FIN-FH51398 FILTER-Hyd(Fleetguard HF6553, Baldwin BT8851-MPG, Mann WH980/3)

Price(Ex Vat): £26.90

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  • Part Number FIN-FH51398
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    Part No: FIN-FH51398
    Description: FILTER-Hydraulic(Spin On)
    Category: Filters-Hydraulic, SpinOn, 1.3-8.12UN
    Details: Maximum Performance Glass Hydraulic Spin-on. Rated 1000 PSI minimum burst NOT interchangeable with BT8850-MPG. Can be used with OB8711, OB8712, OB8720, OB8721, OB8722, OB8724, OB8726, OB8731, OB8732, OB8740, OB8741, OB8742, OB8743, OB8744, OB8745, OB8746 filter bases. Also [1] Included I-Gasket. Gasket: [1] Included. Gasket: [1] Included
    Updated: 22/05/2020

    Height: 242mm
    OD/Width Max: 95mm
    OD/Width Min: 95mm
    Thread: 1 3/8-12 UN

    AC Delco PF2202, Agco 303506819, 30-3506819, 512558D1, 71372341, AF609934, Baldwin BT734, BT8851MPG, BT8851-MPG, Bobcat Melroe 6668819, Case IHC 132575302, 3I0610, 402652A1, 47131180, 87010593, 87308945, Caterpillar 1919784, 191-9784, 1G8878, Claas 3602630, Clark 6631705, Cummins 317885, Deutz AG Fahr KHD 4427013, Donaldson P164378, P169958, P173737, P176566, P177047, Doosan Daewoo D516823, Fairey Arlon CG49CC16, Filtration FTH7519, Fleetguard HF6553, Fleetrite HFR86553, Ford 18637992, 9821387, F0NN6714CA, F0NN-6714-CA, F0NN6714CA12H, F0NN-6714-CA12H, FONN6714CA12H, Fram P6893, P7539, Gehl 074830, 74830, Harnischfeger 10462554, Hengst H18W11, Hifi Hirschi Jura SH66378, Ingersoll Rand 59075440, Inline Filters FFRP6893, FFR-P6893, FH51398, FINFH51398, FIN-FH51398, JCB 32/909200, 32909200, John Deere AL118036, RE39527, RE47313, T175002, Koehring 8320047, 853531244, Kralinator L1817, Luberfiner CH97710, LFH4990, Manitowoc 427283, Mann WH980/1, WH980/3, WH9801, WH9803, Napa 1817, 7247, New Holland 48142231, 81863799, 818663799, 84469093, 86597475, 87413810, 89821387, Orenstein and Koppel 1451200, Parker 933430, Pel Job E6050119, Purolator Facet H55221, Sakura HC5504, HC-5504, SF Schupp SPH12512, Sundstrand 8700068, Terex 2008572000, Twin Disc PM11652, Vapormatic VPK1530, VPK5544, Vauxhall GM 25313740, Volvo 11036607, 110366077, 110376506, 11448509, 16563975, 97710, Wix 51492, 51494, 51817, 551817, 57247, Woodgate WGH6553, Yale 104508005, Zinga ZME16L, ZME16LP, ZME22L

    Ag Chem 1254 Ro-Gator(Cummins ISB5.9L Engine), 1396 Ro-Gator(Caterpillar C9 Engine), 544 Ro-Gator(Cummins Engine), 554 Ro-Gator(Cummins 6BT5.9 Engine), 854 Ro-Gator(Cummins 6BTA5.9 Engine), 874 Ro-Gator(Caterpillar 3126B Engine), Agco 9630(Deutz BF6L913 Engine), 9635(40 7.6L Engine), 9650(Deutz BF6L913 Engine), 9655(40 7.6L Engine), 9670(Deutz BF6L513 Engine), 9675(40 8.7L Turbo Engine), 9690(Deutz BF6L513 Engine), 9695(40 8.7L Turbo Engine), 9815(40 8.7L Engine), R62(Cummins 6CTA8.3 Engine), R65(Cummins QSC8.3 Engine), R75(Cummins M11 Engine), SS1074; SSC1074(Caterpillar 3126B