FIN-FL70763 Filter-Lube(Equivalent: BT347, LF3347, W8005, 5924n)

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  • Part Number FIN-FL70763
  • Manufactured by: Inline

    Part No: Inline FL70763 (Also available as Brand Specific: FBW-BT347, FFG-LF3347, FMH-W8005)
    Our Stock Level: 2
    Stock at Manufacturer(UK) 3-7 day lead: 22
    More Stock: Any further stock usually 2-10 weeks
    Details: For short version use FIN-FL70754. Full-Flow Lube Spin-on. Anti-Drainback Valve 30 PSID By-Pass Valve Standpipe. Also G381-A I-Gasket. Gasket: G381-A. Contains: AD, ADP, SHBP. Gasket: G381-A. Contains: AD, ADP, SHBP..
    Updated: 17/01/2022

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    Height: 186mm
    OD/WidthMax: 108mm
    OD/WidthMin: 108mm
    Thread: 3/4-16 UN
    ByPassValvePSI: 30
    AntiDrainValve: Yes
    Standpipe: Yes

    AC Delco X36, X4132E, Alco SP878, SP-878, Allis Chalmers 190910-1, 2091847, 4008751, 4625547, AP Lockheed AP3146, AP3146A, LK3146, LK-3146, LK3146A, LK-3146A, Baldwin BT347, Bosch 0451203115, 0986B01031, 9450732003, 9-450-732-003, Busch 0531000006, 0531-000-006, Caterpillar 3I1246, Citroen 5457752S, Compair Holman C160128, Coopers Fiaam AZL034, FT4670, FT4670T, FT4869, LSF5134, Z72, Crosland 2172, 9305, Donaldson LFP551603, P551603, P779223, Donit 431091, Fiat 4222406, 4597232, 4600785, 4600872, 4629544, 4630786, 4643371, 468371, 4730586, 61660298, 62775370, 70107630, 70425547, 71901603, 71909101, 740008751, 74008751, 74648371, 8719501, 8820772, 8822645, 9819501, TO121977, Fil ZP514, ZP514A, ZP514B, ZP514C, Filtration Control FCL127, FCL7127, Filtron OP592/4, OP5924, Fleetguard LF3347, LF3575, LF4055, Fleetrite LFR83347, LFR83575, LFR84055, Ford 5000863, 5009233, 5011423, 5019427, A730X6714KA, A730X-6714-KA, A810X6714TA, A830X6714NA, Fram PH2824, PH4559, PH6644, GIF GL703, Greyfriars 912S, Guiot GH2824, Hengst H210W, H210W02, Hesston 1909001, Hifi Hirschi Jura SO387, SO6192, Inline FFRPH2824, FFR-PH2824, FFRPH4559, FFR-PH4559, FINFL70763, FIN-FL70763, FL70763, Iveco 1901603, 1907566, 1909101, 4600875, 4615547, 4648371, 4951092, 954436, Kralinator L20, Kubota HH16032430, HH160-32430, Lautrette Mecafilter ELH4734, Liebherr 70002915, Luberfiner LF2230, LFP2230, LFP2320, M MH358, Mahle Knecht AW55, OC14, OC308, Mann 1046153S01, W8005, W950/5, Motorcraft EFL231, Napa 4045, New Holland 437072, Nissan BC1032, Orenstein and Koppel 103900, Parker PERI217, Pegaso 901272, Perkins 992028, 993028, Permatic GL337, Poclain U1250505, U12505-05, Powerpart AM042201, Purflux 6120645400, Purolator Facet