FIN-FL71314 Filter-Lube(Equivalent: MD-005, P172, LF3632)

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  • Part Number FIN-FL71314
  • Manufactured by: Mann

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    Description: Filter-Lube(Cartridge Round)
    Category: Filters-Lube > Cartridge > Round
    Details: For slightly shorter version use FIN-FL70246. Full-Flow Lube Element. Also G147-A, G165, G172-A F-Gasket. Also [2] Attached End Seal.
    Updated: 31/07/2021

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    Height: 109mm
    OD/WidthMax: 71mm
    OD/WidthMin: 71mm
    ID/DepthMax: 33mm
    ID/DepthMin: 33mm

    AC Delco AC32A, AC6155E, ACD32, M16, PF2172, Alco MD005, MD-005, MD041, MD-041, SP895, AP Lockheed AP135A, AP20, AP21A, AP21A3, AP517, AP517A, LK20, LK-20, LK-21, LK21A, LK-21A, LK21A3, LK-21A3, LK-21A4, LK517, Baldwin LF176, P172, PT236, Bobcat Melroe LH1067, Bosch 1457429101, 1457429704, 1-457-429-704, BOF9101, Case IHC 215060, 215060R91, 872449R92, 872449-R92, 872450R92, 872450-R92, Chrysler Dodge 75061404, Coopers Fiaam AZL023, FA4016B, FA4016C, FE3247, G223, G285, G595, GP223, GP502, GP508, Crosland 163, 317, 405, 418, 420, 586, Delphi Lucas CAV F4610, F533, N020, Donaldson P551305, P779909, P779926, Fiat 1190447, 70111718, B100134R, Fil ML131, Finn FFP103, FFP15, FFP24, FFP40, Fleetguard LF3632, LF791, Fleetrite LFR83632, LFR8791, Ford 100E6731, 100E-6731, 113E6714A, 1495704, 1715752, E93A18660A, E93A-18660-A, Fram C841, C849PL, CH804PL, CH814PL, PS5A, Fuji FPR132, Giesse LH47, GKN MOF14P, MOF15P, Goldenrod 28P, Greyfriars 505P, 518P, Guiot GE814, Hanomag Henschel 6071840025, Harmo P106, P151, P152, P179, Hengst E10520, E105-20, E108.33, E10833, E108-33, E111.33, E11133, Inline FFRCH814, FFR-CH814, FINFL71314, FIN-FL71314, FL71314, JCB F8/24/1, Komatsu 152-083-1300, Kralinator L887, Lancia C104934, C10-4934, Leyland Daf BL 11G115, 162429, 162451, 17H150, 17H403, 1G115, 1H1054, 1H744, 1H774, 1H7779, 1H778, 1H779, 1H7799, 31685, 3H-2907, 3H2909, 3H-2909, 41513, 69047, 8G2300, 8G683, 8G-683, LPZ000102EVA, MF21, RTC3177, Luberfiner LP765, P765, PF114, M MO117, MO161, Mahle Knecht EN279, EN307, EN3070, OX13D, OX24, Mann 59507, 6740255236, H802, H81699, H816X, H820/7X, H8207X, O59507, O595-07, O59507X, O595-07X, Mercedes A6071840025, Micro Pore PM804, PM841, PM950JGS, Micro O3132, Motaquip 7050132, Motorcraft EFL042, EFL070, EFL070D, EFL42, EFL70, EFL70D, EFL9, FL125, FL127, Multipart MBU1011, Napa 4420502, Nelson Winslow CLFG2381, CL-FG2381, WFG238, WFG2381, WF-G2381, WFG2381P, Nippon Denso 3137, O3137, Nissan 1520831325, Powertrain PMFL203, PMFL4, Purolator Facet L20012, L20021, MF135A, MF21A/2, MF21A/4, MF21A2, PS276, T6, Quinton Hazell QOF3317, Ryco R2058P, R206VA, Same 002.7794.0, 00277940, Savara 2098/30, 209830, 2193/30, 219330, 2251/20, 225120,,,, 92004211, 92004311, 92004411, 92004417, 92029417, 92153917, 92400417, SF Schupp SO4326, SO4346, Sofima S4080PO, Soparis B585, BC571, CAP269, CAP306, CAP73, Tecnocar OP268, OP804, OP804RS, Teho 5082, D140, D17, D36, D82, TJ FB2090, FG2308, FG2330, FG2381, FG2407, FG2471, FP3301, FP3317, FP3317A, FP9503, TRP 1535187, UFI 25.409.01, 25.410.00, 2540901, 2541000, Unipart GFE102, GFE110, Vapormatic VPD5072, Vauxhall GM 1531233, 6435096, 6435100, 6435101, 6435158, 6438685, 7984257, 7984327, Vic O204A, O-204-A, Vokes C12751, C67451, Walker W111, Wipac OF420, OF421, Wix 308P, 51300, 909P, PC904P, Woodgate WGL791

