FIN-FL70545 FILTER-Lube(Alco SP-842, Baldwin B295, Fleetguard LF3334)

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  • Part Number FIN-FL70545
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    PartNo: FIN-FL70545 * * * * * We also offer these Brand Specific versions: FBW-B295, FFG-LF3334 * * * * *
    Stock Level: 3
    Stock Level at Alco 3-7 day lead: 6
    Lead Time: Delivery for this FIN Prefix Part Number beyond any Stock Levels mentioned above is usually 1-10 weeks.
    Description: FILTER-Lube(Spin On)
    Category: Filters-Lube > SpinOn > 3-4.16UN
    Details: Full-Flow Lube Spin-on. Anti-Drainback Valve. Also [1] Included I-Gasket. Gasket: [1] Included. Contains: AD. Gasket: [1] Included. Contains: AD..
    Updated: 03/02/2021

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    Height: 148mm
    OD/WidthMax: 77mm
    OD/WidthMin: 77mm
    Thread: 3/4-16 UN
    AntiDrainValve: Yes

    AC Delco PF1026, PF34, SY, X121, X126, X40, X4049E. Alco SP842, SP-842, SP887, SP-894, SP932, SP-932, SP933, SP-933. AP Lockheed AP3241, AP3241A, AP63006A, LK1021, LK-1051, LK3241, LK4002. Asahi AMC 215K, 243K, MF551, MP551, NO214, NO215, NO243, TO113, TO124, TO-124, TO127. Atlas Copco F15, M47. Baldwin B295. BluePrint ADL ADN12106, ADN12109, ADT32102. Bobcat Melroe 6555779. Bosch 0451103032, 0451103105, 0451103110, 0451103190, 0986452000, 0986452000850, 0986452000-850, 0986452004, 0986452038, 0986452900, 0986452900724, 0986452900-724, 0986452900850, 0986452900-850, 0986452904, 0986AF0248, 0986AF1045, 0986AF1128, 1457452004, 1986452000, 1-986-452-000, 1986452004, 1-986-452-004, 72165, 72187, 9000022106, 9000022109, 9181474018, 9181474027, 986452000, 986-452-000, 986452021, 986-452-021, 986452900, 986-452-900, 986452904, 986-452-904, 987452904, 987-452-904, BOF1018, BOF1040, BOF2004, BOF2038, O513, OF108, OF141, OF163, P2000, P2038, P3105. Case IHC 1062099C1, 1062099-C1. Caterpillar 3I1138, 9Y4503, 9Y-4503. Citroen MLS000451A, MLS000-451A. Continental PC9660. Coopers Fiaam FT4573, FT4747, FT4904, FT4909, FT5073, FT5126, RZ185, Z142, Z219, Z36, Z37, Z807, Z858, Z957. Crosland 2001, 624. Daihatsu 1560187185. Delphi Lucas CAV 6499, EDL184, F6429, F6473, F6499, F6510, F668, FX0050, FX0058. Donaldson P502086, P550078, P550227, P553210, P779211. Donit 4310129. Fil ZP523A1, ZP571B, ZP594, ZP594B. Filtration Control FCL7231. Filtron OP573, OP581. Finn FFUP412. Fleetguard LF3334, LF781. Fleetrite LFR83334, LFR8781. Ford 140516040, 140516060, 3968360, 5012575, 5016961, 5018028, 5020264, 5022796, 77BM6714BA, C9PJ6714A, C9PJ-6714-A, D1PJ6714AA, D1PZ6731A, E1NN6714BB, E1NN-6714-BB, SAB140516090, SBA140516090. Forgeville CLH3481. Fram BPH2825, DG2825, PH2825, PH2825A, PH2825FP, PH2950, PH3639, PH4681, PH4861. Fuji 923160412001, 92316-041-2001, FPS135. Gehl 550140516190. Giesse CLH348/1, CLH420. GIF GL541, GL551Z, GL647. GKN