Engine), Bobcat Melroe 430; 430 ZHS(Kubota V2203 Engine), 435; 435ZHS(Kubota V2203 Engine), 5600(Kubota V2003 Turbo Engine), 5600(Kubota V2003 Turbo Engine), 5610(Kubota V2003 Engine), 963(Perkins 1004.40T Engine), 963; 963G(Perkins 1004-4 Engine), A300(Kubota Tier 3 Engine), E32(33 HP Interim Tier 4 Engine), E35(33hp Engine), E42; E45; E50, S220(Kubota V3300DI-T Engine), S220(Kubota V3800DI-T Tier 3 Engine), S250(Kubota V3300DI-T Engine), S250(Kubota V3800DI-T Tier 3 Engine), S300(Kubota V3300DI-T Engine), S300(Kubota V3800DI-T Tier 3 Engine), S330(Kubota V3300DI-T Engine), S330(Kubota V3800DI-T Tier 3 Engine), T250(Kubota V3300 Engine), T250(Kubota V3800DI-T Tier 3 Engine), T2566(Perkins 1004.40T Engine), T300(Kubota V3300DI-T Engine), T300(Kubota V3800DI-T Tier 3 Engine), T3071(Perkins 1004.40T Engine), T3093CD(Perkins 1004.40T Engine), T3093S(Perkins 1004.40T Engine), T320(Kubota V3300M Engine), T320(Kubota V3800DI-T Tier 3 Engine), T40140(Perkins 1004.40T Engine), T40170(Perkins 1004.40T Engine), TD40150(Perkins 1004.40T Engine), Case IHC 650K(445T 4.5L Engine), 650K(445T 4.5L Engine), 650K(Cummins 4T-390 Engine), 721D; 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246; 248; 252; 262(Caterpillar 3034 Engine), 236B(3044C 3.3L Engine), 236B Mk II(3044C 3.3L Engine), 236B3(C3.4 Engine), 242B(3024CT Engine), 242B3(C3.4 Engine), 246B(3044C 3.3L Engine), 246C(3044C 3.3L Engine), 247; 257; 267; 277(Caterpillar 3034 Engine), 247B(3024CT Engine), 247B3(C2.2 Engine), 248B(3044C 3.3L Engine), 24M(C18 Engine), 252B(3044C 3.3L Engine), 252B Mk II(3044C 3.3L Engine), 252B3(C3.4 Engine), 256C(3044C 3.3L Engine), 257B(3024CT Engine), 259B3(C3.4 Engine), 262B(3044C 3.3L Engine), 262C(3044C 3.3L Engine), 262C2(C3.4 Engine), 268B(Caterpillar 3044C Engine), 272C(3044C 3.3L Engine), 277B(3044C Engine), 277C(3044C Engine), 277C2(C3.4 Engine), 279C(3044C Engine), 279C2(C3.4 Engine), 287(Perkins 2.9L Engine), 287B(3044C Engine), 287C; 289C; 297C(3044C Engine), 287C2(C3.4 Engine), 297C(3044C Engine), 299C(3044C Engine), 345CMH(C13 Engine), 446B(3114 Engine), 515, 525(3304 Engine), 525B(3126 Engine), 525B(3126 Engine), 525C(C7 Engine), 525C(C7 Engine), 535B(3126 Engine), 535B(3126 Engine), 535C(C7 Engine), 535C(C7 Engine), 545(3306 Engine), 545(3306 Engine), 545C(C7 Engine), 545C(C7 Engine), 550B(3056E Engine), 554(Caterpillar 3054 Engine), 560B(3056E Engine), 564(3056E Engine), 574(3126 Engine), 574B(3056E Engine), 583T(C15 Engine), 587R(3406C Engine), 587T(C15 Engine), 730(C11 Engine), 740; 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D4K XL(C4.4 Engine), D4K LGP; D4K XL(C4.4 Engine), D5C; D5C LGP; D5C XL III(3046 Engine), D5G(3046T Engine), D5G(3046T Engine), D5K LGP; D5K XL(C4.4 Engine), D6K LGP; D6K XL(C6.6 Engine), D6N; D6N FTC; D6N LGP; D6N XL(3126B Engine), D6N; D6N LGP; D6N XL(C6.6 Engine), D8T(C15 Engine), G3606, G3608, G3612, G3616, HA771; HA871, IT14G(3054 