L17582, L44796, LI3582, Renault 5001846645, 6005019733, Ryco Z49, Z49A, Sakura C7917, C-7917, Same 2.4419.170.1, 244191701, Saurer 2060462554700, Savara 2710/110, 2710110,,, 92801011, 92801017, 92828717, SO287, Seat ND03028850, SF Schupp SP4360, Sofima S0800R, S9710R, Sogefi Pro FT4670/SGP, FT4670SGP, FT4670T/SGP, FT4670TSGP, Soparis CV350, Sure SFO7566, Tecfil PS310, PSL310, Tecneco OL179, OL70, Tecnocar R179, R80, Teho OK45, TRP 1534611, UFI 23.107.01, 2310700, 2310701, Vapormatic VPD5037, Vauxhall GM 7984917, VME 41150064A, Wix 592/4n, 5924n, Woodgate WGL3347, WGL3347A

    Agrifull 40; 40DT(Fiat 8035.01 eng). 45; 45DT(Fiat 8035.01 34kW 46hp eng). 50 Jolly; 350 Sprint(Unspecified eng). 50; 50DT(Fiat 8035.06 34kW 46hp eng). 55; 55DT; 55C(Fiat 8035.06 38kW 52hp eng). 60; 60C; 60CL; 60DT(Fiat 8035.5 42kW 57hp eng). 65; 65DT(Fiat 8045.06 eng). 65; 65DT(Fiat 8045.06 eng). 70; 70C; 70DT; 70F(Fiat 8045.06 eng). 80.46; 80.46DT 80.46; 80.46 DT(Fiat 8035.02 eng). 80.5 E; 80.56EDT(Fiat 8035.04 eng). 80.50; 80.60; 80.70(Fiat 8035.02, 8045.02 eng). 80.66C; 80.66CL(Fiat 8045.02 eng). 80; 80C; 80DT; 80F(Fiat 8045.05 eng). 80; 80C; 80F; 80DT(Fiat 8045.05 eng). 80-50; 80-60; 80-70(Fiat 8035 eng). 80-50; 80-60; 80-70(Fiat 8035 eng). C60; C60L(Fiat 8035 eng). C70; C70L(Fiat 8045 eng). Frutteto 670(Fiat 8045 eng). Albajar 4420; 4480(6.354; 6.354T.3 eng). I5000(6.354; 6.354T.3 eng). P10(6.354; 6.354T.3 eng). P420(6.354; 6.354T.3 eng). Albaret TA10; TA12; TA30; TC10; TC12; TC30(Fiat 8041 eng). VA10DP; VA10DT; VA10DV; VA10SP; VA10ST(Fiat 8041 eng). 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850; 850S; 850DF(Unspecified eng). 65-46(8035.05 eng). 655; 655C(Unspecified eng). 65-66(Unspecified eng). 65-88(8045.05; 8045.06 eng). 65-90(8045.06 48kW 65hp eng). 65-93(8045.05; 8045.06 eng). 65-94(8045.05; 8045.06 48kW 65hp eng). 665C(8045.02 eng). 665C; 665 Montagna; 666; 666DT; 765C; 766; 766DT; 775C(Unspecified eng). 666(8045.02 50kW 68hp eng). 670(Unspecified eng). 670; 670DT; 670 Frutteto(Unspecified eng). 680(8045.02 50kW 68hp eng). 680; 680DTH; 780; 780DT; 840(8045 eng). 70.65 Montagna; 80.65(Unspecified eng). 70.66DT; 80.66LB(Unspecified eng). 70.75C(Unspecified eng). 70.90; 70.90DT; 80.90(8045.05; 8045.06 4cyl eng). 700E(8045 eng). 70-65(8045.05; 8045.06 eng). 70-66(8045.05; 8045.06 eng). 70-66F(Unspecified eng). 70-76(8045.05; 8045.06 eng). 70-76F(Unspecified eng). 70-86(8045.05; 8045.06 eng). 70-88(8045.06 eng). 70-90(8045.06 51kW 70hp eng). 72-85(8045.06 eng). 72-86F(Unspecified eng). 72-93(8045.05; 8045.06 eng). 72-94(8045.05; 8045.06 51kW 70hp eng). 