FIN-FL70515 FILTER-Lube(Baldwin B7031, Fleetguard LF4154, Mann W950)

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  • Part Number FIN-FL70515
  • Manufactured by: Mann

    Part No: FIN-FL70515
    Description: FILTER-Lube(Spin On)
    Category: Filters-Lube, SpinOn, 1.12UN
    Details: Full-Flow Lube Spin-on. Anti-Drainback Valve 30 PSID By-Pass Valve. Also G381-A I-Gasket. Gasket: G381-A. Contains: AD, SHBP. Gasket: G381-A. Contains: AD, SHBP.
    Updated: 01/07/2020

    Height: 168mm
    OD/Width Max: 94mm
    OD/Width Min: 94mm
    Thread: 1-12 UN
    By-Pass Valve PSI: 30

    AC Delco PF2207, Alco SP872, SP-872, AP Lockheed AP3206, AP3206A, LK3206, Baldwin B7031, BluePrint ADL ADN12107, Bosch 2013H, 451203220, 451-203-220, 451301156, 451-301-156, 8216H, 9450732013, P1156, P3220, Case IHC 1329020-C2, 398080R2, 445516C1, 445516-C1, Claas 56844, 56844.0, 568440, Coles 8985124, 8989005, 8989055, Compair Holman 982625134, Coopers Fiaam AZL009, FT5218, Z110, Z53, Demag 309944, Deutz AG Fahr KHD 01173482, 01174419, 1173482, 1174419, A12H4123, Donaldson P172518, P550362, P550950, P779130, P779162, P779222, Donit 431060, Dorman 6LS111A/4, 6LS111A4, Faun Frisch 1470483, 4134287, Fiat 01161934, 01902136, 1173842, 8826585, Filtration Control FCL6492, FCL726, FCL7261, MAN626, Filtration FTL1607, Fleetguard LF4154, Fleetrite LFR84154, Foden Y03727701, Ford 5011422, A830X6714MA, Fram PH2880, PH4934, Greyfriars 9006S, 9060S, 909S, 956S, Harnischfeger 1046Z551, Hengst H19W01, H19W07, Hymac 2707046, Inline Filters FFRPH2880, FFR-PH2880, FINFL70515, FIN-FL70515, FL70515, Iveco 1161934, 1902136, John Deere PE68016093, Kalmar 1310292, Leyland Daf BL 0611049, 611049, 661049, ABU8534, Liebherr 5502094, Linde Lansing E780001040, Lister Petter 3827226, 382-7226, Luberfiner LFP950, Mahle Knecht AW23, OC202, OC27, MAN 81.05501.6007, 81055016007, Mann 6750559176, W950, W950/9, W95017, W9509, W962/70, W96270, Motaquip VFL302, Motorcraft EFL175, Multipart DBU1028, Nanni Diesel 51055017173, Nipparts J131109, Nissan 1520976201, 15209J6501, 15209J6502, Orenstein and Koppel 049809, 103851, 1411336, 8003764, Permatic ELH4705, FH131V, Poclain 250522, 2505-22, G0250522, S0950560, Purflux 6120645570, 6121689480, LS426, LS583, Purolator Facet L38204, PC204, Renault 5001846638, 6005019737, Sakura C6203, C-6203, Savara 92821617, 92823311, 92823317, SF Schupp SP4441, Sofima S5802R, Sogefi Pro FT5218/SGP, FT5218SGP, Solid Auto N102001, Sure SFO0950, Tecfil PS418, TJ FB2096, Tokyo Roki C264, UFI 2315202, Union C230, C260, Wix 327P, 51158, 59100, Woodgate WGL4017, WGL708, WGL9136, WGL9138, WGL950, Zetor 0040611302, 00MU61130, 79010793, Zettelmeyer 406113, 4061130, 40611302, MU61130

