FIN-FL71292 Filter-Lube(Equivalent: MD-273A, P7015, LF3573)

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  • Part Number FIN-FL71292
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

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    Stock Level at Inline 3-7 day lead: 6
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    Description: Filter-Lube(Cartridge Round)
    Category: Filters-Lube > Cartridge > Round
    Updated: 31/07/2021

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    Height: 199mm
    OD/WidthMax: 84mm
    OD/WidthMin: 83mm
    ID/DepthMax: 23mm
    ID/DepthMin: 21mm

    Alco MD235, MD-235, MD273A, MD-273A, MD483A, MD-483A, AP Lockheed AP3678, LK3366, LK-3366, LK3678, LK-3678, Atlas Copco 3216921403, 3216-9214-03, Baldwin P7015, Bosch 1457429624, 1-457-429-624, 1457429646, 1-457-429-646, 14574296460FC, 1457429646-0FC, P9646, Claas 0001336332, 01335300, 01336330, 01336331, 133530, 133530.0, 1335300, 133633.0, 133633.1, 133633.2, 1336330, 1336331, 1336332, Coopers Fiaam AZL458, FA4958, FA5560, G1019, G971, RG971, Crosland 9365, Demag 13113774, 760017, 76001700, Donaldson P172545, P502210, P550315, P779963, Fil ML1287, ML1292, MLE1352, Filtration Control FCL7192, Filtron OM513, Fleetguard LF3355, LF3573, LF4156, Fleetrite LFR83355, LFR83573, Ford 5011473, A830X6731MA, Fram CH28161, CH2969, CH4470, CH4474, CH4474A, CH5262, CH8983, Greyfriars 554P/1, 554P1, Grove 9414992391, Hengst D06E196.24, D06E19624, D06E197.24, D06E197/24, D06E19724, E196.24, E19624, E197H, Hifi Hirschi Jura SO7001, Hitachi 36418009, Inline FFRCH4474, FFR-CH4474, FINFL71292, FIN-FL71292, FL71292, Lautrette Mecafilter ELH4738, Leyland Daf BL BBU7297, Liebherr 560282808, 5602828-08, 7004125, Luberfiner LP2220, LP2220X, M MO1141, Mahle Knecht AF34, AF34D, OX137DECO, OX53, OX73, OX73D, OX95, OX95D, MAN 51.05504.0094, 51055040094, Mann 6750557260, H942, H942X, H947/1X, H9471, H9471X, HU947/1X, HU9471X, Mercedes 0011844225, 0011844325, 0011845225, 0011845525, 11844225, 11844325, 11844725, 11845225, 11845525, 1800809, 1845525, 3521800109, 3660800009, 3661800009, 3661800111, 3661800309, 3661800310, 3661800709, 3661800809, 3661840125, A0011844225, A0011844325, A0011845225, A0011845525, A3521800109, A3661800009, A3661800309, A3661800310, A3661800809, A3661841025, Motorcraft EFL267, Napa 7947, Orenstein and Koppel 1499610, Permatic FH113, Poclain T2750564, Purflux 6220630220, 6221742470, L561, L779, Purolator Facet AF79, AF79D, PL4815, PM2438, PM2438D, Renault 5001846628, 6005019825, Sakura EO2604, EO-2604, O2607, O-2607, O2614, O-2614, O26141, O-2614-1, Savara 9.21.987.17, 92198717, SO976, SF Schupp SO4175, Sogefi Pro GLF122, Ssangyong 4411800109, Tadano 99707303588, Tecneco OL0824, OL08983E, OL08983-E, Tecnocar OP108, OP363, OP824, Teho 5174, D174, TRP 1534494, UFI 25.131.00, 25.537.00, 25.546.00, 2513100, 2553700, 2554600, Wix 557947, 57947, Woodgate WGL9070, WGL947X