750(8045 55kW 75hp eng). 750S(Fiat 59kW 80hp eng). 755C(8045.04 eng). 765C(8045.04 eng). 766(8045.04 eng). 780(8045.04 57kW 78hp eng). 80.55(Unspecified eng). 800; 800E(C03-80 eng). 805; 880; 880DT(CO3-75 eng). 805C(Unspecified eng). 805C; 855C(Unspecified eng). 80-65(8045.05; 8045.06 eng). 80-66; 80-66DT(8045.05 eng). 8066; 8286; 8293; 8294; 8893; 8894(Unspecified eng). 80-66F(Unspecified eng). 80-75(8045.05 eng). 80-76(8045.05 eng). 80-76F(Unspecified eng). 80-88(8045.05 eng). 80-90(8045.05 59kW 80hp eng). 80C; 90C Agricultural(CO3-130T eng). 82-85(8045.05 eng). 82-86(8045.05; 8045.06 eng). 82-86F(Unspecified eng). 82-93(8045.05; 8045.06 eng). 82-94(8045.05; 8045.06 59kW 80hp eng). 850(Fiat 63kW 85hp eng). 850; 850 Super; 850DT(CO3-80 eng). 850S(Fiat 66kW 90hp eng). 85-55(8045.05; 8045.06 eng). 855C(8045.04 eng). 85-90(Fiat 63kW 85hp eng). 880(C03-75 65kW 88hp eng). 880; 880DF; 880DT(Unspecified eng). 88-93(8045.05; 8045.06 eng). 88-94(8045.05; 8045.06 63kW 85hp eng). 8B(Unspecified eng). 8B; AD8B(Unspecified eng). 905C(Unspecified eng). 905C(Unspecified eng). 980; 980DT(Unspecified eng). AD10; AD10B; BD10; BD10B; FL10; FL10B; FL110C(Unspecified eng). AD10; AD10B; BD10; BD10B; FL10; FL10B; FL110C(Unspecified eng). AD10B; BD10B(Unspecified eng). AD4; AD4C; FL4(Unspecified eng). AD5 50C1(Unspecified eng). AD7C; AD7D; BD7C; BD7D(CO3-130HT eng). AD8; BD8(Unspecified eng). AD9; BD9(Unspecified eng). C120C Agricultural(CP3-100V21 eng). F4M(8035.05 42kW 57hp eng). FB7(8045 51kW 70hp eng). FB7; FB7D(8045 eng). FB7B(8045T 60kW 82hp eng). FD5(Unspecified eng). FD5(Unspecified eng). FD5; FD5LP(8045 49kW 67hp eng). FE12L; FE12LC(8045 eng). FE12R(8041 48kW 65hp eng). FL10B(Unspecified eng). FL4C(8035 eng). FL4D; FL4L(Unspecified eng). FL4L; FL4M(8035 37kW 50hp eng). FL5(8045 49kW 67hp eng). FL5(Unspecified eng). FL5(Unspecified eng). FL5; FD5(Unspecified eng). FL55(8035 37kW 50hp eng). FL5B(8045 52kW 71hp eng). FL5B(Unspecified eng). FL6(Unspecified eng). FL8BTA; FL8(Unspecified eng). FL8BTA; FL8(Unspecified eng). FL9(CO3-130 68kW 93hp eng). FL9(Unspecified eng). FL9(Unspecified eng). FL9(Unspecified eng). FR7(8045 52kW 71hp eng). FR7(Unspecified eng). FR7(Unspecified eng). FR70(8045 55kW 75hp eng). FR70(Unspecified eng). FR7B(8065 63kW 86hp eng). FR7B(Unspecified eng). FR9(Unspecified eng). FR9B(8055 eng). FR9B(Unspecified eng). FR9B(Unspecified eng). Fruttero; Vigneto 570DT(Unspecified eng). Frutteto 470(Unspecified eng). FW110(Unspecified eng). FW90(Unspecified eng). L60(8045.06 eng). L60; L65; L75; L85; L95(Unspecified eng). Nastro