FFR-PH2829 FILTER-Lube(Alco SP-811, Baldwin B975, Fleetguard LF4017)

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  • Part Number FFR-PH2829
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    Part No: FFR-PH2829
    Description: FILTER-Lube(Spin On)
    Category: Filters-Lube, SpinOn, 1.12UN
    Full-Flow Lube Spin-on. Do NOT use on Case, Deutz or International applications. See application sections and B167, B236, BT261, B262. Anti-Drainback Valve 8 PSID By-Pass Valve. Also G381-A I-Gasket
    Updated: 15/01/2020

    Height: 181mm
    OD/Width Max: 94mm
    OD/Width Min: 94mm
    Thread: 1-12 UN
    By-Pass Valve PSI: 8

    Alco SP811, SP-811, SP822, AP Lockheed AP1172, AP81400A, LK1172, Atlas Copco 9709000735, 9709-0007-35, Baldwin B975, BT281, Bosch 0451203002, 451203002, 451-203-002, 451203226, 451-203-226, 9457282160, 9-457-282-160, P3002, P3226, Carrier Transicold 30-00303-00, 7000011, 70-00011, Caterpillar 1032977, 103-2977, Coopers Fiaam FT4777, LSF5049, LSF5104, Z254, Crosland 619, Donaldson P554017, Donit 4310139, 4310140, Dorman DAV111, Fil ZP505, Finn 1OR2630, Fleetguard LF4017, Fleetrite LFR84017, Ford 182590, 5000856, 5000857, 5000858, 50-00858, A730X6714E1A, A730X-6714-E1A, A730X6714E3A, A730X-6714-E3A, A730X6714EPA, A730X6741E3A, A730X-6741-E3A, Fram PH2829, Giesse CLH351, Guiot GH2829, Harmo S826, Hengst H19W, H19W02, H19W05, Hymac 1707046, In-Line Filters FFRPH2829, FFR-PH2829, FINFL70415, FIN-FL70415, FL70415, Kralinator L53, Leyland Daf BL ABU8535, Luberfiner LFP2234, LP2234, PH933, M Filter MH321, Mahle Knecht AW20, OC30, Mann 6750559196, W950/1, W950/13, W9501, W95013, Mitsubishi 3474000100, 34740-00100, Motorcraft EFL215, FL265, FL763, Napa 1275, 1803, Nissan 1520876200, 15208-76200, Orenstein and Koppel 103894, Permatic ELH4705, Powerpart AM042903, Purolator Facet L37211, L40127, MF60900, MF60900A, MF67600A, ML40127, PER127, Sakura C6210, C-6210, Savara 928216, SO216, SF Schupp SP4375, Sogefi Pro FT7477, Sure SFO9501, Tecfil PSL418, Tecnocar R85, Teho OK15, Thermoking 114565, 11-4565, 124565, 12-4565, Toyota 1150100720, 11501-00720, TRP 1534597, UFI 23.152.00, 2315200, Vauxhall GM 7984473, Volvo 423135, 4231353, 423135-3, 432135, 469954, 4699542, 4785971, 4785974, 47859749, 4785974-9, 7423135, 7423195, 79159323, Wipac CA501, Wix 51275, Zetor 68016093, 68-016-093

