FIN-FL70631 FILTER-Lube(Baldwin P7188, Fleetguard LF3914, Mann HU945/2X)

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  • Part Number FIN-FL70631
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    Part No: FIN-FL70631
    Description: FILTER-Lube(Cartridge with Tube)
    Category: Filters-Lube, Cartridge, Tube
    Details: Lube Element. Also [1] Attached End Seal. Also [1] Included O Ring
    Remarks: Eco type cartridge, Similar to FIN-FL70080.
    Updated: 01/07/2020

    Height: 213mm
    OD/Width Max: 84mm
    OD/Width Min: 83mm
    ID/Depth Max: 40mm
    ID/Depth Min: 10mm

    Baldwin P7188, Claas 545953.0, 5459530, Coopers Fiaam FA5595ECO, LEF5176, Deutz AG Fahr KHD 02931095, 04252248, 2931095, 4252248, Donaldson P550761, Fendt F716200510020, F716200510200, Filtration Control FCL7775, Fleetguard LF16144, LF3914, Fleetrite LFR816144, LFR83914, Fram CH9260, CH9389ECO, Hengst 38110?, D28E161H01E, E161H01, E161H01D28, Inline Filters FFRCH9389, FFR-CH9389, FINFL70631, FIN-FL70631, FL70631, Kassbohrer 83120880070, 831-208-8007-0, Kralinator L7215, Liebherr 512600108, 5126001-08, Linde Lansing 0009831637, 9831637, Luberfiner LP8741, LP87411, Mahle Knecht OX174D, Mann 1048075S01, HU945/2X, HU945/3X, HU9452X, HU9453X, Mercedes 0001801709, 1801709, 9061800009, A0001801709, A9061800009, A9061800209, Napa 7215, Ponsse 59057, Sakura EO-2404, Schaeff 5411657158, SF Schupp SO5242/1, Sogefi Pro FA5595ECO/SGP, FA5595ECOSGP, Tecfil PEL2002, Volvo 11708551, Wix 57215

