FFR-CH836 FILTER-Lube(Alco MD-019, Baldwin P15, Fleetguard LF599)

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  • Part Number FFR-CH836
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    Part No: FFR-CH836
    Description: FILTER-Lube(Cartridge Round)
    Category: Filters-Lube, Cartridge, Round
    Full-Flow Lube Element. Also G168-B F-Gasket. Also [2] Attached End Seal. For customers looking for the now obsolete Crosland 426, this is the nearest filter we can find to it by size. No warranty is implied for this cross reference.
    Updated: 17/11/2019

    Height: 97mm
    OD/Width Max: 95mm
    OD/Width Min: 95mm
    ID/Depth Max: 33mm
    ID/Depth Min: 33mm

    AC Delco AC6001E, AC70, AC70V, J700AC70, Alco MD019, MD-019, Alfa Romeo 105500408200, 105-50-0408200, Allis Chalmers 18999, AP Lockheed 574124, AP21, AP219, AP219A, AP21A4, FH124, LK21, LK219, LK219A, Atlas Copco 9709001000, 9709-0010-00, Aveling Barford GN603129, GNT603129, Baldwin P15, PT15, PT195, Bedford 3621200, Blaw Knox 153721, H1029IN, Bosch 1457429440, 1-457-429-440, 1457429441, 1-457-429-441, 236HE, 9457202360, 9-457-202-360, BOF9441, P9441, Broom and Wade 508E6731, Carrier Transicold 11026, 21026, 2-1026, 21043, 2-1043, 2921026, 29-21026, 3021026, 30-21026, Chrysler Dodge 32578, K00030052, K19018, K30052, Claas 115053, 115053.0, 1150530, 146861, 146861.0, 1468610, Clearway OP2, Coles 706453, 740711, Coopers Fiaam AZL018, FA4303, G553, Coventry Climax PEK502002, PFC257002, Crosland 426, 478, Delphi Lucas CAV F4683, F551, FX0094, Donaldson P550599, P551285, P779075, Donit 4910008, Dorman Y0002285, YOO02285, Filtration Control FCL7119, Finn FFP9, Fleetguard LF599, Fleetrite LFR8599, Ford 1501433, 1501434, 1501435, 1568410, 1771007, 2701E6731, 2701E-6731, 2701E6731A, 2701E-6731-A, 2701E6731A2, 2701E-6731-A2, 5020260, 5020265, 5020267, 5020268, 5020269, 508E-6731, 508E6731A, 508E-6731-A, 508E6731A1, 508E-6731-A1, 715F6714AA3A, 715F-6714-AA3A, 715F6731AA, 715F-6731-AA, 715HF6731AA, 715HF-6731-AA, 753F6731AA, 753F-6731-AA, 753F6731AA1A, 753F-6731-AA1A, 753F6731AAIA, 753F-6731-AAIA, 755F6714AA, 755F-6714-AA, 755F6714AAA, 755F-6714-AAA, AIADKN18631C, C2TA6708A, C2TA-6708-A, C2TX6731A, C2TX-6731-A, C2TZ6708A, C2TZ-6708-A, C2TZ6714A, C2TZ-6714-A, C2TZ6731A, C2TZ-6731-A, C7TZ6731A, C7TZ-6731-A, CTZ6731A, CTZ-6731-A, E1ADKN18631C, E1ADKN-18631-C, EIADKN18631C, EIADKN-18631-C, Fram CH836, CH836PL, CH836PL1, CH836PL-1, Giesse LH91B, Greyfriars 515P, 601P, Hengst E10034, E100-34, E100H, E1205001, TS001194, Hyster 983561, 98561, In Line Filters FFRCH836, FFR-CH836, FINFL70366, FIN-FL70366, FL70366, Ingersoll Rand 91671230, 92092188, Kralinator L530, L805, Lancer Boss 076331, 76331, 