FFR-C4614 FILTER-Hyd(Baldwin P183, Fleetguard HF6175, Alco MD-205)

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  • Part Number FFR-C4614
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    Part No: FFR-C4614
    Description: FILTER-Hydraulic(Cartridge Round)
    Category: Filters-Hydraulic, Cartridge, Round
    Power Steering or Hydraulic Element. Also [2] Attached End Seal. For IHC version use FBW-P450.
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    Updated: 02/12/2019

    Height: 40mm
    OD/Width Max: 87mm
    OD/Width Min: 81mm
    ID/Depth Max: 27mm
    ID/Depth Min: 27mm

    AC Delco AC99, PF341, Alco MD205, MD-205, AP Lockheed AP140A, LK140, Baldwin P183, Case IHC 10582AB, 1133205R91, 1133205-R91, 133205R91, 133205-R91, 276259C91, 276259-C91, 902187, 960750, 960755, A22279, A30834, A42242, G45307, Caterpillar 32564, Chrysler Dodge 1557972, 5051827, Coles 709131, Coopers Fiaam AZH012, G612, HEM6072, Coventry Climax PFC257008, Crosland 518, Donaldson P552402, P779933, Finn FFP114, Fleetguard HF6175, LF4009, LF614, Fleetrite HFR86175, LFR8614, Ford AE33538A, AE-33538-A, E101D9, E101LD9, LA33538A, LA-33538-A, Fram C1653PL, C4614, Greyfriars 609P, Harmo P214, In Line Filters FFRC4614, FFR-C4614, FH50121, FINFH50121, FIN-FH50121, Kralinator L951, L952, Leyland Daf BL 7H46, ABU1147, Luberfiner LH8510, LP1653, Mahle Knecht HX3, Massey Ferguson 1008553M1, 1008553-M1, 1008553M91, 1008553-M91, 1052262M91, 1052262-M91, 1851797M1, 1851797-M1, 751743M1, 751743-M1, 751743M91, 751743-M91, 751816M1, 751816-M1, Motorcraft FH6, Napa 1653, Purolator Facet 54755, 5475500, EP3, H10003, MF140, MF140A, MFH117A, Renault 0005051827, Rolls Royce CD1633, CD633, OE12456, Ryco R2013P, Savara 92150517, 92157011, SF Schupp HY9782, Sisu 11996030, Soparis CAP91, TJ FP3348, Vauxhall GM 5574745, 5574751, 6382070, 7984365, Volvo 6628904, White MA366, Wix 51653, CW653MP, Woodgate WGL614, Yale ER93986

