FIN-FH51400 FILTER-Hyd(Baldwin BT8850-MPG, Fleetguard HF6555, Mann WH980)

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  • Part Number FIN-FH51400
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    PartNo: FIN-FH51400 * * * * * We also offer these Brand Specific versions: FBW-BT8850-MPG, FFG-HF6555, FMH-WH980 * * * * *
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    Description: FILTER-Hydraulic(Spin On)
    Category: Filters-Hydraulic > SpinOn > 1.3-8.12UN
    Details: Maximum Performance Glass Hydraulic Spin-on. Rated 1000 PSI minimum burst NOT interchangeable with BT8851-MPG. Can be used with OB8711, OB8712, OB8720, OB8721, OB8722, OB8724, OB8726, OB8731, OB8732, OB8740, OB8741, OB8742, OB8743, OB8744, OB8745, OB8746 filter bases. Also [1] Included I-Gasket. Gasket: [1] Included. Gasket: [1] Included.
    Updated: 22/07/2021

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    Height: 242mm
    OD/WidthMax: 97mm
    OD/WidthMin: 97mm
    Thread: 1 3/8-12 UN

    AC Delco PF2152, Ammann 1M01704, 1-M01704, Baldwin BT758, BT8850MPG, BT8850-MPG, Case IHC 1281327H1, 1281327-H1, 128132H1, 128132-H1, 1346028C1, 1346028-C1, 1971727C1, D94236, N6757, N9025, N-9025, Caterpillar 3I0612, 9T5916, 9T-5916, Clark 2394166, Donaldson P163484, P163721, P164091, P164384, P165733, P166086, P169285, P169745, P171089, P171298, Doosan Daewoo D141096, Dynapac 359552, Fiat 73144499, 73148373, Fil ZP31, Fleetguard HF28992, HF6555, Fleetrite HFR828992, HFR86555, HFR86557, Fram P6871, P7319, Greyfriars HS7607, HS7644, HS7646, Harnischfeger P146Z460, Hengst H18W10, Hifi Hirschi Jura SH56605, Hitachi 76040367, Hough 398706, Hyster 398865, Inline FFRP6871, FFR-P6871, FH51400, FINFH51400, FIN-FH51400, JCB 32/910601, 32/910601A, 32910601, 32910601A, 32910610, 92910610?, John Deere AH114973, F435202, RE34958, Kawasaki 3098170080, 30981-70080, 3098170310, 3098170320, 3098170340, 30981-70340, 30981703407, 3098170340-7, 3098170350, 30981703507, 3098170350-7, YYP164384, YYP816037, ZZP164384, ZZP171298, ZZPP164384, ZZYYP164384, Kralinator L252, L494, Luberfiner LFH4910, LFH5079G, Mann 6750859140, WH980, Massey Ferguson 3515328M91, 3515328-M91, 3515328M92, 3515328-M92, 3621281M1, 3621281-M1, 6100361M91, Napa 1495, 7095, New Holland 76076923, 84031880, 84074777, 84239751, 86989735, Parker 933431, Purolator Facet H56062, Sakai 4212530010, 4212-53001-0, Sakura HC5508, HC-5508, Sauer Danfoss 317883, SF Schupp SPH12514, SPH9647, Timberjack 428088, Vapormatic CPK1532, VPK1532, Wix 51495, 557095, 57095, Woodgate WGHD3567

