FIN-FH50413 FILTER-Hyd(Baldwin BT8840-MPG, Fleetguard HF6552, SF SPH12511)

Price(Ex Vat): £25.14

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  • Part Number FIN-FH50413
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    Part No: FIN-FH50413
    Description: FILTER-Hydraulic(Spin On)
    Category: Filters-Hydraulic, SpinOn, 1.3-8.12UN
    Details: Maximum Performance Glass Hydraulic Spin-on. Rated 1000 PSI minimum burst Can be used with OB8711, OB8712, OB8720, OB8721, OB8722, OB8724, OB8726, OB8731, OB8732, OB8740, OB8741, OB8742, OB8743, OB8744, OB8745, OB8746 filter bases. Also [1] Included I-Gasket
    Remarks: Media 10 Micron @BX=75 Absolute.
    Updated: 27/05/2020

    Height: 155mm
    OD/Width Max: 97mm
    OD/Width Min: 97mm
    Thread: 1 3/8-12 UN

    Baldwin BT748, BT8840MPG, BT8840-MPG, Bobcat Melroe 6661248, Case IHC 66004418911, 87707947, A165029, Caterpillar 1446691, 144-6691, 3I0609, Clark 2786616, 6630977, Deutz AG Fahr KHD 04118911, 4118911, 4418911, Donaldson P164375, P164376, Fairey Arlon CG46CC16, Filtration FTH7518, Fleetguard HF6517, HF6552, Fleetrite HFR86517, HFR86552, Fram P6881, Greyfriars HS7660, HS7665, Hengst H20WD, Inline Filters FFGHF6552, FFG-HF6552, FH50413, FINFH50413, FIN-FH50413, John Deere LVA10419, RE69054, Kralinator L455, Luberfiner LFH4959, Mann WH945/2, WH9452, WH945-2, Massey Ferguson LA322104400, New Holland 87588814, 87682682, Parker 933429, Purolator Facet H35235, Sakura HC5507, HC-5507, Sauer Danfoss 11001484, 11004917, 544379HUS, 9700810, BFKBE, PF6030, SF Schupp SPH12511, SPH12557, Steyr 87707948, Tecfil PSH616, Toyota 675324280071, 67532-42800-71, TRP 1534621, Twin Disc PM11652A, Wix 51455, Woodgate WGH6552, Zinga ZME16, ZME16P, ZME22

    Atlas Copco MT5010(Cummins QSK19 Engine), Barber Greene BG230(Caterpillar 3054 Engine), BG240C(Caterpillar 3116 Engine), BG2455C(Caterpillar 3116 Engine), BG255C(Caterpillar 3054 Engine), BG260C(Caterpillar 3116 Engine), Bobcat Melroe 220, 225, 231, 752, 753; 753G; 763; 763G(Kubota V2203 Engine), 773; 773G(Kubota V2203 Engine), 7753(Kubota V2203 Engine), 8300, 8400, 843; 843B(Isuzu 4JB1 Engine), 853; 853H(Isuzu 4JB1 Engine), 863; 863G; 864; 864G(Deutz BF4M1011F Engine), 863; 863H(Isuzu 4JB1 Engine), 863; 863H(Isuzu 4JB1 Engine), 873; 873G; 873H; 883; 883G(Deutz BF4M1011F Engine), 943(Perkins Engine), 943(Perkins Engine), 953, 325(Kubota D1703 Engine), 325D; 325G(Kubota Engine), 328(Kubota D1703M-E2B Engine), 329(Kubota Engine), 331; 331E(Kubota V2203 Engine), 334(Kubota V2203E Engine), 334(Kubota V2203-M-DI