FFR-PH8 FILTER-Lube(Alco SP-801, Baldwin B2, Fleetguard LF551A)

Price(Ex Vat): £3.97

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  • Part Number FFR-PH8
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    Part No: FFR-PH8
    Description: FILTER-Lube(Spin On)
    Category: Filters-Lube, SpinOn, 3-4.16UN
    Full-Flow Lube Spin-on (Also Used as Hydraulic or Transmission). Anti-Drainback Valve 8 PSID Front End By-Pass Valve. Also G381-A I-Gasket. For high performance racing version use FBW-B253.
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    Updated: 21/01/2020

    Height: 137mm
    OD/Width Max: 95mm
    OD/Width Min: 94mm
    Thread: 3/4-16 UN
    By-Pass Valve PSI: 8

    Ford 05004776, 09AE6714AA, 1473773, 14-98028, 1523494, 1614735, 1827183, 1829195, 18-29195, 2724E-6714-B, 2724E-6714-C, 3771819, 4F38603B, 4F-3860-3B, 500462, 5009232, 5012554, 5016960, 5018351, 5019424, 59LK6714A, 59LK-6714-A, 59W-18660, 9613330, A6B, A700X6714SA, A700X-6714-SA, A710X6714CA, A710X-6714-CA, A720X6714CA, A720X-6714-CA, A740X6714AA, A740X-6714-AA, A840X6714CA, B7A6714A, B7A-6714-A, B7A6731A, B7A-6731-A, B7A6731AB, B7A-6731-AB, B7A6731B, B7A-6731-B, B8A6731A, B8A-6731-A, B8AE6714A6, B9AE6714A, B9AE-6714-A, B9AE6714A2, B9AE-6714-A2, B9AE6714A6, B9AE-6714-A6, B9AE6714B, B9AE-6714-B, B9LE6714A, B9LE-6714-A, BCNN6714B, C0A6714B, C0AE6714A, C0AE-6714-A, C0AE6714AB, C0AE-6714-AB, C0AE6714B, C0AE-6714-B, C0AE6731A, C0AE-6731-A, C0LE6714A, C0LE-6714-A, C1AZ6731A, C1AZ6731AP, C1AZ-6731-AP, C1VE6714A, C1VE-6714-A, C3AE6714A, C3AE-6714-A, C3AE-6714-B, C3AZ6731A, C3AZ-6731-A, C3NN6714A, C3NN-6714-A, C4AE6714A, C4AE-6714-A, C4AF6714A, C4AF-6714-A, C7NN-6714-A, C7NN6714B, C7NN-6714-B, C8AF6714A, C8AF-6714-A, C9NN-6714-A, CC11AZ6731A, CC11AZ-6731-A, CC1A2671A, CC1AZ-6731-A, CC1CZ-6731-F, CC3AE6714B, CC3AE-6714-B, CCIAZ6713D, CCIAZ-6713-D, CCIAZ6731A, CCIAZ-6731-A, CFPN6714A, CFPN-6714-A, CIAZ6731A, CIAZ-6731-A, CIAZ6731AP, CIAZ-6731-AP, COAE6714A, COAE-6714-A, COAE6714B, COAE-6714-B, COAE6731A, COAE-6731-A, COLE6714A, COLE-6714-A, CPN-6882-A, D0NN6714C, D0NN-6714-C, D0NN6714D, D0NN-6714-D, D1NN6714A, D1NN-6714-A, D2NN6174A, D2NN-6174-A, D8NN6714G, D8NN-6714-GA, D8NN6714GA9, D9AE6714AA, D9AE-6714-AA, D9AZ6731A, D9AZ-6731-A, D9NN6714AA, D9NN-6714-EA, DONN6714A, DONN-6714-A, DONN6714B, DONN-6714-B, DONN6714C, DONN-6714-C, DONN6714D, DONN-6714-D, E1ZE6714AA, E1ZE-6714-AA, E3ZE6714CA, E3ZE-6714-CA, E7NN6714AA, E7NN-6714-AA, E9AE6714B, E9AE-6714-B, E9TE6714A1A, ECG6714A, ECG-6714-A, ECZ6714A, ECZ-6714-A, ECZ6714B, ECZ-6714-B, ECZ6714C, ECZ-6714-C, EDC-6714-A, EDG-6714-A, EDG6714C, EDG-6714-C, EDG6714CA, ESE1ZE6714AA, ESE1ZE-6714-AA, MAK6714A, MHK6714A, 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ACP50(Perkins 4.203 Diesel Engine), F-4; FT-20, F60-24; FL60-24; FP60-24; FPL60-24; FS60-24; FSL60-24; F70-24; FL70-24; FP70-24; FPL70-24; FS70-24(G230 Engine), FD60-24; FPD60-24; FSD60-24; FD70-24; FPD70-24; FSD70-24; FD80-24; FPD80-24; FSD80-24; FD100-24; FD120-24(D262 Engine), FD60-24; FPD60-24; FSD60-24; FD70-24; FPD70-24; FSD70-24; FD80-24; FPD80-24; FSD80-24; FD100-24; FD120-24(D262 Engine), FSL70-24; F80-24; FL80-24; FP80-24; FPL80-24; FS80-24; FSL80-24; F100-24; FL100-24; F120-24; FL120-24(G230 Engine), FT20-24; FTL20-24; FTP20-24; FTPL20-24; FT25-24; FTL25-24; FTB30-24; FTBL30-15; FTB30-24; FTBL30-24(Waukesha FC-133 Engine), FT60-24; FTL60-24; FTP60-24; FTPL60-24; FT70-24; FTL70-24; FTD75-24C; FT80-24; FTL80-24; FT100-24; FTL100-24(6B-230 Engine), FTD-20; FTD-30; FTD-40, FTD60-24; FTD70-24; FTD80-24; FTD100-24(6BD-230 Engine), FTP30-24; FTPL30-24; FPL40-24; FTP40-24; FTPL40-24(4B-153 Engine), FTP30-24; FTPL30-24; FPL40-24; FTP40-24; FTPL40-24(4B-153 Engine), FTP30-24; FTPL30-24; FPL40-24; FTP40-24; FTPL40-24(4B-153 Engine), RT40(G149 Engine), D; W Speed Patrol(G226 Engine), M-65(G226 Engine), M-65(G226 Engine), M-65(D262 Engine), 1600, 170; 175(Petrol Engine), 170; 175(Diesel Engine), 8550(6120T Engine), D10; D12; D12 Mk III(G138 Engine), D15 Mk IV(G149 Engine), D17 Mk III; D17 Mk IV(G226 LPG Engine), D19(G262, G262 LPG Engine), D19(G262, G262 LPG Engine), D19D(D262T Engine), HD6; HD6A; HD6B; HD6E; HD6EP; HD6G(Allis Chalmers 6000 Engine), HD11; HD11B; HD11BD; HD11BE; HD11D; HD11E; HD11EP; HD11G; HD11GC(Allis Chalmers 11000 Engine), HD11; HD11B; HD11BD; HD11BE; HD11D; HD11E; HD11EP; HD11G; HD11GC(Allis Chalmers 10000, HD516 Engine), I-60; I-600, TL10; TL11; TL12(G226, G262 Engine), TL14; TL14A(G0262 Engine), 6120T, D230, G-138; G-149; G226 Petrol, G-153; 6-160; G-230; G-262 Petrol, HD6G, I40, I-400, I60, I-600, TL10, TL11, TL12, TL14; TL14A(G262 Engine), R; R1, RT40TE(G149 Engine), Super 100SP; R, FD100-24(D262 Engine), FD100-24(D262 Engine), FD120-24(D262 Engine), FD120-24(D262 Engine), FD30-24(D175 Engine), FD30-24(D175 Engine), FD40-24; FPD40-24(D175 Engine), FD40-24; FPD40-24(D175 Engine), FD60-24; FPD60-24; SD60-24(D262 Engine), FD60-24; FPD60-24; SD60-24(D262 Engine), FD70-24; FPD70-24; FSD70-24(D262 Engine), M65(D262 Engine), M65(G226 Engine), M65(G226 Engine), E, 312(Kohler K301, K330, K331 Engine), 314, 170, 170, 170; 175, 170; 175, 175(Perkins 4.236 Engine), 175D(Perkins 4.248 Engine), 175G, 4B153, 510, 540(Ford 172 Diesel Engine), 540(Ford 172 Gas Engine), 615, 615, 616; 622(G226, D262, G262 Engine), 700; 706, 705C; 706C; 708C(Diesel Engine), 705C; 706C; 708C(Gas Engine), 706B, 707; 707XTB, 714B; 715B, 715; 715D(Perkins 4.236 Engine), 801; 802, 816; 816B(Perkins 4.248 Engine), A II, A; AH; B; R; T(G230, 6B230 Engine), ACC60; ACC70; ACC80(Continental Engine), ACP225(Ford 300 Gas Engine), C; C II, CH, CR, D, D; W(226 Engine), D10; D12, D15, D17, D17, D17, D17D, D19(G262 Engine), D19(G262 Engine), D19D(D262 Engine), E(G226 Engine), E III, F(Gas Engine), F100-24; FL100-24(G230 Engine), F120-24; FL120-24(G230 Engine), F30-24; FL30-24(G153 Engine), F30-24; FL30-24(G153 Engine), F4; FT20, F40-24; FP40-24; FPL40-24(G153 Engine), F40-24; FP40-24; FPL40-24(G153 Engine), F50-24; FL50-24; FP50-24; FPL50-24(G153 Engine), F50-24; FL50-24; FP50-24; FPL50-24(G153 Engine), F60-24; FL60-24; FP60-24; FPL60-24; FS60-24; FSL60-24(G230 Engine), F70-24; FL70-24; FP70-24; FPL70-24; FSL70-24(G230 Engine), F80-24; FL80-24; FP80-24; FPL80-24; FS80-24; FSL80-24(G230 Engine), FB50-24; FD50-24; FPD50-24(D175 Engine), FB50-24; FD50-24; FPD50-24(D175 Engine), FD70-24; FPD70-24; FSD70-24(D262 Engine), FD80-24; FPD80-24; FSD80-24(D262 Engine), FD80-24; FPD80-24; FSD80-24(D262 Engine), FPL40-24; FTP40-24(4B153 Engine), FPL40-24; FTP40-24(4B153 Engine), FPL40-24; FTP40-24(4B153 Engine), FT100-24; FTL100-24(6B230 Engine), FT20-24; FTL20-24; FPT20-24; FTPL20-24; FT25-24; FTL25-24(Waukesha FC133 Engine), FT60-24; FTL60-24; FTP60-24; FTPL60-24(GB230 Engine), FT70-24; FTL70-24; TD75-24C(6B230 Engine), FT80-24; FTL80-24(6B230 Engine), FTB30-15; FTB30-24; FTBL30-15; FTBL30-24(Waukesha FC133 Engine), FTD100-24(6BD230 Engine), FTD20, FTD30, FTD40, FTD60-24; FTPD60-24(6BD230 Engine), WD45, FTD70-24(6BD230 Engine), FTD80-24(6BD230 Engine), FTP30-24; FTPL30-24(4B153 Engine), FTP30-24; FTPL30-24(4B153 Engine), FTP30-24; FTPL30-24(4B153 Engine), FTPL40-24(4B153 Engine), G138, G149, G153, G160, G226; W226, G230, G262, H3(G149 Gas Engine), HD11G, 615 Diesel, 615 Petrol, 715(Perkins 4.236 Engine), 715D(Perkins 4.236 Engine), 816B(Perkins 4.248 Engine), American Road 650 Agri(Ford 300 Engine), Antonio Carraro 1050.4(MWM D226-4, D227-4 Engine), 850.2(MWM D226-4, D227-4 Engine), R7464; R7624; R7674, Arrow 1250(Ford 240 Engine), Aston Martin V8(5.3L Engine), V8(5.3L Engine), V8(5.3L Engine), V8(5.3L Engine), Athey Motors AB6903H; AB6904H(Ford D192GF Petrol Engine), 7-11; 125, AB6903H; AB6904H, 125 Force Feed, 7-11 Force Feed, Atlas Copco UT3; UT4; UT5; UT6(Ford 2504E Engine), UT85(Ford 2502E Engine), VS125(Ford 2504E Engine), VT3(Ford Engine), UT85(Ford Engine), VT3(Ford Engine), Audi 100 2.0 Litre Turbo Diesel 5 Cyl(NC 74bhp Engine), 100 2.4 Litre Diesel(3D 82bhp Engine), 100 2.5 Litre TDi(ABP ATT 115bhp Engine), Austin Western PR14(Ford 240 Gas Engine), 105; 110(Ford 6-240 Engine), 210; 210P; 220(Ford 6-240 Engine), 409; 410; 410P(Ford 6-240 Engine), 4-14 Ton(Ford 6 Cyl 240 Engine), Aveling Barford RD05; RD07(Ford 2713E Engine), RD05; RD07(Ford 2712E Engine), VXCO11S(Ford 2714E Engine), Bantam 414; 416; 444(Chrysler HB426 Engine), 414; 416; 444(Ford V8-330 Engine), C450; T450(Allis C. G226 Engine), C475(Allis C. G226 Engine), T488(Ford V8-330 Engine), A; RR(Ford V8-330 Engine), Barber Greene SB110(Case G188D Engine), BG200; BG210(Ford BSD333/444 Engine), SA144(Ford 2714E Engine), SA35(Ford 2711E Engine), SA41(Ford 2711E Engine), Barreiros 42/35 44kW 60hp(A 24 Engine), 42/35 44kW 60hp(A 60 Engine), 42/65; 42/70 66kW 90hp(A 26 Engine), 4000 V, 4000 VA 33kW 45hp(A23 Engine), 4000 VA C/R VB 33kW 45hp(A23 Engine), 4000 VB C/R 33kW 45hp(A23 Engine), 4000 VN C/R 33kW 45hp(A23 Engine), 4045 31kW 43hp, 4045 AD C/M 33kW 45hp(A23 Engine), 4045 BD 33kW 45hp(A23 Engine), 4045D 33kW 45hp(A23 Engine), 4045 N 33kW 45hp(A23 Engine), 5055 40kW 55hp, 5055 AD 40kW 55hp(A24 Engine), 5055 BD 40kW 55hp(A24 Engine), 5055 ND 40kW 55hp(A24 Engine), 5055 VD 40kW 55hp(A24 Engine), A-14, A-16, A-23, A-24, A-26, A-45, A-60, A-90, A-400; A-440, R-335; K 33kW 45hp, R-350; S 33kW 45hp, R-438, R-500 40kW 55hp, R-5000 40kW 55hp, R-7000, Bautz T600S