    Case IHC 1085C(6T-590 eng). 1650K(Cummins 6BTAA 5.9L eng). 1650K(Cummins 6BTAA 5.9L eng). 1850K(6.7L eng). 1850K(Cummins 6CTAA 8.3L eng). 1850K(Cummins 6CTAA 8.3L eng). 275(Mitsubishi 23kW 31hp eng). 325(Cummins 6CTAAC 8.3L 194kW 264hp eng). 350B(G188D eng). 350B(G188D eng). 360(24kW 32hp eng). 360(Deutz F2L1011 eng). 360(Wisconsin VH4D eng). 40XT(4-390 45kW 61hp eng). 40XT; 60XT; 70XT(4-390 eng). 450B(207 eng). 450B(4-390 eng). 450C(4-390 eng). 450C(4-390 eng). 455B(207 eng). 455B(G207D eng). 455C(4-390 eng). 455C(4-390 eng). 480C. 480CK(G148B eng). 480CK(G188D eng). 480D; 480LL(G188D eng). 480E; 480ELL(4-390 eng). 480E; 480ELL; 480F; 480FLL(4-390 eng). 550; 550D; 550E(4T390 eng). 550; 550E(4-390 eng). 550G. 550G-1995/01(Cummins B 3.9L 49kW 67hp eng). 550H(4-390; 4-390T eng). 550H-1999/01(Cummins B 3.9L 51kW 70hp eng). 570L; 580L(3.9L eng). 570LXT(4-390; 4T-390 eng). 570LXT(Cummins 4T390 60kW 82hp eng). 570LXT; 570MXT(4-390 eng). 570MXT(4-390; 4T-390 eng). 570MXT-2008/01. 580D; 580D Super(G207D eng). 580E; 580K; 580L; 580LE; 580SK; 580SL(4-390 57kW 80hp eng). 580G. 580G. 580G. 580K. 580K. 580L; 580L Super(3.9L eng). 580L; 580L Super-MkII(3.9L eng). 580M. 580M(3.9L eng). 580M-MkII(445T 4.5L eng). 580M-MkIII(445T 4.5L eng). 580N(E3 eng). 580N; 580N Super; 580NWT Super(445T; 445M3 4.5L eng). 580SK. 580SLE. 580SLE. 580SN(E4a eng). 580SR-Plus(E3 eng). 584D; 585D; 586D. 584E; 585E(4-390 eng). 584E; 585E; 586E-1990/01(Cummins 4T390 51kW 70hp eng). 584G; 585G; 586G; 588G. 585G; 586G; 588G. 586G; 588G(445T; 445M3 eng). 586H; 588H(434T; 434E 3.4L E4i eng). 588G(Cummins 4T390 55kW 75hp eng). 590(4T390 eng). 590; 590LE Super(4-390 eng). 60XT(4-390 48kW 65hp eng). 621(6T-590 eng). 621; 621B-1987/01(6T-590 91kW 124hp eng). 621B(6T-590 eng). 621BXT. 621C. 650(4-390 eng). 650(4T390 eng). 650G(4T390 eng). 650G(4T390 eng). 650H(4T390 eng). 70XT(4T390 65kW 88hp eng). 7110; 7110E(97kW 132hp eng). 7110-1987/01(6T-830 97kW 132hp eng). 7120 -1987/01(C6T-830 134kW 182hp eng). 7120E(IHC 8.3L 110kW 150hp eng). 7130 -1987/01(C6T-830 127kW 173hp eng). 7130; 7130E (127kW 173hp eng). 7140 -1987/01(C6T-830 181kW 246hp eng). 7140; 7140E(IHC 8.3L 154kW 209hp eng). 7150 (158kW 215hp eng). 721(6T-830 eng). 721; 721B (6T-830 109kW 149hp eng). 7210 -1994/01(C6T-830 125kW 170hp eng). 7210(96kW 130hp eng). 7210-PRO-1997/01(C6T-830 133kW 180hp eng). 721B(6T-830 eng). 721C; 721CXR; 721CXT -1998/01(6T-830 122kW 167hp eng). 721C; 721CXT(6CT 8.3L eng). 7220 -1994/01(C6T-830 140kW 191hp eng). 7220-PRO-1997/01(C6T-830 140kW 190hp eng). 7230 -1994/01(C6TA-830 157kW 214hp eng). 7230-PRO-1997/01(C6TA-830 157kW 213hp eng). 7240 (143kW 195hp eng). 7240 -1994/01(C6TA-830 176kW 240hp eng). 7240-PRO-1997/01(C6TA-830 176kW 239hp eng). 7250 (158kW 215hp eng). 7250 -1994/01(C6TA-830 192kW 262hp eng). 7250-PRO-1997/01(C6TA-830 192kW 261hp eng). 750H(4T390 eng). 75XT; 85XT(4-390 eng). 75XT-2000/01(4-390 49kW 67hp eng). 821(6T-830 eng). 821; 821B(6T-830 eng). 821B(6T-830 eng). 821C; 821CXR -1998/01(6T-830 140kW 191hp eng). 821C; 821CXR(6TAA-830 eng). 