FIN-FL70486 Filter-Lube(Equivalent: LF3311, B163, SP4374, 111836)

Price(Ex Vat): £6.59

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  • Part Number FIN-FL70486
  • Manufactured by: Inline

    Part No: Inline FL70486 (Also available as Brand Specific: FBW-B163, FFG-LF3311)
    Our Stock Level: 18
    More Stock: Any further stock usually 2-10 weeks
    Details: Full-Flow Lube or Transmission Spin-on. Anti-Drainback Valve 8 PSID By-Pass Valve. Also G381-A I-Gasket. Gasket: G381-A. Contains: AD, BP. Gasket: G381-A. Contains: AD, BP..
    Updated: 01/08/2022

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    Height: 98mm
    OD/WidthMax: 95mm
    Thread: 3/4-16 UN
    ByPassValvePSI: 8
    AntiDrainValve: Yes
    Micron: Unspecified

    AC Delco PF13, SF, SJ, X19, X1K, X64, Alco SP1053, SP-1053, SP829, SP-829, Alfa Romeo 116120603000, 116-12-0603000, 51031300000, 510-31-300000, Allis Chalmers 4126435, 7825516, HB03028811, HB-03028811, AP Lockheed AP3211A, LK-1011, LK3211A, LK-3211A, Aqua Power 6008, Arco AOF17, Asahi AMC TO-130, Atlas Copco 10300882, 1030-0882, 16193558, 1619-3558, F16, F-16, F16M34, Baldwin B163, Blue Print ADL ADA102119, Bobcat Melroe 6675517, Bolens 1719859, Bosch 0451103011-310, 0451103029310, 0451103126, 045110312630N, 0451103126-30N, 0451103142, 0451103161, 0451103171, 0451103262, 1986452003, 1-986-452-003, 3321, 451102002, 451-102-002, 451103003, 451-103-003, 451103011310, 451-103-011-310, 451103012, 451-103-012, 451103014, 451-103-014, 451103025, 451-103-025, 451103084, 451103142, 451-103-142, 451103171, 451-103-171, 451103262, 451103902, 451-103-902, 451203154, 451-203-154, 72101, 72103, 72138, 8241H, 9181474002, 9181474007, 9450732002, 9-450-732-002, 9-450-732-005, 9451103620, 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G10(Unspecified eng). JCB 208S(Unspecified eng). Jeep Cherokee 2.5 Litre Injection 117bhp(Unspecified eng). Cherokee 2.5 Litre Injection 119 121bhp(Unspecified eng). Cherokee 2.5 Litre Injection 121bhp(Unspecified eng). Cherokee 4.0 Litre Injection 174bhp(Unspecified eng). Cherokee 4.0 Litre Injection 181bhp(Unspecified eng). Cherokee 4.0 Litre Injection 181bhp(Unspecified eng). Cherokee 4.0 Litre Injection 76bhp(Unspecified eng). Cherokee 4.0 Litre Injection(Unspecified eng). Grand Cherokee 4.0 Litre Petrol 6 Cyl 174 188bhp(Unspecified eng). Grand Cherokee 4.0 Litre Petrol(Unspecified eng). Grand Cherokee 4.7 Litre Petrol V8 DOHC 217bhp(Unspecified eng). Grand Cherokee 5.2 Litre Injection V8(Unspecified eng). Grand Cherokee 5.9 Litre Petrol V8 OHV 237bhp(Unspecified eng). Wrangler 2.5 Litre 4 Cyl 117bhp(Unspecified eng). Wrangler 4.0 Litre 6 Cyl 174bhp(Unspecified eng). Wrangler YJ 2.5; 4.0 Litre Injection(Unspecified eng). Wrangler YJ 2.5; 4.0 Litre Injection(Unspecified eng). John Deere 570(Unspecified eng). 