FIN-FH51387 Filter-Hyd(Equivalent: HF6350, WD11002, 51715, 51715)

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  • Part Number FIN-FH51387
  • Manufactured by: Inline

    Part No: Inline FH51387 (Also available as Brand Specific: FFG-HF6350, FMH-WD11002)
    Our Stock Level: 3
    More Stock: Any further stock usually 2-10 weeks
    Updated: 31/12/2021

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    Height: 229mm
    OD/WidthMax: 108mm
    OD/WidthMin: 108mm
    Thread: M40x2.0

    Coopers Fiaam FT4948, HSM6159, Deutz AG Fahr KHD 2.4419.280.0/10, 2.4419280.0, 24419280010, Donaldson P763987, Fil ZP3022A, Fleetguard HF6350, Fram PH4481, Hifi Hirschi Jura SH56400, Inline FFRPH4481, FFR-PH4481, FH51387, FINFH51387, FIN-FH51387, Lamborghini 24419280, 24419390, Mann WD11002, Purolator Facet L57539, Sakura HC51040, HC-51040, Same 2.4419.280.0, 2.4419.280.2, 2.4419.390.0, 244192800, 244192802, 244193900, SF Schupp SPH9476, Sofima S8042RH, Sparex S.76795, S76795, Tecneco OL4481, Tecnocar R415, UFI 80.042.00, 8004200, Vapormatic VPK1534, Wix 51715