Commodore, Bedford CF Van 2.1; 2.3 Litre Opel Diesel, Benford MA2300H(Ford 2504E Engine), MA2300H(Ford 2504E Engine), Blaw Knox 195RW(Ford 6-300 Engine), P150(Ford 6-240 Engine), PF120(Ford 6-300 Engine), PF120(Ford 3000 Engine), 195(Ford 6-300 Engine), PF120(Ford 6-300 Engine), PF120(Ford 6-300 Engine), PF120(Ford 3000 Engine), P150(Ford 6-240 Engine), 195RW(Ford 6-300 Engine), Block Monair Mk I + Mk II 1; 2; 3; 4(Dorman 4DA/6DA Engine), Monair Mk I + Mk II 140(Dorman 3DA Engine), Monair Mk I + Mk II 5(Dorman 3DA Engine), Monair Mk I + Mk II 55(Dorman 3DA Engine), Monair Mk I + Mk II 85(Dorman 3DA Engine), Bobcat Melroe 265, Bolens HT20(Kohler K 532 Engine), Bolinder Munktell VHK110A(D67 Engine), Bombardier SW48FA(Ford Engine), Bonser 15G; 15H; 25H; 25HS; 35G; 35H; 45H; 50D(Ford 550 Engine), 50D; RT2500K; RT2500-4; RT3500K(Ford 550 Engine), 50D(Ford 550 Engine), LF45; LF45TC(David Brown Engine), LS45; LS45TC(David Brown Engine), LS55; LS55SL; LS55TC(David Brown Engine), LS75; LS75TC(David Brown Engine), RT2500K; RT2500-4(Ford 550 Diesel Engine), RT3500K(Ford 550 Engine), G15; H15(Ford 550 Engine), G25; H25(Ford 550 Engine), G35; H35(Ford 550 Engine), G45; H45(Ford 550 Engine), G50D(Ford 550 Engine), Braud 2620, Broderson IC80(Continental TM27 Engine), MH42A Hydra-Hammer(Chrysler Engine), Bros SP3500(Ford 6-240 Engine), Bucyrus Erie H3(Ford Engine), H5(Ford Engine), Buffalo Springfield PSRC10; PSRC12; PSRC14; PSRC15(Ford 6-240, 6-300 Gas Engine), PSRC25(Ford 6-240, 6-300 Engine), S46(Ford Engine), 3W10(Ford 6-240 Engine), Case IHC 600, 660(G188D Engine), 700; 800; 900, 900; 960(H255 Petrol Engine), 950(Case A126 Engine), 1000; 1010; 1060; 1160(V8-318 Engine), 1150; 1155(Case Engine), 1660, P50, P336, T50; TB50, T336; TB336(336 Engine), 475(301D, 336D Engine), 880;880B;880C; 880R, 350B(G188D Engine), 450B; 455B 207, W3D; W3G; W5AD; W5AG; W5D; W5G(Case G159 Engine), W3D; W3G; W5AD; W5AG; W5D; W5G(Case G188D Engine), W4(Case 207 Engine), W7C; W7D; W7E; W7G; W9AD(Case A284 Engine), W7C; W7D; W7E; W7G; W9AD(Case A301D Engine), W7E; W8E; W9E; W10E; W14(Case A301BD, A301BG Engine), W9AG(Case A284 Engine), W9E, W10E, W11(Case 207D Engine), W14; W14H; W14 Feedlot(Case 336B Engine), 600, 800; 825, 300; 300B; 411B(Case 148B Engine), 300C; 400C(Case 336B Engine), 310; 310D; 310E; 310G; 311B; 420B(Case G148B Engine), 310E; 310F; D301G; 400(Case G188D Engine), 310E; 310F; D310G(G188D Engine), 350; 350B; 350C; 350D, 400(G188D Diesel Engine), 411B(Case G148B Engine), 420B(Case G148B Engine), 420C(Diesel Engine), 420C(Petrol Engine), 430; 530(Case G188D Diesel Engine), 430; 430CK; 440(Case G148B, G188 Engine), 450, 450, 450; 450D(Case G188D Engine), 450; 450D(Case G188 Engine), 450; 450D(Case 336D Engine), 450; 450D(Case 207 Engine), 450B, 470; 480; 480CKB(Case G148B, G188D Engine), 480C, 480CKD; 480LL, 500B; 500LK, 510; 511B; 530; 530CK; 531; 541(Case G159, G207 Engine), 530(Case G188D Diesel Engine), 530; 531; 540; 541(Case G159 Engine), 570, 580; 580B(Case G159 Engine), 580; 580B; 580F(Case G188D Engine), 580CK; 580CKB; 580CKC; 580CKD; Super D; 584; 584CK;585; 585CK; 586; 586CK, 580D; 580D(G207A Turbo Engine), 600SK, 610; 611; 630; 630C; 631; 641(Case G188, G188D Engine), 630; 631(Case G188D Diesel Engine), 660(Case G188D Engine), 680; 680(Case 267D Diesel Engine), 680; 680(Case A251 Diesel Engine), 680CKB, 680CKC(Case 301BD Engine), 680CKE(Case 336B Engine), 700; 730; 731; 800; 880(Case A251, A267D Engine), 712; 713; 730; 731; 750(Case A267D, A301D Diesel Engine), 750(W267 Diesel Engine), 770(Case Engine), 770 Poweshift(Case Diesel Engine), 780(336 Engine), 780; 780CK(336 Engine), 780CK, 830; 830C; 841(Case A284 Engine), 850(Case A301BD Diesel Engine), 850B(Case A401BD Engine), 870(Case A301D Engine), 870(Case 336BD Diesel Engine), 880B(Case 336BD Engine), 970(Case A377D Engine), 970(Case 401BD Engine), 1150(Diesel Engine), 1737(G148B Engine), 1740(Case G188D Engine), 1835(Petrol Engine), 1835(Diesel Engine), 1835B(G188D Engine), 1845; 1845S(Petrol Engine), 1845; 1845B; 1845S(Diesel Engine), 207 Diesel, 270 Diesel, 301BD; 336BD; 336BDT, A284G; A284LP; A484G; A484LP, G188D, 1060(V8-318 Gas Engine), 1075(Chrysler Engine), 1700 Loadstar, 1737, 1740, 1835(Gas Engine), 1835(G188D Engine), 1835B(Gas Engine), 1665 Special(Chrysler V8-318 Engine), 1835B(G188D Engine), 1845(G188D Diesel Engine), 470(G148B Engine), 470(G188D Engine), 5600(Caterpillar C12 Engine), 5600(IHC HT530 Engine), 5600(Cummins N14 Engine), 570(G188D Engine), 570(G148B Engine), 580C, 580CK, 580D; 580 Super D(G207D Engine), 580F, 580G, ProStar(MaxxForce 13 Engine), ProStar(MaxxForce 11 Engine), ProStar(MaxxForce 15 Engine), ProStar(Cummins ISX Engine), ProStar(Caterpillar C13 Engine), 1010; 1110; 1210; 1310(5.0L Engine), 1010; 1110; 1210; 1310(5.7L Engine), 1000; 1100; 1200; 1300(4.4L Engine), 1000; 1100; 1200; 1300(4.4L Engine), 1000; 1100; 1200; 1300(5.0L Engine), 1000D; 1100D(5.0L Engine), 1000D; 1100D(4.4L Engine), 1000D; 1100D(3.9L Engine), 1140(159 Engine), 1150, 1010; 1110; 1210; 1310(6.4L Engine), 1010; 1110; 1210; 1310(5.0L Engine), 1010; 1110; 1210; 1310(5.7L Engine), 1000; 1100; 1200; 1300(3.9L Engine), 1160(V8-318 Gas Engine), 1200D; 1300D(3.9L Engine), 1200D; 1300D(5.0L Engine), 1200D; 1300D(4.4L Engine), 1750 Loadstar, Case IHC Van/Pickup fitted with 5.6 engine, Case IHC Van/Pickup fitted with 6.4 engine, Case IHC Van/Pickup fitted with 5.0 engine, Case IHC Van/Pickup fitted with 6.4 engine, Case IHC Van/Pickup fitted with 5.6 engine, Case IHC Van/Pickup fitted with 5.0 engine, 1845; 1845S(159G Engine), 1845B(Gas Engine), 1845B(G188D Engine), MS1210(5.0L Engine), MS1210(5.0L Engine), MS1210(5.0L Engine), PayStar(Cummins ISM Engine), PayStar(Caterpillar C15 Engine), PayStar(Cummins ISX Engine), 152, 1835C(Gas Engine), 1835C(Diesel Engine), 2574S; 2575S; 2674S; 2675S(Cummins ISM Engine), 2275S; 2375S(Cummins Engine), 196, 2574S; 2575S; 2674S; 2675S(Cummins N14 Plus Engine), 2554S; 2654S(Cummins N14 Engine), 2554S; 2654S(Cummins L10 Engine), 2554S; 2654S(IHC DT466, DTI466 Engine), 2574S(Caterpillar 3176 Engine), 2574S; 2575S; 2674S; 2675S(Cummins M11 Engine), 2574S; 2674S(IHC DT530E Engine), 266, 2674(Cummins N14 Engine), 300; 300B(G148B Engine), 300C(336B Diesel Engine), 304; 304A, 310(G148B Engine), 310D; 310E; 310F(G148B Engine), 310E(G188D Engine), 310G, 311B(G148B Engine), 336B; 336BD; A336BDT, 3414; 3444(BD154 Engine), 3414; 3444(BC144 Engine), 345; 345A, 350; 350D, 350B(G188D Engine), 392, 400(G188D Engine), 400C(336B Engine), 404; MV404; MV406, 411B(G148B Engine), 4400(DT530 Engine), 420C, 420C, 430(G188D Engine), 430(Diesel Engine), 430; 431; 440; 441(G148B Engine), 430CK(Diesel Engine), 446; MV446, 450(Diesel Engine), 475(301B Engine), 475(336 Engine), 5000 Paystar(Cummins L10 Engine), 455B(G207D Engine), 5900i(Caterpillar C10, C12 Engine), 5900i PayStar(Caterpillar C15 Engine), 510; 511, 511B(G159 Engine), 5000; 5500(HB225 Engine), 500B(Case Gas Engine), 4900(DT530 Engine), 5000 Paystar(Cummins ISM Engine), 500E, 500LK(Gas Engine), 500LK(Diesel Engine), 480B(G188D Engine), 480C(Diesel Engine), 480CK(G148B Engine), 480CK(G188D Engine), 480D; 480LL(G188D Engine), 500(Gas Engine), 500(Diesel Engine), 5500i PayStar(Cummins ISL Engine), 580B, 530(G159 Engine), 530(G188D Engine), 530(Diesel Engine), 530CK(Diesel Engine), 531; 540; 541(G188D Engine), 531; 540; 541(G159 Engine), 5500i(IHC HT530 Engine), 5500i PayStar; 5600i PayStar(Cummins ISX Engine), 5500i PayStar; 5600i PayStar(Caterpillar C13 Engine), 5500i PayStar; 5600i PayStar(Caterpillar C15 Engine), 5500i; 5600i(Caterpillar C10, C12 Engine), 5500i; 5600i(IHC DT530 Engine), 5900i PayStar(Cummins ISX Engine), 584, 5900i PayStar(Cummins ISM Engine), 5900i PayStar(Caterpillar C13 Engine), 5900i PayStar(MaxxForce 15 Engine), 5900i PayStar(MaxxForce 13 Engine), 584C; 585C; 586C, 584D; 585D; 586D, 660(G188D Engine), 660(G188 Engine), 680B(Diesel Engine), 680C(A301B; A301BD Engine), 600, 600, 600B(Case Gas Engine), 600SK, 611; 630; 630C; 631; 641(G188D Engine), 624, 680E(Diesel Engine), 70+4, 700(Chrysler Engine), 7000(BC144, BD143 Engine), 724, 730; 731(A267D Engine), 7300 WorkStar(DT466 Engine), 7400 WorkStar(DT466 Engine), 7400 WorkStar(DT530 Engine), 7400 WorkStar(MaxxForce DT Engine), 7400 WorkStar(DT570 Engine), 7400 WorkStar(MaxxForce 9 Engine), 7500 WorkStar(MaxxForce 10 Engine), 7500 WorkStar(HT530 Engine), 7600(Caterpillar C10 Engine), 7600(Caterpillar C12 Engine), 7600 WorkStar(MaxxForce 13 Engine), 7600 WorkStar(MaxxForce 11 Engine), 7600 WorkStar(Cummins ISM Engine), 7600 WorkStar(Caterpillar C13 Engine), 7600 WorkStar(Caterpillar C11 Engine), 770, 7700 WorkStar(Caterpillar C13 Engine), 7700 WorkStar(Cummins ISM Engine), 7700 WorkStar(Caterpillar C11 Engine), 780CK(336 Engine), 800SK; 825SK, 8100(IHC DT466E Engine), 8100, 8100(IHC DT530 Engine), 8100; 8200; 8300(Cummins N14 Engine), 8100; 8200; 8300(Cummins ISM Engine), 8100; 8200; 8300(Cummins M11 Engine), 8100; 8200; 8300(Cummins L10 Engine), 8100; 8200; 8300, 8200(Caterpillar 3406E Engine), 8200(Caterpillar C10 Engine), 825, 825, 830; 830C(A284 Engine), 841(A284 Engine), 850(A301D Engine), 8500 TranStar(MaxxForce 10 Engine), 8500 TranStar(HT570 Engine), 8500 TranStar(HT530 Engine), 8600 TranStar(Caterpillar C10, C11, C12, C13 Engine), 8600 TranStar(Cummins ISM Engine), 8600 TranStar(MaxxForce 