FIN-FL70758 Filter-Lube(Equivalent: SP-820, B228, LF3338, 57085)

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  • Part Number FIN-FL70758
  • Manufactured by: Inline

    Part No: Inline FL70758 (Also available as Brand Specific: FBW-B228, FFG-LF3338, FMH-W712-6)
    Our Stock Level: 24
    Stock at Manufacturer(UK) 3-7 day lead: 228
    More Stock: Any further stock usually 2-10 weeks
    Details: Short versions FIN-FL70113, FIN-FL70046(Lombardini). Full-Flow Lube Spin-on. Anti-Drainback Valve 30 PSID By-Pass Valve. Also G449-B I-Gasket. Gasket: G449-B. Contains: AD, SHBP. Gasket: G449-B. Contains: AD, SHBP..
    Updated: 21/06/2022

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    Height: 89mm
    OD/WidthMax: 76mm
    OD/WidthMin: 76mm
    Thread: 3/4-16 UN
    ByPassValvePSI: 30
    AntiDrainValve: Yes
    Micron: Unspecified

    AC Delco A3439, PF1238, PF2123, PF41, PF54, SD, ST, X15, X18, X20, X4003E, X72, X87, Alco SP820, SP-820, SP828, SP942, Ammann 521174416, 52-1174416, AP Lockheed AP1010, LK1011, Atlas Copco M59, M64, Baldwin B228, Bauer N15839, BMW 11421250534, 11421258038, 11421258039, 11421267597, 11421272604, 11421278059, 11429055001, 11429061197, 1250534, 1421250534, Bobcat Melroe 6665603, Bomag 05710631, 5710621, 5710631, Bosch 0451102001, 0451102056, 0451103019, 0451103021, 0451103026, 0451103043, 0451103049, 0451103050, 0451103073, 0451103075, 0451103075010, 0451103096, 0451103127, 0451103272, 0451103339, 0451103901, 0451163019, 0451203151, 451102001, 451-102-001, 451102056, 451-102-056, 451102901, 451-102-901, 451103019, 451-103-019, 451103021, 451-103-021, 451103026, 451-103-026, 451103043, 451-103-043, 451103049, 451-103-049, 451103050, 451-103-050, 451-103-084, 451103096, 451-103-096, 451103127, 451-103-127, 451103901, 451-103-901, 72107, 9181474031, 9450732010, 9-450-732-010, 986452017, 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R5 063C(Unspecified eng). R5 063E(Unspecified eng). R5 100(Unspecified eng). R5 100B(Unspecified eng). R5 100C(Unspecified eng). R5 100E(Unspecified eng). R5 RA0025F(Unspecified eng). R5 RA0040F(Unspecified eng). R5 RA0063F(Unspecified eng). R5 RA0100F(Unspecified eng). R5.025-E(Unspecified eng). R5.040-E(Unspecified eng). R5.063-E(Unspecified eng). Case IHC 121D(Deutz F4M2011 44kW 60hp eng). 121E(Deutz F4M2011 42kW 57hp eng). 121E(Deutz F4M2011 eng). 21(Deutz F4M2011 40kW 54hp eng). 21D(Perkins 704.30 39kW 53hp eng). 21D(Unspecified eng). 21E(Deutz F4M2011 eng). 221D(Deutz F4M2011 45kW 61hp eng). 221D(Deutz F4M2011 eng). 221E(Deutz F4M2011 eng). 321D(Deutz BF4M2011 eng). 