Engine), 335(Kubota V2203-M-DI Engine), 425; 428(Kubota V1505M Tier 2 Engine), 430; 430 ZHS(Kubota V2203 Engine), 435; 435ZHS(Kubota V2203 Engine), 553; 553AF; 553BF; 553F(Kubota D1105 Engine), 653, T140(Kubota V2203 Engine), T180(Kubota Interim Tier 4 Engine), T180(Kubota V2003M-DI-T Engine), T180(Kubota V2403T Engine), T190(Kubota V2607T Interim Tier 4 Engine), T190(Kubota V2003M-DI-T Engine), T190(Kubota V2403T Engine), T200(Deutz BF4M1011F Engine), T2250(Kubota V3800-DI Turbo Engine), T250(Kubota V3300 Engine), T250(Kubota V3800DI-T Tier 3 Engine), T300(Kubota V3300DI-T Engine), 751(Kubota V1903 Engine), 751(Peugeot Engine), 751G(Kubota V1903 Engine), A220(Deutz BF4M1011F Engine), A300(Deutz BF4M1011F Engine), A300(Kubota V3300 Engine), A300(Kubota Tier 3 Engine), E26, S100, T110(Kubota V2403 Engine), S130(Kubota V2203 Engine), S150(Kubota V2203M-DI Engine), S160(Kubota Interim Tier 4 Engine), S160; S160H(Kubota V2003M-DI-T Engine), S175; S175H(Kubota V2203M-DI Engine), S185(Kubota Interim Tier 4 Engine), S185; S185H(Kubota V2003M-DI-T Engine), S205(Kubota V2607T Interim Tier 4 Engine), S205(Kubota V2403M-DI-T Engine), S220(Kubota V3300DI-T Engine), S220(Kubota V3800DI-T Tier 3 Engine), S250(Deutz BF4M1011F Engine), S250(Deutz BF4M1011F Engine), S250(Kubota V3800DI-T Tier 3 Engine), S250(Kubota V3300DI-T Engine), S300(Kubota V3300DI-T Engine), S330(Kubota V3300DI-T Engine), S330(Kubota V3800DI-T Tier 3 Engine), T300(Kubota V3800DI-T Tier 3 Engine), T320(Kubota V3300M Engine), T320(Kubota V3800DI-T Tier 3 Engine), S300(Kubota V3800DI-T Tier 3 Engine), V417(Kubota V3300DI-T Engine), 863, 334D, 328D, 843, 220, 220, 225, 225, 231, 231, 325, 325, 328, 329, 331, 331, 334, 334, 335, 425, 428, 430, 435, 553, 553, 553;553F 15kW 21hp(Kubota D950-B Engine), 553AF, 553AF; 553BF, 553F, 653, 7753, 751, 751 28kW 38hp(Kubota V1903-E Engine), 751; 751G, 753, 753 32kW 43hp(Kubota V2203-B Engine), 753 BICS, 753G, 763, 763G, 773, 773G, 773G Turbo, 843 High Horsepower, 853, 853, 853, 853; 853BICS, 863, 863G, 864, 864G, 873 54kW 73hp(Deutz BF 4M1011F Engine), 873G, 883, 943, 953, A220, A300, A300 60kW 81hp(Kubota V 3300-DI Engine), A300 Tier 3, E32 24kW 33hp(Kubota D1803-M-D1-E3B-BC-3 Engine), E35 24kW 33hp(Kubota D1803-M-D1-E3B-BC-3 Engine), E42 31kW 42hp(Kubota V2403-M-DI-E3B-BC-5 Engine), E45 31kW 42hp(Kubota V2403-M-DI-E3B-BC-5 Engine), E50 36kW 49hp(Kubota V2403-M-D1-TE3B-BC-4 Engine), S100 49kW 66hp(V1505 Kubota Engine), S130(Kubota V 2203-DI Engine), S130 37kW 49hp(V2203-M-DI-E2B-BC-3 Kubota Engine), S150 37kW 49hp(V2203-M-DI-E2B-BC-3 