FIN-FH50308 FILTER-Hyd(Alco SP-1445, Baldwin BT8417, Fleetguard HF28853)

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  • Part Number FIN-FH50308
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    PartNo: FIN-FH50308
    Stock Level: 2
    Lead Time: If our stock level is less than you require then delivery for this FIN prefix product is usually 2-5 days.
    Description: FILTER-Hydraulic(Spin On)
    Category: Filters-Hydraulic > SpinOn > 13-16.16UN
    Details: Transmission Spin-on. 30 PSID By-Pass Valve. Also G449-B I-Gasket. Gasket: G449-B. Contains: SHBP. Gasket: G449-B. Contains: SHBP..
    Webpage Updated: 02/12/2020

    Height: 122mm
    OD/WidthMax: 77mm
    OD/WidthMin: 77mm
    Thread: 13/16-16 UN
    ByPassValvePSI: 30

    AC Delco PF2160, Alco SP1445, SP-1445, Baldwin B328, BT8417, Benford 8009050, Caterpillar 1194740, 119-4740, 6E-0924, Compair Holman GB6050047, Donaldson P550486, Fiat 119936862, Fil ZP3215, Fleetguard HF28853, HF35467, Fleetrite HFR828853, Ford 9969450, Fram P8317, P8707, Greyfriars HS7657, HS7697, Hengst H20W11, Inline Filters FH50308, FINFH50308, FIN-FH50308, Kalmar 119210, Kralinator L7116, Luberfiner LFH8876, Manitou 189195, 561749, Mann 05096740358096, 6740358096, 6743359227, WD724/5, WD7245, Massey Ferguson 3621299-M1, 6190164M1, 6190164-M1, Napa 7025, 7116, New Holland 84343800, 9968353, Purolator Facet L25100, Sakura TC5501, TC-5501, SF Schupp SPH9900, Terex 6190810M1, TRP 1535356, Vapormatic VPK5590, Wix 557025, 57025, 57116

