FFR-CH801 FILTER-Lube(Cartridge)-Baldwin P177

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  • Part Number FFR-CH801
  • Shipping Weight: 0.19kgs
  • Manufactured by: Fleetguard

    FILTER-Lube(Cartridge). Full-Flow Lube or Fuel Element. Also G161, G170, [1] Additional Included F-Gasket. Also G147-A O-Gasket. Also [2] Attached End Seal. FILTER-Lube(Cartridge). Some older applications require FBW-G147A gasket.

    Height: 157mm
    OD/Width Max: 73mm
    OD/Width Min: 71mm
    ID/Depth Max: 33mm
    ID/Depth Min: 32mm

    AC Delco A34C, AC34, AC34A, AC34B, AC34C, AC34E, AC6013E, ACD34, FF20, P369, Alco MD003, MD053, MD103, MD113, Alfa Romeo 101000631700D, 101-00-0631700D, 105000604000, 105000631700, 105140603000, 105140603003, 105140603003/30, 10514060300330, 105140603004, 10514060300406, 10514060300430, 105140603030, 105140603040, 10514060400, 105140604000, 10514063000, 10514063004, 10514063005, 10514063006, 10514063030, 105140631700, 10514064000, 131559401, 131559402, 131559405, 1315594051, 131559411, 131559701, 1406030030, 14060300430, 45245000, 500060400, 5140604000, FA4012, AP Lockheed 574107, AP3355A, AP70A, AP75, AP75A5, FH107, LK75, LK75A5, Aveling Barford GA616991, GN616991, GN616999/1, GN6169991, Baldwin LF171, P177, P179, P241, PT29, PT43, BluePrint ADL ADH22108, Bosch 1457429146, 1457429500, 1457429502, 1457429503, 1457429705, 1457429706, 1457429709, 1457429750, 1656HE, 2601HE, 9451732601, 9457216560, P9750, Case IHC 30545, 62185, 705730R91, 705735R91, RB4294, Caterpillar 3I1613, 676944, Chrysler 2067261, 5040646, Citroen 32223001, 322230010, ND223/1, ND2231, Claas 146851, 1468510, 147221, 1472210, Clarcor FDC2181, Clark 3213711, 4119277, Climax PFC257010, Coles 167475, Continental PC801, Coopers Fiaam GUD AZL014, FA4012A, FA4012B, FA4012D, FA4012G, FA4181, FA4207, FA4361, FE1010, FH1506, G203, G203T, G205, G217, G517, G594, G66, G688, G837, GP172, GP179, GP205, Coventry Climax CDB1827, Crosland 109, 121, 160, 161, 177, 210, 247, 403, 403/2, 403/3, 4032, 4033, 415, 419, 524, Delphi Lucas CAV F4608, F547, F549, R235, Donaldson P550183, P550594, P779071, Donit 411008, 411083, Fiat 1190493, 2190839, 2323108, 4964855, 70969052, 81190493, 81190839, 84490839, 969052, B120134R, B124934, Filter Control FCL7199, FCL7200, FCL7201, Finn FFP215, FFP26, FFP3, Fleetguard LF594, Fleetrite LFR8594, Ford 1495698, 1715758, 1715761, 231179, 231308, 231310, 5000836, 5009230, A700X6731UA, A730X6744A1A, CE1ADKN18662B, E1ADKN18662A, E1ADKN18662B, E1ADKN6731, E1ADKN6731A, E1DDKN6713A, E1DDKN6731A, EIADKN18662A, EIADKN6731, EIADKN6731A, ELADKN18662A, ELADKN18662B, EPN6731A, Fram