FIN-FL70329 Filter-Lube(Equivalent: P7136, LF16182, HU932/6N)

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  • Part Number FIN-FL70329
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

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    Description: Filter-Lube(Cartridge Round)
    Category: Filters-Lube > Cartridge > Round
    Details: Eco type cartridge. Lube Element. Also [2] Attached A-Gasket. Also [1] Included O Ring.
    Updated: 31/07/2021

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    Height: 110mm
    OD/WidthMax: 83mm
    OD/WidthMin: 83mm
    ID/DepthMax: 40mm
    ID/DepthMin: 24mm

    AC Delco AC6229E, AC6273E, PF2193, Alco MD353, MD-353, Atlas Copco M79, M-79, Audi 21115562B, Baldwin P7136, BluePrint ADL ADA102103, ADA102104, Bosch 0986AF0259, 1457429142, P9142, Champion COF100515E, XE515, XE515/606, XE515606, Chrysler Dodge 05015171AA, 5015171AA, Coopers Fiaam FA5440, FA5440ECO, G1348, Crosland 1034, Delphi Lucas CAV FX0118, Fil MLE1444, Filtron OE640, Fleetguard LF16182, Ford 1025629, 95VW6714AB, Fram CH8158, CH8158ECO, Hengst D28E1001H, E1001H, E1001HD28, Inline FFRCH8158, FFR-CH8158, FINFL70329, FIN-FL70329, FL70329, Kralinator L749, Lautrette Mecafilter ELH4231, Luberfiner P846, M MO1186, MU1186, Magneti Marelli 71758799, Mahle Knecht OX1015, OX1083D, OX160, OX160D, OX160D0EK0, OX160DECO, OX160DOEKO, Mann 6750357630, H826, H932/6N, H9326N, HU932/6N, HU9326N, Mercedes 0001801509, 1801509, A0001801509, Motaquip VFL406, VFL432, Motorcraft EFL399, Napa 21212, 91212, Porsche 955.107.561.00, 95510756100, Powertrain PMFL251, Purolator Facet L25250, L27747, Sakura EO2603, EO-2603, EO2625, EO-2625, SF Schupp SO4870, Sofima S5010PE, Tecneco OL0113E, OL0113-E, Tecnocar OP113, Teho 5512, UFI 25.010.00, 2501000, Unipart GFE401, Valeo 586526, Vauxhall GM 25313731, Volkswagen 021115561B, 021115562A, 21115561B, 21115562A, Wix WL7007

