FIN-FL70254 Filter-Lube(Equivalent: P52, LF504, PF1190X, 521347)

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  • Part Number FIN-FL70254
  • Manufactured by: Inline

    Part No: Inline FL70254 (Also available as Brand Specific: FBW-P52, FMH-PF1190X)
    Our Stock Level: 2
    More Stock: Any further stock usually 2-10 weeks
    Details: By-Pass Lube Element with Bail Handle. Also G115-A, G115-MSB F-Gasket. Also G208-A, G280, ES1071 O-Gasket. Also [2] Attached Grommet.
    Updated: 19/10/2021

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    Height: 203mm
    OD/WidthMax: 107mm
    OD/WidthMin: 107mm
    ID/DepthMax: 14mm
    ID/DepthMin: 13mm

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K25/36V; K25/36VA-1972/01(Mercedes OM355 eng). K25W-1971/01(Mercedes OM355 eng). KF30.41/48-1972/01(Mercedes OB355 eng). Federal 3400. 35; 45; 55; 65; 66. 400R; 600R. 4400. 4500; 5500. 45M; 55M. 6500. Fitzjohn Falcon | . Flxible 2362DD1. F2D6V-401. Ford 200BG; 200CA; 210; 210CA; 210SP; 220; 220AG; 220CCA; 220SP(GMC 6V-53N eng). L8000; LN8000; LNT8000; LT8000; LTS8000. Fox River 0160(GMC 4-71 eng). 0424(GMC 4-71 eng). FWD HC-6x6-D; HCY-6x6-D; SUD; YUD. MU6x6D; ZUD. RS6-404D; RS6-411D. Galion 104(GMC 3-71; 4-71 eng). 118B(GMC 4-71 eng). 160(GMC 6-71 eng). 400(GMC 4-71 eng). 560; 560E(GMC 6-71; 6V-71 eng). F1900(GMC 6V-71 eng). Gardner RP600D; RP600DB(GM eng). RP900D; RP900DB(GMC 6-110 eng). SP1200(GMC 12V-71 eng). SP1200(GMC 6-110 eng). SP1200(GMC 8V-71 eng). SP365(GMC 4-71 eng). SP600(GMC 6-71 eng). SP900(GMC 12V-71 eng). SP900(GMC 6-110 eng). SP900(GMC 8V-71 eng). WHD105(GMC 2-71 eng). Garwood Buckeye 160(GMC 4-71 eng). 314; 315; 318(GM eng). 411AD(GMC 2-71 eng). 754A; 754B; 756B(GM eng). 75A; 75B; 75BT; 100BT(GM eng). Bushmaster | (GMC 3-71 eng). FG24F(GMC 2-71 eng). Gehl SP188(Waukesha 135GU eng). Gerlinger SRH7057. Gorman Rupp 16A(GMC 2-71 eng). 310A(GMC 3-71 eng). 55A; 55M; 55T(GMC 2-53 eng). 55A; 55M; 55T(GMC 2-71; 3-71; 4-71 eng). 55T(GMC 6-71 eng). 612(GMC 6-71 eng). 66B(GMC 2-71; 3-71; 4-71 eng). 66B(GMC 6-71 eng). 86A(GMC 2-71; 3-71; 4-71 eng). 86A(GMC 3-53; 4-53 eng). 88A; 88B(GMC 2-53 eng). 88A; 88B(GMC 2-71; 3-71; 4-71 eng). 88A; 88B(GMC 3-53; 4-53 eng). Gottwald AMK45(Mercedes OB360 eng). Gradall 4418(GMC 4-53 eng). G1000(GMC 4055C; 4057C eng). G800(GMC 4-71 Upper eng). H900(GMC 8V-71 eng). Hopto | H550(GMC 4-53 eng). Gray Marine 200. D260. D427. D572. D802. Express | 427. Lugger | 330. Phantom | 125. Grove 25GF(GMC 4-71N eng). 25GF; 30GC(GMC 6-71N eng). 30GF(GMC 6-71N eng). 55GF(GMC 6-71N eng). RT48(Hercules G3400 eng). RT49(Hercules G3400 eng). RT62S(GMC 6V-53N eng). RT65S(GMC 8V-71 eng). RT75S(GMC 6V-53N eng). TD150(GMC 4-71N eng). TM155(GMC 4-71N eng). TM180(GMC 4-71N eng). TM400(GMC 6V-53 eng). TM55(GMC 6V-53 eng). TM550(GMC 6V-53 eng). Hancock 282(GMC 4-71 eng). 292B(GMC 4-71N eng). 292C; 292E(GMC 4-71N eng). 294(GMC 4-71N eng). Harnischfeger 105ATC; 105B(278C18 eng). 