FFR-PH28 FILTER-Lube(Baldwin B243, Fleetguard LF3339)

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  • Part Number FFR-PH28
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    Part No: FFR-PH28
    Description: FILTER-Lube(Spin On)
    Category: Filters-Lube, SpinOn, 3-4.16UN
    Full-Flow Lube Spin-on. Anti-Drainback Valve 8 PSID By-Pass Valve. Also G449-B I-Gasket. For short version use FFR-PH4386.
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    Updated: 15/01/2020

    Height: 123mm
    OD/Width Max: 76mm
    OD/Width Min: 76mm
    Thread: 3/4-16 UN
    By-Pass Valve PSI: 8

    AC Delco PFL400A, PFL400ACL, X37, Allis Chalmers 2067272, Atlas Copco F18, F-18, M-47, M47F18, Baldwin B243, Bobcat Melroe 6647672, Bosch 3400, 3422, 451103052, 451-103-052, 451103074, 451-103-074, 451103110, 451-103-110, 72143, D3422, OF113, OF143, P3074, P3110, Case IHC 75318-C1, Caterpillar 3I1174, 3I1264, 3I1303, 9Y4459, 9Y4507, Champion OF11, Chrysler Dodge 4781452AA, 4781452BB, 83200000, Clark 6512143, Coopers Fiaam LSF5133, Z62, Crosland 2093, 642, Delphi Lucas CAV F6202, Donaldson LFP550400, LFP552849, P550400, P552849, P779216, Dynalife CN400, Fiat 72122420, Filtration Control FCL7228, Fleetguard LF3339, LF655, Fleetrite LFR83339, LFR8655, Ford 2735E-6714-B, 276513, 507107, 691M-6714-A/A, 691M6714AA, D0RY-6731-A, D1PJ-6714-AA, D1PJ6731A, D1PJ-6731-A, D1PZ-6731-A, E1EE6714A, E1EE-6714-A, E1EE6714AA, E1EE-6714-AA, E1FZ6731A, E1FZ-6731-A, E4EE6714B2A, E4EE-6714-B2A, E4EM6714A2, E4EM-6714-A2, E4FZ6731A, E4FZ-6731-A, E4FZ6731AB, E4FZ-6731-AB, E4FZ6731BB, E4FZ-6731-BB, SBA140516180, XR8E6714AA, XR8E-6714-AA, XR8E6714AB, XR8E-6714-AB, Fram CH6068, DG3600, PH28, PH2872, PH2890, PH28A, PH2926, PH3600, PH3600A, PH3600FP, TG3600, XG3600, Gehl 83715, Harley Davidson 6381290, Hengst H14W10, In-Line Filters FFRPH28, FFR-PH28, FINFL70440, FIN-FL70440, FL70440, Jaguar XR817215, XR823395, XR83332, John Deere AM39687, HE1220323, HE122-0323, HE1220445, HE122-0445, TY15591, Kohler 277233S, 279218, Kralinator L109, L73, Kubota 1521332091, 15213-32091, 15213-32431, 7000014672, 70000-14672, 70000-32431, Lombardini 276.2175.36, Luberfiner PH227, PH227K, PH400, PH7024, Mahle Knecht AW622, AW87, FO319, OC55, MAN 67.40358.366, 6740358366, Mann ML1005, W71912, W818/2, Mazda YF0914302A, YF09-14-302A, ZZM123802, ZZM1-23-802, ZZM123802A, ZZM1-23-802A, Mopar F00PH400, L529, Motorcraft EFL101, FL276, FL400, FL400A, FL400-A, FL400S, FL400S1, FL791, FLE277, Napa 1214, 1342, 1516, 1516MP, 1762, 1764, 21516, 21516MP, 91516, PS1214, New Holland 507631, Onan 1220323, 122-0323, 1220445, 122-0445, 1220468, 122-0468, 1220469, 122-0469, 1220608, 122-0608, 1220680, 122-0680, 122A323, 122-A323, 122B323, 122-B323, Pennzoil PZ19, Purolator Facet 400, L20089, L20195, ML36830, P195, PER195, PER89, PL20195, Sakura C-1103, C1909, C-1909, Savara 92818117, SF Schupp SP4521, Shibaura 140516180, Subaru 18087, Tecneco OL719/36, Thermoking 114948, 11-4948, 124948, 12-4948, 2920B51G01, Toro 57-8530, Union PF400, Vauxhall GM 25010013, 25162816, 710319, 93156303, Volkswagen 70115561, Volvo 36080125, 3608012-5, Wix 23, 51034, 51214, 51516, 51516MP, 51762, 51764, 57301, PC318P, Woodgate WGL3339, Yugo 46621482

