FIN-FH52639 FILTER-Hyd(Baldwin BT260-10, Fleetguard HF6005)

Price(Ex Vat): £8.48

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  • Part Number FIN-FH52639
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    Part No: FIN-FH52639
    Description: FILTER-Hydraulic(Spin On)
    Category: Filters-Hydraulic, SpinOn, 1.1-8.16UN
    Details: Hydraulic or Transmission Spin-on. Also G381-A I-Gasket. Gasket: G381-A. Gasket: G381-A
    Updated: 01/07/2020

    Height: 136mm
    OD/Width Max: 94mm
    OD/Width Min: 94mm
    Thread: 1 1/8-16 UN

    AC Delco PF923, Allis Chalmers 1134975, 11349750, 1134975-0, 11349758, 1134975-8, 4915223, 49979589, 4997958-9, Baldwin BT26010, BT260-10, BT453, Bobcat Melroe 6653336, Capa CP132, Case IHC 215780, 215787, 62000AB, H311654, Caterpillar 3I1336, Cim Tek 70123, Clark 892842, Coopers Fiaam HSM6027, Donaldson HFP556005, P556005, P779654, P779661, Fiat 7033616, 71134975, 74997958, 77033616, Fleetguard HF6005, HF6068, HF6203, HF7604, HF7955, LF743, Fleetrite HFR86005, HFR86068, HFR86203, HFR86204, HFR87955, Ford 511440, 691681, E7NN6714FA, E7NN-6714-FA, Fram P1656, Greyfriars HS7618, HS7638, HS7640, Hengst H17W22, Hydac H350577, Inline Filters FFGHF6005, FFG-HF6005, FFRP1656, FFR-P1656, FH52639, FINFH52639, FIN-FH52639, Iseki 15605152720, John Deere AT60645, AT79590, Kato 68934401001, Kobelco 2446U141S2, Komatsu 3616011120, 3616-01-1120, 3ED6611330, 3ED6-61-1330, 5527655814, 5527-65-5814, 5527955814, 5527-95-5814, Kralinator L145, L145U, Kubota 6636137952, 66361-37952, Linkbelt E3J0265, Luberfiner LFP664, LFP664F, LP6005, Mann W9351, Massey Ferguson 3621294M1, 3621294-M1, Mitsubishi 19632558000, 19632-558000, 56201500, 56201-500, Motorcraft FH39, Napa 1663, Orenstein and Koppel 1458216, Purolator Facet H30221, H32210, PER221H, Sakura HC7901, HC-7901, Savara 92821311, 92821317, 92821417, Sure SFH6141, Tadano 36670040010, Taisei Kogyo F9131, F-913-1, F913-1, Takeuchi 17103312510, 171033-12510, Tecfil PL366, Towmotor 850261, 85261, A85261, Vauxhall GM 25010966, 25010967, 25011621, Vickers 350577, 573082, 573083, 736715, 736886, 737809, 737994, Volvo 14524170, 3177754, Wako WP18, Wix 51240, 51633, 51663, 551633, 59130, Woodgate WGH6005, WGH6068, WGH6203, Yale 907160600, 9071606-00, 907160601, 9071606-01, Yamashin C120, CSP08N30, Yanmar 155103-5118, Zinga VE10, VE10P