105ATC; 105B(GMC 2-71 eng). 155A(278C18 eng). 155A(GMC 2-71 eng). 225(387C18 eng). 225A(487C18 eng). 287C. 287C18; 287C18A. 387C. 387C18; 387C18A; 387C18T. 387H18; 387H18T. 420; 425; 440; 525; 535(GMC 4-71 eng). 487C. 487C18; 487C18A; 487C18T; 487H18; 487H18T. 550; 550TC(GMC 4-71 eng). 55ATC(278C18 eng). 575TC. 595TC(487C18 eng). 687C. 687C18; 687C18A; 687C18T; 687H18; 687H18T. Upper Frame | 325TC(GMC 4-71 eng). Upper Frame | 535TC; 540TC(GMC 4-71 eng). Upper Frame | 650TC(GMC 4-71 eng). Hein Werner C32(GMC 8V-71 eng). C32(GMC 8V-71 eng). Hercules 440. DFHX-Marine. DIXV8; DNXV8; DNXV8D; DNXV8DTS; DNXV8S. HXB; HXC; HXCL; HXD; HXLD; HXLE. JXLA2ER-Military. QXLDER-Military. RXB; RXC. RXLC; RXLD; RXLDH; TDXB; TDXC. TCD-1468. WX; WXL. Hough D100; D100B; H100; H100B; H100C(GMC 6V-71; 8V-71 eng). H65B(GMC 3-71 eng). H70B(GMC 3-71; 4-71 eng). H70C; H70F(GMC 3-71; 4-71 eng). H90; H90B(GMC 4-71 eng). Huber Warco 10-14 Ton | (GMC 2-71 eng). 10D(GMC 4-71 eng). 11D(GMC 6-71 eng). 1852(GMC 6V-71 eng). 35T7(GMC 4-71 eng). 4D115(GMC 4-71 eng). 4D85(GMC 3-71 eng). 5D190(GMC 6-71 eng). 6D(GMC 3-71 eng). 7D(GMC 4-71 eng). 9D(GMC 3-71 eng). D1000(GMC 4-53; 4-71; 6V-53 eng). D1100; D1300; D1400; D1500(GMC 4-53; 4-71 eng). D1700; F1700; F1900(GMC 6V-53; 6V-71 eng). R6310; R6410; R6510(GMC 3-71 eng). R6710(GMC 2-71 eng). R6810(GMC 2-71 eng). R7910; R8310(GMC 3-71 eng). R8710(GMC 2-71 eng). R8810(GMC 2-71 eng). T58; T810(GMC 2-71 eng). T812; T1014(GMC 2-71 eng). Unknown Model | -10 Ton; 12 Ton(GMC 3-71 eng). Unknown Model | -12 Ton; 14 Ton(GMC 3-71 eng). Unknown Model | -5-8 Ton; 8-10 Ton; 8-12 Ton(GMC 2-71 eng). Hymac 888. BT33F; LW40; LW50; LW60. Hyster C440A(GMC 6V-53N eng). H360A; H400A; H460A(Continental Gas eng). M500A; M600A(T427 eng). Ingersoll Rand DL600; DR600; GR600(GMC 6-71 eng). DL900; DR900; L900(GMC 6-110; 8V-71 eng). DR315(GMC 3-71; 4-71 eng). DR365(GMC 3-71; 4-71 eng). DXL750(GMC 6V-71 eng). Gyro-Flo | 105(GMC 2-71 eng). HHE(GMC 12108T; 6-110 eng). Insley 3000(GMC 8V-71; 12V-71 eng). Iveco BM19(Mercedes OM355 eng). BM20; BM21ME; BM22; BM22M(Mercedes OM355 eng). Jaeger 900(GM eng). R365-6(GMC 4-71 eng). R600-5(GMC 6-71 eng). Rotary | 125(Continental HD260-2229 eng). John Bean 401CP; 402CP; 453CP; 454CP(GMC 270 eng). 493CP; 494CP(GMC 270 eng). John Deere 8010; 8020. 8010; 8020. Joy 56BH; 58BH; 59BH(GMC 6-71; 6-110 eng). AP2(GMC 12V-71 eng). RP365D(GMC 4-71 eng). RP600D; RPS600(GMC 6-71 eng). RP900(GMC 6-110 eng). WN102(GMC 6-71 eng). Kaelble GN110S; GN110V; GN115S; GN115V. GN130S; GO130S. LR14; LR14M; PR14; PR14M(Mercedes OM360 eng). PR125. SL10(Mercedes OM352 eng). SL18B(DB eng). Kobelco K909(Detroit Diesel 6-71 eng). K935(Detroit Diesel 6-71 eng). Koehring 155(GMC 3-51 eng). 205(GMC 2-71 eng). 304(GMC 3-71 eng). 405(GMC 4-71 eng). 505-1B(GM eng). Dumptor | 1860; 2460(GMC 6-71N; 8V-71N eng). Dumptor | W100(GM eng). Twin Batch | 16E(GM eng). Lathrop D60; D80; D90. DH200. Leroi 125G1T. 160G1; 160G2(D382; D471 eng). 