Engine), IT14G(3054C Engine), IT14G Mk II(C4.4 Engine), IT24F(3114 Engine), IT28F(3116 Engine), IT28G(3056E Engine), IT28G(3116 Engine), IT38F(3116 Engine), IT38G(3126 Engine), IT38G(3126B Engine), IT38H(C6.6 Engine), IT62G(3126B Engine), IT62G(3126B Engine), IT62G, IT62H(C7 Engine), PF290B(3054 Engine), PF300B; PS300B(Caterpillar 3054 Engine), PL61(C6.6 Engine), PM201(C18 Engine), PM465(Caterpillar 3406C Engine), PM565(Caterpillar 3408 Engine), PM565B(3408C Engine), PM565B(3408E Engine), PS150B(3054 Engine), PS150C(3054T Engine), PS200B(3054 Engine), PS360B(3054 Engine), PS360C(3054C Engine), R1300G(C6.6 Engine), R1600(3176 Engine), R1600G(3176C Engine), R1700G(3176C Engine), R2900(3406 Engine), R2900G(3406E Engine), TH220B(3054E Engine), TH330B; 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7740SLE(304T Engine), 7840, 7840S; 7840SL; 7840SLE(401 Diesel Engine), 8240, 8240S; 8240SL; 8240SLE(456 Diesel Engine), 8340, 8340SL; 8340SLE(456 Diesel Engine), 8670, 8770, 8870; 8970, Gehl 1439, 1648 Power Box(Isuzu Engine), 3635, 3635, 3640E(Yanmar 3TNV88 Engine), 3825SX, 4240E(Yanmar 4TNV88 Engine), 4635SX; 4635SXT(Deutz F3M1011, BF3M1011 Engine), 4640E(Deutz TD2009 Turbo Engine), 4640E; 4640E(Deutz F3M2011, BF3M2011 Turbo Engine), 4840E(Deutz F4M2011 Engine), 5240E(Deutz TD2009 Turbo Engine), 5240E P2(Yanmar 4TNV98 Engine), 5640E(Yanmar 4TNV98T Turbo Engine), 5640E; 5640E(Deutz BF4M2011, F4M2011 Turbo Engine), 6640 E(Yanmar 4TNV98T Turbo Engine), 6640E(Deutz BF4M2011 Engine), RS5-19(Deutz TD2009 Engine), RT210(Yanmar 4TNV98T Turbo Engine), SL3640(Yanmar 3TNV88 Engine), SL4240(Yanmar 4TNV88 Engine), SL4510; SL4515(Ford KSG Engine), SL4510; SL4515(Ford VSG Engine), SL4525(Ford VSG413 Engine), SL4610; SL4615(Perkins 4.108 Engine), SL4625(Kubota V2203 Engine), SL4640; SL4640(Deutz F3M2011 Turbo Engine), SL4835DX; SL4835SX; SL4835SXT(Deutz BF3M1011 Engine), SL4840(Deutz F4M2011 Engine), SL5620(Perkins 4.154 Engine), SL5625DX; SL5625SX(Perkins 204.25 Engine), SL5625DX; SL5625SX(Perkins 4-154 Engine), SL5635DX; SL5635DXT(Deutz BF4M1011F, F4M1011F Engine), SL5640; SL5640(Deutz F4M2011, BF4M2011 Turbo Engine), SL6620; SL6625(Perkins 4.154 Engine), SL6625(Perkins 204.25 Engine), SL6635SX; SL6635SX(Deutz BF3M1011F Engine), SL6640(Deutz BF4M2011F Turbo Engine), SL7600(Yanmar 4TNE106 Engine), SL7800(Yanmar 4TNE106T Engine), V270(Yanmar Engine), V330(Yanmar 4TNV98T Engine), Hagie 2100, Hitachi D150, DX75, DX75, JCB 1110 Robot; 1110T Robot(Perkins 1004-4, 1004-4T. Engine), 180T Robot(Perkins 404C-22, 404C-22T Tier 2 Engine), 190 Robot; 190T Robot(Perkins 1004-4, 1004-4T. Engine), 1CX(Perkins 104-22 Engine), 1CX(Perkins 404C-22 Engine), 1CX(Perkins 404D-22 Tier 3 Engine), 208S, CX Midi(Perkins 404C-22 Engine), John Deere 450H(JD 4045D, 4045T Engine), 450H(JD 4045D, 4045T Engine), 450J(JD 4045T Engine), 450J(JD 4045T Engine), 450J(JD 4045T Engine) From