FIN-FH50278 FILTER-Hyd(Alco SP-1323, Baldwin BT8309-MPG, Fleetguard HF6781)

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  • Part Number FIN-FH50278
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    PartNo: FIN-FH50278
    Stock Level: 1
    Lead Time: If our stock level is less than you require then delivery for this FIN prefix product is usually 2-5 days.
    Description: FILTER-Hydraulic(Spin On)
    Category: Filters-Hydraulic > SpinOn > 1.1-2.16UN
    Details: CANISTER 50AT-20B SINGLE LGTH. Gasket: G369-B, G447. Gasket: G369-B, G447.
    Webpage Updated: 02/12/2020

    Height: 177mm
    OD/WidthMax: 129mm
    OD/WidthMin: 129mm
    Thread: 1 1/2-16 UN

    AC Delco PF2178, Agco 609431, AG609431, Alco SP1323, SP-1323, Baldwin BT8309MPG, BT8309-MPG, Caterpillar 3I0702, 9T8578, 9T-8578, Donaldson P165877, Filtrec A150G25, Fleetguard HF6725, HF6732, HF6750, HF6753, HF6781, Fleetrite HFR86725, HFR86732, HFR86753, HFR86781, Ford 9826688, Fram P7253, P7562, P8020, Hifi Hirschi Jura SH56213, Hydac 0160MA020BN, HC7500SKT4H, Ingersoll Rand 59873539, Inline Filters FBW-BT8309MPG, FH50278, FINFH50278, FIN-FH50278, John Deere AT100973, AT135800, RE45864, Kobelco K5003, Luberfiner LFH5015, Manitowoc 9701502, Mann 6770459100, W1254/2X, W12542X, Napa 1740, Pall HC7500SDT4H, HC7500SUT4H, Parker 928767, Purolator Facet 7500SAL202F1, 9327084, F4E050JCB, Separation Technologies ST6725, SF Schupp SPH20106, SPH20106/1, SPH201061, TRP 1535308, Vapormatic VPK5630, Vickers V0211B1R20, Wix 51740, Woodgate WGPT7504, Zinga ZSE25