MOF18X, MOF19X. Greyfriars 9008S, 9018S, 906S. Halfords HOF271. Harmo S833. Hengst H14W05, H14W06, H14W40, H16W02. Hifi Hirschi Jura SO547. Inline Filters FFRPH2825, FFR-PH2825, FFRPH2950, FFR-PH2950, FFRPH4681, FFR-PH4681, FINFL70545, FIN-FL70545, FL70545. Iseki 691324080410, 691324E11. Isuzu 13201, 13202, 13240017, 13240-017, 13240093, 13240-093, 132400930, 1-32400-930, 5132400410, 5132400930, 5-13240-093-0, 8942432701, 8-94243-270-1, 9132400880, 9-13240-088-0, 913240093, 9-13240-093, 9132400930, 9-1324-0093-0, 9-13240-093-0, 9132408040, 9-13240-804-0, 9132408041, 9-13240-804-1, 913240804O, 9-13240-804-O. Japan JO105, JO204. Jubilee AOF42. Komatsu 152-081-3210, 1520-81-3210, 15208-H8920. Kralinator L073B, L213, L264S, L57, L73A, L73B. Kubota 15213-3209-1, 1540232431, 15402-32431, 7000014649, 70000-14649. Lautrette Mecafilter ELH4217. Luberfiner LFP201, PH2822, PH561. M Filter MH316, MH3340, MH357, MH357X. Mahle Knecht AW168, AW34, AW35, OC110, OC110OF, OC116, OC120, OC730. Mann 6740359220, W7131, W719/13, W71913, W818/81, W8184, W822/99, W82299, W825/1, W8251, WP727O. Maserati ML90052. Mercedes 1021840001, 1021840101, 1021840201, 1021840301, 1021840501, 1031840001, 1031840101, 1031840301, 1031840610, A1021840001, A1021840101, A1021840201, A1021840301, A1021840501, A1031800610, A1031840001, A1031840101, A1031840201, A1031840301, A1031840610. Micro T1627, T3141, T67206. Mopar L521. Motaquip VFL159, VFL184, VFL192, VFL248, VFL261. Motorcraft EFL317, EFL363, EFL83, FL13, FL289. Nam Poong NON018, NON-018. Napa 1512. New Holland 86546613. Nexen 92560328. Nipparts 131107, J1310002, J131107, J131200, J1312000, J1312002. Nippon Denso 120002, 128004, 1626, O1626, T3135, T6720, T6720G. Nissan 15009Y7502, 15009-Y7502, 1520813012, 15208-13012, 1520813201, 15208-13201, 1520813210, 15208-13210, 1520813211, 15208-13211, 1520813212, 15208-13212, 1520813212N, 15208-13212N, 1520813213, 15208-13213, 1520877502, 15208-77502, 15208H8920, 15208H8923, 15208Y7502, 15208-Y7502, 1520908602, 15209-08602, 15209J1800, 15209-J1800, 15209J1800B, 15209-J1800B, 15209Y1800, 15209-Y1800, 15209Y7500, 15209-Y7500, 15209Y7501, 15209-Y7501, 15209Y7502, 15209-Y7502, 3263390000, 6501065011, 65010-65011, 6501265014, 65012-65014, 973120703, A0036, TO250. NKK 4ND103, 4TP112. Orenstein and Koppel 1450104. Pennzoil PZ8. Powertrain PMFL109, PMFL118, PMFL14. Purflux 6120631260, 6121708890, LS188, LS451, LS451A, LS491, LS492, LS547, LS547B, LS918. Purolator Facet FCO42, FN302, L27253, L2825, L-2825, L30042, OF2825, PER318, PER338, PER42, PER42M. Quinton Hazell QOF5310, QOF5342. Renault 3082671. Ryco Z134. Sakura C1101, C-1101, C1802, C-1802, C1806, C-1806, C1820, C-1820, C1844, C-1844, C2602, C-2602, C8003, C-8003, C8018, C-8018. Savara 9.28.547.17, 92815211, 92815217, 92822311, 928529, 92854717. SF Schupp SP4052, SP4153. Shibaura 140516010, 140516090, 