FIN-FH51390 FILTER-Hyd(Baldwin BT287-10, Fleetguard HF6710)

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  • Part Number FIN-FH51390
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    PartNo: FIN-FH51390 * * * * * We also offer these Brand Specific versions: FBW-BT287-10, FFG-HF6710 * * * * *
    Our Stock Level: 2
    Stock Level at Baldwin 3-7 day lead: 31
    Lead Time: Beyond any Stock Levels mentioned above request Delivery Date here: CONTACT US
    Description: FILTER-Hydraulic(Spin On)
    Category: Filters-Hydraulic > SpinOn > 1.1-2.16UN
    Details: Hydraulic Spin-on. CAUTION: Use yellow striped gasket ONLY on Case and blue striped gasket on John Deere. Installing wrong gasket prevents seal. Only the G369-B (blue) is furnished with BT287-10. Can use with OB1313, OB1314, OB1315, OB1316 bases (requires optional G286-C). Also BT287: G369-B (Blue) G372 (Yellow) BT287-10: G369-B (Blue) F-Gasket. Also G286-C, G369-V, G447, G483, G704, G710 O-Gasket. Gasket: G369-B. Gasket: G369-B.
    Updated: 07/06/2021

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    Height: 178mm
    OD/WidthMax: 129mm
    OD/WidthMin: 129mm
    Thread: 1 1/2-16 UN

    AC Delco PF2021, PF941, Baldwin BT28710, BT287-10, Case IHC 18498, 69149-C1, 87027972, D80538, R25511, R25844, Caterpillar 34-2449, 4T6788, 8J1600, 8J1660, 8T3821, 9T5664, Champion 13028, Cim Tek 70157, Clark 6511280, 6591038, Coopers Fiaam HSM6009, Crosland 7513, Donaldson P163068, P165189, P166264, P550288, P779596, P779620, Dynapac 223478, 499349, Fairey Arlon FA5710, FA57-10, FA5725, Fiat 7738743, Filtration Products FPE5010, FPE50-10, FPE5010N, FPE50-10N, Filtrec A150C10, Fleetguard HF6027, HF6067, HF6133, HF6157, HF6358, HF6436, HF6710, LF3318, Fleetrite HFR828810, HFR86067, HFR86133, HFR86157, HFR86358, HFR86436, HFR86710, LFR83318, Ford 262546, 591567, 636843, D5NNF914A, SFD18498, SFD18-498, V15801, Fram P7046, P7524, PH3567, PH35671, PH3567V151, PH3567V15C1, PH3567V51, PH3567V5C1, Gardner 2115371, 2115939, 2116110, Gehl 63459, Gilcrest 3284080, Gresen 7520001, FS251, K23041A, K23042, K24041A, Hydac 160MA010P, MF1602, MFE16010/2, MFE160102, Ingersoll Rand 10353985, 59587196, 59587916, Inline FFRPH3567, FFR-PH3567, FH51390, FINFH51390, FIN-FH51390, John Deere AR44696, AT44696, AT58368, GG17032373, GG170-32373, GG17032375, GG170-32375, GG17032376, MG636843, MG9800097, Koehring 21427684, 8320240, Kralinator L194, L194U, Lancer Boss 8627203, LHA SPE5010, SPE50-10, Luberfiner LFH4955, LFH4988, LFH5068/10, LFH506810, LFH5068-10, LFP449, Mann W1237X, Massey Ferguson 1075951M1, Modina CA401CD1, Motorcraft FH61, MP Filtri CSG100P10A, Napa 1759, New Holland 86542664, Orenstein and Koppel 1450230, Pall HC7500FDJ4H, HC9500FSUJH, HC9500FS-UJH, HC9500SUJ4H, HC9500SUJ4HY5, Parker 921169, 923169B, 926163, 926163B, 926169, 926169B, 926170, 929096, 929096B, HC5710, PTI F4E050CCB, F4H051CCB, RSE5010, RSE5010F, Purolator Facet 40101, Separation Technologies ST6710, Slanzi 408242S, 40-82-42-S, Sofima S8047RH, Stauff SF6720, Sullair 408242, Timberjack 8750996, Toro 743570, 74-3570, 743610, 74-3610, 8076001, Towmotor 342449, UFI 8004700, Universal 902188, 9021-88, Vauxhall GM 25011183, 25011184, 25012532, Vickers 575942, 737337, 737816, 941107, White 1H1234, 502520, Wix 51746, 51759, Woodgate WGH2318, WGH6133, Zinga GCE10, SE10, SE25P, SE-25P