    Deutz AG Fahr KHD Agrofarm 100 Ecoline(Deutz B4FM-2012CE71T 66kW 90hp eng). Agrofarm 100(BF4M2012C 66kW 90hp eng). Agrofarm 410 COM3(73kW 99hp eng). Agrofarm 410G COM3(Unspecified eng). Agrofarm 410T COM3 Ecoline(63kW 85hp eng). Agrofarm 410T COM3(63kW 85hp eng). Agrofarm 410TB COM3(TD-2012-L04 63kW 85hp eng). Agrofarm 420 COM3(80kW 109hp eng). Agrofarm 420T COM3 Ecoline(73kW 99hp eng). Agrofarm 420T COM3(73kW 99hp eng). Agrofarm 420TB COM3(TCD-2012-L04 73kW 99hp eng). Agrofarm 430 COM3(Unspecified eng). Agrofarm 430G COM3(Unspecified eng). Agrofarm 85 Ecoline(Deutz BF4M2012CE56T 56kW 76hp eng). Agrofarm 85(BF4M2012C 56kW 76hp eng). Agrofarm COM3(Unspecified eng). Agrofarm TTV420 COM3(Deutz TCD-2012-L04 70kW 95hp eng). Agrofarm TTV430 COM3(Deutz TCD-2012-L04 75kW 102hp eng). Agrokid 25(Mitsubishi K3F-DE 20kW 27hp eng). Agrokid 35(35kW 48hp eng). Agrokid 45(Mitsubishi K4F-D 31kW 42hp eng). Agrolux 100(Same 1000.4WT 70kW 96hp eng). Agrolux 100(Same 1000.4WT 70kW 96hp eng). Agrolux 60; 60A(F3L913 44kW 60hp eng). Agrolux 70; 70A(F4L913 52kW 70hp eng). Agrolux 77(Unspecified eng). Agrolux 77LP(Unspecified eng). Agrolux 77LP(Unspecified eng). Agrolux 80(F4L913 58kW 78hp eng). Agrolux 85(Same 1000.4W 63kW 85hp eng). Agrolux 85(Same 1000.4W 63kW 85hp eng). Agrolux 87(Unspecified eng). Agrolux 87(Unspecified eng). Agrolux 87LP(Unspecified eng). Agrolux 90(F4L913T 65kW 88hp eng). Agrolux 95(Same 1000.4WT 68kW 92hp eng). Agrolux 95(Same 1000.4WT 68kW 92hp eng). Agrolux 97(Unspecified eng). Agrolux 97LP(Unspecified eng). Agrolux F60(Unspecified eng). Agrolux F70(Unspecified eng). Agrolux F80(Unspecified eng). Agromaxx 40(Unspecified eng). Agromaxx 40LD(Unspecified eng). Agromaxx 45(Unspecified eng). Agromaxx 45LD(Unspecified eng). Agromaxx 50(Unspecified eng). Agromaxx 50HD(Unspecified eng). Agromaxx 50LD(Unspecified eng). Agromaxx 55(Unspecified eng). Agromaxx 55HD(Unspecified eng). Agromaxx 55LD(Unspecified eng). Agromaxx 60(Unspecified eng). Agromaxx 60HD(Unspecified eng). Agromaxx 60LD(Unspecified eng). Agroplus 100; 100A(BF6M1012E 74kW 100hp eng). Agroplus 60; 60A(F3L913 44kW 60hp eng). Agroplus 70; 70A(F4L913 52kW 71hp eng). Agroplus 75; 75A(BF4M1012E 55kW 75hp eng). Agroplus 75; 75A(BF4M1012E 55kW 75hp eng). Agroplus 80(F4L913; F4L914 eng). Agroplus 80; 80A(F4L913; F4L914 57kW 77hp eng). Agroplus 85(BF4M1012EC eng). Agroplus 85; 85A(BF4M1012EC 62kW 85hp eng). Agroplus 85; 85A(BF4M1012EC 62kW 85hp eng). Agroplus 95 New(Unspecified eng). Agroplus 95(BF4L1012EC 69kW 94hp eng). Agroplus 95; 95A(BF4M1012EC 69kW 94hp eng). Agrosun 100(BF6L913T 74kW 100hp eng). Agrosun 120(BF6L913T 88kW 120hp eng). Agrosun 140(BF6L913T 103kW 140hp eng). Agrotrac 100(1000.4WT 71kW 96hp eng). Agrotrac 110(Lamborghini 1000.6W 74kW 101hp eng). Agrotrac 125(Lamborghini 1000.6WT 92kW 125hp eng). Agrotrac 130(Lamborghini 1000.6WT 93kW 126hp eng). Agrotrac 150(Lamborghini 1000.6WTI 115kW 157hp eng). Agrotrac 610 COM3(Unspecified eng). Agrotrac 610(Lamborghini 1000.6WTI 103kW 140hp eng). Agrotrac 620 COM3(Unspecified eng). Agrotrac 620(Lamborghini 1000.6WTI 120kW 163hp eng). Huerlimann Club H-358-4(1000.3AD 48kW 65hp eng). Club H468.4 Basso(1000.4W eng). Club H468.4(1000.4W eng). Elite 