9076331, Lautrette Mecafilter ELH4404, Leyland Daf BL ABU8541, ABU8544, Linde Lansing E012050001, E12050001, Luberfiner LP70V, P70V, P836, Mahle Knecht EH323, EH3230, EH3231, OX13, OX14, Mann 6750455706, H1029/1N, H102910, H10291N, P432X, Massey Ferguson 1883287M91, 2967854M1, 2967854-M1, Micro PM836, Motaquip VFL143, Motorcraft AFL5012, EFL8, FL221, FL336, Nelson Winslow CLAC70, CL-AC70, WAC70, WAC70P, WAC70-P, Nissan 26586-16, Orenstein and Koppel 103835, 243156, Perkins 101606, 26540154, 26541054, 2654344, 2658616, 30212, 302121, 32212, 32512, 34091, 35212, 35249, 35269, 35272, 3654344, Permatic ELH4724, FH115, Poclain M0950556, M09505-56, N0950556, N09505-56, Powertrain PMFL59, Purflux 6220623670, L110, NL110, Purolator Facet 62106, 62108, EH323/1, EP126, L20126, L27219, MF21901, MF219A, MF21A4, PEL219, Quinton Hazell QOF3338, Renault 0003082667, 003082667, 3082667, 6005019792, 944700033, Rootes K30053, Ryco R2068P, Sakura O1901, O-1901, O1904, O-1904, Savara 260630, 920236, 92023611, 92023617, SO236, SF Schupp SO1232, Sofima S6380PO, Sogefi Pro FA3430/SGP, FA3430SGP, Soparis CAP60, Sure SFO0070, Tecnocar OP836, TJ FB3338, FP3331, FP3335, FP3338, FP9435, UFI 25.421.00, 2542100, Unipart GFE128, Vauxhall GM 1531789, 3021200, 6435103, 7961301, 7961394, 7961399, 7984373, 7984374, Volvo 41415, 415415, 79053542, 7905354-2, PV444, Wipac BE391, OF424, Wix 305P, 51305, 906P, PC305P, WL7035, Woodgate WGL599, Yale 480600269, 4806002-69

    Ag Chem 804 Ag-Gator(Ford 330 Engine), 804 Ag-Gator(Ford 330 Engine), Albaret TA10; TC12(Ford 2711E Engine), VA10DP; VA10DT; VA10DV; VA10SP; VA10ST(Ford 2711E Engine), ArmstrongSiddeley Isopactor(Ford 590E Engine), Atlas Copco VS170(Ford 2711E Engine), VT3FD; VT4FD; VT5FD(Ford 590 Engine), VT4; VT5(Ford Engine), Aveling Barford DCO11; DCO12; DCO13; DCO14; DCO15(Ford 2711E Engine), GC; GN; GW(Ford 2701E, 2711E Engine), GCR; GCS; GCT; GCU; GNO; GNQ; GNR; GNS; GNTS(Ford 2711E Engine), PTR30(Ford 2701E Engine), RD05; RD07(Ford 2712E Engine), SY; SY6; SY7(Ford 2701E, 2711E Engine), TR3; TRS; TRT; TRU; TRV; PTR30(Ford 2701E, 2711E Engine), TS125P(Ford 2701E, 2704E Engine), Bedford CF Van(Perkins 4.108 Engine), Benford 4TM/DM; 5TM/DM; 6TM/DM; 7TM/DM(Ford 2701E Engine), 4TM/DM; 5TM/DM; 6TM/DM; 7TM/DM(Ford 2701E Engine), 4TM; 5TM; 6TM; 7TM(Ford 2701E Engine), Blaw Knox BK65(Ford 2712E Engine), BK90; BD95; BD96(Ford 2715E Engine), Bolinder Munktell BM36, Braud 2065, Broom and Wade WR235; WR250, Cancar C8(Perkins V8-510 Engine), Cancar Harvesters fitted with Ford 220 Diesel engine(Ford 220 Diesel Engine), Carrier Transicold 230; 230B; 231; 234; 250; 250C; 260; 400C-1; 640; 650(Perkins 4.99 Engine), 230; 230B; 231; 234; 250; 250C; 260; 400C-1; 640; 