FIN-FL70229 FILTER-Lube(Baldwin B5134, Fleetguard WF2101, Mann WA940/18)

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  • Part Number FIN-FL70229
  • Manufactured by: Mann

    PartNo: FIN-FL70229
    Stock Level: 0
    Lead Time: If our stock level is less than you require then delivery for this FIN prefix product is usually 2-5 days.
    Description: FILTER-Lube(Spin On)
    Category: Filters-Lube > SpinOn > 11-16.16UN
    Details: Coolant Spin-on without Chemicals. Can be used with CFB5000 base. Also G381-A I-Gasket. Gasket: G381-A. Gasket: G381-A.
    Webpage Updated: 02/12/2020

    Height: 137mm
    OD/WidthMax: 94mm
    OD/WidthMin: 94mm
    Thread: 11/16-16 UN

    AC Delco WF108, Baldwin B5134, Bosch F026404014, Case IHC 1820358C1, 1820358-C1, Caterpillar 3I1300, 9Y4528, Cummins 33000721, 3300721, 3300724, 3827423, Detroit Diesel 23524403, Donaldson CFP554685, P552077, P554685, Fleetguard WF2077, WF2101, Fleetrite WFR82077, WFR82101, Ford 9609182, E7NN8A469AA, E7NN-8A469-AA, EGNN8A424BA, EGNN-8A424-BA, Fram PR3383, Freightliner ABP/N10GWF2077, ABP/N10G-WF2077, ABPN10GWF2077, Hengst H35WF, Hino 163041015, 16304-1015, 1630441015, 16304-41015, Inline Filters FINFL70229, FIN-FL70229, FL70229, John Deere RE11992, Kenworth KW2011, KW-2011, Komatsu 8853260644, 8853-26-0644, Kralinator CM1, Leyland Daf BL 1296929, Liebherr 7025830, Luberfiner 5134, LFW4011, LFW4685, PW4011, Mann 6550559260, WA940/18, WA94018, Motorcraft FW12, Napa 4070, New Holland 83960185, Orenstein and Koppel A010001, Purolator Facet PW4451, W54451, Sakura 5714, 5714, WC5714, SF Schupp SW1623, Sogefi Pro FT5725, Sure SFC4685, TRP 1534532, Vauxhall GM 25010844, 25010845, Wix 24045, 24069, 24070, 24087, 524069, 524087, Woodgate WGW2077

    Blue Bird All American(3126 eng). All American(6081 8.1L CNG eng). All American(C7 eng). All American(ISB eng). All American(ISC eng). Vision(3126E eng). Vision(C7 eng). Vision(C7 eng). Vision(ISB eng). Vision(ISC eng). Case IHC 2554S; 2654S(IHC DT530E eng). 2554S; 2654S(N14 eng). 2574S; 2575S; 2674S; 2675S(M11 eng). 2574S; 2674S(IHC DT530E eng). 3600(DT466E eng). 3800(DT466E eng). 4700(DT408 eng). 4700(DT466; DT466E; DTA466 eng). 4700(DT530E eng). 4800(DT466E eng). 4800(DT530 eng). 4900(DT466; DT466E; DTA466 eng). 4900(DT530 eng). 5500i PayStar; 5600i PayStar(C15 eng). 8100(Detroit 60 eng). 8100(IHC DT466E eng). 8100(IHC DT530 eng). 8100; 8200; 8300. 8100; 8200; 8300(M11 eng). 8100; 8200; 8300(N14 eng). 8200(3406E eng). 8200(C10 eng). 8200(Detroit 60 eng). 8300(Detroit 60 eng). 9600(Detroit 60 eng). 9600; 9670; 9700(3406; 3406B eng). 9700(3176B eng). 9700(Detroit 60 eng). 9700(NTC eng). 9900i(C12; C13 eng). DT408. DT466E. DT466P. FE(DT466 eng). I530E. I530P. PayStar(C15 eng). 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A900BLi; R900BLi(F4L 912/913 eng). A922Li. L531. R310B. R317 Litronic 86kW 117hp(BF4M 1013EC eng). R922 Li. New Flyer D40L Transit. New Holland 2310 24kW 32hp. 2610 27kW 37hp(Ford eng). 2810 24kW 32hp(Ford eng). 2910 27kW 37hp(Ford eng). 3610 31kW 42hp(Ford eng). 3910 35kW 47hp(Ford eng). 4110 35kW 48hp(Ford eng). 4610 45kW 61hp(Ford eng). 5610 53kW 72hp(Ford eng). 660. 6610 60kW 82hp(Ford eng). 6610S 59kW 80hp(Ford eng). 6710 53kW 72hp. Peterbilt 386(ISX eng). Sterling A-Line A9500(C11 eng). A-Line A9500(C9 eng). A-Line AT9500(60 eng). A-Line AT9500(C11 eng). A-Line AT9500(C13 eng). A-Line AT9500(C9 eng). A-Line(60 eng). A-Line(C11 eng). A-Line(C13 eng). A-Line(C9 eng). L-Line 7500(C7 eng). L-Line 7500(C9 eng). L-Line 7500(Mercedes MBE900 eng). L-Line(C7 eng). L-Line(C9 eng). L-Line(Mercedes MBE900 eng). LT9500(C13 eng). LT9500(Mercedes MBE4000 eng). LT9511(C10 eng). Thomas Vista(IHC DT466 eng). Western Star 4700(ISC eng). 4900EX(60 eng). 4900EX; 4900FA; 4900SA(C15 ACERT eng). 4900FA(60 eng). 4900FA(C12 eng). 4964EX; 4964F; 4964SX(60 eng). 4964F(Mercedes MBE400 eng). Workhorse P(N14 eng). W42(GM V8 4.8L eng)

    These are Inline Filters own Part Numbers and carry most of our Technical Data which includes Cross References, Vehicle Applications, Sizes and Specifications. They are not Brand Specific which enables us to offer the best Price and Stock Availability. As these are our fastest moving items the Manufacturer, Size and Picture may vary so we can second source if necessary to complete orders quickly.

    Be assured we only supply quality Filter Brands from globally recognised Filter Manufacturers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. Our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Vokes, SF Schupp, Alco, Solberg and MP Filtri.

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    Application, Cross Reference and Size data is provided as a guide only, for full compatibility ensure all our specifications match your requirements.
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