850D(Case 6-590 eng). 850E(6-590 eng). 850G; 850H(6T-590 eng). 855D(6-590 eng). 855D(6-590 eng). 855E(6-590 eng). 85XT-1998/01(4-390 53kW 72hp eng). 8910(99kW 135hp eng). 8940 (151kW 205hp eng). 8950 (165kW 225hp eng). 90XT; 95XT. 90XT-1996/01(4T390 62kW 85hp eng). 9110-1986/01(Case 8.3L 147kW 200hp eng). 9130 -1986/01(162kW 220hp eng). 9150 -1986/01(Cummins 206kW 280hp eng). 9170 -1986/01(Cummins 261kW 355hp eng). 9180 -1986/01(276kW 375hp eng). 9210 (147kW 200hp eng). 9230 (173kW 235hp eng). 9240 (173kW 235hp eng). 9250 (221kW 300hp eng). 9260 (Cummins 221kW 300hp eng). 9270 (Cummins 246kW 335hp eng). 9280 (Cummins 276kW 375hp eng). 9310 (147kW 200hp eng). 9330 (177kW 240hp eng). 9350 (228kW 310hp eng). 9370 (Cummins 265kW 360hp eng). 955C. 95XT-1996/01(4T391 60kW 82hp eng). DH4; DH4B; FH4; W4(2.1L eng). Maxxum | MX7240-2000/01(6TA-830 176kW 240hp eng). Maxxum | MX7250-2000/01(6TA-830 192kW 262hp eng). Steiger | STX375-2000/01(Cummins 276kW 376hp eng). Steiger | STX450(Cummins 331kW 450hp eng). Super | 580D(67kW 91hp eng). Super | 580E(4-390 eng). Super | 580E; 580LE(4-390 eng). Super | 580K(4-390 eng). Super | 580K(4B; 4BT 3.9L eng). Super | 580K(4B; 4BT 3.9L eng). Super | 580L. Super | 580M. Super | 580M(3.9L eng). Super | 580M-2002/01(Case 4T390 66kW 90hp eng). Super | 580SR-R. Super | 590M. Super | 590M(445T 4.5L eng). Super | 590N(445TA; 445E3 4.5L eng). Super | 590R. Super | 590R. Super MkII | 580M; 580M+(445T 4.5L Turbo eng). Super MkIII | 580M(445T 4.5L Turbo eng). Super MkIII | 590M(445T 4.5L Turbo eng). Caterpillar 143H(3306 eng). 446(3114 eng). 446(Caterpillar 3114 E4; E5 eng). 910F(3114T eng). 918F(3114 eng). 924F(3114 eng). 928F(3116 eng). 928G(Caterpillar 3056EATAAC 108kW 147hp E4; E5 eng). 938F(3116 eng). 938G. 950G. 962G(3126 eng). 994(3516 eng). Challenger | 65(Caterpillar 3306 E4; E5 eng). Challenger | 65; 65B. Challenger | 65; 65B. Challenger | 75(3176 eng). Challenger | 75(3176 eng). Challenger | 75(Caterpillar 3176 E4; E5 eng). Challenger | 75B. Challenger | 75D(Caterpillar 3176 E4; E5 eng). IT12F-1KF1005(3204 eng). IT14F-4EL160(3114T eng). IT18F(3114 eng). IT24F-6KN1-181(3114 eng). IT28F(3116 eng). IT38F(3116 eng). RT80; RT100(3114T eng). Doosan Daewoo Solar | 015(Isuzu 3KR1 eng). Solar | 025(Isuzu 3KR1 eng). Solar | 035(Isuzu 3KR1 eng). Solar | 330(DE12T eng). Fiat Allis FD30B(Cummins eng). FD30B(Fiat; Iveco eng). FD40. FW350. FW450. Galion 850. Hitachi D180(Cummins 6CT 8.3L eng). D180(Cummins 6CT 8.3L eng). JCB 1CX-1992/01(Peugeot XVD9 1.9L 31kW 42hp eng). 