FMH-H929-3Y Filter-Hydraulic(Brand Specific-Mann)

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  • Part Number FMH-H929-3Y
  • Manufactured by: Mann

    Part No: Mann H 929/3 Y
    Our Stock Level: 0
    Stock at Mann 3-4 day lead: 7
    Stock at Mann(EU) 7-14 day lead: 748
    More Stock: Any further stock usually 4-6 weeks
    Details: Filter Type: Hydraulic
    Updated: 02/05/2022

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    Height: 107mm
    OD/WidthMax: 83mm
    ID/DepthMax: 20mm
    Micron: Unspecified

    Filtron OM611/2, OM6112, Hengst E41HD237, Inline FMHH9293Y, FMH-H9293Y, FMH-H929-3Y, FMHH929-3Y, Mann 1055778S01, H 929/3 Y, H929/3Y, H9293Y, Scania 1893214, TRP 1535194, Wix 92168E

    Scania G230(DC9-16-230 169kW 230hp E4 eng). G250(DC09-111-250 184kW 250hp E6 eng). G270(DC9-17-270 198kW 270hp E4 eng). G280 CNG(OC09-101-280 206kW 280hp E5; E6; EEV eng). G280(DC09-113-280 206kW 280hp E6 eng). G310(DC9-18-310 228kW 310hp E4 eng). G320(DC09-108-320 235kW 320hp E6 eng). G340 CNG(OC09-102 250kW 340hp E5; E6; EEV eng). G340(DC12-10-340 250kW 340hp E4 eng). G360(DC09-112-360 265kW 360hp E6 eng). G370(DC13-116-370 272kW 370hp E6 eng). G380(DC12-13-380 280kW 380hp E4 eng). G380(DC12-18-380 280kW 381hp E5 eng). G410(DC13-115-410 302kW 410hp E6 eng). G420(DC12-15-420 309kW 420hp E5 eng). G420(DT12-12-420 309kW 420hp E4 eng). G440(DC13-10-440; DC13-109-440 324kW 440hp E5; E6 eng). G450(DC13-124-450; DC13-147-450 331kW 450hp E6 eng). G470(DT12-06-470 345kW 470hp E3 eng). G480(DC13-07-480 353kW 480hp E5 eng). G480(DT12-17-480 353kW 480hp E4 eng). G490(DC13-125-490 360kW 490hp E6 eng). P230(DC9-01-230; DC9-04-230; DC9-13-230 169kW 230hp E3 eng). P230(DC9-16-230 169kW 230hp E4 eng). P230(DC9-29-230; DC9-30-230; DC9-35-230; DC9-39-230 169kW 230hp E5; EEV eng). P250(DC09-109; DC09-111-250 184kW 250hp E5; E6 eng). P270(DC9-12-270 198kW 270hp E3 eng). P270(DC9-17-270 198kW 270hp E4 eng). P280 CNG(OC09-101-280 206kW 280hp E5; E6; EEV eng). P280(DC09-113-280 206kW 280hp E6 eng). P280(DC9-29-280; DC9-36-280; DC9-38-280 206kW 280hp E5; EEV eng). P310 CNG(OC9-G05 224kW 305hp E5; E6; EEV eng). P310(DC9-11-310 228kW 310hp E3 eng). P310(DC9-18-310; DC9-110-310 228kW 310hp E4; E5 eng). P320(DC09-37; DC09-108-320 235kW 320hp E6 eng). P320(DC9-28-320 235kW 320hp E5 eng). P340 CNG(OC09-102 250kW 340hp E5; E6; EEV eng). P380(DC11-09-380 279kW 380hp E3 eng). P340(DC11-08-340 250kW 340hp E3 eng). P340(DC12-10-340 250kW 340hp E4 eng). P360(DC09-112-360 265kW 360hp E6 eng). P360(DC13-06-360 265kW 360hp E5 eng). P370(DC13-116-370 272kW 370hp E6 eng). P380(DC12-13-380 280kW 380hp E4 eng). P380(DC12-18-380 280kW 381hp E5 eng). P400(DC13-05-400 294kW 400hp E5 eng). P410(DC13-115-410 302kW 410hp E6 eng). P420(DC12-14-420 309kW 420hp E3 