321E(Deutz BF4M2011 eng). Chicago Pneumatic CPS185(Deutz 2011 eng). CPS90(Deutz F2L1011 eng). Chrysler Dodge K120; K160(1725cc eng). PT Cruiser 2.4 Litre 16V 150bhp(Unspecified eng). Claas 204(Unspecified eng). Jaguar 820(Mercedes OM441LA eng). Jaguar 840(Unspecified eng). Jaguar 860(Unspecified eng). Jaguar 880(Unspecified eng). Lexion 405(Perkins 1006.6TW eng). Scorpion 6030 CP K10(Deutz TCD-2011-L04 75kW 102hp eng). Scorpion 6030 K11(Deutz TCD-2010-L4 88kW 120hp eng). Scorpion 6030 K20(Deutz TCD-3.6-L4 90kW 122hp eng). Scorpion 6030CP(Unspecified eng). Scorpion 6035 K21(Deutz TCD-3.6-L4 90kW 122hp eng). Scorpion 7030 K22(Deutz TCD-3.6-L4 90kW 122hp eng). Scorpion 7035 K23(Deutz TCD-3.6-L4 90kW 122hp eng). Scorpion 7044 K24(Deutz TCD-3.6-L4 90kW 122hp eng). Scorpion 7050 K25(Deutz TCD-3.6-L4 90kW 122hp eng). Compair Holman 25; 25-5(Deutz F2L1011 eng). Demag SC28DS(Deutz F2L511 eng). SD15; SSD15(Deutz F2L411W eng). Deutz AG Fahr KHD 3.6 L4; LTCD(Unspecified eng). 5100(TCD-3.6-L04I 69kW E4 eng). 5100TTV(Deutz TCD 3.6L 70kW 95hp eng). 6040HTS (Deutz TCD-L6 184kW 250hp eng). A1L410; F1L410(Unspecified eng). A1L410; F1L410(Unspecified eng). A1L410; F1L410; A2L410; F2L410(Unspecified eng). A1L410; F1L410; A2L410; F2L410(Unspecified eng). A2L410(Unspecified eng). A2L410; F2L410(Unspecified eng). BF3L; BF3M2011(Unspecified eng). BF3L2011; BF3M2011; F3L2011; F3M2011(Unspecified eng). BF4L; BF4M2011(Unspecified eng). BF4L2011; BF4M2011; F4L2011; F4M2011(Unspecified eng). BF4M1008F; F4M1008F(Unspecified eng). D2011 L04(Unspecified eng). F1L208(Unspecified eng). F1L208(Unspecified eng). F1L208; F1L208F(Unspecified eng). F1L411(Unspecified eng). F1L411(Unspecified eng). F1L411; F2L411(Unspecified eng). F2L1011; F2M1011(Unspecified eng). F2L1011; F2M1011(Unspecified eng). F2L1011; F2M1011(Unspecified eng). F2L2011; F2M2011(Unspecified eng). F2L2012; F2M2012(Unspecified eng). F2L208(Unspecified eng). F2L208F(Unspecified eng). F2L208F(Unspecified eng). F2L410(Unspecified eng). F2L411(Unspecified eng). F2L411(Unspecified eng). F2L511(Unspecified eng). F2L511; F2L511D(Unspecified eng). F2L511; F2L511D(Unspecified eng). F2L511D(Unspecified eng). F2M1008F(Unspecified eng). F2M1008F(Unspecified eng). F3L1011; F3M1011(Unspecified eng). F3L2011; F3M2011(Unspecified eng). F3M1008F(Unspecified eng). F3M1008F(Unspecified eng). F4L; F4M 2011(Unspecified eng). F4M1008F(Unspecified eng). TCD 2011(Unspecified eng). TD 2009 L4(50kW 67hp eng). Ditch Witch 3500(Deutz F3L1011 eng). 3610(Deutz F3L1011 eng). 440; 444A(Deutz F4L1011 eng). RT36(Deutz F3L2011 eng). RT55(Deutz F4M2011 eng). Doosan Daewoo Sea Otter MkII; Sea Wolf(Unspecified eng). Doppstadt Trac 80(Deutz BF4L1011F 53kW 72hp eng). Dumpersa Articulado 2500(Lombardini LDA672 eng). Dynapac CC10 MkI; MkII(Deutz F2L511; F2L511D eng). CC101; CC121(Deutz F2L511D eng). CC102; CC102C(Deutz F2L1011 eng). CC122; CC122C(Deutz F2L1011 eng). CF11; CK11(Deutz F2L410 eng). Evinrude 90; 100(Unspecified eng). Ferrari 11100; 1100DT(Lombardini 9LD561 eng). 1300DT(Lombardini 8LD665 eng). 42 Sicar(Lombardini 11LD626-3 eng). 94LT(Lombardini 8LD665-2 eng). 