    Allis Chalmers 616; 620, 720, Ariens 9020(Onan Engine), 914009; 914010; 914011; 914012(Kohler Engine), GT18; HT18; GT20(Kohler Engine), Ausa CHG150(Ford VSG413 Engine), Benford TV100; TV120, Bobcat Melroe 520; 530(Kohler K582S Engine), 540(Kohler K582S Engine), 542B(Ford VSG411 Engine), Bolens 180(Kohler K482S Engine), 1886(Kohler 18hp Engine), 2086; 2087(Kohler K532S Engine), 2389(Kohler K582S Engine), G242, HT20(Kohler K532S Engine), Broderson IC35C(Ford VSG413 Engine), Case IHC 4130(Gas Engine), 4140(Gas Engine), 446(Onan BF-MS326-4F Engine), 815(ONAN D160 Engine), Davis 25+4(Kohler K582S Engine), Ditch Witch 255SX(Onan P224 Engine), VP12(Ona NHCMS Engine), Ford 2261E; 2262E; 2263E; 2264E; 2265E, 256, CL20(Onan Engine), LGT100; LGT125; LGT145, LGT120, LGT165, LGT195, VSG411; VSG413, Gehl HL2500; HL2500A(Onan NHC, NHMS Engine), HL2600(Onan NHC Engine), HL3000 HydroCat(Onan Engine), HL3200 HydroCat(Onan Engine), SL3510(Ford VSG Engine), SL3515(Ford VSG Engine), SL3725(Ford VSG411 Gas Engine), SL3725(Kubota B1305E Engine), SL4510; SL4515(Ford VSG Engine), SL4525(Ford VSG413 Engine), Gravely 450(Onan Engine), 816(Onan CCKA Engine), Hustler 4500(Ford Engine), Hydramac 8; 8A; 8B; 8C(ONAN Engine), 9C(Isuzu Engine), Jacobsen Commercial 60(Kohler Engine), Jaguar S-Type(3.0L Engine) From 2000, S-Type(3.0L Engine) From 2001, S-Type(3.0L Engine) From 2002, S-Type(3.0L Engine) From 2003, S-Type(3.0L Engine) From 2004, S-Type(3.0L Engine) From 2005, S-Type(3.0L Engine) From 2006, S-Type(3.0L Engine) From 2007, S-Type(3.0L Engine) From 2008, X-Type(2.5L Engine) From 2002, X-Type(2.5L Engine) From 2003, X-Type(2.5L Engine) From 2004, X-Type(2.5L Engine) From 2005, X-Type(3.0L Engine) From 2002, X-Type(3.0L Engine) From 2003, X-Type(3.0L Engine) From 2004, X-Type(3.0L Engine) From 2005, X-Type(3.0L Engine) From 2006, X-Type(3.0L Engine) From 2007, X-Type(3.0L Engine) From 2008, John Deere 400(Kohler Engine), 70(ONAN Engine), JD14(Onan Engine), Kohler K482, K482S, K550, K582, K660; K662, KT17, Kubota L175(Z750A Engine), L185; L185DT, L210(Z1100A Engine), L260, L295; L295DT(D1301-A Engine), L305, Leyland Daf BL America 1.3L From 1971, America 1.3L From 1972, Massey Ferguson MF145, Mazda B2300(2.3L Engine) From 2001, B2300(2.3L Engine) From 2002, B2300(2.3L Engine) From 2003, B2300(2.3L Engine) From 2004, B2300(2.3L Engine) From 2005, B2500(2.5L Engine) From 1998, B2500(2.5L Engine) From 1999, B2500(2.5L Engine) From 2000, B2500(2.5L Engine) From 2001, B3000(3.0L Engine) From 1994, B3000(3.0L Engine) From 1995, B3000(3.0L Engine) From 1996, B3000(3.0L Engine) From 1997, B3000(3.0L Engine) From 1998, B3000(3.0L Engine) From 1999, B3000(3.0L Engine) From 2000, B3000(3.0L Engine) From 2001, B3000(3.0L Engine) From 2002, B3000(3.0L Engine) From 2002, B3000(3.0L Engine) From 2003, B3000(3.0L