    Akerman 750; 751, 750; 751(Volvo D70A Engine), H11, H11(Volvo D70A Engine), H11B, H11B(Volvo TD70B Engine), H12; H12B(Volvo TD70, TD70B Engine), H12; H12B(Volvo TD70B, TD70G Engine), H12BLC(Volvo TD70G Engine), H14, H14; H16; H16B; H16C; H21(Volvo D100, TD100A, TD100B Engine), H14B, H16; H16B; H16C; H16D, H16; H16B; H16C; H16D(Volvo TD100A Engine), H21(Volvo TD100A, TD100B Engine), H25; H25B(Volvo TD120B Engine), H25; H25B(Volvo TD120B, TD120G Engine), H3; H3B(Volvo TD31ACE Engine), H3B; H3MB(Volvo TD31 Engine), H5M(Volvo Engine), H7; H7BLC; H7MB; H7M(Volvo TD60B, T61ACE Engine), H7; H7C; H7BLC; H7M; H7MB; H9BLC(Volvo TD60B Engine), H9(Volvo D70A Engine), H9(Volvo D70A Engine), H9; H9B; H9BLC; H9M; H9MB; H9T(Volvo TD60A, TD70B Engine), H9; H9B; H9MB; H11B(Volvo TD60, TD60A Engine), H9; H9B; H9MB; H9BLC; H9M; H9T(Volvo TD70B Engine), M14, M14(Volvo Engine), Alsthom 672A; 872A; 872, Atlas Copco PR425(Volvo F100B Engine), PR425; PR425VD(Volvo D100B, P100B Engine), PR700TD(Volvo TD100A Engine), PR700TD; PR700VD(Volvo TD100A Engine), Broyt X2(Volvo D50A, D50B Engine), X2; X2B, X3; X4(Volvo D100A, D100B Engine), X3; X4, X30; X30T(Volvo TD70B Engine), X30; X30T, X31(Volvo TD70G Engine), X31, X40(Volvo TD100A Engine), X40, X41(Volvo Engine), X41(Volvo Engine), X41(Volvo TD100 Engine), X41; X50(Volvo Engine), X41; X50(Volvo TD100 Engine), X42(Volvo TD171A Engine), X42, X50(Volvo Engine), X50(Volvo Engine), X50(Volvo TD100 Engine), X52(Volvo TD100G Engine), X52, XSO, Case IHC H50C, Demag H65(Volvo TID121K Engine), Dorman 12J; 12JT, 8DA, 8DA, 8T2, Faun Frisch Faun Frisch Excavators fitted with this Hydraulic Filter, Hydrema 79V 6 Centre Post(Volvo BM 4cyl Diesel Engine), Hymac 880C(Volvo Engine), 880C; 1050; 1051; 1150(Volvo D70D Engine), Kalmar 20D; 25D; 30D(Volvo D 100A Engine), 20D; 25D; 30D(Volvo D 100B Engine), 28-1200; 32-1200; 37-1200; 42-1200(Volvo TD 100A Engine), 5D; 8DK; 10DK; 12DK; 15DK; 65D;(Volvo D 70 Engine), 5D; 8DK; 10DK; 12DK; 15DK; 65D; SL 8; SL 12; SL 15;, 8-600K; 8-600L; 10-600; 12-600; 12-1200; 16-600; 16-900(Volvo TD 60B Engine), LT5; LT 6; LT 8; LT 10; LT 12; LT 15; SL 8; SL 12; SL 15(Volvo D70 Engine), Lokomo A353NR(Volvo TD100A Engine), A391NS(Volvo TD120A Engine), A391NS(Volvo TD70D Engine), T323; T327(Volvo TD60B Engine), Matbro Bray PS10500C, PS10500C(Volvo TD60B Engine), Poclain R200, Ransomes Jacobsen 1405B; 1405C; 1495B(Dorman 8JT Engine), Stothert and Pitt SP200(Volvo D70B Engine), Sullair 250Q(John Deere Engine), Thermoking XMD, XMD, Valtra Valmet 1200B(Volvo TD70B Engine), VME 1310V; 1312V, Volvo 2650/54, 2650/54, 4400(TD60B Engine), 4400; 4500, 4500(TD70H Engine), 4600(TD100A Engine), 4600; 4600B, 860S, B10, B10, B10, B10; B10M, B10M Mk I, B10M Mk II, B10M Mk III, B10M Mk IV, B10R(THD 100DB Engine), B1200, B1200(D70B Engine), B54(D50, D50A, TD50 Engine), B54(D50A, HD100A, THD100A, THD100D Engine), B54, B57, B57; BB57(D70A, D70B, TA70A, TD70B, TD70E Engine), B57; BB57(D70A, D70B, TD70A, TD70B, TD70E, TD70H Engine), B58, B58, B58, B58, B59(D50A, HD100A, THD100A Engine), B59(THD 100D