650(Perkins 4-99 Engine), Carrier Transicold Refrigeration Units fitted with Perkins 4.99 Engine, Case IHC S7B(Ford 220 Diesel Engine), Chrysler Dodge 50 S46; S56(Dodge 6 cyl Petrol Engine), 50 S56; S66(Dodge 6 cyl Petrol Engine), Gamecock(C305 Engine), Gamecock 3 Ton; 4 Ton(6cyl Petrol Engine), KB200; KC200; KB300; KC300; KB400; KC400(6cyl Petrol Engine), S46; S56; S66(6cyl Petrol Engine), Walk Thru KC25; KC30; KC40(Petrol Engine), Citroen Citroen Trucks fitted with Perkins 4.99 engine, Claas Columbus; Columbus D; Comet(Perkins 4.99 Engine), Mercator 50; 75(Ford 2704E, 2715E Engine), Clark 662(Ford 2701E Engine), 662; 664(Ford 2701E Engine), Coles Adonis Mobile(Ford 2711E Engine), Aeneas Mobile; Argus Mobile(Ford 2701E Engine), Proteus Mobile(Ford 2701E Engine), Compair Holman 152GT; 180GT; 280D(Ford 2704E, 2711E Engine), 390D, CK160S, CR125; CR125S; CV125; CV125S; CV125SS; CVR125; CR140; CR140S; CR140SS;R160; CR160S; CV160; CV160S; CV160SS; CVR160; CR175; CR175SS(Ford 2711E Engine), CVR125-160(Ford 2711E Engine), GT(Ford 2701E Engine), GT Portable 130; 180(Ford 2701E Engine), H90D; H1500(Ford Engine), H90D; H150D, UV3(Ford 2711E Engine), WR125; WR160, WR210; WR235; WR280(Ford 590E Engine), WR250(Ford 590E Engine), Deutz AG Fahr KHD M103 Claeys(Ford 590EB17 Engine), Douglas Tugmaster, Drott 85RM2(Ford 220 Diesel Engine), 85RM-2(Ford 220 Diesel Engine), Ebro F100(Perkins 4.99 Engine), Thames Trader, ERF Fire Appliance FAB 140; FEB 140; SAB 160; SEB 160(Rolls Royce B 81 Petrol Engine), Euclid 27LOT(GMC Engine), Fenwick Fenwick Loaders fitted with Perkins 4.99 engine, Foden Foden Mixers fitted with Ford engine, Ford 220, 220 Four Diesel, 230, 2401E, 2401E York Diesel, 242, 242, 242DF, 2700E Diesel, 2701E; 2702E; 2711E; 2712E Diesel, 2703E, 2706E Diesel, 2711E; 2712E, 330, 330; 330DF, 590E Diesel, 6000; 7000, 6000; 7000, 630; 640(4 Cyl Diesel 242 Engine), 6D, AO306; AO406; AO506; AO606; AAO706(2.4 Litre HR York Diesel Engine), D0507; D0607; D0610; D0707; D0710; D0807; D0810; D0907; D0910(Ford 255, 265, 365 cu in Diesel Engine), D200; D300; D400; D500; D550(Ford 240 cu in, 265 cu in Diesel Engine), DA1007(Ford 255 cu in Diesel Engine), FC; NC(Ford 300 series 4.240 Litre, 330 series 4.255 Litre Engine), N0708; N0808(Ford Dorset Engine), P3500; P4000; P5000, P3500; P4000; P5000, Transit 2.4 Litre York 2360cc Diesel From 1974, Y Diesel, YSD424M 2.4 Litre, YSD635M 3.5 Litre, Frigiking VA3(Ford 220 Diesel Engine), VA3(Ford 220 Diesel Engine), VA3, Fruehauf Fruehauf Tankers fitted with Ford 2701E engine(Ford 2701E Engine), Gardner SPHDA185(Ford 250 Diesel Engine), Gorman Rupp 16A(Ford 220 Gas Engine), Green Thomas DPRM(Ford 2711E Engine), Pacemaker; GOD; Workman 8-17 Ton(Ford 2711E Engine), Hanomag Henschel 5C(Perkins 4.108 Engine), Henley Husky 6000-12000 lbs; 4-5 Ton(Ford 2712E Engine), Hobart D250(Perkins 4 Cyl Diesel Engine), Hough S7B(Ford 220 Engine), Humber Super Snipe, Hydrovane 152GT; 180GT; 280D(Ford 2704E, 2711E Engine), 390D, GT Portable 130; 180 c.f.m.