eng). P420(DC12-15-420 309kW 420hp E5 eng). P420(DT12-12-420 309kW 420hp E4 eng). P450(DC13-124-450 331kW 450hp E6 eng). P470(DT12-06-470 345kW 470hp E3 eng). P480(DC13-07-480 353kW 480hp E5 eng). P480(DT12-17-480 353kW 480hp E4 eng). P490(DC13-125-490 360kW 490hp E6 eng). R230(DC9-13; DC9-19 169kW 230hp E3 eng). R230(DC9-16-230 169kW 230hp E4 eng). R250(DC09-111-250 184kW 250hp E6 eng). R270(DC9-12; DC9-20 198kW 270hp E3 eng). R270(DC9-17-270 198kW 270hp E4 eng). R280(DC09-113-280 206kW 280hp E6 eng). R310(DC9-11; DC9-21 228kW 310hp E3 eng). R310(DC9-18-310 228kW 310hp E4 eng). R320(DC09-108-320 235kW 320hp E6 eng). R340(DC11-08-340 250kW 340hp E3 eng). R340(DC12-10-340 250kW 340hp E4 eng). R360(DC09-112-360 265kW 360hp E6 eng). R360(DC13-06-360 265kW 360hp E5 eng). R370(DC13-116-370 272kW 370hp E6 eng). R380(DC11-09-380 279kW 380hp E3 eng). R380(DC12-13-380 280kW 380hp E4 eng). R380(DC12-18-380 280kW 381hp E5 eng). R400(DC13-05-400 294kW 400hp E5 eng). R410(DC13-115-410 302kW 410hp E6 eng). R420(DC12-14-420 309kW 420hp E3 eng). R420(DC12-15-420 309kW 420hp E5 eng). R420(DT12-12-420 309kW 420hp E4 eng). R440(DC13-10-440; DC13-109-440 324kW 440hp E5; E6 eng). R450(DC13-124-450; DC13-147-450 331kW 450hp E6 eng). R470(DT12-03-470 345kW 470hp E4 eng). R470(DT12-06-470 345kW 470hp E3 eng). R480(DC13-07-480 353kW 480hp E5 eng). R480(DC13-110-480 353kW 480hp E6 eng). R480(DT12-17-480 353kW 480hp E4 eng). R490(DC13-125-490 360kW 490hp E6 eng). R500(DC16-04-500 368kW 500hp E3 eng). R500(DC16-06-500 368kW 500hp E4 eng). R500(DC16-09-500; DC16-19-500; DC16-22-500 368kW 500hp E5 eng). R520(DC16-101-520 382kW 520hp E6 eng). R560(DC16-05-560 412kW 560hp E4 eng). R560(DC16-18-560 412kW 560hp E5 eng). R580(DC16-03-580 426kW 580hp E3 eng). R580(DC16-102-580 427kW 580hp E6 eng). R620(DC16-08-620 456kW 620hp E4 eng). R620(DC16-17-620 456kW 620hp E5 eng). R730(DC16-21-730; DC16-103-730 537kW 730hp E5; E6; EEV eng). T340(DC11-08-340 250kW 340hp E3 eng). T380(DC11-09-380 279kW 380hp E3 eng). T420(DC12-14-420 309kW 420hp E3 eng). T420(DT12-12-420 309kW 420hp E4 eng). T470(DT12-06-470 346kW 470hp E3 eng). T500(DC16-04-500 368kW 500hp E3 eng). T580(DC16-03-580 426kW 580hp E3 eng)

    This is a Mann Brand Specific product so you will receive a genuine Mann branded filter NOT an alternative. The only reason we prefix Mann Part Numbers with FMH- is to separate them out within our catalogue and internal database systems.
    If our Stock Level shown above is Zero then this is a Special Order item, once ordered it cannot be cancelled or returned.

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    Other brands we offer as Brand Specific are Baldwin, Fleetguard, MP Filtri, Parker, Racor, Solberg and Vokes.

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