6115-XB(1000.6W 85kW 115hp eng). Elite 6135-XB(1000.6W 99kW 135hp eng). Frutteto H361; H476(Unspecified eng). H305XE(1000.3A 37kW 50hp eng). H306XE(1000.3A 44kW 60hp eng). H307XE(1000.3AT 51kW 70hp eng). H355F(Unspecified eng). H358(Perkins H1000.3W eng). H361XF COM3(Unspecified eng). H362; H372(Perkins H1000.3AT eng). H365F-XE(Unspecified eng). H375F-XE(Unspecified eng). H468; H468.4(Perkins H1000.4W 51kW 70hp eng). H476XF COM3(Unspecified eng). H478; H478.4(Perkins H1000.4W1 65kW 88hp eng). H481XF COM3(Unspecified eng). H488(Perkins H1000.4WT 65kW 88hp Turbo eng). H491XF COM3(Unspecified eng). H496T(Unspecified eng). H5116(Turbo eng). H55XF COM3(Unspecified eng). H6115T(Unspecified eng). H6136(Turbo eng). H6136(Unspecified eng). H6160(Turbo eng). H6170T(Unspecified eng). H70XF COM3(Unspecified eng). HH478-4(Unspecified eng). Prestige Tradition 75(1000.4W 55kW 75hp E2 eng). Prestige Tradition 95(1000.4WT 70kW 95hp E2 eng). Prince 435(Mitsubishi K4F-D 26kW 35hp eng). Prince 445(Mitsubishi K4F-DT 33kW 45hp eng). Prince H325DT(Mitsubishi K3FD 19kW 26hp eng). Prince H335DT(Mitsubishi K4FD 26kW 35hp eng). XA-606(Perkins H1000.3W1 44kW 60hp eng). XA-607(Perkins H1000.4W4 59kW 80hp eng). XA-655(1000.3W2 41kW 56hp eng). XA-656T(1000.3W1 46kW 63hp Turbo eng). XA-657(Perkins 1000.4A 53kW 72hp eng). XA-658(1000.4WT4 61kW 83hp eng). XB100 Max Tradition(Deutz B4FM-2012CE71T eng). XB100 Max(Deutz BF4M2012CE56T 70kW 96hp eng). XB100T; 100TB COM3(Deutz TCD-2012-L04-C3-MT72 eng). XB105 COM3(Unspecified eng). XB105T COM3 Tradition(Unspecified eng). XB110 Max(80kW 109hp eng). XB75T; XB75TB COM3(Perkins 1000.4W E2 eng). XB-75T; XB-75TB(1000.4W 55kW 75hp E2 eng). XB85 Max Tradition(Deutz BF4M2012CE56T eng). XB85 Max(Deutz BF4M2012CE56T 60kW 82hp eng). XB-85(Unspecified eng). XB85; XB100; XB110 Max COM3(Deutz TCD-2012-L04 eng). XB85T; XB85TB COM3(Deutz TCD-2012-L04-C3-MT62 eng). XB-85T; XB-85TB(1000.4WT 63kW 85hp E2 eng). XB90 COM3(Unspecified eng). XB90T COM3 Tradition(Unspecified eng). XB-95(Unspecified eng). XB95T; XB95TB COM3(Perkins 1000.4WT E2 eng). XB-95T; XB-95TB(1000.4WT 67kW 91hp E2 eng). XT COM3(Unspecified eng). XT105(Perkins 1000.6W4 eng). XT110(TCD-2012-L04; 1000.4-WTI1 75kW 102hp eng). XT115(Unspecified eng). XT130(Unspecified eng). XT140 COM3(Unspecified eng). XT140(Unspecified eng). XT160 COM3(Unspecified eng). XT160(Unspecified eng). XT85(Perkins 1000.4WT9 63kW 85hp eng). XT85(Perkins 1000.4WT9 63kW 85hp eng). XT908(Perkins 1000.4WT3 63kW 85hp eng). XT908(Perkins 1000.4WT3 63kW 85hp eng). XT909(Perkins 1000.4WT2 70kW 95hp eng). XT909(Perkins 1000.4WT2 70kW 95hp eng). XT910.4(Perkins 1000.4WT1 76kW 103hp eng). XT910.6(Perkins 1000.6W1 77kW 105hp eng). XT911(Unspecified eng). XT913(Unspecified eng). XT95(1000.4WT8 67kW 91hp eng). Lamborghini 11106(Unspecified eng). 11306(Unspecified eng). 11506(Unspecified eng). 1306DT(Turbo eng). 1506DT(Turbo eng). 674-70N(Unspecified eng). 674-75N Cross(Unspecified eng). 774-80N(Unspecified eng). 