    Allis Chalmers Allis Chalmers Forklifts fitted with Cessna Hydraulic Filter, CH, CH, Bobcat Melroe 220, 225, 231, 319(Kubota D722-E2B Tier 2 Engine), 320(Kubota D722 Engine), 320(Kubota D750 Engine), 320(Kubota D722E Engine), 320C, 320D; 320G(Kubota D722 Engine), 321(Kubota Engine), 322(Kubota D722 Engine), 322(Kubota D722E Engine), 322D; 322G(Kubota Engine), 323; 324(Kubota D722-E2B Tier 2 Engine), 325(Kubota D1703B Engine), 328(Kubota D1703M-E2B Engine), 328(Kubota D1703B Engine), 331; 331E(Kubota V2203 Engine), 331; 331E(Kubota V2203 Engine), 331; 3332; 333; 334; 337(Kubota U2203E Engine), 331;331E(Kubota V2203EB Engine), 334(Kubota V2203-M-DI Engine), 334(Kubota V2003EB Engine), 418(Kubota D722 Engine), E08; E10(Kubota D722-E2B Tier 2 Engine), E14; E16(Kubota D722-E2B Tier 2 Engine), MT50(Kubota D722 Engine), X331, Case IHC 30+4(Deutz F2L511 Engine), 30+4; 40+4(Wisconsin VH4D Engine), 70+4, TF300, TF700, Caterpillar 850S, 950S, D6M LPG(Caterpillar 9ZM1 Engine), T220; T221, T300, T33, T400, Cessna 62200AF, Clark Clark Forklifts fitted with Cessna Hydraulic system, Cub Cadet 7000(Mitsubishi Engine), 7192; 7194; 7195(Mitsubishi Engine), 7200; 7205(Mitsubishi Engine), 7232; 7234; 7235(Mitsubishi Engine), 7260(Mitsubishi 26hp Engine), 7265(Mitsubishi 26hp Engine), 7272; 7273; 7274; 7275(Mitsubishi 27hp Engine), 7300(Mitsubishi 30hp Engine), 7305(Mitsubishi 30hp Engine), Davis 20+4, Davis Trenchers fitted with Cessna 10 Micron Hydraulic Filter, Ford 345C(3 Cyl Diesel Engine), 345C; 345D, 345D(3 Cyl Diesel Engine), 345D(3 Cyl Diesel Engine), 445; 445A(Ford Diesel Engine), 445C(Ford 3 Cyl Diesel Engine), 445C; 445D, 445D(Ford 3 Cyl Diesel Engine), 445D(Ford 3 Cyl Diesel Engine), 450(Ford 3 Cyl Diesel Engine), 455(Ford 3 Cyl Diesel Engine), 455; 455C; 455D, 455C(Ford 3 Cyl Diesel Engine), 455D(Ford 3 Cyl Diesel Engine), 4610(201 Gas Engine), 545C(Ford 3 Cyl Diesel Engine), 545C; 545D, 545D(Ford 3 Cyl Diesel Engine), 545D(Ford 3 Cyl Diesel Engine), 555C(Ford 256 Diesel Engine), 555D(Ford 4 Cyl Engine), 575D(Ford 4 Cyl Engine), 655C(Ford 4 Cyl Diesel Engine), 655D(Ford 4 Cyl Engine), 675D(Ford 4 Cyl Engine), 7600(4 Cyl Diesel Engine), 7600(4 Cyl Gas Engine), Hesston 1010; 1014; 1014+2; 1160; 1170, 520(Chrysler HB225 Gas Engine), 660, 6600(Chrysler Engine), 6600(Perkins 4.236 Diesel Engine), Hitachi EX40-5, Iseki SF300, TA525; TA530, TM217, JCB JS130W; JS145W; JS160W, John Deere 444K(4045H Engine), 444K(PowerTech PVX 4.5L Interim Tier 4 Engine), 524K(6068H Engine), 524K(6068H Engine), 544K(6068H Engine) From Serial No 642665, 544K(PowerTech E 6068H Engine) From Up To, 624K(6068H Engine) From Up To To Serial No 642635, 624K(6068HDW78 Engine) From Serial No 642635, 644K(6068H Engine), 653G(6068 PowerTech Engine), 6600(329 Diesel Engine), 6600(404 Diesel Engine), 6600(Gas Engine), 6602(362 Gas Engine), 6602(404, 466 Diesel Engine), 6620, 6620, 6622, 672A, 