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FBW-P1511 FILTER-Lube(Cartridge Spring)-Baldwin P1511 £44.11

FBW-P1511 FILTER-Lube(Cartridge Spring)-Baldwin P1511

SPECIFICATIONS: FILTER-Lube(Cartridge Spring). Lube Element. Also [1] Included F-Gasket. Also [1] Attached Spring. DIMENSIONS: Height: 860mm OD/Width Max: 163mm OD/Width Min: 163mm ID/Depth Max: 37mm ID/Depth Min: 37mm EQUIVALENTS: AC Delco PF1166, Alco 16011911, 1601191-1, Baldwin P1511, Camfil Farr Pamic P21, Clark C18, Donaldson P779949, Fleetguard LF4118, Fleetrite LFR84118, In-Line Filters FBWP1511, FBW-P1511, FINFL70767, FIN-FL70767, FL70767, Luberfiner LP8718, Napa 1297, Vauxhall GM ..... Click Here for Full Specifications
FBW-P996 FILTER-Lube(Cartridge Spring)-Baldwin P996 £31.06

FBW-P996 FILTER-Lube(Cartridge Spring)-Baldwin P996

SPECIFICATIONS: FILTER-Lube(Cartridge Spring). Full-Flow Lube Element. If a conversion kit is already installed, or if originally equipped with element-type, use P999, P999-HD. Two-Way 8 PSID By-Pass Valve. Also [1] Attached A-Gasket. Also G164-A, G263, G269, G281 O-Gasket. Also [1] Attached Spring. DIMENSIONS: Height: 309mm OD/Width Max: 129mm OD/Width Min: 129mm ID/Depth Max: 32mm ID/Depth Min: 18mm EQUIVALENTS: AC Delco C463, PF437, PF447, AP Lockheed 574222, FH222, Baldwin B1000-CD, ..... Click Here for Full Specifications
FFR-CH2963 FILTER-Lube(Cartridge Spring)-Baldwin P242 £8.46

FFR-CH2963 FILTER-Lube(Cartridge Spring)-Baldwin P242

SPECIFICATIONS: FILTER-Lube(Cartridge Spring). Full-Flow Lube Element. Reinforced Centertube. Also [3] Included F-Gasket. Also [1] Attached Spring. DIMENSIONS: Height: 188mm OD/Width Max: 121mm OD/Width Min: 121mm ID/Depth Max: 55mm ID/Depth Min: 14mm EQUIVALENTS: AC Delco AC155, Alco MD185, MD7009, AP Lockheed AP3429, LK3429, Baldwin P242, Bosch 1457429615, 1-457-429-615, 1457429620, 1-457-429-620, 1457429645, 1-457-429-645, 1457429735, 1-457-429-735, 1457429735001, 1-457-429-735-001, P9645, ..... Click Here for Full Specifications
FFR-CH851 FILTER-Lube(Spring)-Baldwin P352 £7.86

FFR-CH851 FILTER-Lube(Spring)-Baldwin P352

SPECIFICATIONS: FILTER-Lube(Cartridge Spring). Lube Element. Also [1] Attached Grommet. Also [1] Attached Spring. DIMENSIONS: Height: 218mm OD/Width Max: 81mm OD/Width Min: 81mm ID/Depth Max: 20mm ID/Depth Min: 11mm EQUIVALENTS: AC Delco AC67, Alco MD071, MD-071, AP Lockheed AP268, AP268A, LK268, Baldwin P352, Coopers Fiaam AZL039, FA5925, G596, Crosland 501, Donaldson P550395, P779928, ERF 93301, 933019, 93301-9, GLW6252, Filtration Control FCL706, FCL7613, FCL806, Fleetguard LF4002, Fleetrite ..... Click Here for Full Specifications
FIN-FL70132 FILTER-Lube(Cartridge Spring)-Baldwin PT9341 £21.61

FIN-FL70132 FILTER-Lube(Cartridge Spring)-Baldwin PT9341

SPECIFICATIONS: FILTER-Lube(Cartridge Spring). Hydraulic Element with Attached Spring. Also [1] Attached A-Gasket. Also [2] Included O Ring. Genuine In-Line Filters Part No. Height including spring 283mm. DIMENSIONS: Height: 232mm OD/Width Max: 110mm OD/Width Min: 110mm ID/Depth Max: 56mm ID/Depth Min: 17mm EQUIVALENTS: Baldwin PT9341, Doosan Daewoo 24749046, 65055045021, 65-05504-5021, Hifi Hirschi Jura SO6101, In-Line Filters FINFL70132, FIN-FL70132, FL70132, Schupp SF SO5158 APPLICATIONS: ..... Click Here for Full Specifications

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