CH801BPL, CH801PL, CH810PL, CH811PL, CH825, CH825PL, CH845PL, CH945PL, CH983PL, CH993PL, FHM801, Giesse LH50, LH8A, Greyfriars 611P, 630P, 661P, Harmo F412, P108, P160, Hengst E14820, E15233, E15633, Hyster 130371, 30324, 990325, Ingersoll Rand 91634733, In-Line Filters FFRCH801, FFR-CH801, FINFL70354, FIN-FL70354, FL70354, Kralinator L855G, L873, L884, L885, L885G, L885H, L903, Lamborghini 4004608, 40046085, Lancia 1190839, 2103566, Land Rover 1453887M91, Landini 1453887, 1896000, Leyland Daf BL 11028, 1526, 164434, 166223, 17H514, 17H541, 62059, 79400, 79460, 7H2041, 92518, AJC5122, AJK5122, AJT5122, C1069, FA2031, FA2106, JLM9544, V7865, V7869, Linde Lansing 1035278, 540005, E012036010, Luberfiner LP769, LP771, P771, P771A, Mahle Knecht AF55, EH262, EH275, EH275/1, EH2751, EH316, OX12, OX29, OX50, Mann and Hummel 59510, 62800, 6740355306, H712, H712K, H712T, H712X, H712Z, H819N, H827/1, H827/1N, H8271, H8271N, O59510N, O595-10N, O59510X, O595-10X, O62800, O628-00, P240X, P827, P8270, Marshall 9006413, Massey Ferguson 1429961M1, 1635636, 1635636M91, 1640994, 1851815M1, 186149M1, 186149M91, 1881442, 1881442M1, 1881442M91, 1882916, 1882916M91, 1882916-M91, 1896000M91, 1896149, 1896149M91, 1896149-M91, 2654055, 26541454, 504226, 825664, 825664M1, 825664M91, 825807, 825807M1, 835507, 835507M91, 835562, 835562M91, 835567M91, 835597M91, 835995, 835995M91, 835995-M91, 835995M92, 835995-M92, 835995M93, 835995-M93, 894977, 894977M91, 901472, 969062M91, 980917M1, 980917-M1, 980917M91, TS18663, Mercedes 95218, Micro Pore PM801, Mopar L111, L524, L82, L91, Moskvich 4121017140, Motaquip VFL104, Motorcraft AFL129, AFL5007, EFL131, EFL200, EFL40, FL129, FL756, Nelson Winslow W185662B, W18662A, Perkins 2650090, 26540005, 26540053, 26540055, 26540077, 2654154, 2656007, 26560077, 26560090, 30211, 30217, 30342, 30347, 35404, 70395, 898756, Powertrain PMFL202, Purflux 6220623600, L107, Purolator Facet 574173, CE213A, CE213A/1, CE213A1, CE213A2, L37222, L37989, L40010, LI1967, LI1989, LI1989B, MF100A, MF26D, MF52B, MF55A, MF70A, MF751, MF75A, MF75A/1, MF75A/2, MF75A/3, MF75A/4, MF75A1, MF75A2, MF75A3, MF75A4, MF75A5, MFF130A, P10L, P19L, P20L, P223, PEL312, PL19L, PM2081, PM2081B, PM222D, PM5125, Quinton Hazell QOF3313, Renault 0001226176, 0003082654, 0003082659, 003082654, 003082659, 0122577600, 0122596100, 0122617600, 0123123700, 0123135700, 1225776, 122577600, 1225961, 122596100, 1226176, 122617600, 122672800, 123123700, 1231357, 123135700, 3082654, 3082659, 6005019797, Ryco R2001P, R2002P, R2033P, R2034P, R205P, R205PA, R205PB, R205PD, R205V, R205VA, R205VB, R205VC, R2179V, R2263P, R800, Sakura