FFR-CH14 FILTER-Lube(Baldwin P47, Fleetguard LF550, Mann H1260X)

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  • Part Number FFR-CH14
  • Manufactured by: Mann

    Part No: FFR-CH14
    Description: FILTER-Lube(Cartridge Round)
    Category: Filters-Lube, Cartridge, Round
    Full-Flow Lube Element. Also ES61, ES65, G164-A F-Gasket. Also [1] Attached End Seal

    Height: 125mm
    OD/Width Max: 115mm
    OD/Width Min: 114mm
    ID/Depth Max: 21mm
    ID/Depth Min: 19mm

    AC Delco DF292, PF292, PF839, TF292, Alco MD323, MD-323, AP Lockheed 574198, AP614, AP615, AP615A, FH198, LK615, LK-615, LK615A, LK-615A, Baldwin C47F, C47-F, C47P, C47-P, P47, Bosch 1457429288, Bukh B25082, Case IHC 998434R91, 998434-R91, Caterpillar 3I1629, Chrysler Dodge L81, Continental PC14, Coopers Fiaam AZL053, FB3395, FB3395A, FF3395, G823, GP823, Crosland 596, Donaldson LFP551014, P551014, P779040, Filtration Control FCL7134, Finn FFP112, Fleetguard LF550, Fleetrite LFR8550, Ford 1818893, 1837145, 500464, B8QH6714A, B8QH-6714-A, B8QH6731, B8QH-6731, B8QH6731A, B8QH-6731-A, B8QH6731B, B8QH-6731-B, B9AE6731A, B9AE-6731-A, C1TZ6731C, C1TZ-6731-C, C1TZ6731CP, C1TZ-6731-CP, C4RA6731C, C4RA-6731-C, C5TE6744A, C5TE-6744-A, C5TE6744A2, C5TE-6744-A2, C6TE6744A, C6TE-6744-A, C6TE6744C, C6TE-6744-C, CCITZ6731A, CCITZ-6731-A, CFPN6731, CFPN-6731, CFPN6731A, CFPN-6731-A, CFPN6731AB, CFPN-6731-AB, CFPN6731B, CFPN-6731-B, CITZ6731C, CITZ-6731-C, D0PN6731A, D0PN-6731-A, D6NN6714A, D6NN-6714-A, D6NN6744A, D6NN-6744-A, DBPN6731A, DBPN-6731-A, DDPB6731A, DDPB-6731-A, DDPN6731A, DDPN-6731-A, DGPN6731A, DGPN-6731-A, DOPN6731A, DOPN-6731-A, E7NN6744AA, E7NN-6744-AA, EDL67144A, EDL6714A, EDL6714A2, EDL6744A, EDL-6744-A, EDL6744A2, EDL-6744-A2, R1E, Fram CH14, CH14PL, Giesse LH334, GIF LI389, Greyfriars 51G, 51M, Guiot GE1400, Harmo M1401, Hengst H212W, In Line Filters FFRCH14, FFR-CH14, FINFL70229, FIN-FL70229, FL70229, Kralinator D552, D552A, L552, Luberfiner LM114, LP114, M Filter MO187, Mahle Knecht OX86, T20.1, T201, T20-1, Mann 6770655136, H1260X, Micro PM14, Motorcraft AFL24B, FL24, MWM 605400350002, Nelson Winslow 88053A, CP555T, New Holland 81837145, 86546611, Orenstein and Koppel 103815, Purflux 6221748420, L811, Purolator Facet L30169, MF615A, P169, P169, Renault 6005019820, Ryco R2228P, Sakura O1903, O-1903, Savara 2708/30, 270830, 92027211, 92027217, SF Schupp SO4328, Soparis CAP305, Sullair 1279, Teho D14, TJ FP9413, TRP 1535146, Vapormatic CPD5005, VPD5005, VPD5028, Vauxhall GM 5575823, 6435035, 6435036, Wix 51272, 51279, 551272, CW272M, CW272MP, Woodgate WGL550