Engine) From 2003, B3000(3.0L Engine) From 2004, B3000(3.0L Engine) From 2005, B3000(3.0L Engine) From 2006, B3000(3.0L Engine) From 2007, B3000(3.0L Engine) From 2008, B3000(3.0L Engine) From 2009, B3000(3.0L Engine) From 2010, B3000(Flex Fuel 3.0 Engine) From 2001, CX-9(3.5L Engine) From 2007, CX-9(3.7L Engine) From 2008, CX-9(3.7L Engine) From 2009, CX-9(3.7L Engine) From 2010, CX-9(3.7L Engine) From 2011, CX-9(3.7L Engine) From 2012, CX-9(3.7L Engine) From 2013, CX-9(3.7L Engine) From 2014, Mazda6(3.7L Engine) From 2009, Mazda6(3.7L Engine) From 2010, Mazda6(3.7L Engine) From 2011, Mazda6(3.7L Engine) From 2012, Mazda6(3.7L Engine) From 2013, Mitsubishi Raider(3.7L Engine) From 2006, Raider(3.7L Engine) From 2007, Raider(3.7L Engine) From 2008, Mustang 332(Onan Gas Engine), 441(Ford 4-98 Engine), 911(Onan Gas Engine), 921(Onan Gas Engine), New Holland 1520, L250(Onan B43G Engine), L250(Onan P218G Engine), L325; L425(Kohler Engine), L454(Ford VSG411 Engine), L464(Ford VSG413 Engine), LS120(Onan P218 Engine), Onan 4.0BFA, 6.3NHL-RV, 6.5NH, 6.5NHE; 6.5NHEL, B43E-GAO16, B48G-GA019.9; B48G-GA020, CCK; CCKA, CCKA-MS, CCKB, N52M-GAO19.9, N60V, NH, NHA; NHAV; NHB; NHBV, NHC; NHCV; NHL; NHP; NHPV, NHCMS, NHE; NHEL, P224G, RCCK, T260G, Owatonna 320(Onan NHC Engine), 330(Onan Engine), 345(Ford Diesel Engine), 440(Ford 4-98 Engine), Mustang 441(Ford 4-98 Engine), Mustang 445(Ford I98 Engine), Simplicity 9020(Onan Engine), Terex TB60(Ford LRG425 Engine), Thermoking XMD, XMD, Toro 3200D Greenmaster, Groundsmaster 220(Onan Engine), Groundsmaster 3000, Groundsmaster 345(Ford Engine), Groundsmaster 62(Onan Engine), Hydroject 3000, Hydroject 4000, Rake-O-Vac 66in(Kohler Engine), Turf Pro 84, Toyota Corolla 1.1L From 1968, Corolla 1.1L From 1969, Corolla 1.2L From 1971, Corolla 1.2L From 1972, Corolla 1.2L From 1973, Pickup(2.0L Engine) From 1972, Pickup(2.0L Engine) From 1973, Pickup 1.9L From 1969, Pickup 1.9L From 1970, Pickup 1.9L From 1971, Upright AB46RT(Ford VSG413 Engine), Vauxhall GM Senator 2.5;3.0 Litre Injection(Petrol Engine), Volkswagen Vanagon(2.0L Engine) From 1983, Vanagon(2.1L Engine) From 1986, Vanagon(2.1L Engine) From 1987, Vanagon(2.1L Engine) From 1988, Vanagon(2.1L Engine) From 1989, Vanagon(2.1L Engine) From 1990, Vanagon(2.1L Engine) From 1991, Wheel Horse D160(Onan Engine), D200(Kohler Engine)

    We only supply quality Filter and Automotive Product Brands sourced from reputable UK Manufacturers, Distributors and Importers, we do NOT supply own branded product of unknown origin. For their unparalleled Product Range, Quality, Competitive Pricing, Technical Information, Service and Availability our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Alco, Donaldson, Parker, Racor, MP Filtri & SF Filter.

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