11 Engine), 8600 TranStar(MaxxForce 13 Engine), 8600 TranStar(Cummins ISX Engine), 870(336BD Engine), 870(301 Gas Engine), 880(Diesel Engine), 900(H225 Gas Engine), 908B; 908C(4.4L Engine), 908B; 908C(5.0L Engine), 9100i, 9100i(Detroit 60 Engine), 9100i(Caterpillar C10 Engine), 9100i(Caterpillar C12 Engine), 9100i(Cummins ISM Engine), 9100i(Cummins M11 Engine), 9200(Caterpillar C10, C12 Engine), 9200(Cummins M11 Engine), 9200i, 9200i(Cummins ISX Engine), 9200i(Cummins N14 Engine), 9200i(Caterpillar C10, C12, C15 Engine), 9200i(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), 9300(Cummins NTC Engine), 9300(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), 9300(Caterpillar 3406E Engine), 9370, 9370(Cummins Formula 300, NTC350 Engine), 9400, 9400(Caterpillar C12 Engine), 9400(Detroit 60 Engine), 9400i(Caterpillar C12, C13, C15 Engine), 9400i(Cummins ISM Engine), 9400i(Detroit 60 Engine), 9400i, 9400i(Cummins ISX Engine), 950(A126 Engine), 960(H225 Gas Engine), 9600(Detroit 60 Engine), 9600(Cummins N14 Engine), 9600(Cummins M11 Engine), 9600; 9670; 9700(Caterpillar 3406, 3406B Engine), 970, 9700(Cummins NTC Engine), 9700(Cummins M11 Engine), 9700(Caterpillar 3176B Engine), 9700(Cummins N14 Engine), 9800(Detroit 60 Engine), 9800(Cummins N14 Engine), 9800(Cummins ISM Engine), 9800(Cummins M11 Engine), 9900i(Cummins ISX Engine), 9900i(Caterpillar C15 Engine), 9900i(Cummins N14 Engine), 9900i(Cummins ISM Engine), 9900i(Caterpillar C12, C13 Engine), 9900i(Caterpillar 3406 Engine), 9900i(Detroit 60 Engine), 9900iX(Cummins ISX Engine), 9900iX(Cummins N14 Engine), 9900iX(Caterpillar C15, C16 Engine), A251G, A267D, A284G; A284LPG, A301BD, A301D, A377D, A377G, A401D, D530CB, DH4; FH4; W4(1.8L Diesel Engine), DH5(188 Engine), DM10(5.0L Engine), DuraStar(DT530 Engine), DuraStar(DT570 Engine), G126; G126B, G148; G148B, G159; G159B; G159LPG, G188B; G201B, G188D, G207D, LoneStar(Caterpillar C15 Engine), LoneStar(Cummins ISX Engine), M(4.4L Engine), M(2.5L Engine), M(3.9L Engine), Scout(3.2L Engine), Scout(5.0L Engine), Scout(5.6L Engine), Scout(5.6L Engine), Scout(5.0L Engine), Scout(3.2L Engine), Scout II(3.2L Engine), Scout II(3.2L Engine), Scout II(5.0L Engine), M800; M1100; M1200; MA1200(5.0L Engine), M800; M1100; M1200; MA1200(3.9L Engine), Maxi-Sneaker, LoneStar(MaxxForce 13 Engine), M(5.0L Engine), MHC1310(5.0L Engine), MHC1310(5.0L Engine), PayStar(Caterpillar C13 Engine), Scout II(5.7L Engine), Scout II(3.2L Engine), Scout II(5.7L Engine), Scout II(5.0L Engine), Scout(5.0L Engine), Scout(5.0L Engine), Scout(5.6L Engine), Scout(5.0L Engine), Scout(6.4L Engine), Scout(3.2L Engine), Scout(5.0L Engine), Scout(3.2L Engine), Scout(5.6L Engine), Scout(5.0L Engine), Scout(5.6L Engine), Scout(3.2L Engine), Scout(5.0L Engine), Scout(3.2L Engine), Scout(5.6L Engine), Scout(2.5L Engine), Scout(3.2L Engine), Scout(2.5L Engine), Scout(4.4L Engine), T500(Gas Engine), Scout II(5.0L Engine), Scout II(5.7L Engine), Scout II(3.2L Engine), Scout II(5.7L Engine), Scout II(5.0L Engine), U446, T800(Diesel Engine), T800(Gas Engine), TF1000, TranStar(HT570 Engine), TranStar(MaxxForce 10 Engine), TranStar(Caterpillar C11 Engine), TranStar(Caterpillar C13 Engine), TranStar(Cummins ISM Engine), W10C; W10E(A377G Engine), W10E(Diesel Engine), W11, W14(Diesel Engine), W14; W14H(Diesel Engine), W7E, W7E, W8E, W3(G188D Engine), W3(G159 Engine), WorkStar(Caterpillar C11 Engine), WorkStar(Caterpillar C13 Engine), WorkStar(Cummins ISM Engine), W5A(G188 Engine), W5A(G188D Engine), W7; W7C(G284 Engine), W7; W7C(G284 Engine), W9A(A284 Engine), W9B; W9C(A377G Engine), W9E(Diesel Engine), W9E(A377G Engine), 1060(V8-318 Engine), 11160(V8-318 Engine), 1835 B 29kW 40hp(164 Engine), 1840 29kW 40hp(164 Engine), 1845B 35kW 48hp(DB164 Engine), 1845C 42kW 57hp(164 Engine), 350B(G188D Engine), 450B(207 Engine), 455B(207 Engine), 475(301D/336D Engine), 660(G 188D Engine), W10E(A301 Engine), W11(207D Engine), W14 65kW 89hp(A366BD Engine), W14E(A301 Engine), W3D; W3G(G159/G188 Engine), W4(207 Engine), W5AD; W5D; W5G(G159/G188D Engine), W7C; W7D; W7E; W7G(A284 Engine), W7C; W7D; W7E; W7G(A301 Engine), W7E(A301 Engine), W8E(A301 Engine), W9AD(A301D Engine), W9AD(A284 Engine), W9AG(A284 Engine), W9E(A301 Engine), Caterpillar T25; TC30(Continental F163 Engine), T25; TC30(Continental F163 Engine), T25; TC30(Continental F163 Engine), T30; T40; T50; T60(Continental F163 Engine), PS110; PS130; PS180(Perkins 4.236 Engine), PS110; PS130; PS180(JD 4239D Engine), T50; T50B, T100C, T120C(Continental Engine), T60; T60B(Perkins Engine), T60; T60B(Perkins Engine), T60; T60B; T60C(Continental Engine), T60; T60B; T60C(Continental Engine), T60B; TC60C(Caterpillar 1404 Gas Engine), T60C, V30; V30B(Continental Engine), T90C, CT660(CT15 Engine), CT660(CT13 Engine), CT660(CT11 Engine), T25(Continental F163 Engine), T25(Continental F163 Engine), T30; T30B; T30C(Perkins Engine), T30B; T30C(Caterpillar 1404 Gas Engine), T40; T40B, T30; T30B(Continental Engine), V35B(Continental Engine), V40; V40B, T70C, T80C, TC30(Continental F163 Engine), TC30(Continental F163 Engine), V41; V41B, V40B(Continental Engine), V160(Ford V8-351 Engine), V180(Ford V8-351 Engine), V41; V41B, V45B(Continental Engine), V50; V50B, V50B(Continental Engine), V51; V51B, V51; V51B, V55B, V55B, V60; V60B(Perkins Engine), V60; V60B(Perkins Engine), V60; V60B(Continental Engine), V60; V60B(Continental Engine), V60C, V60C, V60D, V60D, V70C, V70C, V70D, V70D, V80C, VC60C(Continental Engine), VC60C(Continental Engine), VC60C(Perkins Engine), VC60C(Perkins Engine), V80C, V80D, V80D, 315BL 80kW 109hp(Cat 3054 TA Engine), 3034D, 3054, 3054B, CP433C(Cat 3054 Engine), CS433C 77kW 105hp(Cat 3054 T Engine), PF300B 79kW 108hp(Cat 3054 T Engine), PR105, Chicago Pneumatic 175G1(Ford Engine), Chris Craft 283 Chevrolet 185hp, 283F , 307F , 327; 327F , 427F; 430; 431 , 283 136kW 185hp, 327; 327F, Chrysler Dodge 50 M2(6cyl Petrol Engine), KB200; KC200; KB300; KC300(2266cc Petrol Engine), Walk Thru KC25; KC30; KC40(Petrol Engine), 400; 500; S550; 600, 400; 500; S550; 600, 400; 500; S550; 600, 400; 500; S550; 600, 400; 500; S550; 600, 413, 413B; 413D; 413E; 413GL, 440, 525, 700; 800; C850; 900; 1000, 700; 800; C850; 900; 1000, 700; 800; C850; 900; 1000, M, M225; M225D; MH225D, M273A; M273B; M273B-O/D, M300; M400; MB400(Chrysler 5.9L Engine), CM6-55; CM6-55A, H318; HB318; HC318, H361; HB361; HC361, H383; HB383, H413; HB413; HC413, H426; HB426; HC426; H440, HA273, HT413, Jet II; Jet III; Jet IV, Commando 175; Fury 190; Commando 195; Fury 195, D800(Chrysler V8 413 6.8L Engine), Fury 235; Imperial 250; Newport 260, Golden Commando 280; Golden Commando 290; Imperial 290; Golden Lion 300, Golden Lion 325; Imperial 325, H170; HB170; HC170, H225; HA225; HB225; HC225, 375, 383, 400, 400; 500; S550; 600, 400; 500; S550; 600, 120 Super Crown, 125, 145 Space Saver; 150 Super Crown, 150; 155, 170, 170A; 170AJ Jet, 198, 200; 210, 225; 225-1; 225-2, 251; 251-1; 251-2; 251-3, 273A, 318, 330; 335; 340, 360, M318A; M318B; M318C; M318G; LM318B; LM318D; LM318; LM318A, M383B, 400; 500; S550; 600, 700; 800; C850; 900; 1000, Super Bee II; Super Bee III; Super Bee IV, M426; M440B; M440D, M80; M81, SK Golden Lion, Clark 20; 30; 40; 50(Ford 6-240 Engine), 75 Mk II(Waukesha F283G Gas Engine), GPX30, GPX40(Perkins Engine), GPX50, 50(Ford 6-240 Engine), 20(Ford 6 Cyl 240 Engine), 30; 40(Ford 6-240 Engine), 75 Mk II(Waukesha F283 Gas Engine), 75 Mk III(Waukesha F283 Gas Engine), C25B; C25P(Continental Engine), C440B, C500, C500, C500, C50050, C500 Y100D; H500 Y100D(Perkins 4.236 Engine), C500 Y110D; H500 Y110D(Perkins 4.236 Engine), C500 Y120D; H500 Y120D(Perkins 4.236 Engine), C500 Y40D; H500 Y40D; C500 DEX; H500 DEX(Perkins 4.203 Engine), C500 Y45D; H500 Y45D(Perkins 4.203 Engine), C500 Y50D; H500 Y50D(Perkins 4.203 Engine), C500 Y55D; H500 Y55D(Perkins 4.203 Engine), C500 Y60D; H500 Y60D(Perkins 4.236 Engine), C500 Y60D; H500 Y60D(Perkins 4.203 Engine), C500 Y70D; H500 Y70D(Perkins 4.236 Engine), C500 Y80D; H500 Y80D(Perkins 4.236 Engine), CMC 6T60(Ford Engine), CMI H16, Continental TM13; TM20; TM27, TMD27, Crusader 220 Conquerer, 250; 250J, 255 Conquerer; Jeet, 255 Conquerer; 255 Conquerer Jet, 300 Scorpion, 305XL, 350XL; 350XLHT; 350XLi, 454XL; 454XL-HO; 454XLi, 460, 502; 502XL, 220 Conquerer, 250, 220 Conquerer, 235, 250; 250J, 255 Conquerer; 250J, 275, 300, 300 Jet, 320, 325, 460, Davey Paxman 100, Davis DH5(Case G188D Engine), Roadrunner(Case 188D Engine), TF1000(Case 207 Engine), 1000 Task Force(Ford 201 Diesel Engine), 1000 Task Force(Ford 192 Gas Engine), 70+4 Ditcher(Case G207D Engine), DH5(Case G188D Engine), Road Runner(Case G188D Engine), Dempster Compaction Trailer 65(Ford 6 Cyl 240 Engine), Ditch Witch R65(Ford 192DF Diesel Engine), Doosan Daewoo C7500(8.1L Engine), C7500(7.2L L6 Turbo Engine), C7500(7.8L Engine), C8500(8.1L Engine), C8500(7.2L L6 Turbo Engine), C8500(Isuzu 7.8L Engine), Kodiak(Caterpillar C7 Engine), Kodiak(Isuzu 7.8L Diesel Engine), Kodiak(8.1L Engine), T7500(Isuzu 6HK1-TC 7.8L Turbo Engine), T8500(7.8L V6 Turbo Engine), T(Isuzu 6HK1-TC Engine), 130(Non Turbo Engine), 130, 130, Dorman 4DA, 6DA, 3DA, 4DA, 6DA, 6DAN, 6DAT, Dresser 500E(Dresser D155 Engine), Drott 3330 Diesel(Case G188 Engine), C35BC; C35D(Case 336BDT Engine), 85RM-2(Case 188 Gas Engine), 85RM-2(Case 188 Diesel Engine), 