FFR-C7215 FILTER-Hyd(Baldwin PT483, Fleetguard HF6319)

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  • Part Number FFR-C7215
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    Part No: FFR-C7215
    Description: FILTER-Hydraulic(Cartridge Round)
    Category: Filters-Hydraulic, Cartridge, Round
    Hydraulic Element. For upgrade use FBW-PT8366. For version with reinforced centre tube use FBW-PT8383.

    Height: 450mm
    OD/Width Max: 150mm
    OD/Width Min: 150mm
    ID/Depth Max: 110mm
    ID/Depth Min: 110mm

    AC Delco PF2213, Asahi AMC KO1567, Baldwin PT483, Case IHC 159274A1, Caterpillar 3I1238, Coopers Fiaam HEM6053, Donaldson HFP551210, P173237, P551210, P551333, Doosan Daewoo 24749404, 2474-9404, 24749404A, 2474-9404A, Filtration FTH6505, Filtrec WP618, Fleetguard HF6319, HF7953, Fleetrite HFR86319, HFR87953, Fram C7215, Greyfriars GHF7108, GHF7118, Hitachi 4050731, 4180416, 4205707, 71416241, In Line Filters FFRC7215, FFR-C7215, FH50160, FINFH50160, FIN-FH50160, Isuzu 1873100930, John Deere TH109510, Kobelco 24046Z73, 2446R331F1, R36P0002, YN50V00001P1, Komatsu 0706301210, 2056051430, 2056-05-1430, 706301210, 7063-01210, Kralinator L665, Luberfiner LH8544, Napa 1654, Orenstein and Koppel 1450160, Purolator Facet H65152, Sakura H7911, H-7911, H79112, H-7911-2, SF Schupp HY9530, HY9530/1, Sure SFH1430, Unknown Manufacturer 6614FE, Vauxhall GM 25313767, Wako WH115, Wix 51654, 551654, 59259, 59260, Woodgate WGH6319, Yamashin YSK600904

