FIN-FL70106 FILTER-Lube(Fleetguard LF691A, Baldwin B7299, Mann WD13145/18)

Price(Ex Vat): £16.58

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  • Part Number FIN-FL70106
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    PartNo: FIN-FL70106 * * * * * We also offer these Brand Specific versions: FBW-B7299, FFG-LF691A, FMH-WD13145-18 * * * * *
    Our Stock Level: 9
    Lead Time: Beyond any Stock Levels mentioned above request Delivery Date here: CONTACT US
    Description: FILTER-Lube(Spin On)
    Category: Filters-Lube > SpinOn > 1.1-2.16UN
    Details: High Efficiency Lube Spin-on. Also [1] Included I-Gasket. Gasket: [1] Included. Gasket: [1] Included.
    Updated: 03/05/2021

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    Height: 307mm
    OD/WidthMax: 137mm
    OD/WidthMin: 136mm
    Thread: 1 1/2-16 UN

    Agco 504594D1, Baldwin B7299, Caterpillar 1R1808, 1R-1808, 2752604, 275-2604, Claas 0007983030, 7983030, Donaldson P551808, Hifi Hirschi Jura SO10052, Inline Filters FINFL70106, FIN-FL70106, FL70106, Luberfiner LFP4005RN, Mann WD13145/18, WD1314518, Napa 7792, Nelson Winslow 3933642ZF, Perkins 4587260, SF Schupp SP4459/2, SP44592, Waukesha 296519, Wix 57792

    Ag Chem 1264C Ro-Gator (Caterpillar C9 eng). 1274C Ro-Gator (Caterpillar C9 eng). 1396 Ro-Gator (Caterpillar C9 eng). 2505 Terra-Gator 1993-00 2000-00 (Caterpillar 3176 298kW 406hp eng). 3244 Terra-Gator (Caterpillar C11 11.1L eng). 6203 Terra-Gator (Unsepcified C9 E3 eng). 8203; 8204; 8244 Terra-Gator (C9 E3 eng). 9203 Terra-Gator (Caterpillar C13 eng). Agco 9205 (Caterpillar C13 eng). Atlas Copco CM780D (Caterpillar C13 eng). DM45E 2004-00 (Caterpillar C15; C16 eng). DM50; DM50LP (Caterpillar C15 eng). ROC F9CR 2004-00 (Caterpillar C9 eng). XATS1050 CD7 (Caterpillar E4 eng). Blue Bird 450LXI 2004-00 (Caterpillar C13 eng). All American (Caterpillar C7 eng). Express 4000; Express 4500 (Caterpillar eng). Vision (Caterpillar C7 eng). 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LoneStar (Caterpillar C15 eng). MaxxForce 15 . PayStar (Caterpillar C13 eng). PayStar (Caterpillar C15 eng). ProStar (Caterpillar C13 eng). ProStar (MaxxForce-15 eng). TranStar (Caterpillar C11 eng). TranStar (Caterpillar C13 eng). WorkStar (Caterpillar C11 eng). WorkStar (Caterpillar C13 eng). Caterpillar 120H (3126B eng). 12M MkII (C9.3 eng). 135H (3126B eng). 140M (C9 eng). 140M MkII (C9.0; C9.3 eng). 14M (C11 eng). 160M (C9 eng). 160M (C9; C9.3 eng). 160M MkIII (C9.3 eng). 16M (C13 eng). 2290; 2390; 2391; 2491 (C9 eng). 24M (C18 eng). 2590 (C9 eng). 3176 . 3176B . 3176C . 330C (C9 eng). 330C; 330CL; 330CLN; 330CMH (C9 eng). 330CMH (C9 eng). 330D; 330DL (C9 eng). 330DFM (C9 eng). 330DMH (C9 eng). 