163G2. 315G1; 315G2(RX1 eng). 420G(RXOS eng). Air Master | 288(GMC 2-71 eng). D318. D318; D382. D471. RA; RX. TH844; H884; TH884. Tractair | 210; 210G1; 210G1T; 210G2(D471 eng). Letourneau Aeroplane Crash | (GMC 6-71; 6-110 eng). L28; L30; L30-2; L60; L140(GMC 12V-71 eng). M50-55(GMC 12V-71 eng). Liebherr L531. L541. LG1060(Mercedes OM355; OM360 eng). LG1060(Mercedes OM355; OM360 eng). LR611LH-Motor(Mercedes OM352 63kW 86hp eng). LT1020(Mercedes OM355; OM360 eng). LT1030(Mercedes OM355; OM360 eng). LT1045(Mercedes OM403 eng). LT1050(Mercedes OM403 eng). LT1075(Mercedes OM403 eng). LT1080(Mercedes OM404 eng). LT1100(Mercedes OM404 eng). PR711; PR711M(Mercedes OM352 63kW 86hp eng). PR721; PR721B; PR721BM-1990/01(Mercedes OM352 eng). Linkbelt 108(GM eng). 108(Waukesha 135GK; 135GKBUTC; 135GZ eng). 51; 52; 55; 58(GM eng). 68(GM eng). 71; 75(GM eng). 77(GMC 3-71 eng). 77(Waukesha 135GK; 135GKBUTC; 135GZ eng). 78(GM eng). 78(Waukesha 135GK; 135GKBUTC; 135GZ eng). 88(GM eng). 88; HC88; LS88; MS88(Waukesha 135GK; 135GKBUTC; 135GZ eng). 90; 98(GM eng). 98(Waukesha 135GK; 135GKBUTC; 135GZ eng). HC68(GMC 3-53; 4-71 eng). K600(GMC 6-110 eng). LS408(GM eng). LS98(GM eng). Lorain L790(GMC 6V-71N eng). MC530(Waukesha eng). Mack M25XT; M30X; M60X; M65X(GMC 16V-71N eng). RL400; RS400(GMC 6V-53 eng). RL600; RS600(GMC 6V-71N; 8V-71N eng). Manitowoc 2000; 2300(GM eng). 2900(Waukesha 135GZ eng). 3000; 3100; 3400; 3600; 3900; 4000(GM eng). 4500; 4600(GM eng). Marion 35M(GMC 3-71 eng). 35M(GMC 4-71 eng). 35M-25 Ton(GMC 3-71 eng). 35M-25 Ton(Hercules RXLD eng). 362(GMC 6-71 eng). 43M(Waukesha 145GBK eng). 65M(GMC 6-71 eng). 7800(GMC 6-71 eng). Upper Frame | 43M(GMC 4-71; 6-71 eng). Massey Ferguson MF555. MF555D. MF55D; MF55G; MF55K; MF55LP. MF66(GMC 6V-53 eng). MF77(GMC 6V-71 eng). MF88(GMC 8V-71 eng). MF98. Menck M350H(Mercedes OM346 eng). S; SR85(DB eng). Mercedes 1319(Mercedes OM360 eng). 1620(OM355 eng). 2020(OM355 eng). 2220(OM355 eng). 613(Mercedes OM352 eng). 710(OM346; OM352 eng). 710(OM346; OM352 eng). 810; 811(OM346; OM352 eng). 810; 811(OM346; OM352 eng). 911(OM346; OM352 eng). 911(OM346; OM352 eng). L613D-313-1977/01(OM353.963; OM353.966 96kW 130hp eng). L911B-328-1972/01(OM353.911 81kW 110hp eng). LP1013-318-1965/01(OM352 96kW 130hp eng). LP1013-318-1976/01(OM353.904; OM353.914; OM353.965; OM353.981 96kW 130hp eng). LP811-318-1969/01(OM352 81kW 110hp eng). LP813-318-1973/01(OM353.904; OM353.981 96kW 130hp eng). LP911B-318-1967/01(OM352.907; OM352.909; OM352.986 81kW 110hp eng). LP911B-318-1972/01(OM353.909 81kW 110hp eng). LP913-318-1977/01(OM353 96kW 130hp eng). NG 1013 380-1976/01(OM353.942; OM353.943 96kW 130hp eng). NG 1213 K; AK-1975/01(OM353.943; OM353.946 96kW 130hp eng). NG 1413 K; AK-1975/01(OM353 96kW 130hp eng). NG 1417 AKO -1975/01(OM353.953 124kW 168hp eng). NG 1613-1975/01(OM353.944; OM353.946 96kW 130hp eng). NG 1617 -1975/01(OM353.951; OM353.953 124kW 168hp eng). OM327. OM346. OM352. OM352-1977/01. OM352-1977/01. OM355. OM355. OM360. MRS A80(GMC 4-71 eng). A90B; A95; i90S(GMC 6V-53 eng). I110S; I110ES(GMC 12V-71 eng). I90S(GMC 6V-53 eng). Myers A42(G3400 eng). New Holland 1550(Mercedes OM360 eng). 