FFR-CH2801 FILTER-Lube(Cartridge)-Baldwin P7017

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  • Part Number FFR-CH2801
  • Shipping Weight: 0.17kgs
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    FILTER-Lube(Cartridge). Lube Element. Also [1] Copper Washer [1] Metal Washer F-Gasket. Also [2] Included I-Gasket. Also [1] Included O Ring. FILTER-Lube(Cartridge). For smaller O ring use FFR-CH5714.

    Height: 136mm
    OD/Width Max: 83mm
    OD/Width Min: 83mm
    ID/Depth Max: 21mm
    ID/Depth Min: 21mm

    AC Delco AC112, AC6228E, PF1108, Ahlmann 211340, Alco MD241, MD275, MD-275, AP Lockheed AP3352, AP3352A, AP3427, AP3427A, LK3352, LK3427, Baldwin P7017, Bosch 1457429410, 1-457-429-410, 1457429413, 1-457-429-413, 1457429647, 1-457-429-647, 1457429730, 1-457-429-730, 820HE, 9457208200, 9-457-208-200, P9647, Claas 133638.0, 1336380, Clark 3733721, Coopers Fiaam GUD AZL092, FA4511, FA4511A, FA5411A, G1018, G589, LEF5135, Crosland 1027, 507, Demag 649912, Donaldson P172547, P502211, P550354, P550756, p550766, p550767, P779003, Fendt F139207310510, F139207310511, Filter Control FCL7322, FCL7361, FCL7625, FCL8361, FCL8361A, Fleetguard LF3605, LF756, Fleetrite LFR83605, LFR8756, Ford 5011442, 5011478, A730X6731H3A, A730X-6731-H3A, A830X6731UA, A830X-6731-UA, Fram CH2801, CH28011, CH2801-1, CH28012, CH2801-2, CH5261, CH946PL, Greyfriars 575P, 637P, 637P/1, 637P1, Harmo P209, Hengst D06E13324, D06E134/24, D06E13424, D06E13434, E13324, E13423, E13424, E134HD06, In-Line Filters FFRCH2801, FFR-CH2801, FINFL70241, FIN-FL70241, FL70241, Kralinator L977, Leyland Daf BL 236481, BBU7533, Liebherr 7211208, Linde Lansing 9839003, Luberfiner LP2214, LP2214X, Mahle Knecht AF32, AF32D, AF78, EH263, EH2630, OX150D, OX150DOEKO, OX43, OX67, OX67D, OX94, OX94D, Mann and Hummel 6750357370, H926T, H932/2, H932/3, H932/3X, H932/4, H932/4X, H9321, H9322, H9322T, H9323, H9323X, H9324, H9324X, HU932/4X, HU9324X, Mercedes 0011844125, 0011844425, 0011845125, 0011845425, 11844125, 11844425, 11845125, 11845425, 3141800109, 3401800109, 3641800009, 3641800109, 3641800110, 3641800309, 3641840102, 3661800909, 3661840225, 3661841225, A3641800109, A3661800909, A3661840225, A3661841125, Mitsubishi 11844-425, Motaquip VFL239, Motorcraft EFL195, EFL211, EFL272, MWM 605412970003, Orenstein and Koppel 1414143, Permatic ELH4701, FH111, Purflux 6220630210, L562, Purolator Facet AF78D, PL4814, PM2026, PM2026B, PM2427, PM2427D, Renault 1229988, 122998800, 24151104, 6005019805, 6750492156, Sakura EO-2601, EO-2620, O2620, O-2620, Savara 92082017, 92198817, Sogefi Pro FA4511/SGP, FA4511SGP, Soparis CAP85, Tadano 99701443605, Tecfil P364, PL364, PL425, Tecnocar OP825, OP946, UFI Sofima 25.451.00, 25.538.00, 2545100, 2553800, Vapormatic CPD5071, VPD5071, Vauxhall GM 25012769, 7984871, Wipac BE108, Wix WL7036, Woodgate WGL3605