672B, 690C, 690D; 690DR(6414T Engine), 690E LC(6068T Engine), 693C, 693D, 7700(362GH Engine), 7700(6404DH Diesel Engine), 7700(6404TH Engine), 770A(6466 Engine), 770A(6531 Engine), 7720, 7722, 772A(6466 Engine), 772A(6531 Engine), 772B; 772BH(JD 6076 Engine), 844K(6135H Engine), 844K Mk II(6135H Engine), 8820, Kato HD180G(Mitsubishi Engine), HD2500SE(Mitsubishi 8DC91CT Engine), Kobelco CK1000(Mitsubishi Engine), K909A(Mitsubishi 6D22C Engine), K909LC II(Mitsubishi 6D15T Engine), K912A; K912ALC(Mitsubishi 6D22T Engine), K912LC II(Mitsubishi 6D22CT Engine), K916; K916LC, K935(Mitsubishi 6D22C Engine), SK220LC; K220LC III(Mitsubishi 6D15T Engine), SK300LC(Mitsubishi 6D22T Engine), Komatsu FD45(6D95L Engine), FD70H, WA20-1(3D78-1 Engine), Kubota KH130, KH30(Z600 KW3 Engine), Linkbelt 2650Q Quantum(Isuzu 4BG1T Engine), 2700Q Quantum(Isuzu A-4BG1T Engine), 2800Q Quantum(Isuzu 6BG1T Engine), 3400Q Quantum(Isuzu A-6BG1T Engine), 3900Q Quantum(Cummins 6CT8.3 Turbo Engine), 4300Q Quantum(Cummins M11 Turbo Engine), 5800Q Quantum(Cummins M11 Turbo Engine), 6000Q Quantum(Cummins M11 Turbo Engine), 8000Q(Cummins N14 Engine), Mahindra 2015, 2615; 2615 HST, 2816 4WD; 2816HST(Mitsubishi S3L2 Engine), 3015, Manitowoc S282, Matbro Bray 404, New Holland 1000; 1002; 1005; 1010; 1012; 1024; 1030, 1032; 1033; 1034; 1035; 1036; 1037; 1040; 1045, 1052; 1060, 114, 116, 1900(Caterpillar 3306 Engine), 1915(Caterpillar 3306B Engine), 2100(Caterpillar 3406 Engine), 2115(Caterpillar 3406 Engine), 2M, 499, 545D, 555D(Ford 4 Cyl Engine), 575D(Ford 4 Cyl Engine), 655C, 655D, 655D, 655D(Ford 4 Cyl Engine), 675D(Ford 4 Cyl Engine), L35(Wisconsin VG4D Engine), L775(Deutz F3L912 Engine), L775(Deutz F3L912 Engine), L775(Wisconsin V465D Engine), L775(Wisconsin V-465D Engine), T-330(Wisconsin TJD Engine), T550(Wisconsin VG4D Engine), T-550(Wisconsin VG4D Engine), TR70(Caterpillar 3208 Engine), TR70(Ford 361 Engine), TR70(Ford 363TD Engine), New Idea 5114, Takeuchi C50R, Towmotor 850S; 950S, T220; T221, Volvo EC135B, EC140B(D4D Engine), EC140B, EC160B(D6D Engine), EC210A(Cummins B5.9-C 146bhp Engine), EC210B(Volvo D6D EFE2 Engine), EC240A(HVV07111AL Engine), EC240B(Volvo D7DEBE2 Engine), EC290A(Cummins C8.3-C Engine), EC290B(D7D Engine), EC290B(Volvo D7DEBE2 Engine), EC70; EC70VV; EW70; EW70VV(D16E Engine), EW145B(D6D Engine), FC2121C; FC2421C(D6E Engine), FC2924C; FC3329C(D7E Engine), Yale and Towne GC; GLC; GDC 40-60RC(Gas Engine)

    We only supply quality Filter and Automotive Product Brands sourced from reputable UK Manufacturers, Distributors and Importers, we do NOT supply own branded product of unknown origin. For their unparalleled Product Range, Quality, Competitive Pricing, Technical Information, Service and Availability our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Alco, Donaldson, Parker, Racor, MP Filtri & SF Filter.

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