Serial No 159987, 450J(JD 4045T Engine) From Serial No 159987, 485E; 486E; 488E, 550H(4045 PowerTech Engine), 550H(4045 PowerTech Engine), 550J(JD 4045T Engine) From Up To To Serial No 159987, 550J(JD 4045T Engine) From Up To To Serial No 159987, 550J(JD 4045T Tier 3 Engine) From Serial No 159987, 550J(JD 4045T Tier 3 Engine) From Serial No 159987, 5620(4045DL Engine), 5720(4045TL Engine), 5820(4045TL Engine), 5820, 6020(4045 PowerTech Engine), 605C, 6100(4039D, 4039T Engine), 6120(4045 PowerTech Engine), 6120L(4045 PowerTech Engine), 6200(4039T Engine), 6220(4045 PowerTech Engine), 6220L(4045 PowerTech Engine), 6310(4045 PowerTech Engine), 6320(4045 PowerTech Engine), 6320, 6320L(4045 PowerTech Engine), 6320L, 6410(4045 PowerTech Engine), 6420; 6420S(4045 PowerTech Engine), 6420L(4045 PowerTech Engine), 6420S, 650H(4045 PowerTech Engine), 650H(4045 PowerTech Engine), 650J(JD 4045H Engine) From Up To To Serial No 159987, 650J(JD 4045H Engine) From Up To To Serial No 159987, 650J(JD 4045T Tier 3 Engine) From Serial No 159987, 650J(JD 4045T Tier 3 Engine) From Serial No 159987, 6520, 6520L(4045 PowerTech Engine), 6610, 6620(6068 PowerTech Engine), 6620, 6620 Premium, 6810(John Deere Engine), 6820(6068 Engine), 6910, 6910; 6910S(John Deere Engine), 6920, 6920; 6920S(6068 Engine), 6920S, 700J(JD 6068T Engine), 700J(JD 6068T Engine), 700J(JD 6068T Tier 3 Engine) From Serial No 139436, 700J(JD 6068T Tier 3 Engine) From Serial No 139436, 7220(6068T Engine), 7320(6068T Engine), 7420(6068 Engine), 7460, 7500, 750J(6068H Engine), 7520(6068 PowerTech Engine), 7600(6068T Engine), 7610(6068 PowerTech Engine), 7700(6076T Engine), 7710(6081T Engine), 7710(6081T Engine) From Serial No 90000, 7710, 7800(6076T Engine), 7800, 7810(6081T Engine), 7810(6081T Engine), 850J(6081H Engine), 850J(6090H Power Tech Plus Engine), 9230(6090 9.0L PowerTech Plus Engine), 9320(6125 PowerTech Engine), 9330(6135 13.5L PowerTech Plus Engine), 9420(6125 PowerTech Engine), 9430(6135 13.5L PowerTech Plus Engine), 9520(6125 PowerTech Engine), 9530(6135 13.5L PowerTech Plus Engine), 9620(6125 PowerTech Engine), 9630(6135 13.5L PowerTech Plus Engine), 9996(6081 PowerTech Engine), Manitowoc 21000(Cummins QSK19 Engine), 2250(Caterpillar 3406C Engine), 2250(Cummins N14-C450 Engine), 2250(Cummins N14-C525E Celect Engine), 2250(Cummins QSX15 Engine), 777; 777T(Caterpillar 3176C Engine), 777; 777T(Cummins MTA11 Engine), 777; 777T(Cummins QSC8.3 Engine), 888(Cummins MTA11 Engine), 888(Cummins MTA11 Engine), 999(Caterpillar 3176C Engine), 999(Cummins QSM11 Engine), Massey Ferguson 220(Isuzu Engine), 220(Perkins Engine), 8680(Cummins Engine), 9240(Consolidated Diesel 6CT8.3 Turbo Engine), Morbark 3800XL Wood Hog(Caterpillar C18 Engine), Mustang 2066(Cummins B3.3 Engine), 2066(Yanmar 4TNV98 Engine), 2076(Cummins B3.3 Engine), 2086(Cummins B3.3 Engine), 2700V(Yanmar Engine), 3300V(Yanmar 4 TNV98T Engine), 