FIN-FL70488 Filter-Lube(Equivalent: W936/4, SP-808, BT259, 793)

Price(Ex Vat): £4.78

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  • Part Number FIN-FL70488
  • Manufactured by: Inline

    Part No: Inline FL70488 (Also available as Brand Specific: FBW-BT259, FFG-LF678, FMH-W936-4)
    Our Stock Level: 6
    Stock at Manufacturer(UK) 3-7 day lead: 6
    More Stock: Any further stock usually 2-10 weeks
    Details: Full-Flow Lube or Hydraulic Spin-on. 20 PSID By-Pass Valve. Also G401 I-Gasket. Gasket: G401. Contains: HBP. Gasket: G401. Contains: HBP..
    Updated: 21/06/2022

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    Height: 137mm
    OD/WidthMax: 95mm
    OD/WidthMin: 94mm
    Thread: 13/16-16 UN
    ByPassValvePSI: 20
    Micron: Unspecified

    AC Delco PF17, PF28, Agco 303483584, Alco SP808, SP-808, AP Lockheed AP3411, AP3411A, LK3411, LK-3411, LK3411A, LK-3411A, Baldwin BT259, Baudouin 16017310V, 1601731OV, Blaw Knox 16470300, Bosch 0451104005, 0451104005850, 0451104005-850, 451104005, 451-104-005, 451104005850, 451-104-005-850, 9457280140, 9-457-280-140, BOF4005, P4005, Case IHC 998457R91, 998457-R91, K200073, Caterpillar 3I1089, 9Y4450, 9Y-4450, Chrysler Dodge L317, Claas CT6005012109, Clark 6511730, Coopers Fiaam AZL029, FT4580, Z23, Z32, Z33, Crosland 608, Digoema DGM/O4580, DGMO4580, Donaldson LFP550020, P550020, P779146, Dynalife CN51243, Facet 6665983, Fil ZP503A, Filtration Control FCL7125, Filtron OP647/3, OP6473, Fleetguard LF678, Fleetrite LFR8678, Fram PH20, PH20A, Gehl L94746, Giesse CLH727/2, CLH7272, Greyfriars 949S, Guiot GH2000, Harmo S854, Hengst H15W, H17W09, Ingersoll Rand 35308030, Inline FFR-PH20, FINFL70488, FIN-FL70488, FL70488, John Deere AR58956, AT19044T, RE506575, T19044, T19044D, T19044T, T19044-T, T19044TH, T19044TL, T1944, Koehring 8320239, Kohler 223604, Kralinator L39, L39A, Kubota 7000014640, 70000-14640, Lautrette ELH4301, ELH4302, Luberfiner FP20, LFP20, M MH376, MH376X, Mahle Knecht Knecht AW143, FO3713, OC103, Mann W936/4, W9364, W93640, Massey Ferguson 1900366, Micro PHM20, Motorcraft FL175, Napa 1243MP, 4068, New Holland 9613322, Orenstein and Koppel 103852, Permatic ELH4712, GL329, Purflux LS168, Purolator FO371/3, L30015, ML30015, PC24, PER306, Renault 0003132302, 6005012109, 7701456922, Sakura C7910, C-7910, Sambron 58755, Savara 2699/30, 269930,, 928014, 92801411, 92801417, 92818411, SO014, SF Schupp SP 4280, SP4280, Sofima S8700R, Sure SFO0678, Tecneco OL78, Tecnocar R78, Teho OK68, Toro 184360, 18-4360, TRP 1534541, UFI 23.112.00, 2311200, Vapormatic CPD5015, VPD5015, Vauxhall GM 25011162, 6436383, 6437968, Wabco BC8813, White 30-3483584, Wix 51243, 51243MP, CW243MP, Woodgate WGL678, Zetor 27710793, 2771-0793, 77010793, 7701-0793, 793

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1169(Unspecified eng). 1166H; 1166H4(CD6359TZ003 eng). 1166S2; 1166S2H4(CD6359TZ002 eng). 1169H4(Unspecified eng). 1174(Unspecified eng). 1174; 1174H4; 1174S2(Unspecified eng). 1174H4(6359T eng). 1174H4; 1174S2; 1174S2(CD6359TZ002 eng). 1175; 1175H(Unspecified eng). 1177(Unspecified eng). 1177; 1177H; 1177S2(Unspecified eng). 1177; 1177S2(6359T 118kW 160hp eng). 1177H4(6359T eng). 12; 25; 30(Unspecified eng). 1250(Unspecified eng). 1250(Yanmar 32kW 44hp eng). 1350(3179D 28kW 38hp eng). 1350(Unspecified eng). 1445F(Unspecified eng). 1450(Unspecified eng). 1450(Yanmar 40kW 55hp eng). 1520(35kW 47hp eng). 1520(Unspecified eng). 152D(Unspecified eng). 1530(John Deere 33kW 45hp eng). 