Kubota Engine), S160 45kW 61hp(V2003-M-DI-T Kubota Engine), S160 Interm Tier 4, S175, S175 34kW 46hp(Kubota V 2203-M-DI Engine), S185 41kW 56hp(Kubota V 2003-M-DI Engine), S185 45kW 61hp(V2003-M-DI-T Kubota Engine), S185 Interm Tier 4, S205 49kW 66hp(V2403-M-DI-T Kubota Engine), S205 Interm Tier 4, S220, S220 55kW 75hp(Kubota V 3300-DI Engine), S220 Tier 3, S250, S250, S250 55kW 75hp(Kubota V 3300-DI-T Engine), S250 Tier 3, S300, S300 60kW 81hp(Kubota V 3300-DI-T Engine), S300 Tier 3, S330, S330 Tier 3, T110, T140(Kubota V2203-M Engine), T180, T180 Interm Tier 4, T190, T190 Interm Tier 4, T200, T2250, T250, T250 Tier 3, T300, T300 Tier 3, T320, T320 Tier 2, T180 46kW 61hp(Kubota V2403 Engine), T190 46kW 63hp(Kubota V2403 Engine), T250 60kW 81hp(Kubota V3300DI-Turbo Engine), T300 60kW 81hp(Kubota V3300DI-Turbo Engine), V417 55kW 75hp(Kubota V3300-DI-T Engine), X328 20kW 27hp(Kubota D1703B Engine), X435, 553, Case IHC 4690(504 Engine), 6010(Kubota V2003TE Engine), 6030; 6040(6T-590 Engine), 4490(504 Engine), 4694, Puma 165 CVT, Puma 165 CVX 123kW 167hp, Puma 180 CVT, Puma 180 CVX 160kW 215hp(6,75 Liter FTP Engine), Puma 195 CVT, Puma 195 CVX 145kW 197hp, Puma 210 CVT, Puma 225 CVT, Puma 225 CVX 165kW 224hp, Caterpillar CB22; CB24; CC24; CB32(C1.5 Engine), CB334D; CB335D, CB334E; CB334E XW(3024C Engine), CB335D(3014 Engine), CB335D, CB335E(3024C Engine), CB34; CB34 XW; CC34(C1.5, C2.2 Engine), D4G(3046T Engine), G3516B, 730(C11 Engine), 735(C15 Engine), 735(3406E Engine), 740; 740E(C15 Engine), 740; 740E(3406E Engine), SM350, SS250B(3406C Engine), 725(C11 Engine), 730(3196C Engine), CB14(C1.1 Engine), CB214D; CB224D; CB225D(3013 Engine), CB214E; CB224B; CB225E(3013C Engine), D3G(3046T Engine), D3K LGP; D3K XL(C4.4 Engine), D4K LGP; D4K XL(C4.4 Engine), D5G(3046T Engine), D5K LGP; D5K XL(C4.4 Engine), D5N(3126B Engine), 725(3176C Engine), 924K(C6.6 Engine), 930K(C6.6 Engine), 938K(C6.6 Engine), AP1000B(3116 Engine), AP1050B(3116 Engine), AP1055B, AP650B(3054C Engine), AP650B(3054 Engine), AP800; AP800B(Perkins 4.236 Engine), AP800C(3054 Engine), AP800D(3054C Engine), AP800D(3054C Engine), AP900B(Caterpillar 3116 Engine), BG225C(3054C Engine), BG230(3054 Engine), BG240C(Caterpillar 3116 Engine), BG2455C(3116TA Engine), BG245C(3116TA Engine), BG260C(3116 Engine), C18, CP433B; CS433B(Perkins T4.236 Engine), D6N; D6N FTC; D6N LGP; D6N XL(3126B Engine), G3516, G3516B, G3520B, G3520B, PMG3516, RM250C(3406C Engine), RM300(C11 Engine), RM350(3406E Engine), RM350B(3406C Engine), RM500(C15 Engine), RR250B(3406C Engine), 