519(Deutz TD2009 L04 Engine), MT2076(Yanmar 3TNV98T Turbo Engine), New Holland 545D, 5640S; 5640SL; 5640SLE(268 Diesel Engine), 6640S; 6640SL; 6640SLE(Ford 5.0L Diesel Engine), 7610, 7740SL; 7740SLE(Ford 304T Diesel Engine), 7840S; 7840SL; 7840SLE(Ford 401 Diesel Engine), 8160, 8240S; 8240SL; 8240SLE(Ford 456 Diesel Engine), 8260(7.5L Diesel Engine), 8260, 8260, 8340SL; 8340SLE(Ford 456 Diesel Engine), 8360; 8560(7.5L Diesel Engine), 8670; 8670A; 8770; 8770A, 8870; 8870A; 8970; 8970A(Genesis 675TA Engine), 8970, CR6090(Cursor 9 8.7L Engine), CR7090(Cursor 9 8.7L Tier 4 Engine), CR7090(Cursor 9 8.7L Tier 4 Engine), CR8090(FPT Cursor 10 10.3L Engine), CR8090(FPT Cursor 10 10.3L Engine), CR9040; CR9060(Cummins 6TAA9904 9.0L Engine), CR9040; CR9060(Cummins 6TAA9904 9.0L Engine), CR9040; CR9060(Cummins 6TAA9904 9.0L Engine), CR9070(Cursor 10 10.3L Engine), CR9070(Cursor 10 10.3L Engine), CR9070(Cursor 10 10.3L Engine), CR9080(Iveco Cursor 13 12.9L Engine), CR9090(Iveco Cursor 13 12.7L Engine), CR9090(Iveco Cursor 13 12.7L Engine), CR920(7.5L Engine), CR940(7.5L Turbo Engine), CR960(7.8L Turbo Engine), CR970(10.3L Turbo Engine), CX720, CX8030(F4HE9684D, F4HE9687G Engine), CX8030(F4HE9684D, F4HE9687G Engine), CX8040(FPT Cursor 9 Engine), CX8040(FPT Cursor 9 Engine), CX8040, CX8040, CX8050; CX8060(FPT Cursor 9 Engine), CX8050; CX8060(FPT Cursor 9 Engine), CX8050; CX8060(FPT Cursor 9 Engine), CX8070; CX8080(Iveco Cursor 9 8.7L Engine), CX8090(Iveco Cursor 10 10.3L Engine), CX840(7.5L Turbo Engine), CX860(7.8L Turbo Engine), CX880(10.3L Turbo Engine), D75(445T/M2 Engine), D85(445T/M2 Engine), D85B(445TA Tier 3 Engine), D95(667T/M2 Engine), D95B(445TA Tier 3 Engine), FR9040(Iveco Cursor 10 10.3L Engine), FR9040(Iveco Cursor 10 10.3L Engine), FR9050(Iveco Cursor 13 10.3L Engine), FR9050(Iveco Cursor 13 10.3L Engine), FR9060(Iveco Cursor 13 12.9L Engine), FR9060(Iveco Cursor 13 12.9L Engine), FR9080(Caterpillar C18 Engine), FR9080(Caterpillar C18 Engine), FR9090(Iveco Vector 8 20.1L Engine), FR9090(Iveco Vector 8 20.1L Engine), LW170.B(Cummins 8.3L Engine), M100(GSD675 Engine), M115(GSD675 Engine), M135; M135DT; M160; M160DT, M150(GSD675T Engine), SF550, T6010(4.5L Turbo Engine), T6020(4.5L Turbo Engine), T6030(6.75L Tier 3 Engine), T6050(6.75L Tier 3 Engine), T6070(6.75L Tier 3 Engine), T8010; T8020; T8030; T8040(8.3L Tier 3 Engine), T8050(9.0L Engine), TC5090(Cummins 8.3L Turbo Engine), TG215; TG245(8.3L Turbo Engine), TG255(Cummins 8.3L Engine), TG275(8.3L Turbo Engine), TG285; TG305(Cummins 8.3L Engine), TJ500(Cummins QSX15 Engine), TM115(675TA Engine), TM120; TM130(7.5L Engine), TM125(675TA Engine), TM135(675TA Engine), TM140(7.5L Engine), TM150(675TA Engine), TM155(7.5L Engine), TM165(675TA Engine), TM175(7.5L Engine), TM175(7.5L Engine), TM175(7.5L Engine), TM175(7.5L Engine), TM175(7.5L Engine), TM175(7.5L Engine), TM175, TM175; TM190(7.5L Engine), TM190(7.5L