FFR-P1653 FILTER-Hyd(Alco SP-1208, Baldwin BT839-10, Fleetguard HF6056)

Price(Ex Vat): £4.48

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  • Part Number FFR-P1653
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    Part No: FFR-P1653
    Description: FILTER-Hydraulic(Spin On)
    Category: Filters-Hydraulic, SpinOn, 1.12UN
    ELEMENT - 12AT-10C CANISTER. Usually used with FBW-BT839.
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    Updated: 15/01/2020

    Height: 137mm
    OD/Width Max: 94mm
    OD/Width Min: 94mm
    Thread: 1-12 UN

    AC Delco PF16, Agco 71321111, Alco SP1208, SP-1208, Allis Chalmers 1321111, 2532042, 253204-2, AP Lockheed AP3232, APH3232A, LK3232, Baldwin B958, BT83910, BT839-10, BT958, Bobcat Melroe 1A9162, 6515541, 6634505, Case IHC 1276810C1, 201021C1, 201021-C1, 217307, 311647, 595722C91, 595722-C91, 596606C1, 596606-C1, 829528C1, H311647, S62427, Caterpillar 3I1244, 66-5934, 773492, 77-3492, Cim Tek 70134, 70548, Clark 6415541, Continental 1000000, Coopers Fiaam HSM6013, Z136, Crosland 1A9021, 7514, Donaldson HFP551551, P551195, P551551, P562198, P779656, P779669, Dynapac 801079, 922977, Fairey Arlon FA3510, FA35-10, Fiat 3700733592, 7048399, 72532042, 733592, Filtration Products 45205, 902200, FPE3010, FPE30-10, FPE3010N, FPE30-10N, Filtrec A110C10/9, A110C109, Fleetguard HF28922, HF6056, HF6058, HF6121, HF6510, HF6520, HF7608, LF706, Fleetrite HFR828922, HFR86056, HFR86058, HFR86121, HFR86510, HFR86520, LFR8706, Ford ERK39083, ERK-39083, HHF0004, Fram CA201CD1, P1633A, P1653, P16534AGL, P16534AGR, P1653A, P1653V15A, P1653VI5A, P1654V51A, P1654V52A, P1654V53A, P1654V54A, P3509, P7037, Gardner 2116128, Gehl 048959, 48959, Gresen 1551, 1551001, 1551-001, 1551002, 1551-002, 8066000, 8066-000, 8066001, 8066-001, FA101, FB101, K22001, K22001A, K22006, Greyfriars HS7514, Hesston 7024219, Hydac 0080MA010P, 180MA010P, MFE80102, Hyster 180595, 3014059, 301405-9, Ingersoll Rand 57013104, 59480673, 59490664, 59764498, In-Line Filters FFRP1653, FFR-P1653, FH50179, FINFH50179, FIN-FH50179, John Deere AE33293, GG17032346, GG170-32346, Kalmar 4915347, Komatsu PB5556, Kralinator L037, L202, Lenz CP75210, LHA SPE1510, SPE15-10, Linkbelt 3A11556, Luberfiner LFP51, PH1551, Mahle Knecht FO384, HC6, Manitou DMS04AN, Mann 6753359130, W940/38, W94038, Massey Ferguson 103356M1, 103356-M1, Micro Pore CSG50P25, Mopar L318, Motorcraft FH10, MP Filtri 1111, CSG50P10AN, CSG50-P10AN, CSG50P25A, Napa 1551MP, New Holland 80591689, 86546624, Parker 12AT10C, 921999, 925516, 925516B, 926926, HC3510, HH07503, Peugeot 766490, 7664-90, Priestman 591689, PTI RSE3010, RSE3010N, Purolator Facet 20101, 6665981, H32010, PER20, PER20MIC10, Ransomes Jacobsen 549597, 885249, Renault 6005019553, Ryco RIFEA0810, RIF-EA0810, Savara 92821011, 92821017, Scag 48758, Schroeder 76251, P10, SF Schupp SPH18071, Stauff SF6520, Sullair 44773, Sure SFH2630, Tecfil PS26056, PSH140, PSH26056, Terex 54770, Textron 108046, Toro 239470, 23-9470, 239740, 353387, 35-3387, 540110, 54-0110, E633750, Towmotor 665934, A665934, TRP 1535331, UCC UCUS150010, UCUS1500410, US150010, US1500-10, US1500410, US-1500-4-10, US1500-4-10, Universal 9022-00, Vauxhall GM 25011163, 6436232, Vermeer 2683001, 2683-001, Wix 51551, 51551MP, CW1551MP, CW1551P, Woodgate WGH6056, WGH6121, WGH6510, Yale 502903501, 5029035-01, 900770802, Zinga AE10, AE10P

