FBW-P996 FILTER-Lube(Baldwin P996, Fleetguard LF502)

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  • Part Number FBW-P996
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    Part No: FBW-P996
    Description: FILTER-Lube(Cartridge with Spring)
    Category: Filters-Lube, Cartridge, Spring
    Full-Flow Lube Element. If a conversion kit is already installed, or if originally equipped with element-type, use P999, P999-HD. Two-Way 8 PSID By-Pass Valve. Also [1] Attached A-Gasket. Also G164-A, G263, G269, G281 O-Gasket. Also [1] Attached Spring
    Updated: 15/01/2020

    Height: 309mm
    OD/Width Max: 129mm
    OD/Width Min: 129mm
    ID/Depth Max: 32mm
    ID/Depth Min: 18mm

    AC Delco C463, PF437, PF447, AP Lockheed 574222, FH222, Baldwin B1000CD, B1000-CD, B1002CD, B1002-CD, P996, Case IHC 244247R1, 244247-R1, 244247R91, 244247-R91, Clark 945351, Coles 741061, 8777117, Crosland 264, Cummins 134655, 256843, BM72343, BM72353, CL502, FF7, FL502, FL553, FL553C, S1956, S2119, Donaldson P552377, P779001, Euclid 125621, 43928, 9025023, 9043928, Fleetguard LF502, Ford C5RZ6731A, C5RZ-6731-A, C5RZ673UA, C6RZ6731A, C6RZ-6731-A, Fram CH7508, Harnischfeger 1046Z28, In-Line Filters FBWP996, FBW-P996, FINFL70895, FIN-FL70895, FL70895, Kenworth KW502, KW-502, Komatsu 6684514410, 6684-51-4410, Kralinator K899, Luberfiner 3201C, 3201HC, L3201C, LP1670, LP900, P1670, P900, Micro Pore LU1953, Mopar L50, Motorcraft FL116, FL166, FL217, Napa 1900, 1903, Nelson Winslow 50666A, Purolator Facet 614741, 61474-1, 6147433, 61474-33, P146, Ryco R2036, R421, Savara 92409617, 92409817, SF Schupp SO1292, Vauxhall GM 5574989, 5575005, 6436696, 6437344, 6437987, 6437991, Wabco H8095, SF578, White 878536, Wix 51900, 51903, BAGHBF, BAG-HBF, CW900MP, CW953MP, Woodgate WGL502