140516110, SBA140516010, SBA140516040, SBA140516110, SBA140516190. Sofima S0910R, S2900R, S3900R. Solid Auto N102002, T102002. Soparis CV346, CV365, CV401. Subaru 88074100, 88074-100, 88074110, 88074-110, 880874100, 88087-4100, SAO250000, SAO250010, SOA250000, SOA25-0000, SOA250010, SOA25-0010. Sure SFO7502. Tecafiltres 9350599, H0550, H0599, H0635, H0654. Tecfil PS825. Tecneco OL190, OL93. Tecnocar R190, R224, R2442, R302, R92, R93. Teho OK16, OK22. TJ FB2065, FB2088, FB2092, FB5313, FB5326, FB5342. Tokyo Roki C205. Toyo Kogyo TO1202, TO204, TO2252, TO261, TO330. Toyota 0415276080, 154000061, 15400-0061, 1560033010, 15600-33010, 1560033021, 1560122010, 15601-22010, 1560133010, 15601-33010, 1560141030, 15601-41030, 1560222010, 15602-22010. UFI 2312200, 2313003, 23.121.00, 23.122.00, 2312100. Union C-120, C130, C-130, C210, C217, C240, C-710, PF825. Unipart GFE215, GFE290, GFE319, GFE8. Valeo 586070. Vauxhall GM 25011623, 6437982, 6437983, 650376, 6696257, 696776, 93156747, 94020402. Vic C-102, C104, C-104, C201, C501, O104X, O201X. Volkswagen J1560133021. Wako LO207K, LO219K, LO420K. Wipac CA142, CA152, CA154. Wix 340P, 51321, 51512, 9, WL7132, WL7250. Woodgate WGL3334, WGL781, WGL9139

    Bobcat Melroe 533 Isuzu. 533(Isuzu 2AA1 eng). 533(Isuzu eng). 543. 543(Isuzu 2AA1 eng). 543(Isuzu eng). Case IHC 274. 284(NISSAN eng). CK62(Kubota S2800 eng). Daihatsu Delta 1.2 HKD10 1200cc Petrol (3KJ eng). Delta 2.0 V69BU 2000cc Petrol 46kW 63hp(3Y eng). Fourtrack 2.0 Litre Petrol SWB; LWB(3Y 1998cc eng). Fourtrack GX Estate 2.2 Litre OHV(4Y 2237cc eng). Rocky (Fourtrack/Taft) 2.0 F8 1998cc Petrol 65kW 88hp(3Y eng). Rocky (Fourtrack/Taft) 2.2 2237cc Petrol 66kW 90hp(4Y eng). Ford 1000. 1000; 1600(Shibaura 2cyl 1272 cc eng). 1910. Hanix N41(Nissan SD22 eng). Hitachi UE014(Nissan eng). UE50(Nissan eng). VE50(Nissan SD22 eng). Komatsu FG10; FG14; FG15; FG20; FG25; H20(Nissan D11PU/J15 eng). FG10-10; FG14-10; FG15-10(Nissan DP11PU40 eng). FG15-10. Kubota L345DT. Mercedes 190 W201 1996cc Petrol 75kW 102hp(M 102.924 KAT eng). 190 W201 1996cc Petrol 77kW 105hp(M 102.924 eng). 190E 1.8 Litre W201. 190E 1.8 W201 1791cc Petrol 80kW 109hp(M 102.910 eng). 190E 2.0 Litre W201. 190E 2.0 Litre W201. 190E 2.3 W201 2298cc Petrol 100kW 136hp(M 102.985 eng). 190E 2.3 W201 2298cc Petrol 97kW 132hp(M 102.985 eng). 190E 2.6 Litre W201. 190E 2.6 W201 2597cc Petrol 118kW 160hp(M 103.942 KAT eng). 190E 2.6 W201 2597cc Petrol 122kW 166hp(M 103.942 eng). 190E W201 1996cc Petrol 83kW 113hp(M 102.961 eng). 190E W201 1996cc Petrol 85kW 116hp(M 102.962 eng). 190E W201 1996cc Petrol 87kW 118hp(M 102.962 KAT eng). 190E W201 1996cc Petrol 90kW 122hp(M 102.961 eng). 190E W201 1996cc Petrol 93kW 126hp(M 102 eng). 190E(2.3L eng). 200 E W/S/C124 1996cc Petrol 87kW 118hp(M 102.963 eng). 200 E W/S/C124 1996cc Petrol 90kW 122hp(M 102.962/963 eng). 