O7901, O-7901, Same 00277930, 277930, Savara 92005511, 92005517, 921656, 92165617, SO055, SO656, Schupp SF SO1205, Soparis B582, BC570, CA8, CAP318, CAP8, PN758, SOP8, Sparex M3351, Talbot 5040645, Tecafilters H5991, Tecnocar OP801, OP801SC, OP845, OP945, OP983, Timberjack 404083, TJ Tecalemit FA2028, FA2048/102, FBG2344, FG2303, FG2306, FG2314, FG2338, FG2344, FG2345, FG2376, FG2412, FG2413, FG2439, FK9300, FP3133, FP3300, FP3313, FP3318, FP9502, UFI Sofima 2542600, S1080PO, S5490PO, Unipart GFE101, GFE234, Valtra Valmet 20107806, 836007806, 83607806, Vapormatic CPD5019, VPD5000, Vauxhall GM 1530775, 6435089, 6435092, 6435093, 6435145, 6437326, 6437375, 7110408, 7961064, 7961073, 7973745, 7984286, 7984342, 7984358, VME 1115006, 41150006A, 4115006, Vokes C23021BG, E139L32043, E176, Volvo 482051, 4820510, Winslow CL1866A, Wipac OF547, OF602, OF603, OF604, OF605, Wix 51157, 51183, 51193, 51354, 551157, 7005S, 7022S, 7148P, 902AP, 902BP, 902DP, 902P, 905P, 929P, 932P, CW183MP, CW185MP, CW193MP, WL7063, Woodgate WGL594, Yale and Towne 440042281

    Alfa Romeo Berlina 1.8L, Berlina 1.8L, Giulia Sprint 1.6L, Giulia Sprint 1.6L, GT Veloce 1.8L, GT Veloce 1.8L, GTV 1.6L, Romeo(Romeo Diesel Engine), Spider 1.8L, Spider 1.8L, Spider 1.8L, Allis Chalmers 706C(Perkins 4.236D Engine), AN Truck AS10(Perkins 4.236 Engine), Antonio Carraro 842; 844, Arbos DC30-35; DR32; HP40, Armourweld TDW643; DW646(Perkins 4.236 Engine), TWD634(Perkins 4-236 Engine), Athey AB6900; AB6900H Blades, AB6900, Atlas Copco PT1200(Ford 4D Engine), Aveling Barford Shuttle(Dorman 4AJ Engine), DCO11; DCO12; DCO13; DCO14; DCO15(Perkins 4.236 Engine), Master Pavior(Perkins 4.236 Engine), 726; 745; 780(Perkins Engine), HPS, Track Marshall 50(Perkins L4 Engine), Track Marshall 55; 56(Perkins 4.270 Engine), Track Marshall 55; 56(Perkins 4.270D Engine), 4AJ(Dorman Engine), Braud 105, 2080, 258, Bristol 188(Perkins P6 Diesel Engine), Duplex, Broom and Wade WR85, SV78, Case IHC 201(BD-144 Engine), UD144A, Caterpillar B10, B12, V100(Perkins Engine), V140(Perkins 4.236 Engine), V150; V155B(Perkins Engine), V120(Perkins 4.236 Engine), Chrysler Dodge Commando G08; G09(Perkins 4.236 Engine), K400; KB400; KC400; K500(Perkins 4.236 Engine), VA 7 Ton(Perkins 4.236 Engine), WAFS; WCFS(Perkins 4.236 Engine), Claas Compact(Perkins 4.154 Engine), Cosmos; Europa; Matador; Standard; Mercur(Perkins 4.270D Engine), Europa(Perkins Engine), Compact(Perkins 4.154 Engine), Compact(Mercedes OM615, OM616 Engine), Cosmos(Perkins 4.270D Engine), Matador; Mercur; Standard(Perkins Engine), Mercur; Standard, Clark Clarklift 60D; Clarklift Y60D; Clarklift 