    Bell B18D(Mercedes OM906LA Engine), B20D(Mercedes OM906LA Engine), B25D(Mercedes OM906LA Engine), B30D(Mercedes OM906LA Engine), Claas 430 Tucano, 930 Tucano, Cougar 1400(Mercedes OM457 12.0L Engine), Medion 310; 320; 330; 340(Mercedes OM906LA Engine) From 2001, Medion 340(Mercedes OM906LA Engine), Mega 350; 360(Mercedes OM906LA Engine), Mega II 203; 204; 208; 211(Mercedes OM906LA Engine), Tucano(OM906LA Engine), Demag AC200-1(Mercedes Engine), AC350(Mercedes Engine), AC500-1(Mercedes Engine), AC50-1(Mercedes OM926LA Engine), AC650(Mercedes Engine), Deutz AG Fahr KHD 640 Agrotron, BF6M2013C; BF6M2013CR, Doppstadt DW2060 Bio-Power, Fendt 714, 716 Vario, 818 Vario, Favorit 711; 712 Vario(Deutz BF6M2013 Engine), Favorit 712 Vario(Deutz Engine), Favorit 714 Vario; 716 Vario(Deutz BF6M2013C Engine), Favorit 718 Vario(Deutz Engine), Favorit 815 Vario(Deutz BF6M2013 Engine), Favorit 817 Vario; 818 Vario(Deutz BF6M2013 Engine), Freightliner B2 Bus Chassis(Mercedes MBE904 Engine), B2 Bus Chassis(Mercedes MBE904 Engine), B2 Bus Chassis(Mercedes MBE906 Engine), Business Class M2(Mercedes MBE900 Engine), Business Class M2, Business Class M2, C2(Mercedes MBE900 Engine), C2 School(Mercedes MBE900 Engine), Century CST120(Mercedes MBE904 Engine), Century CST120(Mercedes MBE906 Engine), FB65(Mercedes MBE904 Engine), FB65(Mercedes MBE906 Engine), FL112(Mercedes MBE906 Engine), FL50(Mercedes MBE900 Engine), FL60(Mercedes MBE900 Engine), FL70(Mercedes MBE906 Engine), FL80(Mercedes MBE900 Engine), FLD(Mercedes MBE900 Engine), FLD(Mercedes MBE904 Engine), FS65(Mercedes MBE904 Engine), FS65(Mercedes MBE906 Engine), FS65(Mercedes MBE926 Engine), FS65 School(Mercedes MBE904 Engine), FS65 School(Mercedes MBE906 Engine), MB Line(Mercedes MBE904 Engine), MT45(Mercedes MBE900 Engine), MT45(Mercedes MBE900 Engine), MT55(Mercedes MBE904 Engine), MT55(Mercedes MBE904 Engine), XC(Mercedes MBE906 Engine), XC(Mercedes MBE926 Engine), Grove GMK2035, GMK6300(Mercedes OM502LA Engine), GMK7450; GMK7550, Hitachi AH250D; AH300D(Mercedes OM906LA Engine), Kassbohrer S315GT; S315GTHD; S315H(Mercedes OM457 Engine), S315NF; S315UL(Mercedes OM457 Engine), S315UL(Mercedes OM447 Engine), S316UL(Mercedes OM457 Engine), S317GTHD(Mercedes OM457 Engine), S317UL(Mercedes OM457 Engine), S319GTHD; S319NF(Mercedes OM457 Engine), S319UL(Mercedes OM457 Engine), S415 HD; S415 HDH(Mercedes OM457 Engine), SG321UL(Mercedes OM457 Engine), Liebherr LTM1030/2(Mercedes OM906LA Engine), LTM1030/2(Mercedes OM906LA Engine) From 1998, LTM1030/2.1(Mercedes OM926LA Engine), Mercedes 1023(OM906LA Engine) From 1998, 1023(OM906LA Engine) From 2004, 1024(OM906LA Engine) From 2005, 1223(OM906LA Engine) From 1998, 1223(OM906LA Engine) From 2004, 1224(OM906LA Engine) From 2005, 1225(OM906LA Engine) From 1998, 1226(OM906LA Engine) From 2005, 1228(OM906LA Engine) From 1998, 1228(OM906LA Engine) From 2004, 1323(OM906LA Engine) From 1998, 1323(OM906LA Engine) From 2004, 1324(OM906LA Engine) From 2005, 1325(OM906LA Engine) From 1998, 1326(OM906LA Engine) From 2005, 1328(OM906LA Engine) From 1998, 1328(OM906LA Engine) From 2004, 1329(OM906LA Engine) From 2005, 1333(OM926LA Engine) From 2002, 1423/51(OM906LA Mexico Engine), 1517(OM904LA Engine) From 1998, 1523(OM906LA Engine) From 1998, 1523(OM906LA Engine) From 2004, 1524(OM906LA Engine) From 2005, 1525(OM906LA Engine) From 1998, 1526(OM906LA Engine) From 2005, 1528(OM906LA Engine) From 2004, 1528(OM926LA Engine) From 1998, 1529(OM906LA Engine) From 2005, 1533(OM926LA Engine) From 2002, 1623/51L(OM906LA Mexico Engine), 1623/58(OM906LA Mexico Engine), 1624(OM906LA BlueTec 4/5 Engine) From 2008, 1629(OM906LA BlueTec 