208S(12kW 16hp eng). Fastrac | 155T(Perkins eng). Fastrac | 185(Cummins 6BTA 5.9L eng). Fastrac | 2155; 2170(Cummins QSB-6.7 E3 eng). Fastrac | 3200; 3200-65; 3200-65 Plus; 3200-80; 3200-80 Plus(Cummins QSB-6.7 E3 eng). Fastrack | 3185. Robot | 1110; 1110T(JCB 444-DieselMax eng). Robot | 1110; 1110T(Perkins 1004.4; 1004.4T eng). Robot | 1110; 1110T(Perkins 1104C.44; 1104C.44T eng). Robot | 150(Peugeot Turbo eng). Robot | 150(Peugeot XUD9 1.9L eng). Robot | 160; 160HF(404C-22; 404C-22T E2 eng). Robot | 160; 160HF(404D-22; 404D-22T E3 eng). Robot | 165(Peugeot Turbo eng). Robot | 165(Peugeot XUD9 1.9L eng). Robot | 170; 170HF(Perkins 404C-22; 404C-22T E2 eng). Robot | 170; 170HF(Perkins 404D-22; 404D-22T E3 eng). Robot | 170-9802/4570(Perkins 404C-22; 404C-22T E2 eng). Robot | 170-9802/5470-2008/01(Perkins 404D-22; 404D-22T E3 eng). Robot | 170HF-9802/4530(Perkins 400 eng). Robot | 170HF-9802/4530-2000/01(Perkins 100 eng). Robot | 170HF-9802/4570(404C-22; 404C-22T E2 eng). Robot | 170HF-9802/4570-2008/01(404D-22; 404D-22T E3 eng). Robot | 180(Perkins 404DT-22 44kW 60hp eng). Robot | 180(Perkins 404DT-22 44kW 60hp eng). Robot | 180; 180HF(Perkins 404C-22; 404C-22T E2 eng). Robot | 180; 180T(Perkins 404D-22; 404D-22T E3 eng). Robot | 180T(Perkins 404C-22; 404C-22T E2 eng). Robot | 190; 190T(JCB 444-DieselMax eng). Robot | 190; 190T(Perkins 1004.4; 1004.4T eng). Robot | 190; 190T(Perkins 1104C.44; 1104C.44T eng). John Deere 1350-1986/01(3179D 28kW 38hp eng). 280(4045T eng). 280(PowerTech 4045T eng). 6010-2006/01. 6110(4045 eng). 6110-1997/01. 6110A; 6110SE; 6110ASE-LP; 6110SE-1998/01(4045T 50kW 80hp eng). 6110L. 6200L(4045T eng). 6210. 6210(4045 eng). 6210A; 6210ASE; 6210ASE-LP; 6210SE-1997/01(4045T 66kW 90hp eng). 6210L. 6300(4039T eng). 6300-1992/01(4045T 66kW 90hp eng). 6300L(4045T eng). 6310. 6310A; 6310ASE; 6310ASE-LP; 6310SE-1999/01(4045T 74kW 100hp eng). 6310L. 6310S. 6400(4045T eng). 6400L(4045T eng). 6410. 6410(PowerTech 4045 eng). 6410A; 6410ASE-LP; 6410SE-1999/01(4045T 77kW 105hp eng). 6410L. 6410S. 6500(4045T eng). 6500-1995/01(4045T eng). 6500L(4045T eng). 6506. 6510; 6510L. 6510L. 6510S. 6600. 6800. 6900. 9100. 9100 -1996/01(6081H 194kW 260hp eng). 9200. 9200 -1996/01(6105H 231kW 310hp eng). 9200(6125H eng). 9300 (PowerTech 12.5 283kW 385hp eng). 9300 -1996/01(6125H 268kW 360hp eng). 9300(6125H eng). 9400(6125H eng). 9400; 9400T (PowerTech 12.5 335kW 455hp eng). 9400; 9400T -1996/01(6125H 317kW 425hp eng). Kawasaki 115Z-MkIII; MkIV(Cummins KT19C eng). 115Z-MkIV; MkIV-2(Cummins QSK19C eng). 115Z-MkV(Cummins QSK19 eng). 50ZV(Cummins B4.5T eng). 60Z-MkV(Isuzu 6BG1 eng). 65TMV(Cummins 6BTAA 5.9L eng). 65Z-MkIV(Isuzu 6BG1 eng). 65Z-MkIV; MkIV-2(Cummins B 5.9L eng). 65Z-MkV(Cummins 6BTAA 5.9L eng). 70Z-MkIV; MkIV-2(Cummins 6B; 6BT 5.9L eng). 70Z-MkV(Cummins QSB-5.9 eng). 80Z-MkIV; MkIV-2(Cummins 6C; 6CT 8.3L eng). 80Z-MkV(Cummins 6CTAA 8.3L eng). 85Z-MkII(Cummins LT10C eng). 85Z-MkIV(Cummins eng). 85Z-MkIV-2(Nissan PE6T eng). 85Z-MkV(Cummins QSL9 eng). 90Z-MkIII(Cummins LTA10C eng). 90Z-MkIV; MkIV-2(Cummins M11 eng). 