    Case IHC 9021(Isuzu 6 Cyl Engine) From 2000, CX210, Caterpillar 330, Doosan Daewoo 170Solar, 210WV, 220V, 225LCV Solar, 280LC Mk III, 280LCV Mk III, 6718, DH450(Daewoo D2848T Engine), DH450, Mega 250 Mk V(D1146T Engine), Mega 250 Mk V(DB58TIS, DB1146T Engine), Mega 300 Mk V(Daewoo DE08TIS Engine) From Serial No 2001, Mega 300 Mk V(Daewoo DE12TIA Engine), Mega 400(DE12T Engine), Mega 400 Mk III(Daewoo D2366T Engine), Mega 400 Mk III Plus(Daewoo DE12TI Engine), Mega 400 Mk V(Daewoo DE12TIS Engine), Mega 500 Mk V(Cummins N14C Engine), Mega 500 Mk V(Cummins QSM11 Engine) From Serial No 2001, S330-III, S400LC-III, S450-III, Solar 170-III(Daewoo DB58T Engine), Solar 170-III(DB58T Engine), Solar 170LC-V(DB58T Engine), Solar 170LC-V; Solar 170W-V(Daewoo DB58T Engine), Solar 170W-V(DB58TI Engine), Solar 175LC-V(DB58TIS Engine), Solar 175LC-V(DB58TIS Engine), Solar 180W-V(Daewoo DB58TIS Engine), Solar 200W-V(Daewoo DB58TI Engine), Solar 200W-V(DB58TI Engine), Solar 210W-V(Daewoo DB58TIS Engine), Solar 220LC-V; Solar 220LL(Daewoo DB58TI Engine), Solar 225LC-V; Solar 225LL(Daewoo DB58TIS Engine), Solar 250LC-V(Daewoo D1146T Engine), Solar 255LC-V(Daewoo D58TIS Engine), Solar 280(D2366 Engine), Solar 280(D2366 Engine), Solar 280LC-III(Daewoo D2366 Engine), Solar 330-III(Daewoo D2366T Engine), Solar 400LC-III(Daewoo D2366T Engine), Solar 450-III(Daewoo DV15T Engine), Fiat Allis FX210; FX210LC, FX250; FX250LC(Cummins 5.9L Engine), FX310; FX310LC(Cummins 8.3L Engine), Hitachi EX1100(Cummins KTTA 1150C Engine), EX180(Cummins KTA1150C-525 Engine), EX1800; EX1800-2(Cummins KTA1150C Engine), EX200; EX200LC; EX200-2; -3(Isuzu 6BD1-T Engine), EX200-2, EX220; EX220LC; EX270; EX270LC(Hino HO6CT Engine), EX25; EX35(HO6CT Engine), EX270(Hino HO6CT1 Engine), EX300; EX300LC; EX300H; EX300LH(Hino EP100T Engine), EX3500; EX3500-2(Cummins KT2300C Engine), EX400, EX400; EX400LC; EX400-3(Isuzu 6RB1-T Engine), EX700; EX700H; EX700BE(Cummins NTA855 Engine), FH200(8065.SI.25.ALL.006 Engine), FH200.3(Fiat Engine), FH200-LC(8065 Engine), FH200LC.3; FH200W-3(Fiat Engine), FH220(8365.SI.11.ALL.010 Engine), FH220-3, FH220LC, FH240, FH300(8365.SI.11.ALL.011 Engine), FH330.3(Isuzu Engine), LX200(PE6T Engine), Hokuetsu Kogyo AX20U(Kubota D1105E Engine), AX30(Kubota V1505E Engine), Hyundai 210-3 Robex, Robex 280LC(Cummins 6CT8.3 Engine), Kobelco SK115SR(Isuzu 4BG1 Engine), SK235SR-1E; SK235SRLC-1E(Mitsubishi 6D34T Engine), SK290-6(Mitsubishi 6D16CT Engine), Komatsu 20HT-1(S4130 Engine), 230, BR200J-1; BR200R-1; BR200S-1(S6D95L Engine), BR300J-1(SA6D95L Engine), BR300S-1(SAA6D108E Engine), BR310JG-1(SA6D95L Engine), D475A-1(SA8U170 Engine), D475A-1(SA8U170 Engine), D475A-1(SA8U170 Engine), D475A-1(SA8V170-1 Engine), D475A-1(SA8V170-1 Engine), D475A-1(SA8V170-1 Engine), D475A-2(SA12V 140-1E Engine), D475A-2(SA12V 140-1E Engine), D475A-2(SA12V 140-1E Engine), D475A-2; D475A-3(Komatsu SA12V140 Engine), D475A-2; D475A-3(Komatsu SA12V140 Engine), D575A-2(SA12V170 Engine), D575A-2(SA12V170 Engine), D575A-3(SA12V170E-2 Engine), D575A-3(SA12V170E-2 Engine), D575S-2(SA12V 170-1D Engine), D575S-2(SA12V 170-1D Engine), HD1200-1; HD1200M-1(Cummins KTA2300 Engine), HD1200-1; HD1200M-1(Cummins KTA2300 Engine), HD1200M-1(Cummins KTA2300 Engine), HD1200M-1(Cummins KTA2300 Engine), HD1200M-1(Cummins KTA2300 Engine), HD1200M-1(Cummins KTA2300 Engine), HD1200M-1(SA12V170-1 Engine), HD1200M-1(SA12V170-1 Engine), HD1200M-1(SA12V170-1 