3330; 3330B(Case G188D Diesel Engine), 3330; 3330B(Case G188 Gas Engine), Dynapac CC21A(Ford 77bhp Diesel Engine), CC21A(Ford 256 Diesel Engine), Ebro 6060; 6070; 6080, 7000(Perkins 6.305 Engine), E35; E60, L60-1; L60-2; L60-3; L75-1; L75-2; L75-3(Perkins 4.236 Engine), Enasa 5701; 5701/1; 5701/2; 5702, S217; S411; S415; S511; S515; 5723; 5741; 5744, Evinrude 155, 160, 225, 245, Ferrari 275GT(3.3L Engine), 206; 246 GT Dino 2.0 206 GT 1987cc Petrol 132kW 180hp, 206; 246 GT Dino 2.5 246 GT 2418cc Petrol 143kW 195hp(Ferrari-Fiat 236 L Engine), 206; 246 GTS Dino 2.5 246 GTS 2418cc Petrol 143kW 195hp(Ferrari-Fiat 236 L Engine), 208 Turbo; 308 GTB; GTS 2.0 208 Turbo 1991cc Petrol 162kW 220hp(F 106 D Engine), 208 Turbo; 308 GTB; GTS 2.9 308 GTB 2926cc Petrol 188kW 255hp, 208 Turbo; 308 GTB; GTS 2.9 308 GTB Qv 2927cc Petrol 177kW 240hp(F 105 A Engine), 208 Turbo; 308 GTB; GTS 2.9 308 GTS 2926cc Petrol 188kW 255hp, 208 Turbo; 308 GTB; GTS 2.9 308 GTS Qv 2927cc Petrol 177kW 240hp(F 105 A Engine), 208; 308 GT4 Dino 2.0 208 GT4 1990cc Petrol 125kW 170hp, 208; 308 GT4 Dino 2.9 308 GT4 2926cc Petrol 188kW 255hp, 328 GTB 3186cc Petrol 199kW 270hp(F 105 C Engine), 328GTS 3186cc Petrol 199kW 270hp(F 105 C Engine), 365GT 2+2 4.4 4390cc Petrol 235kW 320hp(245 C Engine), 365GTB Daytona 4.4 4390cc Petrol 259kW 352hp(251 Engine), 365GTS Daytona 4.4 4390cc Petrol 259kW 352hp(251 Engine), 400i 4.8 4823cc Petrol 232kW 315hp(F 101 Engine), 412i 4.9 4943cc Petrol 250kW 340hp(F 101 E Engine), 512BB 5.0 4942cc Petrol 237kW 322hp(F 110 A Engine), 512BB 5.0 4942cc Petrol 237kW 322hp(F 102 B Engine), Mondial 2.9 8 2927cc Petrol 158kW 214hp(F 106 B Engine), Mondial 2.9 8 Quattrovalvole 2927cc Petrol 177kW 240hp(F 105 A Engine), Mondial 3.2 Quattrovalvole 3186cc Petrol 199kW 270hp(F 105 C Engine), Mondial Cabrio 2.98 Qv 2927cc Petrol 177kW 240hp(F 105 A Engine), Mondial Cabrio 3.2 Quattrovalvole 3186cc Petrol 199kW 270hp(F 105 C Engine), Fiat BM12; BM15, BM20; BI20; BIM20, 135 Dino Coupe 2.4 BC 2402cc Petrol 132kW 180hp, 135 Dino Spider 2.0 1972cc Petrol 118kW 160hp, 241TN 1900cc Diesel 35kW 47hp(237 AZ 000 Engine), Flagship 490, Ford 611, 620, 622, 630; 640, 642(6-380 Diesel Engine), R(4.9 Litre Petrol Engine), 13-Six; 16-Six(Ford 4500 Engine), 3550; 4550(Ford 3cyl Engine), 445, 550; 555, 555A, A62(Ford 4256T Engine), H42; H44; H47(Ford 4cyl Engine), H45, H48; H48CL; H48CK; P48(Ford 401DF Engine), P42; P45, P44(Ford 6cyl Engine), 1454, 2000; 2100; 2110; 2120; 2150; 2310, 230A; 530A, 233; 333, 234; 334; 335, 2600; 3600(Diesel Engine), 2600; 3600(Petrol Engine), 2610; 3610(Diesel Engine), 2610; 3610(Petrol Engine), 2910; 3910, 3000; 3055; 3100; 3120; 3150; 3190; 3300; 3400; 3500; 3550, 345(Diesel Engine), 4000; 4010(Ford Petrol & Diesel Engine), 4100(Ford 3 Litre 3cyl Diesel Engine), 4140; 4190; 4200, 420(Ford 3.0 Litre Petrol & Diesel Engine), 4400; 4410; 4500, 4600(Ford 3.3 Litre 3cyl Diesel Engine), 4610, 4630, 500; 501; 600; 601; 700; 701; 801; 900; 901; 1801(Ford Petrol Engine), 5000; 5100; 5200, 531(Ford Petrol Engine), 545(Ford Petrol & Diesel Engine), 5500; 5550, 5610; 5710, 6000(Ford 4cyl & 6cyl Diesel Engine), 650(Ford 4.2 Litre Diesel Engine), 6500; 7500, 6610 Four E(Ford Engine), 6610; 6610 Mk II(4cyl Diesel Engine), 6710; 6710 Mk II, 762H 6610, 8000, 8200; 8260; 8400, 8670; 8700, Dexta 2000; Super Dexta 3000(3cyl Petrol Engine), Dexta 2000; Super Dexta 3000(3cyl Diesel Engine), Major 4000; Major 5000(3cyl & 4 cyl Petrol Engine), Major 4000; Major 5000(3cyl & 4cyl Diesel Engine), Super 4; 654; 754; 764; 944; 1454; 4600-Four; 6600-Four; 7600-Four(Ford Engine), Super 6; 954; 1004; 1124; FC1004(Ford Engine), D0513; D0613; D0713; D0813; D0913(Petrol Engine), D1013; D1113; D1213; D1313(4916 cc Petrol Engine), D200; D300; D400; D500; D550(Petrol Engine), Ranger Turbo Diesel 2.8, 2000 Industrial, 2502E; 2504E; 2512E; 2514E Diesel, 2503E; 2511E; 2513E Petrol, 2701E; 2702E; 2711E; 2712E Diesel, 2703E; 2704E; 2713E; 2714E; 2715E Diesel, 300GF, BSD329; BSD332; BSD333; BSD333H, BSD442; BSD444, BSD444T Turbo, CSG850M; WSG858M; LSG875M, SSD655M; SSD655MT 5.5 Litre, Explorer 4.0 Litre Injection 12V OHC V6, Explorer 5.0 Litre Injection V8, Ranger 2.5 Litre Turbo Diesel, Ranger 2.8 Litre Turbo Diesel, 200; 250; 300; 350, 200; 250; 300; 350, 200; 250; 300; 350, 200; 250; 300; 350, 200; 250; 300; 350, 445; 445A(Ford Diesel Engine), 445; 445A(Ford Gas Engine), 330HD; 330MD, 334, 445C; 445D, 200; 250; 300; 350, 200; 300, 200; 250; 300; 350, 200; 250; 300; 350, 250GF, 254, 255, 256, 260, 289, 289; 300; 300HD; 300LD, 292, Ford Tractors fitted with 3 Cyl Engine, 300, 302, 302, 302GM; 302GP, 2701E, 4400; 4410; 4500, 750(Ford 256 Diesel Engine), 700; 750; 800, EBR; EBS; EBT, ECS; ECT, ECS2V, ECS4V; ECT4V, EEH; EEJ; EEK, EEN, EER, EET; EEW; EEV, EFU; EFV; EFW; EFY, EFZ, EGA; EGU; EGV; EGW; EGY; EGZ; EHC; EHF; EHV, F; G, 144, 158D, 170, 170, 172, 175D, 183, 200, 200; 250; 300; 350, 200; 300, 200; 200GF, 201D, 201GF, 2100, 223, 223, 250; 350, 250; 350, 250; 350, 330, 2602E; 2613E; 2614E; 2615E; 2625E; 2653E; 2655E; 2656E, 428, 429, 351, 351GM; 351GP, 352, 352, 360, 360; 360GP, 232, 233D, 240, 240, 242, 390, 390; 390GP, 3900, 391, 391, 345C; 345D, 477, 500; 550; 600; 700, 500; 550; 600; 700; 750; 800, 242DF, 250, 250; 350, 250; 350, 475, 400, 400, 401, 401D, 3600(3 Cyl Gas Engine), 361, 380, 5700, 450, 455; 455C; 455D, 460, 460, 460GM; 460GP, 4610(210 Gas Engine), 4610(201 Gas Engine), 611, 620(Gas Engine), 530A; 530B, 534, 535, 545; 545A, 545C; 545D, 622(6 Cyl 254 Engine), 630; 640, 642(V8-361 Engine), 642(6 Cyl 380 Engine), 650(Ford 256 Diesel Engine), 7500; 7600, 800; 880; 900, 800; 880; 900, 800; 900, 800; 900, 850; 900; 950(6.6L Engine), 91, BSD332; BSD333; BSD333H, BSD442; BSD444, C4PA; C4PB; C4PC, C5PF; C5PG, F600(V8 330 4.9L Engine), F700(6.6L Engine), K; L, L9000(Cummins L10 Engine), LTS9000(Cummins N14 Engine), O91PV, Super County Four, Super County Six 1164, V Diesel, Ranger(2.5TDCi Engine), H45(V8 Engine), Ranger(2.5TD Engine), H45(V8 Engine), 2502E Diesel, 2503E Petrol, 2504E Diesel, 2511E Petrol, 2512E Diesel, 2513E Petrol, 2514E Diesel, 2701E Diesel, 2702E Diesel, 2703E Diesel, 2704E Diesel, 2711E Diesel, 2712E Diesel, 2713E Diesel, 2714E Diesel, 2715E Diesel, 300GF, Aerostar 4.0i V6 4WD 3956cc Petrol 115kW 156hp, Bronco 2.9i V6 Bronco II 2935cc Petrol 104kW 141hp, BSD329, BSD332, BSD333, BSD333H, BSD442, BSD444, BSD444T Turbo, Explorer 4.0 V6 3958cc Petrol 115kW 156hp, Explorer 4.0 V6 3958cc Petrol 121kW 165hp, Explorer 4.0 V6 4011cc Petrol 150kW 204hp, Explorer 4.0 V6 4011cc Petrol 152kW 205hp(V6 Engine), Explorer 4.9 V6 4942cc Petrol 157kW 213hp, Explorer I 4.0 V6 3958cc Petrol 115kW 156hp, Explorer I 4.0 V6 3958cc Petrol 121kW 165hp, Explorer II 4.0 V6 4011cc Petrol 150kW 204hp, F4000 63kW 85hp(FTO 4.4 Engine), F4000 99kW 135hp(FTO Quartz 329 Engine), F4000 99kW 135hp(NA 4.4 Engine), F4000 99kW 135hp(TC 4.4 Engine), CSG850M, LSG875M, SSD655M; SSD655MT, WSG858M, Ranger 2.5TD 2499cc Diesel 62kW 84hp(MD25 Engine), Ranger 2.5TD 2499cc Diesel 80kW 109hp(MD25TI Engine), Freightliner Business Class M2(Cummins ISC Engine), Business Class M2(Cummins ISL Engine), Business Class M2(Cummins ISB Engine), Business Class M2E Hybrid(Cummins ISB Engine), Century Class S; Century Class T(Detroit Diesel DD15 Engine), Century Class S; Century Class T(Caterpillar C11, C13 Engine), Century Class S; Century Class T(Cummins ISM Engine), Century Class S; Century Class T(Caterpillar C12 Engine), Century Class S; Century Class T(Mercedes MBE4000 Engine), CST120(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), CST120(Caterpillar C15 Engine), Century Class S; Century Class T(Caterpillar C15 Engine), FL80(Cummins C8.3 Engine), Columbia(Caterpillar C11 Engine), Columbia(Detroit Diesel DD15 Engine), Columbia(Mercedes MBE460 Engine), Columbia(Cummins ISM Engine), Columbia(Cummins N14 Engine), Columbia(Caterpillar C12 Engine), Columbia(Caterpillar C15 Engine), Columbia(Cummins ISX Engine), Columbia 120(Caterpillar C13 Engine), Condor(Caterpillar C11, C12, C13 Engine), FL112(Mercedes MBE4000 Engine), FL112(Cummins N14 Engine), FL112(Caterpillar 3126 Engine), FL112(Caterpillar C12 Engine), FL112(Caterpillar C10 Engine), FL112(Cummins L10 Engine), FL112(Detroit Diesel 55 Engine), FL112; FLD(Cummins M11 Engine), FLC(Detroit 60 Engine), FL80(Caterpillar Engine), FL80(Mercedes MBE900 Engine), FL80(Cummins ISC Engine), FLA(Caterpillar 3406 Engine), FLA(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), 108SD(Cummins ISC Engine), Business Class M2, 108SD(Cummins ISB Engine), 122SD(Detroit DD13 Engine), 122SD(Cummins ISX15 Engine), 122SD(Detroit DD16 Engine), 122SD(Detroit DD15 Engine), Argosy(Cummins ISM Engine), Business Class M2(Mercedes MBE900 Engine), Business Class M2(Caterpillar C7 Engine), C2(Caterpillar C7 Engine), C2(Mercedes MBE900 Engine), CC132(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), Business Class M2(Caterpillar C13 Engine), Business Class M2(Caterpillar C11 Engine), Cascadia(Detroit Diesel DD13 Engine), Cascadia(Cummins ISX Engine), Cascadia(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), Cascadia(Caterpillar C15 Engine), C2 School(Mercedes MBE900 Engine), CL120(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), Classic(Mercedes MBE4000 Engine), Classic(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), Business