Doro 250; 255(Unspecified eng). PL40(Unspecified eng). PL40(Unspecified eng). S105; S130(Unspecified eng). S105; S130(Unspecified eng). S11; SL11(Unspecified eng). S11; SL11(Unspecified eng). S15; SL15(Unspecified eng). S15; SL15(Unspecified eng). S60; S65; SR70(Unspecified eng). S60; S65; SR70(Unspecified eng). S70M; S90M(Unspecified eng). S70M; S90M(Unspecified eng). S9; SL9; SR9(Unspecified eng). S9; SL9; SR9(Unspecified eng). TL5(Unspecified eng). Ford 6530(Unspecified eng). Hesston 45-66(Unspecified eng). 466(Unspecified eng). 480(Unspecified eng). 55-46; 55-46DT(Fiat 8035 eng). 55-66; 55-66DT(Unspecified eng). 566(Unspecified eng). 580(Unspecified eng). 60-66; 60-66DT(Fiat 8035 3cyl eng). 640(Unspecified eng). 65-46; 65-46DT(Fiat 8045 eng). 665C; 666; 766(Unspecified eng). 666; 766(Unspecified eng). 680(Unspecified eng). 70-66; 70-66DT; 80-66; 80-66DT(Fiat 8045 eng). 780(Unspecified eng). 80-90(Fiat 8045 4cyl eng). 8100(Iveco eng). 8200(Iveco eng). 8200(Iveco Gas eng). Himoinsa GEHIW-20; GOHIW-20; GEHIW-30; GOHIW-30(Iveco 8035 eng). GEHIW-40; GOHIW-40(Iveco 8045 eng). GEHIW-40X; GOHIW-40X(Iveco 8041 eng). Hitachi EX135(Fiat 8045.25T eng). FR70(Iveco eng). W90(Iveco 8045 Turbo eng). Iveco 100 N(8340.05.291 90kW 122hp eng). 100(Unspecified eng). 100(Unspecified eng). 120.13(8060.04 eng). 130 A(Unspecified eng). 130 A1(Unspecified eng). 130 A1(Unspecified eng). 130 AI; H; R; T(Unspecified eng). 130 ATP(Unspecified eng). 130 NC(CP3; CP42.300 107kW 145hp eng). 130 NC(OM8360.04.300 107kW 145hp eng). 130 NC(OMCP-3 eng). 130 NT(OMCP-3; OMCP-42.300 109kW 148hp eng). 130 R; T(CP3; CP42 107kW 145hp eng). 130(Unspecified eng). 150 NC17(OM8360.03 89kW 121hp eng). 190.20(8280.02 eng). 20C; 24C; 34C; 36C; 36TCA; 38D; 46C; 46TC(OM603 eng). 230 R120(Unspecified eng). 24C(Unspecified eng). 329(CO3-41 eng). 329(CO3-41 eng). 329(Unspecified eng). 34C(CO3.31 eng). 36C; 38D(CO3.31 eng). 40 NC(8040.02.360 60kW 82hp eng). 40(Fiat 8040.02 60kW 82hp eng). 40.35 OM(8040.02 60kW 82hp eng). 40.35(Unspecified eng). 40NC; 40NC35; 50NC(Unspecified eng). 421 A; AL; BL(Unspecified eng). 421 A; AL; BL(Unspecified eng). 46 C; CT(Unspecified eng). 50 AL; NC(Fiat 8040.02 eng). 50 NC10(8340.04 74kW 100hp eng). 50(CO3-41 82kW 112hp eng). 50.10 Z(8340.04.200; 8340.04.250 54kW 74hp eng). 50.8 Z(8040.04.200 63kW 85hp eng). 50.8(Fiat 8040.04 eng). 50.8; 55.8; 60.8(8040.02 eng). 50.9; 50.10(Unspecified eng). 50.9; 55.9; 50.10; 55.10; 60.10; 65.10; 70.10; 75.10; 79.10; 79.13; 79.14; 109.14(Fiat 8340 eng). 50; 55(8040.02 eng). 50A1(8040.02 eng). 50A1(8040.02 eng). 