    Autosan A10-10M(DC-OM366LA eng). Lider | (DC-OM366A eng). Chrysler Dodge Commando | 100-G11-1974/01(Mercedes OM352 89kW 121hp eng). Commando | 100-G13-1974/01(Mercedes OM352 89kW 121hp eng). Commando | 100-G15-1974/01(Mercedes OM352 89kW 121hp eng). Commando | 100-G16-1974/01(Mercedes OM352 89kW 121hp eng). Claas 204. 204 (OM366LA 163kW 221hp eng). 208 (OM366LA 173kW 235hp eng). Dominator | 108SL(Mercedes OM366LA 132kW 180hp eng). Dominator | 108SL(Mercedes OM366LA 163kW 222hp eng). Dominator | 108VX(Mercedes OM366LA 163kW 221hp eng). Dominator | 68(Mercedes OM352 eng). Dominator | 68(Mercedes OM366 eng). Dominator | 68R; 68S(Mercedes OM352 eng). Dominator | 76(Mercedes OM352 eng). Dominator | 76; 76H; D78; D78S(Mercedes OM352 eng). Dominator | 76H(Mercedes OM352 eng). Dominator | 78S(Mercedes OM352 eng). Dominator | 78S(Mercedes OM366 eng). Dominator | 78S(Mercedes OM366A eng). Dominator | 86(Mercedes OM352 eng). Dominator | 86(Mercedes OM352 eng). Dominator | 86(Mercedes OM352A eng). Dominator | 86(Mercedes OM352A eng). Dominator | 88S(Mercedes OM352 110kW 150hp eng). Dominator | 88SL(Mercedes OM366A eng). Dominator | 88SL(Mercedes OM366A eng). Dominator | 98; 98; 98SL(Mercedes eng). Dominator | 98SL. Dominator | 98SL(Mercedes OM360 171kW 232hp eng). Dominator | 98SL(Mercedes OM366A 171kW 232hp eng). Dominator | 98SL(Mercedes OM366LA 171kW 232hp eng). Dominator | 98VX. Dominator | 98VX(Mercedes OM366LA 147kW 200hp eng). Jaguar | 675-1984/01(Mercedes OM360 eng). Mega | 204; 208(Mercedes OM366LA eng). Mega Dominator | 208. Mega MkII | 202(Mercedes OM366A 118kW 160hp eng). Mega MkII | 203(Mercedes OM366A 125kW 170hp eng). Mega MkII | 204(Mercedes OM366LA 147kW 200hp eng). Mega MkII | 204(Mercedes OM366LA 163kW 222hp eng). Mega MkII | 208(Mercedes OM366LA 176kW 240hp eng). Demag DF140C -1991/01(Mercedes OM366A 123kW 168hp eng). DF140CS -1991/01(Mercedes OM366LA 148kW 202hp eng). HC340(Mercedes eng). V73(Mercedes OM352 eng). Doppstadt Trac | 160-1994/01(Mercedes OM366 118kW 161hp eng). Evobus Setra O309; O309D-1977/01(OM353.966 96kW 130hp eng). O371U-Brazil-1987/01(OM366 100kW 136hp eng). O371UL-Brazil-1993/01(OM366LA 155kW 210hp eng). O402-697.051-1986/01(OM366.917 125kW 170hp eng). O402-697.056-1986/01(OM366.965A 125kW 170hp eng). S210H-1989/01(Mercedes OM441A 191kW 260hp eng). Famsa F1314B; F1314C -1985/01(Mercedes OM366C 103kW 140hp eng). F1317B; F1317C -1985/01(Mercedes OM366A 125kW 170hp eng). F1321B; F1321C -1985/01(Mercedes OM366LA 150kW 210hp eng). F1514 -1985/01(Mercedes OM366C 103kW 140hp eng). F1517 -1985/01(Mercedes OM366A 125kW 170hp eng). F1521 -1985/01(Mercedes OM366LA 150kW 210hp eng). Freightliner Business Class | FL70-1991/01(Mercedes OM366LA 140kW 190hp eng). Business Class | MB60-1991/01(Mercedes OM366LA 125kW 170hp eng). Business Class | MB80-1991/01(Mercedes OM366LA 221kW 300hp eng). Gottwald AMK71-52; AMK86-52. AMK86-52. AMKI26-63; AMKI46-6. AMKIII1-21; AMKIII6-21; AMKIV7. TMK95. Ikarus 405 -1994/01(Mercedes OM364LA 100kW 136hp eng). Kaelble SL14 (Mercedes OM366A 123kW 168hp eng). Kassbohrer Pisten Bully | 210DR(Mercedes eng). Pisten Bully | 22.130(Mercedes eng). Pisten Bully | 220DR(Mercedes eng). Pisten Bully | 230DR(Mercedes eng). Pisten Bully | 25.130D(Mercedes eng). S210H(Mercedes OM441 eng). Liebherr LR611; LR611LH; LR611M(D924T eng). LR611LH-Motor(Mercedes OM352 63kW 86hp eng). LR621B. PR711. PR711. PR711; PR711M(Mercedes OM352 63kW 86hp eng). PR721; PR721B; PR721BM-1990/01(Mercedes OM352 eng). MAN 33.343DF-1994/01(D2865LF21 eng). 