95; 95RS(Lombardini LDA914 eng). Ford 2261E; 2262E; 2263E; 2264E; 2265E(Unspecified eng). 2271E; 2274E(Unspecified eng). Kent(Unspecified eng). Transit 1.6 Litre(OHV eng). Gehl 3635(Unspecified eng). 3635(Unspecified eng). 4635SX; 4635SXT(Deutz F3M1011; BF3M1011 eng). 4640E; 4640E(Deutz F3M2011; BF3M2011 Turbo eng). 4835(32kW 44hp eng). 4840E(Deutz F4M2011 eng). 5635 MkII(BF4M1011F eng). 5640E; 5640E(Deutz BF4M2011; F4M2011 Turbo eng). HL360(Onan B43 eng). MB135(Deutz 2G 13kW 18hp eng). RT250(Deutz TD-3.6-L4 55kW 74hp eng). SL1510(Onan B43M; B48M 10kW 14hp eng). SL1510(Onan B48M eng). SL3310(Onan B48G eng). SL4635DX(Deutz BF3M1011F eng). SL4635SX(Deutz F3M1011F eng). SL4640(Deutz BF3M2011F eng). SL4640(Deutz BF3M2011F eng). SL4640(Deutz F3M2011F eng). SL4640(Deutz F3M2011F eng). SL4640(Deutz TD-2009 34kW 46hp eng). SL4640(Deutz TD-2009 45kW 60hp Turbo eng). SL4640; SL4640(Deutz F3M2011 Turbo eng). SL4640; SL4640E(F3M2011 eng). SL4640E EU(Deutz BF3M2011F Turbo eng). SL4640E EU(Deutz BF3M2011F Turbo eng). SL4640E EU(Deutz F3M2011F eng). SL4640E EU(Deutz F3M2011F eng). SL4640E(Deutz BF3M2011F eng). SL4640E(Deutz BF3M2011F eng). SL4640E(Deutz F3M2011F eng). SL4640E(Deutz F3M2011F eng). SL4835DX(Deutz BF3M1011F eng). SL4835DX; SL4835SX; SL4835SXT(Deutz BF3M1011 eng). SL4835SX(Deutz BF3M1011F eng). SL4840(Deutz F4M2011 eng). SL4840(Deutz F4M2011F eng). SL4840(Deutz F4M2011F eng). SL4840; SL4840E(F4M2011F eng). SL5240(Deutz TD-2009 45kW 61hp eng). SL5635DX(Deutz F4M1011F eng). SL5635DX; SL5635DXT(Deutz BF4M1011F; F4M1011F eng). SL5635DXT(Deutz BF4M1011F eng). SL5635SX(Deutz F4M1011F eng). SL5635SXT(Deutz BF4M1011F eng). SL5640 EU(Deutz F4M2011F eng). SL5640(Deutz F4M2011F eng). SL5640; SL5640(Deutz F4M2011; BF4M2011 Turbo eng). SL5640; SL5640E(BF4M2011F eng). SL5640E EU(Deutz F4M2011F eng). SL5640E(Deutz BF4M2011 61kW 82hp Turbo eng). SL5640E(Deutz F4M2011F eng). SL5640E(Deutz F4M2011F eng). SL6635DX(Deutz BF4M1011F eng). SL6635SX(Deutz BF4M1011F eng). SL6635SX; SL6635SX(Deutz BF3M1011F eng). SL6640 EU(Deutz BF4M2011F eng). SL6640(Deutz BF4M2011F eng). SL6640(Deutz BF4M2011F Turbo eng). SL6640; SL6640E(BF4M2011F eng). SL6640E EU(Deutz BF4M2011F eng). SL6640E(Deutz BF4M2011 61kW 82hp eng). SL6640E(Deutz BF4M2011F eng). SL6640E(Deutz BF4M2011F eng). Giant V761T(Deutz 57kW 77hp eng). Goldoni 3445(Lombardini eng). 933DT; 933RS(Lombardini LDA914 eng). Euro 26RS(Lombardini 9LD561-2 19kW 26hp eng). Euro 30RS(Lombardini 9LD626-2 22kW 30hp eng). Euro 45RS(Lombardini LDA625-3 31kW 42hp eng). Hamm 3307(Deutz BF4M2011 eng). HD+80iVV(Deutz TCD-2.9-L4 eng). HD70iVO; HD70iVT(Deutz TCD-2.9-L4 eng). HVT3(Deutz F2L511D eng). Haulotte Compact 10DX(Unspecified eng). Compact 2668RT(Unspecified eng). H16TPX(Unspecified eng). HA100JRT(Unspecified eng). HA16SPX(Unspecified eng). HA20PX(Hatz 3M40 eng). HA32PX(Unspecified