90Z-MkIV-2(Nissan PE6T eng). 90Z-MkV; MkV-2. 95Z-MkIII(Cummins NTA855C eng). 95Z-MkIV(Cummins N14; NTA855C eng). 95Z-MkIV-2(Cummins N14C eng). 95Z-MkV(Cummins QSX15 eng). Komatsu GD530A-1; GD530A-2(Cummins eng). GD650-1; GD650A-2(S6D114 eng). GD650-1; GD650A-2(S6D114 eng). GD670-1; GD670A-2(Cummins 614T eng). GD670A-2C; GD670AW-2C(S6D114E eng). Massey Ferguson MF50H; MF50HX(Perkins eng). MF60H(Perkins eng). MF60HXT. MF960-1992/01(Perkins eng). New Holland 7D(MWM D229-6 eng). CR9040; CR9060(Cummins 6TAA-9904 9.0L eng). CR9070(Cursor 10 10.3L eng). CR920(7.5L eng). CR940(7.5L eng). CR960(7.8L Turbo eng). CR970(10.3L Turbo eng). CS660(6.75L eng). CSX7040(Iveco NEF 6.7L eng). CSX7050; CSX7050 Hillside; CSX7050 Laterale(Iveco NEF 6.7L eng). CSX7060(Cursor 9 8.7L eng). CSX7070(Cursor 9 8.7L eng). CSX7080(Cursor 9 8.7L eng). CX720. CX8030(F4HE9684D; F4HE9687G eng). CX8030(F4HE9684D; F4HE9687G eng). CX8040. CX8040(FPT-Cursor-9 eng). CX8040(FPT-Cursor-9 eng). CX8050; CX8060(FPT-Cursor-9 eng). CX840(7.5L eng). CX860(7.8L Turbo eng). CX880(10.3L Turbo eng). D130(MWM D229-6 eng). D150(Cummins 6BTAA 5.9L eng). D180(Cummins 6CT 8.3L eng). D180(Cummins 6CT 8.3L eng). D180(F4HE9684 eng). D180(F4HE9684 eng). D255(Cummins 6CTAA 8.3L eng). D255(Cummins 6CTAA 8.3L eng). D350(Cummins QSM11 eng). D350(Cummins QSM11 eng). DC180. FX30(10.3L Turbo eng). FX40(12.9L 12.9L Turbo eng). FX50. LB110(BSD450T eng). LB95(Perkins eng). T6050-Plus. T9020(9.0L eng). T9020(9.0L eng). T9020(9.0L eng). T9030; T9040(12.9L 12.9L eng). T9030; T9040(12.9L 12.9L eng). T9030; T9040(12.9L 12.9L eng). T9050(12.9L 12.9L eng). T9050(12.9L 12.9L eng). T9050(12.9L 12.9L eng). T9060(Cummins QSX15 eng). T9060(Cummins QSX15 eng). T9060(Cummins QSX15 eng). TC5050; TC5060(6.7L E3 eng). TC5070; TC5080; TC5080 Hillside(6.7L Common Rail eng). TC52. TC54. TC56. TC56 (NH675T; NH675TA 136kW 185hp eng). TJ280(8.3L eng). TJ280(8.3L eng). TJ330(9.0L eng). TJ330(9.0L eng). TJ380(12.9L 12.9L eng). TJ380(12.9L 12.9L eng). TJ380(12.9L 12.9L eng). TJ430(12.9L 12.9L eng). TJ430(12.9L 12.9L eng). TJ430(12.9L 12.9L eng). TJ480(Cummins QSX15 eng). TJ480(Cummins QSX15 eng). TJ480(Cummins QSX15 eng). TJ500(Cummins QSX15 eng). TJ500(Cummins QSX15 eng). TJ530(Cummins QSX15 eng). TJ530(Cummins QSX15 eng). TJ530(Cummins QSX15 eng). TV6070(6.7L E3 eng). TX62. TX62. TX62 (NH675TA; NH675VJ; NH675VR 168kW 229hp eng). TX63. TX63 (NH675TA; NH675VJ; NH675VR 168kW 229hp eng). TX64. TX64. TX64 (NH675TA 181kW 246hp eng). TX65. TX65. TX65 (NH675TA 192kW 261hp eng). TX66 (NH675TA; NH675VU 202kW 275hp eng). TX67 (NH675TA; NH675VY 202kW 275hp eng). TX68 (NH675TA; NH675VY 243kW 331hp eng). TX68(7.5L eng). TX68(Fiat eng). TX68-Plus(Aifo 8460SRI20 243kW 331hp eng). Steiger 9310; 9330(Cummins 6CTA 8.3L eng). 9310; 9330(Cummins 6CTA 8.3L eng). 