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Caterpillar 215B 2XC1-> . 215B 4FC1-> . 215B 9YB1-> . 215C; 215D (3304 eng). 215D 9TF1-> . 219; 219D (3304 eng). 219D 5XG1-> . 350; 350L (3306 eng). 350; 350L 3ML1, 2ZL1-> . 350; 350L 9DK1, 7RK1-> . 365B (3196 eng). 365B 9PZ1-> . 365B; 365BL; 365BLME (3196 eng). 365BMH (3196 eng). 365C; 365CL (C15 eng). 365CMH (C15 eng). 374DL (C15 eng). 375; 375L 1JM1-> . 375; 375L 6NK1, 6RL1, 8XG1-> . 375; 375L; 375MH (3406 eng). 385B (3456 eng). 385B CKB1-> . 385C LMH (C18 eng). 385C; 385CL (C18 eng). 390D; 390DL (C18 eng). 422S . 5080 (3406B eng). 5080 6XK1-> . 5090B (3456 eng). 5090B CLD1-> . 572R (3176C eng). 572R (3306 eng). 769D . 769D (3408 eng). 769D (3408E eng). 771D . 771D (3408E eng). 773D . 773D (3412E eng). 773D (3412E eng). 773E (3412E eng). 775D (3412E eng). 775E (3412E eng). 776D (3508B eng). 776D (3508B eng). 777D (3508B eng). 777D (3508B eng). 777D (3512B eng). 777D (3512B eng). 789D (3516 eng). 793F; 793F-XQ (C175-16 eng). 793F; 793F-XQ (C175-16 eng). 793F-AC (C175-16 eng). 795F-AC (C175-16 eng). 795F-AC (C175-16 eng). 797 (3524B eng). 797 (3524B eng). 797 (3524B eng). 797 (3524B eng). 797B (3524B eng). 797B (3524B eng). 797F (C175-20 eng). 797F (C175-20 eng). 953C . 953C (Caterpillar 3116 eng). 963B; 963C . 963C (3116 eng). 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Champion 710; 710A 16245-20120-> (Cummins 6BT 5.9L eng). 720; 720A 16245-20120-> (Cummins 6CT 8.3L eng). 720; 720A 16245-20120-> (Cummins 6CT 8.3L eng). 726A 16245-20120-> (Cummins 6CT 8.3L eng). 726A 16245-20120-> (Cummins 6CT 8.3L eng). 730; 730A 16245-20120-> (Cummins 6CT 8.3L eng). 730; 730A 16245-20120-> (Cummins 6CT 8.3L eng). 740; 740A 16245-20120-> (Cummins LT10C eng). 740; 740A 16245-20120-> (Cummins LT10C eng). 750; 750A 16245-20120-> (Cummins LT10C eng). 750; 750A 16245-20120-> (Cummins LT10C eng). 780; 780A 16245-20120-> (Cummins LT10C eng). 780; 780A 16245-20120-> (Cummins LT10C eng). Ditch Witch 7510; 7610 (Deutz F4L912 eng). HT100; RT100 (PowerTech 4045T eng). JT520 (Kubota D1105 eng). Doosan Daewoo 170 (Perkins eng). Dynamic Swinger 4000B . Swinger 748 . Dynapac VL800 . Ford FW20 (Cummins V555; VT555 eng). FW30 (Cummins V903; VT903 eng). FW40 (Cummins V903 eng). FW60 (Cummins VT903 eng). TW10 . TW20 . Fox River 6200; 6244 (Perkins 6.354T eng). 6350 (Perkins V8.540 eng). Gehl 3200 (LPG eng). HL4500 (Ford eng). HL4700 (Ford eng). Hydrocat HL3000; HL3200 (Onan eng). HydroCat HL4400 1686-> (Perkins eng). HydroCat HL4400 2167-> (Ford 134 eng). HydroCat HL4400 2167-> (Wisconsin VH4D eng). Hagie 470 . 472 . 473 . 647 . Hesston 4690 . Hydramac 18; 18D; 20C; 20CD (Ford 172 eng). 18; 18D; 20C; 20CD (Ford 172 Gas eng). 20C MkII (Mazda 4-121 eng). 20C MkIII; MkIV (Isuzu QD60 eng). 