8050(Mercedes OM352 eng). 8060(Mercedes OM352 eng). 8070(Mercedes OM352 eng). 8080(Mercedes OM352 eng). TF44(Mercedes OM360 eng). Northwest 25(GMC 71 eng). Oliver 1900D. AG6; AG6H. B. BGS(Hercules JXD eng). HB25. OC12G. OC156. OC18. Super | 99. Super | 99GM. Oshkosh 287C18; 387C18; 487C18; 687C18. B1838; B1844(GMC 6-71N; 6V-92 eng). FT1091HS(Hall Scott 6182G1 eng). FT1091HS; WA2206(Hall Scott 6182G1 eng). FT817W(Waukesha 145GZ eng). FT817W; W2211; M4819; M4829(Waukesha 145GZ eng). M4815; M4825(Continental R6602 eng). M4819; M4829(Waukesha 145GZ eng). W2211(Waukesha 145GZ eng). W815(Continental R6602 eng). W825-6x6(Continental R6602 eng). WA2206(Hall Scott 6182G1 eng). Otomarsan O302 -1975/01(Mercedes OM360 176kW 240hp eng). Peterbilt 282; 289; 352H; 359; 383(GMC 12V-71N eng). Pettibone Mulliken 250(GMC 4080 eng). PM12; PM401A; PM402; PM402C; PM403; PM404; PM412; PM412; PM427AWPD; PM502; PM502A; PM502; PM612; PM901A(GMC 71 eng). PM285AD; PM340(GMC 4-71 eng). PM440; PM440H; PM550(GMC 4-71 eng). Speedball | 2500(GMC 4-71 eng). Speedball | PM550(GMC 6-71 eng). Priestman Panther | (GMC 2-71 eng). Raygo Ram | 45(GM eng). Ready Power N(Hercules eng). NL(Hercules eng). Rol Pak R801-Military Sr. R8-Military Sr. Schramm 210; 250(GMC 4-71 eng). 300(GMC 4-71 eng). Powair | 600(GMC 8V-71 eng). Sheppard 16; 16B. Steiger 1700(GMC 6-53N eng). Sterling DD115; HC115; HC115H; HC144; HC147; HC155; HD145; HWS160; RWS160; RWS23S; RWS26S. Steyr 1290.230 -1969/01(WD614.69 169kW 230hp eng). 1290.240 -1969/01(WD614.79 177kW 241hp eng). 1390.180 -1971/01(WD610; WD614 132kW 180hp eng). 1490.180 -1970/01(WD614 132kW 179hp eng). 1490.230 -1970/01(WD614.60 169kW 230hp eng). 890.132-1968/01(WD610.19 97kW 132hp eng). 890.150-1968/01(WD610 97kW 132hp eng). 990.180 -1968/01(WD614.01 132kW 180hp eng). Still DFG10. DFG12. DFG15. DG10 W(Mercedes OM352 eng). DG12 W(Mercedes OM352 eng). DG15 W(Mercedes OM352 eng). DG8W(Mercedes OM352 eng). R34(Mercedes OM352 eng). Taylor AT220; IT220(GMC 6-71N eng). Terex 72-21(GM eng). 72-31(GM eng). 72-41(GM eng). 72-51(GMC 6-71N eng). 72-71(GMC 8V-71T eng). 72-81(GM eng). 82-30; 82-30T; 82-40; 82-40T(GM eng). 82-80(GMC 6-71N eng). S11EB(GMC 4-71N eng). S23E(GMC 8V-71T eng). S24(GMC 12V-71T eng). S32(GMC 12V-71T eng). S35E(GMC 12V-71T eng). TS14B(GMC 4-71N eng). TS18(GMC 6V-71N; 8V-71N eng). TS24(GMC 12V-71N eng). TS24(GMC 6-71N eng). TS24(GMC 8V-71 eng). TS32(GMC 12V-71T eng). TS32(GMC 8V-71T eng). Thermoking CGS1250; GS1250(C201; OM636 eng). CGS1250; GS1250(Mercedes OM636 eng). Crown | 500(C201; OM636 eng). Crown | 500(Mercedes OM636 eng). NWD(Mercedes OM636 eng). NWD; Super NWD; RMN; RMS; RMU; Sentry(C201; OM636 eng). NWD; Super NWD; RMN; RMS; RMU; Sentry(Mercedes OM636 eng). SB1(C201; OM636 eng). SB1(Mercedes OM636 eng). SB2(C201; OM636 eng). SB2(Mercedes OM636 eng). TWD(C201; OM636 eng). TWD(Mercedes OM636 eng). UWD; UWD Super; UWTD(Mercedes OM636 eng). UWD; UWTD(C201; OM636 eng). XNWD(C201; OM636 eng). XNWD(Mercedes OM636 eng). Twin Disc MG530. Unit 1014(GMC 71 eng). 