Engine), TM190(7.5L Engine), TM190(7.5L Engine), TM190(7.5L Engine), TM190(7.5L Engine), TM190(7.5L Engine), TM190(7.5L Engine), TM7010; TM7020(6.7L Engine), TM7030(6.7L Engine), TM7040(6.7L Engine), TS100(5.0L Diesel Engine), TS100A(4.5L Engine), TS110(5.0L Diesel Engine), TS110A(4.5L Engine), TS115(6.7L Turbo Diesel Engine), TS115A(6.7L Engine), TS115A, TS125A(6.7L Engine), TS130A(6.7L Engine), TS135A(6.7L Engine), TS90(5.0L Diesel Engine), U80(439 Engine), Terex CR662RM(Cummins QSB6.7 Engine), RS950(Caterpillar C27 Engine), TV1200(Kubota D1703 Engine), Tyler Patriot NT(John Deere Engine), Patriot XL, Patriot XZ(John Deere Engine), Patriot; Patriot II(John Deere Engine), Vermeer T1455, VME L120; L120B(Volvo TD71G Engine), L120C, L150C(Volvo TD103 Engine), L180C, L50C, L90C(Volvo TD63 Engine), Vogele 1110WB(Cummins 6BTA5.9 Engine), 780WB(Cummins 4BT3.9 Engine), 880RTB; 880WB(Cummins 6BT5.9 Engine), Volvo A25D; A25D 4x4; A25D 6x6(D9A Engine), A25D;A25D 4x4; A25D 6x6(D10 Engine), A25E; A25E 4x4(D9B Engine), A25F(D11H Interim Tier 4 Engine), A30C(TD103, TD104 Engine), A30D(D10B Engine), A30D(D9 Engine), A30E(D9B Engine), A30F(D11H Interim Tier 4 Engine), A35(TD121G Engine), A35C, A35D(D12C, D12D Engine), A35E; A35EFS(D12D Engine), A35F; A35FFS(D13H, D13H-A Interim Tier 4 Engine), A40(TD122 Engine), A40D(D12C, D12D Engine), A40E; A40EFS(D16E Engine), A40F; A40FFS(D16H, D16H-A Interim Tier 4 Engine), EC280, EC340, FE240(D7E240 Euro4, Euro5 Engine) From 2006, FE260(D7F260 Euro 5 Engine) From 2009, FE280(D7E280 Euro4, Euro5 Engine) From 2006, FE300(D7F300 Euro 5 Engine) From 2009, FE320(D7E320 Euro4, Euro5 Engine) From 2006, FE340(D7F340 Euro 5 Engine) From 2009, FH12(D12D Engine) From 2001 To 2005, FH13(D13C Engine) From 2009, FH400(D13A Engine) From 2005, FH420(D13C Euro 5 Engine) From 2009, FH440(D13A Engine) From 2005, FH460(D13C Euro 5 Engine) From 2009, FH480(D13A Engine) From 2005, FH500(D13B-500 Euro4, Euro5 Engine) From 2005, FH500(D13C Euro 5 Engine) From 2009, FH520(D13A Engine), FH540(D13C Euro 5 Engine) From 2009, FL180(D6A/B180 Engine) From 2000 To 2006, FL220(D6B200 Engine) From 2000 To 2006, FL240(D7E/240 Euro4, Euro5 Engine) From 2006, FL250(D6B250 Engine) From 2000 To 2006, FL260(D7F260 Euro 5 Engine) From 2009, FL280(D7E/280 Euro4, Euro5 Engine) From 2006, FL290(D7F290 Euro 5 Engine) From 2009, FM10-320(D10B-320 Engine) From 1998, FM12-340(D12C Engine) From 1998 To 2002, FM12-340(D12D Engine) From 2001, FM12-380(D12C Engine) From 1998 To 2002, FM12-380(D12D Engine) From 2001, FM12-420(D12C Engine) From 1998 To 2002, FM12-420(D12D Engine) From 2001, FM12-460(D12D Engine) From 2003, FM300(D9B Engine) From 2005, FM330(D11C Euro 5 Engine) From 2009, FM340(D9B Engine) From 2005, FM360(D13A Engine) From 2005, FM370(D11C Euro 5 Engine) From 2009, FM380(D13C Euro 5 Engine) From 2009, FM380(D9B Engine) From 2005, FM400(D13A Engine) From 