8; 8A; 8B; 8C (Onan eng). 9C . Big Mac (Ford eng). Mitey Mac MkII 12C (Ford eng). Hydroax 500 (GMC 4-53 eng). 700 (Caterpillar 3208 eng). Ingersoll Rand DA40; DA50 (Detroit Diesel 3-71 eng). MT6520 (Detroit Diesel 8V-92T eng). MW175 (Detroit Diesel 3-53T eng). MW6520 (Detroit Diesel 8V-71 eng). Reska R20/25CDS; SP56 (Deutz F6L912 eng). SP56DH (Caterpillar 3208 eng). SP56DH (Caterpillar 3208 eng). SPF48 (Detroit Diesel 3-53 eng). SPF48 (Detroit Diesel 3-53 eng). Jackrabbit Jack Chute 20/20 . JJL490 20/20; 20/30 (Deutz F2L2011 eng). JR400 (Cummins 4BT eng). JR400 (Cummins QSB-4.5 eng). Wood Chuck . YJJL30/30 (Deutz F4L1011; F4L2011 eng). John Deere 570 . 570 (Yanmar eng). 575 (Yanmar eng). 575 (Yanmar eng). 672A . 672B . 675; 675B . 750B . 770A (6466 eng). 770A (6531 eng). 772A (6466 eng). 772A (6531 eng). 862 . 862B . 90 (Onan NHC Gas eng). Mack FDM700 Front Discharge . Manitou MHT10120 (Mercedes OM904LA eng). MHT10160; MHT10210 (Mercedes OM904LA eng). Manitowoc 26101C Truck Mounted . McNeilus McNeilus Construction Equipment fitted with MTM Hydraulic System . Michigan Fluid Power SAF58 . TAF58 . New Holland 1048; 1049 . 1065 (Ford 460 V8 eng). 1068 (Ford 460 V8 eng). 1068 (Perkins eng). 1069 (Ford 460 V8 eng). 1069 (Perkins eng). 1075 (Ford 460 V8 eng). 1075 (Perkins eng). 1078; 1079 (Ford 666H eng). 1085 (Ford eng). 515 (Deutz F3L912 eng). 8500 (Perkins eng). HW320 . L225 (Wisconsin TJD eng). L-225 (Wisconsin TJD eng). L325 (Wisconsin VH4D eng). L325; L425 (Kohler eng). L425 (Wisconsin VH4D eng). L445 (Deutz F2L411; F2L511 eng). L445 (Wisconsin VH4D eng). L451 (Deutz F2L511 eng). L454 (Continental TM13 eng). L454 (Ford VSG411 eng). L455 (Kubota B1402-B eng). L552; L553 (Kubota V1902 eng). L554 (Continental TM20 eng). L555 (Kubota V1902 eng). L555 (Perkins 4.108 eng). L778 (Ford 192 eng). L778 (Ford 192 Diesel; Petrol eng). L779 (Ford Gas eng). L779 (Perkins 4.203 eng). L781 . L783; L785 (Ford BSD333 eng). L783; L785 (Perkins eng). L784 (Ford Gas eng). TR76 (Caterpillar 3208 eng). New Idea 839 (Cummins 6BT 5.9L eng). 882 (Cummins 6BT 5.9L eng). Owatonna 320 (Onan NHC eng). 330 (Onan eng). 332 (Kubota D950B eng). 440 (Ford 4-98 eng). Parsons T20 (Honda GX620 eng). Steiger Bearcat 2403-> . Bearcat CM225 (Caterpillar 3306 eng). Bearcat KM225 MkIV (Cummins L10 eng). CA280 (Caterpillar 3406 eng). CA325 (Caterpillar 3406 eng). CA360 (Caterpillar 3406 eng). Cougar CM280; CS280 (Caterpillar 3406 eng). Cougar KM280 MkIV (Cummins NT855 eng). Cougar MkIV CM250 (Caterpillar 3306 eng). CU280 (Cummins NT855 eng). CU325 (Cummins NT855 eng). CU360 (Cummins NT855 eng). KS325 Panther IV (Cummins NTA855A eng). Panther CS325 (Caterpillar 3406 eng). Panther KM325 MkIV (Cummins eng). Panther KM360 MkIV (Cummins eng). Panther KS360 MkIV (Cummins NTA855A eng). Panther MkIV CM325 (Caterpillar 3406 eng). Panther MkIV CM360 (Caterpillar 3406 eng). Panther MkIV CS360 (Caterpillar 3406 eng). PT225 Bearcat III (Caterpillar 3306 eng). PT250 (Caterpillar 3306 eng). PT270 Cougar III (Caterpillar 3306 eng). PT350 Panther III (Cummins VT903C eng). PTA251 (Cummins 855 eng). PTA270 Cougar III (Caterpillar 3306 eng). PTA280 Cougar III (Caterpillar 3306 eng). PTA280 Cougar III (Cummins NT855 eng). PTA296; PTA297 Panther III (Cummins VT903 eng). PTA310 Panther III (Cummins NTA855C eng). PTA325 Panther III (Caterpillar 3406 eng). RC200 Super Wildcat; ST200 Super Wildcat (Caterpillar 3150 eng). RC200 Super Wildcat; ST200 Super Wildcat (Caterpillar 3208 eng). RC210 Wildcat (Caterpillar eng). RC225 Bearcat; ST225 Bearcat (Caterpillar 3160 eng). RC225 Bearcat; ST225 Bearcat (Caterpillar 3208 eng). SM325 Panther IV (Komatsu SA12125 eng). ST210 Wildcat III (Caterpillar 3208 eng). ST220 Bearcat (Cummins NT855 eng). ST225 Bearcat III (Caterpillar 3306 eng). ST250 Cougar III (Caterpillar 3306 eng). ST250 Cougar III (Cummins eng). ST251 Cougar III (Cummins NT855 eng). ST270 Cougar III (Caterpillar 3306 eng). ST280 (Caterpillar 3406 eng). ST280 (Cummins NT855 eng). ST310 Panther III (Cummins NT855 eng). ST320 Panther III (Cummins VT903 eng). ST325 Panther III (Caterpillar 3406 eng). ST350 Panther III (Cummins VT903 eng). ST450 Tiger III (Caterpillar 3408 eng). ST450 Tiger III (Cummins eng). ST470 Tiger III (Cummins KTA1150 eng). Super Wildcat; Wildcat 2403-> . Tiger KP525 MkIV (Cummins KTA1150 eng). Stone Rhino (Ford BSD333 eng). Sullair H1300Q (Caterpillar 3408 eng). Toro Greenmaster 3100 . Greensmaster . Greensmaster 3000 1990/01-> (Kohler eng). Greensmaster 3000D 1990/01-> . Greensmaster 3050 (Briggs and Stratton eng). Greensmaster 3100 (Briggs and Stratton eng). Towmotor 422S . T100C; T120C . Vermeer V120 (Cummins eng). Versatile 300 (Cummins eng). 700 (Cummins V555 eng). 800 . Wayne 933AH (John Deere 4276T eng)

    These are Inline Filters own Part Numbers and carry the bulk of our Catalogue information which includes Cross Reference, Vehicle Applications, Size and Specifications data. They will always be a Quality Brand although not Brand Specific which enables us to offer the best Price and Stock Availability.

    As these are our fastest moving items the Manufacturer, Picture and exact Size may vary then we can second source if necessary to complete orders quickly. Be assured we only supply quality Filter Brands from globally recognised Filter Manufacturers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. Our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Alco, SF Schupp, MP Filtri, Solberg and Vokes.

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