(Ford 2701E Engine), H90D; H150D, Hymac 380; 410(Ford Engine), 380; 410(Ford 2701E Engine), 480(Ford 590E Engine), 480; 510; 580T; 610(Ford Engine), 480; 580; 610(Ford Engine), 510(Ford 590E Engine), 580; 580T(Ford 590E Engine), 610(Ford 590E Engine), 690; 890(Perkins T6.354 Engine), Hyster H100C; H100RC; H100SC; H100TC; H120C; H120RC; H120SC; H120TC(Perkins 6.305 Engine), P125A; P150B; P180A; P200B(Perkins Engine), P150B; P200B(Perkins Engine), Ingersoll Rand DR140; DR175(Ford 2701E Engine), DRAF125; DRAF125S; DRAF140; DRP140; DRP140S; DRAF150; DR150S; DRF175; DRF175S(Ford 2711E Engine), JCB 1000(Ford 2703 Engine), 114(Perkins T6.354 Engine), 5C; 6; 6C; 6D; 7; 7B; 7C; 8; 8C; 8D; 805; 806; 806B; 806C; 807; 807B; 807C; 808; 808D(Perkins 6.354, T6.354 Engine), 6; 6C; 6D; 7; 7C; 805(Ford 590E, 2711E Engine), 6C(Ford 2703 Engine), Jones 1F6(Ford 2711E Engine), Kalmar SL4; SL5(Ford 2701E Engine), Kohler 10AOP63, 10ROP63, 12.5AO63; 12.5RCOP-23, 5MMS65; 10AOP63; 10ROP63; 12.5AOP3; 75ACOP63, 7.5ACOP63; 10RO63; 12.5AOP63; 12.5AOPC63, Lancer Boss 2/35D; 2/45D(Ford Engine), 3D/705 Mk III A(Ford 2401E Engine), 3D/705 Mk III A(Perkins 4-203 Engine), 5/5; 5/6(Ford 2701E, 2711E Engine), C15; B22 10 Ton(Ford 4D Engine), HD15P Mk III; HMD88 Mk III(Ford 2701E, 2711E Engine), HD15P Mk III; HMD88 Mk III(Perkins 4-203 Engine), HD8; HD10; HD10C; HD12; HD14; HD14C; HD15P(Ford 2701E, 2711E Engine), Lanz MD150(Four 107-36 pk Engine), Lehman Lehman Engines fitted with Ford 220; 330 engine, Leroi 125 Tractair; 125G1; 125G2; 125RG1; 125RG2(Ford 220 Diesel Engine), 125G1; 125G2; 125RG1; 125RG2; 125 Tractair(Ford 220 Engine), 150RG2(Ford 220 Engine), 150RG2(Ford 220 Diesel Engine), Leyland Daf BL 240; 250, Roadliner(Perkins V8-510 Engine), Lister Petter R140; R140S; R175PD(Ford 2711E Engine), Master MWR125; MRW160(Ford 2701E Engine), Matbro Bray 2WD(Ford Engine), 2WD(Ford Engine), 540(Ford 2701E, 2712E Engine), BL450; BL530; BL534(Ford 6D, 2701E Engine), Goose Engine Driven(Ford 2711E Engine), Mastiff(Ford 590E Engine), Mastiff 4000(Ford 2701E, 2713E Engine), S60; S80; S100; S120(Ford 2711E, 2701E Engine), VY100 Heavy Duty(Ford 2701E Engine), Yard Lift Y60; Y70; Y80; Y100; Y120; Y150(Ford 2701E Engine), Yard Lift Y60; Y80; Y100; Y120; Y150(Ford 2711E Engine), Mermaid 397, Muir Hill 14B(Ford 2711E Engine), A4000; B4000(Ford 2711E Engine), B4000; F4000(Ford 2701E Engine), B5000(Ford 2711E Engine), BD6; FD6(Ford 