1530(John Deere 33kW 45hp eng). 1530(Unspecified eng). 155(Unspecified eng). 1550(3179D 32kW 43hp eng). 1550(Unspecified eng). 1630(3179D 41kW 56hp eng). 1630(Unspecified eng). 1630; 1630UV(Unspecified eng). 1635(Unspecified eng). 1640(Unspecified eng). 1640; 1640F(4239D 46kW 63hp eng). 1640; 1640F(Unspecified eng). 164D(Unspecified eng). 164G(Unspecified eng). 165(Unspecified eng). 1650(Unspecified eng). 1650(Yanmar 49kW 67hp eng). 1745F(Unspecified eng). 1750(3179D 37kW 49hp eng). 1750(Unspecified eng). 180(Unspecified eng). 1830(4219D 45kW 60hp eng). 1830(Unspecified eng). 1840(4239D eng). 1840(Unspecified eng). 1845F(2940T eng). 1850(3179D 45kW 60hp eng). 1850(Unspecified eng). 190E(Unspecified eng). 1950(3179T 48kW 64hp eng). 1950(Unspecified eng). 1950(Unspecified eng). 2000(Unspecified eng). 2000(Unspecified eng). 2000(Unspecified eng). 2010(35kW 47hp eng). 2010; 2010C; 2010D(Unspecified eng). 2020(4202D 44kW 60hp eng). 2020(John Deere 40kW 54hp eng). 202G(Unspecified eng). 2030(4219D 50kW 68hp eng). 2030(Unspecified eng). 2030(Unspecified eng). 2035(Unspecified eng). 2040(3179D eng). 2040(Unspecified eng). 2040; 2040F; 2040S(4239D 51kW 70hp eng). 2040S(Unspecified eng). 2054(CD6068HZ001 eng). 2054(Unspecified eng). 2056(RG6076-AZ031 eng). 2058(RG6076-AZ030 eng). 2100(Unspecified eng). 2100(Unspecified eng). 2100(Unspecified eng). 210C(Unspecified eng). 2120(4219D 50kW 68hp eng). 2120(Unspecified eng). 2120(Unspecified eng). 2130(4239D 55kW 75hp eng). 2130(Unspecified eng). 2130(Unspecified eng). 2135(Unspecified eng). 2140(Unspecified eng). 2140(Unspecified eng). 2140; 2140DT(4239T 60kW 82hp eng). 215(Unspecified eng). 2150(3179D 34kW 46hp eng). 2150(Unspecified eng). 2155(3179D 40kW 55hp eng). 2155(Unspecified eng). 217(Unspecified eng). 219D(Unspecified eng). 219G(Unspecified eng). 2200(50kW 68hp eng). 2200(50kW 68hp eng). 2200(Unspecified eng). 2240(3179D 44kW 60hp eng). 2240(Unspecified eng). 2250(219 eng). 2250(3179D eng). 2250(4239D 46kW 63hp eng). 2250(Unspecified eng). 2254 (CD6068HZ001 132kW 180hp eng). 2254(Unspecified eng). 2254(Unspecified eng). 2255(3179D 37kW 50hp eng). 2255(Unspecified eng). 2270(John Deere eng). 2280(Unspecified eng). 2300(55kW 74hp eng). 2300(Unspecified eng). 232(Unspecified eng). 2345F(2940T eng). 2350(4239D; 4039D 41kW 56hp eng). 2355(3179D 49kW 67hp eng). 2355(Unspecified eng). 2355N(Unspecified eng). 2355N(Unspecified eng). 2360(Unspecified eng). 239D; 239T(Unspecified eng). 240(3029D eng). 240; 250(3029D; 3029T eng). 2400(60kW 81hp eng). 2400(Unspecified eng). 2420(Unspecified eng). 2440(4219D eng). 2440(Unspecified eng). 2450(4239D eng). 2450(Unspecified eng). 2450(Unspecified eng). 2450(Unspecified eng). 248(Unspecified eng). 24D(Unspecified eng). 2510(37kW 50hp eng). 2510(Unspecified eng). 2520(John Deere 46kW 62hp eng). 2520(Unspecified eng). 2550(John Deere 49kW 66hp eng). 2550(Unspecified eng). 2555(John Deere 57kW 77hp eng). 2555(Unspecified eng). 260(PowerTech 3029T eng). 2630(John Deere 51kW 70hp eng). 2630; 2640(Unspecified eng). 2640(4276D 51kW 70hp eng). 2650(4239T 57kW 78hp eng). 2650(Unspecified eng). 2650; 2650N(Unspecified eng). 2750(4239T 55kW 75hp eng). 2750(Unspecified eng). 2755(4239T 65kW 88hp eng). 2755(Unspecified eng). 276D; 276T(Unspecified eng). 2840(6329D 60kW 81hp eng). 2840(Unspecified eng). 2850(4239T 63kW 86hp eng). 2850(Unspecified eng). 2850(Unspecified eng). 2855N(John Deere 59kW 80hp eng). 2855N(Unspecified eng). 290D(Unspecified eng). 