70D; Clarklift Y70D;rklift Y80D(Perkins 4.236, 4.203 Engine), IT50BD(Perkins Diesel Engine), Coles Adonis Mobile(Perkins 4.236 Engine), Aeneas Mobile; Argus Mobile(Perkins 4.236 Engine), Proteus Mobile(Perkins 4.236 Engine), Compair Holman CR125; CR125S; CV125; CV125S; CV125SS; CVR125; CR140; CR140S; CR140SS;R160; CR160S; CV160; CV160S; CV160SS; CVR160; CR175; CR175SS(Perkins 4.236 Engine), CVR125-160(Perkins 4.236 Engine), SV78(Ford Engine), UV3(Perkins 4.236 Engine), WR125; WR160(Perkins 4.236 Engine), WR85(Ford Engine), CR125; CR125S; CR140; CR140S; CR140SS; CV125 Series; CVR125(Ford 2711E Engine), CR160; CR160S; CR160SS; CR175; CR175S; CR175SS; CV160; CVR160(Ford 2711E Engine), WR85, SV78, Coventry Climax CD, CD4, CDB; CD4; FWA, CDFT Sky Zone, F; FF Type 4, FDC; FDG, FTF, IGD, IGDA, IGDM, Davey Paxman RPB, RPB, David Brown 25; 30C; 30T, 30D; 30TD; 301TD, 900; 900 Linedrive(Gas Engine), Dorman 4DWD, C1; 2DL; 2DW; 2DWD; 3DL; 4DL; 4DS; 4DWD; 4DWDD; 4AJ, 3DL, 4AJ, 4DL, 4DS; 4DWD; 4DWDD, Mark I; 2DL; 2DW; 2DWD, Dresser P3000, Eddison Eddimatic 8 Ton, Eddimatic 8 Ton, Fenwick Models fitted with Hotchkiss engine in Model type:, Ford Dexta; Super Dexta 2000(3cyl Diesel Diesel Engine), Power Major; Super Major, 220, Costcutter, Dexta FMD; Dexta FPMD; Dexta FSMD, Franklin 120B; 125B(Perkins 4.236 Engine), 145; 160B(Perkins 4.236 Engine), Grove 35B; 35D(Ford 220 Diesel Engine), Hanomag Henschel MF300; MFD300B; MFD300DD; MF300L; MF300C(Perkins A4.248, A4.318 Engine), MF3366; MF3366AD(Perkins A4.300 Engine), MF50BA, MF50R+B, MF70, MF11, Hesston 620(Perkins AD4-235 Diesel Engine), 420(Perkins AD4-235 Diesel Engine), Hyster C225A; C250A; C340A; C340D; C350A; C350B; C350D; C530A; C550A; C610A; C615A; C615B; C620B; C625A; C625B; C627B(Perkins 4.236, 6.354 Engine), H100C; H120C; H110F; H150F(Perkins 4.236 Engine), H60B; H60HE; H60UE; H60VA; H60XA; H60YE; H60ZA; H80B; H80HE; H80UE; H80VA; H80XA(Perkins P4 Engine), S125A; S150A; S60E; S100E(Perkins Engine), Ingersoll Rand DRP140; DRP140S(Perkins Engine), Iveco Super Jolly, Z20; Z20A, Z30, Jaeger 125 Rotary(British Ford 220D Engine), DS175A, Jaguar E-Type 3.8 Litre(61-67 Petrol Engine), E-Type 4.2 Litre(64-71 & 2+2 67-71 Petrol Engine), Limousine 4.2 Litre(Petrol Engine), 3.8(3.8L Engine), 3.8(3.8L Engine), 340(3.4L Engine), 420(4.2L Engine), C Type(3.4L Engine), C Type(3.4L Engine), C Type(3.4L Engine), D-Type(3.4L Engine), D-Type(3.4L Engine), D-Type(3.4L Engine), Mark V(3.5L Engine), Mark V(2.7L Engine), Mark V(3.5L Engine), Mark V(2.7L Engine), Mark X(4.2L Engine), Mark X(4.2L Engine), XK150(3.8L Engine), XK150(3.4L Engine), XK150(3.8L