590E Engine), New Holland 1520, Major E27N(Perkins P6 Engine) From 1955, Onan 30MDEH; 30MDH, 30MDEH; 30MDH, 30MDEH3R, MDEH, MDEH; 30MDEH-3R, Orenstein and Koppel A25; A30; A41; A50(Ford 2711, 2712 Engine), A25; A30; A41; A50; V26; V80(Ford 2712E Engine), A50(Ford 2712E Engine), A50(Ford 2712E Engine), V26; V35; V40; V80(Ford 2711, 2712 Engine), Parsons Marlin, Marlin, Pike Mk II; Porbeagle Mk II, Perkins 3.152M; 3AB152, 3.152Y; 3A.152; 3AB.152; B3.152, 4.107, 4.107; 4.107A; 4.107M; 4.107TA; 4.107V, 4.107; 4.107M; A4.107, 4.1077, 4.107M, 4.108, 4.108, 4.108, 4.108; 4.108M; 4.108V; T4.108; 4.248TA, 4.192; 4A.192; P4.192; P4.192Y, 4.203; 4A.203; AD4.203; D4.203; P4.203, 4.99, 4.99; 4.107, 4.99; 4A.99, 4.99; 4A.99, 6.354; 6.354.1; 6.354.2; 6.354T; 6.354HT; 6.354M; 6.354TA; 6.354V; A6.354; C6.354.2; H6-354V; HT6.354; HT6.354M; T6.354; T6.354M; T6.354.1; T6.354.3, 6.354M; HT6.354M; T6.354M; T6.354.4, AD3.152; D3.152; AT3.152; 3.152, F3.152; P3.152, Marlin, Pike Mk II; Porbeagle Mk II, V8.510, V8.510; V8.510M; V8.510TA; V8.510V; V8.605, Priestman Mustang 220 Mk II; 220 Mk III(Perkins V8-510 Engine), Ruston 150RH(Ford 2712 Engine), 3YWA, Stothert and Pitt 8/9(Ford 590E Engine), Thwaites All Drive 3.5 Ton; All Drive 5 Ton Giant(Ford 2711E Engine), All Drive 8000(Ford 2711E Engine), All Drive Swivel 6000; All Drive Swivel 6000E, Timberjack 205(Ford 4-220 Diesel Engine), 215C(Ford 4-220 Diesel Engine), 220(Ford 4-220 Diesel Engine), 250(Ford 4-220 Diesel Engine), Vermeer M475; M485(Ford 254 Engine), V440(Perkins 4.108 Engine), Volvo B14; B14A; B25; BB50, B36AB; B36AV, BM36, F82B; F83; F83B(B 36AB, D 36AV Engine), KL110; KL115(Ford 2701E Engine), S280(Perkins 4.107 Engine), ST257(Perkins 4.99 Engine), Volvo Penta B14; B14A, B14; B14A; B25; BB50, B36AB; B36AV, B4, BB25, BB50, MB16; MB16A; MB36; MB36A, MB3, MB3; MB6, MB36A; MD36A, MB6, Wain Roy 450(Ford 242 Diesel Engine), Wayne 945(Perkins Engine), Weatherhill 12HB(Ford 2701E Engine), 12HD(Ford 2701E, 2712E Engine), 22H; 36H(Ford 590E Engine), 42HB(Ford 590E Engine), H1TIP, L50; L50/2(Ford 2701E Engine), L61B; L61D(Ford 590E Engine), Westerbeke Four-107, Pilot 10; Pilot 20, Sea Still, WPDS, Yale and Towne 6000(Ford 2701E Engine), 6000lb(Ford 2701E Engine)

    We only supply quality Filter and Automotive Product Brands sourced from reputable UK Manufacturers, Distributors and Importers, we do NOT supply own branded product of unknown origin. For their unparalleled Product Range, Quality, Competitive Pricing, Technical Information, Service and Availability our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Alco, Donaldson, Parker, Racor, MP Filtri & SF Filter.

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