FBW-P73 FILTER-Lube(Fleetguard LF568, Baldwin P73)

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  • Part Number FBW-P73
  • Manufactured by: Fleetguard

    Part No: FBW-P73
    Description: FILTER-Lube(Cartridge Round)
    Category: Filters-Lube, Cartridge, Round
    By-Pass Lube Element with Bail Handle. Also G106 F-Gasket. Also [1] Attached Grommet
    Updated: 17/11/2019

    Height: 106mm
    OD/Width Max: 88mm
    OD/Width Min: 88mm
    ID/Depth Max: 21mm
    ID/Depth Min: 14mm

    Allis Chalmers 47342485, 4734248-5, AP Lockheed 574265, APH3367A, FH265, Baldwin C73P, C73-P, C73PS, C73-PS, P73, PT73, T73P, T73-P, Bosch 1457429190, 1-457-429-190, 1457429409, 1-457-429-409, 1457431487, 1-457-431-487, Briggs and Stratton B55, BP12, BR1, BR12, CR5, Bussing 8301601, Carrier Transicold 21002, 2-1002, 21007, 2-1007, 21008, 2-1008, 3000081, 30-00081, Case IHC 18152AB, 8152AB, 8926AB, A27302, O8926AB, Caterpillar 26098, 3I1610, Champion OF409, Chrysler Dodge 1121689, 1403695, 1685241, 1821552, 3113311, 645638, 852758, 861032, 8990444, 911208, Coopers Fiaam AZL059, GP52, LEB5058, Crosland 556, Deutz AG Fahr KHD 875-11-38-2178, Donaldson P550179, P779055, Fiat 4734248, 74734248, Fleetguard LF568, Fleetrite LFR8568, Ford 5000830, Fram C134A, C134PL, C232PL, CH15PL, Gardner 26A8, 5E7, Hengst E12141, Hough 101687, In Line Filters FBWP73, FBW-P73, FINFL70850, FIN-FL70850, FL70850, Jeep 200136, 645635, 645636, 646535, 654638, Kralinator K770, Luberfiner LP134, P7FF, Mahle Knecht EN2822, Mann H922/1X, H9221X, Massey Ferguson 1003879M1, 1003879-M1, 1003879M91, 1003879-M91, 100421M81, 100421-M81, 1014219-M91, 1014219-M92, 1014219-M93, 1509106-M91, 1509106-M92, 15434A, 15434-A, 1754468-M91, 1900371M91, 1900371-M91, 754468-M91, 761515M1, 761515-M1, 761515M11, 761515-M11, 840293M1, 840293-M1, 840293M91, 840293-M91, 840294M1, 840294-M1, 840294M91, 840294-M91, 840509M1, 840509-M1, 840509M91, 840509-M91, 840751M91, 840751-M91, 841241-M91, Micro Pore PM134, PM233, Motorcraft FL145, FL768, Napa 7366, Nelson Winslow WP70FF, Onan 1220210, 122-0210, 122P210, 122-P210, Purolator Facet L20700, MF25A, P700SERIES, P70FF, Ryco A233, R407P, Savara 92086117, Sisu 169631000, Soparis CA14, Towmotor 68660, A48407, A5283, A5794, A68660, C1876, C8176, Universal MC20372, MC20-372, MG20372, MG20-372, Vauxhall GM 5570015, Wabco VS3586, Waukesha 101687A, 117980, 117990, 203592, 20359-2, 32101, 960294, A117980B, UP203592, UP20359-2, White 195538F, 195538-F, 256140, 605538F, 605538-F, K264, MX51565, MXS1462, MXS1565, WMXS1565, Wix 51080, 557366, 57366, PC80N, PC80NP, Woodgate WGL568, Yale 1121694, 282K90, 525226, 52522600, 525226-00

