17 -1983/01(8060.24.601 130kW 175hp eng). MK80-14PM-1982/01(8060.04.670; 8060.04.672 73kW 99hp eng). MK90-13-1983/01(8060.04.055; 8060.04.060 96kW 130hp eng). MK90-13-1983/01(Fiat 8060.04 96kW 130hp eng). MK90-14 -1988/01(8060.05.246 101kW 138hp eng). Z110-1981/01(8060.04.661 81kW 110hp eng). Z110-1983/01(8060.04.661 81kW 110hp eng). Z220-1982/01(8060.04.662 96kW 120hp eng). Z220-1983/01(8060.04.662 96kW 120hp eng). Zeta | 109.14-1983/01(8060.04.689 102kW 139hp eng). Zeta | 109.14-1985/01(8060.05.289 102kW 139hp eng). Zeta | 55.14-1988/01(8060.05.246 101kW 138hp eng). Zeta | 75.13-W-1987/01(8060.05.270 102kW 138hp eng). Kubota 6030; 6030DT; 6030F. 7030; 7030DT; 7030F. GV3120(D1402B eng). GV3170; GV3170SW(V1902-B eng). GV3240; GV3240SW(S2800B eng). KH16W(Kubota D1402BH eng). KH20L(V1902-BH eng). M125. M5500. M5950; M5950DT; M5950F. M7500. M7950; M7950DT; M7950F. M8030; M8030DT; M8030F. M8580. M8950DT; M8950F. M9540. Lamborghini 11100; 1100DTA Premium-1999/01(1000.6WT 81kW 132hp eng). 11106. 11306. 1300; 1300DTA Premium-1999/01(1000.6WT 97kW 110hp eng). 135; 135DTA Champion-1999/01(1000.6WT 99kW 135hp eng). 150; 150DTA Champion -1999/01(1000.6WTi 110kW 150hp eng). 160; 160DTA Champion -2000/01(1000.6WTi3V 118kW 160hp eng). 180; 180DTA Champion -2000/01(1000.6WTi3V 132kW 180hp eng). 1R1156; R1156DT. 200; 200DTA Champion -2000/01(1000.6WTi3V 143kW 195hp eng). 956-100. Agile | 880S(1000.4W 59kW 80hp eng). Agile | 990S(1000.4WT 65kW 89hp eng). C-100. C-105(Lamborghini 1000.4WT 75kW 102hp eng). C-90. C-95(Lamborghini 1000.4WT 70kW 95hp eng). Champion | 120; 120DTA-1999/01(1000.6WT 88kW 120hp eng). Ergomatic | C-674-70. Ergomatic | C-774-80. Ergomatic | C-874-90(Turbo eng). Formula | 105DT(1000.4WT 77kW 105hp eng). Formula | 115DT(1000.6W 85kW 116hp eng). Formula | 135DT(1000.6WT 97kW 132hp eng). Formula Formula 115 . Grand Prix | 774-80(L1000-4W eng). Grand Prix | 874-90DT-LS-1999/01(1000.4WT 65kW 88hp eng). Plus | 990F-DT(1000.4WT1 64kW 87hp eng). Premium | 1050DTA(1000.4WT1 76kW 104hp eng). Premium | 1060DTA(1000.6W1 77kW 105hp eng). Premium | 850DTA(1000.4WT3 63kW 86hp eng). Premium | 950DTA(1000.4WT2 70kW 95hp eng). R1056; R1056DT. R1256. R1356; R1356DT. R2.86(Lamborghini 1000.4WT 64kW 87hp eng). R3.85T. R350. R503S; R503DTS. R583. R603; R603DT. R955. Racing | 150DT-1991/01(1000.6WTi1 110kW 150hp eng). Racing | 165DT-1991/01(1000.6WTi 120kW 164hp eng). Racing | 190DT-1991/01(1000.6WTiR 139kW 190hp eng). Sprint | 684-85. Landini 3300(8051; 8061 eng). 3350(8051; 8061 eng). 3450(8051; 8061 eng). 3500(Aifo eng). New Holland 4835. 4835-1996/01(New Holland 41kW 56hp eng). 5635-1996/01(Ford 49kW 66hp eng). 6635-1996/01(Ford 56kW 76hp eng). 7635-1996/01(New Holland 63kW 86hp eng). 8030(Iveco 8061 eng). 8040(Iveco 8061 eng). 8050(Iveco 8061.S3 eng). 8060(Iveco 8061.S3 eng). 8070(Iveco 8061.S3 eng). 8070(Iveco 8361.1 eng). 