570(Yanmar eng). 575(Yanmar eng). Lada 1200L; 1200S VAZ; 1200 WAS 2101 1198cc Petrol 44kW 60hp(BA3-2101 eng). 1200S VAZ; 1200S WAS 2102 1198cc Petrol 44kW 60hp(BA3-2101 eng). 1300VAZ 2101 1285cc Petrol 48kW 65hp(BA3-21011 eng). 1300WAS 21011 1294cc Petrol 51kW 69hp(BA3-2105 eng). 1500GL; 1500GLV VAZ 2102 1452cc Petrol 54kW 73hp(BA3-2103 eng). 1500N; 1500S VAZ 2103 1452cc Petrol 55kW 75hp(BA3-2103 eng). 1500WAS 2103; 1500WAS 2106 1458cc Petrol 55kW 75hp(BA3-2103 eng). 1600N; 1600L VAZ 2103 1570cc Petrol 57kW 78hp(BA3-2106 eng). 1600WAS 2106 1570cc Petrol 58kW 79hp(Unspecified eng). 2105; 2107 Nova 1200 Junior; LVAZ; WAS 2105 1198cc Petrol 44kW 60hp(BA3-2101 eng). 2105; 2107 Nova 1300 Kombi 1294cc Petrol 48kW 65hp(BA3-2105 eng). 2105; 2107 Nova 1300 Spezial;L VAZ;WAS 2105 1294cc Petrol 48kW 65hp(BA3-2105 eng). 2105; 2107 Nova 1500 Kombi 1458cc Petrol 55kW 75hp(BA3-2103 eng). 2105; 2107 Nova 1500 S WAS 21093 1499cc Petrol 52kW 71hp(Unspecified eng). 2105; 2107 Nova 1500 WAS 21053 1452cc Petrol 55kW 75hp(BA3-2103 eng). 2105; 2107 Nova 1600 WAS 21074 1570cc Petrol 56kW 76hp(BA3-2106 eng). Niva / 4x4 /Taiga 1.6 1569cc Petrol 54kW 73hp(BA3-2121 eng). Niva / 4x4 /Taiga 1.6 1569cc Petrol 56kW 76hp(BA3-2121 eng). Niva(Canada 1.6 eng). Niva(Canada 1.6 eng). Niva(Canada 1.6 eng). Niva(Canada 1.6 eng). Niva(Canada 1.6 eng). Oka (1111) 750 750cc Petrol 26kW 35hp(Unspecified eng). Samara(Canada 1.3 eng). Samara(Canada 1.3 eng). Samara(Canada 1.5 eng). Samara(Canada 1.5 eng). Signet(Canada 1.3 eng). Signet(Canada 1.3 eng). Signet(Canada 1.3 eng). Signet(Canada 1.5 eng). Signet(Canada 1.5 eng). Signet(Canada 1.5 eng). Signet(Canada 1.5 eng). Signet(Canada 1.5 eng). Toscana 1300 VAZ 2107 1294cc Petrol 48kW 65hp(BA3-2105 eng). Toscana 1500 VAZ 2107 1458cc Petrol 55kW 75hp(BA3-2103 eng). Lamborghini C352; C352L; C352S; C352SL(Unspecified eng). C483(Unspecified eng). R235; R235DT(Unspecified eng). R235; R235DT; R235S(Unspecified eng). Leyland Daf BL Marina 1.8L(Unspecified eng). Marina 1.8L(Unspecified eng). MG RV8 3.9 3947cc Petrol 140kW 190hp(Unspecified eng). Spitfire 1.5L(Unspecified eng). Spitfire 1.5L(Unspecified eng). Lister Petter LP460(Unspecified eng). Lotus Eclat 2.0 1997cc Petrol (907 DOHC eng). Eclat 2.2 2174cc Petrol (912 DOHC eng). Elite 2.0 Petrol (907 DOHC eng). Elite 2.2 Petrol (912 DOHC eng). Esprit 2.0 S2 1969cc Petrol 119kW 162hp(907 eng). Esprit 