FFR-C1723 FILTER-Hyd(Baldwin PT83)

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  • Part Number FFR-C1723
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    Part No: FFR-C1723
    Description: FILTER-Hydraulic(Cartridge Round)
    Category: Filters-Hydraulic, Cartridge, Round
    Hydraulic Element. Inside-Out Flow Direction Use ES4008 for stacked elements. Reinforced Centertube. Also G247, G263, G416, G433, ES4008 O-Gasket

    Height: 279mm
    OD/Width Max: 130mm
    OD/Width Min: 129mm
    ID/Depth Max: 86mm
    ID/Depth Min: 85mm

    AC Delco PF926, Alco MD707, Baldwin PT83, Caterpillar 1R0722, 1U2096, 3I0601, 3I1438, 9F5461, 9J0750, 9J5461, 9J750, 9Y4523, Coopers Fiaam HEM6019, Donaldson P162017, P164241, P555461, P555961, Eurofilter 7290, Fleetguard HF6202, HF6202A, LF769, Fleetrite HFR86202, LFR8769, Fram C1723, Greyfriars GHF7115, Hengst E48HI, E48HI, Hyster 3000333, In Line Filters FFRC1723, FFR-C1723, FH50115, FINFH50115, FIN-FH50115, Kralinator L876, Locker Airmaze AMH6202, Luberfiner LH5461, LH-5461, P5009, Mann HD1383, Massey Ferguson 3621297M1, 3621297-M1, Motorcraft FH73, Orenstein and Koppel 103875, 105519, Purolator Facet H56010, PM6010, Sakura H5506, H-5506, SF Schupp HY9563, Sure SFH5461, Vauxhall GM 25010964, 25010965, Wix 51194, Woodgate WGH6202