Engine), XK150(3.4L Engine), XK150(3.4L Engine), XK150(3.8L Engine), XK150(3.8L Engine), XK150(3.4L Engine), XKE(3.8L Engine), XKE(4.2L Engine), XKE(3.8L Engine), XKE(4.2L Engine), XKE(4.2L Engine), XKE(5.3L Engine), XKE(5.3L Engine), XKSS(3.4L Engine), JCB 5C; 806; 806B; 807(Perkins 4.248 Engine), 702; 704(Perkins 4-248 Engine), 3C Mk II(Perkins 4-248 Engine), 5C(Perkins 4.248 Engine), 6(Perkins 4.236 Engine), Jones 355(Perkins Diesel Engine), 565T(Perkins 4-236 Engine), KL77, KL77M; KL117M(Perkins Diesel Engine), Kato HD350(Perkins 4-236, 4-248 Engine), Lamborghini 7R; 7RDT; R355, Landini CL8000, R8000 Super; R8000S, 6560 Series; 6860 Series; 6880 Series(Perkins A4.236 Engine), 7560; 7860; 7880 Series(Perkins A4.236 Engine), 8560 Series; 8860 Series; 8880 Series(Perkins A4.248 Engine), 9880 Series(Perkins AT4.236 Engine), DT65; DT65F; DT65GT; DT65L; R65; R65F; R65GT; R65L(Perkins A4.236 Engine), DT75; DT75F; DT75L; DT75GT; R75; R75F; R75GT; R75L(Perkins A4.236 Engine), DT85; DT85F; DT85L; DT85GT; R85; R85F; R85GT; R85L(Perkins A4.248 Engine), DT95; DT95F; DT95L; DT95GT; R95; R95F; R95GT; R95L(Perkins A4.236 Engine), Lanz MD20S; MD25S; MD35S; MD40S; MD260S, Leyland Daf BL M.3VO; M.4VO, OE138, Land Rover, Land Rover, Linde Lansing SL3.5; SL4; SL5/6; SL7; SL7C(Perkins 4.236 Engine), SL3.S; SL4; SL5; SL6; SL7; SL7C, Manitou MB25P; MB60H(Perkins 4.236 Engine), MC8 3 Ton, MC20C; MC20H; MC25C; MC25H; MC30C; MC30H; MCE20C; MCE25C; MCE30C, Marlow HPS, Massey Ferguson FE35(Gas Engine), MF1080(Perkins 4.318 Diesel Engine), MF1080(Perkins AD4.236 Engine), MF1085, MF11(Perkins 4.248 Engine), MF11(Perkins 4.248 Engine), MF165(Perkins A4.212 Engine), MF168(Perkins Engine), MF174-4(Perkins Engine), MF174F; MF174S; MF174V(Perkins Engine), MF175(Perkins AD4.236 Engine), MF178(Perkins Engine), MF180(Perkins AD4.236 Engine), MF184-4(Perkins Diesel Engine), MF185; MF188(Perkins Engine), MF186; MF187(Perkins Engine), MF194-4(Perkins Diesel Engine), MF220(Perkins 4.248 Engine), MF285, MF30(Perkins Gas Engine), MF300(Perkins Diesel Engine), MF31, MF33(Perkins 4.248 Diesel Engine), MF3303; MF3305(Perkins 4.212 Engine), MF3306(Perkins 4.300 Engine), MF350(Diesel Engine), MF350(Perkins 4.248 Engine), MF470 Series(4 Cyl Diesel Engine), MF506, MF70(Perkins 4.318 Engine), MF87(Perkins 4.236, 4.27 Engine), TE20, TO20, 168, 175, Matbro Bray 540(Perkins 4-236 Engine), 544(Perkins 4.236 Engine), BL534; BL540(Perkins 4-236 Engine), Goose Engine Driven(Perkins 4.236 Engine), 544, BL534, BL540, McCormick W9(Perkins L4 Engine), Meadows 6PC240, Motori VM 413; 413 Marine, 60DAN, 60DAN Marine, Oliver 40D4(Perkins P4 Engine), 