FBW-PT385 FILTER-Hyd(Baldwin PT385, Alco MD-115A, Fleetguard HF6118)

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  • Part Number FBW-PT385
  • Manufactured by: Fleetguard

    Part No: FBW-PT385
    Description: FILTER-Hydraulic(Cartridge Round)
    Category: Filters-Hydraulic, Cartridge, Round
    Transmission Element with Furnished Gaskets. Also G115-MSB, G211, ES1071 F-Gasket. Also [2] Attached End Seal. Transmission filter. For lube oil version use FFR-CH33.
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    Updated: 15/01/2020

    Height: 230mm
    OD/Width Max: 113mm
    OD/Width Min: 113mm
    ID/Depth Max: 38mm
    ID/Depth Min: 38mm

    AC Delco L7221, PF132X, PF135, PF151, PF156, PF156X, PF163, PF951, PF951L, PM13, PM1310, PM132, PM138, PM139, PM22, PM22SERIES, PM24A, PMD21, PMD22, PMD27, Alco MD115A, MD-115A, Allis Chalmers 185691-5, 31048946, 3104894-6, 4347021, 43699880, 4369988-0, 43710214, 4371021-4, 43710219, 4371021-9, 43711373, 4371137-3, 597926, 6658597, 665859-7, 793528, 817332, 908285, Allison 557498, AP Lockheed 574130, AP481A, FH130, LK-481, Atlas Copco 511214106, 5112-1410-6, Baldwin PT159, PT385, Blaw Knox 29582900, Bomag 30003053, Bosch 1-457-429-465, 451104469, 451-104-469, 9451732600, 9-451-732-600, 9457200780, 9-457-200-780, Case IHC 131470-H1, 131570H1, 131570-H1, 304753-C91, 3108245-R1, 319926R1, 319926-R1, 319926-R91, 35054, 402P20H, 4371021, 877380C91, 877380-C91, A45987, L31230, N9960, R14458, Caterpillar 3I0713, 3I1224, 9Y4515, Clark 5576711, Cleveland F4804, Coles G9437100139, Consolidated Pneumatic 5FPS1833, 5PS878, Coopers Fiaam G529, HET6154, Crosland 535, 535/1, 5351, 634, Donaldson HFP170951, HFP550951, LFP550132, P166376, P166792, P550951, P779000, P779586, Donit 411005, Euclid 4059976, Faun Frisch 4788715, 7391047, Fiat 1930779, 70185691, 70197121, Fil ML111, Fleetguard HF6088, HF6118, HF6270, HF6373, LF511, Fleetrite HFR86088, HFR86118, HFR86270, HFR86373, Ford A730X-6731-J3A, A830X-6731-LA, Fram C1686, CH1652PL, CH1725G, CH3543, CHW33PL, Furukawa 3108245R91, GIF LI305, Hengst E230.36H, In-Line Filters FBWPT385, FBW-PT385, FH51723, FINFH51723, FIN-FH51723, John Deere AH61470, AR20554, Komatsu VZ2854, Lautrette Mecafilter ELH4009, Luberfiner LP151, P743, Mahle Knecht EH325/0, Mann H10671Z, H12105, H12105N, H12105X, Micro Pore PM33, Motorcraft EFL212, FH46, FH72, FL40, Napa 1136, 1176, Nelson Winslow CLPF151, CL-PF151, Perkins AMO41912, Permatic LI256, Poclain 10505-45, 1585-45, W10505-45, Purolator Facet EP78, EP7810, H50078, L50078, L50780, MF203A, MF481, P105, Renault 6005019786, Roots 302565-R91, Ryco