8080(Iveco 8061.S3 eng). LB75. LM410-1996/01(Iveco 8045.25 55kW 75hp eng). LM640-1998/01(CNH 8045 55kW 75hp eng). TD75D-2002/01(E1 eng). TD85D-2002/01. TD95D-2002/01. TL100; TL100DT-1998/01(Iveco 8045.25 70kW 95hp Turbo eng). TL65-1998/01(Iveco 8035.05 47kW 64hp eng). TL70; TL70DT-1998/01(Iveco 8045.06 48kW 65hp eng). TL80-1998/01(Iveco 8045.05 59kW 80hp eng). TL90; TL90DT-1998/01(Iveco 8045.25 63kW 86hp Turbo eng). Same Antares | 100DT(73kW 100hp eng). Antares | 110DT(1000.6-A6 81kW 110hp eng). Antares | 130DT(1000.6AT 93kW 127hp Turbo eng). Argon | 50; 50DTA-1993/01(1000.3A 37kW 50hp eng). Argon | 60; 60DTA-1993/01(1000.3A 44kW 60hp eng). Argon | 65F. Argon | 70; 70DTA-1993/01(1000.3AT 52kW 71hp eng). Argon | 75F(55kW 75hp eng). Buffalo | 130. Dorado | 85(Perkins 1000.4AT5 eng). Dorado | 86(Perkins 1000.4WT eng). Dorado | F100(74kW 100hp eng). Dorado | S100(1000.4WT 70kW 95hp E2 eng). Dorado | S90(1000.4WT 64kW 87hp E2 eng). Drago | 100. Drago | 120. Explorer | 85T; 85TB. Explorer | 95T; 95TB. Explorer MkI | 85. Explorer MkI | 95. Explorer MkII | 70-C Special. Explorer MkII | 80-C Special. Explorer MkII | 90-C Special. Frutteto MkII | 100(1000.4WT 70kW 95hp E2 eng). Frutteto MkII | 75(1000.4W 54kW 74hp E2 eng). Frutteto MkII | 85. Frutteto MkII | 85DT(1000.4AT1 63kW 86hp eng). Frutteto MkII | 90(1000.4WT 64kW 87hp E2 eng). Golden | 65(1000.3AT 49kW 67hp eng). Golden | 85(1000.4AT 62kW 85hp eng). Jaguar | 100. Jaguar | 95. Krypton | 100(1000.4W eng). Krypton | 100(1000.4W 70kW 95hp eng). Laser | 100DT. Laser | 110DT(1006P 81kW 110hp eng). Laser | 130DT. Panther | 88. Panther | 90. Panther | 95. Rubi | 120; 120DTA-1999/01(1000.6 WT 88kW 120hp eng). Rubi | 135; 135DTA-1999/01(1000.6 WT 99kW 135hp eng). Rubi | 150; 150DTA-1999/01(1000.6 WTI 110kW 150hp eng). Rubi | 160; 160DTA-2000/01(1000.6 WTI 118kW 160hp eng). Rubi | 180; 180DTA-2000/01(1000.6 WTI 132kW 180hp eng). Rubi | 200; 200DTA-2000/01(1000.6 WTI 143kW 195hp eng). Silver | 100.4(Perkins 1000.4AT2 eng). Silver | 110; 110DTA-1999/01(1000.6 W 81kW 110hp eng). Silver | 115. Silver | 130; 130DTA-1999/01(1000.6 WT 97kW 132hp eng). Silver | 160. Silver | 180. Silver | 80(Perkins 1000.4A4 eng). Silver | 85. Silver | 90(Perkins 1000.4AT2 eng). Silver | 95. Silver | 95(Perkins 1000.4WT E2 eng). Tiger | 100. Tiger Six | 105. Titan | 145DT(1000.6ATI 107kW 146hp eng). Titan | 150DT-1999/01(1000.6 110kW 150hp eng). Titan | 160DT(1000.6WTi2 118kW 161hp eng). Titan | 190DT(1000.6WTiR 139kW 190hp eng). Trident | 130; 130 Export-1981/01(105.6P 92kW 125hp eng). Vauxhall GM Viva 1.6 1599cc Petrol 53kW 72hp-1968/01

    These are Inline Filters own Part Numbers and carry the bulk of our Catalogue information which includes Cross Reference, Vehicle Applications, Size and Specifications data. They will always be a Quality Brand although not Brand Specific which enables us to offer the best Price and Stock Availability.

    As these are our fastest moving items the Manufacturer, Picture and exact Size may vary then we can second source if necessary to complete orders quickly. Be assured we only supply quality Filter Brands from globally recognised Filter Manufacturers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. Our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Alco, SF Schupp, MP Filtri, Solberg and Vokes.

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