    Ag Chem 663; 664 Ro-Gator(6BTA5.9 eng). Caterpillar 301.5 13kW 18hp(3003 eng). 302.5 17kW 23hp(3013 eng). 302.5(3013 eng). 533(3126 eng). 533(3126 eng). 543(3126 eng). 543(3126 eng). 770 381kW 511hp(C15 ACERT eng). 770G(C15 eng). 772 446kW 598hp(C18 ACERT eng). 772G(C18 eng). 777G(C32 eng). 966H(C11 eng). 972H(C13 eng). D6H LGP Mk II(3306 eng). D6H Mk II(3306 eng). D6H Mk II; D6H LS Mk II; D6H XL Mk II; D6H XR Mk II(3306 eng). D6H(3306 eng). D6H; D6H XR(3306 eng). D6M(3116 eng). D6N(3126B eng). D6N(C9 eng). D6N; D6N FTC; D6N LGP; D6N XL(3126B eng). D6N; D6N LGP; D6N XL(C6.6 eng). D6N; D6N LGP; D6N XL(C6.6 eng). HA770; HA870. HA771; HA871. IT62H(C7 eng). TK370; TK380(3126 eng). TK371. TK371; TK381(3126 eng). Challenger MT945B; MT955B(C15 15.1L eng). MT945C; MT955C(C18 18.1L eng). MT965B; MT975B(C18 18.1L eng). MT965C; MT975C(C18 18.1L eng). Hyundai HSL850-7(Kubota V3300DI eng). John Deere 110(Yanmar 4TNE84 eng). 110(Yanmar 4TNV88 eng). 125. 125. 4044M(Yanmar 4-cyl eng). 4044R(Yanmar 4-cyl eng). 4052M(Yanmar 4-cyl eng). 4052R(Yanmar 4-cyl eng). 4066R 49kW 67hp. 5038D. 5045D. 5045D(3029 eng). 5045E. 5045E(3029 eng). 5055D. 5055D(3029 eng). 5055E 41kW 55hp(3029T M A eng). 5055E(3029 eng). 5065E 48kW 65hp(3029T M A eng). 5065E(3029 eng). 5075E 55kW 75hp(3029T M A eng). 5075E(3029 eng). 5083E 61kW 83hp(4045 eng). 5083E Limited 61kW 83hp(4.5L 4-cyl eng). 5083E(4.5L Turbo eng). 5083E(4.5L Turbo eng). 5085E(4045TB eng). 5093E Limited 68kW 93hp(4.5L 4-cyl eng). 5093E(4.5L Turbo eng). 5093E(4.5L Turbo eng). 5101E Limited 74kW 101hp(4.5L 4-cyl eng). 5101E(4.5L Turbo eng). 5103 37kW 50hp(John Deere eng). 5103(3029 eng). 5103(3029 eng). 5103; 5103E; 5103S; 5104. 5105 37kW 50hp(John Deere eng). 5105(2.9L eng). 5200 34kW 46hp(6404A eng). 5200(3029 eng). 5203 41kW 56hp(John Deere eng). 5203(3029 eng). 5203(3029TF eng). 5203;5203S(3029 Asia; India eng). 5204(3029 Asia; India eng). 5204(3029 Mexico eng). 5205 41kW 56hp(John Deere eng). 5205(2.9L eng). 5210. 5210 39kW 53hp(3029D eng). 5220 39kW 53hp(3029D eng). 5220(2.9L eng). 5220H 39kW 53hp(John Deere eng). 5300 41kW 56hp(3029D eng). 5300(3029 eng). 5303 47kW 64hp(John Deere eng). 5303(3029 All Other Editions eng). 5303(3029 Australia; Europe eng). 5303(3029 South Africa eng). 5303(3029TF eng). 5310. 5310(3029 eng). 5310A; 5310N; 5310NA; 5310SN; 5310SNA 39kW 53hp(3029D eng). 5310N(3029 eng). 5320; 5320N 47kW 64hp(3029T eng). 5320; 5320N(2.9L eng). 5400; 5400N. 5400; 5400N 52kW 71hp(3029T eng). 5403 55kW 74hp(JOHN DEERE eng). 5403(3029 South Africa eng). 5403(3029T eng). 5403(3029T eng). 5403(3029T eng). 5410 53kW 72hp(3029T eng). 5410 60kW 81hp(4045D eng). 5410(4045D eng). 5410N(3029; 4045 eng). 5415 Worldwide Edition. 5415(4045D eng). 5420 60kW 81hp(4045D eng). 5420; 5420N(4045 eng). 5425; 5425H; 5425HC(4045T eng). 5500 59kW 80hp(4039T eng). 5500; 5500N(JD 4039T eng). 5503(3029T eng). 5510(4045T eng). 5510(4045TAT50 eng). 5510A; 5510N; 5510NA; 5510SN; 5510SNA; 5510 High Crop 66kW 89hp(4045T eng). 5510N(4045T eng). 5520; 5520N 65kW 89hp(4045T eng). 5520; 5520N(4045 eng). 5603 74kW 99hp(4045 eng). 5603(4045TL eng). 5605(4045D eng). 5615. 5615(4045T eng). 5625(4045D eng). 5705(4045T eng). 5715. 5715(4045T eng). 5725; 5725H; 5725HC(4045T eng). 655. 655B. 7405(6068 eng). 7405(6068T eng). 750. 7500. 755A. 755B. 762A. 762A. 762B. 762B. 850. 850B. 855. 90. JD24AD. JD24AD. JD24AG. JD24AG. JD755. JD762. JD762. JD860B. Manitowoc 111; 222(6CTA8.3 eng). 222EX; 222HD(MTA11 eng). 777; 777T(6CTA8.3 eng). New Holland TR86(Ford 678HT eng). TR87(7.5L eng). TR87(Ford 678HT eng). TR88(7.5L eng). TR89(7.5L eng). TR96(Ford 678HT eng). TR97(7.5L eng). TR97(Ford 678HT eng). TR98(7.5L eng). TR99(7.5L eng)

    These are Inline Filters own Part Numbers and carry most of our Technical Data which includes Cross References, Vehicle Applications, Sizes and Specifications. They are not Brand Specific which enables us to offer the best Price and Stock Availability. As these are our fastest moving items the Manufacturer, Size and Picture may vary so we can second source if necessary to complete orders quickly.

    Be assured we only supply quality Filter Brands from globally recognised Filter Manufacturers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. Our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Vokes, SF Schupp, Alco, Solberg and MP Filtri.

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    Application, Cross Reference and Size data is provided as a guide only, for full compatibility ensure all our specifications match your requirements.
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