    Atlas Copco UT3; UT4; UT5; UT6(Ford 2504E Engine), UT85(Ford Engine), UT85(Ford 2502E Engine), VT3(Ford Engine), VT3(Ford Engine), Bantam C166; T166(Ford 401 Engine), C266(Ford 401 Engine), C451; T451(Ford 401 Engine), C475(Ford 401 Engine), Benford MA2300H(Ford 2504E Engine), MA2300H(Ford 2504E Engine), TT, TT3 1/2(Ford 2504 Engine), TT3 1/2(Ford 2504E Engine), Clark 225; 300(Ford M477 Engine), 225; 300(Ford M477 Engine), Davis 1000(Ford 192 Petrol Engine), 1000(Ford 201 Diesel Engine), 1000 Task Force(Ford 192 Gas Engine), 1000 Task Force(Ford 201 Diesel Engine), 70+4 Ditcher(Ford 201 Engine), 70-4(Ford Engine), Ford 104; 104GF, 1164(Ford Engine), 1164; 1174; 1454, 1174; 1254; 1464, 13-Six; 16-Six(Ford 4500 Engine), 1454, 158D, 158G, 175D, 192G; 192LPG, 2000, 2000(158 Engine), 2000 Dexta; 3000 Super Dexta, 2000; 2100; 2110; 2120; 2150; 2310, 2000; 3000; 4000; 5000(Diesel Engine), 201D, 2100, 2110; 2120(3 Cyl Gas; Diesel Engine), 233D, 233G, 2502E Diesel, 2502E; 2504E; 2512E; 2514E Diesel, 2503E Petrol, 2503E; 2511E; 2513E Petrol, 2504E Diesel, 2511E Petrol, 2512E Diesel, 2513E Petrol, 2514E Diesel, 2600, 3000, 3000 Diesel, 3000; 3055; 3100; 3120; 3150; 3190; 3300; 3400; 3500; 3550, 3100(Ford Diesel Engine), 3120, 3400, 3500, 3550, 3600, 3610, 4000, 4000 Diesel, 4000 Major, 4000; 4010(Ford Petrol & Diesel Engine), 401, 401, 4010, 401D, 4110, 4140; 4190, 4200, 4400; 4410; 4500, 4400; 4410; 4500, 4600, 475, 475; 477; 534, 477, 5000(233, 256 Engine), 5000 Diesel, 5000 Super Major, 5000; 5100; 5200, 5030(256 Engine), 5100; 5200(Ford Engine), 534, 5500(223 Engine), 5500; 5550, 6000, 620(Gas Engine), 620, 630; 640, 7000, 800(401 Diesel Engine), 800; 880; 900, 800; 880; 900, 800; 900, 8000(401 Diesel Engine), 8000, 8200; 8260; 8400(Ford Diesel Engine), 8200; 8260; 8400, 850; 900; 950(6.6L Engine), 8600(401 Diesel Engine), 8600, 8670; 8700, 8700, 9000(401 Diesel Engine), 9000; 9200; 9260, 9200; 9260(Ford Diesel Engine), 9600(401T Diesel Engine), 9600, 9700, 9700, A62(Ford 4256T Engine), A64; A66, A64; A66(4 Cyl Diesel Engine), Dexta 2000; Super Dexta 3000(3cyl Diesel Engine), Dexta 2000; Super Dexta 3000(3cyl Petrol Engine), EDL; EDM; EDN, EDL2V; EDM2V, EDL4V; EDM4V; EDN4V, Ford Tractors fitted with 4 Cyl Engine in older Model type, H41(Ford 401DF Diesel Engine), H48(Ford 6 Cyl Engine), L25; L30, M; N; Q, Major 4000; Major 5000(3cyl & 4 cyl Petrol Engine), Major 4000; Major 5000(3cyl & 4cyl Diesel Engine), Ploughmaster/75, Ploughmaster; 75, Super 4; 654; 754; 764; 944; 1454; 4600-Four; 6600-Four; 7600-Four(Ford Engine), Super County Four, Super County Six 1164, TW10(Diesel Engine), TW10, TW20(Diesel 401T Engine), TW20, TW30, TW35, FWD FWD Trucks fitted with Ford V8-401; 477; 534 engine, R4-426V; R4-466V(Ford 534 Engine), R4-426V; R4-466V, Green Thomas Contractor 5 1/2-6 1/2 Ton(Ford 2504E Engine), Grove TM400(Ford V8-534 Engine), TM400(Ford V8-534 Engine), Hydrema 26F4(Ford 3cyl Diesel Engine), 26F4 Centre Post(Ford 3cyl Diesel Engine), Ingersoll Rand DRF85; DRF85S; DR100; DR100S(Ford 2504E Engine), Lancer Boss MD6(Ford Engine), MD6; MD7; P14(Ford Engine), MD7(Ford Engine), P14(Ford Engine), Lockwood 2655(Ford 401D Engine), Manitou 4RM 26NF(Ford 2512E Engine), 4RM26NF(Ford 2512E Engine), MB25M; MB25PF; MB25TC(Ford 2512E Engine), MB25M; MB25PF; MB25TC; MB26; MB30M; MB30TC; MC40TC; MC50TC(Ford 2512E Engine), MB26(Ford 2512E Engine), MB30M; MB30TC(Ford 2512E Engine), MC40TC(Ford 2512E Engine), MC50TC(Ford 2512E Engine), New Holland 1164 County, 1164 County, 1174 County, 1184 County, 2000 Dexta From 01/65, 3000, 3000 Dexta From 01/65, 4000, 4000 Major From 01/65, 4550, 5000, 5000 Major From 01/65, 7000, 900; 901; 903; 905; 907; 909; 910; 912(Ford 256 Gas Engine), TW10 81kW 110hp(Ford Engine) From 01/79 To 12/83, TW20, TW20, TW20 100kW 136hp(Ford Engine) From 01/79 To 12/83, Ottawa Commando 50(Ford V8-534 Engine), Richier H48 CK; CL; C; P48(Ford 401DD Engine), H48; P48(Ford 401DD Engine), H52(Ford 401Ti Engine), H52; P52(Ford 401Ti Engine), Vermeer M455; M485(Ford 192 Engine), Weatherhill 12HB(Ford 5000 Engine), 12HB; 12HD(Ford 5000 Engine), 22HB; 22HD(Ford 2512E Engine), 22HD(Ford 2512E Engine), C/S Mk III(Ford 2512E Engine), C3(Ford 2512E Engine), S3(Ford 2512E Engine), Whitlock 105(Ford Engine)

    We only supply quality Filter and Automotive Product Brands sourced from reputable UK Manufacturers, Distributors and Importers, we do NOT supply own branded product of unknown origin. For their unparalleled Product Range, Quality, Competitive Pricing, Technical Information, Service and Availability our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Alco, Donaldson, Parker, Racor, MP Filtri & SF Filter.

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