FMH-W11008 Filter-Lube(Brand Specific-Mann)

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  • Part Number FMH-W11008
  • Manufactured by: Mann

    Part No: Mann W 11 008
    Our Stock Level: 0
    Stock at Mann 3-4 day lead: 1
    Stock at Mann(EU) 7-14 day lead: 935
    More Stock: Any further stock usually 4-6 weeks
    Details: Filter Type: Lube
    Updated: 21/11/2021

    To view manufacturer's Technical Data on this Mann W11008 product click here: MANN W11008

    To search for manufacturer's Technical Data on any Mann product click here: MANN TECHNICAL

    Height: 0mm

    Case IHC 47135704, 84222017, Claas 6005030464, Coopers Fiaam FT5265, Z601, Fil ZP3018, Hifi Hirschi Jura SO511, Inline FMHW11008, FMH-W11008, Iveco 99449094, Mann W 11 008, W11008, New Holland 5097103, Vapormatic VPD5124

    Case IHC JX60-2004/01(44kW 60hp eng). JX60-2006/01(45kW 59hp eng). JX60-Straddle Mount-2006/01(Iveco 8035.05D.939 58hp eng). JX70-2004/01. JX70-2006/01(51kW 69hp eng). JX70-Straddle Mount-2006/01(Iveco 8035.25C.939 68hp eng). JX75-2002/01(55kW 75hp eng). JX80-2004/01(59kW 80hp eng). JX80-2006/01(59kW 80hp eng). JX80-Straddle Mount-2006/01(Iveco 8045.05R.939 79hp eng). JX85(63kW 85hp eng). JX90(66kW 89hp eng). JX90-Straddle Mount-2006/01(Iveco 8045.25.939 88hp eng). JX95(69kW 94hp eng). JX95(72kW 98hp E2 eng). JX95-2006/01(71kW 97hp eng). JX95-Straddle Mount-2006/01(Iveco 8045.25L939 72kW 98hp eng). JXC1075C-2003/01(56kW 76hp eng). Claas Ceres | 326-ITL-1331(Iveco 51kW 70hp eng). Ceres | 336-ITL-1341(Iveco 58kW 79hp eng). Ceres | 346-ITL-1351(Iveco 66kW 90hp eng). New Holland 110-90-1984/01. TD75D-2006/01(E2 eng). TD80D-2004/01(59kW 80hp E2 eng). TD90D-2004/01(E2 eng). TD95D-2004/01. TD95D-Plus-2006/01. TD95-Straddle Mount-2006/01(72kW 98hp eng). TK100M-2004/01. TK65F-1999/01. TK65V-1999/01. TK70FA-2004/01. TK76-1999/01(8045.06.521 53kW 72hp eng). TK80A-2004/01. TK80MA-2004/01. TK85-1999/01. TK90A; TK90MA-2004/01(Iveco 66kW 88hp eng). TN55-1999/01. TN60A-2003/01. TN60DA-2003/01(Iveco 44kW 59hp eng). TN60SA-2003/01(Iveco 44kW 59hp eng). TN65F-1997/01. TN70-2000/01. TN70A-2003/01. TN70D; TN70DDT; TN70FDT; TN70SDT(Iveco 8035.25 51kW 69hp eng). TN70D-2000/01(51kW 70hp eng). TN70DA-2003/01(Iveco 53kW 72hp eng). TN70F-2001/01. TN70S-2000/01. TN70SA-2003/01(Iveco 53kW 72hp eng). TN75; TN75D; TN75DDT; TN75NDT; TN75SDT; TN75V; TN75VDT-1999/01(Iveco 8035.05 53kW 72hp Turbo eng). TN75A-2003/01. TN75DA-2003/01(Iveco 56kW 76hp eng). TN75F-1997/01(Iveco 8045.05 56kW 75hp eng). TN75FA-2004/01(Iveco 8045.50D 55kW 74hp eng). TN75S-1998/01. TN75SA-2003/01(Iveco 56kW 76hp eng). TN80F-2001/01. TN85FA-2004/01(Iveco 8045.25R 62kW 84hp eng). TN90F-1997/01(Iveco 8045.05 65kW 88hp Turbo eng). TN95D-2004/01. TN95D-Plus-2006/01. TN95F-1997/01. TN95F-2001/01(70kW 95hp eng). TN95FA-2004/01(Iveco 8045.25S 68kW 92hp eng). TN95NA-2004/01(Iveco 68kW 92hp eng). TN95-Straddle Mount-2006/01. TN95VA-2004/01(Iveco 68kW 92hp eng). Steyr 360-2003/01(44kW 59hp eng). 370-2003/01. 370-2003/01(53kW 72hp eng). 375-2003/01. 375-2003/01(56kW 76hp eng)

    This is a Mann Brand Specific product so you will receive a genuine Mann branded filter NOT an alternative. The only reason we prefix Mann Part Numbers with FMH- is to separate them out within our catalogue and internal database systems.
    If our Stock Level shown above is Zero then this is a Special Order item, once ordered it cannot be cancelled or returned.

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