    Adams 330; 330H(Cummins Engine), 440; 440H; PF440(Cummins Engine), 550; PF550(Cummins Engine), 660; PF660(Cummins H6, HRF6 Engine), 666; PF666(Cummins H6, HRF6 Engine), 777; PF777(Cummins H6, HRF6 Engine), Allis Chalmers 6MO779, TR200; TS200(Cummins Engine), TS300; TW300(Cummins Engine), American Hoist 140 Hoist(Cummins Engine), 250; 350(Cummins Engine), 700; 825; 830; 840, Austin Western 650(Cummins Engine), Pacer 100; Super 100; Pacer 200; Super 200; Super 200SR(Cummins Engine), Brockway Brockway Trucks fitted with Cummins Engine(Cummins Engine), Broom and Wade WR431(Cummins NHC Engine), Bros LSPRM8; SP255DA(Cummins Engine), SP10000(Cummins Engine), SSPRM7(Cummins Engine), Bucyrus Erie 110T(Cummins Engine), 36L(Cummins HF600 Engine), 38B(Cummins NH250 Engine), 60R(Cummins Engine), Buffalo Springfield K45(Cummins Engine), PSR30(Cummins Engine), Case IHC 2000 Fleetstar, 2050 Fleetstar, 2070 Fleetstar, 400 Transtar, 4070 Transtar II, Champion D562(Cummins Engine), D600(Cummins Engine), Chicago Pneumatic 900RO2(Cummins Engine), Clark 110 Mk I; 110 Mk III(Cummins C175 Engine), 125A Mk I(Cummins JN6C1 Engine), 125A Mk II(Cummins C160C1, C175C1 Engine), 175A Mk I(Cummins C175C1 Engine), 175A Mk II(Cummins V8R240C1 Engine), 180 Mk I(Cummins C175C1 Engine), 180 Mk III(Cummins C175C1 Engine), 210 Mk I(Cummins NTO6 Engine), 275A(Cummins NTO6C1 Engine), 275A Mk II(Cummins NTO310C1 Engine), 280 Mk I(Cummins NTO6-B1 Engine), 310 Mk I(Cummins NT380 Engine), 375(Cummins NRTO6C1 Engine), 380 Mk I(Cummins NRTO6-B1 Engine), 380 Mk II(Cummins NVH12 Engine), 480TD(Cummins VT12-635C1, VT700 Engine), 667(Cummins Engine), 85 Mk I(Cummins JF6C1 Engine), 85 Mk II(Cummins JN6C1, JN130C1 Engine), Corbitt Corbitt Trucks fitted with Cummins engine, Diamond Reo 723C Tilt Cab(Cummins Engine), 921; 921C Tilt Cab(Cummins Engine), Doosan Daewoo 90, Dynapac Dynapac Construction Equipment fitted with Cummins engine, Euclid 10FFD(Cummins Engine), 11LD(Cummins V12 Engine), 13LDT; 16LDT; 17LDT; 18LDT; 22LDT; 24LDT(Cummins Engine), 15FFD(Cummins Engine), 16TD(Cummins Engine), 19TD; 20TD(Cummins Engine), 1FDT; 2FDT; 3FDT; 4FDT; 5FDT; 6FDT; 7FDT; 8FDT; 9FDT; 11FDT; 12FDT; 15FDT; 16FDT; 17FDT; 18FDT; 19FDT(Cummins Engine), 1LLD(Cummins Engine), 1TD; 2TD; 3TD; 4TD; 7TD; 8TD; 12TD(Cummins Engine), 1TDT; 2TDT; 4TDT; 5TDT; 7TDT; 8TDT; 14TDT; 15TDT(Cummins Engine), 20FDT; 23FDT; 25FDT; 26FDT; 27FDT; 29FDT; 30FDT; 30FDT; 32FDT; 36FDT(Cummins Engine), 24TDT(Cummins Engine), 27FD; 28FD; 31FD; 36FD; 38FD; 48FD(Cummins Engine), 28TDT(Cummins Engine), 2FD; 4FD; 5FD; 18FD; 20FD; 22FD; 25FD(Cummins Engine), 2FFD; 3FFD(Cummins Engine), 2LD; 3LD; 4LD; 5LD(Cummins Engine), 2LDT; 3LDT; 4LDT; 5LDT; 7LDT; 9LDT(Cummins Engine), 30TD; 31TD; 32TD(Cummins Engine), 36LDT(Cummins NHV12 Engine), 36TD(Cummins Engine), 37TD(Cummins Engine), 39FDT; 40FDT(Cummins Engine), 45FDT; 48FDT; 54FDT(Cummins Engine), 46TD(Cummins Engine), 4FFD(Cummins Engine), 5FFD; 6FFD(Cummins Engine), 63TD(Cummins Engine), 66TD(Cummins Engine), 6LLD(Cummins Engine), 70FDT(Cummins Engine), 70TD(Cummins Engine), 72FDT; 74FDT; 76FDT(Cummins Engine), 75TD(Cummins Engine), 79FD; 80FD; 81FD(Cummins Engine), 86FD; 87FD(Cummins Engine), 94FD Rear Dump(Cummins Engine), 96FD(Cummins Engine), R15; R18(Cummins Engine), R20(Cummins Engine), R22(Cummins Engine), R27(Cummins Engine), R30; R35(Cummins Engine), R40; R45(Cummins Engine), R75(Cummins Engine), SS40(Cummins NHV12 Engine), Ford C8000(Cummins C160, CF160, C180 Engine), CL9000; CLT9000; L9000; LA9000; LL9000; LLN9000; LNT9000; LS9000; LT9000; LTA9000; LTL9000; LTS9000; W9000; WT9000(Cummins Engine), W1000; WT1000, Fox River 0430(Cummins Engine), FWD L60(Cummins Engine), Gradall G1000(Cummins NHC4B1, JNR100C1 Engine), Harnischfeger 1055BLC(Cummins NVH12 Engine), 1400DE; 1500DE(Cummins Engine), 255ATC(Cummins Engine), 420; 425; 440; 525; 535(Cummins JN6, HR6 Engine), 550(Cummins Engine), 6250TC(Cummins V12-1710B Engine), 955; 1010; 1015(Cummins NHRS6 Engine), Heil 55T; 75T(Cummins Engine), Heinwarner C10 ; C10HD ; T10 ; T10HD ; T12HD(Cummins C140 Engine), C12HD; C14(Cummins C140 Engine), Hough D100; D100B; H100; H100B; H100C(Cummins Engine), H60; H60C(Cummins JF6, JF6-1 Engine), H65B(Cummins JN6 Engine), H65C(Cummins C160, JN130, 464C Engine), H70; H70B(Cummins JF6, JN6, C160 Engine), H70C; H70F(Cummins Engine), H80A(Cummins Engine), H90; H90B(Cummins Engine), HO(Cummins Engine), L100; D120; D120B; D120C; H120; H120B; H120C; L120(Cummins Engine), Huber Warco D1400; D1500(Cummins H135 Engine), Jaeger 175(Cummins Engine), John Deere WA14; WA17(Cummins Engine), Joy RP900(Cummins NRT06 Engine), Kenworth C523; C524; C525; C823; C824; C825(Cummins Engine), K100; K100E(Cummins Engine), K121; K122; K123; K124; K125(Cummins Engine), PD221; PD223; PD225(Cummins Engine), W900(Cummins Engine), W921; W922; LW923; W923; LW924; W924; W925(Cummins Engine), Koehring 1205 2-1/2(Cummins Engine), 12051A 3(Cummins Engine), 34E(Cummins HBIS600 Engine), 440H(Cummins Engine), 805 2(Cummins Engine), Leroi LRD2C; LRD2W(Cummins J6 Engine), Letourneau F; R; YC; YD Electric Arch(Cummins NHB1-600 Engine), L50; L130(Cummins VT12B1 Engine), Lorain 400(Cummins N855C Engine), Mack Cruise-Liner(Cummins Engine), F700; FL700; FS700; R700; RD700; RL700; RS700; RWL700; RWS700; WL700; WS700(Cummins Engine), Massey Ferguson MF66(Cummins Engine), MF77(Cummins Engine), MF88(Cummins Engine), Master MWR380; MWR600(Cummins Engine), MRS A90(Cummins Engine), I100S; I100ES(Cummins NT855C Engine), Oliver OL175(Cummins Engine), Onan DFM, Peterbilt 282; 288; 289; 349H; 351; 352H; 353; 358; 359; 362; 383(Cummins Engine), Quickway 250B(Cummins C160 Engine), Wagner SF17; WC17, Yale and Towne 204(Cummins JF6B1, JN6 Engine), 254(Cummins JF6B1, JN6 Engine), 3000(Cummins C180C1 Engine), 304; 304A(Cummins Engine), 400(Cummins V8-265 Engine), 4000(Cummins V8-265 Engine), 404(Cummins NH250 Engine), 6000(Cummins V8-265 Engine)

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