    Banford 9 Ton. Benford PSR4000. PT9000. PT9000. Caterpillar 414E; 414EIL(3054 eng). 416(4.236; T4.236 eng). 416; 416 Mk II. 416B(3054 eng). 416C(3054 eng). 416D(3054 eng). 416E(C4.4 eng). 416F(C4.4 eng). 416F(C4.4 eng). 420D(3054 eng). 420E(3054 eng). 420E(C4.4 eng). 420F(C4.4 eng). 420F(C4.4 eng). 422(Perkins eng). 422E(3054C eng). 422E(C4.4 eng). 422F(C4.4 eng). 424D(3054T eng). 426; 426 Mk II. 426; 426 Mk II(4.236; D4.236 eng). 426B(3054 eng). 426C(3054 eng). 428; 428 Mk II. 428; 428B Mk II(4.236; T4.236 eng). 428B(3054 eng). 428C(Perkins eng). 428D(3054T eng). 428E(C4.4 eng). 428F(C4.4 eng). 430D(3054 eng). 430D(3054C eng). 430E(3054C eng). 430E(C4.4 eng). 430F(C4.4 eng). 430F(C4.4 eng). 432D(3054 eng). 432D(3054C eng). 432E; 434E(3054C eng). 432F; 434F(C4.4 eng). 434E 74kW 101hp(C4.4 =; 3054C eng). 436; 436 Mk II(4.236 eng). 436; 436 Mk II(4.236 eng). 436B(3054 eng). 436C(3054 eng). 438; 438 Mk II. 438; 438 Mk II(4.236 eng). 438B(3054 eng). 438C(3054 eng). 438D; 442D(3054 eng). 442D(3054C eng). 442E; 444E(3054C eng). 444F(C4.4; 3054C eng). 446(3114 eng). 446B(3114 eng). 446B(Perkins eng). 446D(3114 eng). 450E(C4.4 eng). 450F(C4.4 eng). 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VC40D(Peugeot XN1P eng). VC60C(Perkins eng). Ford 555E. Hitachi FB100. FB100. Kobelco B100. Manitou 527. 628. 629T-120LS. 630-120LSU. 634-120LSU. 634LSU. M2 26CP; M2 30CP; M4 26CP; M4 30CP UK. M2 40CP; M2 50CP; M4 40CP; M4 50CP. M26-2; M26-4; M30-2; M30-4. M26-2; M26-4; M30-2; M30-4 Turbo. M26-4. M40-4; M50-4. M40-4; M50-4 Turbo. MC30. MC30 62kW 85hp(1004.42 eng). MC30 Turbo. MC30CP. MC40; MC50; MC60; MC70 Turbo Powershift. MC40; MC50CP. MC60CP. MCE40CP(4.236 eng). ML630CP. ML632; ML635. ML632; ML635 Turbo. MLB 62 Turbo Confort EX(1104C-44T eng). MLB 62 Turbo Confort(1104C-44T eng). MLB 62 Turbo EX(1104C-44T eng). MLT1035L Turbo LSU. MLT523. MLT523 Mono-Ultra. MLT523 Turbo Mono-Ultra. MLT523; MLT526. MLT523; MLT526 Turbo. MLT523T. MLT524; MLT527 Mono-Ultra. MLT524; MLT527 Turbo Mono-Ultra. MLT524T. MLT526. MLT526 Compact Mono-Ultra. MLT526 Mono-Ultra. MLT526 Turbo; MLT526 Compact Mono-Ultra; MLT526 Mono-Ultra 24in. MLT526T. MLT527 59kW 80hp(1004.4 eng). MLT626. MLT626; MLT630; MLT725 Mono-Ultra. MLT626; MLT630; MLT725 Turbo Ultra. MLT626; MLT630; MLT725 Ultra. MLT626; MLT725. MLT626; MLT725 Turbo Ultra. MLT626; MLT725 Ultra. MLT627 Turbo 20in. MLT627 Turbo Compact Mono-Ultra. MLT627 Turbo Mono-Ultra/20in. MLT627T. MLT627T Evolution 24P. MLT627T Evolution Compact 20P. MLT628; MLT632; MLT728 Mono-Ultra. MLT628; MLT632; MLT728 Turbo Mono-Ultra. MLT629 59kW 80hp(1004.42 eng). MLT629 Turbo 78kW 106hp(1004.40T eng). MLT629; MLT633; MLT730-120LS. MLT629; MLT730. MLT629; MLT730 Turbo. MLT629-120LS. MLT630. MLT630; MLT634-120LSU. MLT630; MLT731; MLT742 Turbo. MLT630-120LSU. MLT630T. MLT633 Turbo(1004.4T eng). MLT633; MLT730 Turbo LS. MLT633; MLT730 Turbo Powershift. MLT633; MLT730-120LS. MLT633; MLT730-120LS Powershift. MLT634; MLT731 Turbo LSU. MLT634; MLT735; MLT741-120LSU. MLT634-110. MLT634-120. MLT634-120LSU. MLT634-120LSU. MLT730 Turbo Powershift. MLT730 Turbo(1004.4T eng). MLT730.120LS(1004.40T eng). MLT740 Turbo. MLT740-120LSU Powershift. MLT742 Turbo. MLT845-120LSU. MLT940L-120LSU. MT1030S. MT1030S. MT1030S S2(Perkins eng). MT1030S Turbo. MT1030S; MT1033HL(Perkins eng). MT1230. MT1230SCP. MT1230SCP Nacelle ORH. MT1230SCP Turbo. MT1230SCP Turbo Nacelle ORH. MT1232(Perkins eng). MT1232S. MT1232S Turbo Mono-Ultra. MT1233 S 59kW 81hp(1004.42 