725 209kW 285hp(Cat 3176 Engine), 730 228kW 311hp(Cat 3196 Engine), 740 309kW 421hp(Cat 3406 Engine), 740 Ejector 309kW 421hp(Cat 3406 Engine), AP1000(Cat 3116 DIT Engine), AP1000B(Cat 3116 Engine), AP1050(Cat 3116 Engine), AP1050B(Cat 3116 Engine), AP1055B(Cat 3116 Engine), AP650B(Cat 3054 Engine), AP800C(Cat 3054 Engine), AP800D, AP900B(Cat 3116 Engine), CB214D(Cat 3013 Engine), CB224D(Cat 3013 Engine), CB224D 23kW 31hp(Hatz 2M40L Engine), CB225D 23kW 31hp(Cat 3013 Engine), CB334D 31kW 42hp(Cat 3014/ Cat 3013 Engine), CB335D(Cat 3013 Engine), CB335D 31kW 42hp(Cat 3014 Engine), D3G(Cat 3046 Engine), D3G LGP 52kW 71hp(Cat 3046 T Engine), D4G 60kW 82hp(Cat 3046 T Engine), D5G 67kW 91hp(Cat 3046 T Engine), D5G XL 67kW 91hp(Cat 3046 T Tier2 Engine), D5M(Cat 3116 Engine), D5M LGP 82kW 112hp(Cat 3116 DIT Engine), D5M LGP XL(Cat 3116 Engine), D5M XL(Cat 3116 Engine), D5N, D5N LGP 86kW 117hp(Cat 3126 B Engine), D6M(Cat 3116 Engine), D6M LGP 104kW 142hp(Cat 3116 T Engine), D6M XL 104kW 142hp(Cat 3116 T Engine), D6N(Cat 3126B Engine), PR750B(Cat 3412 Engine), RM350, RM350B, SM350, TH35, Clark CGC25(Mitsubishi 4G64 Engine), Deutz AG Fahr KHD Agrotron K100 Profiline 70kW 95hp(BF4M 2012 C Engine), Agrotron K110 Profiline 76kW 104hp(BF6M 2012 C Engine), Agrotron K120 Profiline 85kW 115hp(BF4M 2012 C Engine), Agrotron K90 Profiline 62kW 84hp(BF4M 2012 C Engine), Agrotron K410 COM3 73kW 100hp, Agrotron K420 COM3 82kW 112hp, Agrotron K420 COM3 Profiline 82kW 112hp, Agrotron K430 COM3, Agrotron K430 COM3 93kW 127hp, Agrotron K430 COM3 Profiline 93kW 127hp, Agrotron K610 COM3, Agrotron K610 COM3, Agrotron K610 COM3 93kW 127hp, Agrotron K610 COM3 Profiline 93kW 127hp, Agrotron 100 Mk III, Agrotron 105 Mk III 70kW 95hp(BF6M 2012 C Engine), Agrotron 80 Mk III, Agrotron 85 Mk III 61kW 82hp(BF4M 1012 EC Engine), Agrotron 90 Mk III, Agrotron 100 65kW 88hp(BF4M 2012 C Engine), Agrotron 105 70kW 95hp(BF6M 2012 C Engine), Agrotron 110 74kW 100hp(BF6M 2012 C Engine), Agrotron 80, Agrotron 90 58kW 79hp(BF4M 2012 C Engine), Agrotron 100 Mk III, Agrotron 100 Mk III 65kW 88hp(BF4M 2012C Engine), Agrotron 105 Mk III 74kW 100hp(BF4M 2012C Engine), Agrotron 105 Mk III 74kW 101hp(BF6M 1012E Engine), Agrotron 106 Mk III 75kW 102hp(BF6M 1012E Engine), Agrotron 4.70 Mk III 51kW 70hp(BF4M 1012E Engine), Agrotron 4.80 Mk III 55kW 75hp(BF4M 1012E Engine), Agrotron 4.85 Mk III 60kW 82hp(BF4M 1012EC Engine), Agrotron 4.90 Mk III 65kW 89hp(BF4M 1012EC Engine), Agrotron 4.95 Mk III 70kW 95hp(BF4M 1012EC Engine), Agrotron 80 Mk III 52kW 71hp(BF4M 2012B