50A1(Unspecified eng). 50A1; 65PC(Sofim 8040; 8060 eng). 50F; 50F8; 50F9; 50F10; 55F; 55F8; 55F9; 55F10; 50.8; 55.8; 60.8; 60F10; 70F10; 75F10(Unspecified eng). 50F10(OM8340.04.250 54kW 74hp eng). 50F8(8040.04.200 46kW 63hp eng). 50F8; 60F8; 70.12; 90PM(Unspecified eng). 50NC(8040.02 60kW 82hp eng). 55 (CO3-41 110kW 150hp eng). 55 F9(OM8340.04 49kW 66hp eng). 55 NC(Fiat 8040.02 eng). 55 NC10(8340.04 74kW 100hp eng). 55.10 Z(OM8340.04.300 73kW 100hp eng). 55.8(Fiat 8040.04 eng). 55.9; 55.10(Unspecified eng). 6 RB1(Unspecified eng). 60 F10(Unspecified eng). 60.10(Unspecified eng). 60.8 Z(8040.04.200 46kW 63hp eng). 60.8(Fiat 8040.04 eng). 60F10; A60.10(Unspecified eng). 616 L; N2; N2A; N3; N4(Unspecified eng). 616 N2(803A eng). 616 N2(Unspecified eng). 616 N2; N4(804A eng). 616 N3(8030.02 46kW 62hp eng). 616 N3; N4(8040.02 60kW 82hp eng). 616 N3; N4(8040.02 60kW 82hp eng). 616(237AG eng). 619 N; T1(Unspecified eng). 625 N; NP(230 eng). 625 N1; N2; N3; N3S(Unspecified eng). 625 N2; N3(Unspecified eng). 625 N2P(Unspecified eng). 625 N2P(Unspecified eng). 625 N3P(8040.02.041 56kW 76hp eng). 635 N(230 eng). 635 N(Unspecified eng). 65 F; F10(8340.04 eng). 65 NC(OMCO-3; OMCO-41 66kW 90hp eng). 65 P; PC(Unspecified eng). 65 PC(8040.02 60kW 82hp eng). 65 PC(8040.04.280 60kW 82hp eng). 65.10 Z(8340.04.200; 8340.04.250 74kW 100hp eng). 65.10; 65.10D(8340.04 eng). 65.10; 70.10; 75.10; 79.10(Fiat 8340 eng). 650 N(213A eng). 65NC; 65NC60; 70NC; 75NC(CO3-41 eng). 65P; 65PC; 75P; 75PC; 90P; 90PC(Fiat 8040; 8042; 8060 eng). 662 N1; N2; N3(8060 eng). 665 NC10(8340.04 74kW 100hp eng). 665(CO3-41 66kW 90hp eng). 673 N; N3; NR; T(Unspecified eng). 70 F; F10(Unspecified eng). 70 F10(OM8340.04.250 54kW 74hp eng). 70 N(8340.05.291 63kW 85hp eng). 70 NC(OMCO-3; OMCO-41 66kW 90hp eng). 70(CO3-41 66kW 90hp eng). 70.10(Unspecified eng). 75 F10(Unspecified eng). 75 NC(OMCO-3; OMCO-41 66kW 90hp eng). 75 P; PC(Iveco eng). 75 PC(8060.02.070 90kW 122hp eng). 75.10(Unspecified eng). 775 NC10(8340.04 74kW 100hp eng). 775(CO3-41 66kW 90hp eng). 79 F10(8340.04.200; 8340.04.250 73kW 99hp eng). 79 F10(Unspecified eng). 79.10 Z(8340.04.200; 8340.04.300 74kW 100hp eng). 79.10(Unspecified eng). 80(CO3-7.200 76kW 103hp eng). 8031(Unspecified eng). 8035(Unspecified eng). 8035; 8040; 8045-1(Unspecified eng). 803i; 8031i.05 (5cyl eng). 804 AM; M(Unspecified eng). 8040(Unspecified eng). 8041 M; SM(Unspecified eng). 8041(Unspecified eng). 8045(Unspecified eng). 804AM; 8031i; 8035i; 8035M; 8040i; 8041i; 8041C; 8045i.05; 8045i(Unspecified eng). 8340(Unspecified eng). 90 P; PC(Unspecified eng). 