33.403DF-1994/01(D2866LF20 eng). 33.463DF-1994/01(D2876LF02 eng). 35.343VF(D2865LF21 eng). 35.364F; 35.364VF(D2865LF35 eng). 35.463VF(D2876LF02 eng). Mercedes 1013-1978/01(OM352 eng). 1113-1978/01(OM352 eng). 1114 LK675-1984/01(OM366.907; OM366.914 100kW 136hp eng). 1117(OM366A eng). 1117A-LK676.112-1987/01(OM366.966A 125kW 170hp eng). 1117A-LK676.112-1992/01(OM356; OM366A 125kW 170hp eng). 1117-LK676-1984/01(OM366A 125kW 170hp eng). 1117-LK676-1992/01(OM366.941A 125kW 170hp eng). 1120-LK677-1984/01(OM366.988LA 155kW 211hp eng). 1120-LK677-1992/01(OM356; OM366LA 155kW 211hp eng). 1120-LK677-1994/01(OM357; OM366LA 155kW 211hp eng). 1124AF-LK677.184; LK677.197-1994/01(OM357; OM366LA 177kW 240hp eng). 1124AF-LK677-1992/01(OM356; OM366LA 177kW 240hp eng). 1213-1978/01(OM352 eng). 1224AF-MK650.282; MK650.286-1993/01(OM356; OM366LA 180kW 245hp eng). 1224AF-MK650.282-1994/01(OM357; OM366LA 180kW 245hp eng). 1313-1978/01(OM352 eng). 1317(OM366A eng). 1317-LK676-1984/01(OM366A 125kW 170hp eng). 1317-LK676-1992/01(OM356; OM366A 125kW 170hp eng). 1317-LK676-1994/01(OM357; OM366LA 125kW 170hp eng). 1320-LK677.032-1984/01(OM366.962A 155kW 211hp eng). 1320-LK677-1992/01(OM356; OM366LA 155kW 211hp eng). 1320-LK677-1994/01(OM357LA 155kW 211hp eng). 1324(OM366LA eng). 1324-LK679-1991/01(OM356; OM366LA 177kW 240hp eng). 1324-LK679-1991/01(OM366.999LA 177kW 240hp eng). 1324-LK679-1994/01(OM357; OM366LA 177kW 240hp eng). 1413-1978/01(OM352 eng). 1417(OM366A eng). 1417-MK651.012-1994/01(OM357; OM366A 125kW 170hp eng). 1417-MK651-1989/01(OM366.952A 125kW 170hp eng). 1417-MK651-1992/01(OM356; OM366A 125kW 170hp eng). 1419(OM362LA eng). 1420-MK651-1990/01(OM356; OM366LA 155kW 211hp eng). 1422F-651.087-1993/01(OM356; OM366LA 169kW 230hp eng). 1513-1978/01(OM352 eng). 1517(OM366A eng). 1517-LK676-1989/01(OM366.979A 125kW 170hp eng). 1517-LK676-1992/01(OM356; OM366A 125kW 170hp eng). 1520-LK677-1989/01(OM366.995LA 155kW 211hp eng). 1520-LK677-1992/01(OM356; OM366LA 155kW 211hp eng). 1524(OM366LA eng). 1524-LK679-1991/01(OM366.999LA 177kW 240hp eng). 1617(OM366A eng). 1619(OM362LA eng). 1620-1978/01(OM352 eng). 1621-1978/01(OM352 eng). 1623-1978/01(OM352 eng). 1717(OM366A eng). 1717-MK652-1989/01(OM366A 129kW 175hp eng). 1718K-MK652-1990/01(OM366A 135kW 184hp eng). 1720-MK652-1990/01(OM356; OM366LA 155kW 211hp eng). 1813-1978/01(OM352 eng). 1816. 1820AK; 1820K-MK652-1992/01(OM356; OM366LA 155kW 211hp eng). 1820-MK652-1992/01(OM356; OM366LA 155kW 211hp eng). 1921-1978/01(OM352 eng). 1923-1978/01(OM352 eng). 2020-1978/01(OM352 eng). 2023-1978/01(OM352 eng). 2219(OM362LA eng). 