956-100(Unspecified eng). C684; R684(Unspecified eng). Cross 774-80N(Unspecified eng). Cross 774-80N(Unspecified eng). Cross 874-95N(Unspecified eng). Evo R3 COM3(Unspecified eng). Evo R3.100 Target(Deutz B4FM-2012CE71T eng). Evo R3.100(Deutz BF4M2012 70kW 95hp eng). Evo R3.100(Deutz BF4M2012 eng). Evo R3.110(Unspecified eng). Evo R3.85 Target(Deutz BF4M2012CE56T eng). Evo R3.85(Deutz BF4M2012 60kW 82hp eng). F-Plus 660FPL(Unspecified eng). F-Plus 775FPL(Unspecified eng). F-Plus 880FPL(Unspecified eng). F-Plus 990FPL(Unspecified eng). Grand Prix 674-70(L1000-4W eng). Grand Prix 75 Target(Unspecified eng). Grand Prix 774-80(L1000-4W eng). Grand Prix 874-90(L1000-4WT eng). Grand Prix 95 Target(Unspecified eng). Premium 1050(Perkins 1000.4WT1 eng). Premium 1060(Perkins 1000.6W1 eng). Premium 1060(Unspecified eng). Premium 850(Perkins 1000.4WT3 eng). Premium 950(Perkins 1000.4WT2 eng). R1106; R1106DT(Unspecified eng). R1306(916.6WT eng). R1506(1106-14T eng). R3.100(Perkins 1000.4WTI E3 eng). R3.75T(Unspecified eng). R3.80(Unspecified eng). R3.85(Lamborghini 1000.4WT 62kW 84hp eng). R3.85T(Unspecified eng). R3.90(Unspecified eng). R3.95(Lamborghini 1000.4WT 70kW 95hp eng). R3.95T(Unspecified eng). R3.T100(Unspecified eng). R3.T105 Target(Unspecified eng). R3.T75(Lamborghini 1000.4W 55kW 75hp eng). R3.T85(Lamborghini 1000.4WT 62kW 84hp eng). R3.T95(Lamborghini 1000.4WT 70kW 95hp eng). R3.TB COM3(Unspecified eng). R3.TB100(Unspecified eng). R3.TB75(Lamborghini 1000.4W 55kW 75hp eng). R3.TB85(Lamborghini 1000.4WT 62kW 84hp eng). R3.TB95(Lamborghini 1000.4WT 70kW 95hp eng). R3T COM3(Unspecified eng). R4.105(Lamborghini 1000.6W 75kW 102hp eng). R4.105(Lamborghini 1000.6W 75kW 102hp eng). R4.110(Lamborghini 1000.4WTI 84kW 114hp eng). R4.110(Lamborghini 1000.4WTI 84kW 114hp eng). R4.85(Lamborghini 1000.4WT 66kW 90hp eng). R4.85(Lamborghini 1000.4WT 66kW 90hp eng). R4.95(Lamborghini 1000.4WT 70kW 95hp eng). R4.95(Lamborghini 1000.4WT 70kW 95hp eng). R5 Evo COM3(Unspecified eng). R5.140(Unspecified eng). R5.160(Unspecified eng). R600; R600DT(Unspecified eng). R700; R700DT(Unspecified eng). R754; R754DT; R754 Ergomatic; R854; R854DT(Unspecified eng). R956; R956DT; R956-100(Unspecified eng). RR5.100 COM3(Perkins 1000.4WT8E2 eng). RR5.100 COM3(Perkins 1000.4WT8E2 eng). RR5.110 COM3(Perkins 1000.6WE2 eng). RR5.110 COM3(Perkins 1000.6WE2 eng). RR5.110 COM3(Perkins 1000.6WE2 eng). RR5.130(Lamborghini 1000.6WT 99kW 135hp eng). RR5.150(Unspecified eng). RR5.150(Unspecified eng). Runne RUN250(Unspecified eng). Runne RUN350(Unspecified eng). Runne RUN450(Unspecified eng). Sprint 684-85 Sprint(Unspecified eng). Same 80 Explorer I; Export; Special(10004.A 59kW 80hp eng). Antares 100(Unspecified eng). Antares 110(Perkins 1000.6-A eng). Antares 130(Perkins 1000.6AT eng). Argon 50; 50DTA(1000.3A 37kW 50hp eng). Argon 55F(Unspecified eng). Argon 60; 60DTA(1000.3A 44kW 60hp eng). Argon 65F(Unspecified eng). Argon 70; 70DTA(1000.3AT 52kW 71hp eng). Argon 75F(55kW 75hp eng). Dorado 55(Perkins 1000.3A eng). Dorado 60(Unspecified eng). Dorado 65(Perkins 1000.3AT eng). Dorado 70(Unspecified eng). Dorado 75(Perkins 1000.4A5 eng). Dorado 85(Perkins 1000.4AT5 eng). Explorer 75T; 75TB(Unspecified eng). Explorer 85T; 85TB(Unspecified eng). Explorer 95T; 95TB(Unspecified eng). Explorer MkI 100(Unspecified eng). Explorer MkI 100(Unspecified eng). Explorer MkI 75; 75C(916.4A 55kW 75hp eng). Explorer MkI 85(Unspecified