FIN-FH51369 FILTER-Hyd(Fleetguard HF6177, Baldwin BT351, Mann W1374/2)

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  • Part Number FIN-FH51369
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    PartNo: FIN-FH51369 * * * * * We also offer these Brand Specific versions: FBW-BT351, FFG-HF6177, FMH-W1374-2 * * * * *
    Our Stock Level: 15
    Stock Level at Mann 3-7 day lead: 46
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    Description: FILTER-Hydraulic(Spin On)
    Category: Filters-Hydraulic > SpinOn > G1.1-4
    Details: Spin on hydraulic filter with 10 micron media. For 25 micron version useFIN-FH50462. For 125 micron strainer mesh version use FBW-BT8930. For long can 10 micron version use FIN-FH50468. For long can 25 micron version use FIN-FH50471. For synthetic media version use FIN-FH50319. For complete filter assembly on return side use FIN-FH50371. Hydraulic Spin-on. Can be used with OB1313, OB1314, OB1315 and OB1316 bases. Also [1] Included I-Gasket. Gasket: [1] Included. Gasket: [1] Included.
    Updated: 14/06/2021

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    Height: 180mm
    OD/WidthMax: 127mm
    OD/WidthMin: 127mm
    Thread: G 1 1/14
    Micron: 10

    AC Delco PF1091. Alco SP908, SP-908. Allis Chalmers 99100117. Amlift CPHY0012. Ammann 50170041, 5-0170041. Antonio Carraro 4.4524.010, 44524010. Argo V3.0940.08. Ausa 701004800. Aveling Barford GN603133. Axeco 1041505. Baldwin BT351, BT351/1, BT3511. Bosch 0451302184, F026407141. Caterpillar 36-3992, 3I1597. Claas 0006794330, 06794330, 679433.0, 6794330. Clark 4317841, 870299. Combilift CPHY0012. Compair Holman C16012013, C1601213. Coopers Fiaam AZH392. Coventry Climax HGC257002. Crosland 7502, 7503. Digoema DGM/H1591, DGM/H5043, DGMH1591, DGMH5043. Donaldson P550148, P564052, P565245. EPE 7SL180P10, 7SL90P10. FBO CA160/1, CA1601, CS-100-P10-A. Fil ZP562. Filtration Control FCL7110. Filtration FTH7526. Filtrec A120C10. Finn FC1051N010BS, FFPA1105110, FFPA1105110BP. Finnle 10215018. Fleetguard HF6177, HF7947, LF4095. Fleetrite HFR86177, LFR84095. Foden 5L5571601. Ford 457412. Fram P5158, P6808, P7559, P8267. Greyfriars 946SH, 964SH, HS7502. Hako 72055, 72-055. Haulamatic 900042. Hengst H213W. Hifi Hirschi Jura SH63161, SH76955. Hyco OM36001102208, OM360-01-102-208. Hydac 0160MG010P, 0160MG10P, 16010/1, 160-10/1, 160101, 160MG010P, 160MG10P, MF1601, MF160101, MFE16010/1, MFE160101. Ikron HEK4530155ASP010. Ingersoll Rand 90303199, A90303314. Inline FFRP5158, FFR-P5158, FH51369, FINFH51369, FIN-FH51369. Internormen 1WP9010PEP, 300002, WP9010. Iveco 707731851. JCB 32/901401, 32/901700, 32/901701, 32901700, 32901701. Kalmar 114080, 920090001. Kralinator 6L204U, L204, L204U. Kramer 0003634733. Lancer Boss 8702999. LHA TTE3010, TTE30-10. Liebherr 7616098. Linde Lansing T001005003. Luberfiner LFH4268. Mahle Knecht HC4. Manitou 88669. Mann 6770859156, W1374/2, W13742. Marshall AHMCS10010. Matbro Bray 4306011. McConnel 8401033?. Merlo 026611, 26611. Modina CA301CD1. MP Filtri 848101076, CA301ECD1, CS100P10, CS100P10A. Napa 1858. New Holland 80457412. Noitech NO014480. OMT CS010MIC10, CS10AN. Orenstein and Koppel 1449299. Parker 21169, 926502, MX1591410, PR4022. Plasser 62.05.1000.424, 62051000424, HYS5019010ES. PTI F4E055CCB, RSE5510, RSE5510N, RSE5525, RSE553. Purolator Facet H40175, P789, PER174H, PER175H. Ransomes Jacobsen 819142. Ryco HDZ376, RIFE1025, RIF-E1025. Sakura HC7906, HC-7906. Sambron 376822. Schaeff 5.207.642.105, 5207642105, 5207643105. Schroeder SBF840016S15B. Separation Technologies ST1213. SF Schupp SPH18058, SPH18060. Sofima ESE21NCC, S8009RH, UCA301ECD1. Sogefi Pro FT6023, FT6023/SGP, FT6023SGP. Sotras SH8144. Stauff SFC5710E. Sullair 1642102. Sure SFH1591. Teho 4351. Terex 15501832. Towmotor 363992. TRP 1534464. UCC 2411, 2412, 2413, 2413, 2414, 4205, 4205, 4235, 4235, 4928, 5024, 5042, 5420066, 5420066, CMX1591410, CMX-1591-410, MS1591410, MS-1591-410, MX.1591.1.03, MX.1591.4.10, MX1591103, MX-1591-4-10, UC2411, UC2413, UC4205, UC4235, UC4928, UC5024, UC5420066, UCC4928, UCMS1591410, UCMX1591103, UC-MX-1591-103, UCMX1591104, UC-MX-1591-104, UCMX1591105, UC-MX-1591-105, UCMX1591106, UC-MX-1591-106, UCMX1591410, UCMX1591410, UCMX1591410, UC-MX-1591-410, UCMX1720104, UC-MX-1720-104, UCMX1720106, UC-MX-1720-106. UFI 80.009.00, 8000900. Vapormatic VPK1540. Vauxhall GM 25012428. Vender 402146. Volvo 06284. Winget 10215A02, 10363A02. Wix 51858. Woodgate WGUC1591. Zetor 10944602, LP3733. Zettelmeyer 2141290, 2165820, 21658200, 2165820-0. ZF 0501308346, 0750131008, 0750131031, 750131008. Zinga SE10GP

