FIN-FL70515 FILTER-Lube(Baldwin B7031, Fleetguard LF4154, Mann W950)

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  • Part Number FIN-FL70515
  • Manufactured by: Mann

    PartNo: FIN-FL70515 * * * * * We also offer these Brand Specific versions: FBW-B7031, FFG-LF4154, FMH-W950 * * * * *
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    Description: FILTER-Lube(Spin On)
    Category: Filters-Lube > SpinOn > 1.12UN
    Details: Full-Flow Lube Spin-on. Anti-Drainback Valve 30 PSID By-Pass Valve. Also G381-A I-Gasket. Gasket: G381-A. Contains: AD, SHBP. Gasket: G381-A. Contains: AD, SHBP..
    Updated: 10/05/2021

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    Height: 168mm
    OD/WidthMax: 94mm
    OD/WidthMin: 94mm
    Thread: 1-12 UN
    ByPassValvePSI: 30
    AntiDrainValve: Yes

    AC Delco PF2207, Alco SP822, SP-822, SP872, SP-872, AP Lockheed AP3206, AP3206A, AP3215A, LK3206, LK3215A, LK-3215A, Asahi AMC KO-1533, KO-1543, Baldwin B7031, BluePrint ADL ADN12107, Bosch 0451203220, 2013H, 451203220, 451-203-220, 451301156, 451-301-156, 8216H, 9450732013, P1156, P3220, Case IHC 1329020-C2, 398080R2, 445516C1, 445516-C1, Claas 00568440, 56844, 56844.0, 568440, Coles 8985124, 8989005, 8989055, Compair Holman 982625134, Coopers Fiaam AZL009, FT5218, Z110, Z53, Demag 309944, Deutz AG Fahr KHD 01173482, 01174419, 1173482, 1174419, A12H4123, Donaldson P172518, P550362, P550950, P779130, P779162, P779222, Donit 431060, Dorman 6LS111A/4, 6LS111A4, Faun Frisch 1470483, 4134287, 4134-287, Fiat 01161934, 01902136, 1173842, 8826585, Fil ZP541, Filtration Control FCL6492, FCL726, FCL7261, MAN626, Filtration FTL1607, Filtron OP626/4, OP6264, Fleetguard LF4154, Fleetrite LFR84154, Foden Y03727701, Ford 5011422, A830X6714MA, Fram PH2880, PH4934, GIF GL683, Greyfriars 9006S, 9060S, 909S, 956S, Guiot GF1015, Harnischfeger 1046Z551, Hengst H19W01, H19W07, Hymac 2707046, Inline Filters FFRPH2880, FFR-PH2880, FINFL70515, FIN-FL70515, FL70515, Iveco 1161934, 1902136, John Deere PE68016093, Kalmar 1310292, Leyland Daf BL 0611049, 0661049, 611049, 661049, ABU8534, Liebherr 5502094, Linde Lansing E780001040, Lister Petter 3827226, 382-7226, Luberfiner LFP950, M Filter MH365, Mahle Knecht AW23, OC202, OC27, MAN 81.05501.6007, 81.055016007, 81.05501-6007, 81055016007, Mann 6750559176, 6750559606, W950, W950/17, W950/9, W95017, W9509, W962/70, W96270, Motaquip VFL302, Motorcraft EFL175, Multipart DBU1028, Nanni Diesel 51055017173, Nipparts J131109, Nissan 1520976201, 15209J6501, 15209J6502, NKK 4M110, Noitech NA014680, Orenstein and Koppel 049809, 103851, 1411336, 8003764, Permatic ELH4705, FH131V, Poclain 250522, 2505-22, G0250522, S0950560, Purflux 6120645570, 6121689480, LS426, LS426A, LS583, Purolator Facet L38204, PC204, Renault 5001846638, 6005019737, Sakura C6203, C-6203, Savara, 92821617, 92823311, 92823317, SF Schupp SP4441, Sofima S5802R, Sogefi Pro FT5218/SGP, FT5218SGP, Solid Auto N102001, Sotras SH8146, Sure SFO0950, Tecfil PS418, Teho OK74, TJ FB2096, Tokyo Roki C264, TRP 1534571, UFI 23.152.02, 2315202, Union C230, C260, Wix 327P, 51158, 59100, Woodgate WGL4017, WGL708, WGL9136, WGL9138, WGL950, Zetor 0040611302, 00MU61130, 79010793, MN68.016.093, MN68016093, Zettelmeyer 00406113, 004061130, 406113, 4061130, 40611302, MU61130