1020; 1020A(GMC 71 eng). 1520; 1520T(GMC 71 eng). 357; 360(GMC 3-71 eng). 614; 617(GMC 71 eng). Vermeer T400A(GMC 2-53 eng). Vetter 302-1970/01(Mercedes OM352 MkI eng). 302-1970/01(Mercedes OM360 MkII eng). LP811/36; LP811/42-1972/01(Mercedes OM352 eng). O302-10R; O302-11R; O302-12R-1972/01(Mercedes OM360 eng). O302-13R-1972/01(Mercedes OM355 eng). O302-46; O302-50; O302-58-1972/01(Mercedes OM360 eng). Volvo DR30-1973/01(Mercedes OM352A eng). DR35(Mercedes OM352I eng). DR35; DR35L(Mercedes OM327 eng). Europullmann | -1972/01(Mercedes OM355 eng). O302(Mercedes OM327 176kW 240hp eng). O302-1970/01(Mercedes OM360 176kW 240hp eng). O302-1972/01(Mercedes OM355 176kW 240hp eng). Wabco 555. D111A(GMC 4-71 eng). Waukesha 135GK; 135GZ. 140GK; 140GZ; 145GK; 145GZ. 148DK. 197DL. 6B; 6BZ. 6MK; 6MZ; 6MZA; 6MZR. 6SR. 6WAKD. 6WAKH. F1197D. F320. F554G. F817G; F817GU; F1197G. MZA. WAKD. Western Star Western Star | (GMC 12V-71 eng). Western Star | (GMC 6V-53N eng). Witte 120RDA. Worthington 210(Continental B427 eng). 250(Continental B427 eng). 315(Continental R602 eng). 315(GMC 3-71 eng). 600(GMC 6-71 eng). Yale and Towne 124(GMC 3-53; 3-71 eng). 154(GMC 3-71 eng). 164; 164A(GMC 3-71; 4-71 eng). 2000(GMC 4-71 eng). 2000C(GMC 4-71N eng). 204; 204A(GMC 3-71; 4-71 eng). 254(GMC 4-71 eng). 3000(GMC 6V-53 eng). 304; 304A(GMC 4-71 eng). 404(GMC 4-71; 6-71; 8V-71 eng). 8000. 8000(GMC 12V-71N eng). LHM75; LM75; LMS75(GMC 3055C eng)

    These are Inline Filters own Part Numbers and carry the bulk of our Catalogue information which includes Cross Reference, Vehicle Applications, Size and Specifications data. They will always be a Quality Brand although not Brand Specific which enables us to offer the best Price and Stock Availability.

    As these are our fastest moving items the Manufacturer, Picture and exact Size may vary then we can second source if necessary to complete orders quickly. Be assured we only supply quality Filter Brands from globally recognised Filter Manufacturers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. Our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Alco, SF Schupp, MP Filtri, Solberg and Vokes.

    To visit Websites of the Filter Manufacturer's we use click here MANUFACTURER'S WEBSITES

    To view Catalogues of the Filter Manufacturer's we use click here MANUFACTURER'S CATALOGUES

    Application, Cross Reference and Size data is provided as a guide only, for full compatibility ensure all our specifications match your requirements.
    We sell on a Business to Business Model with highly competitive Trade Pricing.
    All orders must be placed via the Website.

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