336D; 336DL; 336DLN (C9 eng). 336E; 336EL (C9.3 eng). 3406 . 3406B; 3406C . 3406E . 3406E . 3406E . 3406E . 3406E . 3408B . 3408C . 340DL (C9 eng). 3412 . 3412 . 3412 DITA-GP-3 (580kW 789hp eng). 3412C . 3412C . 3412C . 345C (C13 eng). 345C; 345CL (C13 eng). 345CMH (C13 eng). 345D; 345DL (C13 eng). 349D; 349DL (C13 eng). 349E (C13 eng). 3508 . 3508 . 3508B . 3508B . 3512 . 3512 . 3516B . 3516B . 365C; 365CL 2004-00 (C15 eng). 365CMH (C15 eng). 374DL (C15 eng). 375L . 385B 1207 (3456 eng). 385C LMH (C18 eng). 385C MHPU . 385C; 385CL (C18 eng). 390D; 390DL (C18 eng). 5080 (Caterpillar 3406B E4; E5 eng). 5090B 2004-00 (3456 eng). 511 (C9 eng). 521; 522; 532 (C9 eng). 521B; 522B (C9 eng). 5230B (3516B eng). 541 (C9 eng). 541 MkII (C9 eng). 551; 552 (C9 eng). 552 MkII (C9 eng). 568FM (C9.3 eng). 580B . 621G (C15 eng). 621H (C13 eng). 623G (C15 eng). 623H (C13 eng). 627G (C15 eng). 627G 2004-00 (C9 eng). 627H (C13 eng). 631G (C18 eng). 637E (3306 eng). 637G (C18 eng). 637G 2004-00 (C9 eng). 657E . 657G (C15 eng). 65C . 65D . 65D . 725 2001-00 (Caterpillar 3176 209kW 285hp E4; E5 eng). 730 (C11 eng). 730 2001-00 (Caterpillar 3196 228kW 311hp E4; E5 eng). 735 2001-00 (Caterpillar 3406 272kW 371hp E4; E5 eng). 735B (C15 eng). 740 2001-00 (Caterpillar 3406 309kW 421hp E4; E5 eng). 740; 740E (3406E eng). 740; 740E (C15 eng). 740B (C15 eng). 769D (3408E eng). 770 (Caterpillar C15ACERT 381kW 511hp E4; E5 eng). 770G (C15 eng). 771D . 772G (C18 eng). 773F 2006-00 2010-00 (Caterpillar C27 524kW 712hp E4; E5 eng). 773G (C27 eng). 775F 2006-00 2011-00 (Caterpillar C27 552kW 750hp E4; E5 eng). 775G (C27 eng). 776D 2GR2633 (3508B eng). 777D (3508B eng). 777F (C32 eng). 777F 2008-00 (Caterpillar C32 700kW 952hp E4; E5 eng). 777G (C32 eng). 784C (3512 eng). 784C (3512 eng). 785C (3512B eng). 785D (3512C eng). 789C (3516B eng). 789D (3516 eng). 793C (3516B eng). 793D (3516B eng). 797B (3524B eng). 814F (C9 eng). 815F (C9 eng). 815F (Caterpillar 3306TA 164kW 224hp E4; E5 eng). 816F (C9 eng). 824H 2004-00 (C15 eng). 825C . 825G (Caterpillar 3406TA 235kW 320hp E4; E5 eng). 825G MkII (Caterpillar 3406ATAAC 283kW 386hp E4; E5 eng). 825H (C15 eng). 826C . 826C . 826G (Caterpillar 3406TA 235kW 320hp E4; E5 eng). 826G MkII (3406 eng). 826G MkII (Caterpillar 3406EATAAC 253kW 345hp E4; E5 eng). 826H (C15 eng). 834H 2004-00 (C18 eng). 836H RHX1261 (C18 eng). 844 2004-00 (3412E eng). 844H 2004-00 (C27 eng). 854G (Caterpillar 3508B eng). 85C 1994-00 1996-00 (Caterpillar 261kW 355hp eng). 85D 1996-00 1997-00 (Caterpillar 272kW 370hp eng). 85E (Caterpillar eng). 966H (C11 eng). 966K (C9.3 eng). 972H (C13 eng). 972K (C9.3 eng). 973C; 973C-WH 2004-00 (C9 eng). 973D (C9 eng). 980H 2004-00 (C15 eng). 