    Massey Ferguson MF25 1990/01-> w/Perkins 88kW 120hp Eng. Matbro Bray 404 . Mattei 4055 . 4075 . 4090 . Merlo P120.10HM w/Iveco Eng. P40.17 w/Perkins 1104D-44T Eng. Moxy 3216 w/Ford 8210 Eng. 3216 w/Ford Eng. New Holland FX25 . FX25 . FX28 . FX28 1995/01-> w/Aifo/Iveco 8215SRE 42.986 257kW 350hp Eng. FX30 w/10.3L Turbo Eng. FX38 . FX38 1995/01-> w/Aifo/Iveco 8215SRE 42.987 309kW 421hp Eng. FX40 w/12.9L 12.9L Turbo Eng. FX45 . FX45 . FX48 1995/01-> w/Aifo/Iveco 8215SRE 42.5987 342kW 466hp Eng. FX48 w/Iveco Eng. FX58 1995/01-> w/Caterpillar 3406E 420kW 573hp Eng. FX58 w/Caterpillar Eng. TC52 . TC54 . TC56 . TX30 . TX32 . TX34 . TX34 . TX36 w/Ford 678HTA Eng. TX62 . TX63 . TX64 . TX65 . TX68 w/7.5L Eng. TX68 w/Fiat Eng. Prinoth 200 w/DEUTZ Eng. Ratrac Hydro 81 w/Allis Chalmers Turbo Eng. Sambron 2504L; 2504T w/Perkins 4.236 Eng. F2504; F2504T; G2504; G2504T w/Perkins 4.236 Eng. J24S; 420F; 420H; 420HA; 425H; 430F; 430H w/Deutz F3L912 Eng. Samson 9500 . Schaeff HML15 1975/01-> w/Deutz F2L511 Eng. HML15A 1980/01-> w/Hatz 3L30S 32kW 44hp Eng. HML25X; HML25XA 1987/01-> w/Deutz F4L1011 38kW 52hp Eng. HML30; HML30D 1975/01-> w/Deutz F3L912 40kW 55hp Eng. HML30E; HML30F; HML30FGA 1987/01-> w/Perkins 4.236 46kW 63hp Eng. HML40 1975/01-> w/Deutz F4L912 51kW 70hp Eng. HML40A; HML40B; HML40BGA; HML40GA 1986/01-> w/Perkins 4.236 54kW 74hp Eng. HR30 1980/01-> w/Perkins 4.236 46kW 63hp Eng. HR30A 1994/01-> w/Perkins 1004.4 48kW 65hp Eng. HR40 1987/01-> w/Perkins 4.236 54kW 74hp Eng. HR40B 1991/01-> w/Perkins 4.236 54kW 74hp Eng. HR40GA; HR40SV 1988/01-> w/Perkins 4.236 54kW 74hp Eng. HS40; HS40C; HS40D w/Perkins T3.152.4 38kW 52hp Eng. HS40B w/Hatz 3L30S 32kW 44hp Eng. HS41 1990/01-> w/Deutz BF4M1012E Eng. SKB1000 1986/01-> w/Perkins 4.236 54kW 74hp Eng. SKB1000 Turbo 1987/01-> w/Perkins T4.236 70kW 95hp Eng. SKB900 1987/01-> w/Perkins 4.236 50kW 68hp Eng. SKB902 1987/01-> w/Perkins 4.234 52kW 71hp Eng. SKL808; SKL808S 1986/01-> w/Mitisubishi K3E 15kW 20hp Eng. SKL809 S 1987/01-> w/Mitisubishi K4D 20kW 27hp Eng. SKS611 1995/01-> w/Mitisubishi K4D 20kW 27hp Eng. Terex TA35 w/Detroit Diesel 60 Eng (Brake Cooler, OeNo 15501832). TA40 w/Detroit Diesel 60 Eng (Brake Cooler, OeNo 15501832). Vibromax W1601D; W1601PD w/Deutz BF6L913 Eng. W1801D; W1801PD w/Caterpillar 3208 Eng. W752 w/Deutz F4L912 Eng. Vogele PVE5021-S . Volvo Alexander 130 w/Deutz F3L912 Eng. Alexander 134DV; 134RV; 134G w/Deutz F5L912 Eng. Alpha 190V w/Deutz F6L912 Eng. Alpha 196V w/Deutz BF6L913 Eng. Titan 211 1988/01-> w/Deutz F5L912 79kW 108hp Eng. Titan 222 1990/01-> w/Deutz F5L912 62kW 85hp Eng. Titan 311 1988/01-> w/Deutz