    Atlas Copco AB1302D; AB1302DK . AB1602D . AB2002; AB2202E; AB2202EH . AB2502; AB2502B 1970-00 (Deutz F10L413 eng). XR350; XRH350D; XRS350; XRS350D; XRHS350D; XRH385; XRHS385; XA430; XAS430 (Deutz F10L413; F12L413 eng). Atmos PD5 R . PDP28 . PDP28 (Perkins eng). Autosan H10-11.03 (Deutz F8L413F eng). H10-11.04 (Deutz F8L413F eng). H10-11.13 (Deutz F8L413F eng). Auwaerter N416 (Deutz F8L413 eng). Barford 6 Ton . Bergtechnik BL130; BLRS130; RS130 (Deutz eng). Case IHC 4230 . 484 . 485 . 495 . 584 . 595 . Claas Jaguar 80 SF (Deutz F10L413 eng). Jaguar 80; 80SF 1975-00 1984-00 (Deutz F10L413 88kW 120hp eng). Jaguar 80SF (Deutz F10L413F eng). Jaguar 80SF (Deutz F8L413 eng). Compair Holman C20 . Demag CC280 (Deutz F6L413; F8L413 eng). CC300; CC600 (Deutz eng). H31; H31P; H36; H41; H51; H101 (Deutz F6L413; F8L413 eng). HC120 (Deutz F6L413; F8L413; F10L413 eng). HC240 (Deutz F10L413 eng). HC320 (Deutz BF12L413; F6L413 eng). HC320 (Deutz F6L912; F12L413F eng). HC360 (Deutz F12L413F eng). 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F2103DH 1982-00 1991-00 (DH825 115kW 157hp eng). F2105DH 1978-00 1991-00 (DH825 115kW 157hp eng). F2105DHR 1978-00 1991-00 (DHR825 150kW 204hp eng). F2105DHT 1987-00 1991-00 (DHT825 167kW 228hp eng). F2105DHTD 1981-00 1991-00 (DHTD825 150kW 204hp eng). F2200; F2205 (Daf 825 eng). F2200DU . F2200DU (Leyland 825 eng). F2200DU; F2205DU 1971-00 1980-00 (DU825 159kW 216hp eng). F2205DH 1973-00 1979-00 (DH825 115kW 156hp eng). F2300 (DH825; DHT825; DHU825 eng). F2300DHT 1981-00 1991-00 (DHT825 162kW 221hp eng). F2300DHT; FAT2300DHT; F2305DHT (DHT825 eng). F2300DHU 1978-00 1981-00 (DHU825 169kW 230hp eng). F2300DHU; FA2300DHU; FAT2300DHU; FT2300DHU; F2305DHU; FAD2305DHU (DHU825 eng). F2300HT 1990-00 1991-00 (HT168 168kW 228hp eng). F2303DHU 1981-00 1991-00 (DHU825 169kW 230hp eng). F2305DHR 1978-00 1991-00 (DHR825 150kW 204hp eng). F2305DHU 1978-00 1991-00 (DHU825 169kW 230hp eng). F2500 (DHS825 eng). F2500DHS 1982-00 1991-00 (DHS825 190kW 258hp eng). F2500DHS; F2505DHS; FT2505DHS; F2525DHS; F2535DHS (DHS825 eng). F2505DHS 1982-00 1991-00 (DHS825 217kW 294hp eng). F2525DHS 1982-00 1991-00 (DHS825 217kW 294hp eng). F2535DHS 1982-00 1991-00 (DHS825 163kW 222hp eng). F2800DKSE; FT2800 . F2805DKSE; FMD2825DKTD . F3000 . F3300 (DKX1160 eng). F3600 ATi . FA2100DHR; FT2100DHR; FA2105DHR (Daf 825 eng). FA2500; FAD2500; FAS2500; FA2505; FA2525; FA2535 (DHS825 eng). FA3305; FA3325DKX; F3326DKX . FAV1800 (DH; DHR eng). FT2300DHR; FT2300DHRE; FAT2305DHRE (DHR; DHRE825 eng). SB2005DHU; SB2200DU (DHU; DU825 eng). SB2300; SB2305; SBR2300 (DH; DHS; DHTD825 eng). TB2100 (825 eng). TB2100 (DH825; DHT825 eng). Liebherr LT1020 (Mercedes OM355; OM360 eng). LT1030 (Mercedes OM355; OM360 eng). R961 (Deutz eng). R961; R965; R965B; R971 (Deutz F8L413 eng). R961B (Deutz F8L413 eng). R961B (Deutz F8L913 eng). R971 (Deutz F8L413 eng). R971 (Deutz F8L413 eng). Manitou 4RM26N; 4RM30N (IHC D179 eng). MB26; MB30; MB40 (IHC D179; D239 eng). Massey Ferguson 595 . Menck M250H (Deutz F6L413 eng). M360H (Deutz F8L413 eng). M500H (Deutz F10L413 eng). M500H; M750 (Deutz F10L413 eng). M750H (Deutz F10L413 eng). M92LC (Deutz F6L413 eng). New Holland 1800 (Daf DHT825 eng). Orenstein and Koppel F115 (Deutz F6L413 eng). F115 P (Deutz F6L413 eng). F145; F145P (Deutz F6L413 eng). F185B (Deutz F8L413 eng). F185C (Deutz F8L413 eng). F2020; 2020B (Deutz F8L413 eng). F205; 205R (Deutz F6L413FR 134kW 183hp eng). F215 (Deutz F8L413 eng). G12; G16 (Deutz F6L413 eng). L25 (Deutz F8L413 eng). RH14 (Deutz F6L413F eng). RH14; RH18; RH18-600HD; RH25; RH60 (Deutz F8L413 eng). RH18LC-600; RH18LC-750; RH18LC-900; RH18HD-500; RH18HD-600; RH18HD-750; RH18HD-900 (Deutz F8L413; F10L413 eng). RH60 . RH6D; RH6D Tropics; RH6HD-S . Poclain 220; 220CK; 220CL; 220ALT; 220STD; 300CK; 300CL; 300ALT (Deutz F10L413; F10L413F eng). 