2940(6359D 60kW 82hp eng). 2940(Unspecified eng). 2950(John Deere 63kW 85hp eng). 2950(Unspecified eng). 2955(63kW 86hp eng). 2955(Unspecified eng). 299(217 eng). 299(248 eng). 300B(Unspecified eng). 300D(Unspecified eng). 301A(Unspecified eng). 302(Unspecified eng). 3029(E2 eng). 3029D; 3029T(E2 eng). 302A(Unspecified eng). 303(Unspecified eng). 3030(Unspecified eng). 3030(Unspecified eng). 3040(6359D 67kW 92hp eng). 3040(Unspecified eng). 3040; 3140(Unspecified eng). 3050(6359D 68kW 93hp eng). 3050(Unspecified eng). 3050(Unspecified eng). 3055(6359T 68kW 92hp eng). 3055(Unspecified eng). 310(3152D 24kW 33hp eng). 3100(John Deere 4039DRT65 41kW 56hp eng). 3100(Unspecified eng). 310A(Unspecified eng). 310B(Unspecified eng). 310C(Unspecified eng). 310D(Unspecified eng). 310D(Unspecified eng). 3110(3029DRT65 41kW 56hp eng). 3120(Yanmar 22kW 30hp eng). 3130(65kW 89hp eng). 3130(John Deere 60kW 81hp eng). 3130(Unspecified eng). 3135(Unspecified eng). 3140; 3140DT(6359D 68kW 93hp eng). 3140; 3140DT(Unspecified eng). 3150(6359D 70kW 95hp eng). 3150(Unspecified eng). 3155(Unspecified eng). 3155(Unspecified eng). 315C(Unspecified eng). 315CH(Unspecified eng). 315D(Unspecified eng). 315D(Unspecified eng). 3164D(Unspecified eng). 3164G(Unspecified eng). 3179D; 3179T(Unspecified eng). 3200(Unspecified eng). 3200; 3200X(48kW 65hp eng). 3200; 3200X(Unspecified eng). 3210; 3210A; 3210A Komfort X(4045D 49kW 67hp eng). 3255(6359T eng). 3255(Unspecified eng). 329D(Unspecified eng). 329G; 329L(Unspecified eng). 330(John Deere eng). 3300(Gas eng). 3300(Unspecified eng). 3300; 3300X(4045DRT35 55kW 75hp eng). 3300; 3300X(Unspecified eng). 3310; 3310A; 3310A Komfort X(4045DRT35 57kW 78hp eng). 3340; 3340DT(Unspecified eng). 3350(6359D 74kW 101hp eng). 3350(Unspecified eng). 3350(Unspecified eng). 3400; 3400X(63kW 86hp eng). 3400; 3400X(Unspecified eng). 340D(Unspecified eng). 3410(4039TRT35 eng). 341G(Unspecified eng). 3430(4239 eng). 3430(Unspecified eng). 344E(Unspecified eng). 344G(4045T eng). 350C(Unspecified eng). 350C(Unspecified eng). 359D; 359T(Unspecified eng). 362G; 362L(Unspecified eng). 3640(6359D 82kW 114hp eng). 3640(Unspecified eng). 3640S(Unspecified eng). 3650(6359T 84kW 114hp eng). 3650(Unspecified eng). 3650(Unspecified eng). 3830(4039 eng). 3830(4239 eng). 40(Unspecified eng). 400G(Unspecified eng). 400G(Unspecified eng). 400G(Unspecified eng). 401B(Unspecified eng). 401C(Unspecified eng). 401D(Unspecified eng). 4030(6329D eng). 4030(Unspecified eng). 4039D; 4039T(Unspecified eng). 4040; 4040S(6359T eng). 4045DF; 4045TF(Unspecified eng). 404D(Unspecified eng). 4050(6359 eng). 4050(6359T eng). 4050(6466DR; 6466TR eng). 410(Unspecified eng). 410B(Unspecified eng). 410C(Unspecified eng). 410D(Unspecified eng). 410D(Unspecified eng). 414D; 414T(Unspecified eng). 4219D(Unspecified eng). 4219G(Unspecified eng). 4239D; 4239T; 4276D; 4276T(Unspecified eng). 430(John Deere eng). 430(Unspecified eng). 4400(219; 329 eng). 4400(303 eng). 4400; 4500(Unspecified eng). 4400TJ(4039TF 74kW 101hp eng). 440C(Unspecified eng). 440C(Unspecified eng). 440D(Unspecified eng). 4420(Unspecified eng). 4425(6359 eng). 4435; 4435 Hydro(Unspecified eng). 444C; 444CH(Unspecified eng). 444D(6239 eng). 444E(Unspecified eng). 444G(4045T eng). 448D(Unspecified eng). 45(Unspecified eng). 450(Unspecified eng). 450(Unspecified eng). 450(Unspecified eng). 4500(Unspecified eng). 4500TJ(4039TF 74kW 101hp eng). 450B(Unspecified eng). 450B(Unspecified eng). 450B(Unspecified eng). 