    Aebi TP35-1977/01(Leyland eng). Blaw Knox Pathmaster | PM42(Chrysler IMP eng). Pathmaster | PM42(Chrysler IMP eng). Bukh DZ30. DZ30; DZ45. DZ45. Case IHC Metro Mite | (Leyland B eng). Ford 109E. 109E; 109M(Marine eng). Hanomag Henschel F20; F20L; F25; F25L; F30; F30L; F35; F35L; F36; F40B; F40KA(Leyland A60; A70 eng). F20-1967/01(Austin A60 40kW 54hp eng). F20-1971/01(Austin A60 51kW 70hp eng). F25-1967/01(Austin A60 40kW 54hp eng). F25-1971/01(Austin A60 51kW 70hp eng). F30-1967/01(Austin A60 40kW 54hp eng). F30-1971/01(Austin A60 51kW 70hp eng). F35-1967/01(Austin A60 40kW 54hp eng). F35-1971/01(Austin A60 51kW 70hp eng). Matador | (Leyland A50-MS5 eng). JCB 2; 2B; 2D; 2DS; 2SB; 3; 3C; 3CS; 3CX; 3C11; 3CS11; 3D; 3S; 3X; 4C; 4D-1967/01(Leyland 10-42; 10-45; 10-60; 10-65; 231 eng). 2; 2B;2D; 2DS; 2SB(Leyland 10-42; 10-45; 10-60; 10-65 eng). 3C; 3D; 3S; 3X(Leyland 10-42; 10-45; 10-60 eng). Leyland Daf BL 10-42(2.82L 2.82L eng). 154(1.5L eng). 154(1.5L eng). 154-1969/01. 180; 190; J4-1969/01. 200J4-1969/01. 250JU-1969/01. 3.4L. 342(Leyland eng). 342; 460. 350. 360WF-1969/01. 360WF-1973/01(Petrol eng). 370. 375. 399. 4/25-1968/01(1500; 1622 Diesel; Petrol eng). 400. 420WF-1973/01(Petrol eng). 460(4cyl eng). 90. A60-1969/01. Captain | (1.5L eng). Captain | (1.5L eng). Captain Navigator | (1.5L eng). J2; J4; JU180-1969/01(1.5L eng). J2; J4; JU190-1969/01(1.5L eng). J2; J4; JU200J-1969/01(1.5L eng). J2; J4; JU250JU-1972/01(1.5L eng). LD -1969/01(BMC 2.2L eng). MGB GT 1.8 1767cc Petrol 70kW 95hp-1966/01. MGB GT 1.8 1777cc Petrol 68kW 92hp-1966/01. Mini | . Navigator | . Navigator | (Diesel eng). Oxford | -Saloon-1970/01(1.5L eng). Unknown Model | (1.5L eng). Unknown Model | (2.2L eng). Unknown Model | (3.8L eng). Linde Lansing AM135(Morris eng). Long 4/25. Lotus Elan 1.6L-1962/01. Elan 1.6L-1963/01. Elan 1.6L-1965/01. Elan 1.6L-1966/01. Elan 1.6L-1967/01. Elan 1.6L-1969/01. Seven 1.1L-1961/01. Seven 1.2L-1957/01. Seven 1.2L-1959/01. Seven 1.2L-1960/01. Seven 1.2L-1961/01. Seven 1.6L-1969/01. Seven 1.6L-1969/01. Super Seven 1.1L-1958/01. Super Seven 1.1L-1959/01. Super Seven 1.1L-1960/01. Super Seven 1.1L-1961/01. Super Seven 1.3L-1962/01. Super Seven 1.3L-1963/01. Super Seven 1.3L-1964/01. Super Seven 1.3L-1965/01. Super Seven 1.3L-1966/01. Super Seven 1.3L-1967/01. Super Seven 1.3L-1968/01. Super Seven 1.5L-1962/01. Super Seven 1.5L-1963/01. Super Seven 1.5L-1965/01. Super Seven 1.5L-1966/01. Super Seven 1.5L-1967/01. Marshall 154. Mercedes Transporter L 206 1620cc Petrol 40kW 54hp-1972/01(Austin A60 eng). Transporter L 306 1620cc Petrol 40kW 54hp-1972/01(Austin A60 eng). Nissan C3. F-135. P3; P4. Same Italia | 35. Italia | 35; V; VDT. Italia | V; VDT. Sametto | 35, V; VDT. Sametto | V; VDT. Venieri 40C; 50C; 50R

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    As these are our fastest moving items the Manufacturer, Picture and exact Size may vary then we can second source if necessary to complete orders quickly. Be assured we only supply quality Filter Brands from globally recognised Filter Manufacturers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. Our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Alco, SF Schupp, MP Filtri, Solberg and Vokes.

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