    Ag Chem 1004 Ag-Gator(Cummins Engine), 1004 Ag-Gator(Cummins V378 Engine), 1004 Ag-Gator(Cummins V504 Engine), 1253 Terra-Gator(Caterpillar 3208 Engine), 1253 Terra-Gator(Cummins V555 Engine), 1603 Terra-Gator(Caterpillar 3208 Engine), 1603 Terra-Gator(Cummins V555, VT555 Engine), 1664 Terra-Gator(Cummins VT555 Engine), 1803 Terra-Gator(Caterpillar 3208 Engine), 1803 Terra-Gator(JD 6081H Engine), 1803; 1804 Terra-Gator(Cummins 6CTA8.3 Engine), 1844 Terra-Gator(Caterpillar 3208 Engine), 1844 Terra-Gator(Cummins 6CTA8.3 Engine), 1844 Terra-Gator(JD 6081H Engine), 2004 Ag-Gator(Cummins 6BTA5.9 Engine), 2004 Ag-Gator(Cummins V378 Engine), 2004 Ag-Gator(Cummins V504 Engine), 544 Ro-Gator(Cummins Engine), 554 Ro-Gator(Cummins 6BT5.9 Engine), 663; 664 Ro-Gator(Cummins 6BTA5.9 Engine), 663; 664 Ro-Gator(Cummins 6BTA5.9 Engine), 844 Ro-Gator(Cummins 6BTA5.9 Engine), 854 Ro-Gator(Cummins 6BTA5.9 Engine), 9103 Terra-Gator, Agco 1554(Caterpillar 3208 Engine), 1603T; 1604T(Caterpillar Turbo Engine), 1604 Terra-Truck(Caterpillar 3208 Engine), 1703(Cummins 6CTA8.3 Engine), 1903(Caterpillar 3176B Engine), 1903(Cummins LTA10-A Engine), 2505(Caterpillar 3176B Engine), 2505(Cummins L10 Engine), 2505(Cummins VT903 Engine), 3004 Go Gator(Cummins V555 Engine), 3004 Go Gator(Cummins V903C Engine), R60(Deutz F8L513 Engine), R65(Cummins QSC8.3 Engine), R75(Cummins M11 Engine), Allis Chalmers F2, F3(Allis Chalmers 4-33I Engine), IED Emergency Drive Unit, L2(D2900, 6-49 Diesel Engine), L3, MH3(370T Diesel Engine), R5; R6, Allmand PLB20D(Kubota D905E Engine), TOB25(Kohler 25hp Engine), Ammann HL360, SL1510, SL1510, Athey Motors AB6900H, Baker FJP050, Barber Greene BG2455C(Caterpillar 3116 Engine), BG255C(Caterpillar 3054 Engine), BG260C(Caterpillar 3116 Engine), Bell B25B(Mercedes ADE366TI Engine), B30B(Mercedes ADE366N Engine), Bobcat Melroe 1074(Perkins Engine), 1074(Perkins 4.236 Engine), 1075(JD 4-276 Engine), 1080(JD 4-276 Engine), 1080; 1080B(John Deere 4cyl Engine), 2000(Perkins 4.154 Engine), 230 Spra-Coupe(VW 1.8L Engine), 310(Kohler K341 Engine), 313(Kohler Engine), 313(Kubota Engine), 3430(Peugeot Engine), 3440, 3630, 3640; 4440(Perkins Engine), 444(Kohler Engine), 4640(Perkins Engine), 520; 530(Kohler K582S Engine), 520; 530; 540(Kohler Petrol Engine), 533(Isuzu Engine), 533(Isuzu 2AA1 Engine), 533(Isuzu 2AA1 Engine), 540(Kohler K582S Engine), 540(Kohler K582S Engine), 543(Isuzu 2AA1 Engine), 543(Isuzu 2AA1 Engine), 543(Kubota D950-B Engine), 620(Wisconsin VH4D Engine), 620; 630(Wisconsin VH4D Engine), 630(Wisconsin Engine), 631(Deutz F2L411 Engine), 