Class M2(Mercedes MBE4000 Engine), Business Class M2(Detroit Diesel DD13 Engine), C2(Cummins ISB Engine), C2 School(Caterpillar C7 Engine), C2 School(Cummins ISB Engine), Cascadia(Detroit Diesel DD15 Engine), Century Class S; Century Class T(Cummins ISX Engine), Cascadia(Mercedes MBE 4000 Engine), CC132(Caterpillar C15 Engine), CL120(Mercedes MBE4000 Engine), CL120(Caterpillar C15 Engine), Century Class S; Century Class T(Cummins N14 Engine), Century Class S; Century Class T(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), CL112(Caterpillar C13 Engine), CL112(Mercedes MBE4000 Engine), CL112(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), CST120(Caterpillar C13 Engine), Coronado(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), Classic(Caterpillar C15 Engine), Classic XL(Caterpillar C15 Engine), Classic XL(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), Columbia(Mercedes MBE4000 Engine), Columbia(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), Columbia(Caterpillar C13 Engine), Condor(Caterpillar 3406 Engine), Condor(Cummins M11 Engine), Condor(Detroit 60 Engine), Condor(Cummins ISX Engine), Coronado(Caterpillar C15, C16 Engine), CST120(Mercedes MBE4000 Engine), Coronado SD(Detroit DD15 Engine), Coronado SD(Cummins ISX 15.0L Engine), Coronado SD(Detroit DD13 Engine), CST112(Caterpillar C15 Engine), CST112(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), CST112(Caterpillar C13 Engine), CST112(Mercedes MBE4000 Engine), FL106(Detroit 50 Engine), FL70(Cummins ISL Engine), FL112(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), FL112(Cummins ISM Engine), FL112(Caterpillar 3176 Engine), FL70(Mercedes MBE906 Engine), FLB(Cummins N14 Engine), FLB(Caterpillar 3176 Engine), FLB(Caterpillar 3406E Engine), FLB(Detroit 60 Engine), FLC(Cummins LTA Engine), FLC(Mercedes MBE4000 Engine), FLC(Cummins L10 Engine), FLC(Cummins M11 Engine), FLC(Cummins N14 Engine), FLC(Caterpillar 3176 Engine), FLC(Caterpillar C12 Engine), FLC112(Cummins LTA10 Engine), FLC112(Cummins N14 Engine), FLD(Cummins M11 Engine), FLD(Caterpillar C10 Engine), FLD(Caterpillar C12 Engine), FLD(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), FLD(Cummins ISX, Signature 600 Engine), FLC(Caterpillar 3406 Engine), FLD(Caterpillar 3406E Engine), FLC112(Cummins NTC Engine), FLA(Cummins N14 Engine), FLB(Cummins M11 Engine), FLB(Caterpillar C10 Engine), FLD(Cummins ISM Engine), FLD(Caterpillar 3406B Engine), FLD(Caterpillar 3176B Engine), FLD(Cummins L10 Engine), FLD(Mercedes MBE4000 Engine), FLD(Mercedes MBE900 Engine), FLD(Caterpillar C13 Engine), FLD(Caterpillar C9 Engine), FLD(Caterpillar C15 Engine), FLD(Cummins N14 Engine), FLD(Cummins NTC Engine), FLD(Cummins ISL Engine), Fuller FO; FR; FRF; FRLO; FRO; FROF, FR; FRLO; FRO; FROF, RT; RTLO; RTLOF; RTO; RTOF; RTX; RTXF, RT; RTLO; RTLOF; RTO; RTOF; RTX; RTXF, Garwood Buckeye Thumperjack(Ford Ind223 Engine), Gehl HL4400 HydroCat(Ford 134 Engine), SL5620(4.154 Perkins Engine), SL5625DX(4.154 Perkins Engine), SL5625SX(4.154 Perkins Engine), SL6620(4.154 Perkins Engine), SL6625(4.154 Perkins Engine), SL7610(1104C-44 Perkins Engine), SL7810(1104C-E44T Perkins Engine), SL7810(1104C-E44T Perkins Engine), Gerlinger Swinger 180(Continental TMD27 Engine), Gorman Rupp 04B(Ford 240, 300 Engine), 310A(Ford 292, 300 Engine), 55A(Ford 300 Engine), 64B(Ford 240 Engine), 86A(Ford 240 Engine), 88A(Ford Engine), Gradall G600; M2460(Chrysler HT413 Engine), HT8425(Ford 330 Engine), 4418(Ford V8-390 Engine), 4418(Ford V8-390 Engine), G660(Chrysler HT413 Lower Engine), G660(IHC UV345 Upper Engine), HT8425(Ford 330 Upper Engine), Gravely Garden, Gray Marine 304; 310; C310; CH310, V8 175; CF175; 178; C178; C178B, V8-160, 109, 125; Phantom 125, 135; Phantom 135; 136, 138; C138; C138B, 170, 188; C188; 195; CF195; CH195, 215; C215; 220; CF220; CH220, 225; C225, 229, 238; C238; CF238; CH238, 260; 280; C280; CH280, Green Thomas Contractor 5 1/2-6 1/2 Ton(Ford 2504E Engine), Grimmer Schmidt 160(Case 336BD Engine), 175(Ford V8-351 Engine), H130; 150(Ford V8-351 Engine), 100; H100; 125(Ford V8-302 Engine), 125, Grove 35B; 35D; 38D; RT38; 68B; 68D(Ford 6 cyl Engine), 810B; 810D; 1012B; 1012D(Ford Engine), RT48 6 Cyl(Ford 300 Engine), RT48; RT49; RT58A(Ford 6 cyl Engine), TM150; TM155; TM180(Ford 6 cyl Engine), RT58A(Ford 6-300 Engine), 1012; 1012B; 1012D(Ford 6-300 Engine), 35B; 35D(Ford 6-240, 6-300 Gas Engine), 36(Ford 300 Engine), 68; 68B; 68D(Ford 6-240, 6-300 Engine), 810B; 810D(Ford 6-300 Engine), RT38(Ford 6-240, 6-300 Gas Engine), RT48(Ford 6-300 Engine), RT49(Ford 6-300 Engine), TM150; TM155(Ford 6-300 Engine), TMS760E(Cummins ISM Engine), TMS875C(Cummins ISM Engine), YB4408; YB4410(Continental TM2.7L Engine), TM180(Ford 6-300 Engine), TM200C(Ford 300 Engine), TM9150(Cummins 6CTA8.3 Engine), AP408(Leyl. 6.98 Engine), AP415(Leyl. 6.98 Engine), Hagie 472, Halla HE50(Continental TM27 Engine), HGF20; HLF20; HGF25; HLF25; HGF30; HLF30(Continental TM27 Engine), Hancock 282(GMC 4-71 Engine), Hercules G1400, G1400, Hesston 520(Chrysler HB225 Gas Engine), 620(Chrysler HB225 Gas Engine), 420(Chrysler 225 Engine), 6400(Chrysler Engine), 6550(Chrysler Engine), 6450; 6455(Chrysler 6 Cyl Engine), 6465(Chrysler 6 Cyl Engine), 6600(Chrysler Engine), 6610(Chrysler Engine), Hino Ranger 2 K-HV48; N-HV40; N-HV42; N-HV47; N-HV47D; N-HV48; P-HV75; P-HV76; P-HV78; P-HV79; P-HV3400(3B , 13B Engine), Ranger 2 HV10; HV12; KHV10; KHV12; KHV17; KHV18; N-HV10; N-HV12; N-HV13; N-HV15; N-HV98; N-HV99; N-HV3000(B Engine), HV10, K-HE526, SG3325(J08C Engine), SG1J(J08C Engine), Hitachi EX60-2; EX60-3; EX60-5(BD3004 Engine), EX60-3(Nissan Engine), EX55UR, EX60-2; EX60WD-2; EX60-3(Nissan BD3004 Engine), EX60-5; EX60LC-5(Nissan BD3004 Engine), EX60WD-2(Nissan BD3004 Engine), EX75UR, EX75UR-3(Nissan BD3004 Engine), EX80-5(Nissan BD3004 Engine), EX60-2, EX60-5(Nissan Engine), EX60-2(Nissan Engine), EX60-3(Nissan Engine), Hobart G412(Chrysler 6 Cyl Engine), Hokuetsu Kogyo PDS185S(Isuzu C 240 Engine), Huber Warco C1044; C1244(Ford Engine), M750(Ford DD172 Engine), Hydramac 2200(Continental TMD27 Engine), Hydrema 26F4 Centre Post(Ford 3cyl Diesel Engine), 26F4(3cyl Diesel Engine), Hymac 270; 370; 570(Ford Engine), 370C(Ford Engine), 570(Ford 5000 Engine), 270; 570(Ford Engine), 35AWS(Perkins Engine), 370C(Ford Engine), 480(Perkins Engine), 270(Ford Engine), 370(Ford Engine), 370C(Ford Engine), 570(Ford 5000 Engine), 580BT; 580C(Dorman 6DA Engine), 590(Dorman 6DA Engine), Hyster H30H; H60H Block mounted(Ford Engine), H60E; H110E(Diesel Engine), H30H(Ford Engine), H60H(Ford Engine), Hyundai HLF20C; HLF25C; HLF30C(Continental TM27 Engine), Ingersoll Rand 7-20, SP42(Ford 2514E Engine), 100-47(White Petrol Engine), 320, 320; 328, DRF85; DRF85S; DR100; DR100S(Ford 2504E Engine), P150WW, P160WFU; P175WFU, P175WW; P175WWU; P185WW, P125AWW; P125WW, P125WFU, 320, P100AWF; P100WF; P125AWF; P125WF, P100AWW; P100AWWU; P100WW; P100WWU, P100BWF; P125BWF, P100BWW; P125BWW, P100WFU, Iveco 306/2, 620, 130 107kW 145hp(CP 3 Engine), Jaeger 4PTD, John Bean 303CP; 335; V335CP; 336CP(Willys 230-OHC Engine), John Deere 100(HB413 Engine), 2250; 2270(Chrysler HB225 Engine), 1050, 2320(Chrysler Engine), 2420(Chrysler 6 Cyl Engine), 800; 830(Chrysler 225 Engine), 90(HB413 Engine), F910, F930, JD850, JD950, Motorhome Chassis(Ford 7.5L Engine), 1050 24kW 33hp(Yanmar Engine), 850 16kW 22hp(Yanmar Engine), 950(YANMAR Engine), Joy D100S(Ford 172D Engine), Kenworth C500(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), C500(Caterpillar C15 Engine), K100; K100E(Detroit 60 Engine), T680(Paccar MX-13 Engine), T680(Paccar MX Engine), T700(Cummins ISX Engine), T700(Paccar MX Engine), T800(Caterpillar 3406B Engine), T800(Cummins M11 Engine), T800(Paccar MX-13 Engine), T400A(Cummins L10 Engine), W900(Caterpillar C15 Engine), W900(Cummins ISX Engine), W900(Caterpillar C13 Engine), W900(Cummins ISM Engine), W900B(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), W900B(Caterpillar C13 Engine), W900B(Cummins ISX Engine), C500(Cummins ISX Engine), C500(Caterpillar C11 Engine), C500(Cummins ISM Engine), C500(Caterpillar C13 Engine), C500(Caterpillar C12 Engine), C500(Caterpillar 3406, 3406C Engine), T2000(Caterpillar 3406E Engine), T2000(Cummins N14 Engine), T2000(Caterpillar C12 Engine), T2000(Caterpillar C15 Engine), T2000(Cummins M11 Engine), T2000(Detroit 60 Engine), T2000(Caterpillar C13 Engine), T2000(Cummins ISX Engine), T2000(Cummins ISL Engine), T300(Cummins ISM Engine), T300(Cummins ISC Engine), T300(Paccar PX-8 Engine), T300(Paccar PX-6 Engine), T300(Caterpillar 3126 Engine), T300(Cummins 8.3L Engine), T300(Cummins ISB Engine), K370(Paccar PX-7 Engine), T2000(Caterpillar C11 Engine), T2000(Cummins ISM Engine), T300(Caterpillar C7 Engine), T600A; T600(Caterpillar 3406E Engine), T600B(Cummins ISX Engine), T600B(Caterpillar C13 Engine), T660(Paccar MX-13 Engine), T660(Paccar MX Engine), T660(Cummins ISL Engine), T800(Cummins ISM Engine), T370(Paccar PX-7 Engine), T370(Paccar PX-8 Engine), T370(Paccar PX-6 Engine), T400(Cummins 6C 8.3L Engine), T400(Cummins M11 Engine), T400(Cummins L10 Engine), T400A(Caterpillar 3176 Engine), T660(Caterpillar C13 Engine), T660(Caterpillar C15 Engine), T660(Cummins ISX Engine), T660(Cummins ISM Engine), T660(Caterpillar C11 Engine), T440(Cummins ISL