2005, FM410(D11C Euro 5 Engine) From 2009, FM420(D13C Euro 5 Engine) From 2009, FM440(D13A Engine) From 2005, FM450(D11C Euro 5 Engine) From 2009, FM460(D13C Euro 5 Engine) From 2009, FM480(D13A Engine) From 2005, FM500(D13C Euro 5 Engine) From 2009, FM7-230(D7A230 Engine) From 1999 To 2002, FM7-250(D7C250 Engine) From 1998 To 2002, FM7-260(D7A260 Engine) From 1999 To 2002, FM7-290(D7C290 Engine) From 1998 To 2002, FM9-260(D9A Engine) From 2001, FM9-300(D9A Engine) From 2001, FM9-340(D9A Engine) From 2001, FM9-380(D9A Engine) From 2001, FMX330(D11C Euro 5 Engine) From 2009, FMX370(D11C Euro 5 Engine) From 2009, FMX380(D13C Euro 5 Engine) From 2009, FMX410(D11C Euro 5 Engine) From 2009, FMX420(D13C Euro 5 Engine) From 2009, FMX450(D11C Euro 5 Engine) From 2009, FMX460(D13C Euro 5 Engine) From 2009, FMX500(D13C Euro 5 Engine) From 2009, G710; G710VHP; G716VHP(Cummins 6BT5.9 Engine), G710B(D7D Engine), G720; G720VHP; G726VHP(Cummins 6C8.3 Engine), G720B(D7D Engine), G726B(D7D Engine), G730; G730VHP; G736VHP(Cummins 6C8.3 Engine), G730B(D7D Engine), G730B(D7D Engine), G740; G740VHP(Cummins M11 Engine), G740B(D10D Engine), G746B(D10D Engine), G780; G780VHP(Cummins M11 Engine), G780B(D10D Engine), L120B, L120C(TD73 Engine), L120D(TD73 Engine), L150, L150C(TD103 Engine), L150D(TD103 Engine), L180C, L180D(TD122 Engine), L50C(TD40 Engine), L50D(TD40 Engine), L50E(D4D Engine), L60F(D6E Engine), L60G(D6H Interim Tier 4 Engine), L70F(D6E Engine), L70G(D6H Interim Tier 4 Engine), L90C(TD63 Engine), L90D(TD63 Engine), L90F(D6E Engine), L90G(D6H Interim Tier 4 Engine), MC110(Perkins 1004-42 Engine), MC110B(D3.4A Engine), MC60(Kubota V2203 Engine), MC60B(D2.2A Engine), MC70(Kubota V2003T Engine), MC70B(D2.0A Engine), MC90(Perkins 1004-42 Engine), MC90B(D3.4A Engine), T450D(D12D Engine), Walker Big Dog 1200(Cummins QSB5.9 Engine), White 6125; 6145(Cummins 5.9 Engine)

    We only supply quality Filter and Automotive Product Brands sourced from reputable UK Manufacturers, Distributors and Importers, we do NOT supply own branded product of unknown origin. For their unparalleled Product Range, Quality, Competitive Pricing, Technical Information, Service and Availability our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Alco, Donaldson, Parker, Racor, MP Filtri & SF Filter.

    If you require further information try our Manufacturer's Website Listing click here to view MANUFACTURER'S WEBSITES

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    Unless labelled Brand Specific the make and size of product may vary, we can then second source to complete orders quickly. Application data is provided as a guide only, for full compatibility ensure all our Specifications match your requirements. We sell on a Business to Business Model with highly competitive Trade Pricing. All orders must be placed via the Website.

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