980K (C13 eng). 988H RHX1267 (C18 eng). 990 MkII 2004-00 (3412; 3412E eng). 990H 2004-00 (C27 eng). 992G (3508B eng). 992K (C32 eng). 992K (C32 eng). 993K (C32 eng). 994D (3516B eng). 994F (3516B eng). 994H (3516B eng). 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MT765C 2009-00 2012-00 . MT835; MT845 10001 39999(Caterpillar C12 12.0L eng). MT835; MT845 40001 59999(Caterpillar C12 12.0L eng). MT835B; MT845B (Caterpillar C15 eng). MT835C; MT845C (Caterpillar C15 E3 eng). MT855 10001 39999(Caterpillar C15 15.0L eng). MT855 40001 59999(Caterpillar C15 15.0L eng). MT855B (Caterpillar C15 eng). MT855C (Caterpillar C15 E3 eng). MT865 10001 39999(Caterpillar C16 15.8L eng). MT865 40001 59999(Caterpillar C16 15.8L eng). MT865B; MT875B (Caterpillar C18 18.1L eng). MT865C; MT875C (Caterpillar C18 E3 eng). MT945B 2007-00 (Caterpillar C15ACERT 320kW 430hp E4; E5 eng). MT945B; MT955B (Caterpillar C15 15.1L eng). MT945C; MT955C (Caterpillar C18 18.1L eng). MT955B 2007-00 (Caterpillar C15ACERT E4; E5 eng). MT955B 2007-00 (Caterpillar C18ACERT E4; E5 eng). MT965B; MT975B (Caterpillar C18 18.1L eng). MT965C; MT975C (Caterpillar C18 18.1L eng). MT975B 2007-00 (Caterpillar C18ACERT 425kW 570hp E4; E5 eng). Claas 560 Lexion (Caterpillar 13L eng). 630 Montana . Lexion 530 Montana Type 582 (Caterpillar C9 230kW 313hp E4; E5 eng). Lexion 530 Type 583 (Caterpillar C9 230kW 313hp E4; E5 eng). Lexion 540 Type 584 (Caterpillar C9 230kW 313hp E4; E5 eng). Lexion 550 Montana Type 580 (Caterpillar C9 243kW 330hp E4; E5 eng). Lexion 550 Type 584 (Caterpillar C9 E4; E5 eng). Lexion 550 Type 584 2003-00 (Caterpillar C9 236kW 320hp E4; E5 eng). Lexion 560 Montana Type 580 (Caterpillar C13 E4; E5 eng). Lexion 560 Type 584 (Caterpillar C13 265kW 360hp E4; E5 eng). Lexion 560 Type 584 2003-00 (Caterpillar C10 250kW 340hp E4; E5 eng). Lexion 570 Montana Type 581 (Caterpillar C12 E4; E5 eng). Lexion 570 Montana Type 581 (Caterpillar C13 312kW 425hp E4; E5 eng). Lexion 570 Type 585 2003-00 (Caterpillar C12 273kW 371hp E4; E5 eng). Lexion 570C Type 585 (Caterpillar C13 287kW 390hp E4; E5 eng). Lexion 620 Type C63 (Caterpillar C9.3i 224kW 305hp E4 eng). Lexion 630 Montana Type C53 (Caterpillar C9 249kW 339hp eng). Lexion 630; 630 Montana Type C63 (Caterpillar C9.3i 264kW 359hp E4 eng). Lexion 650 Type C54 (Caterpillar C9 249kW 339hp eng). Lexion 650 Type C64 (Caterpillar C9.3i 264kW 359hp E4 eng). Lexion 660 Type C54 (Caterpillar C9 278kW 378hp eng). Lexion 660 Type C64 (Caterpillar C9.3i 294kW 400hp E4 eng). Lexion 670 (Caterpillar C9 E3 eng). Lexion 670 (Caterpillar C9.3 E4i eng). Lexion 670 Montana; Terra Trac Type C54 (Caterpillar C13 317kW 431hp eng). Lexion 670; 670 Montana; Terra Trac Type