Engine), T440(Paccar PX-8 Engine), T440(Cummins ISL-G Engine), T450(Caterpillar 3176 Engine), T460(Cummins ISL Mexico Engine), T470(Cummins ISL Engine), T470(Paccar PX-8 Engine), T600(Caterpillar C12 Engine), T600(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), T600(Cummins N14 Engine), T600(Cummins ISX Engine), T600(Cummins M11 Engine), T600(Caterpillar 3126 Engine), T600(Cummins NTC Engine), T600(Caterpillar C13 Engine), T600; T600B(Caterpillar C15 Engine), T800(Caterpillar C15 Engine), T800(Caterpillar C13 Engine), T800(Detroit Diesel 60 12.7L Engine), T800(Westport HD GX Engine), T800(Cummins ISL Engine), T800(Cummins ISX Engine), W900L(Cummins N14 Engine), W900L(Cummins ISX Engine), W900L(Caterpillar C12 Engine), W900L(Caterpillar C15 Engine), W900L(Caterpillar C13 Engine), W900L(Caterpillar C16 Engine), W900S(Cummins ISM Engine), W900S(Caterpillar C13 Engine), W900S(C7 Engine), W900S(Caterpillar C9 Engine), T800(Caterpillar 3176 Engine), T800(Paccar MX Engine), T800(Caterpillar C9 Engine), T800(Cummins NTC Engine), T800(Caterpillar C10, C12 Engine), T800(Paccar PX-6 Engine), T800(Paccar PX-8 Engine), T800B(Cummins ISX Engine), T800B(Caterpillar C13 Engine), T800B(Cummins ISL Engine), T800B(Caterpillar C11 Engine), T800B(Cummins ISM Engine), T800B(Caterpillar C15 Engine), T800W(Cummins ISX Engine), T800W(Caterpillar C15 Engine), W900(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), W900(Cummins N14 Engine), W900(Cummins ISL Engine), W900(Paccar MX Engine), W900(Caterpillar 3406, 3408 Engine), W900B(Caterpillar C15 Engine), W900L(Caterpillar 3406E Engine), Koehring 5030 SkyTrac, 1300 Scattrak(KUBOTA V1902B Engine), Komatsu FD10, BR200 J-1(S6 D 95 L Engine), BR200 R-1(S6 D 95 L Engine), BR200 S-1(S6 D 95 L Engine), Kubota KX161-3 39BHP(V2203-M-EBH Engine), U35-4(D1703M-DI-TE4 Engine), U45 Super S(V2203M Engine), U45-3, U45-3 Alpha, U50-3 Alpha(V2203-M Engine), GV3240; GV3240SW(S2800-B Engine), GV3250QSW(F2803-B Engine), KH10, KJT270FSW(F2803 Engine), KJT270FXSW(F2803-E Engine), KX121(V2203E Engine), KX121-3 Alpha(V2203M Engine), KX121-3; KX121-3R3(V2203M Engine), KX121-3S; KX121-3ST(V2203M Engine), KX161(V2203E Engine), KX161-3 Alpha(V2203-M Engine), KX161-3R(V2203-M Engine), KX161-3S(V2203-M Engine), KX161-3ST(V2403-M Engine), KX161-3R1(V2203M Engine), KX45-3, M4000(S2200A Engine), M4030; M4030DT(S2602DI Engine), M4030SU; M4030TF(S2402DI Engine), M4500; M4500C; M4500DT, M4950; M4950DT, R520S(V2203-M Engine), R520S1; R520S2(V2203-M Engine), U45-3, KH66, KH90, U50-3A, Lamborghini 1600, Lancia Fulvia Coupe 1.3 S 1298cc Petrol 65kW 88hp, Lathrop 105; 130; 155, Leroi 125G1; 125G2; 125RG1; 125RG2; 125 Tractair(Leroi D-226 Engine), D226, Leyland Daf BL TR8; TR8Pi 3528cc(Petrol Engine), 2000(2.0L Engine), 2000(2.0L Engine), 2000(2.0L Engine), 2000TC(2.0L Engine), Interceptor(6.3L Engine), Interceptor Mk III(6.3L Engine), Interceptor Mk III(7.2L Engine), Interceptor Mk III(7.2L Engine), Interceptor Mk III(7.2L Engine), Interceptor SP(7.2L Engine), Interceptor SP; Interceptor Mk III(7.2L Engine), 4TX125, 1025(6.98 DV Engine), 1160(6/98 NV Engine), 6.98DV; 6.98NV, 6.98TV Turbo Diesel, 830(6.98 NV Engine), Comet 12.12 Export 86kW 115hp(6.98 NV Engine), Freighter 10.14 102kW 139hp(6.98 Turbo Engine), Freighter 11.14 102kW 139hp(6.98 Turbo Engine), Freighter 14.14 102kW 139hp(6.98 Turbo Engine), Roadrunner 10.12 85kW 115hp(6.98 NV Engine), Roadrunner 6.10 71kW 97hp, Roadrunner 6.12 85kW 115hp(6.98 NV Engine), Roadrunner 8.12 85kW 115hp(6.98 NV Engine), Terrier TR650(6.98 DV Engine), Terrier TR738(6.98 DV Engine), Terrier TR750(6/98 DV Engine), Terrier TR950(6/98 DV Engine), Linkbelt LS5800(GMC Diesel Engine), Lockwood 2650(Ford 300 Engine), Long 2610, Lorain 30H(Ford V8-390 Engine), Lull 400; 400LS(Chrysler Engine), Mack CH600(EM7 E-Tech Engine), CH602(E7 310/330 E-Tech Engine), CH612(EM7 E-Tech Engine), CH612(E7 E-Tech Engine), CH612(ASET AC Engine), CH613(AC ASET Engine), CH613(Mack E7 Engine), CHN600(AMI-300 ASET Engine), CHN602; CHN603(ASET AC Engine), CHN612(ASET AI Engine), CHN612(ASET AC Engine), CHN613(MP8 Engine), CHN613(E7 E-Tech Engine), CHN613(AI ASET Engine), CHN613(ASET AC Engine), CHU602(MP8 Engine), CHU603(MP8 Engine), CHU612(MP8 Engine), CHU613(MP8 Engine), CL(Caterpillar 3406C Engine), CL703(Cummins ISX Engine), CL713(Mack E7-460 E-Tech Engine), CL713(Cummins ISX Engine), CL713(Mack E7-350 E-Tech Engine), CL713(Caterpillar 3406 Engine), CL713(E7 427 E-Tech Engine), CL713(AMI ASET Engine), CL733(Cummins ISX Engine), CT713(MP8 Engine), CT713(E7 E-Tech Engine), CT713(ASET AMI Engine), CT713(Cummins ISM Engine), CT713(ASET AI Engine), CT713(MP7 Engine), CTP713(MP7 Engine), CTP713B(MP7 Engine), CV513(ASET AI Engine), CV513(E7 Engine), CV513(EM7 E-Tech Engine), CV513(ASET AMI Engine), CV513(Cummins ISL Engine), CV712(Cummins ISL Engine), CV712; CV713(ASET AC, AI Engine), CV712; CV713(ASET AMI Engine), CV713(E7 E-Tech Engine), CX612(ASET AC Engine), CX612(E-7 Engine), CX613(ASET AC Engine), CX613(E7 E-Tech Engine), CXN602; CXN603(ASET AC Engine), CXP612(MP7 Engine), CXP613(AC ASET Engine), CXP613(MP8 Engine), CXP613(MP7 Engine), CXU602(MP7 Engine), CXU602(MP8 Engine), CXU603(MP8 Engine), CXU603(MP7 Engine), CXU612(MP8 Engine), CXU612(MP7 Engine), CXU613(MP7 Engine), CXU613(MP8 Engine), DM690S(EM7 E-Tech Engine), DM690S; DM690SX; DM690X(ASET AI, AMI Engine), Fleet-Liner(EA7-435 CCRS Engine), Freedom L(Renault E3 Engine), Freedom M(Renault E3 Engine), Freedom XL(Renault E3 Engine), Freedom XXL(Renault E3 Engine), GU433(Cummins ISL Engine), GU533(Cummins ISL Engine), GU703(MP8 Engine), GU703(MP7 Engine), GU713(MP8 Engine), GU713(MP7 Engine), GU803(MP7 Engine), GU803(MP8 Engine), GU812(MP8 Engine), GU812(MP7 Engine), GU813(MP7 Engine), GU813(MP8 Engine), GU814(MP7 Engine), GU814(MP8 Engine), Metro-Liner(Cummins ISC Engine), MRU602(MP7 Engine), MRU603(MP7 Engine), MRU612(MP8 Engine), MRU612(MP7 Engine), MRU613(MP7 Engine), MRU613(MP8 Engine), Qantum(EA7-370 CCRS Engine), Qantum(Cummins ISX Engine), RB688SX(AI, AMI ASET Engine), RB690S(AI, AMI ASET Engine), RB690S(EM7 E-Tech Engine), RB690S(E7 E-Tech Engine), RD688S(E-Tech E7 Engine), RD688S(ASET AI Engine), RD688SX(AMI 427 ASET Engine), RD690S(E7-300, E7-427 E-Tech Engine), Super-Liner(Caterpillar C15 Engine), Super-Liner LT(Cummins Signature 550 Engine), Super-Liner; Super-Liner LT(Cummins ISX Engine), Terrapro(Cummins ISL-G Engine), Trident(EA7-470 CCRS Engine), Value-Liner(EA7-370 CCRS Engine), Vision CXN612(ASET AC Engine), Vision CXN613(ASET AC Engine), Vision CXN613(ASET E7-460 E-Tech Engine), Vision CXN613(ASET AMI Engine), MAN F90; F90ECO 17.462; 17.502; 32.502(D2840 18, 270cc Engine), Manitou 4RM26NF(Ford 2512E Engine), MB25M; MB25PF; MB25TC; MB26; MB30M; MB30TC; MC40TC; MC50TC(Ford 2512E Engine), BT-420(Perkins Engine), MCE20HZ; MCL20HZ; MCE25HZ; MCL25HZ; MCE30HZ; MCL30HZ, MB25M; MB25PF; MB25TC(Ford 2512E Engine), MB26(Ford 2512E Engine), MB30M; MB30TC(Ford 2512E Engine), MC40TC(Ford 2512E Engine), MC50TC(Ford 2512E Engine), MSI20; MSI25; MSI30 Buggie, 4RM 26NF(Ford 2512E Engine), Marshall 100(Leyl. 6.98NT Engine), 115(Leyl. 6.98NT Engine), 125-4(Leyl. 6.98TT Engine), Massey Ferguson 205, 300(Chrysler Slant Six Engine), MF507(Perkins Engine), MF760, MF44; MF44B, Matbro Bray 404, Mazda B2500 2.5 Litre Turbo Diesel OHC 109bhp, B2300(2.3L Engine), B2300(2.3L Engine), B2300(2.3L Engine), B2300(2.3L Engine), B4000(4.0L Engine), B4000(4.0L Engine), B4000(4.0L Engine), B4000(4.0L Engine), B4000(4.0L Engine), B4000(4.0L Engine), B4000(4.0L Engine), Navajo(4.0L Engine), Navajo(4.0L Engine), Navajo(4.0L Engine), Navajo(4.0L Engine), Menzi Muck 6000(Hatz Engine), 6000 Plus(Perkins Engine), Mercury Mercruiser 188 , 215 , 225 , 233; 235 , 255 , 555 , 888 , 188, 235, Miller Electric Big 40(Continental TMD20 Engine), Big 40; 40G(Continental TM20 Engine), Big 50(Continental TMD27 Engine), Trailblazer 44D(Continental TMD27 Engine), Minneapolis Moline 3496(6 Cyl Gas Engine), 4292(V8 Gas Engine), 4293(V8 Gas Engine), 4296(V8 Gas Engine), 5297(Chrysler V8-383 Engine), 5297(Chrysler V8-318 Engine), 605A6A; 605B6A, A4T1600(LP800-6 Engine), Jet Star 3, Late 6 Cyl Models, Mobilift MA30; Mobilift MA40, Mobilift MA50, U302, Mohawk V8-302; V8-351, Morgan Plus 8 Two-Seater 3.5 Litre V8(Petrol Engine), Muir Hill MH141(Ford 2704E Engine), MH141(Ford 2704E Engine), New Holland L454(Continental TM13 Engine), L455(Kubota D1402B Engine), L-553(Kubota V1902-B Engine), L-555(Kubota V1902-B Engine), 1047(Ford 240 Engine), 1400(Ford 172 Engine), 1880 Crop Cruiser(Ford 391 Gas Engine), 980(Ford 240 Engine), 995(Ford Gas Engine), 655C, 655D, 655D, 4550, 4610, 550, 4550, 550, 4550, 4550, 1400(Ford Petrol Engine), 1500(Ford 391/392 Engine), 445D, 455C, 535, 555C, 555D, 655, 655C, 655D, 975(Ford Petrol Engine), 980(Ford Petrol Engine), 985(Ford Petrol Engine), 990(Ford Petrol Engine), 995(Ford Petrol Engine), M77(Ford 4000 Engine), New Idea 800(Perkins Diesel Engine), Nissan 50/5D(Perkins 4.203 Engine), 55/6D(Perkins 4.236 Engine), 60/7D; 66/7T(Perkins 6.305 Engine), 71/7D(Perkins 4.236 Engine), D150; D350; D450(Perkins 4.203 Engine), D150; D350; D550(Perkins 4.236 Engine), D600; D700(Perkins 6.305 Engine), E-35; E-60; E-70; E-90(Perkins 4.203, 4.236 Engine), E-60(Perkins 4.203 Engine), E-95; E-110(Perkins 6.305 Engine), L-60; L-80(Perkins 