    Caterpillar 120H; 120HES; 120HNA(3116 Engine), 12H; 12HES; 12HNA(3306 Engine), 135H; 135HNA(3116 Engine), 140H; 140HES; 140HNA, 143H(3306 Engine), 14H; 14HNA(3306 Engine), 160H(3176C Engine), 160H; 160HES; 160HNA(3306 Engine), 163H(3306 Engine), 16H; 16HNA(3406C Engine), 173B, 173B, 183B, 183B, 193B, 193B, 24H(3412E Engine), 416(Perkins 4.236, T4.236 Engine), 416 From Serial No 5PC, 426 From Serial No 7BC, 42, 426; 426 Mk II(Perkins 4.236, D4.236 Engine), 426C(3054 Engine), 428 From Serial No 6TC, 42, 428; 428B Mk II(Perkins 4.236, T4.236 Engine), 436 From Serial No 5KF, 436; 436 Mk II(Perkins 4.236 Engine), 438 From Serial No 3DJ, 43, 438; 438 Mk II(Perkins 4.236 Engine), 446(3114 Engine), 446 From Serial No 6XF, 446B Serial No 5BL, 508; FB508(3204 Engine), 5110B(3412 Engine), 5110B From Serial No AAA1, 5130, 5130 From Serial No 7TJ1, 5130B(3508B Engine), 5130B From Serial No 4CS1, 515, 5230(3516 Engine), 5230 From Serial No 7LL1, 525(3304 Engine), 525B(3126 Engine), 535B(3126 Engine), 545(3306 Engine), 583T(C15 Engine), 789(3516 Engine), 789 From Serial No 9ZC1, 7EK1, 789B(3516 Engine), 789C(3516B Engine), 789D(3516 Engine), 793(3516 Engine), 793 From Serial No 3SJ6, 1HL1, 79, 793B(3516 Engine), 793C(3516B Engine), 814B(3306 Engine), 814B From Serial No 16Z1, 814F(3176C Engine), 814F(3306 Engine), 814F(C9 Engine), 815B(3306 Engine), 815B From Serial No 17Z1, 815F, 815F(3176C Engine), 815F(3306 Engine), 815F(C9 Engine), 816 From Serial No 15Z1, 816B(3306 Engine), 816F(3176C Engine), 816F(C9 Engine), 816F, 824C(3406 Engine), 824C, 824C From Serial No 85X1, 824G(3406 Engine), 824G, 824H(C15 Engine), 825C(3406 Engine), 825C From Serial No 86X1, 825G(3406 Engine), 825H(C15 Engine), 826C(3406 Engine), 826C From Serial No 87X1, 826G(3406 Engine), 826G From Serial No 7LN1, 826G Mk II(3406 Engine), 826H(C15 Engine), 916 From Serial No 2XB1, 9WB1, 916; G916(3204 Engine), 918F From Serial No 2CK1, 3TJ1, 918F(3114 Engine), 924F(3114 Engine), 924F, 926 From Serial No 4NB1, 94Z1, 926; 926E; 926F(3204 Engine), 926E From Serial No 94Z2209, 926F, 928F(3116 Engine), 928F From Serial No 2XL1, 73M1, 79J1, 8AK1, 936 From Serial No 33Z1, 45Z1, 936; 936E; G936(3304 Engine), 936E From Serial No 33Z3091, 45Z23057, 936F From Serial No 4TK1, 8AJ1, 936F(3304 Engine), 938F(3116 Engine), 938F, 938G, 938G, 938G Mk II(3126B Engine), 943(3204 Engine), 943 From Serial No 4Z1, 19Z1, 31Y1, 950B From Serial No 22Z1, 31R1, 63R1, 65R1, 950B; 950E(3304 Engine), 950E From Serial No 22Z3189, 63R6054, 65R3089, 950F(3116 Engine), 950F, 950F From Serial No 4DJ1, 5SK1, 6YG1, 7ZF1, 953, 953(3204 Engine), 953 From Serial No 5Z1, 76Y1, 77Y1, 20Z1, 78Y1061, 953B(3116 Engine), 953B From Serial No 5MK1, 953C(Caterpillar 3116 Engine), 953C, 953C; 953C WH(3126B Engine), 955 From Serial No 13X1, 57M1, 8Y1, 955L(3304 Engine), 960F(3116 Engine), 963(Caterpillar Engine) From 6Z1, 963, 963, 963 From 6Z1; 11Z1; 21Z1; 48Z1, 963B(3116 Engine), 963B; 963C, 963C(3116 Engine), 963C; 963C WH(3126B Engine), 966 From Serial No 35S1, 966D From Serial No 94X1-6488, 99Y1, 966D; 966E(3306 Engine), 966E From Serial No 94X6489, 99Y5315, 966F(3306 Engine), 966F(3306 Engine), 970F(3306 Engine), 973(3306 Engine), 973(3306 Engine), 973 From Serial No 32Z1, 86G1. 91L1, 973C(3306 Engine), 973C, 973C; 973C WH(C9 Engine), 977 From Serial No 14X1, 95X1, 977L(3306 Engine), 980 From Serial No 13B0300, 980 From Serial No 63X1, 980C(3406 Engine), 980C From Serial No 2XD1, 980F; 980F Mk II(3406 Engine), 980G(3406, 3406C Engine), 980G, 983B(3406 Engine), 994 From Serial No 54Z1, CP643; CS643; CP653; CS653(3304 Engine), D7 From Serial No 45W1, 65V1, D7G(3306 Engine), D7G, D7H; D7H Mk II(3306 Engine), D9H(D353 Engine), D9R(3408 Engine), D9R, G926(3204 Engine), IT18 From Serial No 9NB1, IT18; IT18B(3204 Engine), IT18B From Serial No 4ZD1, IT18F(3114 Engine), IT18F, IT24F(3114 Engine), IT24F, IT28 From Serial No 2KC1, IT28; IT28B(3204 Engine), IT28B From Serial No 1HF1, 5SD1, IT28F(3116 Engine), IT28F; IT28G, IT38F(3116 Engine), IT38F; IT38G, IT38G(3126 Engine), IT38G(3126B Engine), PL83(C15 Engine), R1300; R1300G(3306 Engine), R1300G(C6.6 Engine), R1600(3176 Engine), R1600G(3176C Engine), R1700(3176B Engine), R1700G(3176C Engine), R2900(3406 Engine), R2900G(3406E Engine), V60C, V70C, V80, V80C, Towmotor V60C; V70C; V80C

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