200 W/S124 1977cc Petrol 75kW 102hp(M 102.922 KAT eng). 200 W/S124 1996cc Petrol 77kW 105hp(M 102.922 KAT eng). 200 W/S124 1996cc Petrol 80kW 109hp(M 102.922 eng). 200; 200E; 200T 2.0 Litre W124. 200; 200E; 200T 2.0 Litre W124. 230 E W/S/C124 2298cc Petrol 100kW 136hp(M 102.982 eng). 230 E W/S/C124 2298cc Petrol 97kW 132hp(M 102.982 eng). 230E; C230CE; C230TE 2.3 Litre W124. 230E; C230CE; C230TE 2.3 Litre W124. 260 E; 260 E 4-Matic W124 2597cc Petrol 118kW 160hp(M 103.940 KAT eng). 260 E; 260 E 4-Matic W124 2597cc Petrol 122kW 166hp(M 103.940 eng). 260 SE W126 2548cc Petrol 118kW 160hp(M 103.941 eng). 260 SE W126 2548cc Petrol 122kW 166hp(M 103.941 eng). 260E 2.6 Litre W124. 260E 2.6 Litre W124. 260E(2.6L eng). 260E(2.6L eng). 260E(2.6L eng). 300 E W/S124 2932cc Petrol 140kW 190hp(M 103.980 eng). 300 E; 300 E 4-Matic W/S/C124 2960cc Petrol 132kW 180hp(M 103.983/985 KAT eng). 300 E; 300 E 4-Matic W/S/C124 2960cc Petrol 138kW 188hp(M 103.983 eng). 300 SE; SEL W126 2932cc Petrol 132kW 180hp(M 103.981 KAT eng). 300 SE; SEL W126 2932cc Petrol 138kW 188hp(M 103.981 eng). 300 SL R107 2932cc Petrol 132kW 180hp(M 103.982 eng). 300 SL R107 2932cc Petrol 138kW 188hp(M 103.982 eng). 300 SL R129 2960cc Petrol 140kW 190hp(M 103.984 eng). 300E; 300CE; 300TE 3.0 Litre W124. 300E; 300CE; 300TE 3.0 Litre W124. 300SE; SEL 3.0 Litre W126. 300SL 3.0 Litre. 300SL 3.0 Litre M103. E 300 4-Matic W/S124 2960cc Petrol 132kW 180hp(M 103.985 eng). Nissan 1200 1.2L. 1600 1.6L. 1600 1.6L. 1600 1.6L. 1600 1.6L. 1600 1.6L. 2000(2.0L eng). 2000(2.0L eng). 2000(2.0L eng). 411 1.2L. 411 1.6L. 520 Pickup 1.3L. 520 Pickup 1.3L. 720(2.2L eng). 720(2.2L eng). CD4000. CD5000. Datsun 100 1.0 A E10 981cc Petrol 33kW 45hp. EF02(SD25 eng). EH01; EH02(SD25 eng). EH011A150(SD25 eng). F01(SD25 eng). F02(SD25 eng). FD006; FD007(H30 eng). FG-001; FG-003(D11 eng). FG-002(D11 eng). FG-004; FG-005(H20 eng). H01; H02(SD22; SD25 eng). HO1. K-CMH40(Nissan SD25 eng). MGH40(Nissan SD25 eng). N-EH40(Nissan SD25 eng). P2000-3500. P4000-6000. Prairie 2.0 Litre Carb 4 Cyl OHC M11 2WD;4WD(CA20S 1974cc 102bhp eng). QF01(SD22 eng). QF02; QGF02. SD16; SD22. SD25. Sunny 1.4 Litre Carb 8V OHC N13GA; N14(GA14S 1392cc eng). Sunny 1.6 Litre 1598cc 4 Cyl OHC(E16H 84bhp eng). Sunny Van 1.3 Litre B11(E13S 1270cc eng). Sunny Van 1.3 Litre B11(E13S 1270cc eng). Northern Lights M854A; M854B. NL854B. Shibaura SD2200. SD2500. SD4000. SE2200. SE2240. SE4040. Toyota Celica 1.9L. Celica 2.0 GT RA63 1968cc Petrol 90kW 122hp(18R-G eng). Celica 2.0 XT RA40 1968cc Petrol 65kW 88hp(18R eng). Celica 2.0 XT RA40 1968cc Petrol 66kW 90hp(18R eng). Celica(2.0L eng). Celica(2.0L eng). Celica(2.0L eng). Corolla II (E20) 1.2 KE20 1166cc Petrol 40kW 54hp(3K-B; 3K-C; 3K-H eng). Corolla II (E20) 1.2 S KE25 1166cc Petrol 43kW 58hp(3K-B; 3K-C; 3K-H eng). Corolla III (E30/E40/E50/E60) 1.2 KE30 1166cc Petrol 40kW 54hp(3K