FIN-FL70061 FILTER-Lube(Mann W962/27, Fleetguard LF3744, Baldwin B7170)

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  • Part Number FIN-FL70061
  • Manufactured by: Mann

    Part No: FIN-FL70061
    Description: FILTER-Lube(Spin On)
    Category: Filters-Lube, SpinOn, 1.12UN
    Details: Lube Spin-on. Anti-Drainback Valve 2 PSID Front-End Check Valve 50 PSID By-Pass Valve. Also G381-A I-Gasket. Gasket: G381-A. Contains: AD, FECV, XHBP. Gasket: G381-A. Contains: AD, FECV, XHBP.
    Remarks: 2 Psi Front End Check Valve.
    Updated: 04/08/2020

    Height: 206mm
    OD/Width Max: 94mm
    OD/Width Min: 94mm
    Thread: 1-12 UN
    By-Pass Valve PSI: 2

    Baldwin B7170, Bosch 0451103315, F026407052, Digoema DGM/O962, DGMO962, Donaldson P550562, Fil ZP3505, Fleetguard LF3744, Fleetrite LFR83744, Hengst H18W08, Inline Filters FBWB7170, FBW-B7170, FFGLF3744, FFG-LF3744, FINFL70061, FIN-FL70061, FL70061, FMHW962/27, FMH-W962/27, FMHW96227, FMH-W96227, FMH-W962-27, FMHW962-27, John Deere AT274340, Liebherr 5700043, 570004323, Luberfiner LFP8964, Mahle Knecht OC143, Mann 6750559956, W962/27, W962/7, W96227, W9627, Napa 7251, SF Schupp SP4872, Sure SFO9627, TRP 1534583, Wix 557251, 57251, Woodgate WGL3744