eng). MT1233(Perkins eng). MT1233S. MT1233S Turbo Mono-Ultra. MT1233S Turbo Version Ultra. MT1235CP 10deg. MT1235CP 10deg; MT1235CP 10deg Turbo. MT1235S. MT1235S S3; MT1235ST S3(Perkins eng). MT1235S Turbo. MT1240 59kW 81hp(1004.42 eng). MT1240L. MT1240L Turbo Mono-Ultra. MT1240L Turbo Ultra. MT1330(Perkins eng). MT1330(Perkins eng). MT1330; MT1337SL. MT1330; MT1337SL Turbo. MT1330SL 59kW 81hp(1004-42 eng). MT1330SL Turbo 76kW 104hp(1004-4T eng). MT1335; MT1435SL. MT1335; MT1435SL Turbo. MT1335SL S3; MT1335SLT S3(Perkins eng). MT1337(Perkins eng). MT1337SL 59kW 81hp(1004.42 eng). MT1337SL Turbo 76kW 104hp(1004-4T eng). MT1337SL Turbo Mono-Ultra. MT1337SL Turbo Mono-Ultra Nacelle ORH. MT1337SL Turbo Nacelle ORH. MT1337SL Turbo Version Ultra. MT1340; MT1440SL Turbo. MT1340; MT1440SL Turbo Ultra. MT1340SL S3(Turbo eng). MT1340SL Turbo Mono-Ultra Nacelle ORH. MT1340SL Turbo Ultra Nacelle ORH RC. MT1435SL Turbo. MT1440SL. MT1440SL Turbo Mono-Ultra Nacelle ORH. MT1440SL Turbo Ultra Nacelle ORH RC. MT1530SCP. MT1530SCP Turbo Ultra. MT1530SCP Ultra. MT1637(Perkins eng). MT1637(Perkins eng). MT1637; MT1740SL Turbo Mono-Ultra Nacelle ORH. MT1637SL. MT1637SL Turbo 76kW 104hp(1004.40T eng). MT1637SL Turbo Mono-Ultra. MT1637SL Turbo Nacelle ORH. MT1637SL Turbo Version Ultra. MT1740SL. MT1740SL S3(Perkins eng). MT1740SL Turbo. MT1740SL Turbo Mono-Ultra Nacelle ORH. MT1740SL Turbo Ultra. MT1740SL Turbo Ultra Nacelle ORH RC. MT1740SL(Perkins eng). MT727. MT727; MT927. MT728; MT928. MT728-2. MT728-2 Turbo. MT728-4. MT728-4; MT928-4. MT728-4; MT928-4 Turbo. MT732. MT732 Turbo Powershift. MT732(1004.42 eng). MT732; MT932. MT732; MT932 Turbo. MT830; MT840; MT930CP. MT830; MT840; MT930CP Turbo. MT830; MT840; MT930CP Turbo Ultra. MT830; MT840; MT930CP Ultra. MT835 Mono-Ultra. MT835 Turbo Mono-Ultra. MT835-120LS. MT845. MT845 Turbo Mono-Ultra. MT928 82hp(1104C-44 eng). MT928-4. MT930; MT1230SCP Turbo Ultra. MT930; MT1230SCP Ultra. MT930; MT1235CP 10deg; 10deg Turbo Ultra. MT930; MT1235CP 10deg; 10deg Ultra. MT930SCP. MT930SCP Turbo. MT932. MT932 Turbo. MT932(Perkins eng). MT940L. MT940L Turbo. MT940L Turbo Mono-Ultra. Massey Ferguson 860. 860. 860(Fermec eng). 965. MF960(Perkins eng). New Holland 555E. B110 Tier 3. B95BTC Tier 3. FB100. LB110. LB110. LB110(F4GE0484 4.5L eng). LM410. LM416. NH95

    These are Inline Filters own Part Numbers and carry most of our Technical Data which includes Cross References, Vehicle Applications, Sizes and Specifications. They are not Brand Specific which enables us to offer the best Price and Stock Availability. As these are our fastest moving items the Manufacturer, Size and Picture may vary so we can second source if necessary to complete orders quickly.

    Be assured we only supply quality Filter Brands from globally recognised Filter Manufacturers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. Our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Vokes, SF Schupp, Alco, Solberg and MP Filtri.

    To visit the Filter Manufacturer's own websites click here MANUFACTURER'S WEBSITES

    To view the Filter Manufacturer's Catalogues on PDF click here MANUFACTURER'S CATALOGUES

    Application, Cross Reference and Size data is provided as a guide only, for full compatibility ensure all our specifications match your requirements.
    We sell on a Business to Business Model with highly competitive Trade Pricing.
    All orders must be placed via the Website.

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