R2312P, R294P, R294PB, R294V, Savara 2181/110, 2181/30, 2181/30/OM, 218130OM,,,,, 920073, 92007317, 92007517, 92007617, 92007717, 92007811, 92007817, 92152917, 92165517, Sofima S3300PO, S3301PO, S5575PO, Tecneco OL020, Tecnocar OP264, Teho 5081, TRP 1534685, UFI 25.447.00, 25.447.01, 25.575.00, 2544700, 2544701, 2557500, Vauxhall GM 25011193, 25011194, 25012931, 25013931, 5011193, 5576199, 5577108, Volvo 267518, 2675189, 267518-9, 40141558, 4014155-8, 6617506, 66175068, 6617506-8, 6617509, 79211272, Wabco KC6086, PB5038, SP6292, SP6298, SU6468, SV6848, TL6209, WA7583, White 10P786, 290283DS, 290283-DS, Wix 51136, 51176, 51426, CW136MP

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UE400 Engine), WXL 012(GM-DD Engine), Bantam 300; 304; 306(GMC 4-53/53N Engine), 414; 416; 444(GMC 4-53 Engine), 424; 426(GMC 4-53N/6V-53 Engine), 448(GMC 6-71N Engine), A; RR(GM 4-53 Engine), C166; T166; S155(GMC 4-53N Engine), C266(GMC 4-71N Engine), C350; CR350; T350(GMC 3-53 Engine), C366(GMC 6V-53N Engine), C450; T450(GMC 4-53N/4-71 Engine), C475(GMC 4-53N/4-71 Engine), S626; S628(GMC 4-53 Engine), T488(GMC 4-53 Engine), T588(GMC 6V-53 Engine), T644(GMC 3-53N Engine), T725(GMC 4-53N/4-71N Engine), T744(GMC 4-53N Engine), T788(GMC 6-71N Engine), Barber Greene CA60; CA70(GMC 6-71 Engine), SB170(GMC 6V-53 Engine), TA56; TA57(GMC 4-53 Engine), TA65(GMC 6-71 Engine), Bauer LR25(GMC 6V-71N Engine), Bauscher 600(GMC 4080 Engine), 63; 64T(GMC 4080 Engine), 72(GMC 6057 Engine), 720(GMC 4080 Engine), H201; 201T(GMC 4055 Engine), Bedford KM(GMC-6 V-71 Engine) From 01/68 To 12/78, TM(6V-92TTA Turbo Engine) From 08/80 To 11/86, TM(Detr. D. 8V-71 Engine) From 08/80 To 11/86, TM(Detroit D.6V-71 Engine) From 08/80 To 11/86, TM1700; TM2250; TM2600(GMC-6 V-71 Engine) From 01/70 To 12/79, TM3250; TM3800(GMC-6 V-71 Engine) From 01/70 To 12/79, TM4200(GMC-8 V-71 Engine) From 01/70 To 12/79, Blaw Knox 195RW(DD 4-53 Engine), P150(DD 4-53 Engine), PF120(DD 4-53 Engine), PF180(DD 4-53 Engine), PF180H(DD 4-71 Engine), PF220(DD 4-71 Engine), PF90(DD 4-71/6-71 Engine), Bomag MPH100(GMC 8V71N Engine), MPH100R(GMC 8V-71 Engine), Case IHC 1085; 1085B; 1086B(6T590 Engine), 1085; 1086, 1085B; 1086B(6T-590 Engine), 150, PH100; PH100B(DT817, DT817B Engine), TD25B, TD25C, W18, W20, Champion 715(Allis Chalmers 3500, 3500 Mk I Engine), D605T(Detroit Diesel 6-71 Engine), D740(GMC Engine), D760(GMC Engine), Clark 110-14(GMC 6/8V71N Engine), 110-14(GMC 6/8V71N Engine), 125 A(GMC 6/8V71N Engine), 125 A(GMC 6/8V71N Engine), 125A II AW; 125A II MB(Leyland 600 Engine), 125A III(Leyland 690 Engine), 175A(GMC 6/8V71N Engine), 175A(GMC 6/8V71N