Engine), Agrotron 85 Mk III 60kW 82hp(BF4M 1012EC Engine), Agrotron 90 Mk III 65kW 89hp(BF4M 1012EC Engine), Ditch Witch RT40(Deutz F3M2011 Engine), Huerlimann XM COM3 100, XM COM3 110, XM COM3 115 DCR, XM COM3 115 DCR, XM COM3 125 DCR, XM Hi-Level COM3 100, XM Hi-Level COM3 110, XM Hi-Level COM3 115 DCR, XM Hi-Level COM3 115 DCR, XM Hi-Level COM3 120, XM Hi-Level COM3 125 DCR, XM Hi-Level COM3 90, XM100 73kW 100hp(DEUTZ TIER III Engine), XM110 82kW 112hp(DEUTZ TIER III Engine), XM120 85kW 116hp(Deutz TCD 3.6L 04Tier4i Engine), XM90, John Deere 4610(Yanmar 4TNE84 Engine), 4710(Yanmar 4TNE88 Engine), 110(Yanmar 4TNE84 Engine), 110(Yanmar 4TNV88 Engine), 3235C; 3245C(Yanmar 3TNV84T Engine), 3225C(Yanmar 3TNV84 Engine), 4044R(Yanmar 4TNV84T Engine), 4049R(Yanmar 4TNV84HT Engine), 4052R(Yanmar 4TNV86CT Engine), 4066R(Yanmar 4TNV86CHT Engine), 4210(Yanmar 3TNE82 Engine), 4310(Yanmar 3TNE84 Engine), 4400, 4410(Yanmar 3TNE88 Engine), 4510(Yanmar 4TNE84 Engine), 7500; 7700(Yanmar 3TNV84T Engine), 7660(PowerTech Plus 9.0L Engine), 7660(PowerTech Plus 9.0L Engine), 7760(6135 PowerTech Plus Engine), 8100T(6081 8.1L Engine), 8110; 8110T(6081T Engine), 8120T(6081T PowerTech Engine), 8200T(6081 8.1L Engine), 8210; 8210T(6081T Engine), 8220T(6081T PowerTech Engine), 8230T(6090 PowerTech Plus Engine), 8295RT(6090 PowerTech Plus Engine), 8300T(6081 8.1L Engine), 8310; 8310T(6081T Engine), 8310RT(PowerTech PSX9.0L Engine), 8320RT(6090 PowerTech Plus Engine), 8320T(6081T PowerTech Engine), 8330T(6090 PowerTech Plus Engine), 8335R; 8335RT(PowerTech PSX9.0L Engine), 8345R; 8345RT(6090 PowerTech Plus Engine), 8360RT(PowerTech PSX9.0L Engine), 8400T(6081 8.1L Engine), 8410; 8410T(6081T Engine), 8420T(6081T PowerTech Engine), 8430T(6090 PowerTech Plus Engine), 8500; 8700; 8800(Yanmar 3TNV84HT Engine), 8520T(6081T PowerTech Engine), 9320T(6125 PowerTech Engine), 9420T(6125 PowerTech Engine), 9520T(6125 PowerTech Engine), 9620T(6125 PowerTech Engine), 9996(6081 PowerTech Engine), 4044M(Yanmar 4-cyl diesel Engine), 4044R(Yanmar 4-cyl diesel Engine), 4052M(Yanmar 4-cyl diesel Engine), 4052R(Yanmar 4-cyl diesel Engine), 4066R 49kW 67hp, 4066M, 4200; 4200A Compact 18kW 24hp(YANMAR 3TNE78A Engine), 4210 21kW 28hp(Yanmar Engine), 4300; 4300A Compact 22kW 30hp(3TNE84 Engine), 4310 23kW 31hp(Yanmar Engine), 4400; 4400A Compact 25kW 34hp(3TNE88 Engine), 4410 26kW 35hp(Yanmar Engine), 4500 28kW 37hp(Yanmar 4TNE84 Engine), 4510, 4600 Compact 30kW 41hp(4TNE84 Engine), 4610(YANMAR Engine), 4610(YANMAR Engine), 4700; 4700A Compact 33kW 45hp(4TNE88 Engine), 4710 