C64 (Caterpillar C9.3i 330kW 449hp E4 eng). Lexion 730; Lexion 740 (Caterpillar C9 E3 eng). Lexion 730; Lexion 740 (Caterpillar C9.3 E4i eng). Lexion 740 Type C55 (Caterpillar C13 317kW 431hp eng). Lexion 740 Type C65 (Caterpillar C9.3i 294kW 400hp E4 eng). Lexion 750 Montana; Terra Trac Type C55 (Caterpillar C13 343kW 466hp eng). Lexion 750; 750 Montana; Terra Trac Type C65 (Caterpillar C9.3i 330kW 449hp E4 eng). Lexion 750; Lexion 760 (Caterpillar C13 E3 eng). Lexion 760 Terra Trac; Montana Type C65 (Caterpillar C13i 360kW 490hp E4 eng). Tucano 480 Type 840 (Caterpillar C9 261kW 355hp eng). Xerion 3300 (Caterpillar C9 eng). Xerion 3300 (Caterpillar C9 253kW 344hp E4; E5 eng). Xerion 3300 (Caterpillar C9 253kW 344hp E4; E5 eng). Xerion 3300 2004-00 (Caterpillar C9 224kW 305hp E4; E5 eng). Xerion 4500 Type 782 (Caterpillar C13 355kW 483hp E4; E5 eng). Xerion 5000 Type 782 (Caterpillar C13 385kW 524hp E4; E5 eng). CMI TR3503 (Caterpillar C9 eng). TR4503 (Caterpillar C15 eng). Freightliner Argosy (Caterpillar 3406 eng). Argosy (Caterpillar C10 eng). Argosy 2004-00 (Caterpillar C15 eng). Argosy 2004-00 (Caterpillar C16 eng). B2 Bus Chassis (Caterpillar C7 eng). Business Class M2 . Business Class M2 2004-00 (Caterpillar C11 eng). Business Class M2 2004-00 (Caterpillar C12 eng). Business Class M2 2004-00 (Caterpillar C13 eng). Cascadia (Caterpillar C15 eng). CC132 2004-00 (Caterpillar C15 eng). Century C112 (Caterpillar 3176 eng). Century C112 (Caterpillar C10 eng). Century C120 (Caterpillar C10 eng). Century Class S; Century Class T (Caterpillar C12 eng). Century Class S; Century Class T (Caterpillar C15 eng). Century Class S; Century Class T 2004-00 (Caterpillar C11; C13 eng). Century CST112 (Caterpillar C10 eng). Century CST112 (Caterpillar C12 eng). Century CST112 (Caterpillar C16 eng). Century CST120 (Caterpillar 3406 eng). Century CST120 (Caterpillar C12 eng). CL112 2004-00 (Caterpillar C13 eng). CL120 (Caterpillar C15 eng). Classic (Caterpillar C15 eng). Classic 120 (Caterpillar C13 eng). Classic XL 2004-00 (Caterpillar C15 eng). Columbia (Caterpillar C11 eng). Columbia (Caterpillar C12 eng). Columbia (Caterpillar C15 eng). Columbia 112 (Caterpillar C11 eng). Columbia 112 (Caterpillar C12 eng). Columbia 120 (Caterpillar 3176 eng). Columbia 120 (Caterpillar 3406 eng). Columbia 120 (Caterpillar C10 eng). Columbia 120 (Caterpillar C11 eng). Columbia 120 (Caterpillar C12 eng). Columbia 120 (Caterpillar C13 eng). Columbia 120 2004-00 (Caterpillar C16 eng). Columbia 2004-00 (Caterpillar C13 eng). Condor (Caterpillar 3406 eng). Condor 2004-00 (Caterpillar C11; C12; C13 eng). Condor 2004-00 (Caterpillar C9 eng). Coronado 2004-00 (Caterpillar C15; C16 eng). CST112 (Caterpillar