631(Deutz F2L511 Engine), 632(Ford 4 Cyl Engine), 632(Ford L4-98 Engine), 641(Deutz F2L 511 Engine), 641(Deutz F2L511 Engine), 641(Deutz F2L511 Engine), 642(Ford 4 Cyl 98 Engine), 642(Ford 4.98 Engine), 643(Kubota D1402 Engine), 643(Kubota VD1402-BA Engine), 700; 720(Wisconsin VH4D Engine), 721(Deutz F2L 411 Engine), 721(Deutz F2L411D Engine), 721(Deutz F2L411D Engine), 722(Ford 4-98 Engine), 722(Ford L4-98 Engine), 730(Wisconsin Engine), 730(Wisconsin Engine), 731(Deutz Engine), 731(Deutz Engine), 731(Deutz F2L411 Engine), 731(Deutz F2L511 Engine), 732(Deutz Engine), 732(Ford 4.98 Engine), 732(Ford 4-98 Engine), 741(Deutz F2L 511 Engine), 741(Deutz F2L511 Engine), 741(Deutz F2L511 Engine), 742(Ford 4 Cyl 98 Engine), 742(Ford 4.98 Engine), 742(Mitsubishi Engine), 743(Kubota V1702 Engine), 743(Kubota V1702 Engine), 753(Kubota V1702 Engine), 753D(Kubota Engine), 974(Perkins 4.236 Engine), 975(JD 4-276 Engine), 980(Cummins 4BT3.9 Engine), 980(Cummins 4BT3.9 Engine), BCA14S(Kubota D722 Engine), BCA16(Kubota D722 Engine), BCA20(Kubota D722 Engine), M700; M720(Wisconsin VH-4D Engine), X310(Kohler Engine), X371(Kohler K321S Engine), Bomag MPH100; MPH100R(Detroit Diesel Engine), Broderson M42B Hydra-Hammer(JD Diesel Engine), Case IHC 1652SC(T444E Engine), 1753(V8 7.3L Deisel Engine), 1816C, 1853(DTA360 Engine), 25+4(Wisconsin VH4D Engine), 25+4XP(Wisconsin Engine), 30 Fleethoe(Wisconsin Engine), 30+4(Deutz F2L511 Engine), 30+4; 40+4(Wisconsin VH4D Engine), 3400(DT466E Engine), 3400(T444E Engine), 3600(DT466E Engine), 3600(DTA360 Engine), 3600(T444E Engine), 3700(V8 7.3L Diesel Engine), 3800(DT408 Engine), 3800(DT466E Engine), 3800(T444E Bus Engine), 4000(C232 Engine), 430 Scatback(Wisconsin Engine), 4366(DT-466 Engine) From 01/73 To 12/76, 4368(DT-466 Engine), 4386(DT-466 Engine), 4600(T444E Engine), 4700(DT360, DTA360 Engine), 4700(DT466, DT466E, DTA466 Engine), 4800(DTA360 Engine), 4900(T444E Engine), 5000(D239 Engine), 5000 Paystar(Cummins NTC Engine), 5000; 5500(HB225 Engine), 5500(D239 Engine), 60, 660 High Clearance(C146 Engine), 660; 770; 780 Hi-Clear(C146 Engine), 8545, FE(DT360 Engine), FE(DT466 Engine), Maxi-Sneaker, Mini-Sneaker(Onan Engine), TF300B, Caterpillar AM25, AP1000B(3116 Engine), AP1050B(3116 Engine), AP1055B, AP650B(3054 Engine), AP650B(3054C Engine), B10, B12, B15; B16; B18, B20, B25, BG225C(3054C Engine), BG245C(3116TA Engine), BG260C(3116 Engine), V100(Perkins Engine), V120(Perkins 4.236 Engine), V130(Perkins Engine), V140(Perkins 4.236 Engine), V150; V155B(Perkins Engine), V160(Ford V8-351 Engine), V160(Perkins 6.354 Engine), V180(Ford V8-351 Engine), V180(Perkins 6.354 Engine), V200(Caterpillar 3145 Engine), V200(Caterpillar 3208 Engine), V200(Perkins 6.354 Engine), V200B(Caterpillar Engine), V225(3145 Engine), V225(3208 Engine), V225(Perkins 6.354 Engine), V225B(Caterpillar 3208 Engine), V250(3208 Engine), V250(Caterpillar 3145 Engine), V250(Perkins 6.354 Engine), V250B(3208 Engine), V300(Caterpillar 3145 