Engine), 275A(GMC 6/8V71N Engine), 275A(GMC 6/8V71N Engine), 300; 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L20(GMC 3-53N, 3-71 Engine), L20(GMC 3-71 Engine), L25(GMC 4-71 Engine), L25(GMC 4-71 Engine), L30(GMC 4-71 Engine), L30(GMC 4-71 Engine), R10(GMC 4-71 Engine), R100(GMC 12V-149 Engine), R105(GMC 12V-149T Engine), R12(GMC 4-71 Engine), R120(GMC 12V-149 Engine), R13(GMC 4-71 Engine), R130(GMC 12V-149TIB Engine), R15(GMC 6-71 Engine), R17(GMC 6-71 Engine), R170(GMC 12V-149 Engine), R170(GMC 16V-149TIB Engine), R18(GMC 6-71 Engine), R190(GMC 16V-149TIB Engine), R20(GMC 6-71 Engine), R22(GMC 6-110 Engine), R22(GMC 6-71 Engine), R25(GMC 8V-71 Engine), R27(Cummins Engine), R27(GMC 6-110 Engine), R27(GMC 6-110 Engine), R30(GMC 6-110/12V-71N Engine), R30; R35(GMC 12V-71 Engine), R30; R35(GMC 6-110 Engine), R35(GMC 12V-71 Engine), R35(GMC 16V-71 Engine), R35(GMC 6-110/12V-71N Engine), R35(GMC 6-71 Engine), R40(GMC 6-71 Engine), R40; R45(Cummins Engine), R40; R45(GMC 16V-71 Engine), R40; R45(GMC 6-71 Engine), R45(GMC 6-71 Engine), R50(Cummins Engine), R50(GMC 12V-92TA Engine), R50(GMC 16V-71 Engine), R50(GMC 6-110 Engine), R50; 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CU Industrial(Caterpillar Engine), CA; CU Industrial(Cummins Engine), KM360 Panther IV(Cummins Engine), KP525 Tiger IV(Cummins KTA1150 Engine), Lion 1000; Panther 1000(Caterpillar 3406 Engine), Lion 1000; Panther 1000(Cummins KTA855C Engine), Panther 1000(Cummins Engine), ST450 Tiger III(Caterpillar 3408 Engine), ST450 Tiger III(Cummins Engine), ST470 Tiger III(Cummins KTA1150 Engine), Sullair 1600(GMC 12V-71 Engine), 250; 275(GMC 4-53 Engine), 375(GMC 4-53 Engine), 750D, 750Q(Detroit Diesel V6-92 Engine), Terex 33-07(Detroit 12V-71T Engine), 33-07 End Dump(GMC 12V-71 Engine), 33-07 End Dump(GMC 12V-71 Engine), 33-09(Detr.Dies. 16V-71 Engine), 72-21(Detr.Dies. 3-71 Engine), 72-31(Detr.Dies. 4-71 Engine), 72-41(Detr.Dies. 4-71N Engine), 72-51(Detr.Dies. 6-71 Engine), 72-51B(GMC Diesel Engine), 72-71AA, 72-71B(Detroit Diesel 8V-92T Engine), 72-81(Detr.Dies. 12V-71 Engine), 82-30(Detr.Dies. 6-71 Engine), 82-30; 82-30T; 82-40; 82-40T(GMC Engine), 82-40(Detr.Dies. 8V-71 Engine), 82-80(Dete.Dies. 6-71 Engine), 82-80(GMC 6-71N Engine), 82-80(GMC 6-71N Engine), S23E(GMC 8V-71T Engine), S23E(GMC 8V-71T Engine), S24(GMC 12V-71T Engine), S24(Detr.Dies. 12V-71 Engine), S24B(Detroit Diesel 12V-71T Engine), S32(GMC 12V-71T Engine), S32(Detr.Dies. 12V-71 Engine), S7(Detr.Dies. 4-71 Engine), SS 24(Detr.Dies. 12V-71 Engine), TS14, TS14B(GMC 4-71N Engine), TS18(GMC 6V-71N, 8V-71N Engine), TS24(Cummins NTC310 