eng). HA46SJRT(Unspecified eng). HA61JRT(Unspecified eng). HB44J(Unspecified eng). Holder C3.55(Deutz BF3L1011 40kW 55hp eng). Dual C9800(Deutz BF4M1011 61kW 83hp eng). Portal A-Trac A5.58(Deutz BF3L1011FL 40kW 55hp eng). Huerlimann XM100 T4i Hi-Level(Unspecified eng). XM100 T4i(Unspecified eng). XM110 T4i Hi-Level(Unspecified eng). XM110 T4i(Unspecified eng). XM120 T4i Hi-Level(Unspecified eng). XM120 T4i(Unspecified eng). Indenor XW3; XL3S(Unspecified eng). Ingersoll Rand P85WD(Deutz F2L511D eng). PW85WD(Deutz F2L911; F2L912 eng). Jackrabbit JJL490 20/20; 20/30(Deutz F2L2011 eng). YJJL30/30(Deutz F4L1011; F4L2011 eng). JCB 406(Deutz D2011 E3 eng). 406B(Deutz D2011L04 eng). 8016(Perkins 404D-22 14kW 19hp E3 eng). Robot(Unspecified eng). TLT30D HL; TLT35D(Deutz D2011 eng). TLT35D(Deutz eng). Jeep Cherokee 2.4 Litre Multi Point Injection 2429cc 146bhp(Unspecified eng). Grand Cherokee 2.4 Litre Multi Point Injection 146bhp(Unspecified eng). Jenbacher JW200(Deutz F2L208 13kW 18hp eng). Kaelble 3WT; 3WTV; 3WTV-K; 5WT(Unspecified eng). Kramer 316 MkII(Deutz F4M1011F 43kW 58hp eng). 320 MkII(Deutz F4L1011FT 44kW 60hp eng). 420 MkII(Deutz BF4L1011FT 48kW 66hp eng). 750(Deutz F4M2011 44kW 60hp eng). 750T(Unspecified eng). 850(Deutz F4M2011 44kW 60hp eng). 950(Deutz BF4M2011 56kW 76hp eng). Krieger K50; K50A(Deutz F4M1011 37kW 50hp eng). K60; K60A(Deutz BF4M1011 44kW 60hp eng). K70; K70A(Deutz BF4M1011 52kW 70hp eng). K70A(Deutz BF4L2011 eng). Leyland Daf BL Maestro 1.6 Litre(Leyland S Petrol eng). Maestro 1.6 Litre(Unspecified eng). Metro 1.0;1.3 Litre 998cc; 1275cc(Unspecified eng). Mini 1.3 Litre Single Point Injection(Petrol eng). Spitfire 1.2L(Unspecified eng). Vedette(Unspecified eng). Vedette(Unspecified eng). Liebherr A308; R308(Deutz BF4M1011F 53kW 72hp eng). A308; R308(Unspecified eng). L504(Deutz F3L1011 29kW 39hp eng). L504(Unspecified eng). L506 1108(Deutz D2011L04W eng). L506 426(Deutz BF4L1011FT eng). L506(Unspecified eng). L507 Speeder(Deutz D2011L04 eng). L507(Deutz eng). L508 1111(Unspecified eng). L508 428(Unspecified eng). L508(Deutz BF4L1011 44kW 60hp eng). L508(Deutz BF4L1011F 49kW 67hp eng). L508(Deutz F3L913 eng). L508(Unspecified eng). L509 1112; 1113(Unspecified eng). L509 429(Unspecified eng). L509(Deutz BF4L1011F 52kW 71hp eng). L509(Unspecified eng). L510 1114(Deutz TD-2011-L04-W eng). Lincoln Ranger 8(Onan P216G eng). Linde Lansing H50 BR396(Unspecified eng). H60 BR396(Unspecified eng). H70 BR396(Unspecified eng). H80-900 BR396; H80-1100 BR396(Unspecified eng). Lister Petter AD1(Unspecified eng). P600/2; P600/3(Unspecified eng). Lombardini 5LD 675-2; 5LD 825-2; 5LD 825-2L; 5LD 930-3(Unspecified eng). 5LD 675-3; 5LD 675-4; 5LD 825-3; 5LD 825-3L(Unspecified eng). 6LD 260; 6LD 260C; 6LD 325; 6LD 325C; 6LD 360C; 6LD 360V(Unspecified eng). 6LD 400(Unspecified eng). 9LD625.2(Unspecified eng). 