C15 eng). CST112 2004-00 (Caterpillar C13 eng). CST120 (Caterpillar C15 eng). CST120 2004-00 (Caterpillar C13 eng). FB65 (Caterpillar C7 eng). FL112 (Caterpillar 3176 eng). FL50 (Caterpillar C7 eng). FL60 (Caterpillar 3176 eng). FL60 (Caterpillar C10 eng). FL70 2004-00 (Caterpillar C15 eng). FL70 2004-00 (Caterpillar C16 eng). FL80 (Caterpillar C10 eng). FL80 (Caterpillar C12 eng). FLA (Caterpillar 3176 eng). FLA (Caterpillar 3406 eng). FLB (Caterpillar 3176 eng). FLB (Caterpillar C10 eng). FLB (Caterpillar C12 eng). FLC (Caterpillar 3176 eng). FLC (Caterpillar 3406 eng). FLC (Caterpillar C12 eng). FLD (Caterpillar C13 eng). FLD (Caterpillar C9 eng). FLD 2004-00 (Caterpillar C11 eng). FLD 2004-00 (Caterpillar C15 eng). FLD 2004-00 (Caterpillar C16 eng). FLL (Caterpillar 3176 eng). FLL (Caterpillar 3406 eng). FLL (Caterpillar C10 eng). FLL (Caterpillar C12 eng). FLT (Caterpillar 3406 eng). FS65 School (Caterpillar C7 eng). FS65 School 2004-00 (Caterpillar C11 eng). XB Line (Caterpillar C10 eng). XC 2004-00 (Caterpillar C11 eng). Godwin CD300M 2004-00 (Caterpillar C9 eng). HL130M 2004-00 (Caterpillar C9 eng). HL225M 2004-00 (Caterpillar C9 eng). Grove TMS870; TTS870 (Caterpillar C12 eng). Kenworth C500 (Caterpillar C12 eng). C500 2004-00 (Caterpillar C11 eng). C500 2004-00 (Caterpillar C13 eng). C500 2004-00 (Caterpillar C15 eng). C550 (Caterpillar C15 eng). K104 2004-00 (Caterpillar C16 eng). K108 (Caterpillar C15 eng). T2000 (Caterpillar C11 eng). T2000 (Caterpillar C13 eng). T2000 2004-00 (Caterpillar C15 eng). T600 (Caterpillar C13 eng). T600; T600B (Caterpillar C15 eng). T600B (Caterpillar C13 eng). T660 (Caterpillar C11 eng). T660 (Caterpillar C13 eng). T660 (Caterpillar C15 eng). T800 (Caterpillar C10; C12 eng). T800 (Caterpillar C11 eng). T800 (Caterpillar C9 eng). T800 2004-00 (Caterpillar C13 eng). T800 2004-00 (Caterpillar C15 eng). T800B (Caterpillar C11 eng). T800B 2004-00 (Caterpillar C13 eng). T800B 2004-00 (Caterpillar C15 eng). T800W (Caterpillar C15 eng). W900 2004-00 (Caterpillar C13 eng). W900 2004-00 (Caterpillar C15 eng). W900B 2004-00 (Caterpillar C13 eng). W900B 2004-00 (Caterpillar C15 eng). W900L (Caterpillar C13 eng). W900L 2004-00 (Caterpillar C12 eng). W900L 2004-00 (Caterpillar C15 eng). W900L 2004-00 (Caterpillar C16 eng). W900S (C7 eng). W900S (Caterpillar C13 eng). W900S (Caterpillar C9 eng). Linkbelt HTC8640 SL (Caterpillar C13 eng). HTC8650 MkII (Caterpillar C11 eng). HTC8675 (Caterpillar C13 eng). Mack Bigfoot 2004-00 (Caterpillar C16 eng). Super-Liner 2004-00 (Caterpillar C15 eng). Massey Ferguson 9895 (Caterpillar C13 eng). Morbark Typhoon 20 (Caterpillar eng). Wood Hog (Caterpillar C18 eng). Morooka MST3000-VD (Caterpillar