BF6L913 106kW 145hp Eng. Titan 311 1988/01-> w/Deutz F6L913 79kW 108hp Eng. Titan 322 1990/01-> w/Deutz BF6L913 106kW 145hp Eng. Titan 355 1988/01-> w/Deutz F6L913 79kW 108hp Eng. Titan 410S w/Deutz BF6L913 Eng. Titan 411 1988/01-> w/Deutz F6L413 124kW 169hp Eng. Titan 422 1990/01-> w/Deutz F6L413 124kW 169hp Eng. Titan 455 1990/01-> w/Deutz F6L913 79kW 108hp Eng. Titan 511 1987/01-> w/Deutz BF6L913 167kW 228hp Eng. Titan 511 1988/01-> w/Deutz BF5L513 164kW 224hp Eng. Weidemann 2002DM w/Mitsubishi K4E Eng. 3002DM w/Mitsubishi 4DQ50 Eng. Winget 4B 2000 w/Petter PH2 Eng. 7 Ton . Wirtgen Procut 1000R w/Cummins 5.9L Eng. Zettelmeyer ZL602; ZL602SL w/Deutz BF4L1011T Eng. ZF P3200 . PLM7 1998/01-> . PLM9 1998/01-> . Ausa CH250 w/Kubota V2003-T Eng. Aveling Barford DC011; DC012; DC013; DC014; DC015 w/Ford 2722 Eng. DC011; DC012; DC013; DC014; DC015 w/Ford 2722 Eng. DC011; DC012; DC013; DC014; DC015 w/Perkins 4.236 Eng. DC011; DC012; DC013; DC014; DC015 w/Perkins 4.236 Eng. VXC011; VXC012; VXC013; VXC014; VXC015 w/Perkins 6.354 Eng. VXC11; VXC15 w/Perkins 6.354 Eng. Bell 7250 w/Perkins 103.07 Eng. 7400 w/Perkins 103.10 Eng. Benford SP 2012 1998/01-> . SP2010 . Bomag BG90A . Bourgoin JC410 w/Perkins Eng. Braud 2620 . 620 . SB56 . SB64 . Caterpillar T100C 18N527-> . T120C 18N527-> w/Continental Eng. T35C . T40C . T40C . T45B (BSP Thread, OeNo 36-3992). T45D . T50C . T50C . T55C . T60C 90M887-> . T60D w/Perkins 4.236 Gas Eng. T60D w/Perkins 4.2482 Eng. T70C 90M887-> . T70D w/Perkins 4.236 Gas Eng. T70D w/Perkins 4.2482 Eng. T80 . T80C 94M545-> . T80D w/Perkins 4.236 Gas Eng. T80D w/Perkins 4.2482 Eng. T90C 94M545-> . T90D w/Perkins 4.236 Gas Eng. T90D w/Perkins 4.2482 Eng. TC100D w/Perkins 4.236 Gas Eng. TC100D w/Perkins 4.2482 Eng. TC60C . TC60C . V110 (Primary, OeNo 26611). V130 w/Perkins Eng (Primary, OeNo 26611). V150; V155B w/Perkins Eng (Primary, OeNo 26611). V60C (Diesel, OeNo 26611). V60D (Diesel, OeNo 26611). V70C (Diesel, OeNo 26611). V70D (Diesel, OeNo 26611). V80C (Diesel, OeNo 26611). V80D (Diesel, OeNo 26611). Claas Commandor CO116CS w/Mercedes OM422 202kW 275hp Eng. Commandor CO228CS w/Mercedes OM443 242kW 330hp Eng. Commandor CO228CS w/Mercedes OM443 242kW 330hp Eng. Dominator 106; 106SL w/Mercedes OM360.930 150kW 204hp Eng. Dominator 106; 106SL w/Mercedes OM401.901 150kW 204hp Eng. Dominator 106; 106SL w/Mercedes OM421 150kW 204hp Eng. Dominator 106; 106SL w/Perkins V8.540 150kW 204hp Eng. Dominator 108S w/Perkins V8.540 Eng. Dominator 108SL w/Mercedes OM366LA 132kW 180hp Eng. Dominator 108SL w/Mercedes OM366LA 163kW 222hp Eng. Dominator 108SL w/Mercedes OM421 