90(CO3-7.200 76kW 103hp eng). A55.10.1; A60.10; A70.12(8340.04 eng). A60.9(8040.05 eng). A60-10(OM8340.04.040 73kW 100hp eng). A60-8(8340.04.200; 8340.04.250 54kW 74hp eng). A60-9(8040.05.200 65kW 88hp eng). A70.12(Unspecified eng). A70.12(Unspecified eng). A70-12(OM8340.05.200 84kW 115hp eng). C021; C031(Unspecified eng). C02D(Unspecified eng). C03(Unspecified eng). Cerbiatto(CO2D eng). CN3(Unspecified eng). CN3-1; CN3-C(Unspecified eng). CO1K.20; CO2.5; CO2D.20; CO2D.21(Unspecified eng). CO2D-45.1; CO2D-55.20; CO2D-60.1; CO2D-60.10(Unspecified eng). CO3.1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 20; 21; 22; 23; 24(Unspecified eng). CO3.60; CO3.70; CO3.80; CO3.100(Unspecified eng). CO3; C03i; CO3M; CO3-41; CO3-110x120; CO3-110x130(Unspecified eng). CO3-1; CO3-C(Unspecified eng). CO3-110x120; CP3-110x130(Unspecified eng). CP3(Unspecified eng). CP3.10(Unspecified eng). CP3; CP3.1(Unspecified eng). CP3; CP3i; CP3M; CP3SM(Unspecified eng). Daino 45 C; N(CO3-VAR.21; CO3-VAR.22 eng). Daino 40 C; N(CO3-VAR.21; CO3-VAR.22 eng). Daino(CO2D eng). Furgone 55 C-N-L(CO3 eng). H120.13ANW(8060.04 eng). Leoncino A5(CO3-VAR.3 eng). Leoncino Gippone(CO2-VAR.12 eng). Leoncino(CO2D eng). Lupetto 25C; 25N; 25L(CO3-VAR.3 eng). Lupetto 30(CO2D-VAR.20 eng). Lupetto 33(CO2D-VAR.25 eng). Lupetto A; 5(CO3-VAR.22 eng). Lupetto Buessing 27(CO2D-VAR.15 eng). Lupetto E(CO2D-VAR.15 eng). Lupetto M(CO2D-VAR.20 eng). OM130; OM130R; OM130R/W; OM130W; Fiat OM130NC; OM130NR; OM130NT; OM130/115(CP3 eng). OM130; OM130R; OM130T; Fiat OM130NC; OM130NR(Unspecified eng). OM40; OM40.35; Fiat OM40NC; OM40NC35; OM50NC; OM55NC(Unspecified eng). OM50(Unspecified eng). OM50; OM55; OM65; OM65.60; OM70; OM75; OM80; OM90; Fiat OM65NC; OM65NC60; OM70NC; OM75NC(Unspecified eng). OM50; OM55; OM65; OM70; OM75(Unspecified eng). OM55(Unspecified eng). OM65(Iveco eng). OM65(OM eng). OM65(Unspecified eng). OM70(Unspecified eng). OM75(Iveco eng). OM75(Unspecified eng). OM80(Unspecified eng). OM80; OM90(Unspecified eng). OM80NC(CO3-7 eng). OM90(Iveco eng). OM90(Unspecified eng). Orione(Unspecified eng). Orsetto 2A(Unspecified eng). Orsetto Orsetto N-L (804A 5.001 eng). Tigrotto (CO2D eng). Tigrotto 50R60(CO3 eng). Tigrotto(Unspecified eng). Tigrotto(Unspecified eng). Tigrotto(Unspecified eng). Turbocity-I 682 N3; N4(203A61 130kW 177hp eng). Unknown Model N1; N2; N3(8060 eng). Zeta 50.10; 55.10; 60.10; 65.10; 70.10; 75.10; 79.10; A55.10; A60.10(8340.04 eng). Zeta 50.10; 55.10; 60.10; 65.10; 70.10; 75.10; 79.10; A55.10; A60.10(8340.04 eng). Zeta 50.8; 55.8; 60.8(8040.04 eng). Zeta 