    Atlas Copco AB1302D; AB1302DK, AB1602D, AB2002; AB2202E; AB2202EH, XR350; XRH350D; XRS350; XRS350D; XRHS350D; XRH385; XRHS385; XA430; XAS430(Deutz F10L413, F12L413 Engine), Auwaerter N416(Deutz F8L413 Engine), Case IHC 4230, 484, 485, 495, 584, 595, Claas Jaguar 80 SF(Deutz F10L413 Engine), Jaguar 80SF(Deutz F10L413F Engine), Jaguar 80SF(Deutz F8L413 Engine), Compair Holman C20, Demag CC280(Deutz F6L413, F8L413 Engine), CC300; CC600(Deutz Engine), H31; H31P; H36; H41; H51; H101(Deutz F6L413, F8L413 Engine), HC120(Deutz F6L413, F8L413, F10L413 Engine), HC240(Deutz F10L413 Engine), HC320(Deutz F6L413, BF12L413 Engine), HC320(Deutz F6L912, F12L413F Engine), HC360(Deutz F12L413F Engine), HC360(Deutz F6L413 Engine), HC40; HC75(Deutz F6L413, F8L413 Engine), HC400(Deutz F12L413F Engine), HC65; HC70; HC170(Deutz F6L413F Engine), MC280; MC500(Deutz F6L413, F8L413 Engine), SC14; SC14D; SC20(Deutz F6L413/F8L413 Engine), SC17DS(Deutz F6L413 Engine), SC23; SC23D(Deutz F8L413 Engine), SD170SC, SV12(Deutz F3L413, F4L413, F6L413 Engine), TC1200(Deutz F10L413, BF12L413 Engine), TC150(Deutz F8L413F Engine), TC280(Deutz F10L413, F12L413 Engine), TC300; TC600(Deutz Engine), TC500(Deutz F12L413, F6L413 Engine), Deutz AG Fahr KHD B1750(Deutz B6L413 Engine), DL1300(Deutz F6L413 Engine), DP1500, F10L413; F12L413, F6L413; F8L413; BF8L413F, M1600(Deutz F6L413 Engine), M1600 Hydromat(Deutz F8L413 Engine), M1620H(Deutz F8L413F Engine), Dorman 8FT; 8J; 8JT, Faun Frisch F115; F115P(Deutz F6L413 Engine), F115; F115P(Deutz F6L413 Engine), F145; F145P, F1800; F1800B; F1800B; F2020; F2020B; F2500(Deutz F8L413 Engine), F1800; F2020B; F2020F, F185B(Deutz F8L413 Engine), F185B; F185C; F215(Deutz F8L413 Engine), F205; F205R(Deutz F6L413 Engine), F205; F205R(Deutz F6L413 Engine), F215(Deutz F8L413 Engine), F75B1, FB6x4/230/22; FK6x6/230/22; FK8x6/230/22(Deutz F8L413 Engine), Ford Ford Tractors fitted with Ford C7NN-F933A Hydraulic Filter, Gottwald AMK155(Deutz F6L413R, F6L913 Engine), AMK55; TMK55; AM65(Deutz F6L413, F8L413 Engine), AMK65(Deutz F10L413 Engine), AMK65(Deutz F6L413R Engine), AMK75; AMK85(Deutz F12L413 Engine), TMK65; TMK75(Deutz F8L413, F8L714 Engine), Hamm DV15; GV20, Irmer and Elze D1101R4D; D1101R4DG(Deutz F6L413 Engine), D801-R4D; D801-R4DG, Isuzu QD130, QD145, Iveco 170L(Deutz F8L413 Engine), 170L100; 200L100; 200R120; 200LS12; 200RS12; M230L117; 230L120, 200L(Deutz F8L413 Engine), 210D, 210D10FS, 230L(Deutz F8L413 Engine), 230L, 230R, 230R120, 320M33(Deutz F10L413 Engine), 330.25(Deutz F8L413F Engine), 330.32(Deutz F10L413 Engine), 330.32(Deutz F10L413F Engine), Leyland Daf BL 2100(Daf DH825, DHTD825, DHR825, DHT825 Engine), 2300(Daf DHR825, DHT825, DHU825 Engine), 2300(Daf HT168 Engine), 2500(Daf DHS825 Engine), 2700(Daf 825 HS200 Engine), 70(Daf 825 HT168 Engine), 80(Daf 1160 KT191 Engine), Constructor 6(Daf 11.6 Litre Engine), Constructor 6(Daf 8.25 Litre Engine), Constructor 8(Daf 1160 KT191 