Engine), B59, B59, B59, B6, B6(D60, TD60B, C Engine), B7(D70A, D70B, TD70A, TD70B, TD70E, TD70H Engine), B9M(THD100D/E Engine), B9M, BM200; BM210; BM Teddy, BM2650; BM2654(D60 Engine), BM2650; BM2654(TD60 Engine), BM308(TD100 Engine), BM616(Volvo D42 Engine), BM800, BM810; BM814(TD50A Engine), BM810; BM814(TD60A Engine), BM810; BM814(TD60A Engine), BM819, BM819, BM840, BM841, BMVHK310(Volvo TD70 Engine), City(THD 100EA Engine), City, D100; D100A; D100B; TD100; TD100A; TD100B, D100; TD100, D100A; TD100A; TD100B; TD100C, D100BPP; TD100CHC; TD100CRC; TD100GG; TD100GPP, D120; D120A; TD120; TD120A, D50; D50A; D50B; TD50; TD50A; TD50B, D50; D50A; D50B; TD50; TD50A; TD50B, D60; D60A; TD60; TD60A; TD60B; TD60C; TD60D, D60; TD60; TD60A; TD60B; TD60BG; TD60BPP; TD60C, D70; D70A; D70B; D70BK; TD70A; TD70B; TD70E, D70; D70A; D70B; TD70; TD70A; TD70B; TD70C; TD70D; TD70E, DR5350(TD70G Engine), DR826, DR826; DR860T; DR860TL; TC860T; TC860TL; TC861(TD50B, TD60A Engine), DR860; DR860A; DR860S(D50A Engine), DR860S, DR860T; DR860TC; DR860TL; DR861, DR861(TD60B Engine), DTD100, F10(TD 100A Engine), F10(TD 100A Engine), F10(TD 100B Engine), F10(TD 100B Engine), F10(TD 100G, 101G, 101F, 102F Engine), F10(TD100, TD101, TD102 Engine), F10(TD100, TD101, TD102 Engine), F12(TD 100, TD 120C, D, F, G, GA, TD 121F, G, FH, TD122F, FH, FS, TD123E, ES, D12A Engine), F12(TD100, TD101, TD102 Engine), F12(TD100, TD101, TD102 Engine), F4(D60 Engine), F6(D60 Engine), F6(TD 60 Engine), F6(TD 60A, B, C Engine), F6, F6, F6S, F7(TD 70F, G, GE Engine), F8(TD 70E Engine), F8, F84; F85; F85M; F85T; F86; F86T; F87; FB87; N84; N86; N86T; N88; NB88(TD 100 Engine), F84; F85; F85S; N84(D50, TD50 Engine), F84; F85; F85S; N84(TD 60 Engine), F84; N84(D50, TD50, TD60 Engine), F84; N84(TD100 Engine), F85(D50, TD50, TD60 Engine), F85; F86(TD100 Engine), F86; FB86; F87; N86; NB86(D70A, D70B, TD70A, TD70B, TD70C, TD70D, TD70E Engine), F86; FB86; N86(D70A, D70B, D70C,D70D, TD70A, TD70E Engine), F87; NF87(D70A, D70B, D70C,D70D, TD70A, TD70E Engine), F88; F88T; FB88; FB88T; N88T; NB88T, F88; F88T; FB88; G88; N88T; NB88T, F88; F89; FB89; G89(D120, TD120A, TD240 Engine), F88; F89; FB89; N12(TD 290 Engine), F88; FB88(D120, TD120 Engine), F88; FB88; G88; N88T; F88T(D100A, D100B, TD100A Engine), F89; G89(D120, TD120 Engine), FH12(D12A340bhp, D12A380bhp, D12A420bhp, D12C460 Silver Cab Engine) From 1993 To 2002, FL10; FS10(D10A320, TD100G, 101F, 101G, 102F, 103ES Engine) From 1993 To 1998, FL4, FL4; FL408(TD 41 Engine), KL121; KL121B(Volvo D100B Engine), KL121; KL121B, KL130; KL131(Volvo D70 Engine), KL130; KL131, KL210(Volvo D47, D50 Engine), KL230(Volvo D67 Engine), KL230(Volvo D70 Engine), KL250(Volvo D100B Engine), KL250(Volvo D96, D100A