2.2 Turbo 2174cc Petrol 197kW 268hp(910S eng). Esprit 2.2 Turbo S2 2174cc Petrol 157kW 214hp(910 eng). Excel 2.2 SE/SA 2172cc Petrol 134kW 182hp(912S eng). Mack DM400; MB400; R400; RD400; U400(Mack ENDT475 eng). DM487; MB487; R487; RD487; RM487(Mack ETZ477 eng). E4-210; EZ4-210(Unspecified eng). ENDT475(Scania eng). ENDT475(Unspecified eng). ETZ475(Scania eng). ETZ475(Unspecified eng). ETZ477(Unspecified eng). MB400; MC400; R400(Mack ETZ477 eng). MC400P; MC400S; R400P(Scania E4-210 eng). RM4004; DMM4006; RM4006(Mack ENDT475 eng). Massey Ferguson 5140(Cummins eng). 5240(Cummins QSB-4.5 eng). 5260(Cummins QSB-5.9 E2 eng). 9220; 9225(Cummins B3.3T eng). 9420; 9425(Cummins QSB-4.5 E2 eng). 9430; 9435(Sisu 44CTA eng). 9635(Sisu 66CTA eng). 9895(Caterpillar C13 eng). Hesston 1843N; 1843S(Deutz eng). Mercury Mercruiser 215; 225(Unspecified eng). 25(Unspecified eng). 25; 30; 55; 60; 80(Unspecified eng). 255(Ford eng). 30(Unspecified eng). 55(Unspecified eng). 555(Ford eng). 60(Unspecified eng). 80(Unspecified eng). 888 (Unspecified eng). V-Drive 215(Unspecified eng). Minneapolis Moline G1355(Unspecified eng). G1355(Unspecified eng). G955(Unspecified eng). Mitsubishi 125 1.3 P 1295cc Petrol 48kW 65hp(Unspecified eng). 125 1.5 P 1481cc Petrol 60kW 82hp(Unspecified eng). FD60(Mitsubishi S6E2 eng). FD70(Mitsubishi S6E2 eng). Polonez 1.3 P I 1295cc Petrol 48kW 65hp(Unspecified eng). Polonez 1.5 P I 1481cc Petrol 55kW 75hp(AA eng). Polonez 1.5 P I 1481cc Petrol 60kW 82hp(Unspecified eng). Polonez 1.5 Turbo P I 1481cc Petrol 70kW 95hp(Unspecified eng). Polonez 1.5i P II 1481cc Petrol 55kW 75hp(Unspecified eng). Polonez 1.6 P II 1598cc Petrol 64kW 87hp(Unspecified eng). Polonez 1.6i P III 1598cc Petrol 57kW 78hp(Unspecified eng). Morgan Plus 4 2.0 i 1995cc Petrol 90kW 122hp(Fiat eng). Moskvich 2140 1469cc Petrol 55kW 75hp(Unspecified eng). Aleko 2141 (1.6) 1569cc Petrol 52kW 71hp(Unspecified eng). Aleko 21414 (1.8) 1795cc Petrol 70kW 95hp(Unspecified eng). Aslk 2137 1478cc Petrol 55kW 75hp(Unspecified eng). Aslk 2137 1478cc Petrol 55kW 75hp(Unspecified eng). New Holland 1910(Unspecified eng). L454(Continental TM13 eng). L554(Continental TM20 eng). L783(Ford eng). L785(Ford eng). LX665(Unspecified eng). S12; S14(Kohler eng). S16(Unspecified eng). T220(Kohler K341S eng). New Idea 5830; 5830X; 5840(Cummins eng). 5850(Cummins eng). Nissan Trade 2.0 Diesel JX20 1952cc Diesel 46kW 63hp(LD20E eng). Northern Lights M16C; M20CL; M20CR(Unspecified eng). M843(Unspecified eng). M843JK; M843N; M843NK(Unspecified eng). M844; M844K; M844L; M844LK; ML844; ML844K; ML844L; ML844LK; MY844; MY844K; MY844L; MY844LK(Unspecified eng). NL843N; NL843NK; NL844; NL844K; NL844L; NL844LK(Unspecified eng). Unknown Model(M843N Marine eng). Oliver 1550(Unspecified eng). 