50.8; 55.8; 60.8(8040.04 eng). Zeta 50.9(8040.05.230 65kW 88hp eng). Zeta 50.9; 55.9(8340.04 eng). Zeta 50.9; 55.9(8340.04 eng). Zeta 50.9; 65.9(8040.05 eng). Zeta 50.9; 65.9(8040.05 eng). Zeta 50.9; 65.9; 65.12H(8060.05 eng). Zeta 50.9; 65.9; 65.12H(8060.05 eng). Zeta 65.14; 79.14; 85.14(8060.04; 8060.05 eng). Zeta 65.9(8040.05.230 65kW 88hp eng). Zeta 79.13; 80.13; 90.13; 100.13; 110.13(8060.04 eng). Kubota M125XDTC(F5802TE2-AFQ eng). M5500(Kubota D3000 46kW 63hp eng). M5500DT(D3000-A 40kW 55hp eng). M5950(Kubota D3200-A 45kW 61hp eng). M5950C(D3200 eng). M5950DT(D3200 43kW 58hp eng). M5950DTC(D3200 43kW 58hp eng). M5950DTS(D3200 eng). M5950S(D3200 eng). M6030(Kubota D3200-1A 49kW 66hp eng). M6030DT(D3200-2A 42kW 57hp eng). M6030DTN(D3200-2A 42kW 57hp eng). M6030DTNB(D3200-2A 42kW 57hp eng). M6950; M6950C(Kubota V4000-2A 52kW 71hp eng). M6950DT(V4000-2A 49kW 66hp eng). M6950DTC(V4000-2A 49kW 66hp eng). M6950S(V4000-2A eng). M7030(Kubota V4000-3A 57kW 77hp eng). M7030; M7030MDT(V4000 eng). M7030DT(V4000-3A eng). M7030DT(V4000-3A eng). M7030DTN-B(V4000-5A 50kW 68hp eng). M7030N(V4000-4A 50kW 68hp eng). M7030SU(V4000-3A-1 50kW 68hp eng). M7030SUDT(V4000-3A-1 50kW 68hp eng). M7500(Kubota V4000 60kW 81hp eng). M7500ACL(V4000 eng). M7500DT(V4000-DT 52kW 71hp eng). M7500DTACL(V4000 eng). M7580DT(V4302-A-ROPS; V4302-AQ-CAB eng). M7950(Kubota V4300-A 60kW 81hp eng). M7950DT(V4300-A 56kW 76hp eng). M7950S(V4300 eng). M8030(Kubota V4300-1A 65kW 88hp eng). M8030(V4300-1A eng). M8030; M8030MDT(V4300-1A eng). M8030DT(V4300-1A eng). M8580DT(V4702-A-ROPS; V4702-AQ 59kW 80hp eng). M8950(Kubota V4300-TA 63kW 86hp eng). M8950DTS(V4300-TA eng). M8950S(V4300-TA eng). M9580DT(V4702-TA eng). M9580DTC(V4702-TA 67kW 91hp eng). Lancer Boss Unknown Model(Lister 30kW eng). Laverda 3350; 3450(Aifo 8051.1; 8061.1 eng). M112(Fiat 8065 eng). M112A1(Fiat 8065 eng). M112AL(Fiat 8061Si Turbo eng). M132(Fiat 8005 eng). M150; M152(Fiat CP3-1 eng). M152(OMCP-3-1 eng). MFL110AL(Fiat CO3-3 eng). Leitner LH360(Fiat 8041.03 88kW 120hp eng). LH380(Fiat eng). LH400(Fiat eng). Macgen MPG40(Fiat 8041 eng). Manitou TMT315(Unspecified eng). TMT315(Unspecified eng). New Holland 3010(Unspecified eng). 3435(Unspecified eng). 3830(Unspecified eng). 3935(Unspecified eng). 4030(Unspecified eng). 4135(Unspecified eng). 4230(Unspecified eng). 4430(Unspecified eng). 4635(Unspecified eng). 5530(Unspecified eng). 60-86; 62-86(Iveco 8035E eng). 6530(Unspecified eng). 70-86; 72-86(Iveco 8045.06 eng). 80-66(Iveco 8045E eng). TT55(2.7L eng). TT65(Iveco 3cyl eng). TT75(3.6L eng). Nissan 100-8D(Perkins 6.354T.3 eng). 