9LD625.2(Unspecified eng). L26; L27; LDA672; LDA832(Unspecified eng). L40(Unspecified eng). LDA672(Unspecified eng). LDA673; LD674(Unspecified eng). LDA832(Unspecified eng). LDA833; LDA834(Unspecified eng). LDA904(Unspecified eng). LDA904; LDA914(Unspecified eng). LDA914(Unspecified eng). Manitou MC15A; MC18A(Ford 2274E eng). Massey Ferguson MF7500(Deutz eng). Xtra 9407S(Deutz 90kW 122hp E4 eng). Miller Electric Big Blue 251D(Deutz F3L1011 eng). Big Blue 400(Deutz F3L2011 eng). Big Blue(Deutz BF4M2011 Turbo eng). Morgan 4/4 Mk II; III; IV; V 1.6 Litre Ford In-Line(Petrol eng). Mustang ML48(Deutz F4M2011 eng). New Holland L445(Deutz F2L411; F2L511 eng). L445(Deutz F2L411; F2L511D eng). L451(Deutz F2L511 eng). L451(Deutz F2L511D eng). TC24D(Unspecified eng). W50TC(Deutz F4M2011 eng). W60TC(Deutz F4M2011 eng). W70 TC(Deutz BF4M2011 eng). W80TC(Deutz BF4M2011 eng). Onan B43E-GA016; B43M-GA016(Unspecified eng). BF(Unspecified eng). Orenstein and Koppel L4(Deutz F2L411 eng). L4(Deutz F2L411; F2L511 18kW 25hp eng). MH1.1; RH1.1(Deutz F2L208F 12kW 16hp eng). Motrak S10(Deutz F1L410 eng). Motrak S16(Deutz F2L411D eng). S10(Deutz F1L410 eng). S10(Deutz F1L410 eng). S16(Deutz F2L411D eng). S16(Deutz F2L411D eng). Palmer AD2; AD21(Unspecified eng). PAL64(Unspecified eng). PD64(Unspecified eng). Peugeot 205 1.0 Litre Carb 954cc(Petrol eng). 205 1.1 Litre Carb 1124cc(Petrol eng). 205 1.4 Litre Carb 1360cc(Petrol eng). Pramac GL28T(Unspecified eng). Pro Tec Sprinter 224(Deutz F2L1011F eng). Raygo 2-36(Deutz F2L410 eng). Razor 350(Deutz F2L511 eng). Reform Werke Metrac 2002(Lombardini LDA904; LDA914 eng). Muli 33(Lombardini eng). Renault Manager G260; G280; G290(MIDR-06.20.45-TD; MIDS-06.20.45-TD eng). Manager G290; GT290(MID-06.20.45 eng). Ruggerini CRD100/2; CRD951/2; P101/2; P101/2L; P105/2; P105/2L; P105/2R(Unspecified eng). RD80; RF89; RF99; RF129; RF149; RD850; RD901; RD901AD; RD920; RD950(Unspecified eng). RDK80; RDK901; RK180; RD901/2; CDRK100/2; PK105/2(Unspecified eng). RP280; RP360; RP380; RP388; RW380; RW388; RW450; RW458P(Unspecified eng). RW280; RW320; RW328; RW360; RP380; RP388(Unspecified eng). RW380; RW388; RW450; RW458(Unspecified eng). Saab 900 2.0 Litre Turbo 16v; 16 Carlsson; 16 Convertible; 16S Convertible(Petrol eng). 900 2.0; 2.3 Litre Turbo(Unspecified eng). 900 2.1 Litre Turbo(Unspecified eng). 9000 2.0 Litre Injection DOHC(Petrol eng). 9000 2.0; 2.3 Litre Turbo 16V(Petrol eng). 9000 2.3 Litre Injection DOHC(Petrol eng). 9-3 2.0 Litre 16V(B204I 1985cc 130hp eng). 9-3 2.0 Litre Injection 16V Turbo(B204; B205 205hp eng). 9-3 2.0 Litre Injection 1985cc 185bhp(Unspecified eng). 9-3 2.0 Litre Turbo Injection DOHC(B204; B205 1985cc 150hp eng). 9-3 2.0 Litre Turbo Injection(B204 1985cc 154hp eng). 9-3 2.3 Litre Injection 16V 2290cc 150bhp(Unspecified eng). 9-3 2.3 Litre Turbo 16V DOHC 225bhp(Unspecified eng). 