C9 eng). New Holland FR700 (Caterpillar C18 eng). FR9080 (Caterpillar C18 eng). FX58 (Caterpillar C15 eng). Oshkosh HB2718 (Caterpillar C11 eng). HB2718 (Caterpillar C13 eng). HT2723 2004-00 (Caterpillar C13 eng). MPT 2004-00 (Caterpillar C10 eng). MPT 2004-00 (Caterpillar C11 eng). MPT 2004-00 (Caterpillar C12 eng). MPT 2004-00 (Caterpillar C13 eng). S 2004-00 (Caterpillar C11 eng). S 2004-00 (Caterpillar C13 eng). Striker 2004-00 (Caterpillar C16 eng). Peterbilt 320 (Caterpillar C13 eng). 320 2004-00 (Caterpillar C10; C11 eng). 357 (Caterpillar C11; C13 eng). 357 2004-00 (Caterpillar C10; C12 eng). 357 2004-00 (Caterpillar C15; C16 eng). 362 (Caterpillar C11; C13 eng). 362 (Caterpillar C15 eng). 362 2004-00 (Caterpillar C10 eng). 362 2004-00 (Caterpillar C12 eng). 365 (Caterpillar C13 eng). 365 (Caterpillar C15 eng). 365 (Caterpillar C9 eng). 367 (Caterpillar C13 eng). 367 (Caterpillar C15 eng). 372 2004-00 (Caterpillar C15 eng). 378 (Caterpillar 3406 eng). 378 (Caterpillar C11; C13 eng). 378 2004-00 (Caterpillar C10; C12 eng). 378 2004-00 (Caterpillar C15; C16 eng). 379; 379X (Caterpillar C11; C13 eng). 379; 379X 2004-00 (Caterpillar C10; C12 eng). 379; 379X 2004-00 (Caterpillar C15 eng). 384 (Caterpillar C13 eng). 384 (Caterpillar C9 eng). 385 (Caterpillar C11 eng). 385 2004-00 (Caterpillar C13 eng). 385 2004-00 (Caterpillar C15 eng). 386 (Caterpillar C13 eng). 386 (Caterpillar C15 eng). 387 2004-00 (Caterpillar C12 eng). 387 2004-00 (Caterpillar C13 eng). 387 2004-00 (Caterpillar C15 eng). 388 (Caterpillar C13 eng). 388 (Caterpillar C15 eng). 389 (Caterpillar C15 eng). 389 (Caterpillar C16 eng). Roadtec MTV1000D (Caterpillar C9 eng). RX900 (Caterpillar C27 eng). Sisu C500-450 2006-00 (Caterpillar C13 327kW 445hp eng). C500-490 2006-00 (Caterpillar C13 362kW 492hp eng). C600-520 2006-00 (Caterpillar C15-520 384kW 522hp eng). C600-550 2006-00 (Caterpillar C15-550 410kW 557hp eng). C600-630 2006-00 (Caterpillar C15; C18 465kW 630hp eng). E18-630 2002-00 (Caterpillar C18-630 464kW 630hp eng). Sterling A9500 A-Line 2004-00 (Caterpillar C11 eng). A9500 A-Line 2004-00 (Caterpillar C13 eng). A9500 A-Line 2004-00 (Caterpillar C15 eng). A9500 A-Line 2004-00 (Caterpillar C9 eng). A-Line 2004-00 (Caterpillar C11 eng). A-Line 2004-00 (Caterpillar C13 eng). A-Line 2004-00 (Caterpillar C15 eng). A-Line 2004-00 (Caterpillar C9 eng). AT9500 A-Line 2004-00 (Caterpillar C11 eng). AT9500 A-Line 2004-00 (Caterpillar C13 eng). AT9500 A-Line 2004-00 (Caterpillar C15 eng). AT9500 A-Line 2004-00 (Caterpillar C9 eng). Condor 2004-00 (Caterpillar C10; C12 eng). Condor 2004-00 (Caterpillar C13 eng). Condor 2004-00 (Caterpillar C9 eng). L-Line 2004-00 (Caterpillar C11 eng). L-Line 2004-00 (Caterpillar C13 eng). L-Line 2004-00 (Caterpillar C15 eng). L-Line 2004-00 (Caterpillar C9 eng). L-Line 7500 2004-00 (Caterpillar C11 eng). L-Line 7500 2004-00 (Caterpillar C13 eng). L-Line 7500 2004-00 (Caterpillar C15 eng). L-Line 7500 2004-00 (Caterpillar C9 eng). L-Line 8500 (Caterpillar C11 eng). L-Line 8500 (Caterpillar C13 eng). L-Line 8500 (Caterpillar C15 eng). L-Line 8500 (Caterpillar C9 eng). L-Line 9500 (Caterpillar C11 eng). L-Line 9500 (Caterpillar C13 eng). L-Line 9500 (Caterpillar C15 eng). L-Line 9500 (Caterpillar C9 eng). LT9500 (Caterpillar C15 eng). LT9500 2004-00 (Caterpillar C13 eng). Sullair DE18 (Caterpillar C16 eng). Terex XA400 (Caterpillar C9 eng). Tesab RK1012TR; RK1012TS (Caterpillar C13 eng). Van Hool C20 C2045E 2005-00 (Caterpillar C13ACERT 331kW 450hp E4; E5 eng). Vermeer D330x500 (Caterpillar C15 eng). HG4000TX (Caterpillar C13 eng). T1255 (Caterpillar C18 eng). T755 (Caterpillar C9 eng). T855; T858 (Caterpillar C9 eng). T955; T1055 (Caterpillar C13 eng). TG7000 (Caterpillar 3412 eng). Volvo WIA (Caterpillar 3406E eng). Western Star 4900EX; 4900FA; 4900SA 2004-00 (Caterpillar C15ACERT eng). 4900FA (Caterpillar C12 eng). 4900FA (Caterpillar C15 eng). 4900FA 2004-00 (Caterpillar C11 eng). 4900FA 2004-00 (Caterpillar C13 eng). 4900SA 2004-00 (Caterpillar C11 eng). 4900SA 2004-00 (Caterpillar C13 eng). 4900SA 2004-00 (Caterpillar C15 eng). 4964FXC (Caterpillar C15 eng). 6900XD 2004-00 (Caterpillar C15; C16 eng)

    These are Inline Filters own Part Numbers and carry the bulk of our Catalogue information which includes Cross Reference, Vehicle Applications, Size and Specifications data. They will always be a Quality Brand although not Brand Specific which enables us to offer the best Price and Stock Availability.

    As these are our fastest moving items the Manufacturer, Picture and exact Size may vary then we can second source if necessary to complete orders quickly. Be assured we only supply quality Filter Brands from globally recognised Filter Manufacturers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. Our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Alco, SF Schupp, MP Filtri, Solberg and Vokes.

    To visit Websites of the Filter Manufacturer's we use click here MANUFACTURER'S WEBSITES

    To view Catalogues of the Filter Manufacturer's we use click here MANUFACTURER'S CATALOGUES

    Application, Cross Reference and Size data is provided as a guide only, for full compatibility ensure all our specifications match your requirements.
    We sell on a Business to Business Model with highly competitive Trade Pricing.
    All orders must be placed via the Website.

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