2220-1978/01(OM352 eng). 2223-1978/01(OM352 eng). 2420-MK653-1990/01(OM356; OM366LA 155kW 211hp eng). 2623-1978/01(OM352 eng). 613-1978/01(Mercedes OM352 eng). 710(OM346; OM352 eng). 810; 811(OM346; OM352 eng). 814L; 814LOLK-674-1986/01(OM366.910; OM366.932 100kW 136hp eng). 814LK-674-1984/01(OM366.905; OM366.906; OM366.907 100kW 136hp eng). 817D. 817FLK-676-1992/01(OM356; OM366A 125kW 170hp eng). 817LK-676-1984/01(OM366; OM366A 116kW 158hp eng). 817LOLK-676.263-1992/01(OM356; OM366A 125kW 170hp eng). 817LOLK-676-1986/01(OM366.969A 125kW 170hp eng). 911(OM346; OM352 eng). 912. 914. 914KOLK-674.090-1987/01(OM366.940 100kW 136hp eng). 917AFLK-676-1987/01(OM366A 125kW 170hp eng). 917AFLK-676-1992/01(OM356; OM366A 125kW 170hp eng). 917D. 917LK-676-1985/01(OM366A 125kW 170hp eng). L613D-313-1977/01(OM353.963; OM353.966 96kW 130hp eng). LP1013-318-1976/01(OM353.904; OM353.914; OM353.965; OM353.981 96kW 130hp eng). LP813-318-1973/01(OM353.904; OM353.981 96kW 130hp eng). LP913-318-1977/01(OM353 96kW 130hp eng). MB Trac | 1100-442; 443-1976/01(OM353 81kW 110hp eng). MB Trac | 1300; 1400; 1600. MB Trac | 1300-1300-1979/01. MB Trac | 1300-443.161-1976/01(OM353A 92kW 125hp eng). MB Trac | 1300-443-1987/01(OM366A 92kW 125hp Turbo eng). MB Trac | 1400-443-1987/01(OM366A 100kW 136hp Turbo eng). MB Trac | 1500. MB Trac | 1600-443-1987/01(OM366A 115kW 157hp Turbo eng). MB Trac | 1800(OM366LA eng). MB Trac | 1800-1990/01(OM366LA 132kW 180hp Intercooler eng). MB Trac | 95; 105. MB Trac | 95; 105-1974/01(OM352 eng). NG 2220 619 -1985/01(OM366.983LA 150kW 204hp eng). NG 1013 380-1976/01(OM353.942; OM353.943 96kW 130hp eng). NG 1213 K; AK-1975/01(OM353.943; OM353.946 96kW 130hp eng). NG 1413 K; AK-1975/01(OM353 96kW 130hp eng). NG 1414 616 -1984/01(OM366.906; OM366.909 100kW 136hp eng). NG 1417 AKO -1975/01(OM353.953 124kW 168hp eng). NG 1420 616 -1985/01(OM366.983LA 155kW 211hp eng). NG 1613-1975/01(OM353.944; OM353.946 96kW 130hp eng). NG 1614 617 -1984/01(OM366.906 100kW 136hp eng). NG 1617 -1975/01(OM353.951; OM353.953 124kW 168hp eng). NG 1617 C 617 -1984/01(OM366.951A 125kW 170hp eng). NG 1620 617 -1985/01(OM366.983LA 150kW 204hp eng). O309D(OM352 eng). OM352. OM352-1979/01. OM352-1979/01. OM366; OM366A; OM366LA-1985/01. U100. U1000. U110. U1100. U1200. U125. U1300. U1500. U1700. U70. U80. U84. U90. U900. U95. Unimog | 352. Unimog | U1000. Unimog | U1000-424.121-1977/01(OM353.962 75kW 102hp eng). Unimog | U1000-427.100-1988/01(OM366.915 75kW 102hp eng). Unimog | U1100L-416.141-1977/01(OM353.940 81kW 110hp eng). Unimog | U1150-417.110; 417.210-1988/01(OM353.940 81kW 110hp eng). Unimog | U1150L-417.111; 417.120; 417.211-1988/01(OM353.940 81kW 110hp eng). Unimog | U1200-427.101-1988/01(OM366.949A 110kW 150hp eng). Unimog | U1250-427.110-1988/01(OM366.949A 92kW 125hp eng). Unimog | U1300-425.121-1977/01(OM353.973A 92kW 125hp eng). Unimog | U1300L-435.115; 435.117-1977/01(OM353.961 100kW 136hp eng). Unimog | U1300L-435.116-1986/01(OM366.955A 100kW 136hp eng). Unimog | U1350L-437.110-1988/01(OM366.955A 100kW 136hp eng). Unimog | U1400; U1400A-427.102-1988/01(OM366.947; OM366.956A 100kW 136hp eng). Unimog | U1450-427.112-1988/01(OM366.947A 100kW 136hp eng). Unimog | U1500-425.141-1977/01(OM353.958 110kW 150hp eng). Unimog | U1550-424.126-1986/01(OM353.958 110kW 150hp eng). Unimog | U1550L-437.111; 437.112; 437.120-1988/01(OM366.956A eng). Unimog | U1550L-437.111; 437.116; 437.125-1990/01(OM356; OM366LA eng). Unimog | U1550L-437.111; 437.120-1992/01(OM356; OM366A eng). Unimog | U1600; U1600A-427.105-1988/01(OM366A 115kW 156hp eng). Unimog | U1600; U1600A-427.105-1991/01(OM356; OM366A 115kW 156hp eng). Unimog | U1650-427.115-1988/01(OM366.948A 115kW 156hp eng). Unimog | U1650-427.115-1992/01(OM356; OM366A 115kW 156hp eng). Unimog | U1650L-427.116-1988/01(OM366.948A 115kW 156hp eng). Unimog | U1650L-427.116-1992/01(OM356; OM366A 115kW 156hp eng). Unimog | U1700-435.110-1978/01(OM353.959 125kW 170hp eng). Unimog | U1700-437.100-1988/01(OM366.963A 125kW 170hp eng). Unimog | U1700-437.100-1992/01(OM356; OM366A 125kW 170hp eng). Unimog | U1750-437.112; 437.130-1988/01(OM366.963A 127kW 170hp eng). Unimog | U1750-437.112; 437.130-1992/01(OM356; OM366A 127kW 170hp eng). Unimog | U2100; U2100A-437.105-1989/01(OM366.984LA 155kW 211hp eng). Unimog | U2100; U2100A-437.105-1991/01(OM356; OM366LA 155kW 211hp eng). Unimog | U2150; U2150A-437.117; 437.135-1991/01(OM356; OM366LA 155kW 211hp eng). Unimog | U2150; U24150A-437.117; 437.135-1989/01(OM366.984LA 155kW 211hp eng). Unimog | U900. Unimog | U900-403; 406; 417-1975/01(OM353.902 62kW 85hp eng). Unimog | U95-424-1976/01(OM353.962 70kW 95hp eng). Neoplan Jetliner | N208-1988/01(Mercedes OM366LA 150kW 204hp eng). New Holland 8050(Mercedes OM352 eng). 8060(Mercedes OM352 eng). 8070(Mercedes OM352 eng). 8080(Mercedes OM352 eng). TF44(Mercedes OM360 eng). TX34(Mercedes OM352 eng). Prinoth TC. Schlueter Super Trac | 1700TVL-1988/01(Mercedes OM366LA eng). Super Trac | 1900TVL-1988/01(Mercedes OM366LA eng). Vetter LP811/36; LP811/42-1972/01(Mercedes OM352 eng). Volvo DR30-1973/01(Mercedes OM352A eng). Winget CP22-1992/01(Mercedes OM352 79kW 108hp eng). CP30-1992/01(Mercedes OM352 94kW 128hp eng). Zeppelin Z130B -1996/01(Mercedes OM366A 120kW 164hp eng)

    These are Inline Filters own Part Numbers and carry the bulk of our Catalogue information which includes Cross Reference, Vehicle Applications, Size and Specifications data. They will always be a Quality Brand although not Brand Specific which enables us to offer the best Price and Stock Availability.

    As these are our fastest moving items the Manufacturer, Picture and exact Size may vary then we can second source if necessary to complete orders quickly. Be assured we only supply quality Filter Brands from globally recognised Filter Manufacturers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. Our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Alco, SF Schupp, MP Filtri, Solberg and Vokes.

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