Engine), V300(Caterpillar 3208 Engine), V300(Perkins 6.354 Engine), V300B(3208 Engine), V330B(Caterpillar 3208 Engine), Challenger MT735; MT745; MT755; MT765(Caterpillar C9 8.8L Engine), MT835; MT845(Caterpillar C12 12.0L Engine) From Serial No 10001 To Serial No 39999, MT855(Caterpillar C15 15.0L Engine) From Serial No 10001 To Serial No 39999, MT865(Caterpillar C16 15.8L Engine) From Serial No 10001 To Serial No 39999, Cross F11BA; F11CA, Cushman Turf Truckster(Perkins 403C Engine), Turf Truckster(Suzuki 660 Gas Engine), Turf Truckster(Suzuki K6A Gas Engine), Davis 12+4, 12-4(Wisconsin AGND Engine), 30-4; 40-4; 70-4(Wisconsin Engine), 40+4(Wisconsin Engine), 70+4 Ditcher(Ford 201 Engine), 70-4(Ford Engine), 800, 800(Wisconsin V465D Engine), Davis Trenchers fitted with Cessna 10 Micron Hydraulic Filter, Mini Sneaker(Onan Engine), Roadrunner(Case 188D Engine), Scatback, Scatback, Ditch Witch 2300(Deutz F2L511 Engine), 2300(Wisconsin Engine), 3210(Wisconsin Engine), HT100; RT100(JD 4045T Engine), J20, R30; V30; R40(Wisconsin VH4D Engine), R60, R65(Ford 192DF Diesel Engine), R65(Ford 4 Cyl 192 Gas Engine), R65(Wisconsin V465D Engine), VP12(Ona NHCMS Engine), VP12(Onan NHMS Engine), Driltech D40K(Caterpillar 3406 Engine), Dynapac CC10(Wisconsin VH4D Engine), DD18, Elgin Whirlwind(John Deere Engine), Erickson LM4D(Onan NHC Engine), Farmhand GM870, Ford 104D; 105D; 106D(Diesel Engine), 104D; 105D; 106D; 204D; 205D; 404D; 405D(Diesel Engine), 204D; 205D(Diesel Engine), 340, 340(Wisconsin Engine), 404D; 405D(Diesel Engine), 501D; 601D; 701D; 801D; 901D; 1801D, 6000(Ford 4cyl & 6cyl Diesel Engine), 6000(Ford Petrol Engine), 9000; 9200; 9260, CL20(Onan Engine), CL20(Onan Engine), CL30(Wisconsin VH4D Engine), CL340(4 Cyl Gas Engine), CL340(Wisconsin VH4D Engine), CL40(104GF Gas Engine), Dexta; Super Dexta 2000(Diesel Engine), Power Major; Super Major, Gehl 300 Hydrocat(Wisconsin VH-4D Engine), 3250, 95; 100; 120; 135 Mixall, HL2500; HL2500A(Onan NHC, NHMS Engine), HL2500; HL2500A Hydrocat(Onan NH, NHC Engine), HL3030 Hydrocat(Wisconsin VH-4D Engine), HL360(Onan B43 Engine), HL4400 HydroCat(Ford 134 Engine), HL4400 HydroCat(Perkins Engine), HL4400 HydroCat(Wisconsin VH4D Engine), Hydrocat HL3030, Mixall, Gresen F101, Grove MZ48B; MZ1-50; MZ66B(Wisconsin VG-4D Engine), Hesston 10Stak Hand; 30 Stak Hand, 30 Stac Mover, 60, 6400(Chrysler Engine), 6400(Perkins Diesel Engine), Gemco, SL10(Onan 18XSL Engine), SL20(Isuzu Engine), Huber Warco M750(Ford DD172 Engine), Hustler Hydrostatic 272(Kohler 17HP Engine), Hyster C225A; C250A; C340A; C340D; C350A; C350B; C350D; C530A; C550A; C610A; C615A; C615B; C620B; C625A; C625B; C627B(Perkins 4.236, 6.354 Engine), C340A; C340B(Perkins 6.354 Engine), C340A; C340D(Perkins 4.236 Engine), C350A; C350B; C350D(Perkins 4.236 Engine), Ingersoll Rand DD34-HF(Kubota V2203 Engine), SD100, SD116DX; SD116F(Cummins QSB5.9 Engine), SD116TF, SD122D; SD122DX; SD122F(Cummins 6BT5.9 Engine), SD160DX, SP42(Ford 2514E Engine), Insley