eng). Corolla III (E30/E40/E50/E60) 1.2 KE35/36 1166cc Petrol 40kW 54hp(3K-H eng). Corona 1.8 TT1 1758cc Petrol 63kW 86hp(3T eng). Corona 1.9L. Corona Mark II 2.0 RT104 1955cc Petrol 65kW 88hp(18R eng). Corona Mark II 2.0 RX12 1955cc Petrol 65kW 88hp(18R eng). Corona Mark II 2.0 RX22 1955cc Petrol 65kW 88hp. Corona(2.0L eng). Corona(2.0L eng). Corona(2.0L eng). Cressida 2.0 RX30/RX35 1954cc Petrol 66kW 90hp(18R eng). Dyna (U60-U90) 2.0 YU60 1998cc Petrol 49kW 67hp(3Y OHV eng). Dyna 100 1.6 YH80 Petrol (1Y eng). Dyna 100 1.8 YH81 1811cc Petrol 58kW 79hp(2Y OHV eng). Dyna 150 1.8 YY51 1811cc Petrol 43kW 58hp(2Y OHV eng). Dyna 150 2.0 YY61 1998cc Petrol 49kW 67hp(3Y OHV eng). Hiace 1.6 Pick-Up RH11 1587cc Petrol 49kW 66hp(12R eng). Hiace 1.6 RH11/16 1577cc Petrol 49kW 67hp(12RJ eng). Hiace 1.6 RH11/16/20/30/4 1587cc Petrol 49kW 66hp(12RJ eng). Hiace 1.6 RH20-30 1577cc Petrol 48kW 65hp(12R eng). Hiace 1.8 RH21/31/41 1812cc Petrol 58kW 79hp(16R eng). Hiace 1.8 Wagon H5 1812cc Petrol 58kW 79hp(2Y eng). Hiace 1.8 YH50 1812cc Petrol 58kW 79hp(2Y eng). Hiace 2.0 RH22/32/42 2000cc Petrol 74kW 101hp(18R eng). Hiace 2.0 RH25-32 1968cc Petrol 65kW 88hp(18R eng). Hiace 2.0 YH51 2000cc Petrol 74kW 101hp(3Y eng). Hiace 2.0 YH51/61 1984cc Petrol 65kW 88hp(3Y eng). Hilux 1.6 RN3; RN4 1577cc Petrol 48kW 65hp(12R eng). Hilux 1.8 YN5 1812cc Petrol 58kW 79hp(2Y eng). Hilux 1.8 YN8; YN9 1812cc Petrol 61kW 83hp(2Y eng). Hilux 2.0 RN3; RN4 1994cc Petrol(18R eng). Hilux 2.0 YN5 1998cc Petrol 65kW 88hp(3Y eng). Hilux 2.3 4WD YN5 2237cc Petrol 69kW 94hp(4Y eng). Liteace 1.3 KM2 1281cc Petrol 42kW 57hp(4K-C eng). Liteace 1.3 M2 1281cc Petrol 42kW 57hp(4K eng). Model F 1.8 De Luxe;GL YR20 1799cc Petrol 58kW 79hp(2Y-C eng). Model F 2.0 GL YR21 1998cc Petrol 66kW 90hp(3Y eng). Model F 2.0 Super YR21 1984cc Petrol 65kW 88hp(3Y eng). Model F 2.2 YR22LG 2237cc Petrol 72kW 98hp(4Y-EC eng). Pickup(2.0L eng). Stallion RZF5; LF5 1.8 1812cc Petrol 65kW 88hp(2Y eng). TownAce 1.6 RR10 1600cc Petrol (12RJ eng). Volkswagen Taro 1.8 1812cc Petrol 61kW 83hp(2Y eng). Taro 2.2 2200cc Petrol 69kW 94hp(4Y eng)

    These are Inline Filters own Part Numbers and carry the bulk of our Catalogue information which includes Cross Reference, Vehicle Applications, Size and Specifications data. They will always be a Quality Brand although not Brand Specific which enables us to offer the best Price and Stock Availability.

    As these are our fastest moving items the Manufacturer, Picture and exact Size may vary then we can second source if necessary to complete orders quickly. Be assured we only supply quality Filter Brands from globally recognised Filter Manufacturers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. Our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Alco, SF Schupp, MP Filtri, Solberg and Vokes.

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