Engine), TS24(GMC 12V-71N Engine), TS24(GMC 6-71N Engine), TS24(GMC 8V-71 Engine), TS24, TS24B(Detroit Diesel 12V-71T Engine), TS32(GMC 12V-71T Engine), TS32(GMC 8V-71T Engine), TS32, Timberjack 225C(3-53 Engine) From 01/66 To 12/80, 230C(3-53 Engine), 240 Natural(GM DIESEL Engine), 360(4-53 Engine) From 01/79 To 12/86, 380 Natural(GM DIESEL Engine), 404(4-53 Engine), 520(6V-53 Engine), 550(GM DIESEL Engine), Vauxhall GM 12V-149T, 12V-71; 12V-71N; 12V-71T, 12V-92, 16V-71; 16V71T, 16V-71; 16V71T, 2-71, 3-53, 3-71, 4-53; 4-53T, 4-71; 4-71T, 6-110, 6-71; 6-71E; 6-71N; 6-71T, 6V-53; 6V-53T, 6V-71; 6V-71N; 6V-71T, 6V-92; 6V-92T, 8V-53, 8V-71; 8V-71T, 8V-92; 8V-92T, Volvo 420(Scania Engine), 425; 425B(Scania DS11 Engine), 435(Cummins KT1150 Engine), 440(Cummins NT855 Engine), 441; 442; 442; 443(Scania DS14A Engine), 445(GMC 12V-71T Engine), 540(Cummins KT1150 Engine), 550(GMC 16V-71N Engine), B10, B10, B10, B10, B9M, LM1254, P654(D50A Engine), Wabco 222FT(GMC 8V-71T Engine), 222H, 252FT, 353FT, 35C Haulpak(Cummins NTA855C Engine), 35C Haulpak(GMC Diesel Engine), 35C Haulpak(GMC Diesel Engine), 35D Haulpak(GMC Engine), 60 Haulpak; 75B Haulpak; 85C Haulpak(Cummins VT1710C, VTA1710C Engine), 60B(Cummins Engine), 75C Haulpak(Cummins Engine), 75C Haulpak(GMC Engine), 85D(Cummins KT2300C Engine), 85D(Detroit Diesel 16V-92 Engine), Wain Roy 450(Ford 242 Diesel Engine), Winget CA15(Detroit D. 353 Engine), Witte 100E; 100RDA, 120; 120 RDA, B12, C18, Yale and Towne 104A(Perkins 6.354 Engine), 124A(Perkins 6.354 Engine), 134A(Perkins 6.354 Engine), 164; 164A(GM 3-71/4-53/4-71 Engine), 164; 164A(Perkins 6.354 Engine), 2000; 2000C(Cummins V-Serie Engine), 2000; 2000C(Perkins V8-510 Engine), 204; 204A(GM 4-53/4-71 Engine), 204; 204A(GM 4-53/4-71 Engine), 2500; 2500C(GMC 6V-71/8V-71 Engine), 254(GMC 4-71 Engine), 300; 300A(GMC 6V-53 Engine), 300; 300A(Perkins V8-510 Engine), 3000; 3000B(GMC 6V-71/8V-71 Engine), 3000; 3000C(Cummins V engine Engine), 304(GMC 8V-53/8V-71 Engine), 304; 304A(GMC 4-71 Engine), 400(GMC 8V-53/8V-71 Engine), 4000(GMC 6V-71/8V-71 Engine), 4000B(Cummins V Engine), 4000B(GMC 8V-53 Engine), 404(Cum. NH250/NT855C Engine), 404(GMC 8V-53/8V-71 Engine), 404(Cummins NH250 Engine), 404(GMC 4-71, 6-71, 8V-71 Engine), 5500; 5500C(GMC 8V-92N Engine), 6000(GMC 8V-53 Engine), 7000(GMC 8V-92T Engine), 7500(GMC 8V-92T Engine), 8000(GMC 12V-71N Engine), C180(Cummins Engine), Trojan 2000(GM 4-71 Engine), Trojan 3000(GM 6V-53 Engine), Trojan 3000(MWM Engine), Trojan 4000(GM 8V-53 Engine), Trojan 6000(GM 8V-53 Engine), Trojan 8000(GM 12V-71 Engine)

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