Engine), DHS825; DHT825; DHTD825, E2000, F1700DH; F1700DT, F1700DH; F1700DT, F2000DH; F2000DT(Daf Series 825 Engine), F2000DH; F2000DT; F2100DH; FA2100DH; FT2100DH; FA2100DHT; FAR2100DHT; FT2100DHT; FAS2100DHT; FT2100DHTD; F2105DHT; F2105DHTD(825 Engine), F2000DU; F220DU, F2100(DH825, DHT825, DHTD825, DHR825, DU825 Engine), F2200; F2205(Daf Series 825 Engine), F2200DU, F2200DU(Leyland 825 Series Engine), F2300(DH825, DHT825, DHU825 Engine), F2300DHT; FAT2300DHT; F2305DHT(DHT825 Engine), F2300DHU; FA2300DHU; FAT2300DHU; FT2300DHU; F2305DHU; FAD2305DHU(DHU825 Engine), F2500(DHS825 Engine), F2500DHS; F2505DHS; FT2505DHS; F2525DHS; F2535DHS(DHS825 Engine), F2800DKSE; FT2800, F2805DKSE; FMD2825DKTD, F3000, F3300(DKX1160 Engine), F3600 ATi, FA2100DHR; FT2100DHR; FA2105DHR(Daf Series 825 Engine), FA2500; FAD2500; FAS2500; FA2505; FA2525; FA2535(DHS825 Engine), FA3305; FA3325DKX; F3326DKX, FAV1800(DH, DHR Engine), FT2300DHR; FT2300DHRE; FAT2305DHRE(DHR, DHRE825 Engine), SB2005DHU; SB2200DU(DHU, DU825 Engine), SB2300; SB2305; SBR2300(DH, DHS, DHTD825 Engine), TB2100(825 Engine), TB2100(DH825, DHT825 Engine), Liebherr R961; R965; R965B; R971(Deutz F8L413 Engine), R961B(Deutz F8L913 Engine), R971(Deutz F8L413 Engine), Manitou 4RM26N; 4RM30N(IHC D179 Engine), MB26; MB30; MB40(IHC D179, D239 Engine), Massey Ferguson 595, Menck M250H(Deutz F6L413 Engine), M360H(Deutz F8L413 Engine), M500H; M750(Deutz F10L413 Engine), M92LC(Deutz F6L413 Engine), Orenstein and Koppel G12; G16(Deutz F6L413 Engine), L25(Deutz F8L413 Engine), RH14(Deutz F6L413F Engine), RH14; RH18; RH18-600HD; RH25; RH60(Deutz F8L413 Engine), RH18LC-600; RH18LC-750; RH18LC-900; RH18HD-500; RH18HD-600; RH18HD-750; RH18HD-900(Deutz F8L413, F10L413 Engine), RH60, RH6D; RH6D Tropics; RH6HD-S, Poclain 220; 220CK; 220CL; 220ALT; 220STD; 300CK; 300CL; 300ALT(Deutz F10L413/F12L413 Engine), 400CK; 400CL; 400CX; 610B(Deutz BF12L413 Engine), 600; 600CK; 600CL(Deutz BF12L413 x2 Engine), RC200; RC200L(Deutz F6L413 Engine), SCM1; SCM2(Deutz F5L912/6L912 Engine), Powerscreen Trommel, Ruston 61RB(Dorman 8JT Engine), Sullair F150D; F150D10(Deutz F5L413R Engine), F150D; F180D; F230D(Deutz F5L413, F6L413, F8L413 Engine), F180D; F180D10; F180D12; F180DN; F180DN10(Deutz F6L413R Engine), Volvo Jumbo 140(Deutz F6L413 Engine), Winget CH60; CH61(Deutz F6L413 Engine), Zetor 115 Forterra, 9540, Zettelmeyer KL20; KL20S; KL30; KL30S(Deutz Engine), KL25, KL25-S, ZL4000; ZL4001(Deutz F8L413 Engine)

    We only supply quality Filter and Automotive Product Brands sourced from reputable UK Manufacturers, Distributors and Importers, we do NOT supply own branded product of unknown origin. For their unparalleled Product Range, Quality, Competitive Pricing, Technical Information, Service and Availability our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Alco, Donaldson, Parker, Racor, MP Filtri & SF Filter.

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