163kW 222hp Eng. Dominator 116CS w/Mercedes OM421A 202kW 275hp Eng. Dominator 116CS w/Mercedes OM422 203kW 276hp Eng. Dominator 118SL w/Mercedes OM441A Eng. Dominator 76 w/Mercedes OM352 Eng. Dominator 76 w/Perkins 6.354.4 Eng. Dominator 76 w/Perkins 6.372; 6.372.4 Eng. Dominator 78SL w/Mercedes OM352A Eng. Dominator 88SL w/Perkins 1006.6 Eng. Dominator 88SL w/Perkins 1006.6T Eng. Dominator 96 w/Mercedes OM352A Eng. Dominator 96 w/Mercedes OM360 Eng. Dominator 98SL w/Mercedes OM352A 171kW 232hp Eng. Dominator 98SL w/Mercedes OM360 171kW 232hp Eng. Dominator 98SL w/Mercedes OM366A 171kW 232hp Eng. Dominator 98SL w/Mercedes OM366LA 171kW 232hp Eng. CMI SF2204 w/Caterpillar 3126B Eng. SF2284 w/Caterpillar 3176 Eng. Demag DF100C; DF100P 1974/01-> w/Deutz F4L912 54kW 74hp Eng. DF110P 1987/01-> w/Deutz F6L912 78kW 106hp Eng. DF120C; DF120P 1974/01-> w/Deutz F6L912 82kW 112hp Eng. DF130C; DF130P 1986/01-> w/Deutz BF6L913 104kW 142hp Eng. DF140C 1991/01-> w/Mercedes OM366A 123kW 168hp Eng. DF140CS 1991/01-> w/Mercedes OM366LA 148kW 202hp Eng. DF150C 1976/01-> w/Deutz F8L413F 165kW 225hp Eng. DF60C; DF60P 1984/01-> w/Deutz F3L912; F3L913 34kW 46hp Eng. DF80P w/Deutz F3L912 38kW 52hp Eng. RC1200 . Hamm 350 . Raco 25 . Hanix H30A . JCB 505-10 561011-567216-> . 505-22 561011-567216-> . 506-36 561011-567216-> . 525B F-L . 525B-2; 525B-4 . 926 . 926; 930; 940 w/Perkins 4.236 Eng. 930 (Excluding Serial No 607150-608299, OeNo 32/901701). 940 . Loadall 508-40 561011-564528-> . Loadall 510-40 561011-564528-> w/Perkins Eng. Kaeser 185 . Kalmar DC4160 w/Volvo TWD1030 Eng (Brake, OeNo 920090001). Leitner H400 w/Iveco Turbo Eng. LH380 w/Fiat Eng. LH400 w/Fiat Eng. Libra 125S . 135S . 150S . 150W w/35kW 47hp Eng. Liebherr A922; R922 w/D914T Eng. A932; R932 w/D906T Eng. L508 . L508 1987/01-> w/Deutz BF4L1011 44kW 60hp Eng. L508 232/372

    These are Inline Filters own Part Numbers and carry the bulk of our Catalogue information which includes Cross Reference, Vehicle Applications, Size and Specifications data. They will always be a Quality Brand although not Brand Specific which enables us to offer the best Price and Stock Availability.

    As these are our fastest moving items the Manufacturer, Picture and exact Size may vary then we can second source if necessary to complete orders quickly. Be assured we only supply quality Filter Brands from globally recognised Filter Manufacturers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. Our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Alco, SF Schupp, MP Filtri, Solberg and Vokes.

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