9350(Cummins LTA-10 eng). 9350(Cummins LTA-10 eng). 9370; 9380(Cummins NTA855A eng). 9370; 9380(Cummins NTA855A eng). Bearcat; Cougar | 1000(Caterpillar 3306 eng). Bearcat; Cougar | 1000(Cummins eng). Lion; Panther | 1000(Caterpillar 3406 eng). Lion; Panther | 1000(Cummins KTA855C eng). Puma | 1000(Cummins 8.3L eng). Stone Rhino | (Perkins eng). Terex TX750; TX760(Perkins 1004.42 eng). TX760B. TX860; TX860SB(Perkins 1004.40T eng). TX860B; TX870(Perkins 1004.40T eng). Tigercat M760(Caterpillar C12 eng). Volvo A20 6x4 -1986/01(Volvo TD71G 148kW 201hp eng). A20 6x4 -1986/01(Volvo TD71G 148kW 201hp eng). A20C -1995/01(Volvo TD73KFE 171kW 232hp eng). A25D -2001/01(Volvo D10BACE2 225kW 306hp eng). A30 -1990/01(Volvo TD102KF 152kW 206hp eng). A30C -1996/01(Volvo TD103KBE 173kW 235hp eng). A30C -1997/01(Volvo TD104KAE 173kW 235hp eng). A35 -1987/01(Volvo TD122GA 179kW 243hp eng). A35C -1996/01(Volvo TD122KAE 241kW 328hp eng). A35C -1997/01(Volvo TD122KME 263kW 358hp eng). A35D -2000/01(Volvo D12CACE2 213kW 289hp eng). A40 -1995/01(Volvo TD122KFE 218kW 297hp eng). L120 -1986/01(TD71G 147kW 200hp eng). L120(TD101G eng). L120B -1991/01(TD71G 147kW 200hp eng). L120C -1995/01(TD73KDE 148kW 201hp eng). L150 -1991/01(TD102GC 125kW 170hp eng). L150C -1995/01(TD103KCE 180kW 245hp eng). L150D -2000/01(TD103KCE 189kW 257hp eng). L180 -1992/01(TD122KHE 198kW 269hp eng). L180D (Volvo TD122KHE 206kW 280hp eng). L220D -1997/01(TD122KLE 257kW 349hp eng). L330C -1995/01(TD164KAE 366kW 498hp eng). L50B-1992/01(TG40GA 50kW 68hp eng). L50C-1995/01(TD40KAE 71kW 97hp eng). L50D-2000/01(TD40GJE 74kW 101hp eng). L90B-1992/01(TD61KBE 83kW 113hp eng). L90C -1995/01(TD63KBE 113kW 153hp eng). L90D -2000/01(TD63KBE 118kW 160hp eng)

    These are Inline Filters own Part Numbers and carry the bulk of our Catalogue information which includes Cross Reference, Vehicle Applications, Size and Specifications data. They will always be a Quality Brand although not Brand Specific which enables us to offer the best Price and Stock Availability.

    As these are our fastest moving items the Manufacturer, Picture and exact Size may vary then we can second source if necessary to complete orders quickly. Be assured we only supply quality Filter Brands from globally recognised Filter Manufacturers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. Our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Alco, SF Schupp, MP Filtri, Solberg and Vokes.

    To visit Websites of the Filter Manufacturer's we use click here MANUFACTURER'S WEBSITES

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    Application, Cross Reference and Size data is provided as a guide only, for full compatibility ensure all our specifications match your requirements.
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