450C(Unspecified eng). 450C(Unspecified eng). 450C(Unspecified eng). 450D(Unspecified eng). 450D(Unspecified eng). 450D(Unspecified eng). 450E(Unspecified eng). 450E(Unspecified eng). 450E(Unspecified eng). 450G(Unspecified eng). 455(Unspecified eng). 455D(Unspecified eng). 455D(Unspecified eng). 455D(Unspecified eng). 455E(Unspecified eng). 455E(Unspecified eng). 455E(Unspecified eng). 455G(Unspecified eng). 480C(Unspecified eng). 482(219 eng). 482(329 eng). 482C(Unspecified eng). 484(329 6cyl eng). 484(359 6cyl eng). 490(PowerTech 4239T eng). 490D(Unspecified eng). 490E(Unspecified eng). 493D(Unspecified eng). 495D(Unspecified eng). 499(219 eng). 5030(Unspecified eng). 5038D(Unspecified eng). 510(3152D 29kW 40hp eng). 5103(3029 eng). 5103(John Deere 37kW 50hp eng). 5105(John Deere 37kW 50hp eng). 5105(PowerTech 2.9L eng). 510B(Unspecified eng). 510C(Unspecified eng). 510D(Unspecified eng). 510D(Unspecified eng). 515B(Unspecified eng). 5200(3029 eng). 5200(6404A 34kW 46hp eng). 5203(3029TF eng). 5203(John Deere 41kW 56hp eng). 5204(3029 Mexico eng). 5205(John Deere 41kW 56hp eng). 5205(PowerTech 2.9L eng). 5210(3029D 39kW 53hp eng). 5210(Unspecified eng). 5215(3029T Europe eng). 5215(41kW 55hp eng). 5215F; 5215V(3029TAT70 41kW 55hp eng). 5220(3029D 39kW 53hp eng). 5220(PowerTech 2.9L eng). 530(Unspecified eng). 530(Unspecified eng). 5300(3029 eng). 5300(3029D 41kW 56hp eng). 5300(Unspecified eng). 5300N(3029D 41kW 56hp eng). 5300N(Unspecified eng). 5303(3029 eng). 5303(3029 South Africa eng). 5303(3029TF eng). 5303(John Deere 47kW 64hp eng). 531(Unspecified eng). 5310(3029 eng). 5310(Unspecified eng). 5310A; 5310N; 5310NA; 5310SN; 5310SNA(3029D 39kW 53hp eng). 5310N(3029 eng). 5315(3029T Europe eng). 5315(48kW 65hp eng). 5315F; 5315V(3029TAT70 48kW 65hp eng). 5320; 5320N(3029T 47kW 64hp eng). 5320; 5320N(PowerTech 2.9L eng). 5400; 5400N(3029T 52kW 71hp eng). 5400; 5400N(Unspecified eng). 5400N(3029 Europe eng). 5403(3029 South Africa eng). 5403(3029T eng). 5403(3029T eng). 540B(Unspecified eng). 540D(Unspecified eng). 540D(Unspecified eng). 540E(Unspecified eng). 540G(Unspecified eng). 5410A; 5410N; 5410NA; 5410SN; 5410SNA(3029T 52kW 71hp eng). 5410N(3029; 4045 eng). 544(Unspecified eng). 544C(Unspecified eng). 544D(6414T eng). 544E(Unspecified eng). 544G; 544GTC; 544GLL(6059T eng). 544G; 544GTC; 544GLL(6059T eng). 544G; 544GTC; 544GLL(6059T eng). 5480(Unspecified eng). 548D(Unspecified eng). 548D(Unspecified eng). 548E(Unspecified eng). 548G(PowerTech 6059T eng). 55(Unspecified eng). 550(Unspecified eng). 550(Unspecified eng). 5500(4039T 59kW 80hp eng). 5500; 5500N(PowerTech 4039T eng). 5500N(4039 Europe eng). 5500N(4039T 59kW 80hp eng). 550G(Unspecified eng). 555(Unspecified eng). 555(Unspecified eng). 555A(Unspecified eng). 555A(Unspecified eng). 555B(Unspecified eng). 555B(Unspecified eng). 555G(Unspecified eng). 570B(Unspecified eng). 590D(Unspecified eng). 595(Unspecified eng). 595D(Unspecified eng). 600; 600A(152 eng). 600; 600A(Gas eng). 6000(219 eng). 6000(Unspecified eng). 6059D; 6059T(Unspecified eng). 6100(4039D; 4039T eng). 6100(Unspecified eng). 6100; 6100SE(4045D 55kW 75hp eng). 610B(Unspecified eng). 610C(Unspecified eng). 6200(4039T eng). 6200(Unspecified eng). 6200; 6200E(4045T; 4039T 62kW 85hp eng). 6200L(4045T eng). 624E(Unspecified eng). 624G(6068T eng). 624G(6068T eng). 624G(6068T eng). 630(Unspecified eng). 630(Unspecified eng). 6300(4039T eng). 6300(4039T eng). 6300(4045T 66kW 90hp eng). 