99/9T; 110/8D(Perkins 6.354 eng). 99/9T; 110D(Perkins 6.354 eng). Ebro P137; P160; P170(Perkins 6.354T eng). P-137; P-160; P-170(6.354T Turbo eng). UFO3; UFO5(Nissan P40 Petrol eng). Orenstein and Koppel P137; P160; P170(Perkins 6.354.3 Turbo eng). Pegaso 1214.14(94A1AX 9130.23 99kW 135hp eng). 1217.14; 1217.17(94T1BX eng). 1236; 1336; 1436(Unspecified eng). 5317 (9135 125kW 170hp eng). 5317(Unspecified eng). 94T1BX(Unspecified eng). 94T1BX(Unspecified eng). Tecno 1217.14(94T1BX eng). Tecno 1217.17(94T1BX eng). Perkins 4.108(Unspecified eng). 4.99; 4.107(Unspecified eng). 6.354(Unspecified eng). Rossi 1300CRCR; 1350SRL; 1350CRCR(Seat 8045.1 eng). 1600HDA 111S(Aifo/Fiat 821 eng). 850DA 111S(Fiat 8035.1 eng). Same Buffalo 120 2RM; 4RM; 130 4RM(Unspecified eng). Buffalo 120(Unspecified eng). Drago 100(Unspecified eng). Drago 100(Unspecified eng). Pantera(Unspecified eng). Seat 131 1.8D Diesel 36kW 49hp(Perkins 4.108 eng). Someca 400; 450(Unspecified eng). 670(Unspecified eng). 750(Unspecified eng). 800(Unspecified eng). 850(Unspecified eng). Universal 445; 550(Unspecified eng). 640(Unspecified eng). 640DTC(Unspecified eng). U445; U445DTC(Unspecified eng). U550DTC(D121 eng). U640; U640DTC(Unspecified eng). Venieri VF14.53(Unspecified eng). Zeppelin Zetcat 206R(Aifo 8031.3 34kW 46hp eng)

    These are Inline Filters own Part Numbers and carry the bulk of our Catalogue information which includes Cross Reference, Vehicle Applications, Size and Specifications data. They will always be a Quality Brand although not Brand Specific which enables us to offer the best Price and Stock Availability.

    As these are our fastest moving items the Manufacturer, Picture and exact Size may vary then we can second source if necessary to complete orders quickly. Be assured we only supply quality Filter Brands from globally recognised Filter Manufacturers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. Our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Alco, SF Schupp, MP Filtri, Solberg and Vokes.

    To visit Websites of the Filter Manufacturer's we use click here MANUFACTURER'S WEBSITES

    To view Catalogues of the Filter Manufacturer's we use click here MANUFACTURER'S CATALOGUES

    Application, Cross Reference and Size data is provided as a guide only, for full compatibility ensure all our specifications match your requirements.
    We sell on a Business to Business Model with highly competitive Trade Pricing.
    All orders must be placed via the Website.

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