9-5 2.0 Litre Turbo Injection 16V Ecopower(Unspecified eng). 9-5 2.3 Litre Injection 16V Ecopower(Unspecified eng). 9-5 3.0 Litre Injection(Ecopower 200hp V6 eng). Sanderson 2B1000(Unspecified eng). Scorpion 340(Lombardini LDA673 eng). Scorpion 350(Lombardini LDA833 eng). Scorpion 370(Lombardini LDA834 eng). Schaeff HD13(Unspecified eng). SCL515(Deutz F4L1011 37kW 50hp eng). SCL515(Deutz F4L1011F eng). SKL824(Deutz F4L2011 37kW 50hp eng). SKL824(Deutz F4M2011 eng). SKL834(Deutz F4L2011 44kW 60hp eng). SKL834(Deutz F4M2011F eng). SKL844S(Deutz BF4M2011 54kW 73hp eng). SKS634(Deutz F4M2011 eng). Schwing P103(Deutz F2L2011 eng). P204; P305(Deutz F2L2011 eng). Seat Arosa 1.0 Litre(AHT 50hp eng). Skoda Fabia 1.0 Litre(AQV; ARV; ATY 996cc 50hp eng). Fabia 1.4 Litre(AZE; AZF 60hp eng). Favorit 1.3 Litre Injection 68bhp(Unspecified eng). Favorit 135 1.3 Litre 55;60bhp(Petrol eng). Favorit 135 1.3 Litre 55;60bhp(Petrol eng). Favorit 136 1.3 Litre 60bhp(Unspecified eng). Felicia 1.3 Litre Injection(AMGLX 1289cc 54hp eng). Felicia 1.3 Litre Petrol(AMG 1289cc 54hp eng). Felicia 1.3 Litre Petrol(AMH 1289cc 68hp eng). Felicia 1.3 Litre(AMH 1289cc 68hp eng). Skoda Van/Pickup fitted with 1.3 Litre 68bhp engine(Unspecified eng). Slanzi DVA1550 S2(Unspecified eng). DVA1750(Unspecified eng). DVA2350(Unspecified eng). Steinbock TFG:2DA(Ford 2264E eng). Stone Wolfpack 6400(Deutz F2L1011 eng). Stothert and Pitt CS71; W71(Petter AD1 eng). TXR120(Deutz F2L511 eng). Sullair FD25D(Deutz F2L411 eng). FD25D(Deutz F2L411 eng). Target Pro 100(Deutz BF4M2011 eng). Pro 35 MkIII(Deutz F2L1011 eng). Terex CTT361(Deutz TCD-3.6-L4 eng). HR32(Deutz BF4M1012 eng). SKL824(Unspecified eng). SKL834(Deutz F4M2011F eng). TC75(Deutz TD-2011-L04-W E3 eng). TL100(Deutz TD-2011-L04-W 54kW 73hp eng). TL100(Deutz TD-2011-L04-W E4i eng). TL65(Deutz D2011L04 37kW 50hp eng). TL65(Deutz D2011L04 E4i eng). TL70S(Deutz D2011L04W 44kW 60hp eng). TL70S(Deutz D2011L04W E4i eng). TL70S(Deutz F4M2011 eng). TL80(Deutz D2011L04W 44kW 60hp eng). TL80(Deutz D2011L04W E4i eng). TL80AS(Deutz D2011L04W E4i eng). Thwaites Alldig(Petter P600-2 eng). Alldrive 9000(Petter P600-3 eng). Toyota FD25(Unspecified eng). Vauxhall GM 1900(1.9L eng). 1900(1.9L eng). 1900(1.9L eng). 1900(1.9L eng). Astra 1.2 Litre(Petrol eng). Deluxe 1.1L(Unspecified eng). Frontera 4x4 2.4 Litre Injection with Catalytic Convertor(C2.4NE eng). Kadett 1.1L(Unspecified eng). Kadett 1.1L(Unspecified eng). Kadett 1.1L(Unspecified eng). Kadett 1.1L(Unspecified eng). Kadett 1.1L(Unspecified eng). Kadett 1.1L(Unspecified eng). Manta 1.9L(Unspecified eng). Manta 1.9L(Unspecified eng). Manta 1.9L(Unspecified eng). Manta 1.9L(Unspecified eng). Manta 1.9L(Unspecified eng). Nova 1.0 Litre(Unspecified eng). Nova 1.0 Litre; Merit(Petrol eng). Opel 1.1L(Unspecified eng). Opel 1.1L(Unspecified eng). Opel 