6300(Unspecified eng). 6300L(4045T eng). 630OU(Unspecified eng). 6329D(Unspecified eng). 6329G; 6329L(Unspecified eng). 6359D; 6359T(Unspecified eng). 6362G; 6362L(Unspecified eng). 640(Unspecified eng). 6400(4045T 73kW 100hp eng). 6400(4045T eng). 6400(Unspecified eng). 6400(Unspecified eng). 6400L(4045T eng). 6404D(Unspecified eng). 640D(Unspecified eng). 640E(Unspecified eng). 640G(Unspecified eng). 6414D; 6414T(Unspecified eng). 643(Unspecified eng). 643D(Unspecified eng). 644G(6076 eng). 648D(Unspecified eng). 648E(Unspecified eng). 648G(6076 eng). 6500 Hi-Cycle(Unspecified eng). 6500 Self Propelled(Unspecified eng). 6500(4045T eng). 6500(4045T eng). 6500(John Deere 4039T eng). 6500; 6600(4039T eng). 6500L(4045T eng). 6506(6068D 77kW 105hp eng). 6506(Unspecified eng). 6506(Unspecified eng). 650G; 650GLGP(Unspecified eng). 650G; 650GLGP(Unspecified eng). 6531(Unspecified eng). 653E(Unspecified eng). 655(Unspecified eng). 655B(Unspecified eng). 658E(PowerTech 6068T eng). 6600(329 eng). 6600(6068D 81kW 110hp eng). 6600(Gas eng). 6600(John Deere 6068 81kW 110hp eng). 6600(Unspecified eng). 6600(Unspecified eng). 6602(362 Gas eng). 6610(Unspecified eng). 672A(Unspecified eng). 672B(Unspecified eng). 6800(6068T 88kW 120hp eng). 6800(Unspecified eng). 6800(Unspecified eng). 6800(Unspecified eng). 6800(Unspecified eng). 6900(6068T 96kW 131hp eng). 6900(Unspecified eng). 6900(Unspecified eng). 690D; 690DR(6414T eng). 690E LC(6068T eng). 693D(Unspecified eng). 699(303 eng). 699(329 eng). 699(Gas eng). 70; 70D(Unspecified eng). 700; 734(152 eng). 700; 734(Gas eng). 710(4152D 37kW 50hp eng). 710B(Unspecified eng). 710C(Unspecified eng). 710D(6059; 6068 eng). 710E(Unspecified eng). 7200(6059 eng). 7200(John Deere 6059 eng). 7210(6068T eng). 7210(John Deere 6.8L 6cyl 81kW 110hp eng). 730(John Deere eng). 730(Unspecified eng). 7400(6068T 74kW 100hp eng). 7400(Unspecified eng). 7410(6068T eng). 7410(John Deere 6.8L 6cyl 88kW 120hp eng). 7440(Unspecified eng). 7445(Unspecified eng). 744H MH(Unspecified eng). 744H(PowerTech 6125A eng). 744J(PowerTech 6125 eng). 7450(Unspecified eng). 750(Unspecified eng). 7500(Unspecified eng). 750B(Unspecified eng). 750C(PowerTech 6068 eng). 7510(6068T eng). 7510(John Deere 6.8L 6cyl 99kW 135hp eng). 755A(Unspecified eng). 755B(Unspecified eng). 7600(6068T eng). 7600(6081T 96kW 131hp eng). 7610 (6068T 103kW 140hp eng). 762A(Unspecified eng). 762B(Unspecified eng). 7700(362GH eng). 7710; 7710A; 7710 Powermode(6081T 118kW 161hp eng). 7745(Unspecified eng). 7810; 7810A; 7810 Powermode(6081T 129kW 176hp eng). 790E LC(Unspecified eng). 820; 820VU(3152D 26kW 35hp eng). 824J(PowerTech 6125 eng). 830(3164D 28kW 38hp eng). 840(3179D 28kW 38hp eng). 862(Unspecified eng). 862B(Unspecified eng). 880(Gas eng). 880(Unspecified eng). 8875(Unspecified eng). 92; 115; 135; 145; 152(Gas eng). 920(3152D 30kW 41hp eng). 925(Unspecified eng). 925(Unspecified eng). 930(3164D 30kW 41hp eng). 930(Unspecified eng). 930; 930VU(Unspecified eng). 930; 940(Unspecified eng). 932(Unspecified eng). 932(Unspecified eng). 935(Unspecified eng). 935(Unspecified eng). 940(3179D eng). 940(Unspecified eng). 940(Unspecified eng). 940(Unspecified eng). 9400(Unspecified eng). 9400(Unspecified eng). 942(Unspecified eng). 942(Unspecified eng). 945(Unspecified eng). 945(Unspecified eng). 948(Unspecified eng). 95(John Deere eng). 950(Unspecified eng). 950; 960; 970(Unspecified eng). 952(Unspecified eng). 952(Unspecified eng). 955(Unspecified eng). 