1550; 1555(Unspecified eng). 1555(Unspecified eng). 1600(Unspecified eng). 1650(Unspecified eng). 1650(Waukesha A Diesel eng). 1655(Unspecified eng). 1750(Unspecified eng). 1750(Waukesha eng). 1755(Unspecified eng). 1755(Unspecified eng). 1800A(Unspecified eng). 1800A; 1800B; 1800C(Unspecified eng). 1800B; 1800C(Unspecified eng). 1850(Perkins 6.354 eng). 1850(Unspecified eng). 1855(Unspecified eng). 1855(Unspecified eng). 1870(Unspecified eng). 1900D(Unspecified eng). 1950(GM eng). 1950(Unspecified eng). 1950T(Unspecified eng). 1955(Unspecified eng). 2050(Unspecified eng). 2055(Unspecified eng). 2150(Unspecified eng). 2155(Unspecified eng). 2255(Caterpillar eng). OMC M100(Unspecified eng). M-100; M-200(Unspecified eng). M200(Unspecified eng). Onan 15 JC3CR(Unspecified eng). 15; 705 MDJE3R(Unspecified eng). 150MDJF(Unspecified eng). 150MDJF(Unspecified eng). 15MDJC3R(Unspecified eng). 15MDJF(Unspecified eng). 6DJB(Unspecified eng). 6MDJB37(Unspecified eng). 7.5MDJE(Unspecified eng). 7.5MDJE(Unspecified eng). 7.5MDJE; 15MDJF(Unspecified eng). 705MDJE3R(Unspecified eng). DJ30; J30; MDJ30(Unspecified eng). DJ60; J60; DJ120; DJ130; MDJ130(Unspecified eng). DJA; DJB; DJBA; DJC(Unspecified eng). DJA; DJB; DJC; DJE(Unspecified eng). DJB Gen(Unspecified eng). DJE(Unspecified eng). DMDJC(Unspecified eng). JA(Unspecified eng). JA(Unspecified eng). JB(Unspecified eng). JB; JC(Unspecified eng). JC(Unspecified eng). LRDJC(Unspecified eng). LRDJF(Unspecified eng). LRDJX(Unspecified eng). MDJA; MDJB; MDJC(Unspecified eng). MDJA; MDJB; MDJC; MDJ-30; MDJ-130; 6MDJB-37; 15MDJC-3R(Unspecified eng). MDJE(6.0L eng). MDJE; MDJF(Unspecified eng). MDJE; MDJF(Unspecified eng). MJA; MJB; MJC(Unspecified eng). MJA; MJB; MJC; J-30; J-60; J-120(Unspecified eng). NH(Unspecified eng). RDJC(Unspecified eng). RDJC; RDJF; RJC(Unspecified eng). RDJE; RDJEA(Unspecified eng). RDJF(Unspecified eng). RJC(Unspecified eng). Otosan Taunus 1.6 1593cc Petrol 52kW 70hp(Unspecified eng). Palmer AD2; AD21(Unspecified eng). Peugeot 504 2.7 V6 2687cc Petrol 106kW 144hp(Unspecified eng). 505 2.0 Ti;STi 1995cc Petrol 81kW 110hp(829ZEJ eng). 604 2.7 SL 2664cc Petrol 100kW 136hp(112ZM eng). 604 2.7 Ti;STi 2664cc Petrol 106kW 144hp(140ZMJ eng). 604 2.8 GTI 2849cc Petrol 110kW 150hp(154A ZMJK eng). 604(2.7L eng). 604(2.7L eng). 