eng). Explorer MkI 85(Unspecified eng). Explorer MkI 90(Unspecified eng). Explorer MkI 95(Unspecified eng). Explorer MkII 70 C Special(Unspecified eng). Explorer MkII 80 C Special(Unspecified eng). Explorer MkII 80(Unspecified eng). Explorer MkII 90 C Special(Unspecified eng). Explorer MkII C75(Unspecified eng). Explorer MkII C85(1000.4WT 62kW 84hp E2 eng). Explorer MkII C95(Unspecified eng). Explorer MkIII 100 Classic(Unspecified eng). Explorer MkIII 100; 100GS(Deutz BF4M2012 70kW 95hp E2 eng). Explorer MkIII 100T; 100TB(Deutz TCD-2012-L04-C3-MT72 eng). Explorer MkIII 105T Classic(Unspecified eng). Explorer MkIII 110(Unspecified eng). Explorer MkIII 85 Classic(Unspecified eng). Explorer MkIII 85(Deutz BF4M2012 60kW 82hp E2 eng). Explorer MkIII 85T; 85TB(Deutz TCD-2012-L04-C3-MT72 eng). Explorer MkIII 90T Classic(Unspecified eng). Explorer MkIII COM3(Unspecified eng). Explorer MkIII TCOM3; TBCOM3(Unspecified eng). Frutteto MkII 100(1000.4WT 70kW 95hp E2 eng). Frutteto MkII 55(1000.3W 40kW 55hp E2 eng). Frutteto MkII 60(Unspecified eng). Frutteto MkII 70(1000.3WT 51kW 70hp E2 eng). Frutteto MkII 75(1000.4W 54kW 74hp E2 eng). Frutteto MkII 85(Unspecified eng). Frutteto MkII 90(1000.4WT 64kW 87hp E2 eng). Laser 100(Same 1055P eng). Laser 110(Same 1006P eng). Laser 125(Perkins 1000.6WT eng). Laser 130(Same 1056P eng). Laser 140 MkIII(Perkins 1000.6WTi eng). Laser 150(Same 1056PS eng). Laser 160 MkIII(Perkins 1000.6WTi eng). Mercury 85 Export; Special(Unspecified eng). Premium 1060(Unspecified eng). Silver 100.4(Perkins 1000.4AT2 eng). Silver 100.6(Perkins 1000.6ATI eng). Silver 105(Perkins 1000.6W eng). Silver 110; 110DTA(1000.6 W 81kW 110hp eng). Silver 130; 130DTA(1000.6 WT 97kW 132hp eng). Silver 80(Perkins 1000.4A4 eng). Silver 85(Unspecified eng). Silver 90(Perkins 1000.4AT2 eng). Silver 95(Perkins 1000.4WT E2 eng). Silver 95(Unspecified eng). Solaris 25(K3FD eng). Solaris 35(K4FD 29kW 39hp eng). Solaris 45(K4FTD 32kW 43hp eng)

    These are Inline Filters own Part Numbers and carry the bulk of our Catalogue information which includes Cross Reference, Vehicle Applications, Size and Specifications data. They will always be a Quality Brand although not Brand Specific which enables us to offer the best Price and Stock Availability.

    As these are our fastest moving items the Manufacturer, Picture and exact Size may vary then we can second source if necessary to complete orders quickly. Be assured we only supply quality Filter Brands from globally recognised Filter Manufacturers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. Our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Alco, SF Schupp, MP Filtri, Solberg and Vokes.

    To visit Websites of the Filter Manufacturer's we use click here MANUFACTURER'S WEBSITES

    To view Catalogues of the Filter Manufacturer's we use click here MANUFACTURER'S CATALOGUES

    Application, Cross Reference and Size data is provided as a guide only, for full compatibility ensure all our specifications match your requirements.
    We sell on a Business to Business Model with highly competitive Trade Pricing.
    All orders must be placed via the Website.

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