    Ahlmann A68(Mercedes OM314 Engine), AF18(Daf 118bhp Engine), Bomag BW75; BW75S(Hatz E780, ES780 Engine), Claas Mercator 50(Mercedes OM314 Engine), Eicher Uni Super G40, ES200(Eicher EDK 2-3, 2-5 Engine), Konigstiger EM300, Mammut E55; Mammut E65; Mammet 504; Mammut 2EM600; Mammut 604, Puma 2, Tiger 2, Tiger 2 EM235; Puma 2, Express; Transexpress, EDK4, Faun Frisch AK3H(MWM TD208-4 Engine), Fendt F230GT, Farmer 2/FW139; 2D/FW228(MWM KD110.5D Engine), Farmer 2DE; 2E; 2S; 3S(MWM KD110.5D Engine), Farmer 2DE; 2E; 2S; Farmer 3S; Favorit 3(MWM D208/3 Engine), Farmer 3; Farmer 3S(MWM KD110.5V Engine), Farmer 3S; 4S; 36S(MWM D208/4 Engine), Favorit 3 FW150/11 ; Farmer 3S FW238(MWM KD110.5V Engine), Favorit 3; 3FW150/11(MWM KD110.5D Engine), FW139 Farmer; FW150/11; FW228 Farmer 2D(MWM KD110.5D Engine), F230GT, Farmer 1; Farmer 2, Farmer 2D(MWM KD110-5 Engine), Farmer 2S(MWM D203-3 Engine), Farmer 3S; Farmer 4S(MWM D208-4 Engine), Favorit 3(MWM Engine), Favorit 3S; Favorit 3SA(MWM D225-4 Engine), Favorit 4S; 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1100(OM366 Engine), MB Trac 1300(OM352A Engine), MB Trac 1300; 1400(OM366A Turbo Engine), MB Trac 1600(OM366A Turbo Engine), MB Trac 65/70; 700; 800(OM314 Engine), MB Trac 700; 800(OM364 Engine), MB Trac 700G; 700K; 700S; 800(OM314 Engine), MB Trac 900; MB Trac 1000(OM314, OM364 Engine), 405D; 408D; 450D; 508D; L508D; 608; 608D; L608D; 808; 808D(OM314 3782cc Diesel Engine), 609D; 709D; 809D(OM364 3972cc Diesel Engine), 709; 809; LP809(OM364 3972cc Diesel Engine), 709; 809; LP809(OM314 3782cc Diesel Engine), 711D; 811D(OM364A 3782cc 4cyl Diesel Engine), 814; 814L; 914; 1114; 1314(OM366 5958cc 6cyl Diesel Engine), 814; 914; 1114; 1314(OM366 BM356.901 Engine), 814D(OM364LA 3972cc 4cyl Diesel Engine), 817; 817L; 917; 1117; 1117L; 1317; 1417; 1517; 1617; 1617AK; 1617K; 1617L; 1617S; 1717; 1717AK; 1717K; 1717L(OM366A 5958cc 6cyl Diesel Engine), 817; 917; 1117; 1317; 1417; 1517; 1617; 1717(OM 366A BM356.901 on, BM366.941 on Engine), 817; 917; 1117; 1317; 1417; 1517; 1617; 1717(OM 366A BM356.901 on, BM366.941 on Engine), 1414; 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R86(7281 Engine), R94; R96; R496; R75; R751S; R751/4; R752; R781; R781/4(MWM D226-4 Engine), R312(MIDR 0620.45 Engine), S45; S53; S105(Fulgur F646 Engine), 20L; N; V; VN; XL; 21/40; 23/40; 25/40; 23/6C; N; L; XL; 25/6C; N; L; XL; 28/6C; N; L; NA; XL; 29C; L; N; NA; XL, 1521; 1531; 7521(Fulgur Engine), J 19; JL 19; JL20, JL 19; JL 20; JL 21; JL 23; JL 25; JL 28; JL 29(Fulgur F644, F646 Engine), SC5P; SC6P, SC6(Renault 597 Engine), TP10C; TP10N, R410; R 2124; R 6130V; R 6130H(Fulgur 644 Engine), S9(Fulgur F646 Engine)

    We only supply quality Filter and Automotive Product Brands sourced from reputable UK Manufacturers, Distributors and Importers, we do NOT supply own branded product of unknown origin. For their unparalleled Product Range, Quality, Competitive Pricing, Technical Information, Service and Availability our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Mann, Fleetguard, Donaldson, Parker, Racor, MP Filtri & SF Filter.

    If you require further information try our Manufacturer's Website Listing click here to view MANUFACTURER'S WEBSITES

    We also have a huge Library of Manufacturer's Product Brochures & Catalogues on PDF click here to view MANUFACTURER'S CATALOGUES

    Unless labelled Brand Specific the make of product may vary, we can then second source to complete orders quickly. Application data, if listed, is provided as a guide only as models can have several variations. For full compatibility ensure all of our Specifications match your requirements.

    We sell mainly to Trade Customers so our Website is run on a Business to Business Model with highly competitive Trade Pricing. On a basket of Filters we believe you will not find a more competitive price anywhere.

    Please place your order via the Website, we do not accept telephone orders.

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