4/5 Engine) From 2008, 1725(OM906LA Euro 3 Engine), 1725A 4x4(OM906LA Euro 3 Engine), 1728(OM906LA Engine), 1728(OM926LA Euro 3 Engine), 1728S, 1823(OM906LA Engine) From 1998, 1823(OM906LA Engine) From 2004, 1824(OM906LA Engine) From 2005, 1824(OM906LA Engine) From 2006, 1826(OM906LA Engine) From 2005, 1828(OM906LA Engine) From 1998, 1828(OM906LA Engine) From 2004, 1828 Atego, 1828NTG(M906LAG Engine) From 2002, 1829(OM906LA Engine) From 2005, 1829(OM906LA Engine) From 2006, 1833(OM926LA Engine) From 2002, 1833(OM926LA Engine) From 2004, 1833(OM926LA Engine) From 2004, 1833(OM926LA Engine) From 2005, 1833(OM926LA Engine) From 2009, 1933(OM926LA Euro 3 Engine), 2423B(OM906LA Engine), 2423K(OM906LA Euro 3 Chile Engine), 2425(OM906LA Euro 3 Engine), 2425 6x2(OM906LA Euro 3 Engine), 2428(OM926LA Euro 3 Engine), 2523(OM906LA Engine) From 1998, 2523(OM906LA Engine) From 2004, 2528(OM906LA Engine) From 1998, 2528(OM906LA Engine) From 2004, 2533(OM926LA Engine) From 2002, 2533(OM926LA Engine) From 2004, 2533(OM926LA Euro 3 Engine), 2628(OM906LA Engine) From 1998, 2628(OM906LA Engine) From 1998, 2628(OM906LA Engine) From 2004, 2628 NTG(M906LAG Engine) From 2002, 2629(OM906LA Engine) From 2005, 2629(OM906LA Engine) From 2006, 2633(OM926LA Engine) From 2002, 2633(OM926LA Engine) From 2004, 2633(OM926LA Engine) From 2004, 2633(OM926LA Engine) From 2005, 2633B, 2726(OM906LA Euro 3 Engine), 2726 B36(OM906LA Euro 3 Engine), 2726 K36(OM906LA Euro 3 Engine), 2733(OM926LA Engine) From 2009, 2826(OM926LA Euro 3 Engine), 2831(OM460LA Euro 3 Engine), 2831(OM926LA Euro 5 Engine), 2831 48 6x4(OM926LA Euro 5 Engine), 2831K(OM926LA Euro 5 Engine), 3228(OM906LA Engine) From 2004, 3233(OM926LA Engine) From 2005, 713(OM904LA Engine), 813(OM904LA Engine), 816(OM904LA Engine) From 2005, 823(OM906LA Engine) From 1998, 823(OM906LA Engine) From 2004, 824(OM906LA Engine) From 2005, 828F(OM906LA Engine) From 1998, 916(OM904LA Engine) From 2005, 923(OM906LA Engine) From 1998, 923(OM906LA Engine) From 2004, 924(OM906LA Engine) From 1998, 924(OM906LA Engine) From 2005, 925(OM906LA Engine) From 1998, 928(OM906LA Engine) From 1998, Atego 1823(OM906LA Engine) From 1998, Atego 1828(OM906LA Engine) From 1998, Atego 1833(OM926LA Engine) From 2002, Atego 2533; 2633(OM926LA Engine) From 2002, Atego 823; 923;925;1023;1225;1223;1228;1323;1325;1328;1523;1525;1528;1823;1828;2523;2528;2628(Mercedes OM906LA Engine) From 1998, L1620(OM926LA Euro 5 Engine), L1620, L1622, L1624(OM906LA Euro 3 Engine), L1624(OM926LA Euro 5 Engine), M906LAG, MBE900, MBE904; MBE924, MBE906; MBE926, O 500 M(OM906 Euro 3 Engine), O 500 U(OM906LA Engine), O 500 U 59CA(OM906LA Euro 3 Engine), O 500M, O 500R, OF1722, OH1518, OH1520, OM457; OM457A, OM906; OM926, OM926LA, Unimog U500(Mercedes OM906 Engine), Ponsse Bear(Mercedes OM926LA Engine), Buffalo Dual; Buffalo; Buffalo King(Mercedes OM906LA Engine), Elephant(Mercedes OM906LA Engine), Ergo(Mercedes OM906LA Engine), Ergo(OM906LA Engine), Forester(Mercedes OM906LA Engine), HN125(OM906LA Engine), HN125(OM906LA Engine), Sterling Acterra(Mercedes MBE900 Engine), Acterra 5500(Mercedes MBE900 Engine), Acterra 6500(Mercedes MBE900 Engine), Acterra 7500(Mercedes MBE900 Engine), Acterra 8500(Mercedes MBE900 Engine), L-Line(Mercedes MBE900 Engine), L-Line 7500(Mercedes MBE900 Engine), L-Line 8500(Mercedes MBE900 Engine), L-Line 9500(Mercedes MBE 900 Engine), Thomas C2(Mercedes MBE900 Engine), Saf-T-Liner(Mercedes MBE900 Engine), Tigercat 1014(Mercedes Engine), Volvo EC160B(D6D Engine), EC180, EC180B(D6D Engine), EC210B; EC210BNLC(D6D Engine), EW145B(D6D Engine)

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