960(Unspecified eng). 965(Unspecified eng). 965; 965H(Unspecified eng). 965; 965-H4(Unspecified eng). 968H(Unspecified eng). 970(Yanmar 82kW 111hp eng). 975(Unspecified eng). 975; 975-H4(Unspecified eng). 975HY-4(Unspecified eng). 985(Unspecified eng). 985; 985-H4(Unspecified eng). 99(Unspecified eng). 9900(Unspecified eng). 9910(Unspecified eng). 9920(Unspecified eng). 9930(Unspecified eng). Compact 4400; 4400A(3TNE88 25kW 34hp eng). JD145; JD155(Unspecified eng). JD165(Unspecified eng). JD2040; JD2040F; JD2040S(Unspecified eng). JD217; JD232; JD248(Unspecified eng). JD2350(Unspecified eng). JD24(Unspecified eng). JD300(Unspecified eng). JD301(Unspecified eng). JD310(Unspecified eng). JD350(Unspecified eng). JD350(Unspecified eng). JD350B(Unspecified eng). JD350B(Unspecified eng). JD350D; JD355D(Unspecified eng). JD350D; JD355D(Unspecified eng). JD380(Unspecified eng). JD400; JD401(Unspecified eng). JD401A(Unspecified eng). JD415; JD415B(Unspecified eng). JD440(Unspecified eng). JD440; JD440A; JD440B(Unspecified eng). JD440; JD440A; JD440B(Unspecified eng). JD444(Unspecified eng). JD480(Unspecified eng). JD480A; JD480B(Unspecified eng). JD540; JD540A(Unspecified eng). JD540; JD540A(Unspecified eng). JD544; JD544A(Unspecified eng). JD544B(Unspecified eng). JD550A; JD550B(Unspecified eng). JD550A; JD550B(Unspecified eng). JD570; JD570A(Unspecified eng). JD600 Hy-Cycle(Unspecified eng). JD648(Unspecified eng). JD670; JD670A; JD670B(Unspecified eng). JD700 Hy-Cycle(Unspecified eng). JD734 Hi-Cycle(Unspecified eng). JD755(Unspecified eng). JD762(Unspecified eng). JD820(Unspecified eng). JD830(Unspecified eng). JD920(Unspecified eng). Komfort X 3410A(4045T 64kW 87hp eng). ME8TB; M63VA(Unspecified eng). PowerTech 3029D(43kW 59hp eng). PowerTech 3029T(59kW 79hp eng). PowerTech 4045D(63kW 85hp eng). PowerTech 4045H(104kW 140hp eng). PowerTech 4045T(93kW 125hp eng). PowerTech 6068T; 6068D(Unspecified eng). T300(Unspecified eng). T500(Unspecified eng). T700(Unspecified eng). T750(Unspecified eng). Joy 300S(John Deere 4276T eng). D100QP(John Deere 4219D eng). D125QP(John Deere 4219 eng). D150QP; D150S; G150V; G150VQ(John Deere 4219 eng). D150V(4219D eng). D185(4219D eng). D185QP; 185S; G185S; G185SQ(John Deere 4219 eng). D185S(John Deere 4219D eng). D275QP(John Deere 4276T eng). Kaeser Mobilair M52(PowerTech 3029 eng). Kendall 690(John Deere 6059T eng). Koehring 55(John Deere 6359D eng). 9038(PowerTech 4239 eng). Kohler 100ROZJ; 125ROZJ(Unspecified eng). 125(John Deere 6531-A eng). 125(John Deere eng). 20ROZJ; 30ROZJ; 40ROZJ; 50ROZJ; 60ROZJ; 80ROZJ(Unspecified eng). Komatsu D60A; D60P; D60S-3(Cummins HN220-C1 eng). D75S-2(Cummins NH220C1 eng). D80A; D80E-12(Cummins NH220C1 eng). Lanz 1010; 2010(Unspecified eng). 750(Unspecified eng). T300-30PK; T500-38PK; T700-50PK(Unspecified eng). Leroi 125(PowerTech 3179D eng). 125DJ; 175DJ(Unspecified eng). 125RDJ(John Deere 4219D eng). 160RDJ(John Deere 4219D eng). 160RG1(John Deere 4219 eng). CQ125DJE(PowerTech 3029D eng). Q125(PowerTech 3179D eng). Q160(PowerTech 3179D eng). Q175(PowerTech 3179D eng). Q185(PowerTech 4039D eng). Q200(PowerTech 4039D eng). Q250(PowerTech 4039D eng). RG1(John Deere 4219 eng). Leyland Daf BL Roadliner(Cummins 200 V6 eng). Lull 644(PowerTech 4239 eng). Maco Meudon MS100(John Deere 4039T 82kW 112hp eng). Massey Ferguson 350(Unspecified eng). Morbark Wolverine(PowerTech 4239T eng). Northern Lights M36; M40C(Unspecified eng). M4219; M4239; M4276(Unspecified eng). M439D; M439Q; M439T; M445D; M445Q; M445T(Unspecified eng). M55C; M60C; M65C; M65C6; M80C; M99C(Unspecified eng). M6076(Unspecified eng). M668D; M668Q; M668T(Unspecified eng). NL4219; NL4239D; NL4239T; NL4276(Unspecified eng). NL439D; NL445D(Unspecified eng). NL439T; NL445T(Unspecified eng). NL6414(Unspecified eng). NL659T(Unspecified eng). NL668D(Unspecified eng). NL668T(Unspecified eng). Onan 50DDB(John Deere Diesel eng). 