Engine), LM1240(D70B Engine), LM1240(D70B Engine), LM1241, LM1245, LM1254, LM1254, LM1640, LM1640; LM1641(D100, TD100 Engine), LM1640STD; LF1641; LM1641(D100, TD100 Engine), LM616; LM620; LM621; LM640; LM641(D42 Engine), LM620; LM621; LM622(3 Cyl Engine), LM622; LM642(D42 Engine), LM640; LM641; LM642(3 Cyl Engine), LM840(Bolinder 6 Cyl Engine), LM840(D50 Engine), LM841; LM845(D50A, D50B, D60A Engine), LM841; LM845; LM846, LM846; LM846HD, N10(TD 100A, TD100B Engine), N10, N12(TD 120, A, E, G, TD 121F, G Engine), N12(TD 120, A, E, G, TD 121F, G Engine), N12, N7(TD 70B, TD 70E Engine), N7, N84, N86(TD100 Engine), N86; NB86(D70A, D70B Engine), N86; NB86, N88; NB88(TD100 Engine), N88; NB88, P654(D47B, D50A Engine), P654(D50A Engine), P854(D70A Engine), S840, S950(Volvo D50A Engine), SM868; SM870; SM871; SM880(D50A, TD50B Engine), SM969; SM995, SM971; SM980, SM971; SM980(D70B Engine), SM990(D70B Engine), T600; T616, T650; T700, T800, T800; T180(313 Engine), T810; T814, T850, T850, TD120; TD120A, TD40; TD40A; TD40G, VHK115; VHK310(D70A, D70B Engine), VHK116, VHK118(D70B Engine), VHK310(D70 Engine), VHK312, VHK3500; VHK3700(TD70E Engine), VHK510(TD100A Engine), Volvo Coaches fitted with D67B; D67C; D96B engine, Volvo Penta AQD70B; AQD70C, D100; TD100; TD100A; TD100B; TD1000A; D120A; TD120; TD120A, D100A, D100B; D100BPP; D120A, D100B; D100BPP; TD100B; TD100CHC; TD100CRC; TD100G; TD100GG; TD100GPP, D50; D50A; D50B; TD50; TD50A; TD50B, D50A; D50B; D70A; D70B; D70BK, D60; TD60; TD60A; TD60B; TD60BG; TD60BPP; TD60C; TD60D, D70; D70B; D70K; TD70; TD70B; TD70D; TD70E, D70A; TD70A, ED; EDG; VDF6; VDG6, KAD42; KAMD42, KAMD42A, MB100B, MD100A; MD100B; TMD100A; TMD100B, MD100A; TMD100A, MD100B; TMD100A; MD120A; TMD120A, MD120A; TMD120A; TAMD120A; TDMT120B, MD50A, MD50A; MD50B, MD70; MD70A; MD70B; TMD70; TMD70AB; TAMD70A; TAMD70B, MD70; TAMD70; TMD70; MD70A; TMD70A; TMD70AB; MD70B, TAMD60; TAMD60A, TAMD60C, TAMD60C, TAMD6A; TAMD60A; TAMD60C, TAMD70B, TAMD70B; TAMD70C, TAMD70E, TD100B; TD100CHC; TD100CRC; TD100G; TD100GG; TD100GPP; TD120A; TD120E; TD120GG; TD120BRC, TD40; TD40A; TD40G, TD50A; TD50B; TD70A; TD70B; TD100A, TM70AB, TMD120A; TAMD120A, VDC6; VDF6, Zetor 7620; 7640, 8620; 8640, 9620; 9640; 10520; 10540, 9641

    We only supply quality Filter and Automotive Product Brands sourced from reputable UK Manufacturers, Distributors and Importers, we do NOT supply own branded product of unknown origin. For their unparalleled Product Range, Quality, Competitive Pricing, Technical Information, Service and Availability our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Alco, Donaldson, Parker, Racor, MP Filtri & SF Filter.

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