H1500, John Deere 2360, 484(6 Cyl 359 Engine), 5480, 5820(619 Engine), 6000(219 Diesel Engine), 6000, JD14(Onan Engine), Joy DPL1R Jumbo, Komatsu 730E(SSA16V159 Engine), 830E-AC(SDA16V160 Engine), 860E-1K(SSDA16V160 Engine), 930E-2(Detroit Diesel 4000 Engine), 930E-2; 930E-2SE(SSDA16V160 Engine), 930E-3; 930E-3SE(SSDA16V160 Engine), 930E-4; 930E-4SE(SSDA16V160, SSDA18V170 Engine), 960E-1(SSDA18V170 Engine), 960E-2(SSDA18V170 Engine), HD785-5LC(SAA12V140ZE-2 Engine), Kubota K650, L225(D1100 Diesel Engine), L225; L225DT 18kW 24hp(Kubota D1100-A Engine) From 01/74 To 12/76, L225DT, L245; L245DT; L245DTP; L245FP; L245H; L245HC; L245TP, Liebherr Multi-Handler(Lombardini Engine), Superjack 4(Lister-Petter LPA3A Engine), Superjack 4(Lombardini 9LD Engine), Massey Ferguson 1843N; 1843S Hesston(Deutz Engine), MF2200, MF2500, MF811(Perkins 4.108 Engine), Michigan Fluid Power SAF20, SAF28, Morbark 2070XL Twister, Beever M15R(JD 4045H Engine), Cyclone 8, Eager Beaver(Cummins 4BT3.9 Engine), Tornado 13(Perkins Engine), Tornado 15(JD 4045 Engine), Twister 12, New Holland 1000; 1002; 1005; 1010; 1012; 1024; 1030, 1032; 1033; 1034; 1035; 1036; 1037; 1040; 1045, 1052; 1060, 1089; 1095(7.5L Engine), 1426(Perkins Diesel Engine), 1890(Caterpillar 3208 Engine), 1895(Caterpillar 3406 Engine), 4550, 4550, BB900(Deutz F4L912 Engine), TR70(Caterpillar 3208 Engine), TR70(Ford 361 Engine), TR70(Ford 363TD Engine), TR75(Caterpillar 3208 Engine), TR75(Ford Engine), TR85(Caterpillar 3208 Engine), TR95(Caterpillar 3208 Engine), New Idea 709(Allis Chalmers 3500 Engine), 800(Perkins Diesel Engine), 802(Allis Chalmers 670T Engine), Oliver 1365, Ottawa YT30; YT50; YT60(Cummins 6BT/BTA5.9 Engine), Owatonna 320(Onan NHC Engine), Parsons T120, T130(Honda GX390 Engine), T500(John Deere 3164 Engine), T750(John Deere 4039 Engine), T750(John Deere 4219D Engine), T80(Wisconsin Robin EY27W Engine), T950(John Deere Engine), Pixall DB18(JD 6076 Engine), Ransomes Jacobsen Jaguar 6000(Kubota Engine), Stone Mud Buggy(Honda 13hp Engine), Wolfpack 3100(Honda 18hp Engine), Wolfpack 4000(Kohler Magnum 20 Engine), Sullair 600Q(Detroit Diesel 4-53T Engine), Taylor THD360(Perkins 1006.6T Engine), TYB180M(GMC Diesel Engine), Y10BW(GMC Diesel Engine), Tennant 275, 280, Terex PT80(Perkins 804C-33T Engine), Terramite TSS36; TSS38(Deutz 45hp Engine), TSS36; TSS38(Kubota 37hp Engine), TSS38, TSS46; TSS48(Kubota 37hp Engine), Toro 30718 ProLine(Kohler Engine), 5040 Sand Pro, Dingo 220(Kohler Command 20hp Engine), Dingo 222(Kohler 22hp Engine), Dingo 320D(Kubota D722E Engine), Dingo 322; Dingo 323(Kohler Command 22hp, 23hp Engine), Dingo TX413(Honda GX390 Engine), Greensmaster 3, Grounds Pro 2000(Briggs and Stratton Engine), Grounds Pro 2000D, Groundsmaster 117, Infield Pro 3040; Sand Pro 3040(Briggs and Stratton Engine), Infield Pro 5040; Sand Pro 5040(Briggs and Stratton Engine), Multi Pro 1200(Kohler 20hp Engine), Multi Pro 1250(Kohler 20hp Engine), ProLine 118, Reelmaster 2000D, Reelmaster 