Engine), HD1200M-1(SA12V170-1 Engine), HD1600M-1(Cummins KTA3067 Engine), HD1600M-1(Cummins KTA3067 Engine), HD1600M-1(Cummins KTA3067 Engine), HD1600M-1(Cummins KTA3067 Engine), HD465-3(SA6D170A Engine), HD605-5(SAA6D170E Engine), HD785-1(Cummins KT2300, KTA2300 Engine), HD785-1(Cummins KT2300, KTA2300 Engine), HD785-2(SA8V170-1 Engine), HD785-2(SA8V1710 Engine), HD785-3(SA12V140 Engine), HD785-3(SA12V140 Engine), HD785-5(SA12V140 Engine), HD785-5LC(SAA12V140ZE-2 Engine), HD985-3(SA12V140-1 Engine), LW160 Mk I(S6D105 Engine), LW160-1, LW200L Mk I, LW200L-1, LW250L Mk I, LW250L-1, PC1000-1; PC1000LC-1; PC1000SE-1; PC1000SP-1(SA6D170 Engine), PC1000-1; PC1000SE-1(SA6D170B-1F Engine), PC150(S6D95L Engine), PC1500-1(Cummins KT1150 x2 Engine), PC1500-1(S6D170 Engine), PC1500-1A(S6D170-1 x 2 Engine), PC150-1(6D105-1 Engine), PC150-1(6D105-1 Engine), PC1600-1(SA6D140-1 Engine), PC1600-1(SA6D140-1 x 2 Engine), PC200(S6D95 Engine), PC200; PC200LC(S6D95L-1U Engine), PC200-1(6D105-1, S6D105 Engine), PC200-1; PC200-2; PW200; PC220-1; PC220-2(6D105, S6D105 Engine), PC200-2; PC200LC-2; PC200LC-2H(6D105-1 Engine), PC200-3; PC200LC-3(S6D105-1 Engine), PC200-5; PC200LC-5(S6D95L Engine), PC200-5; PC200LC-5(S6D95L Engine), PC20HT-1(4D130-1 Engine), PC20HT-1(4D130-1 Engine), PC210; PC210LC-5K(Perkins 1006.6T Engine), PC220-1; PC220-2(S6D105-1 Engine), PC220-1;PC220-2;PC220LC-2(S6D105-1 Engine), PC220-5; PC220LC-5(SA6D95L Engine), PC220-5; PC220LC-5(SA6D95L-1C Engine), PC220-6;PC220LC-6(SA6D95L-1J Engine), PC220LC-2(6D105-1 Engine), PC230-6; PC230LC-6(SA6D95L-1J Engine), PC300-1; PC300-2(Cummins N855 Engine), PC300-1; PC300-2; PC300LC-1; PC300LC-2(Cummins N855 Engine), PC300-3(S6D125-1 Engine), PC300-3; PC300LC-3(S6D125-1S Engine), PC300-4; PC300LC-4; PC310-4; PC310LC-4(SA6D108-1A Engine), PC300-5; PC300LC-5(SA6D108 Engine), PC300-5; PC300LC-5; PC300HD-5(SA6D108 Engine), PC300-6; PC300LC-6(SAA6D108 Engine), PC300HD-6; PC300HD-6LE; PC300HD-6 MH; PC300LC-6; PC300LL-6(SA6D114E-1 Engine), PC300LC-5(614TA Engine), PC350-6; PC350LC-6(SAA6D108 Engine), PC360-3, PC360-3; PC360LC-3(S6D125 Engine), PC360LC-5 From Serial No 2001, PC400-1; PC400LC-1(Cummins N855 Engine), PC400-1; PC400LC-1(Cummins NT855 Engine), PC400-3; PC400LC-3(S6D125-1T Engine), PC400-3; PC400LC-3(S6D125-1T Engine), PC600(Cummins N14 Engine), PC650-1(Cummins KT1150 Engine), PC650-1(Cummins KT1150 Engine), PC650-1; PC650E-1(S6D170 Engine), PC650-1A(S6D170-1 Engine), PC650-3; PC650LC-3(Cummins KT19-C Engine), PC650-3; PC650LC-3; PC650SE-3(SA6D140-1C Engine), PC650-3;PC650LC-3;PC650SE-3(SA6D140 Engine), PC650-5; PC650LC-5; PC650SE-5(SA6D140 Engine), PC650-5; PC650SE-5, PC710-5; PC710SE-5(SA6D140 Engine), PC750-6; PC750LC-6; PC750LC-6MH; PC750SE-6(SAA6D140E Engine), PC800SE-6(SAA6D140E Engine), WA380-5(SAA6D114E-2 Engine), WA400-5; WA400-5L; WA400-5WH(SAA6D114E Engine), New Holland E215; EH215(Mitsubishi 4D34T Engine), Terex TXC225LC-1, Volvo EC240A(HVV07111AL Engine), EC240B(Volvo D7DEBE2 Engine)

    We only supply quality Filter and Automotive Product Brands sourced from reputable UK Manufacturers, Distributors and Importers, we do NOT supply own branded product of unknown origin. For their unparalleled Product Range, Quality, Competitive Pricing, Technical Information, Service and Availability our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Alco, Donaldson, Parker, Racor, MP Filtri & SF Filter.

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