50DDB(Unspecified eng). Parsons 75(John Deere 4219 eng). DP100(John Deere 4039T eng). DP60(John Deere 4276 eng). T500(John Deere 3164 eng). T750(John Deere 4039 eng). T750(John Deere 4219D eng). T950(John Deere eng). Peerless 2770(John Deere 6059 eng). Pettibone Mulliken 580(John Deere 4219D; 4276T eng). 6-12(John Deere 4219D eng). Prentice 210D(John Deere eng). T310E(PowerTech 6059T eng). Quincy QS175(John Deere 4219D eng). Raygo 300; 300A(John Deere 4219D eng). 303A; 304(John Deere 4219 eng). 320(John Deere 4219D; 4276D eng). 320S(John Deere 4276D eng). 6604A(John Deere 6414D eng). Barcomill 100(John Deere 4219D eng). Rascal 220A(John Deere 4219D eng). Rascal 300A; Rustler 304A(John Deere 4219 eng). Rascal 320A(John Deere 4276D eng). Rascal 320A(John Deere 4276D eng). Rustler 304A(John Deere eng). Rustler 5604A(John Deere 4219D eng). Rustler 7204A(John Deere 6414 eng). Renault 330X(Unspecified eng). Ares 540RX(4039TRT 63kW 86hp eng). Ares 540RX; 550RX(DPSG eng). Ares 610(Unspecified eng). Ares 610; 620; 630; 640(DPSG eng). Ares 620(Unspecified eng). Ares 620(Unspecified eng). Ares 630(Unspecified eng). Ceres 310; 310A(3029DRT 41kW 56hp eng). Ceres 310; 320; 330; 340(DPSG eng). Ceres 320X; 320XA(4039DRT 48kW 65hp eng). Ceres 330X; 330XA(4045DRT 55kW 75hp eng). Ceres 340X; 340XA(4039TRT 63kW 86hp eng). Ceres 65(MWM D226-3 eng). Ceres 65; 70; 70X; 75; 75X(DPSG eng). Ceres 75; 75X(Perkins 4.236 eng). Ceres 85; 85X(MWM D226-4 eng). Ceres 85; 95(DPSG eng). Ceres 95(Unspecified eng). Ceres 95; 95X(MWM D226-4 eng). Ceres 95X(Unspecified eng). Cergos 330(4045DRT 55kW 75hp eng). Cergos 330; 340; 350(DPSG eng). Cergos 335(John Deere 4045DPS 57kW 77hp eng). Cergos 335; 335A(4045DRT51 57kW 77hp eng). Cergos 340(4039DRT 63kW 86hp eng). Cergos 345; 345A(4039DPS 64kW 87hp eng). Cergos 350(4045TRT 70kW 95hp eng). Cergos 350(Unspecified eng). Cergos 355(John Deere 4045DPS 71kW 97hp eng). Cergos 355; 355A(4045DPS 71kW 97hp eng). Ergos 105; 105A(4045TRT 70kW 95hp eng). Ergos 105; 105A(4045TRT eng). Ergos 85; 85A(4045DRT 55kW 75hp eng). Ergos 85; 95; 105(DPSG eng). Ergos 85; 95; 105(DPSG4045D; DPSG4045T eng). Ergos 95 Hydroshift(4039TRT 63kW 86hp eng). Ergos 95; 95A(4045DRT 55kW 75hp eng). Sambron FDI(Unspecified eng). Sauerburger FSX601AS(John Deere 3029DF180 45kW 61hp eng). FSX751AS(John Deere 3029TF270 55kW 75hp Turbo eng). Sullair 160DPJ; 160GPG; 185DJP; 185DQGM; 185DQDD(John Deere 3-164; 4-219 eng). 160GQGM; 160DQJD(John Deere eng). 160Q; 180Q(John Deere 3146D; 4219D eng). 185; 185Q(John Deere eng). 185; 185Q(John Deere eng). 250Q(John Deere eng). 250Q(John Deere eng). 375Q(John Deere eng). 375Q(John Deere eng). D600Q(John Deere 4219650 eng). D600Q(PowerTech 4219 eng). Unknown Model(John Deere 4219 185kW eng). Timbco 415C; 425C(PowerTech 6068T eng). Timberjack 360D(John Deere 6068T 93kW 127hp eng). 