    Audi A8 (4D) 3.7 V8 40V 3697cc Petrol 191kW 260hp-1998/01(AKC; AQG eng). A8 (4D) 4.2 S8 4172cc Petrol 265kW 360hp-1999/01(AQH; AVP eng). A8 (4D) 4.2 V8 4172cc Petrol 175kW 239hp-1999/01(ARU; AVN eng). A8 (4D) 4.2 V8 4172cc Petrol 228kW 310hp-1998/01(AQF; FQF eng). A8 3.7 Litre Petrol(BFL 3697cc 280hp eng). A8 3.7 Litre V8 40V(AKC; AQG 260hp eng). A8 4.2 Litre V8 40V(AQF; FQF 310hp eng). A8 4.2 Litre V8 40V(AQH; AVP 360hp eng). A8 Quattro-2000/01(4.2L eng). A8 Quattro-2001/01(4.2L eng). A8 Quattro-2002/01(4.2L eng). A8 Quattro-2003/01(4.2L eng). Q7 (4L) 3.6 FSI quattro 4L 3597cc Petrol 206kW 280hp-2006/01(BHK eng). Q7 3.6 Litre Multi Point Injection(BMK 280hp eng). Q7-2007/01(3.6L eng). Q7-2008/01(3.6L eng). Q7-2009/01(3.6L eng). Q7-2010/01(3.6L eng). S8-2001/01(4.2L eng). S8-2002/01(4.2L eng). S8-2003/01(4.2L eng). Chrysler Dodge Grand Cherokee II (WJ/WG) 3.1TD 3125cc Diesel 103kW 140hp-1999/01(Motori VM eng). Ford Galaxy 2.8 Litre CD Injection V6 DOHC 172bhp. Galaxy I 2.8i V6 2792cc Petrol 128kW 174hp-1995/01(AAA eng). Galaxy I 2.8i V6 4x4 2792cc Petrol 128kW 174hp-1996/01(AAA eng). Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.1 Litre Injection 140bhp. Grand Cherokee 3.1 Litre Turbo Diesel. Mercedes V280 638.244 2792cc Petrol 128kW 174hp-1997/01(M104.900 V6 eng). V280 MPV 2.8 Litre Petrol 12V OHC(OM104.900 2792cc 174hp Petrol eng). Porsche Cayenne 3.2 Litre Multi Point Injection 3189cc 250bhp. Cayenne I (955) 3.2 V6 Petrol 184kW 250hp-2003/01(M02.2Y eng). Cayenne I (955) 3.6 V6 3598cc Petrol 213kW 290hp-2007/01(M55.01 eng). Cayenne II (958) 3.6 V6 3598cc Petrol 220kW 300hp-2010/01(M55.02 eng). Cayenne-2004/01(3.2L eng). Cayenne-2005/01(3.2L eng). Cayenne-2006/01(3.2L eng). Cayenne-2008/01(3.6L eng). Cayenne-2009/01(3.6L eng). Cayenne-2010/01(3.6L eng). Cayenne-2011/01(3.6L eng). Volkswagen Bora 2.3 Litre V5(AGZ 150hp eng). Caravelle 2.8 Litre V6(AES 140hp eng). Caravelle 3.2 Litre Multi Point Injection(BDL; BKK 231hp eng). Caravelle T5 3.2 V6 7HM; 7HF 3189cc Petrol 170kW 230hp-2003/01(BDL eng). Caravelle T5 3.2 V6 7HM; 7HF 3189cc Petrol 173kW 235hp-2003/01(CFLA; BKK eng). Eurovan-1997/01(2.8L eng). Eurovan-1999/01(2.8L eng). Eurovan-2000/01(2.8L eng). Eurovan-2001/01(2.8L eng). Eurovan-2002/01(2.8L eng). Golf 2.8 Litre VR6(AAA 174hp eng). Golf III (1H1; 1H5) 2.8i VR6 1H1; 1H5 2792cc Petrol 128kW 174hp-1992/01(AAA eng). Golf III (1H1; 1H5) 2.9i VR6 1H1; 1H5 2861cc Petrol 140kW 190hp-1994/01(ABV eng). Golf-1997/01(2.8L eng). Golf-1998/01(2.8L eng). Golf-1999/01(2.8L eng). Golf-2000/01(2.8L eng). Golf-2001/01(2.8L eng). Golf-2002/01(2.8L eng). GTi-1999/01(2.8L eng). GTi-1999/01(2.8L eng). GTi-2000/01(2.8L eng). GTi-2001/01(2.8L eng). GTi-2002/01(2.8L eng). Jetta-1997/01(2.8L eng). Jetta-1998/01(2.8L eng). Jetta-1999/01(2.8L eng). Jetta-2000/01(2.8L eng). Jetta-2001/01(2.8L eng). Jetta-2002/01(2.8L eng). Passat (3A2/5; 35I) 2.8 VR6 2792cc Petrol 128kW 174hp-1991/01(AAA eng). Passat (3A2/5; 35I) 2.9 VR6 Syncro 2861cc Petrol 135kW 184hp-1994/01(ABV eng). Passat (3B2/3B5) 2.3 VR5 2327cc Petrol 110kW 150hp-1996/01(AGZ eng). Passat (3B3/3B6) 2.3 V5 Petrol 125kW 170hp-2000/01(AZX eng). Passat (3B3/3B6) 4.0 W8 4Motion 3998cc Petrol 202kW 275hp-2001/01(BDN eng). Passat 2.3 Litre VR5(AGZ10V 150hp eng). Passat 2.3 Litre(AZX 2324cc 170hp eng). Passat 2.8 Litre VR6 Synchro(ABV 184hp eng). Passat 4.0 Litre Multi Point Injection V8(BDN 3999cc 275hp eng). Passat-1996/01(2.8L eng). Passat-2002/01(4.0L eng). Passat-2003/01(4.0L eng). Passat-2004/01(4.0L eng). Phaeton 3.0 V6 3D2 Petrol 184kW 250hp-2011/01(CPFA eng). Phaeton 3.2 Litre Multi Point Injection(AYT; BKL; BRK 237hp eng). Phaeton 3.2 V6 3D2 3184cc Petrol 177kW 241hp-2002/01(AYT; BKL; BRK eng). Phaeton 3.6 V6 3D2 Petrol 206kW 280hp-2008/01(CHNA; CMVA eng). Phaeton 6.0 W12 3D2 5998cc Petrol 309kW 420hp-2002/01(BAN eng). Sharan 2.8 Litre VR6 24V(AAA; AMY 174hp eng). Sharan I (7M) 2.8 VR6 2792cc Petrol 128kW 174hp-1995/01(AAA; AMY eng). Sharan I (7M) 2.8 VR6 2792cc Petrol 128kW 174hp-1995/01(AAA; AMY eng). Touareg 3.2 Litre Injection V6(AZZ; BAA; BRS; BKJ; BMV 217hp eng). Touareg 3.6 Litre(BHK 276hp eng). Touareg I (7L) 3.2 V6 3189cc Petrol 177kW 241hp-2003/01(BMV; BMX; BKJ; BRJ eng). Touareg I (7L) 3.2 V6 Petrol 162kW 220hp-2002/01(AZZ; BAA eng). Touareg I (7L) 3.6 FSI 3597cc Petrol 206kW 280hp-2005/01(BHK eng). Touareg II (7P) 3.6 FSI 7P 3597cc 183kW 249hp-2010/01(CMTA eng). Touareg II (7P) 3.6 FSI 7P 3597cc 206kW 280hp-2010/01(CGRA eng). Touareg-2004/01(3.2L eng). Touareg-2005/01(3.2L eng). Touareg-2006/01(3.2L eng). Touareg-2006/01(3.6L eng). Touareg-2007/01(3.6L eng). Touareg-2008/01(3.6L eng). Touareg-2009/01(3.6L eng). Touareg-2010/01(3.6L eng). Touareg-2011/01(3.6L eng). Transporter 2.8 Litre Injection(AES 140hp eng). Transporter 3.2 Litre Petrol V6(BDL 230hp eng). Transporter T4 2.8-1995/01(AES eng). Transporter T5 3.2 V6-2003/01(BKK; BLD eng). Transporter/Bus (T4) 2.8 T4;70 2792cc Petrol 103kW 140hp-1995/01(AES eng). Transporter/Bus (T5) 3.2 V6 7H; 7J 3189cc Petrol 170kW 230hp-2003/01(BDL eng). Transporter/Bus (T5) 3.2 V6 7H; 7J 3189cc Petrol 173kW 235hp-2003/01(BKK; CFLA eng). Vento (1H2) 2.8 VR6 2792cc Petrol 128kW 174hp-1992/01(AAA eng). Vento VR6 2.8 Litre(AAA 174hp eng)

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