4.236 Engine), CW385(GE13TB Engine), CW440E(GE13TD Engine), CW445(GE13TD Engine), CWA445(GE13TD Engine), Northern Lights M20C; M30C; M30CS; M32C; M33C, M964; ML964, ML984, Oliver 1250, 1250, 1250A; 1255; 1265, 1355, 1450, 1455, 1850, 535(6 Cyl Gas Engine), 542(V8 Gas Engine), 545; SP545(V8 Gas Engine), 5542(Chrysler V8 Engine), 5555(Chrysler V8-383 Engine), 5555(Chrysler V8-318 Engine), 1600 43kW 58hp(Oliver Engine), 1600 43kW 58hp(Oliver Engine), 1600D, 1600D, 1650 49kW 66hp(Oliver Engine), 1650 49kW 66hp(Oliver Engine), 1650 D, 1655 52kW 71hp(265G/283D Engine), 1800 54kW 74hp(Oliver Engine), 1800B; 1800C, 1800D, 1800D, 1900B; 1900C; 1900D, 5542(Chrysler Engine), 7300, 7600(Chrysler V8 Engine), 7800, OMC 128; 340, 170, 190, 235, 128, 170, 190, 2.3L, 340, 351 King Cobra, 5.0 Cobra; 5.0L Cobra High Output, 5.8L; 5.8L Cobra, 235 Ford V8, Cobra 2.3L L4, Cobra 3.0L L4, Cobra 7.5L V8, Onan EK25; 30; EM37.5; 40(Ford CSG-6491 Engine), EN50; EN55; EN60; EN65; EN70(Ford LSG-875-6005A Engine), ENT56; ENT75(Ford LSG-875-6005A Engine), ENTX80; ENTX100(Ford LSG-875-6005A Engine), ES18.5; 20(Ford LSG-4231 Engine), SK25; 30(Chrysler HB-225 Engine), DJB-Gen, EF, LRDJX, RDJC; RDJF; RJC, 6DJB, DJA; DJB; DJBA; DJC, DMDJC, EF, JB; JC, LRDJC, MDJA; MDJB; MDJC, MJA; MJB; MJC, RDJC, RJC, Oshkosh MPT(Caterpillar C12 Engine), MPT(Caterpillar C13 Engine), MPT(Cummins ISC Engine), MPT(Cummins N14 Engine), MPT(Detroit 60 Engine), MPT(Caterpillar C10 Engine), MPT(Caterpillar C11 Engine), Owatonna 260, 265(Ford 200 Engine), 270(Gas Engine), 275(Ford Gas Engine), 700(Chrysler 6 Cyl 225 Engine), 900(Chrysler HB225-645 Engine), Palmer PA190; PA220, PA255, P302 , P351 , P392 , P460 , Perkins 4.203, 4.236, 6.288; 6.305, P3.144; P3.152; P4.192; P4.203, Peterbilt 320(Cummins ISC Engine), 320(Cummins L10 Engine), 320(Cummins ISM Engine), 320(Caterpillar C13 Engine), 320(Caterpillar 3306C Engine), 320HE Hybrid(Cummins ISM Engine), 330(Cummins 6CT8.3 Engine), 330(Caterpillar 3126 Engine), 330(Cummins ISC Engine), 335(Cummins ISC Engine), 335(Caterpillar C7 Engine), 335(Cummins ISM Engine), 335(Paccar PX-6 Engine), 335(Paccar PX-8 Engine), 335HE Hybrid(Paccar PX-6 Engine), 337(Paccar PX-9 Engine), 337(Paccar PX-7 Engine), 340(Cummins ISC Engine), 340(Paccar PX-6 Engine), 340(Paccar PX-8 Engine), 346; 348; 349A; 349B; 349H; 349W; 357; 375; 377; 379(Caterpillar 3306 Engine), 348(PX-9 Engine), 348(PX-6 Engine), 348(PX-8 Engine), 349H; 352H; 357; 359(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), 357(Cummins 6CT8.3 Engine), 357(Cummins M11 Engine), 357(Cummins ISM Engine), 357(Cummins ISC Engine), 357(Caterpillar C15, C16 Engine), 357(Caterpillar C11, C13 Engine), 357(Cummins ISX Engine), 357(Cummins ISL Engine), 357(Cummins NTC400 Engine), 357(Caterpillar C10, C12 Engine), 357(Caterpillar 3306 Engine), 357; 362E(Cummins N14 Engine), 357; 375(Caterpillar 3176 Engine), 357; 375(Cummins L10 Engine), 362(Caterpillar C12 Engine), 362(Caterpillar C10 Engine), 362(Cummins NTC Engine), 362; 372; 377; 379(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), 365(Paccar MX Engine), 365(Cummins ISM Engine), 365(Cummins ISL Engine), 365(Caterpillar C13 Engine), 365(Caterpillar C9 Engine), 365(Caterpillar C15 Engine), 367(Westport HD GX Engine), 367(Paccar MX Engine), 367(Cummins ISX Engine), 367(Cummins ISM Engine), 367(Caterpillar C15 Engine), 367(Caterpillar C13 Engine), 372(Caterpillar C15 Engine), 372; 375; 377; 378; 379(Cummins N14 Engine), 375(Detroit 60 Engine), 377(Caterpillar 3176 Engine), 377(Caterpillar C12 Engine), 378(Cummins NTC350 Engine), 378(Cummins M11 Engine), 378(Caterpillar 3306 Engine), 378(Cummins ISM Engine), 378(Caterpillar C10, C12 Engine), 378(Caterpillar C15, C16 Engine), 378(Caterpillar 3176 Engine), 378(Detroit 60 Engine), 378(Cummins ISX Engine), 378(Caterpillar 3406 Engine), 379(Cummins N14 Plus Engine), 379(Detroit 60 Engine), 379; 379X(Caterpillar C15 Engine), 379; 379X(Cummins ISX Engine), 379; 379X(Cummins ISC Engine), 379; 379X(Caterpillar C11, C13 Engine), 379; 379X(Cummins ISM Engine), 379; 379X(Cummins ISL Engine), 379; 379X(Caterpillar C10, C12 Engine), 379; 387(Caterpillar 3406E Engine), 382(Paccar PX-9 Engine), 382(Cummins ISL Engine), 384(Paccar MX-13 Engine), 384(Paccar MX Engine), 384(Cummins ISX Engine), 384(Cummins ISM Engine), 384(Caterpillar C13 Engine), 384(Caterpillar C9 Engine), 385(Caterpillar 3306 Engine), 385(Cummins L10 Engine), 385(Caterpillar C12 Engine), 385(Cummins M11 Engine), 386(Caterpillar C15 Engine), 386(Paccar MX Engine), 386(Caterpillar C13 Engine), 386(Cummins ISX Engine), 387(Cummins ISX Engine), 387(Caterpillar C13 Engine), 387(Caterpillar C15 Engine), 387(Paccar MX Engine), 387(Cummins ISM Engine), 387(Caterpillar C12 Engine), 388(Paccar MX-13 Engine), 388(Paccar MX Engine), 388(Caterpillar C15 Engine), 388(Cummins ISX Engine), 388(Caterpillar C13 Engine), 388(Cummins ISM Engine), 389(Paccar MX Engine), 389(Caterpillar C15 Engine), 389(Cummins ISX Engine), 587(Cummins ISX Engine), 587(Paccar MX-13 Engine), Powerpac APUK(Kubota Z-482 Engine), Priestman Bogmaster VC(Ford 2713E Engine), Mustang (Dorman 6DA Engine), Prinoth T Mk II(VM Engine), T2S(VM Engine), Ratrac Turbo-Trac 140(VM692 T Engine), Ruston 22RBH(Dorman 6DA Engine), 25SC(Dorman 6DA Engine), Sabb F4.254 (2712E), F6.380 (2715E)(Marine Engine Engine), F6.595 (2726T)(Marine Engine Engine), F6.595T/Ti (2728TIM)(Marine Engine Engine), Same Buffalo 120, Samsung 130(4 Cyl Engine), Sanderson FBR 45TR(Ford 3cyl Engine), Plantman 2 50TC; 60TC; 504TC; 604TC(Ford 4610 Engine), Plantman 80TC; 100TC; 804TC; 1004TC(Ford 6610 Engine), Teleporter 2/6-22; 2/7-25; 2/5M-26; 2/11-30(Ford BSD444 Engine), Saurer D180(C 2 K Engine), D230(C 2 KT Engine), Sellick SG50; SG60, Solidair Solid Screw 15 15kW 20hp, Solid Screw 18 18kW, Solid Screw 22 22kW, Someca 1000TD, 250; 255, 300TD; 350TD, 900, M120(Perkins Engine), Sterling A-Line(Caterpillar C9 Engine), A-Line(Caterpillar C11 Engine), A-Line(Caterpillar C15 Engine), A-Line(Mercedes MBE4000 Engine), A-Line(Caterpillar C13 Engine), A-Line(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), Acterra(Mercedes MBE900 Engine), Acterra(Cummins ISC Engine), Acterra(Caterpillar C7 Engine), A-Line A9500(Caterpillar C15 Engine), A-Line A9500(Mercedes MBE4000 Engine), A-Line A9500(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), A-Line A9500(Caterpillar C9 Engine), A-Line A9500(Caterpillar C13 Engine), A-Line A9500(Caterpillar C11 Engine), A-Line AT9500(Caterpillar C15 Engine), A-Line AT9500(Mercedes MBE4000 Engine), A-Line AT9500(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), A-Line AT9500(Caterpillar C9 Engine), A-Line AT9500(Caterpillar C13 Engine), A-Line AT9500(Caterpillar C11 Engine), Cargo(Cummins ISB Engine), Cargo SC8000(Cummins ISB Engine), L7500; LT7500(Cummins ISC Engine), L-Line(Cummins ISC Engine), L-Line(Caterpillar 3126 Engine), L-Line(Cummins ISM Engine), L-Line(Mercedes MBE900 Engine), L-Line(Mercedes MBE4000 Engine), L-Line(Caterpillar C15 Engine), L-Line(Caterpillar C11 Engine), L-Line(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), L-Line(Caterpillar C7 Engine), L-Line(Caterpillar C13 Engine), L-Line(Caterpillar C9 Engine), L-Line 7500(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), L-Line 7500(Caterpillar C15 Engine), L-Line 7500(Mercedes MBE4000 Engine), L-Line 7500(Mercedes MBE900 Engine), L-Line 7500(Caterpillar C9 Engine), L-Line 7500(Caterpillar C7 Engine), L-Line 7500(Caterpillar C11 Engine), L-Line 7500(Caterpillar C13 Engine), L-Line 8500(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), L-Line 8500(Mercedes MBE4000 Engine), L-Line 8500(Mercedes MBE900 Engine), L-Line 8500(Caterpillar C9 Engine), L-Line 8500(Caterpillar C7 Engine), L-Line 8500(Caterpillar C13 Engine), L-Line 8500(Caterpillar C15 Engine), L-Line 8500(Caterpillar C11 Engine), L-Line 9500(Caterpillar C13 Engine), L-Line 9500(Caterpillar C7 Engine), L-Line 9500(Caterpillar C11 Engine), L-Line 9500(Caterpillar C15 Engine), L-Line 9500(Mercedes MBE 900 Engine), L-Line 9500(Mercedes MBE 4000 Engine), L-Line 9500(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), L-Line 9500(Caterpillar C9 Engine), L-Line 9500(Cummins ISC Engine), LT9500(Caterpillar C15 Engine), LT9500(Cummins ISM Engine), LT9500(Cummins ISC Engine), Steyr 190; 288, 545S, Sunbeam Tiger(4.3L Engine), Tiger(4.3L Engine), Tiger(4.7L Engine), Tiger(4.7L Engine), Tiger(4.3L Engine), Tiger(4.3L Engine), Tiger(4.7L Engine), Takeuchi TB070(Nissan Engine), TB070(Nissan Engine), Target Q1200(Continental TM27 Gas Engine), Quanta, Thomas C2(Cummins ISB Engine), C2(Mercedes MBE900 Engine), C2(Caterpillar C7 Engine), Saf-T-Liner(Mercedes MBE900 Engine), Saf-T-Liner(Caterpillar C7 Engine), Saf-T-Liner(John Deere CNG Engine), Saf-T-Liner(Cummins ISB Engine), Saf-T-Liner(Caterpillar 3126 Engine), Saf-T-Liner(Cummins ISC Engine), Towmotor V30(Continental Engine), V40(Continental Engine), V41(Continental Engine), V50(Continental Engine), V51(Continental Engine), V60(Continental Engine), Toyota Coaster Diesel K-BB10; 11; 31(Toyota 2B 3.2 Litre Engine), Coaster Diesel K-BB20; 30(Toyota 3B 3.4 Litre Engine), Coaster Diesel N-BB21; 31(Toyota 3B 3.4 Litre Engine), Coaster Diesel N-BB26V; 36V(Toyota 3B 3.4 Litre Engine), Massey Dyna FC10; FC20; FC22(Toyota F, 2F Petrol Engine), Landcruiser 4.5 