360D(John Deere 6068T eng). Toro Parkmaster 7(GMC Gas eng). Parkmaster 7(Unspecified eng). Parkmaster(Unspecified eng). Tyler Patriot MkI; MkII(John Deere eng). Patriot NT(John Deere eng). UNC UNC60(Unspecified eng). Valtra Valmet 820(Unspecified eng). Vermeer 1800(PowerTech 4045T eng). FT75(PowerTech 3179T eng). M455A(John Deere 3164D eng). M475A(John Deere 4239 eng). M475A(PowerTech 4239 eng). M5850; M7850(Unspecified eng). T450(PowerTech 4239 eng). T455; T455SO(PowerTech 4045; 4045T eng). V450(John Deere 3179D eng). V450(John Deere eng). V7550(PowerTech 4239 eng). V8050(Unspecified eng). Volvo 440(Cummins NT855 eng). Wabco 330; 330H; 440; 440H; 550; 660B; 666; 777; PF666; PF777(Cummins eng). 35(Cummins NT380 eng). 50; 60(Cummins V1710C; VT1710C eng). LW-22; LW-25; LW27; LW30; LW32; LW35(Cummins NHRS6; NT855 eng). LW-40; LW-42; LW-45; LW-50(Cummins eng). LW-60; LW-65; LW-65A; LW-75A(Cummins eng). LW-90; LW-100; LW-120; LW-160(Cummins eng). Speedpull 800(Cummins VT12-700 eng). Tournapull; Rear Dump; Speedpull B(Cummins eng). Tournapull; Tournatractor; Tournadozer; Rear Dump; Speedpull C(Cummins eng). Wayne 933AH(John Deere 4276T eng). White Road Boss; Road Boss 2; Road Commander; Road 2; Road Xpeditor; Road Xpeditor 2; Western Star(Cummins eng). Winget CA121D; CA121PD(PowerTech 3029DF; 9179DF 43kW 59hp eng). CA141D(John Deere 3029TF 59kW 80hp eng). Wortham Blake Dolphin(Unspecified eng). Worthington 160(John Deere 4219 eng). Zetor 3320; 3340(Unspecified eng). 3340(Zetor 34kW 46hp eng). 4320(Unspecified eng). 4321(Unspecified eng). 4340(Unspecified eng). 4341(Unspecified eng). 5320; 5340(Unspecified eng). 5340(Unspecified eng). 6320; 6340(Unspecified eng). 6321; 6341(Unspecified eng). 6341(Unspecified eng). 7245(Unspecified eng). 7320(Unspecified eng). 7340(Unspecified eng). 7820(Unspecified eng). S3321 Super(Unspecified eng). Super UR 3321(Z5202 33kW 45hp eng). Super UR MkI 4321(Z6202 44kW 60hp eng). Super UR MkI 4341(Z6202 44kW 60hp eng). Super URI 3341(Z5202 33kW 45hp eng). UR MkI 3320(Z5201 eng). UR MkI 3340(Z5201 eng). UR MkI 4320(Z6201 eng). UR MkI 4340(Z6201 eng). UR MkI 5320(Z7201 eng). UR MkI 5321 Super(Z6202 44kW 60hp eng). UR MkI 5340(Z7201 eng). UR MkI 5341 Super(Z6202 44kW 60hp eng). UR MkI 6320(Z7701 eng). UR MkI 6340(Z7701 eng). UR MkI 6341 Super(Z7702 51kW 69hp eng). UR MkI 7320(Z7701 eng). UR MkI 7340(Z7701 eng). UR Super MkI 6321(Z7702 51kW 69hp eng). UR Super MkI 7321(Z7302 58kW 79hp eng). UR Super MkI 7341(Z7302 58kW 79hp eng)

    These are Inline Filters own Part Numbers and carry the bulk of our Catalogue information which includes Cross Reference, Vehicle Applications, Size and Specifications data. They will always be a Quality Brand although not Brand Specific which enables us to offer the best Price and Stock Availability.

    As these are our fastest moving items the Manufacturer, Picture and exact Size may vary then we can second source if necessary to complete orders quickly. Be assured we only supply quality Filter Brands from globally recognised Filter Manufacturers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. Our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Alco, SF Schupp, MP Filtri, Solberg and Vokes.

    To visit Websites of the Filter Manufacturer's we use click here MANUFACTURER'S WEBSITES

    To view Catalogues of the Filter Manufacturer's we use click here MANUFACTURER'S CATALOGUES

    Application, Cross Reference and Size data is provided as a guide only, for full compatibility ensure all our specifications match your requirements.
    We sell on a Business to Business Model with highly competitive Trade Pricing.
    All orders must be placed via the Website.

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