    Allis Chalmers FB20-15; FPB20-15; FB20-24; FPB20-24, American Hoist 70B Hoist(Chrysler 30-5 Engine), Barber Greene 522(LeRoi Engine), 840B(Hercules GO226 Engine), 879A(LeRoi Engine), 879B(Hercules GO226 Engine), Blaw Knox 6-1/2 Yard Truck, Bombardier Muskeg(Chrysler 6 Cyl 251 Engine), SW; J5(Chrysler 6 Cyl 251 Engine), Carrier Transicold 270(Hercules 1XB Engine), 270(Hercules 1XB Engine), Case IHC 411, 411D, D; DC; DI, L; LA; LAI; LI, S; SC; SI, SP9; SP10; SP12; 120, VAIS(CASE Engine), Caterpillar 390; 391, 400P, 410, 420, 421, 460, 461, 480P, 500; 500P; 501; 501P, 540S, 590S, 600P, 600S, 670S; 680P, K5, LT60, LT62, LT72, LT90, Centaur M; C1; KV38; AG140, Chicago Pneumatic 125; 125RG1(Hercules G2000 Engine), Chrysler Dodge 230, 251; 251-1; 251-2; 251-3, 265, 318, Cleveland 80; 80W(Hercules GO226 Engine), 92(Hercules GO226 Engine), Coop Black Hawk 35, Fuce 3, Corbitt D50; G50; K50, Davey Paxman 125RP(Hercules D2000 Engine), 160PVC(Hercules JXD Engine), 160VD(Hercules Engine), 210WDS(Hercules JXD Engine), Fairbanks Morse 45B-1; 45B-8, Gardner RP125D(Hercules DD198 Engine), RP125G(Hercules GO198A Engine), WH105GL-GZ; WH105GAA-GAC; WH105GB, WHD105G; RP125(Hercules QXLD5 Engine), Gehl Gehl Foragers fitted with LeRoi D201 engine, Gorman Rupp 50(Chrysler IND30 Engine), Harris Harvester F6WC, Hercules D1500; D1700, D2000; D2300, DD130; DD149; DD149H; DD169; DD169H, DD173; DD198; DD198H; DD226; DD226H, DIX2DM Marine, G1500; G1700, G2000; G2300, GO130; GO149; GO149H; GO169; GO169H, GO198; GO198AH; GO226; GO226AH, IXB, JXD, QXA; QXB; QXC, QXD, ZXB, Hobart G300(Chrysler H170 Engine), Hough DIA(Case Engine), Huber Warco 3-5 Ton(Hercules IXB Engine), 4-6 Ton(Hercules IXB Engine), R7610; R7682(Hercules IXB Engine), T35; T46(Hercules IXB Engine), John Deere 105, 114; 116W, 12; 25; 30, 40, 45, 55, 95(Hercules Engine), Kohler 10A23, Leroi C1 Industrial Tractor; M1; M2(140 Engine), D133; D140; D176; D201; D226, Linkbelt 70(Chrysler 636 Engine), 71; 75(Chrysler 636 Engine), 85(Chrysler 636 Engine), Massey Ferguson 44, Minneapolis Moline 2890(Chrysler 6 Cyl Engine), 3490(6 Cyl Gas Engine), 3496(6 Cyl Gas Engine), 4290; 4292; 4293; 4296(6 Cyl Gas Engine), 4292(V8 Gas Engine), Myers 224(Chrysler Engine), 226(Chrysler Engine), 232(Chrysler Engine), Oliver 109; SP109; 110; SP110; 111; 112; SP112; 115; SP115; 132; SP132; 137; SP137, 132; 137, 35; 35L, 422(Chrysler Engine), 427; 428(6 Cyl Gas Engine), 427; 428; 429, 430; 431, 522, 525(6 Cyl Gas Engine), 535(6 Cyl Gas Engine), 542(V8 Gas Engine), 542; 545(6 Cyl Gas Engine), 550; 551, 5542(6 Cyl Gas Engine), Golden Arrow, OC46(Hercules DD130 Engine), OC46(Hercules GO130 Engine), SP110; 115, SP420, SP430; SP431, SP525, Palmer M196 , M304 , M345 , M392 , PH339; PW339; IHV345 , PH45 , PH75; PH120; PW133; PH135 , PW230; PW230 Spacemaker IH240, PW320 , Y345 , Pettibone Mulliken G30(Waukesha IKC Engine), G60(Willys 6 Cyl Engine), GA150; GS150; GA165; GS165; GA180; GS180(Hercules D3000 Engine), Super 10(Chrysler IND32 Engine), Super 6(Willys 6 Cyl Engine), Quincy QS160(Hercules D2300, G2300 Engine), Silent Hoist Liftruck; Kranecar(Chrysler IND6A, IND30 Engine), Studebaker E1; E3; E5; E6; E8; E10; E11; E14; E15; E16; E17(6 Cyl 170, 186, 246 Engine), Toro Mk IV(Ford 6 CylOHC Engine), Wabco 125(LeRoi Engine), Waukesha FC, XA; XAH; 1CK, Yale and Towne 60U, G52; GP52, KG; KGA; KGP; G3; KGPA5(Chrysler IND30 Engine), KG51; KGA51AT; KGP51AT, KGA51-30(Chrysler Engine), KGP51-40(Chrysler Engine), L(Hercules IXB4 Engine), L40S(Hercules IXB4 Engine), LHM75; LM75; LMS75(Hercules JX4D Engine), T18(Chrysler IND30 Engine), Y18(Chrysler 30 Engine)

    We only supply quality Filter and Automotive Product Brands sourced from reputable UK Manufacturers, Distributors and Importers, we do NOT supply own branded product of unknown origin. For their unparalleled Product Range, Quality, Competitive Pricing, Technical Information, Service and Availability our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Alco, Donaldson, Parker, Racor, MP Filtri & SF Filter.

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