604(2.8L eng). Ranger 85; 110(Unspecified eng). Renault Alpine A 310 2700 V6 2664cc Petrol 110kW 150hp(Z6W eng). Fuego 1.6L(Unspecified eng). Fuego 1.6L(Unspecified eng). Fuego 1.6L(Unspecified eng). Fuego 1.6L(Unspecified eng). Fuego 1.6L(Unspecified eng). Fuego 2.0 TX;GTX 1363 1981cc Petrol 81kW 110hp(J6R726 eng). Fuego(2.2L eng). Master I 2.0 Q..2 1995cc Petrol 59kW 85hp(829730; 829731 eng). Master I 2.2 R..2 2165cc Petrol 67kW 91hp(J7T782; J7T788 eng). Master I 2.2i R..A 2165cc Petrol 67kW 91hp(J7T782 Kat eng). R18 2.0 1343 1995cc Petrol 77kW 105hp(J6R716 eng). R18 2.0 TX;GTX Variable 1353 1981cc Petrol 77kW 105hp(J6R716 eng). R18I 1.6L(Unspecified eng). R18I 1.6L(Unspecified eng). R18I 1.6L(Unspecified eng). R20 2.0 1272 1981cc Petrol 80kW 109hp(829701 eng). R20 2.0 1277 1981cc Petrol 76kW 103hp(829703 eng). R20 2.2 1279 2150cc Petrol 85kW 116hp(851700 eng). R25 2.2 GTX B29E 2150cc Petrol 89kW 121hp(J7T715 eng). Trafic I 2.0 1995cc Petrol 58kW 79hp(829 eng). Saab 95 Station Wagon 1.5 V4 1498cc Petrol 46kW 63hp(Ford EGR V4 eng). 95 Station Wagon 1.5 V4 1498cc Petrol 48kW 65hp(Ford V4 eng). 95 Station Wagon 1.5 V4 1498cc Petrol 50kW 68hp(Ford EGR V4 eng). 95; 96 0.8L(Unspecified eng). Schanzlin Gigant G30(Unspecified eng). Gigant G300A(Unspecified eng). Seat 127 0.9 Petrol 31kW 43hp(Unspecified eng). 127 1.0 Petrol 38kW 52hp(Unspecified eng). 133 0.8 Petrol 27kW 37hp(Unspecified eng). Panda 0.8 35 Petrol 26kW 35hp(100 GL6000 eng). Panda 0.9 40 Petrol 31kW 42hp(Unspecified eng). Panda 0.9 45 Petrol 33kW 45hp(Unspecified eng). Trans 0.9 903cc Petrol 31kW 42hp(Unspecified eng). Seddon Atkinson 200(IHC D310 67kW 91hp eng). Simplicity 4040(Onan eng). 9020(Onan eng). Tofas Dogan 1.6 1581cc Petrol 51kW 69hp(Unspecified eng). Dogan 1.6 1581cc Petrol 55kW 75hp(Unspecified eng). Dogan 1.6 IE 1581cc Petrol 59kW 80hp(Unspecified eng). Dogan 1.6 IE 1581cc Petrol 66kW 90hp(Unspecified eng). Dogan 1.6 S 1581cc Petrol 71kW 97hp(Unspecified eng). Kartal 1.6 1581cc Petrol 55kW 75hp(Unspecified eng). Kartal 1.6 1581cc Petrol 66kW 90hp(Unspecified eng). Kartal 1.6 IE 1581cc Petrol 66kW 90hp(Unspecified eng). Sahin 1.4 1395cc Petrol 44kW 60hp(Unspecified eng). Sahin 1.4 IE 1395cc Petrol 55kW 75hp(Unspecified eng). Sahin 1.6 1581cc Petrol 55kW 75hp(Unspecified eng). Sahin 1.6 1581cc Petrol 66kW 90hp(Unspecified eng). Sahin 1.6 IE 1581cc Petrol 63kW 85hp(Unspecified eng). Sahin 1.6 S 1581cc Petrol 59kW 80hp(Unspecified eng). Serce (123/124) 1.3 1297cc Petrol 48kW 65hp(Unspecified eng). Serce (123/124) 1.3 1297cc Petrol 51kW 69hp(Unspecified eng). Serce (123/124) 1.3 1297cc Petrol 55kW 75hp(Unspecified eng). Toro Groundsmaster 72(Renault eng). Toyota 2FD100; 2FD115; 2FD135(Unspecified eng). 