44PD(Perkins P4 Engine), Owatonna 285(Perkins 4.236 Engine), 880(Perkins 4.248 Engine), 880(Perkins 4.248 Diesel Engine), Parsons Penguin Perkins 4-107M, Pike; Porbeagle, Peregrine, Pike; Porbeagle, Perkins 4.154; 4.154A, 4.165, 4.236; A4.236; 4.236M; 4.236TA; C4.236; G4.236; T4.236; 4.248; 4.248.2, 4.270; 4.270M; 4.270TA, 4.270D, 4.300; A4.300; 4.300TA, A4.212, A4.318; 4.318.2, F3; P3; F4; L4-M; P4; P6; R6; S6, 4.108M; 4.236M, 4.270M; 6.305M, Penguin; Peregrine; Pike; Porbeagle, 4.107; 4.107M; A4.107, 4.154, 4.192; 4A.192; P4.192; P4.192Y, 4.203; 4A.203; AD4.203; D4.203; P4.203, 4.236; 4.236M; A4.236; AT4.236, 4.248; AT4.248, 4.270; 4.270D; 4A.270D, 4.300; A4.300, 4.318, F3, L4; L4M, P3.143, P4, P6; R6; S6, Ransomes Jacobsen Crusader(Perkins 4.236 Engine), Renault 7012; 7015, 89; 92; 94; 96; 98(Perkins Engine), D30(Perkins P3.492.4 Engine), Super 7; Super 7D(Perkins P3.144, P3.152 Engine), Stradair 05; 10; 10K; 350K; 380K; 440K; 450K; 480K; 500K; 530K; 550K; 560K(Perkins 4.236 Engine), D30, R7051, Super 108(Perkins L4 Engine), Rossi 60SA; 70CSA; 65SA; 120SA; 1004(Perkins 4.236 Engine), Same 450V; 450VDT, Agricoldo DT; Atlanta V; Atlanta VDT, Atlanta 42; Atlanta 45; Centauro 60, Centauro 65; Centauro 75; Corsaro 70, Delfino 32, Leone; Leone 70; 75, Minitauro 50; 55, Same 450V; Same 450VDT, Samecar Toro TS, Toro; Toro V; AT; TS, SA 954V; SA 1004V, Centauro, Delfino; Delfinoo 35, Leone 70, Thornycroft Road Transport, Timberjack 207(Perkins Engine), 209(Perkins Engine), 217C(Perkins Engine), Towmotor BM10; BM12; BMS, Valtra Valmet Jehu 870CK; Jehu 870CN; Jehu 880K, D10; D12; D15; D20; D25(Perkins 4.107 Engine), TD66(Perkins 4.236 Engine), 33; 361/1, 330; 361D; 361/11; 565, 33D; 359D(309 Engine), 361D(310 Engine), 364; 465(310A Engine), 565; Vliske 565(310 Engine), 846; 864(411A Engine), 309; 310; 411; 411D, 411A, 1100; 1102; 1103(Sisu 411 Engine), 500; 502; 504(Sisu 310B Engine), 512; 565; 565.2(Sisu 310A, 310B Engine), 700 Mk II(Sisu 411A Engine), 900(Sisu 411A, 411B Engine), Venieri VF6.53; VF7.73(Perkins 4.248 Engine), C704, VF7/74(Perkins 4.248 Engine), Vermeer 865A; 865B; 865BX; 880A; 880S; 900; 1000, 920(411A Engine), Volvo F82; F82B; F83; F83B(B 36A, B 36AV, D 36A, B 39A, D 39A Engine), F82S; F83S(D39B Engine), F83(D42 Engine), B36A; B39A; D42, S830(Perkins 4.154 Engine), S900(Perkins 4.236 Engine), BM500(D39T Engine), F82 Series, F83 Series, Volvo Penta D36A; D39A; D42, D39B, Weatherhill L50; L50/2(Ford 2701E Engine), L50; L50/2(Perkins 4.236 Engine), Westerbeke Four-236, Yale and Towne 1500; 1500C(Perkins 4.248 Engine)

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