Litre Multi Point Injection V6 24V DOHC Amazon VXType FZJ80 4x4 Estate(1FZ-FE 4477cc 202bhp Engine), Landcruiser 4.5 Litre Multi Point Injection V6 24V DOHC VX Type FZJ80 4x4 Estate(1FZ-FE 4477cc Engine), 4Runner 3.0 Litre Injection V6 12V OHC Type VZN130(3VZ-E 2959cc 141bhp Engine), 5DC30, 5FD10; 5FD14; 5FD15; 5FD18, 5FD20; 5FD23; 5FD25; 5FD28; 5FD30, 5FDC20; 5FDC25, 5FDC25(G1600 Engine), 5FGC28; 5FGC30, 02-2FDC25(2J Engine), 02-DC20; 02-FDC20(5P Engine), 02-FD10; 02-FG10; 02-SD10(2J Engine), 02-FD14; 02-FD15(2J Engine), 02-FDC20; 02-FD25; 02-FDC25(Toyota 2J Engine), 02-SG7(Toyota 2J Engine), 3FD50; 3FD60; 3FG50; 3FG60, 4FD25(2J Engine), Crown(2.3L Engine), Crown(2.3L Engine), Crown(2.3L Engine), FDC20, FDC33; FDC35; FDC40; FDC45; FGC33; FGC35; FGC40; FGC45, Land Cruiser(3.9L Engine), Land Cruiser(3.9L Engine), Land Cruiser(3.9L Engine), Land Cruiser(3.9L Engine), Land Cruiser(3.9L Engine), Land Cruiser(3.9L Engine), Land Cruiser(3.9L Engine), Land Cruiser(3.9L Engine), Land Cruiser(4.2L Engine), Land Cruiser(4.2L Engine), Land Cruiser(4.2L Engine), Land Cruiser(4.2L Engine), Land Cruiser(4.2L Engine), Land Cruiser(4.2L Engine), Land Cruiser(4.2L Engine), Land Cruiser(Canada 3.4 Engine), Land Cruiser(Canada 4.2 Engine), Land Cruiser(Canada 4.2 Engine), Land Cruiser(Canada 3.4 Engine), Land Cruiser(4.2L Engine), Land Cruiser(4.2L Engine), Land Cruiser(Canada 3.4 Engine), Land Cruiser(4.2L Engine), Land Cruiser(Canada 4.2 Engine), Land Cruiser(Canada 3.4 Engine), Land Cruiser(4.2L Engine), Land Cruiser(Canada 3.4 Engine), Land Cruiser(4.2L Engine), Land Cruiser(4.2L Engine), Land Cruiser(Canada 2.4 Engine), Land Cruiser(4.0L Engine), Land Cruiser(4.0L Engine), Land Cruiser(4.0L Engine), Land Cruiser(4.0L Engine), Land Cruiser(4.0L Engine), Land Cruiser(4.5L Engine), Mark II(2.3L Engine), Mark II(2.6L Engine), Mark II(2.6L Engine), Mark II(2.6L Engine), Mark II(2.6L Engine), Pickup(2.2L Engine), Pickup(2.2L Engine), Pickup(2.2L Engine), Pickup(2.4L Engine), Pickup(2.4L Engine), SDK7; SDK8(2J2.5 D Engine), FG25, Universal Big King; Strato King V8, U445; 445DTC, U550DTC(D121 Engine), U640;-DTC, Vauxhall GM Carlton 2.3 Litre Diesel, Vermeer M475; M485(Ford 254 Engine), 1230; 1250(Ford Gas Engine), 1600; 1600A, SP24, T400A(Ford 192 Engine), T600A(Ford 240 Engine), T600C(Ford 240 Gas Engine), Versatile 330, 400(Ford 200 Engine), 440, 4400(Gas Engine), 5000, Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle; 1.9 Litre Diesel, Transporter 1.9 Litre Diesel(1X Engine), Transporter 1.9 Litre Turbo Diesel(ABL 61bhp Engine), Transporter 1.9 Litre Turbo Diesel(ABL 61bhp Engine), Volvo B30A; B30E, S80 2.5 Litre Turbo Diesel 5 Cyl 10V 2461cc(Petrol Engine), 850 2.5 Litre TDi Turbo Diesel 2461cc(Petrol Engine), V70 2.5 Litre TDi Turbo Diesel Injection 5 Cyl 2460cc 140bhp, VHD200(VE D13 Engine), VHD(VE D13 Engine), VN730(Cummins ISX Engine), VN730(VE D13 Engine), VN780(VED12 Engine), VN780(Cummins ISX Engine), VNL(VE D13 Engine), VNL(Cummins ISX Engine), VH200(VE D12 Engine), VHD(Cummins ISX Engine), VHD(VE D11 Engine), VHD(VE D12 Engine), VN630(VE D12 Engine), VN630(Cummins ISX Engine), VN670(VED12 Engine), VN670(Cummins ISX Engine), VN730(VE D16 Engine), VN730(VE D12 Engine), VHD200(VE D11 Engine), VHD200(VE D12 Engine), VHD430(VE D13 Engine), VN(Cummins ISX Engine), VN(VE D12 Engine), VN(VE D11 Engine), VN(VE D16 Engine), VN(VE D13 Engine), VN430(VE D12 Engine), VN430(VE D16 Engine), VN430(Cummins ISX Engine), VNL(VE D11 Engine), VNL(VE D12 Engine), VNL300(VE D12 Engine), VNL300(VE D16 Engine), VNL300(VE D11 Engine), VNL300(Cummins ISX Engine), VNL300(VE D13 Engine), VNL420(Volvo VED12 Engine), VNL430(VE D16 Engine), VNL430(VE D13 Engine), VNL430(VE D11 Engine), VNL430(VE D12 Engine), VNL430(Cummins ISX Engine), VNL610, VNL630(VE D13 Engine), VNL630(VE D11 Engine), VNL630(VE D12 Engine), VNL630(VE D16 Engine), VNL630(Cummins ISX Engine), VNL64T(Cummins N14 Engine), VNL64T(Detroit 60 Engine), VNL64T(Cummins M11 Engine), VNL660(Cummins ISX Engine), VNL670(VE D12 Engine), VNL670(Cummins ISX Engine), VNL670(VE D16 Engine), VNL670(VE D13 Engine), VNL730(Cummins ISX Engine), VNL730(VE D12 Engine), VNL730(VE D13 Engine), VNL730(VE D16 Engine), VNL770(D13 Engine), VNL780(VE D12 Engine), VNL780(Cummins ISX Engine), VNL780(VE D16 Engine), VNL780(VE D13 Engine), VNM(VE D11 Engine), VNM(Cummins ISM Engine), VNM(Detroit 60 Engine), VNM(Cummins N14 Engine), VNM(Cummins ISX Engine), VNM(VE D13 Engine), VNM200(VE D13 Engine), VNM200(VE D11 Engine), VNM200(VE D12 Engine), VNM430(Cummins ISX Engine), VNM430(VE D12 Engine), VNM430(VE D11 Engine), VNM430(VE D16 Engine), VNM630(VE D12 Engine), VNM630(VE D11 Engine), VNM630(VE D16 Engine), VT(Cummins ISX Engine), VT800(Cummins ISX Engine), VT800(VE D16 Engine), VT830(VE D16 Engine), VT830(Cummins ISX Engine), VT880(VE D16 Engine), VT880(Cummins ISX Engine), WG42(Cummins M11 Engine), WG42(VED 12 Engine), WG42(Cummins ISM Engine), WG42(Caterpillar 3306C Engine), WG42(Cummins L10 Engine), WG42(Detroit 60 Engine), WG64(Cummins M11 Engine), WG64(Cummins ISM Engine), WG64(VE D12 Engine), WG64(Cummins N14 Engine), WG64(Detroit 60 Engine), WX64(Cummins N14 Engine), 164 3.0 2978cc Petrol 118kW 160hp(B 30 E Engine), 164 3.0 E 2932cc Petrol 96kW 131hp(B 30 A Engine), BM1113(Boxer Engine), BM350, BM600, BM631, BM650, DR631(1113 Engine), GGM646, Parca 218(1133 Engine), Parca 218(1133 A Engine), Parca 620(1133 A Engine), Parca 621(D 42 Engine), Parca 622(D 42 Engine), Parca 640(1133 A Engine), Parca 640(1133 Engine), Parca 641(D 42 Engine), Parca 642(D 42 Engine), Parca 654(D 47 B Engine), Parca 854, MK693 59kW 80hp(BM D 42 Engine), SM660(1113 A Engine), SM660(1113 Engine), SM661(1113 A Engine), SM661(1113 Engine), SM665(1113 Engine), SM665(1113 A Engine), SM667(1113 A Engine), SM667(1113 Engine), SM668(1113 A Engine), SM668(1113 Engine), T616, T800, T810, T814, Volvo Penta B30A; B30E, AQD70BL; AQD70CL; AQ240A, 170B, AQ170B/280; AQ170B/280T, AQ240A/280, MD32A, 170B, AQD32, AQ190, AQ190A, AQ200, AQ240A, D42 A, MD42A, Wabco Hammer(Leroi D226 Engine), Wacker Neuson 10001 Allraddumper 74kW 101hp(Perkins 1104C-44 T Engine), 9001 74kW 101hp(Perkins 1004 Turbo Engine), 9001 74kW 101hp(Perkins 1104C-44T Engine), Waldon 4100(Continental TM27 Engine), 4500B(Continental TM27 Engine), 5000(Ford Engine), 6000(Ford 4 Cyl 172 Engine), Waukesha 165, 215, 255, 302, 351, F283G, VRD283; VRG283, VRD310; VRG310, VRG265, Weatherhill 12HB; 12HD(Ford 5000 Engine), 22HD(Ford 2512E Engine), C/S Mk III(Ford 2512E Engine), Weidemann 4070 CX100 T 74kW 101hp(Perkins 1104 D-E 44 T Engine), Westerbeke BR30; BR45, Four-154, Performer-6, W120, W46; W52; W58, WPDS10, WPDS20, Western Star 4700(Detroit Diesel DD13 Engine), 4700(Cummins ISL Engine), 4800(Detroit DD13 Engine), 4900(Caterpillar 3406E Engine), 4900EX(Detroit Diesel DD15 Engine), 4900EX(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), 4900EX; 4900FA; 4900SA(Caterpillar C15 ASCERT Engine), 4900FA(Detroit Diesel DD13 Engine), 4900FA(Detroit Diesel DD16 Engine), 4900FA(Detroit Diesel DD15 Engine), 4900FA(Cummins ISX Engine), 4900FA(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), 4900FA(Caterpillar C12 Engine), 4900FA(Caterpillar C15 Engine), 4900FA; 4900SA(Mercedes MBE4000 Engine), 4900SA(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), 4900SA(Detroit Diesel DD13 Engine), 4900SA(Detroit Diesel DD15 Engine), 4900SA(Cummins ISX Engine), 4900SA(Caterpillar C15 Engine), 4964; 4964FX; 4964EX; 4964SX(Caterpillar 3406E Engine), 4964EX; 4964F; 4964SX(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), 4964EX; 4964FX(Caterpillar C15 Engine), 4964F(Mercedes MBE400 Engine), 4964F(Caterpillar 3406E Engine), 4964F; 4964EX; 4964FX(Cummins N14 Engine), 5964SS(Detroit 60 Engine), 6900XD(Caterpillar C15, C16 Engine), 6900XD(Detroit Diesel 60 Engine), White 2-50 Field Boss; 2-60 Field Boss(4 Cyl Diesel Engine), 2-63FL, 7300, 7600(Chrysler Gas Engine), 7800(Chrysler Gas Engine), 8600(Chrysler Gas Engine), 8800(Chrysler Gas Engine), Whitlock 105(Ford Engine), Wisconsin TM13; TMD13, TMD20, TMD27, TMDT27, V460D, V461D; V461DG-LPG; V465D, Workhorse P(Cummins N14 Engine), W42(Cummins M11 Engine), Yale and Towne GC; GLC; GDC 60-80LB(Chrysler H225 Engine), GP; GLP; GDP60-80LB(Chrysler H225 Engine), L51C(Chrysler H225 Engine), 6000(Ford 2701E Engine), Yanmar YM180; YM180D; YM186; YM186D; YM187; YM187D, YM220; YM220D; YM226; YM226D, ym276; YM276D, YM336; YM336D

    We only supply quality Filter and Automotive Product Brands sourced from reputable UK Manufacturers, Distributors and Importers, we do NOT supply own branded product of unknown origin. For their unparalleled Product Range, Quality, Competitive Pricing, Technical Information, Service and Availability our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Alco, Donaldson, Parker, Racor, MP Filtri & SF Filter.

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    Unless labelled Brand Specific the make and size of product may vary, we can then second source to complete orders quickly. Application data is provided as a guide only, for full compatibility ensure all our Specifications match your requirements. We sell on a Business to Business Model with highly competitive Trade Pricing. All orders must be placed via the Website.

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