    John Deere 655 C 97kW 132hp(Liebherr D 924 T-E Engine), 655C(Liebherr D924T Engine), 755C(Liebherr D926T Engine), 755C(Liebherr D926T Engine), 755C 132kW 179hp(Liebherr D 926 T-E Engine), 950C(Liebherr D926TI Engine), Liebherr 712, A900 ZW Type 729; 730; 931, A900CLi; R900CLi, A900CLi; R900CLi 88kW 120hp(Liebherr D924TI-EA2 Engine) From 07/03 To 12/07, A902; R902(Liebh. D904TA Engine) From 01/90, A902; R902 60kW 82hp(Liebherr D904NA Engine), A902; R902; R902LC(Deutz F4L912 Engine), A902Li, A902Li; R902Li 81kW 110hp(Liebherr D904T Engine), A902Li; R902Li 99kW 135hp(Liebherr D924 TI-E Engine), A904(D924T-E Engine), A904, A904; R904 99kW 135hp(Liebherr D924T-E Engine), A904C; R904C, A904CLi; R904CLi 99kW 135hp(D924 TI-E Engine), A904Li; R904Li 85kW 116hp(Liebherr D924T-E Engine) From 01/98, A914 Litronic(D924T-E Engine), A914; R914 From 01/98, A914B; R914B, A922; R922LC(Liebherr D904T Engine), A924; R924(D924 Engine), A924; R924, A924B; R924B, A924BLi; R924BLi 127kW 173hp(Liebherr D924 TI-E Engine), A924Li; R924Li 112kW 153hp(Liebherr D924T-E Engine) From 01/98, A932; R932 112kW 153hp(Liebherr D906 NA Engine) From 01/84 To 12/90, A932; R932 124kW 169hp(Liebherr D914 TI Engine) From 01/90 To 11/98, A934B; A944B, A944B Litronic; R944B Litronic, A954; A954B, A954; R954 222kW 302hp(Liebherr D926 TI-E Engine), A954B Litronic(D926TI-E Engine), D924, HS830 132kW 180hp(D 906T Engine) From 01/90, HS830; HS832; HS840; HS842(D906 Engine), HS832 110kW 150hp(D 914TI Engine) From 01/90, HS832 HD; 832 HD Litro.(D 916TI/D926TI Engine) From 01/90, HS832 Litronic(D914TI/D926TI Engine) From 01/91, HS841 132kW 180hp(D 906T Engine) From 01/87, HS842; HS842 HD 132kW 180hp(D 906T Engine) From 01/90, HS843 HD 170kW 232hp(D 916TI Engine) From 01/91, HS853 220kW 300hp(D 926TI Engine) From 01/95, L522 77kW 105hp(Liebherr D904TB Engine), L531 100kW 136hp(Liebherr D904T Engine) From 01/86, L538(D924 Engine), L538 100kW 136hp(Liebherr D924T Engine), L538 Type 432, L544, L544 Type 442; L544 Type 444T; L544 Type 443; L544 Type 445T 121kW 165hp(Liebherr D924T Engine), L554, L554, L554 Type 452; L554 Type 453 144kW 196hp(Liebherr D924T Engine), L564, L564 Type 462; L564 Type 464T; L564 Type 463; L564 Type 465T 183kW 249hp(Liebherr D926TI Engine), L574 Type 472; L574 Type 473 195kW 265hp(Liebherr D926TI Engine), L574 Type 473, L574; L580, L580 Type 475; L580 Type 458; L580 Type 459 195kW 265hp(Liebherr D926TI Engine), LR611; LR611M 66kW 90hp(Liebherr D904 TB Engine) From 01/88 To 12/02, LR621; LR621B; LR621BM 81kW 110hp(Liebherr D904T Engine) To 02/93, LR621C; LR621CM 94kW 128hp(Liebherr D904T Engine) From 01/88 To 12/96, LR622; LR622B, LR622; LR622M(D924T Engine), LR622Li 97kW 132hp(Liebherr D924T-E Engine) From 01/96, LR632(D926T Engine), LR632 Litronic 132kW 180hp(Liebherr D926T-E Engine) From 01/96, LR632; LR632B, LTL1160 420kW 573hp(D 9408 TI-E Engine) From 01/95, LTM1025(D 916T Engine), LTM1040/1 230kW 314hp(Liebherr D926 TI Engine) From 01/96, LTM1040/1; LTM1050/1(D926T Engine), LTM1050/1 230kW 314hp(Liebherr D926 TI-E Engine) From 01/95, LTM1055/1(D926T Engine), LTM1055/1 270kW 368hp(D 926 TI-EA5 Engine) From 01/00, LTM1060/2(D926T Engine), LTM1060/2 270kW 368hp(D 926 TI-EA4 Engine) From 01/98, LTM1070/4.1(6 Cyl Turbo Diesel Engine), LTM1080/1; LTM1090/2(D9406T Engine), LTM1090/2 300kW 409hp(D 9406 TI-E Engine) From 01/97, LTM1100/2(D924T Engine), LTM1100/2 400kW 545hp(D 9408 TI-E Engine) From 01/96, LTM1120/1(D924T Engine), LTM1120/1 400kW 545hp(D 9408 TI-E Engine) From 01/96, LTM1150/1(D924T Engine), LTM1150/1 400kW 545hp(D 9408 TI Engine) From 01/97, LTM1160/2(D924T Engine), LTM1160/2 400kW 545hp(D 9408 TI-E Engine) From 01/96, LTM1200/1(D924TI Engine), LTM1200/1 400kW 545hp(D 9408 TI-E Engine) From 01/97, LTM1250/1(D924 Engine), LTM1250/1 440kW 600hp(D 9408 TI-E Engine) From 02/01, LTM1300/1(D924T Engine), LTM1300/1 440kW 600hp(D 9408 TI-E Engine) From 01/95, LTM1500(D926T Engine), LTM1500 440kW 600hp(D 9408 TI-EA4 Engine) From 01/92, LTM1800(D924TI Engine), PR712; PR712B, PR712; PR712B(D924T Engine), PR712; PR712M 77kW 105hp(Liebherr D904TB Engine) From 01/88, PR722; PR722B, PR722; PR722B(D924T Engine), PR722; PR722B 103kW 140hp(D924 T-E Engine), PR722; PR722M 97kW 132hp(Liebherr D904T Engine) From 01/88, PR724L; PR724XL; PR724LGP(Liebherr D934L Engine), PR724XL, PR732; PR732B, PR732; PR732B(D916T Engine), PR732; PR732L; PR732M 132kW 180hp(Liebh. D9306TB Engine) From 01/90, PR734; PR734L; PR734XL; PR734LGP 147kW 200hp(D926 TI-E Engine), PR742; PR742B(Liebherr D926TIE Engine), PR742; PR742B(D926T Engine), PR742; PR742M 172kW 235hp(Liebherr D9306T Engine) From 01/91, R902 Li, R904; R904 Li(D924 Engine), R912(D904T Engine), R912 Li, R914 Litronic(D924T-E Engine), R924 160kW 218hp(Liebherr D934 IIIB/Tier 4i Engine), R932(D906NA Engine), R942 132kW 180hp(Liebherr D906T Engine) From 01/84 To 11/88, R942 HD 150kW 205hp(Liebherr D906/916/926T Engine) From 01/87 To 12/97, R944 164kW 224hp(Liebherr D 926T-E Engine) From 01/98, R954B 222kW 302hp(Liebherr D926 TI-E Engine), R954B Litronic(D926TI-E Engine), RL22B, RL422, RL42B

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