35kW 48hp(YANMAR Engine), 7660, 7760, 8020T, 8030T, 8100T(6081H Engine), 8110; 8110T(6081H Engine), 8120T 125kW 170hp(John Deere Engine), 8200T(6081H Engine), 8210; 8210T(6081H Engine), 8220T 140kW 190hp(John Deere Engine), 8230; 8230T 177kW 240hp(POWERTECH PLUS - TIER IIIA Engine), 8300; 8300T(6076H Engine), 8310; 8310T(6081H Engine), 8320T 158kW 215hp(John Deere Engine), 8330T 231kW 310hp(John Deere Engine), 8400; 8400T(6081H Engine), 8410; 8410T(6081H Engine), 8420A; 8420T 183kW 250hp(6081H Engine), 8430; 8430T 246kW 335hp(John Deere Engine), 8520 A/T 217kW 296hp(6081H Engine), 8520T(John Deere Engine), 8295RT 217kW 295hp(6090 PowerTech Plus Tier IIIA Engine), 8310RT(Powertech PSX Stage IIIB Engine), 8320RT 235kW 320hp(6090 PowerTech Plus Tier IIIA Engine), 8335RT(Powertech PSX Stage IIIB Engine), 8345RT 254kW 345hp(6090 PowerTech Plus Tier IIIA Engine), 8360RT(Powertech PSX Stage IIIB Engine), 9300 T 227kW 305hp(6125H Engine), 9400; 9400T 317kW 425hp(6125H Engine), 9430; 9430T 317kW 425hp(John Deere Engine), 9530; 9530T 354kW 475hp(John Deere Power Tech 13.5 L Engine), 9630; 9630T 395kW 530hp(John Deere Power Tech 13.5 L Engine), 9986, 9996, Merlo P40.7, P26.6SP, P28.7EVT, New Holland 5640 49kW 66hp(Ford Engine), 6640 56kW 76hp(Ford Engine), 7740 63kW 86hp(Ford Engine), 7840, FR9090, T7030 Auto Command, T7040 Auto Command, T7070, T7.170 Auto Command 118kW 160hp(FPT NEF TIER 4 Engine), T7.185 Auto Command 103kW 140hp(FPT NEF TIER 4 Engine), T7.200 Auto Command 114kW 155hp(FPT NEF TIER 4 Engine), T7.210 Auto Command 114kW 155hp(FPT NEF TIER 4 Engine), T7.220 Auto Command 123kW 167hp(FPT Engine), T7.235 Auto Command 136kW 185hp(FPT Engine), T7.250 Auto Command 147kW 200hp(FPT Engine), T7.260 Auto Command 158kW 215hp(FPT Engine), T7.270 Auto Command 168kW 228hp(FPT Engine), TS100, TS110, TS115 Emissionised, TS115; TS115EDCA; TS115EESA 86kW 110hp(PowerStar 6 Engine), TS80, TS90; TS90 Eco, TS100 Emissionised, TS90, TS90, T7.210 Auto Command, Steyr Profi 4110, Timberjack 1110 113kW 154hp(Perkins 1006-6T Engine), 1270B, Vermeer CC135(GMC 3-53T Engine), CC135A(GMC Engine), CC135A, CC145, CC145, CC145, D16X20, D24x40(Cummins 4BTA3.9 Engine), D50x100, D50x100; D50x100A(Cummins 6BT5.9 Engine), D7x11(Kubota D1505 Engine), FT75(JD 3179T Engine), LM42(Deutz F3L1011 Engine), M495, M5850; M7850, PT5800, T455; T455SO(JD4045, JD4045T Engine), T650(Detroit Diesel 8.2L Engine), T850(Detroit 6V-92TA Engine), V800B(Detroit Diesel Engine), V8050, V8550(Cummins 4BT3.9 Engine), VP50

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