3FD50; 3FD60; 3FG50; 3FG60(Unspecified eng). 3FD50; 3FD60; 3FG50; 3FG60(Unspecified eng). 3FD80(Unspecified eng). 40-2FG7; 40-2FG9(Unspecified eng). 40-3FD50; 40-3FD60(Unspecified eng). 5DC30(Unspecified eng). 5FD10; 5FD14; 5FD15; 5FD18(Unspecified eng). 5FD20; 5FD23; 5FD25(Unspecified eng). 5FG10; 5FG14; 5FG15; 5FG18; 5FG20; 5FG23; 5FG25(Unspecified eng). 5FGC10; 5FGC13; 5FGC15(Unspecified eng). Corolla 1.6L(Unspecified eng). Corolla 1.6L(Unspecified eng). FD70(Unspecified eng). FDC33; FDC35; FDC40; FDC45; FGC33; FGC35; FGC40; FGC45(Unspecified eng). FDC33; FDC35; FDC40; FDC45; FGC33; FGC35; FGC40; FGC45(Unspecified eng). TVR Tasmin 2.8 2792cc Petrol 118kW 160hp(Ford eng). UAZ Hunter 2.7 2693cc Petrol 94kW 128hp(ZMZ-409.10 eng). Patriot 2.7 2693cc Petrol 94kW 128hp(ZMZ-409.10 eng). UAZ3151; 31512 4.3 V6 4300cc Petrol 135kW 184hp(Unspecified eng). Vauxhall GM Commodore-A 2.5 2490cc Petrol 85kW 116hp(Unspecified eng). Commodore-A 2.5 2490cc Petrol 88kW 120hp(Unspecified eng). VM Motori 394HPT(Unspecified eng). Volga Volga 2.3i 3110 2287cc Petrol 96kW 131hp(ZMZ-4062.10 eng). Volkswagen 412(1.7L eng). 412(1.8L eng). Transporter 1.8L(Unspecified eng). Volvo 142; 144; 145 1.8L(Unspecified eng). 142; 144; 145(2.0L eng). 142; 144; 145(2.0L eng). 142; 144; 145(2.0L eng). 142; 144; 145(2.0L eng). 142; 144; 145(2.0L eng). 142; 144; 145(2.0L eng). 164(3.0L eng). 164(3.0L eng). 164(3.0L eng). 164(3.0L eng). 164(3.0L eng). 164(3.0L eng). 1800 1.8L(Unspecified eng). 1800 1.8L(Unspecified eng). 1800 1.8L(Unspecified eng). 1800(2.0L eng). 1800(2.0L eng). 1800(2.0L eng). 1800(2.0L eng). 1800(2.0L eng). 242; 244; 245(2.0L eng). 242; 244; 245(2.1L eng). 242; 244; 245(2.1L eng). 242; 244; 245(2.1L eng). 242; 244; 245(2.1L eng). 244(2.3L eng). 264; 265(2.7L eng). 544 1.8L(Unspecified eng). 544 1.8L(Unspecified eng). F10(TD100; TD101; TD102 eng). F12(TD100; TD101; TD102 eng). F16(Volvo TD162 eng). MC60(Kubota V2203 eng). MC70(Kubota V2003-T eng). N10(Unspecified eng). N12(Unspecified eng). N12(Unspecified eng). Volvo Penta 230SP; 250SP; 251DOHCSP(Unspecified eng). AD31A; AQAD30A; AQAD31A; TAMD31; TMD31(Unspecified eng). AQ100; AQ105; AQ110; BB100; AQ100C(Unspecified eng). AQ115A; AQ115B; BB115A(Unspecified eng). AQ120; AQ120B(Unspecified eng). AQ125; AQ125B(Unspecified eng). AQ130/270D; AQ130C/270; AQ130C/270D; AQ140/280(Unspecified eng). AQ130A; AQ130B; AQ130C; AQ130D(Unspecified eng). AQ140A; AQ145A; AQ145B; AQ151A; AQ151B; AQ151C(Unspecified eng). AQ170B/280; AQ170B/280T(Unspecified eng). AQ171A; AQ171C(Unspecified eng). AQ95; AQ95A(Unspecified eng). AQD19; MD19(Unspecified eng). AQD21A; MD21A(Unspecified