1.9L(Unspecified eng). Opel 1.9L(Unspecified eng). Opel 1.9L(Unspecified eng). Opel 1.9L(Unspecified eng). Rallye 1.1L(Unspecified eng). Rallye 1.1L(Unspecified eng). Rallye 1.1L(Unspecified eng). Vermeer RT450; RTX450(Deutz F3L2011 eng). V430A(Deutz F2L511 eng). Vibromax 121; W121(Deutz F1L411 eng). Viper 122(Deutz eng). Volvo DD85; DD95(Deutz BF4M2011 eng). DD85; DD95(Deutz TD-2011-L04 eng). GT12(Deutz F2L411W eng). GT9(Deutz F2L411W eng). GT9; GT12(Deutz F2L411W eng). L20B(D3D-CA 41kW 56hp E1 eng). L20B; L25B(D3D eng). L20F(D3.6DCA E3 eng). L25B(D3.6D eng). L25B(D3D-CB 45kW 61hp E1 eng). L25F(D3.6DCA E3 eng). L30B Pro(D3.6D eng). L32; L32B(Deutz BF4L1011F eng). L35; L35B(Deutz BF4L1011F eng). Titan 125(Deutz BF4M2011 eng). ZL402C(Deutz F3L1011F 28kW 38hp eng). ZL402C(Deutz F3L1011F eng). ZL402C(Deutz F4L1011F eng). ZL502C(Deutz F4L1011F eng). Wacker Neuson PT6LT(Lombardini eng). RT820(Lombardini 12LD475-2 eng). WL37(Deutz BF4M2011 56kW 76hp eng). WL48(Deutz BF4M2011 43kW 58hp eng). WL50(Deutz BF4M2011 56kW 76hp eng). WL55(Deutz BF4M2011 56kW 76hp eng). Weidemann 1090DP(Deutz eng). 1904DD(Deutz eng). 2002DD(Deutz F2L511D eng). Wirtgen SP150 09.SP(Unspecified eng). SP150(Deutz BF4M2011 eng). W35 05.03 05.03(Deutz F3M2011 31kW 42hp eng). W350(Deutz F4L1011 eng). W50 08.05; 10.05(KHD BF4M 60kW 82hp eng). W50(Deutz BF4M2011 eng). Wortham Blake Fisherboy(Unspecified eng). Yugo Tempo 1116 1.1 Litre(Petrol eng). Zeppelin Z30B(Deutz F2M1011F 23kW 31hp eng). Z40B(Deutz F2M1011F 34kW 46hp eng). Zettelmeyer ZG500; ZL500(Deutz F2L411 eng). ZL500(Deutz F2L411 eng). ZL602(Unspecified eng)

    These are Inline Filters own Part Numbers and carry the bulk of our Catalogue information which includes Cross Reference, Vehicle Applications, Size and Specifications data. They will always be a Quality Brand although not Brand Specific which enables us to offer the best Price and Stock Availability.

    As these are our fastest moving items the Manufacturer, Picture and exact Size may vary then we can second source if necessary to complete orders quickly. Be assured we only supply quality Filter Brands from globally recognised Filter Manufacturers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. Our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Alco, SF Schupp, MP Filtri, Solberg and Vokes.

    To visit Websites of the Filter Manufacturer's we use click here MANUFACTURER'S WEBSITES

    To view Catalogues of the Filter Manufacturer's we use click here MANUFACTURER'S CATALOGUES

    Application, Cross Reference and Size data is provided as a guide only, for full compatibility ensure all our specifications match your requirements.
    We sell on a Business to Business Model with highly competitive Trade Pricing.
    All orders must be placed via the Website.

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