    Auwaerter Auwaerter Coaches fitted with AV Power Steering, Case IHC 1150(A401BD Engine), 266, 304; 304A, 345; 345A, 380CK; 380GP(David Brown Diesel Engine), 392, 400; 400B; 400D(GD157 Engine), 410, 411B(G148B Engine), 412, 420; 420B(Diesel Engine), 420; 420B(Gas Engine), 420B(G148 Engine), 420C, 430(Diesel Engine), 430(G188D Engine), 430; 431; 440; 441(G148B Engine), 430CK(Diesel Engine), 480B(G188D Engine), 480CK(G148B Engine), 480CK(G188D Engine), 480D; 480LL(G188D Engine), 500(FA162 Engine), 500(Continental GD157 Engine), 500(G164 Engine), 510; 511, 530(Diesel Engine), 530(G159 Engine), 530(G188D Engine), 530CK(Diesel Engine), 531; 540; 541(G159 Engine), 531; 540; 541(G188D Engine), 580B, 580C, 580CK, 580D; 580 Super D(G207D Engine), 584C; 585C; 586C, 584D; 585D; 586D, 611; 630; 630C; 631; 641(G188D Engine), 730(A251 Engine), 730; 731(A267D Engine), 800(Diesel Engine), 800; 801; 802; 803; 810(A267D Engine), 801; 802; 803; 810(H277, HD277 Engine), 811; 812; 813(A251 Engine), 830; 830C(A284 Engine), 830; 831(A301D Engine), 841(A284 Engine), 850(A301D Engine), 850(A410BD Engine), 850(A267D Engine), 850B, 900(A377 Engine), 900(Diesel Engine), 910(A377 Engine), 930(A377 Engine), 930CK(Diesel Engine), 931; 932; 933(A377 Engine), 931; 932; 933(A401D Engine), 940(A377 Engine), DH5(188 Engine), W12; W12D(A451D Engine), W3(G159 Engine), W3(G188D Engine), W9(A267D Engine), Caterpillar 500; 500P; 501; 501P, 502P; 502S; 510P, 540S, 600P, 600S, 601P, 670S; 680P, 750S; 760P, LT50, LT56, LT60, LT62, LT72, Eddison Eddipactor, ERF A54G(Gardner 5LW Engine), A54G; A55GBX; A64GXB; A65GXB; A66G; A66GX; A66GXB; A68GX; A68GXB(Gardner 6LXB 180 Engine), A64CU 205; A64CU 220; A64CU 235; A66CU 205; A66CU 220(Cummins NHK205, NHK220, NHK235 Engine), A64G; A64GX; A66G; A68GX(Gardner 6LW, 6GX Engine), A64GX(Gardner 8LX 240 Engine), A64R 205; A64R 220; A66R 205; A66R 220; A66R 260; A66R 265T; A66R 270T(Rolls Royce 205, 220, 260, 260T Engine), A64R 205; A64R 220; A66R 205; A66R 220; A66R 260; A66R 265T; A66R 270T(Rolls Royce 265T Engine), A66CU 235; A66CU 310(Cummins NHK235, NHK310 Engine), A66CU250(Cummins NHK250 Engine), A84GXB(Gardner 8LXB 240 Engine), ALAC 303; ALAC 304; ALBC 284; ALBC 303; ALBC 304(Cummins NH220 Engine), ALAC 320; ALAC 340; ALAG 320; ALBC 241; ALBC 242; ALBC 482; AMCC 340; AMCC 380; AMCC 452; AMCC 482; AMGC 340; AMGC 452; AMGC 482; ANGC 380; ANGC 420(Cummins NH220, NHK220, NH250, NHC250, NHC310, NTC290, NTC310, NTC335 Engine), ALAG 300; ALAG 370; ALBG 241; ALBG 242; ALBG 300; AMCG 240; AMCG 340; AMCG 380(Gardner 6LX, 6LXB, 6LXB240, 8LXB240 Engine), ALAR 340; AMCR 340; AMGR 340(Rolls Royce 220 Eagle Engine), Ford 2000(134 Gas, 144 Diesel Engine), 2030; 2031(134 Gas, 144 Diesel Engine), 2130; 2131(134 Gas, 144 Diesel Engine), 4000, 4030; 4031; 4040(Ford 4 Cyl Engine), 4130; 4131(Ford 4 Cyl Engine), 601(134, 144 Engine), 700(134 Gas, 144 Diesel Engine), 801, 900, 901(172 Diesel, Gas Engine), 9600(401T Diesel Engine), Major(Ford 199 Gas Engine), Major(Ford 220 Diesel Engine), Leyland Daf BL Reliance(AH505/691/760 Engine), Massey Ferguson 11 Pony; 16 Pacer; 20; 20K, 203X, 22; 22GR, 30; 30GR; TO30, Colt; Mustang; Pacemaker, FE35(4 Cyl Diesel Engine), FE35(Gas Engine), FE35; FE35X(3 Cyl Diesel Engine), MF100(Perkins Diesel Engine), MF1001 Tractor; MF1001 Workbull, MF175(Continental G206 Engine), MF180(Continental G206 Engine), MF202 Tractor; MF202 Workbull, MF202; MF204, MF204 Tractor; MF204 Workbull, MF20C(Continental Z145 Engine), MF20C(Continental Z145 Engine), MF2135; MF2155; MF2200; MF3165, MF2135; MF2155; MF2200; MF3165, MF230(Continental 145 Gas Engine), MF235(Continental Gas Engine), MF245(Continental Gas Engine), MF302, MF302; MF302 Workbull, MF303(Gas Engine), MF303, MF303; MF303 Workbull, MF304(Gas Engine), MF304, MF304; MF304 Workbull, MF30B(Continental Z145 Engine), MF30B; MF30D(Continental Z145 Engine), MF333, MF35(Continental Z134 Engine), MF35(Perkins Gas Engine), MF356(Gas Engine), MF356, MF356, MF404 Workbull, MF406, MF4500(Continental Gas Engine), MF50, MF50(Continental Engine), MF500(Perkins AV8.510 Diesel Engine), MF500, MF50D(Perkins Engine), MF55(Perkins V8.510 Engine), MF555, MF555D, MF55D; MF55G; MF55K; MF55LP, MF65(Gas/LP Engine), MF65(Continental Engine), MF65D(Perkins Engine), MF85; MF88(Continental E223, E242 Engine), MH50, TO35(Continental Gas Engine)

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