eng). B18B; MB18(Unspecified eng). B20; MB20; MB20A; MB20B; MB20C(Unspecified eng). B21; D21ATiD; D21AUTE(Unspecified eng). B30; BB30; MD31A; TAMD30(Unspecified eng). BB140; BB145A; BB165A(Unspecified eng). BB170A; BB170B; BB170C(Unspecified eng). MB10A-100S(Unspecified eng). MD1; MD2(Unspecified eng). MD11; MD17(Unspecified eng). MD1B; MD2B; MD3; MD3B(Unspecified eng). TAMD30A(Unspecified eng). Westerbeke Four 60(Unspecified eng). Four 91(Unspecified eng). Wheel Horse Charger 7(Unspecified eng). Charger 8(Unspecified eng). Charger 9; Charger 10; Charger 12; Electro 12; GT14(Unspecified eng). D160(Onan eng). White 2-110(Perkins eng). 2-150(Unspecified eng). 2-150(Unspecified eng). 2-80-17; 4-80-17(White 283DB eng). 2-85(Unspecified eng). 4/78-17(Unspecified eng). 4-150(Caterpillar 3208 eng). 4-150(Caterpillar 3208 eng). 4-175(Caterpillar 3208 eng). 4-180(Caterpillar 3208 Rear eng). 4-180(Caterpillar 3208 Rear eng). American 60; 80(Cummins 5.9L eng). Field Boss 2-105(Perkins 354 eng). Field Boss 2-150(585 eng). Field Boss 2-70(6cyl eng). Field Boss 2-70(6cyl Gas eng). Field Boss 2-85(Perkins 354 eng). Field Boss 4-150(Caterpillar 3208 eng). Field Boss 4-180(Caterpillar 3208 eng). GT1650(Briggs and Stratton eng). Wisconsin R14(Unspecified eng). Yale and Towne GLC050TEN(Unspecified eng). GP; GLP; GTP20-30CB; GTP20-30GT(Unspecified eng)

    These are Inline Filters own Part Numbers and carry the bulk of our Catalogue information which includes Cross Reference, Vehicle Applications, Size and Specifications data. They will always be a Quality Brand although not Brand Specific which enables us to offer the best Price and Stock Availability.

    As these are our fastest moving items the Manufacturer, Picture and exact Size may vary then we can second source if necessary to complete orders quickly. Be assured we only supply quality Filter Brands from globally recognised Filter Manufacturers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. Our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Alco, SF Schupp, MP Filtri, Solberg and Vokes.

    To visit Websites of the Filter Manufacturer's we use click here MANUFACTURER'S WEBSITES

    To view Catalogues of the Filter Manufacturer's we use click here MANUFACTURER'S CATALOGUES

    Application, Cross Reference and Size data is provided as a guide only, for full compatibility ensure all our specifications match your requirements.
    We sell on a Business to Business Model with highly competitive Trade Pricing.
    All orders must be placed via the Website.

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