216(Kohler Engine), Reelmaster 216D, Reelmaster 2300, Reelmaster 2300D, Reelmaster 2600, Reelmaster 2600D, Reelmaster 3100D(Kubota D1105 Engine), Reelmaster 335D(Peugeot Engine), Workman 3100(Kohler Engine), Workman 3100, Workman 3120(Kohler Engine), Workman 3200, Workman 3210; Workman 3220, Workman 3300D(Liquid Cooled Engine) From Up To To 2002, Workman 3300D, Workman 3310D; Workman 3320D, Workman 3410, Workman 4200(Liquid Cooled Engine) From Up To To 2002, Workman 4200, Workman 4300D(Liquid Cooled Engine) From Up To To 2002, Workman 4300D, Workman HD(Kohler Engine), Workman HDX, Workman HDX-D, Towmotor AM25; AM30(Caterpillar Engine), B10, B12, B15, B15 to B18, B18, BM10; BM12; BMS, BM16; BM17; BM18; BM19; BM20, V100; V120; V140, V160; V180; V200; V225; V250; V300; V330, Vermeer 1220; 1230(Perkins 4.236 Engine), 1230; 1250(Ford Gas Engine), 1250(Perkins 4.236 Engine), 1800(4BTA3.9 Engine), 1800(JD4045T Engine), 1800(Perkins 4.236 Engine), 186, 206, 222, 222, 222; 252, 252(Kohler Command 25hp Engine), 502, 620(Honda Engine), 620; 620I(Kohler Engine), 625(Kohler Command 22, 25 Engine), 625(Perkins Engine), 630, 630B(Wisconsin Engine), 665B(Deutz BF4L1011 Engine), 665B(Wisconsin Engine), 672; 672A(Deutz BF4L1011 Engine), 752, 906, 935(Deutz F3L1011 Engine), 935(Perkins Engine), BC1000XL(Caterpillar C2.2 Engine), BC1000XL(Cummins B3.3 Turbo Engine), BC600XL(Kohler Command 27hp Engine), CC135(GMC 3-53T Engine), D16X20, D4; D6(Kohler Engine), D4; D6(Kubota Engine), D7x11; D7x11A(Kubota V1505E Engine), HG8(Kubota Engine), LM35(Deutz Engine), LM40(Deutz Engine), LM42(Deutz F3L1011 Engine), M12 Auger, M30(Wisconsin VH4D Engine), M418, M434; M440; M470(Ford Engine), M437, M440(Ford 134 Gas Engine), M455A(Deutz Engine), M455A(John Deere 3164D Engine), M465; M470, M475; M475A(Deutz F4L912 Engine), M475A(JD4239 Engine), M50(Ford Engine), M50H, SP24, T218, T300A(Wisconsin VH4D Engine), T400A(Ford 192 Engine), T600A(Ford 240 Engine), T600B, T600D(Detroit Diesel 4-53 Engine), T850(Detroit 6V-92TA Engine), TC4A(Hatz Engine), TS44A, TS44M; TS44T, V430, V430, V430A(Deutz F1L511 Engine), V430A(Deutz F2L511 Engine), V440(Perkins Engine), V450(Deutz F3L912 Engine), V450(John Deere Engine), V5800(Cummins 4B3.9 Engine), V600D(Detroit Diesel Engine), Versatile 103(Wisconsin VG4H Engine), 103(Wisconsin VH4D Engine), 400(Ford 200 Engine), 440, 4400(Gas Engine), 500(Cummins Engine), 750(Cummins 6 Cyl 220hp Engine), 750 Mk II(Cummins Engine), 756(Cummins Engine), Vogele 1110WB(Cummins 6BTA5.9 Engine), 780WB(Cummins 4BT3.9 Engine), 880RTB; 880WB(Cummins 6BT5.9 Engine), Volvo SD70D; SD70F(Cummins Engine), SD70D; SD70F(Cummins Engine), SD77DX; SD77F(Cummins B4.5T Engine), SD77DX; SD77F(Cummins B4.5T Engine), Wabco 210M(Cummins Engine), Wacker Neuson RD880V(Briggs and Stratton 16 HP Vanguard Engine), Wagner HST1A(Deutz Engine), Woods F25L(Kubota WG752 Engine), Yanmar YD240; YD240D; YD300; YM330, YM330

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