400CK; 400CL; 400CX; 610B (Deutz BF12L413 eng). 600; 600CK; 600CL (Deutz BF12L413 x2 eng). RC200; RC200L (Deutz F6L413 eng). SCM1; SCM2 (Deutz F5L912; F6L912 eng). Powerscreen Trommel . Ruston 61RB (Dorman 8JT eng). 61RB (Dorman 8JT eng). 71RB (Dorman 8JT eng). Sullair F150D; F150D10 (Deutz F5L413R eng). F150D; F180D; F230D (Deutz F5L413; F6L413; F8L413 eng). F180D; F180D10; F180D12; F180DN; F180DN10 (Deutz F6L413R eng). FF150D (Deutz F5L413R eng). FF150D; FF150D10 (Deutz F5L413R eng). FF150D10 (Deutz F5L413R eng). FF180D (Deutz F6L413R eng). FF180D; FF180D10; FF180D12 (Deutz F6L413R eng). FF180D10 (Deutz F6L413R eng). FF180DN (Deutz F6L413R eng). FF180DN; FF180DN10 (Deutz F6L413R eng). FF180DN10 (Deutz F6L413R eng). Tam 100T8B 1988-00 (Torpedo T5L912 71kW 96hp eng). 110T10; 110T10P 1985-00 (F4L413FR; F4L413R eng). 110T7; 110T7B 1985-00 (F4L413FR; F4L413R eng). 130A85T 1987-00 (TAM-F4L-413FR 94kW 128hp eng). 130T10B; 130T10BST 1985-00 (F4L413; F6L413 eng). 130T11B 1985-00 (TAM-F4L-413FR 94kW 128hp eng). 150T 11 1980-00 (F4L413FR; F6L413FR eng). 170A11 1980-00 (F4L413FR eng). 180T11 1980-00 (F4L413FR; F6L413FR eng). 3500 1980-00 . 5500 1980-00 . Volvo Jumbo 140 1974-00 1991-00 (Deutz F6L413V 100kW 137hp eng). Jumbo 140 (Deutz F6L413 eng). Weserhuette HW130 (Deutz F6L413 eng). HW250 (Deutz F10L413 eng). W100 (Deutz F6L413 eng). W120 (Deutz F3L413 eng). Winget CH60; CH61 (Deutz F6L413 eng). Zetor 10520-URIII 1991-00 (Z1301T eng). 10540 URIII 1991-00 (Z1301T eng). 115 Forterra . 7520 UR MkIII 1991-00 (Z7801 eng). 7540 UR MkIII 1991-00 (Z7801 eng). 8520 UR MkIII 1991-00 (Z1201T eng). 8540 UR MkIII 1991-00 (Z1201T eng). 9520 UR MkIII 1991-00 (Z1001T eng). 9540 . 9540 UR MkIII 1991-00 (Z1001T eng). Zettelmeyer KL20; KL20S . KL20; KL20S; KL30; KL30S (Deutz eng). KL25 . KL25 . KL25S . KL25-S . KL30 . KL30S . ZL4000; ZL4001 (Deutz F8L413 eng). ZL4000; ZL4001 (Deutz F8L413F eng)

    These are Inline Filters own Part Numbers and carry the bulk of our Catalogue information which includes Cross Reference, Vehicle Applications, Size and Specifications data. They will always be a Quality Brand although not Brand Specific which enables us to offer the best Price and Stock Availability.

    As these are our fastest moving items the Manufacturer, Picture and exact Size may vary then we can second source if necessary to complete orders quickly. Be assured we only supply quality Filter Brands from globally recognised Filter Manufacturers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. Our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Alco, SF Schupp, MP Filtri, Solberg and Vokes.

    To visit Websites of the Filter Manufacturer's we use click here MANUFACTURER'S WEBSITES

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    Application, Cross Reference and Size data is provided as a guide only, for full compatibility ensure all our specifications match your requirements.
    We sell on a Business to Business Model with highly competitive Trade Pricing.
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